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Shirley Ma:
IPoIB: Handle 4K IB MTU for UD (datagram) mode

Solofo Ramangalahy:
ext4: update ctime and mtime for truncate with extents.
ext4: cleanup for compiling mballoc with verification and debugging #defines

Sonic Zhang:
[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug - Properly calculate DDR clock.
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - Section data_l1_cacheline_aligned should be defined in link script of kernel
[Blackfin] arch: Update anomaly list.
[Blackfin] arch: Add a warning about the value of CLKIN.
i2c-bfin-twi: Add repeat start feature to avoid break of a bundle of i2c master xfer operation
Blackfin Serial Driver: Fix bug - kernel hangs when accessing uart 0 on bf537 when booting u-boot and linux on uart 1
Blackfin Serial Driver: fix bug - use mod_timer to replace only add_timer.
Fix bug - Implement bfin ata interrupt handler to avoid "irq 68 nobody cared" (v2)

Sreenivasa Honnur:
S2io: Multiqueue network device support implementation
S2io: Multiqueue network device support - FIFO selection based on L4 ports
S2io: Support for vlan_rx_kill_vid entry point
S2io: Version update for multiqueue and vlan patches
S2io: Fix memory leak during free_tx_buffers
S2io: Version update for memory leak fix during free_tx_buffers
S2io: Removed receive buffer replenishment tasklet
S2io: Removed rx_lock and put_lock
S2io: Enable multi ring support
S2io: Version update for multi ring patches

Srinivasa Ds:
kprobes: prevent probing of preempt_schedule()

Sripathi Kodi:

Stas Sergeev:
[ALSA] Add PC-speaker sound driver
[ALSA] pcsp - clean ups
[ALSA] pcsp: improve "enable" option handling
[ALSA] pcsp: add description
[ALSA] pcsp: locking fix
[ALSA] pcsp: remove downsampling
pcsp - Don't build pcspkr when snd-pcsp is enabled
[ALSA] pcsp: fix wording in DEBUG_PAGEALLOC warning
driver core: warn about duplicate driver names on the same bus

Stefan Haberland:
[S390] dasd: use GFP_DMA for fba private data allocation
[S390] dasd: add sim handling.

Stefan Richter:
ieee1394: sbp2: relax SCSI DMA alignment
ieee1394: prevent device binding of raw1394, video1394, dv1394
ieee1394: ohci1394: switch on bus power after resume on PPC PMac
ieee1394: ohci1394: refactor probe, remove, suspend, resume
ieee1394: ohci1394: unroll a macro with return
ieee1394: ohci1394: refactor some printk format strings
ieee1394: ohci1394: missing PPC PMac feature calls in failure path
firewire: remove superfluous reference counting
firewire: fw-sbp2: fix reference counting
firewire: refactor fw_unit reference counting
firewire: fw-sbp2: relax SCSI DMA alignment
firewire: fw-sbp2: remove usages of fw_memcpy_to_be32
firewire: fw-sbp2: simplify some macros
firewire: fw-sbp2: remove unnecessary memset
firewire: fw-sbp2: reduce log noise
firewire: fw-ohci: add option for remote debugging
firewire: fw-ohci: switch on bus power after resume on PPC PMac
firewire: fw-ohci: refactor probe, remove, suspend, resume
firewire: fw-ohci: add self ID error check
firewire: fw-ohci: catch self_id_count == 0
firewire: debug interrupt events
firewire: fw-ohci: untangle a mixed unsigned/signed expression
firewire: fw-ohci: missing PPC PMac feature calls in failure path
firewire: fw-ohci: conditionally log busReset interrupts
firewire: fw-ohci: extend logging of bus generations and node ID
firewire: fw-ohci: work around generation bug in TI controllers (fix AV/C and more)
firewire: replace static ROM cache by allocated cache
firewire: reread config ROM when device reset the bus
firewire: remove unused struct member
firewire: wait until PHY configuration packet was transmitted (fix bus reset loop)
firewire: fix synchronization of gap counts
ieee1394: fix NULL pointer dereference in sysfs access
firewire: fw-sbp2: log scsi_target ID at release

Stefan Roese:
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add AMCC 460EX/460GT support to cputable.c & cpu_setup_44x.S
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add AMCC Canyonlands 460EX eval board support to platforms/44x
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add Canyonlands DTS
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add 460EX PCIe support to 4xx pci driver
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add Canyonlands defconfig file
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add TAH support to taishan dts
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add AMCC Glacier 460GT eval board dts
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add "amcc, haleakala" to the toplevel compatible property
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add PPC4xx L2-cache support (440GX)
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add L2 cache node to AMCC Taishan dts file
[POWERPC] 4xx: Only reset PCIe PHY on 405EX systems when no link is detected
[POWERPC] 4xx: Fix PESDRn_UTLSET1 register setup on 460EX/GT
[POWERPC] 4xx: Create common ppc4xx_reset_system() in ppc4xx_soc.c
[POWERPC] 4xx: Some EMAC related changes in Canyonlands & Glacier dts files
[POWERPC] 4xx: Change dts files to support jumbo frames
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add NOR FLASH entries to Canyonlands and Glacier dts
[POWERPC] 4xx: Fix 460GT support to not enable FPU
ibm_newemac: Fix problem with jumbo frame support and EMAC V4.patch
ibm_newemac: Add support for 460EX/GT-type MAL rx-channel handling

Stefan Roscher:
IB/ehca: Support all ibv_devinfo values in query_device() and query_port()
IB/ehca: Allocate event queue size depending on max number of CQs and QPs

Stefan Seyfried:
USB: Add HP hs2300 Broadband Wireless Module to sierra.c

Stefano Brivio:
rc80211-pid: fix rate adjustment
b43legacy: add definitions for MAC control register
b43legacy: fix upload of beacon packets to the hardware
b43legacy: fix B43legacy_WARN_ON macro
b43legacy: fix TBTT and PU timings

Stelian Pop:
atmel_usba_udc: Fix endpoint names.
atmel_usba_udc: Kill GPIO_PIN_NONE
atmel_usba_udc: move endpoint declarations into platform data.
atmel_usba_udc: Add missing kfree() in usba_udc_remove()
atmel_usba_udc: Add support for AT91CAP9 UDPHS

Stephane Chazelas:
[MTD] block2mtd: logging typo fixes

stephane eranian:
x86: add cpu_has_arch_perfmon
x86: add AMD Northbridge MSR definition

Stephen Hemminger:
sk98lin: remove obsolete driver
netlink: make socket filters work on netlink
socket: SOCK_DEBUG type checking
[IPV4] route: use read_mostly
fib_trie: print information on all routing tables
socket: sk_filter minor cleanups
socket: sk_filter deinline
IPV4: route inline changes
IPV4: route use jhash3
IPV4: route rekey timer can be deferrable
IPV4: fib_trie use vmalloc for large tnodes
ipv4: fib_trie remove unused argument
ipv4: fib_trie leaf free optimization
IPV4: use xor rather than multiple ands for route compare
sc92031: use net_device stats
sc92031: start transmit return value bugfix
sc92031: use netdev_alloc_skb
sis190: use the allocated buffer as a status code in sis190_alloc_rx_skb
sis190: hard-code the alignment of tiny packets
sis190: use netdev_alloc_skb
bridge: forwarding table information for >256 devices

Stephen Neuendorffer:
[POWERPC] Xilinx: hwicap: Refactor status handling code.
[POWERPC] Xilinx: hwicap: Verify sync before reading idcode.
[POWERPC] Xilinx: hwicap: Use fixed device major.
[POWERPC] of_serial: Fix possible null dereference.

