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kernel 2.6.25-rc8 の考察(20080401更新)


List: linux-kernel
Subject: Linux 2.6.25-rc8
From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds () linux-foundation ! org>
Date: 2008-04-01 20:08:57

No cute April 1st shenanigans, just a regular -rc release that happened to
come up today because I was waiting for the input layer oops-fixes to be
ready and tested.

I think the dirstat continues to be fairly informative, with arch/ and
drivers dominating as usual. And within arch, a fair amount of the line
noise are all those defconfigs. I wish we had some saner way of handling
that, but apart from causing noise in the statistics there aren't any real
downsides. Anyway, here is:

15.2% arch/mips/configs/
17.5% arch/mips/
2.3% arch/powerpc/configs/
3.1% arch/powerpc/
7.8% arch/sparc64/kernel/
8.1% arch/sparc64/
4.3% arch/x86/kernel/
2.0% arch/x86/lguest/
3.2% arch/x86/mach-rdc321x/
11.0% arch/x86/
40.6% arch/
2.2% drivers/char/
2.6% drivers/lguest/
2.3% drivers/net/igb/
8.7% drivers/net/netxen/
2.1% drivers/net/phy/
15.8% drivers/net/
30.6% drivers/
4.7% fs/
5.0% include/asm-sh/
8.6% include/
3.9% net/
7.5% scripts/

but the bulk of the fixes are the usual random one-liners. Some of the
"bulk" above (like the arch/x86/kernel changes) are actually just moving
some functions around in a file, so they look like larger diffs than they
actually are.

A lot of the one-liners are some sparse cleanups, which is probably
unnecessary noise at this point, but when Al sends me a series I just tend
to apply it because his patches tend to be rather careful and basically
always correct.

The big thing that is actually *noticeable* to most people is that this
should fix the two top regressions: we've had some suspend-resume
regressions due to the stupid ACPI _PTS orderign issues, and while the
cleanups were left, the ordering changes were reverted. So that should fix
issues for some people (of course, the people who had it fixed are
unhappy, but regressions are worse).

The other thing that bit a number of people and is now fixed (and that
also probably often showed up as a suspend/resume regression) was some
"struct device" lifetime changes that broke the input layer. Thanks to
people who debugged that one.

So give it a test. And update your regression entries..



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