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Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
[POWERPC] Fix thinko in cpu_thread_mask_to_cores()
[POWERPC] Initialize paca->current earlier
[POWERPC] Fixup softirq preempt count
[POWERPC] properly declare onstack completion in iseries veth
[POWERPC] Fix device-tree locking vs. interrupts
[POWERPC] Move stackframe definitions to common header
[POWERPC] irqtrace support for 64-bit powerpc
[POWERPC] Add thread_info_cache_init() weak hook
[POWERPC] Fix kernel stack allocation alignment
[POWERPC] Use __weak macro for smp_setup_processor_id
ibm_newemac: Increase MDIO timeouts
drm: Fix mismerge of non-coherent DMA patch
drm: Remove unneeded dma sync in ATI pcigart alloc
iomap: fix 64 bits resources on 32 bits
ide: fix crash at boot with siimage driver

Benjamin Marzinski:
[GFS2] Invalidate cache at correct point

Benjamin Thery:
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - clean node use namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] rt6_stats - make the stats per network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - move ip6_dst_ops inside the network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - make garbage collection work with multiple network namespaces
[NETNS][IPV6] Move sysctl initialization later on in the IPv6 init sequence
[NETNS][IPV6] af_inet6 - allow socket creation per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] addrconf - make addrconf per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] icmp6 - make icmpv6_socket per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] flowlabels - make flowlabels per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] flowlabels - make proc per namespace

Benny Halevy:
nfs: return negative error value from nfs{,4}_stat_to_errno

Benoit Boissinot:
ext*: spelling fix prefered -> preferred

Bernard Pidoux:
rose: Socket lock was not released before returning to user space
[ROSE]: Fix soft lockup wrt. rose_node_list_lock
rose: Wrong list_lock argument in rose_node seqops

Bernd Schmidt:
[Blackfin] arch: remove NOTES from linker script
[Blackfin] arch: fix up - CONFIG_BLKFIN_WT was renamed CONFIG_BFIN_WT while the MPU code was out-of-tree.
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - when using trace buffer with CONFIG_MPU enabled.
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - Make the MPU code aware of the async banks and the uncached DMA area.
[Blackfin] arch: a rather old performance improvement for the signal handling code
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - a crash on bootup with CONFIG_MPU on the BF548
[Blackfin] arch: support the reserved memory region in the MPU code
[Blackfin] arch: This allows XIP to work with FD-PIC.
[Blackfin] arch: Allow AD1836A board to be connected, either to SPORT2 or SPORT3.
[Blackfin] arch: Consistently export base_addr for all Blackfin variants.
[Blackfin] arch: Give the DMA base registers a more descriptive name
[Blackfin] arch: lose unnecessary dependency on CONFIG_BFIN_ICACHE for MPU
[Blackfin] arch: Remove the circular buffering mechanism for exceptions

Bill Gatliff:
[ARM] 4936/1: [CSB337] Converts to new-style UART initialization
[ARM] 4937/1: [CSB637] Convert to new-style UART initialization
[ARM] 4938/1: [CSB637] Convert heartbeat LED to gpio-leds
[ARM] 4939/1: [CSB637] Update defconfig to use gpio-led

