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Alasdair G Kergon:
dm io: rename error to error_bits
dm log: move register functions
dm: expose macros
dm kcopyd: rename
dm: move include files

Albert Comerma:
V4L/DVB (7473): PATCH for various Dibcom based devices

Alek Du:
PCI: Add Intel SCH PCI IDs

Alessandro Guido:
spi: use menuconfig for CONFIG_SPI
[CPUFREQ] allow use of the powersave governor as the default one

Alessandro Zummo:
rtc-isl1208: new style conversion and minor bug fixes
rtc-pcf8563: new style conversion
rtc-x1205: new style conversion

Alex Chiang:
[IA64] Remove printk noise on unimplemented SAL_PHYSICAL_ID_INFO
[IA64] Provide ACPI fixup for /proc/cpuinfo/physical_id

Alex Williamson:
serial 8250: tighten test for using backup timer

Alexander Graf:
KVM: Implement dummy values for MSR_PERF_STATUS

Alexander Simon:
V4L/DVB (7475): Added support for Terratec Cinergy T USB XXS

Alexander Smal:
ide: add TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202H to ivb_list[]

Alexander van Heukelum:
x86: reserve end-of-conventional-memory to 1MB on 32-bit
x86: reserve_early end-of-conventional-memory to 1MB, 64-bit
x86: reserve end-of-conventional-memory to 1MB, 64-bit
x86: reserve end-of-conventional-memory to 1MB, 32-bit, use paravirt_enabled
x86: reserve end-of-conventional-memory to 1MB, 64-bit, use paravirt_enabled
x86: remove superfluous initialisation in boot code.
[POWERPC] Use asm-generic/bitops/find.h in bitops.h
x86: cleanup boot-heap usage
x86: change x86 to use generic find_next_bit
x86, uml: fix uml with generic find_next_bit for x86
x86, generic: optimize find_next_(zero_)bit for small constant-size bitmaps
x86: merge the simple bitops and move them to bitops.h
generic: introduce a generic fls implementation
generic: implement
fls on all 64-bit archs
bitops: use __fls for fls64 on 64-bit archs
x86: generic versions of find_first_(zero_)bit, convert i386
x86: switch 64-bit to generic find_first_bit
x86: optimize find_first_bit for small bitmaps
x86, UML: remove x86-specific implementations of find_first_bit
x86: finalize bitops unification
x86, bitops: select the generic bitmap search functions
x86: fix warning in "x86: clean up vSMP detection"

Alexandr Smirnov:
[POWERPC] 85xx: Emerson KSI8560 base support
[POWERPC] 85xx: Emerson KSI8560 bootwrapper
[POWERPC] 85xx: Emerson KSI8560 default config
[POWERPC] 85xx: Emerson KSI8560 device tree

Alexey Dobriyan:
ipv6: fix inet6_init/icmpv6_cleanup sections mismatch
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: less hairy ifdefs around proc and sysctl
[NETFILTER]: ip_tables: per-netns FILTER/MANGLE/RAW tables for real
proc: switch /proc/driver/ray_cs/ray_cs to seq_file interface
x86: switch to proc_create()
[NET]: Fix and allocate less memory for ->priv'less netdevices
[CRYPTO] api: Switch to proc_create()
V4L/DVB (7580): Fix concurrent read from /proc/videocodecs
V4L/DVB (7582): proc: switch /proc/driver/radio-typhoon to seq_file interface
kbuild: add kconfig symbols to tags output
ide: remove /proc/ide/ali
ide: remove now unused ide_pci_create_host_proc()
fbdev: nv: drop useless MODULE ifdefs
fbdev: nv: drop useless CONFIG_PCI checks
fbdev: nv: fix sparse noise
fb: convert /proc/fb to seq_file interface
[XFS] remove xfs_log_ticket_zone on rmmod
ipmi: remove ->write_proc code
keys: switch to proc_create()
proc: print more information when removing non-empty directories
proc: switch to proc_create()
proc: simplify locking in remove_proc_entry()
proc: less special case in xlate code
proc: drop several "PDE valid/invalid" checks
proc: remove proc_bus
proc: remove proc_root_fs
proc: remove proc_root_driver
proc: remove proc_root from drivers
proc: switch /proc/bus/zorro/devices to seq_file interface
proc: switch /proc/apm to seq_file interface
proc: remove /proc/mac_iop
proc: switch /proc/bus/ecard/devices to seq_file interface
proc: switch /proc/excite/unit_id to seq_file interface
proc: switch /proc/irda/irnet to seq_file interface
proc: convert /proc/bus/nubus to seq_file interface
proc: switch /proc/ip2mem to seq_file interface
proc: switch /proc/scsi/device_info to seq_file interface
proc: remove ->get_info infrastructure
proc: convert /proc/tty/ldiscs to seq_file interface
Fix ACPI vs proc_create_data() mismerge

