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kernel 2.6.26-rc2 の考察(20080512更新)



Subject: Linux 2.6.26-rc2
From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds () linux-foundation ! org>
Date: 2008-05-12 14:55:51

About 45% architecture updates (counting the include files too), about 30%
drivers, and about 25% odds-and-ends. The odds-and-ends are mainly
Documentation, filesystems (mostly cifs) and core kernel (scheduler
updates etc).

The dirstat and shortlog is appended, because while not exactly tiny it
should still fit easily in the lkml size limits. And if you read the
shortlog and get the feeling that most of it is pretty boring small
details, you'd be right. There is little exciting there.

A fairly small part of it, but quite possibly the most noticeable one, is
how the semaphore changes impacted the BKL (the old "big kernel lock" that
is still used for some legacy code, for you non-core people out there),
which in the past had different versions ("regular", "preemptable").

A few months ago we dropped the regular BKL version, but in 2.6.25-rc1 we
then had performance (and then correctness) issues with the interaction
between the semaphore implementation and the preemptable BKL, so we're
back to the old regular version for now.

Let's see if anybody notices. It looks likely that some latency issues
have regressed since (cond_resched()), and we'll need to see what we can
do about that whole thing.



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