Stephen Rothwell:
[POWERPC] Really export empty_zero_page
[POWERPC] htab_remove_mapping is only used by MEMORY_HOTPLUG
[POWERPC] Remove CONFIG_PCI_LEGACY from some configs
[POWERPC] Fix MAX_ORDER config problem
[POWERPC] iSeries: Use alternate paca structure for booting
[POWERPC] iSeries: Make iseries_reg_save private to iSeries
[POWERPC] iSeries: Localise and constify some iSeries data
[POWERPC] remove include of asm/of_device.h from pmi.h
[POWERPC] replace asm/of_device.h with linux/of_device.h in macio.h
pata_scc: fix build breakage
infiniband: class_device fallout
[XFS] Fix build failure after enabling CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG
pasemi_edac needs to include linux/edac.h

Steve Bennett:
m68knommu: add WilFire and WildfireMod board support

Steve Birtles:
[ARM] 4825/1: adds support for YL9200 board

Steve French:
[CIFS] minor update to change log
[CIFS] Fix looping on reconnect to Samba when unexpected tree connect fail on reconnect
[CIFS] Fix acl length when very short ACL being modified by chmod
Merge branch 'master' of /.../torvalds/linux-2.6
[CIFS] Fix oops when slow oplock process races with unmount
[CIFS] make cifs_dfs_automount_list_static
Merge branch 'master' of /.../torvalds/linux-2.6
[CIFS] Add various missing flags and defintions
[CIFS] Reserve new proxy cap for WAFS
[CIFS] Fix UNC path prefix on QueryUnixPathInfo to have correct slash
Merge branch 'master' of /.../torvalds/linux-2.6
[CIFS] Fix define for new proxy cap to match documentation
[CIFS] Fix typo in previous commit

Steve Glendinning:
Rename SMSC phy functions to be more generic
Add support for SMSC LAN8187 and LAN8700 PHYs

Steve Wise:
RDMA/cxgb3: Correctly serialize peer abort path
RDMA/cxgb3: Set the max_mr_size device attribute correctly
RDMA/cxgb3: Support peer-2-peer connection setup

Steven Rostedt:
[POWERPC] Add hand-coded assembly strcmp
ftrace: add notrace annotations for NMI routines

Steven Toth:
V4L/DVB (7252): cx88: Add support for the Dvico PCI Nano
V4L/DVB (7287): cx88: add analog support for DVICO FusionHDTV7 Gold
V4L/DVB (7620): Adding support for a new i2c bridge type
V4L/DVB (7621): Add support for Hauppauge HVR950Q/HVR850/FusioHDTV7-USB
V4L/DVB (7622): HVR950Q Hauppauge eeprom support
V4L/DVB (7623): Scripts to maintain the CARDLIST file
V4L/DVB (7624): Avoid an oops if the board is not fully defined
V4L/DVB (7625): au0828: Cleanup
V4L/DVB (7632): au8522: Added SNR support and basic cleanup
V4L/DVB (7634): au0828: Cleanup
V4L/DVB (7635): au8522: Cleanup
V4L/DVB (7636): au0828: Add HVR850 model number
V4L/DVB (7637): au0828: Typo
V4L/DVB (7642): cx88: enable radio GPIO correctly
V4L/DVB (7644): Adding support for the NXP TDA10048HN DVB OFDM demodulator
V4L/DVB (7645): Add support for the Hauppauge HVR-1200
V4L/DVB (7646): cx25840: Ensure GPIO2 is correctly set for cx23885/7/8 based products
V4L/DVB (7647): Add support for the Hauppauge HVR-1700 digital mode
V4L/DVB (7648): cx23885: Load any module dependencies accordingly
V4L/DVB (7672): dib7000p: Add output mode param to the attach struct
V4L/DVB (7673): cx23885: Add support for the Hauppauge HVR1400
V4L/DVB (7674): tda10048: Adding an SNR table
V4L/DVB (7725): cx23885: Add generic cx23417 hardware encoder support
V4L/DVB (7726): cx23885: Enable cx23417 support on the HVR1800
V4L/DVB (7741): s5h1411: Adding support for this ATSC/QAM demodulator
V4L/DVB (7742): cx88: Add support for the DViCO FusionHDTV_7_GOLD digital modes

Steven Whitehouse:
[GFS2] Speed up gfs2_write_alloc_required, deprecate gfs2_extent_map
[GFS2] Streamline indirect pointer tree height calculation
[GFS2] Move part of gfs2_block_map into a separate function
[GFS2] Introduce array of buffers to struct metapath
[GFS2] Add consts to various bits of rgrp.c
[GFS2] Remove lm.[ch] and distribute content
[GFS2] Shrink & rename di_depth
[GFS2] Reduce inode size by merging fields
[GFS2] Merge the rd_last_alloc_meta and rd_last_alloc_data fields
[GFS2] Update gfs2_trans_add_unrevoke to accept extents
[GFS2] Merge gfs2_alloc_meta and gfs2_alloc_data
[GFS2] Add extent allocation to block allocator
[GFS2] The case of the missing asterisk
[GFS2] Add a function to interate over an extent
[GFS2] Eliminate (almost) duplicate field from gfs2_inode
[GFS2] Get inode buffer only once per block map call
[GFS2] Fix bug where we called drop_bh incorrectly
[GFS2] Fix a page lock / glock deadlock
[GFS2] Allow bmap to allocate extents
[GFS2] Need to ensure that sector_t is 64bits for GFS2
[GFS2] Remove drop of module ref where not needed
[GFS2] Streamline quota lock/check for no-quota case
Use a zero sized array for raw field in struct fid
V4L/DVB (7178): Add two new fourcc codes for 16bpp formats