Alexey Starikovskiy:
ACPI: EC: Restore udelay in poll mode
ACPI: EC: Add poll timer
ACPI: EC: Improve debug output
ACPI: EC: Replace broken controller workarounds with poll mode.
ACPI: EC: Switch off GPE mode during suspend/resume
ACPI: EC: Detect irq storm
ACPI: EC: Use default setup handler
ACPI: EC: Don't delete boot EC
x86: move quad_local_to_mp_bus_id to numa.c
x86: add mp_bus_not_pci bitmap to mpparse_32.c
x86: use not_pci bitmap #1
x86: use not_pci bitmap #2
x86: use not_pci bitmap #3
x86: use not_pci bitmap #4
x86: use not_pci bitmap #5
x86: use not_pci bitmap #6
x86: rearrange bus_type parse
x86: make mp_bus_id_to_type optional
x86: move mp_bus_id_to_local to numa.c
x86: move mp_bus_id_to_node to numa.c
x86: lindent mpparse_64.c
x86: add bad_ioapic to mpparse_32.c
x86: add uniq_ioapic_id to mpparse_32.c
x86: use get_bios_ebda in mpparse_64.c
x86: limit scan to 1k of EBDA.
x86: rename gsi_start to gsi_base to match mpparse_32.c
x86: remove mpc_apic_id()
x86: remove mpc_oem_pci_bus()
x86: remove mpc_oem_bus_info()
x86: make struct mpc_config_translation NUMAQ-only
x86: use same index for processor maps
x86: move es7000_plat closer to its user
x86: don't call MP_processor_info for disabled cpu
x86: separate generic_processor_info into its own function
x86: don't use MP_processor_info for ACPI mode
x86: move apic_ver array to apic_32.c
x86: move mp_lapic_addr to apic_32.c
x86: move phys_cpu_present_map to smpboot.c
x86: move num_processors to smpboot.c
x86: move disabled_cpus to smpboot.c
x86: move def_to_bigsmp to setup_32.c
x86: move boot_cpu_physical_apicid to apic_32.c
x86: move x86_bios_cpu_apicid to apic_32.c
x86: move generic_processor_info to apic_32.c
x86: don't call MP_processor_info for disabled cpu (64bit)
x86: separate generic_processor_info into its own function (64bit)
x86: don't use MP_processor_info for ACPI mode (64bit)
x86: move mp_lapic_addr to apic_64.c
x86: move phys_cpu_present_map to smpboot.c (64bit)
x86: move num_processors to smpboot.c (64 bit)
x86: move disabled_cpus to smpboot.c (64bit)
x86: move boot_cpu_physical_apicid to apic_64.c
x86: move generic_processor_info to apic_64.c
x86: move x86_bios_cpu_apicid to io_apic_64.c
x86: move x86_cpu_to_apicid to setup.c
x86: move phys_cpu_present_map to setup.c
x86: move x86_cpu_to_apicid_init to smpboot.c
x86: move x86_bios_cpu_apicid_init to smpboot.c
x86: don't set IO APIC features if IO APIC is not enabled
x86: move mp_ioapics to io_apic_32.c
x86: move mp_ioapics to io_apic_64.c
x86: move mp_ioapic_routing to boot.c
x86: move mp_irqs to io_apics_32.c
x86: move mp_irqs to io_apic_64.c
x86: move up & smp variables to setup.c
x86: move mp_register_lapic to boot.c
x86: move mp_register_lapic_address to boot.c
x86: lindent mpparse_32.c
x86: add early flags to mpparse_32.c
x86: unify arch/x86/kernel/mpparse_64.c
x86: unify mp_bus_info
x86: unify smp_read_mpc
x86: unify construct_default_ioirq_mptable
x86: unify get_smp_config
x86: unify smp_scan_config
x86: unify uniq_io_apic_id
x86: unify mp_register_ioapic
x86: unify mp_config_acpi_legacy_irqs
x86: unify mp_register_gsi
x86: merge mpparse_{32,64}.c
x86: Drop duplicate from setup.c
x86: fix compilation error in VisWS
ACPI: GPE enabling should happen after EC installation

