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Paul Menage:
CGroup API files: rename read/write_uint methods to read_write_u64
CGroup API files: add res_counter_read_u64()
CGroup API files: use read_u64 in memory controller
CGroup API files: strip all trailing whitespace in cgroup_write_u64
CGroup API files: update cpusets to use cgroup structured file API
CGroup API files: add cgroup map data type
CGroup API files: use cgroup map for memcontrol stats file
CGroup API files: drop mem_cgroup_force_empty()
CGroup API files: move "releasable" to cgroup_debug subsystem
CGroup API files: make CGROUP_DEBUG default to off
CGroups _s64 files: add cgroups read_s64/write_s64 file methods
CGroups _s64 files: use read_s64/write_s64 in CFS cgroup for rt_runtime file
Cpuset hardwall flag: switch cpusets to use the bulk cgroup_add_files() API
Cpuset hardwall flag: add a mem_hardwall flag to cpusets

Paul Moore:
NetLabel: Allow passing the LSM domain as a shared pointer
LSM: Make the Labeled IPsec hooks more stack friendly
SELinux: Correct the NetLabel locking for the sk_security_struct
SELinux: Add network port SID cache
SELinux: Made netnode cache adds faster
SELinux: Fix a RCU free problem with the netport cache

Paul Mundt:
sh: Create an sh debugfs root.
sh: Initial support for the MX-G CPU.
sh: Hook up the rest of the SH7770 serial ports.
sh: Allow optimized clear/copy page routines to be used on SH-2.
sh: Fix up __access_ok() check for nommu.
sh: r7780rp: Hook up the I2C and SMBus platform devices.
sh: Fix up mach-types formatting from merge damage.
sh: Fix up SH7763 build.
sh: Add support for SH7723 CPU subtype.
sh: Fix up SH-4A part probe.
sh: Fix up L2 cache probe.
USB: m66592-udc: reduce size of data structure.
rtc: rtc-rs5c372: fix up NULL name in transfer error path

Paul Walmsley:
ARM: OMAP2: Add common register access for 24xx and 34xx
ARM: OMAP2: Change 24xx to use new register access
ARM: OMAP2: Move clock.h to clock24xx.h
ARM: OMAP2: Move clock.c to clock24xx.c
ARM: OMAP2: Add common clock framework for 24xx and 34xx
ARM: OMAP2: Change 24xx to use shared clock code and new reg access
ARM: OMAP: Add rest of 24xx clocks
ARM: OMAP2: Remove old 24xx specific clock functions
ARM: OMAP2: Remove old PRCM register access code
ARM: OMAP2: Add 34xx clocks
ARM: OMAP2: Add 34xx clock code

Paulius Zaleckas:
[MTD] XIP: Use generic xip_iprefetch() instead of asm volatile (...)
ppp_generic: use stats from net_device structure
USB: oti6858: fix TCFLSH ioctl handling
3c505: use netstats in net_device structure
3c509: use netstats in net_device structure
3c515: use netstats in net_device structure