Sukadev Bhattiprolu:
devpts: propagate error code from devpts_pty_new
devpts: factor out PTY index allocation

Sunil Mushran:
ocfs2/dlm: Rename slabcache dlm_mle_cache to o2dlm_mle
ocfs2/dlm: Create slabcaches for lock and lockres
ocfs2/dlm: Link all lockres' to a tracking list
ocfs2/dlm: Create debugfs dirs
ocfs2/dlm: Dump the dlm state in a debugfs file
ocfs2/dlm: Dumps the lockres' into a debugfs file
ocfs2/dlm: Move struct dlm_master_list_entry to dlmcommon.h
ocfs2/dlm: Dumps the mles into a debugfs file
ocfs2/dlm: Dumps the purgelist into a debugfs file
ocfs2/dlm: Move dlm_print_one_mle() from dlmmaster.c to dlmdebug.c
ocfs2/dlm: Fix lockname in lockres print function
ocfs2/dlm: Cleanup lockres print
ocfs2/net: Add debug interface to o2net
ocfs2: Allow uid/gid/perm changes of symlinks
ocfs2: Use GFP_NOFS in kmalloc during localalloc window move

Suresh Siddha:
x86, fpu: split FPU state from task struct - v5
x86, fpu: lazy allocation of FPU area - v5
x86: fpu xstate split cleanup
x86: fpu xstate split fix
srat, x86: add support for nodes spanning other nodes
x86 PAT: fix performance drop for glx, use UC minus for ioremap(), ioremap_nocache() and pci_mmap_page_range()

Swen Schillig:
[SCSI] zfcp: Wait for free SBAL during exchange config
[SCSI] zfcp: Print some messages only during ERP
[SCSI] zfcp: Add some statistics provided by the FCP adapter to the sysfs

Takao Indoh:
[IA64] kdump: Add crash_save_vmcoreinfo for INIT

Takashi Iwai:
[ALSA] hda-codec - Allow multiple SPDIF devices
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add SI HDMI codec support
[ALSA] ice1724 - Enable AK4114 support for Audiophile192
[ALSA] ice1724 - Add ADC setup in set_rate callback for Audiophile192
[ALSA] Add more fallbacks to OSS PHONEOUT mixer map
[ALSA] hda-intel - Fix PCM device number assignment
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add ID for an unknown HDMI codec chip
[ALSA] hda-intel - Use SG buffer
[ALSA] hda-intel - Support 64bit buffer allocation
[ALSA] hda-intel - Fix a compile error with CONFIG_SND_DEBUG_DETECT=y
[ALSA] hda-codec - Correct HDMI transmitter names
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix ALC880 F1734 model
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix automute of AD1981HD hp model
[ALSA] hda-codec - Clean up capture source selection of Realtek codecs
[ALSA] hda-codec - Implement auto-mic jack sensing on Samsung laptops
[ALSA] hda-codec - More fix-up for auto-configuration
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix auto-configuration of Realtek codecs
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add "IEC958 Default PCM" switch
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add more names to vendor list
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix breakage of resume in auto-config of realtek codecs
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix missing capsrc_nids for ALC262
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add support of AD1883/1884A/1984A/1984B
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add model=mobile for AD1884A & co
[ALSA] intel8x0 - Add support of 8 channel sound
[ALSA] Move vmaster code to sound core
[ALSA] Keep private TLV entry in vmaster itself
[ALSA] ca0106 - Add master volume controls
[ALSA] hda-intel - Clean up stream definitions
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add beep volume control to ALC268
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix ALC268 capture source
[ALSA] hda-codec - Don't create multiple capture streams for single inputs
[ALSA] aw2 - Add missing module parameters
[ALSA] Add description of aw2 driver
[ALSA] hda-intel - Use PCI_DEVICE() macro
[ALSA] seq-oss - Remove invalid BUG()
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add missing descriptions for STAC codec models
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix initial DAC numbers of 92HD71bxx codecs
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add docking-station mic input for Thinkpad X61
[ALSA] hda-codec - Use int instead of long in patch_sigmatel.c
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix the array over-range access with stac92hd71bxx codec
[ALSA] aw2 - Remove endian dependency
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix dmics on ALC268 in auto configuration
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add internal mic item for ALC268 acer model
[ALSA] release 1.0.16
[ALSA] aw2 - Rename aw2-tsl.h to aw2-tsl.c
[ALSA] hda-codec - Improve ALC262 ultra model
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix orphan Headphone controls in STAC codecs
[ALSA] hda-intel - Fix power-off hang on ASUS P5AD2
[ALSA] ice1724 - Fix the SPDIF input sample-rate on Juli@
[ALSA] usb-audio - Add a proper error check
[ALSA] ice1724 - Fix return codes in some pointis callbacks
[ALSA] hda-intel - Add barrier
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix spekaer output of Panasonic CF-74
[ALSA] hda-codec - keep the format verb at closing PCM streams
[ALSA] hda-codec - Support of Lenovo Thinkpad X300
[ALSA] hda-intel - Add sync support
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add missing models in ALSA-Configuration.txt
[ALSA] ymfpci - Fix race at removal
[ALSA] hda - Add support of AD1989A/AD1989B
[ALSA] hda - Fix ALC889A codec support
[ALSA] hda - Avoid unexpected breakage with ALC889A hack
[ALSA] Fix the race of card instance unregistration
[ALSA] Clean up snd_card_free*()
[ALSA] usb-audio - Fix race in reconnection
[ALSA] Fix possible races at free_irq in PCI drivers
[ALSA] hda - Fix model for Acer Aspire 5720z
[ALSA] hda - Fix Thinkpad X300 digital mic
[ALSA] pcsp - Fix dependency in Kconfig
[ALSA] Define MPU401 registers in sound/mpu401_uart.h
[ALSA] ice1724 - Fix IRQ lock-up with MPU access
[ALSA] Add MPU401_INFO_NO_ACK bitflag
[ALSA] ice1724 - Enable watermarks
[ALSA] hda - Add support of Medion RIM 2150
[ALSA] pcsp - Fix more dependency

Takashi Yamamoto:
[POWERPC] PS3: Add ps3_get_speid routine

Tao Ma:
ocfs2: Reconnect after idle time out.
ocfs2: Add support for cross extent block
ocfs2: Enable cross extent block merge.
ocfs2: Add a new parameter for ocfs2_reserve_suballoc_bits
ocfs2: Add ac_alloc_slot in ocfs2_alloc_context
ocfs2: Add inode stealing for ocfs2_reserve_new_inode