Allan Stephens:
[TIPC]: Removal of message header option code
[TIPC]: Add argument validation for shutdown()
[TIPC]: Eliminate "sparse" symbol warnings
[TIPC]: Minor cleanup of message header code
[TIPC]: Use correct bitmask when setting version
[TIPC]: Enhancements to message header writing
[TIPC]: Update version to 1.6.3
[TIPC]: Cosmetic cleanup of TIPC polling logic
[TIPC]: Remove redundant socket wait queue initialization
[TIPC]: Improve socket time conversions
[TIPC]: Skip connection flow control in connectionless sockets
[TIPC]: Allow stream receive to read from multiple TIPC messages
[TIPC]: Ignore message padding when receiving stream data
[TIPC]: Correct "off by 1" error in socket queue limit enforcement
[TIPC]: Add error check to detect non-blocking form of connect()
[TIPC]: Cosmetic changes to TIPC connect() code
[TIPC]: Overhaul of socket locking logic
[TIPC]: Remove redundant NULL check when discarding buffers
[TIPC]: Use fast buffer cloning to improve performance
[TIPC]: Force linearization of non-linear sk_buffs
[TIPC]: Enhance validation of format on incoming messages
[TIPC]: Remove inlining of reference table locking routines
[TIPC]: Optimized initialization of TIPC reference table
[TIPC]: Cleanup of TIPC reference table code

Alok Kataria:
x86: fix paranoia about using BIOS quickboot mechanism.

Amit Shah:
KVM: Add stat counter for hypercalls

Anders Grafstrom:
[JFFS2] Return values of jffs2_block_check_erase error paths

Andi Kleen:
[SCSI] Remove random noop unchecked_isa_dma users
clocksource: make clocksource watchdog cycle through online CPUs
Convert ext4 to use unlocked_ioctl
x86: do kernel direct mapping at boot using GB pages
x86: use year 2000 offset for cmos clock
x86: add warning when RTC clock reports binary
x86: enable ACPI extended century handling for 32bit
x86: don't set up early exception handlers for external interrupts
x86: replace early exception setup macro recursion with loop
x86: move early exception handlers into init.text
x86: implement true end_pfn_mapped for 32bit
x86: account overlapped mappings in max_pfn_mapped
x86: add set_memory_4k to pageattr.c
x86: don't use large pages to map the first 2/4MB of memory
x86: re-add rdmsrl_safe
x86: split large page mapping for AMD TSEG
ocfs2: Convert ocfs2 over to unlocked_ioctl
block: fix memory hotplug and bouncing in block layer
Add option to enable -Wframe-larger-than= on gcc 4.4
dmapool: enable debugging for CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON too
mm: save some bytes in mm_struct by filling holes on 64bit
fix: x86: support for new UV apic