Pavel Emelyanov:
[ATM]: Use seq_open/release_privade instead of manual manipulations.
[ATALK/DECNET]: Use seq_open_private in appletalk and decnet.
[NETFILTER/RXRPC]: Don't use seq_release_private where inappropriate.
[NET]: Use existing device list walker for /proc/dev_mcast.
[ARP]: Introduce the arp_hdr_len helper.
[NET]: NULL pointer dereference and other nasty things in /proc/net/(tcp|udp)[6]
[SOCK]: Add udp_hash member to struct proto.
[UDP]: Make full use of proto.h.udp_hash innovation.
[RAW]: Add raw_hashinfo member on struct proto.
[NETNS][UDP]: Register /proc/net/udp in a namespace.
[NETNS][TCP]: Register /proc/net/tcp in a namespace.
[UDP-Lite]: Clean up proc creation a bit.
[NETNS][UDP-Lite]: Register /proc/net/udplite(6) in a namespace.
[NETNS]: Minor information leak via /proc/net/ptype file.
Use single_open instead of manual manipulations.
[NETNS][ICMP]: Register pernet subsys to make ICMP sysctls per-net.
[NETNS][ICMP]: Move ICMP sysctls on struct net.
[NETNS][ICMP]: Make ctl tables for ICMP sysctls per-net.
[NETNS][ICMP]: Use per-net sysctls in ipv4/icmp.c.
[NETNS][ICMP]: Build fix for NET_NS=n case (dev->nd_net is omitted).
[VLAN]: Reduce memory consumed by vlan_groups
[IPV6]: Fix potential net leak and oops in ipv6 routing code.
[SOCK]: Enumerate struct proto-s to facilitate percpu inuse accounting (v2).
[SOCK]: Introduce a percpu inuse counters array (v2).
[SOCK]: Drop per-proto inuse init and fre functions (v2).
[SOCK]: Drop inuse pcounter from struct proto (v2).
[LIB]: Drop the pcounter itself.
[NETNS]: Introduce a netns_core structure.
[SOCK][NETNS]: Add a struct net argument to sock_prot_inuse_add and _get.
[SOCK][NETNS]: Add the percpu prot_inuse counter in the struct net.
[SOCK][NETNS]: Register sockstat(6) files in each net.
[IPV4][NETNS]: Display per-net info in sockstat file.
[IPV6][NETNS]: Display per-net info in sockstat6 file.
[IA64] fix getpid and set_tid_address fast system calls for pid namespaces
[NETNS]: Add an empty netns_dccp structure on struct net.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Add dummy per-net operations.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Move the dccp_v4_ctl_sk on the struct net.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Actually create ctl socket on each net and use it.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Use proper net to route the reset packet.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Make per-net socket lookup.
[NETNS][DCCPV4]: Enable DCCPv4 in net namespaces.
[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Don't pass NULL to ip6_dst_lookup.
[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Add dummy per-net operations.
[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Move the dccp_v6_ctl_sk on the struct net.
[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Actually create ctl socket on each net and use it.
[NETNS][DCCPV6]: Make per-net socket lookup.
[DCCP]: Fix comment about control sockets.
[SOCK]: Add some notes about per-bind-bucket sock lookup.
[NETNS]: The net-subsys IDs generator.
[NETNS]: The generic per-net pointers.
[TUN]: Introduce the tun_net structure and init/exit net ops.
[TUN]: Make the tun_dev_list per-net.
[TUN]: Allow to register tun devices in namespace.
[RTNL]: Relax for_each_netdev_safe in __rtnl_link_unregister.
[RTNL]: Introduce the rtnl_kill_links helper.
[VLAN]: Tag vlan_group_device with net device, not ifindex.
[VLAN]: Introduce the vlan_net structure and init/exit net ops.
[VLAN]: Add a net argument to proc init and cleanup calls.
[VLAN]: Create proc entries in the proper net.
[VLAN]: Make the /proc/net/vlan/conf file show per-net info.
[VLAN]: Make the vlan_name_type per-net.
[VLAN]: Allow vlan devices registration in net namespaces.
[VLAN]: Handle vlan devices net namespace changing.
[IPIP]: Introduce empty ipip_net structure and net init/exit ops.
[IPIP]: Make the fallback tunnel device per-net.
[IPIP]: Add net/ipip_net argument to some functions.
[IPIP]: Use proper net in hash-lookup functions.
[IPIP]: Make tunnels hashes per net.
[IPIP]: Use proper net in (mostly) routing calls.
[IPIP]: Allow to create IPIP tunnels in net namespaces.
[IPIP]: Allow for IPPROTO_IPIP protocol in namespaces.
[GRE]: Introduce empty ipgre_net structure and net init/exit ops.
[GRE]: Add net/gre_net argument to some functions.
[GRE]: Use proper net in hash-lookup functions.
[GRE]: Make the fallback tunnel device per-net.
[GRE]: Make tunnels hashes per-net.
[GRE]: Use proper net in routing calls.
[GRE]: Allow to create IPGRE tunnels in net namespaces.
[GRE]: Allow for IPPROTO_GRE protocol in namespaces.
[SIT]: Introduce empty struct sit_net and init/exit net ops.
[SIT]: Add net/sit_net argument to some functions.
[SIT]: Use proper net in hash-lookup functions.
[SIT]: Make the fallback tunnel device per-net
[SIT]: Make tunnels hashes per-net.
[SIT]: Use proper net in routing calls.
[SIT]: Allow to create SIT tunnels in net namespaces.
[SIT]: Allow for IPPROTO_IPV6 protocol in namespaces.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Introduce empty ip6_tnl_net structure and net ops.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Add (ip6_tnl_)net argument to some calls.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Use proper net in hash-lookup functions.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Make the fallback tunnel device per-net.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Make tunnels hashes per-net.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Use proper net instead of init_net stubs.
[IP6TUNNEL]: Allow to create IP6 tunnels in net namespaces.
[NET]: Do not allocate unneeded memory for dev->priv alignment.
udf: fix anchor point detection
[INET]: Drop the inet_inherit_port() call.
[INET]: Uninline the __inet_inherit_port call.
[NETNS]: The ip6_fib_timer can work with garbage on net namespace stop.
[NETNS]: Don't initialize err variable twice.
[NETNS]: Remove empty ->init callback.
mac80211: Fix race between ieee80211_rx_bss_put and lookup routines.
[NET]: Fix heavy stack usage in seq_file output routines.
USB: usbatm: convert heavy init dances to kthread API
net: Fix wrong interpretation of some copy_to_user() results.
[patch 2/2] Use find_task_by_vpid in audit code
netfilter: x_tables: fix net namespace leak when reading /proc/net/xxx_tables_names
MAINTAINERS: The socketcan-core list is subscribers-only.
binfmt_misc.c: avoid potential kernel stack overflow
cgroups: add the trigger callback to struct cftype
memcgroup: add the max_usage member on the res_counter
memcgroups: add a document describing the resource counter abstraction
memcgroup: use triggers in force_empty and max_usage files
memcgroup: implement failcounter reset
sysctl: merge equal proc_sys_read and proc_sys_write
sysctl: clean from unneeded extern and forward declarations
sysctl: add the ->permissions callback on the ctl_table_root
signals: remove unused variable from send_signal()
signals: turn LEGACY_QUEUE macro into static inline function
signals: consolidate checking for ignored/legacy signals
signals: consolidate checks for whether or not to ignore a signal
signals: clean dequeue_signal from excess checks and assignments
signals: consolidate send_sigqueue and send_group_sigqueue
signals: fold complete_signal() into send_signal/do_send_sigqueue
Use find_task_by_vpid in taskstats
Deprecate find_task_by_pid()
pidns: make pid->level and pid_ns->level unsigned
ipv6: Compilation fix for compat MCAST_MSFILTER sockopts.

Pavel Hofman:
[ALSA] AK4114 - listing regs in proc
[ALSA] some fixes and cleanup for ICE1724 cards
[ALSA] ice1724 - Improved the Juli rate setting

Pavel Machek:
adm8211: remove commented-out code
PM: Remove legacy PM
timer_list: add annotations to workqueue.c
x86: wmb() confusion in system.h
x86 iommu: add more documentation
x86: clean up aperture_64.c
x86: move suspend wakeup code to C
x86: clean up =0 initializations in arch/x86/kernel/tsc_32.c
hci_usb: do not initialize static variables to 0
hci_usb: remove code obfuscation
power_state: remove it from driver core
trivial: small cleanups
firmware_sample_driver.c: fix coding style
[ALSA] fix comments in sound/core.h
[ALSA] usb audio: Fix another Dallas quirk
[ALSA] usb audio: make quirk handling more readable, and fix commented-out code
[ALSA] sound/usb/usbaudio.c: coding style
[ALSA] sound/core.h: evil #ifdefs
mm/page_alloc.c: remove hand-coded get_order()
hci_usb.h: fix hard-to-trigger race