Bill Moss:
iwlwifi: fix debug messages during scanning

Bjorn Helgaas:
PCI: remove "pci=routeirq" noise from dmesg
PCI: add generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: x86: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: alpha: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: ia64: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: powerpc: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: ppc: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: parisc: use generic pci_enable_resources()
PCI: simplify quirk debug output
hisax: depend on CONFIG_PNP, not ISAPNP
PNP: skip dev->protocol NULL checks
PNP: simplify quirk debug output
PNP: use dev_printk for quirk messages
PNP: turn on -DDEBUG when CONFIG_PNP_DEBUG is set
ISAPNP: move config register addresses out of isapnp.h
PNPACPI: continue after _CRS and _PRS errors
PNP: make pnp_add_id() internal to PNP core
PNP: change pnp_add_id() to allocate its own pnp_id structures
PNP: add pnp_eisa_id_to_string()
PNP: add pnp_alloc_dev()
PNP: make pnp_add_card_id() internal to PNP core
PNP: change pnp_add_card_id() to allocate its own pnp_id structures
ISAPNP: pull pnp_add_card_id() out of isapnp_parse_card_id()
PNP: add pnp_alloc_card()
PNPACPI: pnpacpi_encode_ext_irq() wrongly set "irq" instead of "extended_irq"
PNPACPI: use temporaries to reduce repetition
PNPACPI: hoist dma_flags() out of pnpacpi_parse_allocated_dmaresource()
PNPACPI: extend irq_flags() to set IORESOURCE_IRQ_SHAREABLE when appropriate
PNPACPI: pass pnp_dev instead of acpi_handle
PNP: add debug output to option registration
PNP: remove pnp_resource_table from internal get/set interfaces
PNP: remove more pnp_resource_table arguments
PNP: add debug output to encoders
PNP: add debug when assigning PNP resources
PNP: add pnp_init_resources(struct pnp_dev *) interface
PNP: remove pnp_resource_table from internal pnp_clean_resource_table interface
PNP: remove unused interfaces using pnp_resource_table
PNP: use dev_printk when possible
PNP: factor pnp_init_resource_table() and pnp_clean_resource_table()
PNP: add pnp_get_resource() interface
PNP: remove pnp_mem_flags() as an lvalue
PNP: convert resource accessors to use pnp_get_resource(), not pnp_resource_table
PNP: use conventional "i" for loop indices
PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_assign_port() and others
PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_check_port() and others
PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_set_current_resources()
PNP: check for conflicts with all resources, not just earlier ones
PNP: pass resources, not indexes, to pnp_check_port(), et al
PNP: convert resource checks to use pnp_get_resource(), not pnp_resource_table
PNP: convert encoders to use pnp_get_resource(), not pnp_resource_table
PNP: convert assign, interface to use pnp_get_resource(), not pnp_resource_table
PNP: remove PNP_MAX_* uses
rtc: dont reference pnp_resource_table directly
PNP: make pnp_resource_table private to PNP core
PNP: remove pnp_resource_table references from resource decoders
PNP: add struct pnp_resource
PNP: add pnp_get_pnp_resource()
PNP: add pnp_resource index for ISAPNP
PNP: add pnp_new_resource() to find a new unset pnp_resource
PNP: make generic pnp_add_irq_resource()
PNP: make generic pnp_add_dma_resource()
PNP: make generic pnp_add_io_resource()
PNP: make generic pnp_add_mem_resource()
ISAPNP: fold isapnp_read_resources() back into isapnp_get_resources()
PNPACPI: move _CRS/_PRS warnings closer to the action
PNP: make interfaces private to the PNP core
ISAPNP: remove unused pnp_dev->regs field
PNPBIOS: remove include/linux/pnpbios.h
Simplify initcall_debug output
parport_pc: wrap PNP probe code in #ifdef CONFIG_PNP
tpm: change Kconfig dependencies from PNPACPI to PNP

Bjorn Steinbrink:
x86, pci: fix off-by-one errors in some pirq warnings

bo yang:
[SCSI] megaraid_sas: rollback the sense info implementation
[SCSI] megaraid_sas: Fix the frame count calculation
[SCSI] megaraid_sas: Add the new controller(1078DE) support to the driver
[SCSI] megaraid_sas; Update the Version and Changelog

Boaz Harrosh:
[SCSI] gdth: remove command accessors
[SCSI] iscsi: extended cdb support
[SCSI] iscsi: bidi support at the generic libiscsi level
[SCSI] iscsi: bidi support for iscsi_tcp
[SCSI] Let scsi_cmnd->cmnd use request->cmd buffer
[SCSI] add support for variable length extended commands