Andre Weidemann:
V4L/DVB (7472): reworked patch to support TT connect S-2400

Andrea Arcangeli:
KVM: Disable pagefaults during copy_from_user_inatomic()

Andrea Odetti:
V4L/DVB (7658): dvb-core: Fix DMX_SET_BUFFER_SIZE in case the buffer shrinks
V4L/DVB (7659): dvb-core: Implement DMX_SET_BUFFER_SIZE for dvr

Andrea Paterniani:
spi: spi_imx updates

Andreas Herrmann:
radeonfb: use PCI device id in hex for name string

Andreas Mueller:
[ALSA] es1968: fix jitter on some maestro cards

Andreas Oberritter:
V4L/DVB (7329): add flag to allow software demux to recognize the output type

Andreas Schwab:
[POWERPC] Add compat handler for PTRACE_GETSIGINFO

Andrei Dolnikov:
[MTD] [NOR] Add JEDEC support for the SST 36VF3203 flash chip

Andrei Konovalov:
edac: new support for Intel 3100 chipset

Andres Salomon:
x86: geode: MSR cleanup
x86: GEODE: add Virtual Systems Architecture detection
gxfb: use PCI_DEVICE() for gxfb's pci device table
gxfb: replace FBSIZE config option with a module parameter
gxfb: create DC/VP/FP-specific handlers rather than using readl/writel
gxfb: clean up register definitions
gxfb: move MSR bit fields into gxfb.h
gxfb: stop sharing code with gx1fb
gxfb: add power management functionality
PM/gxfb: add hook to PM console layer that allows disabling of suspend VT switch
lxfb: create GP/DC/VP/FP-specific handlers rather than using readl/writel
lxfb: clean up register definitions
lxfb: clean up final bits of df_regs
lxfb: rearrange/rename MSR bitfields
lxfb: add power management functionality
lxfb: rename kernel arg fbsize to vram
lxfb: disable suspend VT switch by default
lxfb/gxfb: when blanking with FB_BLANK_POWERDOWN, also turn off the CRT
gxfb/lxfb: use VSA definitions when fetching framebuffer size
gxfb/lxfb: detect framebuffer size using an MSR if VSA2 isn't available
OLPC: gxfb/lxfb: add DCON panel modes to framebuffer drivers
kbuild: fix help output to show correct arch
x86: olpc: add One Laptop Per Child architecture support
x86: ioremap ram check fix

Andrew G. Morgan:
capabilities: implement per-process securebits

Andrew Liu:
workqueue: remove redundant function invocation
Fix a potential issue in mpc52xx uart driver

Andrew Lunn:
USB: storage: UNUSUAL_DEVS() for PanDigital Picture frame.
USB: storage: Update mailling list address

Andrew Morton:
net/mac80211/debugfs_netdev.c: use of bool triggers a gcc bug
PM: arch/x86/kernel/apm_32.c: fix build warning
i386: arch/x86/math-emu/fpu_entry.c warning fix
i386: arch/x86/math-emu/reg_ld_str.c: fix warning
kgdb: Kconfig fix
security: code cleanup
net/sunrpc/svc.c: suppress unintialized var warning
[ALSA] hda_intel needs dma-mapping.h
[ALSA] sound/pci/aw2/aw2-alsa.c needs dma-mapping.h
[ALSA] sound/pci/pcxhr/pcxhr_core.c: fix printk warning
[ALSA] sound/pci/pcxhr/pcxhr.c: fix warnings
[ALSA] es1968 - fix coding style in the last patch
V4L/DVB (7335): usb-video: checkpatch fixes
V4L/DVB (7369): drivers/media/video/soc_camera.c: reads return size_t
V4L/DVB (7389): git-dvb: drivers/media/video/bt8xx/bttv-cards.c: fix warnings
V4L/DVB (7650): git-dvb: Kconfig fix
USB: usb-ohci-sm501-driver: use the conventional convention for suspend and resume
USB: io_ti.c: remove pointless eye-candy in debug statements
drivers/usb/core/devio.c: suppress warning with 64k PAGE_SIZE
ehea: make things static
mm: make early_pfn_to_nid() a C function
page_mapping(): add ifdef around reference to swapper_space
alpha: teach the compiler that BUG doesn't return
drivers/acpi/thermal.c: fix build with CONFIG_DMI=n
quota: convert stub functions from macros into inlines
drivers/video/uvesafb.c: fix error-path memory leak
drivers/video/w100fb.c: avoid a couple of error-path NULL derefs
FAT_VALID_MEDIA(): remove pointless test
codafs: fix build warning
lib/swiotlb.c: cleanups
V4L/DVB (7783): drivers/media/dvb/frontends/s5h1420.c: printk fix
hfs: fix warning with 64k PAGE_SIZE
hfsplus: fix warning with 64k PAGE_SIZE
alloc_uid: cleanup
revert "memory hotplug: allocate usemap on the section with pgdat"
drivers/pcmcia/soc_common.c: convert soc_pcmcia_sockets_lock into a mutex and make it static
drivers/char/synclink.c: unbreak mgsl_put_char()
drivers/scsi/ncr53c8xx.c: fix warning
drivers/scsi/mvsas.c: fix printk warnings