Pavel Roskin:
mac80211: fix incorrect use of CONFIG_MAC80211_IBSS_DEBUG
ath5k: fix all endian issues reported by sparse

Pawel MOLL:
[ALSA] IEC958 definitions for consumer status channel, byte 4

Peer Chen:
[ALSA] hda_intel: Add the DIDs of nvidia MCP79 HD audio controller to hda_intel.c

Pekka Enberg:
slub: Initialize per-cpu stats
slub: improve kmem_cache_destroy() error message
mm: move cache_line_size() to <linux/cache.h>

Pekka Sarnila:
HID: fixup fullspeed interval on highspeed Afatech DVB-T IR kbd

Pete Zaitcev:
HID: patch to add NOGET for DMI/Acomdata
usbmon: restore mmap
ub: Fix timeouts
ub: Tune retries
ub: Ignore bad residue
ub: Cosmetics

Peter Hartley:
V4L/DVB (7293): DMX_OUT_TSDEMUX_TAP: record two streams from same mux, resend

Peter Horton:
[netdrvr] tulip: Better MWI workaround for 21143 rev 65 chip errata

Peter Korsgaard:
[Blackfin] arch: USB header files are now located under linux/usb/.
[MTD] cmdlinepart: Missing partition info is not an error
USB: add Cypress c67x00 low level interface code
USB: add Cypress c67x00 OTG controller core driver
USB: add Cypress c67x00 OTG controller HCD driver

Peter Lienig:
[ALSA] ice1712 - Add Terrasoniq TS88 support

Peter Ma:
avr32: Add hardware power-down function call

Peter Mack:
USB: add more FTDI device ids

Peter Oberparleiter:
module: add MODULE_STATE_GOING notifier call

Peter P Waskiewicz Jr:
[NET]: Add per-connection option to set max TSO frame size

Peter Samuelson:
fbmem: fix con2fbmap limit check

Peter Tiedemann:
ctcm: infrastructure for replaced ctc driver
ctc: removal of the old ctc driver
qeth: improving debug message handling
qeth module size reduction.

Peter Tyser:
edac: add e752x parameter for sysbus_parity selection

Peter Warasin:
[NETFILTER]: bridge: add ebt_nflog watcher

Peter Zijlstra:
sched: fix wakeup granularity for buddies
sched: fix regression with sched yield
sched: rt-group: synchonised bandwidth period
sched: rt-group: smp balancing
sched: old sleeper bonus
sched: fix the task_group hierarchy for UID grouping
sched: task_group hierarchy
sched: rt: multi level group constraints
sched: prepatory code movement
sched: fair-group: SMP-nice for group scheduling
sched: debug: add some debug code to handle the full hierarchy
sched: rt-group: optimize dequeue_rt_stack
sched: fair-group scheduling vs latency
sched: fair-group: de-couple load-balancing from the rb-trees
sched: fair: weight calculations
sched: debug: show a weight tree
sched: /debug/sched_features
Input: mac_hid - add lockdep annotation to emumousebtn
sched: fix share (re)distribution
fix idle (arch, acpi and apm) and lockdep
smaps: account swap entries
mm: bdi: export BDI attributes in sysfs
mm: bdi: allow setting a minimum for the bdi dirty limit
mm: bdi: allow setting a maximum for the bdi dirty limit

Petr Tesarik:
fix brd allocation flags

Philip Craig:
netfilter: nf_conntrack: padding breaks conntrack hash on ARM

Philipp Zabel:
[ARM] 4941/1: Add initial defconfig for HTC Magician PDA phones
[ARM] 4942/1: magician: fix the backlight driver name
[ARM] 4943/2: magician: fix magician.h GPIO header includes
[ARM] 4944/2: magician: enable i2c bus
[ARM] 4947/1: htc-egpio, a driver for GPIO/IRQ expanders with fixed input/output pins
[ARM] 4948/1: magician: use htc-egpio to drive the GPIO/IRQ expander CPLD
[ARM] 4949/1: magician: enable flash VPP GPIO and build in MTD, physmap-flash and JFFS2
[ARM] 4950/1: magician: enable MMC support
[ARM] 4951/1: magician: enable external power supply (pda_power) driver
[ARM] 4952/1: magician: add LCD detection, LCD power switching, update pxafb settings
[ARM] 4953/1: magician: add backlight power switching GPIOs
[ARM] 4964/1: htc-pasic3: MFD driver for PASIC3 LED control + DS1WM chip
[ARM] 4965/1: magician: use htc-pasic3,leds-pasic3,ds1wm,leds-gpio
[ARM] 4966/1: magician: add MFP pin configuration
[ARM] 5007/1: magician: properly request GPIOs used by the machine code itself
[ARM] 5008/1: magician: add magician specific input GPIOs to MFP config
[ARM] 5009/1: magician: remove to-be-deprecated defines for pxa_gpio_mode
[ARM] 5010/1: htc-pasic3: remove unused defines and includes
[ARM] 5011/1: htc-pasic3: fix bug in resource pipe-through to ds1wm
[ARM] 5020/1: magician: remove __devinit marker from pasic3_leds_info
pda_power: add init and exit function callbacks

Philippe De Muyter:
ieee1394: limit early node speed to host interface speed

Pierre Ossman:
mmc: set controller name early
sdhci: remove custom controller name
sdhci: allow led to be controlled freely
sdhci: improve no card, no reset quirk

Pierre Peiffer:
IPC: use ipc_buildid() directly from ipc_addid()
IPC/semaphores: code factorisation
IPC/shared memory: introduce shmctl_down
IPC/message queues: introduce msgctl_down
IPC/semaphores: move the rwmutex handling inside semctl_down
IPC/semaphores: remove one unused parameter from semctl_down()
IPC: get rid of the use *_setbuf structure.
IPC: introduce ipc_update_perm()
IPC: consolidate all xxxctl_down() functions

Pieter Palmers:
ieee1394: rawiso: requeue packet for transmission after skipped cycle