Bob Copeland:
udf: use crc_itu_t from lib instead of udf_crc

Bob Moore:
ACPICA: Several fixes for internal method result stack
ACPICA: Removed unused code
ACPICA: Update for mutiple global lock acquisitions by same thread
ACPICA: changed order of interpretation of operand objects
ACPICA: Avoid use of invalid pointers in returned object field
ACPICA: Fixed a couple compiler warnings for extra extern statements
ACPICA: Update comments for acquire/release mutex interfaces
ACPICA: Removed extraneous code
ACPICA: Removed obsolete ACPI_NO_INTEGER64_SUPPORT define
ACPICA: Misc fixes for recent global lock code update
ACPICA: Increase maximum buffer size dumped to screen in buffer object dump
ACPICA: Fix for package reference counts
ACPICA: Update version to 20070320
ACPICA: Fix for update of the Global Lock Handle
ACPICA: Update version to 20070508
ACPICA: Updated error message for dynamic method serialization
ACPICA: Support for iASL - multiple files and wildcards
ACPICA: Add minimal disassembly support for the SLIC table
ACPICA: update version number to 20070919
ACPICA: Fix for Alias operator to see target child objects
ACPICA: Fix for fault if Load() fails
ACPICA: Fix a fault when storing DdbHandle to Debug object
ACPICA: Fix for memory leak related to DdbHandle objects
ACPICA: Add a table checksum verify for Load operator
ACPICA: Add error checks to prevent faults
ACPICA: Fix for Load/LoadTable to specify load location
ACPICA: Fixed a memory leak when Device or Thermal objects referenced in packages
ACPICA: Update version to 20071019
ACPICA: Cosmetic changes only, no functional changes
ACPICA: Cosmetic changes only, no functional changes
ACPICA: Cleanup of debug output
ACPICA: Fixes a problem with control method references within packages
ACPICA: Fixed a problem with FromBCD and ToBCD with some compilers
ACPICA: Update version to 20071114
ACPICA: Fixed a problem with AcpiGetDevices where the search of a branch of the device tree could be terminated prematurely
ACPICA: Fixed a problem with Index Fields where the Index register was incorrectly limited to a maximum of 32 bits
ACPICA: Undo accidental checkin of not-fully-tested mutex changes
ACPICA: Update version to 20071219
ACPICA: Include file support for new ACPI tables
ACPICA: Bulletproof disassembler for bad ACPI tables
ACPICA: Update version to 20080123
ACPICA: Add va_end statements as appropriate
ACPICA: Added new error messages
ACPICA: Disassembler support for new ACPI tables
ACPICA: Fix for resource descriptor optimization issues for _CRS/_SRC
ACPICA: Fix for possible error when packages/buffers are passed to methods externally
ACPICA: Update ACPICA version to 20080213
ACPICA: Fix for extraneous debug message for packages
ACPICA: Fixes for external Reference Objects
ACPICA: Updates for Debug object output
ACPICA: Fixes for size of StartDependent resource descriptor
ACPICA: Update version to 20080321
ACPICA: Fix for some local named nodes not marked temporary and to disallow duplicates

Bob Peterson:
[GFS2] Get rid of unneeded parameter in gfs2_rlist_alloc
[GFS2] Fix debug inode printing
[GFS2] Only do lo_incore_commit once
[GFS2] Misc fixups
[GFS2] Only wake the reclaim daemon if we need to
[GFS2] Plug an unlikely leak
[GFS2] Allocate gfs2_rgrpd from slab memory
[GFS2] Combine rg_flags and rd_flags
[GFS2] Get rid of gl_waiters2
[GFS2] Eliminate gl_req_bh
[GFS2] Remove rgrp and glock version numbers
[GFS2] Remove unused counters
[GFS2] Faster gfs2_bitfit algorithm

Bodo Stroesser:
hrtimer: timeout too long when using HRTIMER_CB_SOFTIRQ
bridge: kernel panic when unloading bridge module