Tejun Heo:
libata: prefer hardreset
libata: kill ATA_EHI_RESUME_LINK
libata: kill ATA_LFLAG_SKIP_D2H_BSY
libata: kill ata_ehi_schedule_probe()
libata: PCI device should be powered up before being accessed
libata: reorganize ata_port_operations
libata: implement and use ata_noop_irq_clear()
libata: normalize port_info, port_operations and sht tables
libata: implement and use SHT initializers
libata: implement and use ops inheritance
libata: make ata_pci_init_one() not use ops->irq_handler and pi->sht
libata: stop overloading port_info->private_data
libata: kill port_info->sht and ->irq_handler
libata: make reset related methods proper port operations
libata: drop ata_dev_select() from ata_dev_read_id
libata: reorder functions in libata-sff.c
libata: reorganize SFF related stuff
libata: move ata_pci_default_filter() out of CONFIG_PCI
libata: kill ata_chk_status() call from ata_dev_configure()
libata: kill ata_chk_status()
pata_scc: fix compile warning
ata_piix: don't attach to ICH6M in ahci mode
ata_piix: kill ich6_sata_ahci and clean up
libata: make ata_tf_to_lba[48]() generic
libata: implement ATA_QCFLAG_RETRY
libata: kill unused ata_flush_cache()
libata/pdc_adma: make SFF EH handle non-bmdma SFF drivers and standardize pdc_adma ops
pdc_adma: inherit ata_sff_port_ops
pdc_adma: kill adma_host_stop()
libata: rename SFF functions
libata: rename SFF port ops
libata: clean up port_ops->sff_irq_clear()
libata: separate out ata_std_prereset() from ata_sff_prereset()
libata: separate out ata_std_postreset() from ata_sff_postreset()
libata: restructure SFF post-reset readiness waits
libata: separate out ata_wait_ready() and implement ata_wait_after_reset()
ahci: use ata_wait_after_reset() instead of ata_sff_wait_ready()
libata: move generic hardreset code from sata_sff_hardreset() to sata_link_hardreset()
libata: implement and use sata_std_hardreset()
libata: clear SError after link resume
libata: move PMP SCR access failure during reset to ata_eh_reset()
libata: unify mechanism to request follow-up SRST
libata: add qc_fill_rtf port operation
libata: drop @finish_qc from ata_qc_complete_multiple()
libata: replace tf_read with qc_fill_rtf for non-SFF drivers
libata: remove check_status from non-SFF drivers
libata: kill ata_noop_dev_select()
libata: clean up dummy port_ops
libata: don't use ap->ioaddr in non-SFF drivers
libata: make SFF support optional
libata: separate PMP support code from core code
libata: implement PMP helpers
libata: make PMP support optional
libata: kill dead code paths in reset path
libata: move link onlineness check out of softreset methods
libata: make EH fail gracefully if no reset method is available
sata_sis: SCR accessors return -EINVAL when requested SCR isn't available
libata: make WARN_ON conditions in ata_sff_hsm_move() more strict
ahci: retry enabling AHCI a few times before spitting out WARN_ON()
sata_nv: make hardreset return -EAGAIN on success
libata-scsi: clean up inquiry / mode sense related functions
libata-scsi: improve rbuf handling for simulated commands
ahci: SB600 ahci can't do MSI, blacklist that capability
klist: implement KLIST_INIT() and DEFINE_KLIST()
klist: implement klist_add_{after|before}()

Templin, Fred L:
[IPV6] SIT: Add PRL management for ISATAP.

Tetsuo Handa:
exec: remove argv_len from struct linux_binprm

Theodore Ts'o:
Update .gitignore to include include/linux/bounds.h

Thiemo Seufer:
[MIPS] Reimplement clear_page/copy_page

Thierry MERLE:
V4L/DVB (7503): usbvision: rename __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ occurrences

Thomas Bogendoerfer:
[SCSI] WD33C93: let platform stub override no_sync/fast/dma_mode
cdrom: use kmalloced buffers instead of buffers on stack

Thomas Gleixner:
hrtimer: add nanosleep specific restart_block member
hrtimer: use nanosleep specific restart_block fields
Documentation: move timer related documentation to a single place
x86: add debug info to DEBUG_PAGEALLOC
x86: check physical address range in ioremap
x86: replace the now useless max_pfn_mapped define
x86: tsc prevent time going backwards
hrtimer: optimize the softirq time optimization
hrtimer: raise softirq unlocked to avoid circular lock dependency
bitops: remove "optimizations"
slab: add a flag to prevent debug_free checks on a kmem_cache
infrastructure to debug (dynamic) objects
debugobjects: add documentation
debugobjects: add timer specific object debugging code
add hrtimer specific debugobjects code
genirq: reenable a nobody cared disabled irq when a new driver arrives

Thomas Kunze:
[MTD] [NOR] Fix Intel CFI driver for collie flash

Thomas Petazzoni:
x86: use ELF section to list CPU vendor specific code
[MTD] fix minor typo in the MTD map driver for SHARP SL series
x86: configurable DMI scanning code
directly use kmalloc() and kfree() in init/initramfs.c

Thomas Renninger:
ACPI: Cleanup: Remove unneeded, multiple local dummy variables

Tilman Schmidt:
USB: usb.h: reduce syslog clutter [v3]

Tim Gardner:
edd: add default mode CONFIG_EDD_OFF=n, override with edd={on,off}

Tim Niemeyer:
[ALSA] soc - neo1973_wm8753 - Fix module unload
[ALSA] soc - s3c24xx - Improve diagnostic output

Tim Shimmin:
[XFS] xfs_bmap_compute_maxlevels should be based on di_forkoff

Tim Yamin:
PCI: Update VIA CX700 quirk

Timo Teras:
[XFRM]: Speed up xfrm_policy and xfrm_state walking
[AF_KEY]: Dump SA/SP entries non-atomically
ipv4: Update MTU to all related cache entries in ip_rt_frag_needed()

Timur Tabi:
[POWERPC] Enable CONFIG_FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER for all PowerPC, and make selectable
[POWERPC] Make rheap safe for spinlocks
[ALSA] Removed deprecated sound/driver.h from Freescale MPC8610 drivers
[POWERPC] Add Timur Tabi to the MAINTAINERS file

Tobias Klauser:
acpi: Storage class should be before const qualifier
ALSA: Storage class should be before const qualifier
arm: Storage class should be before const qualifier
DVB: Storage class should be before const qualifier
intel_menlow: Storage class should be before const qualifier
sonypi: Storage class should be before const qualifier
V4L: Storage class should be before const qualifier
V4L: Storage class should be before const qualifier (sn9c102)
V4L/DVB (7322): pvrusb2: Fix storage-class as per C99 spec