Ping Cheng:
Input: wacom - add support for Cintiq 20WSX

PJ Waskiewicz:
x86: Fix 32-bit MSI-X allocation leakage

Prakash, Sathya:
[SCSI] mpt fusion: Enable MSI by default for SAS controllers

Rafael J. Wysocki:
PM: Handle device registrations during suspend/resume
Driver core: Call device_pm_add() after bus_add_device() in device_add()
PM: Remove destroy_suspended_device()
Relax check on adding children of suspended devices
bus_remove_device: be more careful about incomplete initialization

Ralf Baechle:
MIPS Alchemy: Crapectomy after removal of pm_send_all calls.
[MIPS] Add support for MIPS CMP platform.
[NET] Kconfig: Rename MIKROTIK_RB500 -> MIKROTIK_RB532
[MIPS] Fix handling of trap and breakpoint instructions
[MIPS] ATA: Rename routerboard 500 to 532

Ralph Campbell:
IB/ipath: Fix byte order of pioavail in handle_errors()
IB/ipath: Fix error recovery for send buffer status after chip freeze mode
IB/ipath: Don't try to handle freeze mode HW errors if diagnostic mode
IB/ipath: Make debug error message match the constraint that is checked for
IB/ipath: Add code to support multiple link speeds and widths
IB/ipath: Remove useless comments
IB/ipath: Fix sanity checks on QP number of WRs and SGEs
IB/ipath: Change the module author
IB/ipath: Remove some useless (void) casts
IB/ipath: Make send buffers available for kernel if not allocated to user
IB/ipath: Use PIO buffer for RC ACKs
IB/ipath: Fix some white space and code style issues
IB/ipath: Add support for 7220 receive queue changes
IB/ipath: Fix up error handling
IB/ipath: Header file changes to support IBA7220
IB/ipath: HCA-specific code to support IBA7220
IB/ipath: Add IBA7220-specific SERDES initialization data
IB/ipath: Update copyright dates for files changed in 2008

Ralph Wuerthner:
[S390] hw_random: allow rng_dev_read() to return hardware errors.
[S390] zcrypt: add support for large random numbers

Ram Pai:
[patch 1/7] vfs: mountinfo: add dentry_path()
[patch 6/7] vfs: mountinfo: add /proc/<pid>/mountinfo

Rami Rosen:
[IPV6]: Remove unused code in ndisc_send_redirect().
[IPV6]: Remove three unused method declarations in include/net/ipv6.h
[IPV6]: Remove unused method declaration in include/net/addrconf.h.
[IPV6] Remove three method declarations in include/net/ndisc.h.
[IPV6]: Remove unused declarations in include/net/ip6_route.h.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Adjust IPV6 multicast routing module to use mroute6 header declarations.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Add stats in multicast routing module method ip6_mr_forward().

Randy Dunlap:
wireless: rt2x00: fix driver menu indenting
jbd2: fix kernel-doc notation
x86: fix VisualWS and Voyager kexec build failures
x86: fix arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c warning
firmware: move firmware_class from Documentation/ to samples/
PM: Remove legacy PM (fix)
skbuff: fix missing kernel-doc notation
PCI: doc/pci: create Documentation/PCI/ and move files into it
skbuff: fix missing kernel-doc notation
kernel-doc: fix sched.c missing parameter
USB: convert usb.h struct usb_device to kernel-doc
documentation: remove smart-config.txt
[SCSI] scsi_transport_spi: include sysfs.h
sunrpc: fix missing kernel-doc
documentation: move spidev_fdx example to its own source file
kernel-doc: detect/prevent duplicate doc section names
kernel-doc: detect trailing kernel-doc line trash
docbook: fix bitops fatal filename error
drivers/net/phy: fix kernel-doc notation
doc: fix DMA-API function parameters
docbook: fix fatal rapidio yet again (and more to come)
sysfs: sysfs_update_group stub for CONFIG_SYSFS=n
sysfs: sysfs_update_group stub for CONFIG_SYSFS=n
docbook: fix vmalloc missing parameter notation
PNP: fix printk format warnings
[RAPIDIO] fix current kernel-doc notation

Ravi Anand:
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Assign mailbox command timeout values in a consistent manner.

Ravikiran G Thirumalai:
x86: vSMP: Fix is_vsmp_box()
x86: fix build breakage when PCI is define and PARAVIRT is not
x86: vSMP: use pvops only if platform has the capability to support it
x86: apic_is_clustered_box to indicate unsynched TSC's on multiboard vSMP systems
x86: clean up vSMP detection

Ray Lee:
USB: io_ti.c: remove unneeded null tty check

Reinette Chatre:
iwlwifi: Update iwlwifi version stamp to 1.2.26
iwlwifi: fix name of function in comment (_rx_card_state_notif)
iwlwifi: fix potential lock inversion deadlock
iwlwifi: update copyright year
iwlwifi: fix bug to show hidden APs during scan
iwlwifi: remove macros containing offsets from eeprom struct
iwlwifi: move rate registration to module load
iwl4965: use IWLWIFI_LEDS config variable
iwlwifi: ensure led registration complete as part of initialization
mac80211: notify upper layers after lower
mac80211: no BSS changes to driver from beacons processed during scanning
iwl4965: make iwl4965_send_rxon_assoc asynchronous
iwlwifi: make Makefile more concise
iwlwifi: perform bss_info_changed post association work right away

Remi Machet:
[POWERPC] Use default values if necessary in mv64x60 I2C initialization
[POWERPC] Initialize all mv64x60 devices even if one fails
[POWERPC] Fix mv64x60 early console code to use cell-index property

Remy Bruno:
[ALSA] hdsp - RME 9632 fix at 192kHz

Reynes Philippe:
sched: sched.c needs tick.h

Richard Genoud:
[MTD] [NAND] Hardware ECC controller on at91sam9263 / at91sam9260
[MTD] [NAND] AT91 hardware ECC compile fix for at91sam9263 / at91sam9260