Borislav Petkov:
ide-floppy: remove struct idefloppy_id_gcw
ide-tape: move all struct and other defs at the top
ide-tape: remove atomic test/set macros for packet commands
ide: add generic packet command representation ide_atapi_pc
ide-tape: convert driver to using generic ide_atapi_pc
ide-floppy: convert driver to using generic ide_atapi_pc
ide-scsi: convert driver to using generic ide_atapi_pc
ide-floppy: rename end_request handler properly
ide: use generic ATAPI packet command flags in ide-{floppy,tape}
ide-scsi: do non-atomic pc->flags testing
ide-cd: remove the internal 64k buffer
ide-cd: put proc-related functions together under single ifdef
ide-cd: include proper headers
ide-cd: put all proc-related code at one place
ide-cd: fixup comments
ide-cd: shorten lines longer than 80 columns
ide-cd: fix remaining issues
ide-tape: remove idetape_pipeline_active()
ide-tape: remove tape->cache_stage
ide-tape: remove pipeline-specific code from idetape_add_chrdev_write_request
ide-tape remove pipeline speed/control calculations
ide-tape: remove pipeline-specific code from idetape_add_chrdev_read_request()
ide-tape: remove unused parameter from idetape_copy_stage_to_user
ide-tape: remove unused parameter from idetape_copy_stage_from_user
ide-tape: remove pipeline-specific code in idetape_space_over_filemarks()
ide-tape: remove idetape_pipeline_size()
ide-tape: remove idetape_remove_stage_head()
ide-tape: remove pipeline-specific code from idetape_end_request()
ide-tape: unwrap idetape_queue_pc_tail()
ide-tape: remove remaining pipeline functionality
ide-tape: remove pipelined mode tape control flags
ide-tape: remove pipeline-specific members from struct ide_tape_obj
ide-tape: remove pipelined mode parameters
ide-tape: remove misc references to pipelined operation in the comments
ide-tape: remove pipelined mode description from Documentation/ide/ide-tape.txt
ide-tape: remove comments markup from Documentation/ide/ide-tape.txt
ide-tape: improve buffer allocation strategy
ide-tape: mv tape->stage_size tape->buffer_size
ide-tape: mv tape->pages_per_stage tape->pages_per_buffer
ide-tape: improve buffer pages freeing strategy
ide-tape: make __idetape_discard_read_pipeline() of type void
ide-tape: mv idetape_discard_read_pipeline ide_tape_discard_merge_buffer
ide-tape: mv idetape_empty_write_pipeline ide_tape_flush_merge_buffer
ide-tape: mv tape->merge_stage_size tape->merge_bh_size
ide-tape: remove tape->merge_stage

Brandon Philips:
V4L/DVB (7166): [v4l] Add new user class controls and deprecate others
V4L/DVB (7167): [v4l] Add camera class control definitions
V4L/DVB (7204): remove V4L2_CID_SHARPNESS from meye.h and report private control as DISABLED
V4L/DVB (7281): v4l: Deadlock in videobuf-core for DQBUF waiting on QBUF
V4L/DVB (7487): videobuf: Wakeup queues after changing the state to ERROR
V4L/DVB (7488): videobuf: Simplify videobuf_waiton logic and possibly avoid missed wakeup
V4L/DVB (7489): videobuf-vmalloc.c: Remove buf_release from videobuf_vm_close
V4L/DVB (7491): vivi: make vivi openable only once
V4L/DVB (7492): vivi: Simplify the vivi driver and avoid deadlocks
V4L/DVB (7493): videobuf: Avoid deadlock with QBUF and bring up to spec for empty queue
V4L/DVB (7494): videobuf-dma-sg.c: Avoid NULL dereference and add comment about backwards compatibility
V4L/DVB (7550): em28xx: Fix a possible memory leak
V4L/DVB (7562): videobuf: Require spinlocks for all videobuf users
V4L/DVB (7735): Fix compilation for au0828

Brian Haley:
[IPv6]: Change IPv6 unspecified destination address to ::1 for raw and un-connected sockets
af_key: Fix af_key.c compiler warning

Brian King:
[SCSI] ipr: Rename ipr's state scsi host attribute to prevent collisions
[SCSI] ibmvscsi: Handle non SCSI error status