Tobias Lorenz:
V4L/DVB (7401): radio-si470x: unplugging fixed

Tobias Mueller:
Input: appletouch - add product IDs for the 4th generation MacBooks

Tobin Davis:
[ALSA] HDA - Add support for the OQO Model 2
[ALSA] HDA Codecs: add support for Toshiba Equium L30

Tom Quetchenbach:
tcp: tcp_probe buffer overflow and incorrect return value

Tom Tucker:
RDMA/amso1100: Add check for NULL reply_msg in c2_intr()
SVCRDMA: Add check for XPT_CLOSE in svc_rdma_send

Tom Zanussi:
relay: fix splice problem

Tomas Winkler:
mac80211: set assoc flag to bss_conf
iwlwifi: enable 802.11n in Kconfig
iwlwifi: Fix HT compilation breakage caused by cfg80211 API for channels/bitrates patch
iwlwifi: change iwl->priv iwl_priv * type in iwl-YYY-io.h
iwlwifi: Add tx_ant_num hw setting variable
iwlwifi: remove twice defined CSR register
wireless: update US regulatory domain
iwlwifi: removing unused priv->config
iwlwifi: refactor init geos function
iwlwifi: Fix 52 rate report in rx status
iwlwifi: extract iwl-csr.h
iwlwifi: Move HBUS address to iwl-csr.h
iwlwifi: add struct iwl_cfg
iwlwifi: Take the fw file name from the iwl_cfg.
iwlwifi: fix locking unbalance in 4965 rate scale
iwlwifi: add iwl-core module
iwlwifi: queue functions cleanup
iwlwifi: Fix 3945 rate scaling
iwlwifi: 3945 split tx_complete to command and packet function
iwlwifi: Use sta_bcast_id variable instead of BROADCAST_ID constant
iwlwifi: Fix endianity in debug print
iwlwifi: change rate number to a constant
iwlwifi: rename iwl-4965-debug.h back to iwl-debug.h
iwlwifi: rename struct iwl4965_priv to struct iwl_priv
iwlwifi: Add TX/RX statistcs to driver
iwlwifi: Add debugfs to iwl core
iwlwifi: iwl3945 remove 4965 commands
iwlwifi: move host command sending functions to core module
iwlwifi: rename iwl-4965-io.h to iwl-io.h
iwlwifi: improve NIC i/o debug prints information
iwlwifi: iwl_priv - clean up in types of members
iwlwifi: LED initialize before registering
iwlwifi: Fix synchronous host command
mac80211: eliminate conf_ht
iwlwifi: eliminate conf_ht
mac80211: add association capabilty and timing info into bss_conf
iwlwifi: Eliminate association from beacon
iwlwifi: hw names cleanup
iwlwifi: move driver status inliners into iwl-core.h
iwlwifi: use ieee80211_frequency_to_channel
iwlwifi: generalize iwlwifi init flow
iwlwifi: Fix byte count table for fragmented packets
iwlwifi: move shared pointers to iwl_priv
iwlwifi: hw_setting cleanup
iwlwifi: support different num of tx and rx antennas
iwlwifi: move the creation of LQ host command to iwlcore
iwlwifi: introduce host commands callbacks
iwlwifi: move rxon associated command to hcmd
iwlwifi: Fix built-in compilation of iwlcore

Tony Breeds:
[POWERPC] Update wait_state_cycles in the VPA
[POWERPC] Make iSeries spin on __secondary_hold_spinloop, like pSeries
[POWERPC] Raise the upper limit of NR_CPUS and move the pacas into the BSS
ieee1394: silence defined but not used warning in non-modular builds
[POWERPC] Fix building of pmac32 when CONFIG_NVRAM=m

Tony Jones:
IB: convert struct class_device to struct device
SCSI: convert struct class_device to struct device

Tony Lindgren:
ARM: OMAP: Allow registering pin mux function
ARM: OMAP: Split omap_cfg_reg() into omap processor specific functions
ARM: OMAP1: Timer32K: Fix timer32K for clockevents and clean it up
ARM: OMAP2: Add new pin multiplexing configurations
ARM: OMAP2: Clean-up mux code
ARM: OMAP2: Add register access for 34xx
ARM: OMAP2: Remove old 24xx PM code
ARM: OMAP2: Clean up 24xx clock code
MMC: OMAP: Remove extra divisor increase
MMC: OMAP: Remove cover switch handling to allow adding multislot support

Tony Luck:
Pull fsys_gettimeofday into release branch
Pull virt-cpu-accounting into release branch
Pull regset into release branch
Pull percpureserve into release branch
Pull kvm-patches into release branch
Pull nptcg into release branch
Pull miscellaneous into release branch

Tony Vroon:
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fujitsu Lifebook port replicator/dock headphone jack sense
[ALSA] hda - Fujitsu Lifebook PC speaker signal

Trent Piepho:
[POWERPC] Make pci_bus_to_host()'s struct pci_bus * argument const
PCI: Hotplug: fakephp: Return success, not ENODEV, when bus rescan is triggered
[MTD] [NOR] Read extended device ID from AMD/Spansion CFI flash chips
[MTD] [NOR] Fixup for incorrect CFI data in Spansion S29GL064/32N flash chips