Richard Hacker:
kbuild: support loading extra symbols in modpost
kbuild: Add new Kbuild variable KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS

Richard Purdie:
leds: Document the context brightness_set needs

Rik van Riel:
sysrq: add show-backtrace-on-all-cpus function

Risto Suominen:
[ALSA] snd-powermac: enable headphone detection
[ALSA] snd-powermac: style pmac.c
[ALSA] snd-powermac: AWACS and Screamer mixers for PM7500, Beige, and iMac SL
[ALSA] snd-powermac: style awacs.s and awacs.h
[ALSA] snd-powermac: Burgundy mixers for B&W and iMac
[ALSA] snd-powermac: style burgundy.c

Robert Brose:
[POWERPC] Add kernel parameter to set l3cr for MPC745x

Robert Fitzsimons:
V4L/DVB (7579): bttv: Fix memory leak in radio_release

Robert Hancock:
x86: validate against acpi motherboard resources

Robert Jarzmik:
[ARM] 4868/1: Enhance pxa270 GPIO definitions
[ALSA] soc - Add missing audio path between Mono Mixer and Mic PGAs
usb: pxa27x_udc driver

Robert P. J. Day:
[Blackfin] arch: Clean up the definition and correct the commentary for current_thread_info().
[NET]: Add debugging names to __RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED macros.
[CASSINI]: Use shorter list_splice_init() macro for brevity.
[POWERPC] Move a.out.h to header-y since it doesn't check KERNEL
[POWERPC] Use __SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED macro in mpc52xx_set_psc_clkdiv
[IA64] Replace explicit jiffies tests with time_* macros.
af_iucv: Use non-deprecated __RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED macro.
[SCTP]: "list_for_each()" -> "list_for_each_entry()" where appropriate.
[NETFILTER]: bridge netfilter: use non-deprecated __RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED macro.
[NETFILTER]: Use non-deprecated __RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED macro
IB: Use shorter list_splice_init() for brevity
RDMA/nes: Use more concise list_for_each_entry()
IB/ipath: Fix time comparison to use time_after_eq()
x86: Explicitly include required header files.
ieee1394: Use shorter list_splice_init() for brevity.
ieee1394: Remove superfluous calls to kobject_set_name().
mmc: use shorter, equivalent set_current_state()
SYSFS: Explicitly include required header file slab.h.
Kobject: Replace list_for_each() with list_for_each_entry().
MAINTAINERS: Clarify access to OCFS2 development mailing list.
KEYS: Fix the comment to match the file name in rxrpc-type.h.
Generate a slightly more informative error msg for bad HZ
DOC: A couple corrections and clarifications in USB doc.
NFSD: Strip KERNEL testing from unexported header files.
USB: Standardize inclusion protection and add where missing.
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL designation from USB storage Kconfig entries.
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL tags from some USB gadget Kconfig entries.
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL designation from USB misc/ Kconfig entries
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL designation from USB serial/ Kconfig entries
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL designation from USB MDC800 support.
USB: Remove EXPERIMENTAL from dynamic USB minor allocation.
USB: Fix "cut and paste" booboo in usbmon Makefile.
USB: Remove superfluous "depends on USB_SERIAL" from Kconfig.
dm raid1: use list_split_init
kbuild: fix some minor typoes
[MTD] Delete long-unused jedec.h header file.
mfd: use shorter set_current_state()
isdn: fix obvious cut-and-paste error in st5481_usb.c
isdn: rename CONFIG_AVMB1_COMPAT to not look like a Kconfig variable
kernel: explicitly include required header files under kernel/
Remove superfluous include of string.h from percpu.h
kbuild: remove duplicate, conflicting entry for oom.h
kbuild: move files that don't check KERNEL
lists: add "const" qualifier to first arg of list_splice() operations
MAINTAINERS: clarify status of MN10300 mailing list as moderated
ipmi: make comment match actual preprocessor check
keys: explicitly include required slab.h header file.
nbd: delete superfluous test for GNUC
generalize asm-generic/ioctl.h to allow overriding values
edac: use the shorter LIST_HEAD for brevity
afs: use the shorter LIST_HEAD for brevity
sysv fs: remove superfluous check for GNUC compiler
V4L/DVB (7792): ivtv: correct misspelled "HIMEM4G" to "HIGHMEM4G" in error message
Remove "#ifdef KERNEL" checks from unexported headers
remove KERNEL tests of unexported headers under asm-generic/
Drop the exporting of empty <linux/byteorder/generic.h>
DEBUGFS: Correct location of debugfs API documentation.
USB: Remove redundant dependencies on USB_ATM.

Robert Reif:
sparc: sunzilog uart order
sparc: fix drivers/video/tcx.c warning
sparc: sunzilog.c remove unused argument
sparc: bw2.c fix bw2_exit
sparc: cg14.c make cg14_init and cg15_exit static
sparc: ffb.c make ffb_init and ffb_exit static
sparc: tcx.c make tcx_init and tcx_exit static
sparc: video drivers: add facility level

Robert Richter:
x86: apic: extended interrupt LVT support for AMD

Robert Schedel:
HID: Suppress hidinput for Samsung IR control

Robert Schwebel:
[ARM] 4876/1: i.MXC family: Clean up
[ARM] 4877/1: i.MXC family: Clean up current platform code
[ARM] 4887/1: i.MXC family: Separate current platform code

Robin Getz:
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - when we crash, current is not valid
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - grab locks when not atomic
[Blackfin] arch: Add a little bit more runtime info for MPU
[Blackfin] arch: try to remove condition that causes double fault, by checking current before it gets dereferenced
USB: partial USB embedded host support