Andrew Perepechko:
quota: do not allow setting of quota limits to too high values

Andrew Vasquez:
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update firmware filenames for new ISP parts.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update copyright banner.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add support for host supported speeds FC transport attribute.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Remove unused and obsolete #define's.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Use an rport's scsi_target_id member consistently throughout driver.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Simplify interrupt handler locking.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add FC-transport Asynchronous Event Notification support.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add hardware trace-logging support.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Cruft cleanup of functions and structures.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Use PCI-SIG nomenclature for PCIe bandwidth units.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add Flash Descriptor Table layout support.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Check alternate 'reason' code during GPSC status handling.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add midlayer target/device reset support.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Remove unused member (dma_handle) from srb_t structure.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to 8.02.01-k1.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Collapse RISC-RAM retrieval code during a firmware-dump.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Wakeup DPC thread to process any deferred-work requests.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct ISP84XX verify-chip response handling.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct SRB usage-after-completion/free issues.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Re-register FDMI information after a LIP.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct regression in relogin code.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to 8.02.01-k2.

Andrew Victor:
[ARM] 4902/1: [AT91] SAM9/CAP9 memory controller header
[ARM] 4903/1: [AT91] SAM9/CAP9 system shutdown
[ARM] 4904/1: [AT91] Pass ECC controller to NAND driver
[ARM] 4905/1: [AT91] Atmel SAM9 boards updated to new-style UART initialization
[ARM] 4906/1: [AT91] SAM9/CAP9 basic power-management
[ARM] 4907/1: [AT91] SAM9/CAP9 reset reason
[ARM] 4908/1: [AT91] RTT platform_device fix
[ARM] 4909/1: [AT91] Timer/Counter Block platform_devices
[ARM] 4910/1: [AT91] AT73C213 audio on SAM9260-EK and SAM9261-EK boards
[ARM] 4911/1: [AT91] LEDs on SAM9260-EK and SAM9261-EK boards
[ARM] 4912/2: [AT91] Endrelia audio driver must use GPIO interface
[ARM] 4913/1: [AT91] PMC_MDIV definitions
[ARM] 4914/1: AT91: Update defconfigs (Part 1)
[ARM] 4915/1: AT91: Update defconfigs (Part 2)
[ARM] 4978/1: [AT91] KB9260 (CAM60) board support
[ARM] 4979/1: [AT91] Olimex SAM9-L9260 board support
[ARM] 4980/1: [AT91] emQbit ECB_AT91 board support
[ARM] 4982/1: [AT91] Drop old-style UART initialization (Part 1)
[ARM] 4989/1: [AT91] SAM9 ClockSource / ClockEvents
[ARM] 4981/1: [KS8695] Simple LED driver







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