Trond Myklebust:
SUNRPC: Declare as const the rpc_message arguments to rpc_call_sync/async
NFS: Fix an f_mode/f_flags confusion in fs/nfs/write.c
NFS: Fix a deadlock with lazy umount
SUNRPC: Allow the rpc_release() callback to be run on another workqueue
NFS: Add an nfsiod workqueue
NFS: Ensure that the asynchronous RPC calls complete on nfsiod.
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_run_timer()
SUNRPC: Add a new helper rpc_wake_up_queued_task()
SUNRPC: Convert users of rpc_wake_up_task to use rpc_wake_up_queued_task
SUNRPC: Run rpc timeout functions as callbacks instead of in softirqs
SUNRPC: Add a (empty for the moment) destructor for rpc_wait_queues
SUNRPC: Add a timer function to wait queues.
SUNRPC: Switch tasks to using the rpc_waitqueue's timer function
SUNRPC: Eliminate the now-redundant rpc_start_wakeup()
SUNRPC: Ensure that we read all available tcp data
SUNRPC: Remove now-redundant RCU-safe rpc_task free path
Merge branch 'cleanups' into next
Merge commit 'origin' into devel
SUNRPC: Fix a bug in rpcauth_lookup_credcache()
SUNRPC: Clean up rpcauth_bindcred()
SUNRPC: Add a generic RPC credential
SUNRPC: Add an rpc_credop callback for binding a credential to an rpc_task
SUNRPC: Add a helper rpcauth_lookup_generic_cred()
Merge branch 'hotfixes' into devel
SUNRPC: Fix a bug in call_decode()
SUNRPC: Fix up xprt_write_space()
SUNRPC: Don't attempt to destroy expired RPCSEC_GSS credentials..
NFS: Fix nfs_wb_page() to always exit with an error or a clean page
NFS: Ensure that the read code cleans up properly when rpc_run_task() fails
NFS: Ensure that the write code cleans up properly when rpc_run_task() fails
NFS: Ensure that rpc_run_task() errors are propagated back to the caller
NFSv4: Remove bogus call to nfs4_drop_state_owner() in _nfs4_open_expired()
NFSv4: Only increment the sequence id if the server saw it
SUNRPC: Fix read ordering problems with req->rq_private_buf.len
NLM/lockd: Ensure we don't corrupt fl->fl_flags in nlmclnt_unlock()
NFSv4: Ensure we don't corrupt fl->fl_flags in nfs4_proc_unlck
NLM/lockd: Add a reference counter to struct nlm_rqst
NLM/lockd: convert __nlm_async_call to use rpc_run_task()
NLM: Remove the signal masking in nlmclnt_proc/nlmclnt_cancel
NLM/lockd: Ensure that nlmclnt_cancel() returns results of the CANCEL call
NLM/lockd: Fix a race when cancelling a blocking lock
NFS: Remove the buggy lock-if-signalled case from do_setlk()
NLM/lockd: Ensure client locking calls use correct credentials
NFSv4: Don't use cred->cr_ops->cr_name in nfs4_proc_setclientid()
NFSv4: Reintroduce machine creds
NFSv4: Attempt to use machine credentials in SETCLIENTID calls
SUNRPC: Protect creds against early garbage collection
SUNRPC: Remove the unused export of xprt_force_disconnect
SUNRPC: Don't disconnect more than once if retransmitting NFSv4 requests
SUNRPC: Fix a race in gss_refresh_upcall()
SUNRPC: Don't change the RPCSEC_GSS context on a credential that is in use
SUNRPC: Invalidate the RPCSEC_GSS session if the server dropped the request
Merge branch 'devel'

Tyler Trafford:
V4L/DVB (7241): cx25840: code cleanup

Ursula Braun:
drivers/s390/net: Kconfig brush up
qeth: improve ip_list administration after deregister failures
qeth: allow qdio queue element addresses > 2GB
qeth: set lan_online flag after a received STARTLAN
qeth: CCL-sequence numbers required for protocol ETH_P_802_2 only
qeth: keep ip-address after LAN_OFFLINE failure
[S390] qdio: Unrecognized inbound traffic if many FCP devices are online
[S390] qdio: remove outdated developerworks link.
[S390] qdio (new feature): enhancing info-retrieval from QDIO-adapters
netiucv: get rid of in_atomic() use
ccwgroup: Unify parsing for group attribute.
qeth: read number of ports from card

Uwe Kleine-Konig:
ns9xxx: move registration of serial8250 to a dedicated file
ns9xxx: use default text offset
ns9xxx: Use get_irqnr_preamble to initialize base register
ns9xxx: introduce a config variable for the cc9p9360 module
ns9xxx: add module_is_..., processor_is_... and board_is_... for many machs
ns9xxx: update defconfig
ns9xxx: prepare for adding support for Digi ns921x processors
ns9xxx: let putc autodetect where to write
ns9xxx: make use of the chip's irq priorisation
ns9xxx: add support for irq priorisation
ns9xxx: add clock api
[ARM] 4852/1: Add timerfd_create, timerfd_settime and timerfd_gettime syscall entries
[ARM] 4854/1: fix the load address of uImage for CONFIG_ZBOOT_ROM=y
UIO: hold a reference to the device's owner while the device is open
fix typo "is" -> "if" in Makefile
kbuild: fix depmod comment

Valentine Barshak:
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add dcri_clrset() for locked read/modify/write functionality
[POWERPC] 4xx: Use dcri_clrset() for PCIe indirect dcr read/modify/write access
[POWERPC] 4xx: Use machine_device_initcall() for warp_nand
[POWERPC] kexec: MPIC ack interrupts at mpic_teardown_this_cpu()
ibm_newemac: PowerPC 440GX EMAC PHY clock workaround
ibm_newemac: PowerPC 440EP/440GR EMAC PHY clock workaround

Vegard Nossum:
x86: fix early-BUG message

Venkatesh Pallipadi:
2.6.25 regression: powertop says 120K wakeups/sec
[CPUFREQ] Make acpi-cpufreq more robust against BIOS freq changes behind our back.
ACPI: Fix acpi_processor_idle and idle= boot parameters interaction
x86: PAT documentation
x86: PAT infrastructure patch
x86: PAT make ioremap_change_attr non-static
x86: PAT use reserve free memtype in ioremap and iounmap
x86: PAT use reserve free memtype in set_memory_uc
x86: PAT use reserve free memtype in pci_mmap_page_range
x86: PAT add set_memory_wc() interface
x86: PAT add ioremap_wc() interface
x86: add PAT related debug prints
x86: PAT avoid aliasing in /dev/mem read/write
x86: PAT phys_mem_access_prot_allowed for dev/mem mmap
x86: PAT use reserve free memtype in mmap of /dev/mem
generic: add ioremap_wc() interface wrapper

Venki Pallipadi:
x86: PAT infrastructure patch, documentation updates
x86: PAT bug fix for attribute type check after reserve_memtype
x86: PAT bug fix for attribute type check after reserve_memtype, debug
devmem: add range_is_allowed() check to mmap of /dev/mem
x86, PAT: disable /dev/mem mmap RAM with PAT

Vernon Sauder:
Input: ucb1400_ts - IRQ probe fix

Viktor Radnai:
sched: better rt-group documentation

Ville Syrjala:
MAINTAINERS: Add ati_remote2 driver

Vitja Makarov:
[Blackfin] arch: initial generic time and clock sources
spi_bfin5xx: use PIO for full duplex, not DMA

Vlad Yasevich:
MAINTAINERS: New sctp mailing list

Vladimir Barinov:
[ALSA] Davinci ASoC support

Vladimir Koutny:
mac80211: configure default wmm params correctly

Vladimir Sokolovsky:
IB/mlx4: Add support for resizing CQs
mlx4_core: CQ resizing should pass a 0 opcode modifier to MODIFY_CQ

Volodymyr G Lukiianyk:
bridge: fix error handling in br_add_if()

Wang Chen:
[IPV6]: Check length of optval provided by user in setsockopt().