Brian Magnuson:
Input: xpad - add support for wireless xbox360 controllers

Bruce Allan:
e1000e: reformat comment blocks, cosmetic changes only
e1000e: reformat register test code, fix some minor initialization
e1000e: cleanup several stats issues

Bruno Randolf:
mac80211: better definition of mactime
mac80211: move function ieee80211_sta_join_ibss()
mac80211: enable IBSS merging
ath5k: struct ath5k_desc cleanups
ath5k: move rx and tx status structures out of hardware descriptor
ath5k: add notes about rx timestamp
ath5k: work around wrong beacon rx timestamp in IBSS mode

Bryan Wu:
[Blackfin] arch: add i2c board info struct and move to new-style i2c interface
[Blackfin] arch: remove TWI I2C register accessing helper macros, because we moved to use i2c new-style interface
[Blackfin] arch: Add dma_map_page and dma_unmap_page stub for MMC SPI compiling
[Blackfin] arch: boards and machines defconfig updates
i2c-bfin-twi: Add platform_resource interface to support multi-port TWI controllers
i2c-bfin-twi: Add missing pin mux operation
i2c-bfin-twi: Cleanup driver descriptions, versions and some module useful information
i2c-bfin-twi: Just let i2c-bfin-twi driver depends on BLACKFIN
[MTD] m25p80: add FAST_READ access support to M25Pxx
Blackfin EMAC Driver: code cleanup
Blackfin EMAC Driver: Initial version of ethtool support
Blackfin serial driver: this driver enable SPORTs on Blackfin emulate UART
kallsyms: nuke all ChangeLog, this should be logged by git

Byron Bradley:
[ARM] 4955/1: Orion: Support the Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live Platform

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger:
[MTD] [MAPS] add support for Nvidia MCP55 to ck804xrom

Carlos Eduardo Aguiar:
MMC: OMAP: Remove some opcodes from host driver
MMC: OMAP: Using setup_timer instead of init_timer

Carsten Otte:
s390: KVM preparation: provide hook to enable pgstes in user pagetable
KVM: s390: interrupt subsystem, cpu timer, waitpsw
KVM: s390: API documentation
s390: KVM guest: detect when running on kvm

Casey Schaufler:
smack: make smk_cipso_doi() and smk_unlbl_ambient()

Catalin Marinas:
ARMv7: Add support for the ThumbEE state saving/restoring
RealView: Move the SCU initialisation out of __v6_setup
Add RealView/EB support for the LAN9118 Ethernet chip
RealView: Move the EB GIC definitions to the board file
RealView: Move the flash definitions out of platform.h
RealView: Move the timer definitions into the EB specific files
RealView: Move the UART definitions to EB specific files
RealView: Move more device address definitions to board-eb.h
RealView: Allow ARMv7 support for RealView/EB
RealView: Change the IO_ADDRESS macro
RealView: Add the SMP initialisation support for PB11MPCore
RealView: Add uncompressing support to PB11MPCore
RealView: Add uncompressing support for PB1176
Allow the L2X0 outer cache support to be configurable
[ARM] fix 48d7927bdf071d05cf5d15b816cf06b0937cb84f
[ARM] 5018/1: RealView: Fix the ARM11MPCore Oprofile compilation

Cedric Bregardis:
[ALSA] Emagic Audiowerk 2 ALSA driver.

Cesar Eduardo Barros:
[CPUFREQ] Warn when cpufreq_register_notifier called before pure initcalls
[CPUFREQ] fix show_trans_table

Chien Tung:
RDMA/nes: Fix adapter reset after PXE boot

mac80211: add station aid into ieee80211_tx_control

Chris Collins:
USB: option.c: correct DTR behaviour

Chris Dearman:
mm: try both endianess when checking for endianess
[MIPS] Basic SPRAM support
[MIPS] Remove TLB sanitation code
[MIPS] All MIPS32 processors support64-bit physical addresses.
[MIPS] Tidy up cache attributes
[MIPS] Allow setting of the cache attribute at run time.
[MIPS] Add noulri kernel argument to disable "rdhwr $29" usermode support.
[MIPS] Add CoreFPGA5 support; distinguish between SOCit/ROCit

Chris Pascoe:
V4L/DVB (7258): Support DVB-T tuning on the DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Pro
V4L/DVB (7259): FusionHDTV DVB-T Pro tuning problem fixes

Chris Snook:
atlx: remove flash vendor parameter
[netdrvr] atlx: code movement: move atl1 parameter parsing

Chris Wedgwood:
Add 'short help text' to ATA_ACPI so it's [de]selectable.