Rod Whitby:
leds: Add new driver for the LEDs on the Freecom FSG-3

Roel Kluin:
wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-4965.c: add parentheses
wireless: Convert to list_for_each_entry_rcu()
[POWERPC] PS3: Fix unlikely typo in ps3_get_irq
[POWERPC] Replace logical-AND by bit-AND in pci_process_ISA_OF_ranges()
[SCSI] aic7xxx: Test opcode, not definition in aicasm:type_check()
r8169: fix past rtl_chip_info array size for unknown chipsets
[GFS2] fix assertion in log_refund()
[MTD] [OneNAND] unlikely(x) || unlikely(y) => unlikely(x || y)
prism54: prism54_get_encode() test below 0 on unsigned index
wireless: rndis_wlan: modparam_workaround_interval is never below 0.
[ALSA] sound/drivers/dummy.c: fix negative snd_pcm_format_width() check
[ALSA] SOC: fix tests in cs4270_hw_params()
OSS: dmabuf: fix negative DMAbuf_get_buffer_pointer() check
V4L/DVB (7220): drivers/media/video/sn9c102/sn9c102_core.c Fix Unlikely(x) == y
V4L/DVB (7373): logical-bitwise & confusion in se401_init()
V4L/DVB (7459): Test cmd, not definition in decoder_command(), drivers/media/video/zoran_device.c
Input: i8042 - fix incorrect usage of strncpy and strncat
pata_bf54x: decrease count first.
smc911x: test after postfix decrement fails in smc911x_{reset,drop_pkt}
V4L/DVB (7733): blackbird_find_mailbox negative return ignored in blackbird_initialize_codec()
dz: test after postfix decrement fails in dz_console_putchar()
video/aty/atyfb_base.c: free when fb can't be registered
drivers/video/aty/aty128fb.c: fix incorrect usage of strncat in aty128_init()
drivers/video/imsttfb.c: add missing curly brackets
[ARM] am79c961a: platform_get_irq() may return signed unnoticed
[ARM] serial: s3c2410: platform_get_irq() may return signed unnoticed
kconfig: reversed borderlines in inputbox
ide-cd: fix test unsigned var < 0
ide-cd: clean up cdrom_analyze_sense_data()
ARM: am79c961a: platform_get_irq() may return signed unnoticed
netfilter: xt_TCPOPTSTRIP: signed tcphoff for ipv6_skip_exthdr() retval
ext3: fix test ext_generic_write_end() copied return value
ext4: fix test ext_generic_write_end() copied return value
ext4: fix hot spins in mballoc after err_freebuddy and err_freemeta
USB: mos7840: test and propagate set_uart_reg return value

Rohan Hart:
USB: INTOVA Pixtreme camera mass storage device

Roland Dreier:
IB/mthca: Formatting cleanups
IB/mlx4: Convert "if(foo)" to "if (foo)"
mlx4_core: Move opening brace of function onto a new line
RDMA/amso1100: Don't use 0UL as a NULL pointer
RDMA/cxgb3: IDR IDs are signed
IB: Make struct a signed int
IB/ipath: Fix sparse warning about shadowed symbol
IB/mlx4: Endianness annotations
IB/cm: Endianness annotations
RDMA/ucma: Endian annotation
RDMA/nes: Trivial endianness annotations
RDMA/nes: Delete unused variables
RDMA/amso1100: Start of endianness annotation
RDMA/amso1100: Endian annotate mqsq allocator
mlx4_core: Fix confusion between mlx4_event and mlx4_dev_event enums
IB/uverbs: Don't store struct file * for event files
IB/uverbs: Use alloc_file() instead of get_empty_filp()
RDMA/nes: Remove redundant NULL check in nes_unregister_ofa_device()
RDMA/nes: Remove unused nes_netdev_exit() function
RDMA/nes: Use proper format and cast to print dma_addr_t
RDMA/nes: Make symbols used only in a single source file static
IB/ehca: Make symbols used only in a single source file static
IB/mthca: Avoid integer overflow when dealing with profile size
IB/mthca: Avoid integer overflow when allocating huge ICM table
IB/ipath: Fix PCI config write size used to clear linkctrl error bits
RDMA/nes: Remove session_id from nes_cm stuff
IB/mlx4: Micro-optimize mlx4_ib_post_send()
IB/core: Add support for "send with invalidate" work requests
RDMA/amso1100: Add support for "send with invalidate" work requests
RDMA/nes: Free IRQ before killing tasklet
IPoIB: Handle case when P_Key is deleted and re-added at same index
RDMA/nes: Remove unneeded function declarations
IB/ipath: Remove reference to dev->class_dev
IB/ipath: Build IBA7220 code unconditionally
IB/ipath: Remove dependency on PCI_MSI || HT_IRQ
IB/ipath: Remove tests of PCI_MSI in ipath_iba7220.c
IB/ipath: Correct capitalization "IntX" -> "INTx"
RDMA/nes: Use print_mac() to format ethernet addresses for printing
RDMA/nes: Print IPv4 addresses in a readable format
RDMA/nes: Remove volatile qualifier from struct nes_hw_cq.cq_vbase
iwlwifi: Don't unlock priv->mutex if it isn't locked
Export __locks_copy_lock() so modular lockd builds
IB/mthca: Avoid changing userspace ABI to handle DMA write barrier attribute

Roland McGrath:
[POWERPC] Don't touch PT_DTRACE in exec
[POWERPC] powerpc32: Remove asm-offsets ptrace cruft
x86 vDSO: don't use disabled vDSO for signal trampoline
x86 vDSO: don't map 32-bit vdso when disabled
x86: ia32 ptrace vs -ENOSYS
x86: ptrace vs -ENOSYS
x86: ia32 ptrace vs -ENOSYS sysenter/syscall
x86: sys32_execve PT_DTRACE
x86: handle_vm86_trap cleanup
selinux: remove ptrace_sid
ptrace_signal subroutine
x86 vDSO: compile with -g, 64-bit
[POWERPC] Define copy_siginfo_from_user32
ptrace: compat_ptrace_request siginfo
x86 signals: lift flags diddling code
x86 signals: lift set_fs
x86_64 ia32 ptrace: use compat_ptrace_request for siginfo
x86_64 ia32 ptrace: convert to compat_arch_ptrace
x86_64 vDSO: use initdata
ptrace: conditionalize compat_ptrace_request
procfs: mem permission cleanup
signals: add set_restore_sigmask
signals: set_restore_sigmask TIF_SIGPENDING
signals: s390: renumber TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK

Roman Tereshonkov:
ARM: OMAP2: New DPLL clock framework

Roman Zippel:
x86: fix recursive dependencies
kconfig: fix choice dependency check
kconfig: add named choice group
introduce explicit signed/unsigned 64bit divide
convert a few do_div users
rename div64_64 to div64_u64
remove div_long_long_rem
ntp: cleanup ntp.c
ntp: NTP4 user space bits update
ntp: increase time_freq resolution
ntp: increase time_offset resolution
ntp: support for TAI
ntp: remove current_tick_length()
ntp: handle leap second via timer

Ron Rindjunsky:
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx add session's and low level driver's API
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx add MLME structures
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx adding basic functionality
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx adding qdisc support
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx MLME data initialization
mac80211: A-MPDU add debugfs support
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx change tx_status to support Block Ack data
mac80211: A-MPDU Tx add delBA from recipient support
iwlwifi: A-MPDU Tx conform API to mac80211
iwlwifi: A-MPDU Tx conform flows to mac80211
iwlwifi: A-MPDU Tx conform block Ack rate scaling to mac80211
iwlwifi: A-MPDU Tx activation by load measures
mac80211: adjustable number of bits for qdisc pool
iwlwifi: remove IWL{4965,3945}_QOS
mac80211: adding mac80211_tx_control_flags and HT flags
iwlwifi: use mac80211_tx_control_flags
mac80211: document IEEE80211_TXCTL_OFDM_HT
iwlwifi: grab NIC access when disabling aggregations
mac80211: fixing delba debug print
mac80211: fixing debug prints for AddBA request
mac80211: tear down of block ack sessions
mac80211: fix wrong Rx A-MPDU control via debugfs
mac80211: A-MPDU MLME use dynamic allocation
iwlwifi: unregister to upper stack before releasing resources
mac80211: BA session debug prints changes
iwlwifi: move HW device registration
iwlwifi: arrange max number of Tx queues
mac80211: fix use before check of Qdisc length

Russ Anderson:
[IA64] Itanium Spec updates
[IA64] fix bootmem regression on Altix

Russell King:
iop: Make IOP ATU window debug readable
iop: when scanning PCI bus, translate the PCI addresses according to the outbound window settings
iop: Program outbound windows using the correct definitions
[ARM] sa1100: add clock event support
[S390] genirq/clockevents: move irq affinity prototypes/inlines to interrupt.h
[ARM] Remove leds-tosa.c
[ARM] Update mach-types
[ARM] Fix kernel mode preemption
[ARM] pxa: lubbock: move mis-placed SPI info
[ARM] pxa: initialise PXA devices before platform init code
[ARM] Add initial sparsemem support
[ARM] pxa: restrict availability of pxa2xx PCMCIA drivers
Merge branches 'arm', 'at91', 'ep93xx', 'iop', 'ks8695', 'misc', 'mxc', 'ns9x', 'orion', 'pxa', 'sa1100', 's3c' and 'sparsemem' into devel
Merge branch 'omap2-upstream' into devel
Merge branch 'merge-fixes' into devel
[ARM] fix lh7a40x/kev7a400 build
[ARM] pxa: fix 0e623941bec7e80c97b076d346327b31ae17d84a
[ARM] pxa: fix 1c104e0e4f6ab396960c058e95e18bdedcac945b
Merge branches 'pxa' and 'orion-fixes1'
Merge branch 'orion-fixes2'

Russell Kliese:
V4L/DVB (7230): saa7134: add support for the MSI TV@nywhere A/D v1.1 card

Rusty Russell:
[NET]: NPROTO is redundant; it's equal to AF_MAX/PF_MAX.
x86: if we cannot calibrate the TSC, we panic.
Remove documentation of non-existent sk_alloc arg
module: make module_sect_attrs private to kernel/module.c
module: reduce module image and resident size
module: neaten __find_symbol, rename to find_symbol
module: set unused_gpl_crcs instead of overwriting unused_crcs
module: Enhance verify_export_symbols
virtio: ignore corrupted virtqueues rather than spinning.
virtio: fix tx_ stats in virtio_net
virtio: de-structify virtio_block status byte
virtio: fix scatterlist sizing in net driver.
virtio: wean net driver off NETDEV_TX_BUSY
virtio: finer-grained features for virtio_net
virtio: change config to guest endian.
virtio: explicit advertisement of driver features
lguest: avoid using NR_CPUS as a bounds check.
lguest: remove bogus NULL cpu check
lguest: make Launcher see device status updates
usb: libusual kthread_run() called with wrong format.

Ryan Harper:
KVM: VMX: fix typo in VMX header define
virtio: add virtio disk geometry feature

Ryan Mallon:
[ARM] 4988/1: Add GPIO lib support to the EP93xx
[POWERPC] mpc5200: add gpiolib support for mpc5200
[POWERPC] mpc5200: add Phytec pcm030 board support

S.Ca?lar Onur:
net/mac80211/: Use time_* macros
drivers/net/wireless/atmel.c: Use time_* macros
[POWERPC] arch/powerpc/platforms/iseries/pci.c: Use time_* macros
drivers/net/arcnet/arcnet.c: use time_* macros
drivers/net/tokenring/3c359.c: use time_* macros
[IA64] arch/ia64/kernel/: use time_* macros
mm/page_alloc.c: fix indentation
arch/alpha/kernel/traps.c: use time_* macros
fs/binfmt_aout.c: use printk_ratelimit()
Update .mailmap