WANG Cong:
posix-timers: fix shadowed variables
x86: remove pointless comments
arch/um/kernel/um_arch.c: some small improvements
arch/um/os-Linux/start_up.c: various improvements.
uml: make a function static
uml: remove a useless function
uml: make three functions static
uml: make several things static
arch/um/os-Linux/sys-i386/task_size.c: improve a bit
uml: clean up arch/um/drivers/ubd_kern.c
Remove the macro get_personality
elf: fix shadowed variables in fs/binfmt_elf.c

Wendy Cheng:
lockd: unlock lockd locks associated with a given server ip
lockd: unlock lockd locks held for a certain filesystem

Wendy Xiong:
ixgbe: save and restore pcie/msi state to support EEH recovery
e1000e: save and restore pcie/msi state to support EEH recovery

Will Newton:
gpio: pca953x: add support for pca9555 I2C I/O expander

Wilson Callan:
m68knommu: fix signal handling return path

Wojciech Migda:
V4L/DVB (7294): : tuner and radio addresses are missing for the PixelView PlayTV card

Wolfram Sang:
i2c-algo-pca: Remove trailing whitespaces and unnecessary UTF
i2c-algo-pca: Extend for future drivers
i2c: Add platform driver on top of the new pca-algorithm
i2c: Remove trailing whitespaces in busses/Kconfig

Xiantao Zhang:
[IA64] Add API for allocating Dynamic TR resource.
[IA64] Implement smp_call_function_mask for ia64
KVM: Use kzalloc to avoid allocating kvm_regs from kernel stack
KVM: ia64: Prepare some structure and routines for kvm use
KVM: ia64: Add header files for kvm/ia64
KVM: ia64: Add kvm arch-specific core code for kvm/ia64
KVM: ia64: Add header files for kvm/ia64
KVM: ia64: VMM module interfaces
KVM: ia64: Add TLB virtulization support
KVM: ia64: Add interruption vector table for vmm
KVM: ia64: Add mmio decoder for kvm/ia64
KVM: ia64: Add trampoline for guest/host mode switch
KVM: ia64: Add processor virtulization support
KVM: ia64: Add optimization for some virtulization faults
KVM: ia64: Generate offset values for assembly code use
KVM: ia64: Add guest interruption injection support
KVM: ia64: Add kvm sal/pal virtulization support
KVM: ia64: Enable kvm build for ia64
KVM: ia64: Add a guide about how to create kvm guests on ia64

Yakov Lerner:
x86, kprobes: correct post-eip value in post_hander()

Yasunori Goto:
memory hotplug: register section/node id to free
memory hotplug: align memmap to page size
memory hotplug: make alloc_bootmem_section()
memory hotplug: allocate usemap on the section with pgdat
memory hotplug: free memmaps allocated by bootmem

Yevgeny Petrilin:
mlx4_core: Move kernel doorbell management into core
mlx4_core: Add HW queues allocation helpers
mlx4_core: Add helper to move QP to ready-to-send
mlx4_core: Add a way to set the "collapsed" CQ flag

Yi Li:
[Blackfin] arch: add code to initialize globals declared in linux/bootmem.h: max_pfn, max_low_pfn, min_low_pfn.
slob: fix bug - when slob allocates "struct kmem_cache", it does not force alignment.

Yinghai Lu:
x86: clean up find_e820_area(), 64-bit
x86: get apic_id later in acpi_numa_processor_affinity_init
x86: remove never used nodenumer in pda
x86: make amd quad core 8 socket system not be clustered_box, #2
x86: clean up e820_reserve_resources on 64-bit
x86: insert_resorce for lapic addr after e820_reserve_resources
x86: apic_is_clustered_box for vsmp
x86: remove wrong setting about CONSTANT_TSC for intel cpu
x86: fix amd_detect_cmp
x86: show apicid for cpu in proc
x86: introduce initial apicid
x86: sort address_markers for dump_pagetables
x86: get boot_cpu_id as early for k8_scan_nodes
x86: early memtest to find bad ram
x86: allocate e820 resource struct all together
x86: enable PAT for amd k8 and fam10h
x86: pat cpu feature bit setting for known cpus
x86: fix smpboot integration
x86: memtest bootparam
x86: fix memtest print out
x86: print out buggy mptable
x86_64: do not reserve ramdisk two times
x86: cleanup: change _end to end_before_pgt
x86: reserve dma32 early for gart
PCI: pcie AER: don't check _OSC when acpi is disabled
mm: make mem_map allocation continuous
mm: fix alloc_bootmem_core to use fast searching for all nodes
mm: offset align in alloc_bootmem()
mm: allow reserve_bootmem() cross nodes
x86_64: make reserve_bootmem_generic() use new reserve_bootmem()
x86_64: fix setup_node_bootmem to support big mem excluding with memmap
x86_64/mm: check and print vmemmap allocation continuous
x86: clear pci_mmcfg_virt when mmcfg get rejected
x86: mmconf enable mcfg early
x86_64: set cfg_size for AMD Family 10h in case MMCONFIG
x86_64: check and enable MMCONFIG for AMD Family 10h
x86_64: check MSR to get MMCONFIG for AMD Family 10h
x86: if acpi=off, force setting the mmconf for fam10h
x86: seperate mmconf for fam10h out from setup_64.c
driver core: try parent numa_node at first before using default
x86: remove unneeded check in mmconf reject
x86 pci: remove checking type for mmconfig probe
x86: get mp_bus_to_node early
x86: use bus conf in NB conf fun1 to get bus range on, on 64-bit
x86: multi pci root bus with different io resource range, on 64-bit
x86: double check the multi root bus with fam10h mmconf
x86_64: don't need set default res if only have one root bus
acpi: get boot_cpu_id as early for k8_scan_nodes
x86: work around io allocation overlap of HT links
x86: add pci=check_enable_amd_mmconf and dmi check
pci/irq: restore mask_bits in msi shutdown -v3
pci/irq: let pci_device_shutdown to call pci_msi_shutdown v2

Yoichi Yuasa:
use ATA_TAG_INTERNAL in ata_tag_internal()
serial: add vr41xx_siu_early_setup() for serial console
serial: add VR41xx SIU setup for serial console
[MIPS] add DECstation I/O ASIC clocksource
[MIPS] DS1287: Add clockevent driver

York Sun:
fbdev: powerpc: driver for Freescale 8610 and 5121 DIU
powerpc: Add DIU platform code for MPC8610HPCD