Christian Borntraeger:
[S390] KVM preparation: split sysinfo definitions for kvm use
[S390] kernel: show last breaking-event-address on oops
KVM: kvm.h: __user requires compiler.h
s390: KVM preparation: host memory management changes for s390 kvm
s390: KVM preparation: address of the 64bit extint parm in lowcore
KVM: s390: sie intercept handling
KVM: s390: intercepts for privileged instructions
KVM: s390: interprocessor communication via sigp
KVM: s390: intercepts for diagnose instructions
KVM: s390: add kvm to kconfig on s390
KVM: s390: update maintainers
s390: KVM guest: virtio device support, and kvm hypercalls
Fix cpu hotplug problem in softirq code
virtio: export more headers to userspace

Christian Kujau:
PMU battery: filenames in sysfs with spaces

Christian Lamparter:
p54: use IEEE 802.11e defaults for initialization
p54: move to separate directory
drivers/net/wireless/p54/net2280.h: silence

Christian Limpach:
xen blkfront: Delay wait for block devices until after the disk is added

Christof Schmitt:
[SCSI] zfcp: convert zfcp to use target reset and device reset handler
[SCSI] zfcp: Fix handling for boxed port after physical close
[SCSI] zfcp: Move DBF definitions to private header file
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove zfcp_erp_wait from slave destory handler to fix deadlock
[SCSI] zfcp: Fix error handling for blocked unit for send FCP command

Christoph Hellwig:
[GFS2] fix file_system_type leak on gfs2meta mount
udf: kill udf_set_blocksize
udf: kill useless file header comments for vfs method implementations
udf: move headers out include/linux/
[XFS] cleanup xfs_vn_mknod
[XFS] vnode cleanup in xfs_fs_subr.c
[XFS] kill xfs_get_dir_entry
[XFS] kill xfs_rwlock/xfs_rwunlock
[XFS] don't encode parent in nfs filehandles unless nessecary
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in dmapi calls
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_create/mknod/mkdir
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_link
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_symlink and xfs_rename
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_lookup
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_lrw.c
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_iops.c
[XFS] cleanup vnode use in xfs_bmap.c
[XFS] Remove superflous xfs_readsb call in xfs_mountfs.
[XFS] cleanup root inode handling in xfs_fs_fill_super
[XFS] remove most calls to VN_RELE
[XFS] Don't validate symlink target component length
[POWERPC] Stacktrace support for lockdep
merge open_namei() and do_filp_open()
[POWERPC] Fix new warnings arising from stacktrace patch
[XFS] Remove VN_IS* macros and related cruft.
[XFS] kill xfs_getattr
[XFS] kill di_mode checks after xfs_iget
[XFS] xfs_rename: pass resblks to xfs_dir_removename
[XFS] simplify xfs_lookup
[XFS] shrink mrlock_t
[XFS] remove manual lookup from xfs_rename and simplify locking
[XFS] kill usesless IHOLD calls in xfs_rename
[XFS] kill parent == child checks in xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir
[XFS] kill usesless IHOLD calls in xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir
[XFS] Add xfs_icsb_sync_counters_locked for when m_sb_lock already held
[XFS] split xfs_icsb_balance_counter
[XFS] allow enabling CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG
[XFS] remove sendfile leftovers
[XFS] remove dmapi cruft in xfs_file.c
ext4: move headers out of include/linux
[POWERPC] spufs: add context switch notification log
mxser: convert large macros to functions
reiserfs: use open_bdev_excl
make generic sys_ptrace unconditional


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