Sam Ravnborg:
driver core: cpu: fix section mismatch in cpu.c:store_online
kbuild: error out on missing MODULE_LICENSE
kconfig: fix broken target update-po-config
kbuild: soften MODULE_LICENSE check
can: Fix copy_from_user() results interpretation
rtc: silence section mismatch warning in rtc-test
serial: silence section mismatch warnings in 8250_pci
cpu: fix section mismatch warnings in hotcpu_register
cpu: fix section mismatch warning in unregister_cpu_notifier
cpu: fix section mismatch warnings in *cpu_down
cpu: fix section mismatch warning in reference to register_cpu_notifier
tpm: fix section mismatch warning
ipv4: annotate a few functions __init in ipconfig.c
acpi: fix section mismatch warning in pnpacpi
x86: use defconfigs from x86/configs/*
pcmcia: silence section mismatch warnings from class_interface variables
pcmcia: silence section mismatch warnings from pci_driver variables
pcmcia: annotate cb_alloc with __ref
kconfig: made check-lxdialog more portable
kbuild: fix vmlinux.o link
[SCSI] aic94xx: fix section mismatch

Samuel Thibault:
Basic braille screen reader support

Sangtae Ha:
[TCP]: TCP cubic v2.2

Sarah Sharp:
USB: ehci shutdown refactored
USB: Add the USB 2.0 extension descriptor.

Sascha Hauer:
[ARM] 4993/1: <IMX UART>: Trivial: Remove unused defines
[ARM] 4994/1: <IMX UART>: Move error handling into execution path
[ARM] 4995/1: <IMX UART>: Do not use URXD_CHARRDY for polling
[ARM] 4996/1: <IMX UART>: do not enable tx empty interrupt on startup
[ARM] 4998/1: <IMX UART>: do not use hardcoded io space size
[ARM] 4999/1: <IMX UART>: fix membase
[POWERPC] mpc5200: add interrupt type function
[POWERPC] mpc5200: Fix FEC error handling on FIFO errors

Sascha Sommer:
V4L/DVB (7331): Fix em2800 altsetting selection

Satoru SATOH:
tcp: Trivial fix to correct function name in a comment in net/ipv4/tcp.c

Savin Zlobec:
USB: gadget: Hangup tty on g_serial disconnect
cciss: Fix race between disk-adding code and interrupt handler
cciss: fix warning oops on rmmod of driver

Scott Kilau:
jsm: add new supported board to jsm serial driver

Scott Wood:
[POWERPC] CPM: Always use new binding.
[POWERPC] fsl_soc: Factor fsl_get_sys_freq() out of the wdt and spi inits.
[POWERPC] cuboot-pq2: PCI fixes
[POWERPC] 83xx: mpc8313erdb - Enable FCM NAND and OF partitions in defconfig
[MTD] [NAND] fsl_elbc_nand: Fix SEQIN handling for large pages.

Sean MacLennan:
i2c-ibm_iic: Change the log levels
i2c-ibm_iic: Support building as an of_platform driver

Sebastian Manciulea:
udf: Fix handling of multisession media
udf: Fix bug in VAT mapping code
udf: Fix compilation warnings when UDF debug is on

Sebastian Siewior:
[POWERPC] 85xx: Enable DMA engine on the MPC8544 DS
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Group common speed templates
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Shrink speed templates
[CRYPTO] aes-x86-32: Remove unused return code
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Change the usage of the test vectors
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Shrink the tcrypt module
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Change the XTEA test vectors
[CRYPTO] api: Make the crypto subsystem fully modular
[CRYPTO] aes: Export generic setkey
[CRYPTO] padlock-aes: Use generic setkey function
[CRYPTO] kconfig: Ordering cleanup
DMA engine: typo fixes
[MTD] [NAND] fix possible Ooops in rfc_from4
Remove -numa from EXTRAVERSION
metronomefb: don't free firmware twice in error path
m68knommu: ColdFire add support for kernel preemption
m68knommu: add a missing backslash n in setup code
m68knommu: add pretty back strace
m68knommu: add some missing sections into the linker script
m68knommu: update MAX_M68K_DMA_CHANNELS for some plattforms
m68knommu: fix compare race in sched related code
m68knommu: kill warnings in FEC driver
m68knommu: fix FEC driver locking
USB: ISP1760 HCD driver

Segher Boessenkool:
kbuild: show defconfig subdirs in make help

Seokmann Ju:
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Consistently access the physical HA port.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Check DFLG_NO_CABLE only on physical port.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Use proper HA during asynchrounous event handling.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct vport configuration-change handling.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct misc. endian and byte-ordering issues.

Serge E. Hallyn:
root_plug: use cap_task_prctl
smack: use cap_task_prctl
cgroups: implement device whitelist
cgroups: introduce cft->read_seq()
ipc: sysvsem: refuse clone(CLONE_SYSVSEM|CLONE_NEWIPC)

Sergei Shtylyov:
natsemi: fix MMIO for PPC 44x platforms
[SCSI] aic7xxx: fix MMIO for PPC 44x platforms
[SCSI] aic79xx: fix MMIO for PPC 44x platforms
ide: make ide_pci_check_iomem() actually work
[MIPS] Alchemy: don't unmask timer IRQ early
[MIPS] Alchemy: kill useless time variables
[MIPS] Alchemy: kill useless #include's, #define's and extern's
[MIPS] Alchemy: move UART platform code to its proper place
[MIPS] Alchemy: kill unused PCI_IRQ_TABLE_LOOKUP macro
[MIPS] DBAu1200: fix bad SMC 91C111 resource size
[MIPS] Pb1200: do register SMC 91C111
[MIPS] Pb1200/DBAu1200: move platform code to its proper place
siimage: coding style cleanup (take 2)

Shaohua Li:
[IA64] regset: 64-bit support
[IA64] regset: 32-bit support
[IA64] remove duplicate code for register access
ata-acpi: don't call _GTF for disabled drive
PCI: add PCI Express ASPM support
[CPUFREQ] state info wrong after resume

Sheng Yang:
KVM: VMX: Enable Virtual Processor Identification (VPID)
KVM: In kernel PIT model
KVM: Add save/restore supporting of in kernel PIT
KVM: Add reset support for in kernel PIT
KVM: VMX: Enable MSR Bitmap feature







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