[UDP]: Allow users to configure UDP-Lite.
[IPV4]: Fix size description of CONFIG_INET.
[IPV4] UDP: Move IPv4-specific bits to other file.
[IPV6] UDP: Rename IPv6 UDP files.
[IPV6]: Move packet_type{} related bits to af_inet6.c.
[IPV6] SYSCTL: complete initialization for sysctl table in subsystem code.
[IPV6]: Use htonl() instead of __constant_htonl() where appricable.
[NET] NEIGHBOUR: Remove unpopular neigh_is_connected().
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Convert ipv6_get_saddr() to ipv6_dev_get_saddr().
[IPV6]: Make ndisc_flow_init() common for later use.
[IPV6]: Make ndisc_dst_alloc() common for later use.
[IPV6] MCAST: Use standard path for sending MLD/MLDv2 messages.
[XFRM] IPV6: Use distribution counting sort for xfrm_state/xfrm_tmpl chain.
[XFRM] IPV6: Optimize xfrm6_input_addr().
[XFRM] IPV6: Optimize __xfrm_tunnel_alloc_spi().
[XFRM] MIP6: Fix address keys for routing search.
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Clean-up ipv6_dev_get_saddr().
[IPV4,IPV6]: Share cork.rt between IPv4 and IPv6.
[IPV6]: Convert cork.hop_limit and cork.tclass into u8 instead of int.
[IPV6]: Optimize hop-limit determination.
[IPV6]: Use bitfields for hop_limit and mcast_hops.
[IPV6]: Support Source Address Selection API (RFC5014).
[NET] NETNS: Omit net_device->nd_net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
[NET] NETNS: Omit sock->sk_net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
[NET] NETNS: Omit seq_net_private->net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
[NET] NETNS: Omit neigh_parms->net and pneigh_entry->net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
[NET] NETNS: Omit namespace comparision without CONFIG_NET_NS.
[NET] NEIGHBOUR: Make each EXPORT_SYMBOL{,_GPL}() immediately follow its function/variable.
[NET] NEIGHBOUR: Extract hash/lookup functions for pneigh entries.
[IPV6] NEIGH: Optimize is_router check.
[IPV6] RAW: Remove ancient comment.
[IPV6] SIT: Fix locking issues in PRL management.
[IPV6] SIT: Disallow in PRL and Flush PRL if given for DEL.
[IPV6] SIT: Add SIOCGETPRL ioctl to get/dump PRL.
[IPV6] NDISC: Ignore route information with /0 prefix from interior router.
[IPV6]: Unify ip6_onlink() and ipip6_onlink().
[IPV6] NDISC: Don't rely on node-type hint from L2 unless required.
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Fix array size for sysctls.
[IPV4] MROUTE: Move PIM definitions to <linux/pim.h>.
[IPV4] MROUTE: Adjust include files for user-space.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Support multicast forwarding.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Support PIM-SM (SSM).
[IPV6]: Comment MRT6_xxx sockopts in include/linux/in6.h.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Use skb_tail_pointer(skb) instead of skb->tail.
[DCCP]: Use snmp_mib_{init,free}().
[SCTP]: Use snmp_mib_{init,free}().
[IPV6]: Kill several warnings without CONFIG_IPV6_MROUTE.
[IPV6] SIT: Sparse: Use NULL pointer instead of 0.
[IPV6]: Sparse: Reuse previous delaration where appropriate.
[IPV6] FIB_RULE: Sparse: fib6_rules_cleanup() is of void.
[IPV6]: Use ipv6_addr_equal() instead of !ipv6_addr_cmp().
[IPV6]: Use XOR and OR rather than mutiple ands for ipv6 address comparisons.
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Uninline ipv6_addr_hash().
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Uninline ipv6_isatap_eui64().
[IPV6]: Make address arguments const.
[IPV6]: Define constants for link-local multicast addresses.
[IPV6]: Use in6addr_any where appropriate.
[IPV6] MIP6: Use our standard definitions for paddings.
[IPV6]: Check length of int/boolean optval provided by user in setsockopt().
[IPV6]: Fix IPV6_RECVERR for connected raw sockets.
[IPV6] MROUTE: Do not call ipv6_find_idev() directly.
[IPV6]: Share common code-paths for sticky socket options.
[IPV4]: Use NIPQUAD_FMT to format ipv4 addresses.
[TCP]: Format addresses appropriately in debug messages.
[IPV4]: Convert do_gettimeofday() to getnstimeofday().
[DCCP]: Convert do_gettimeofday() to getnstimeofday().
time: Export set_normalized_timespec.
ipv6 RAW: Disallow IPPROTO_IPV6-level IPV6_CHECKSUM socket option on ICMPv6 sockets.
[XFRM] AUDIT: Fix flowlabel text format ambibuity.

Yoshihiro Shimoda:
sh: Add support for Solution Engine SH7721 board
USB: r8a66597-hcd: fix interrupt transfer interval
USB: r8a66597-hcd: fix usb device connection timing
USB: r8a66597-hcd: Add support for SH7366 USB host
USB: fix cannot work usb storage when using ohci-sm501

Zhang Rui:
ACPICA: Update for new Notify values
flush kacpi_notify_wq before removing notify handler
thermal: add the support for building the generic thermal as a module
thermal: add hwmon sysfs I/F
thermal: update the documentation

Zhang Wei:
fsldma: Remove CONFIG_FSL_DMA_SELFTEST, keep fsl_dma_self_test() running always.
fsldma: Split the MPC83xx event from MPC85xx and refine irq codes.
[RAPIDIO] Change RIO function mpc85xx_ to fsl_
[RAPIDIO] Add RapidIO option to kernel configuration
[RAPIDIO] Move include/asm-ppc/rio.h to asm-powerpc
[RAPIDIO] Add RapidIO multi mport support
[RAPIDIO] Add OF-tree support to RapidIO controller driver
[RAPIDIO] Auto-probe the RapidIO system size
[RAPIDIO] Add RapidIO node into MPC8641HPCN dts file
[RAPIDIO] Add RapidIO node probing into MPC86xx_HPCN board id table
[RAPIDIO] Add serial RapidIO controller support, which includes MPC8548, MPC8641
[RAPIDIO] Add RapidIO connection info print out and re-training for broken connections
[RAPIDIO] Change RapidIO doorbell source and target ID field to 16-bit

Zhang, Rui:
thermal: add new get_crit_temp callback
ACPI: update thermal temperature

Zhang, Yanmin:
ipc: add definitions of USHORT_MAX and others

Zhao Yakui:
ACPI : Disable the device's ability to wake the sleeping system in the boot phase
rtc: add the support for alarm time relative to current time in sysfs

Zhu Yi:
iwlwifi: Fix built-in compilation of iwlcore (part 2)

Zoltan Boszormenyi:
ata: SWNCQ should be enabled by default

Zoltan Menyhart:
[IA64] Fix NUMA configuration issue

Etienne Bersac:
[POWERPC] windfarm: Add PowerMac 12,1 support







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