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Greg Ungerer (36):
m68k: remove unused elia.h include file
m68k: merge mmu and non-mmu versions of processor.h
m68k: merge mmu and non-mmu versions of irq.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of checksum.h
m68k: merge mmu and non-mmu versions of dma.h
m68k: clean up comment delimiters in dma.h
m68knommu: use general interrupt controller for ColdFire 520x family
m68knommu: remove per device interrupt mask setting for ColdFire 520x
m68knommu: general interrupt controller for ColdFire many 52xx parts
m68knommu: clean up ColdFire 527x interrupt setup
m68knommu: clean up ColdFire 528x interrupt setup
m68knommu: clean up ColdFire 523x interrupt setup
m68knommu: general interrupt controller for ColdFire 532x parts
m68knommu: clean up ColdFire 532x interrupt setup
m68knommu: use common interrupt controller code for older ColdFire CPU's
m68knommu: complete interrupt controller code for the 68328 CPU's
m68knommu: complete interrupt controller code for the 68360 CPU
m68knommu: remove the common interrupt controller structure
m68knommu: remove unecessary interrupt level setting in ColdFire 520x setup
m68knommu: remove interrupt masking from ColdFire pit timer
m68knommu: remove timer device interrupt setup for ColdFire 532x
m68knommu: mask off all interrupts in ColdFire intc-simr controller
m68knommu: move ColdFire INTC definitions to new include file
m68knommu: remove duplicate ColdFire mcf_autovector() code
m68knommu: merge old ColdFire interrupt controller masking macros
m68knommu: support code to mask external interrupts on old ColdFire CPU's
m68knommu: simplify ColdFire "timers" clock initialization
m68knommu: clean up ColdFire 532x CPU timer setup
m68knommu: map ColdFire interrupts to correct masking bits
m68knommu: clean up old ColdFire timer irq setup
m68knommu: add support for second interrupt controller of ColdFire 5249
m68knommu: create a speciailized ColdFire 5272 interrupt controller
m68knommu: remove ColdFire direct interrupt register access
m68knommu: relax IO_SPACE_LIMIT setting
m68knommu: remove special interrupt handling code for ne2k support
m68knommu: set multi-function pins for ethernet when enabled

Gregory Haskins (8):
sched: Enhance the pre/post scheduling logic
sched: Fully integrate cpus_active_map and root-domain code
KVM: irqfd
KVM: Clean up coalesced_mmio destruction
KVM: cleanup io_device code
KVM: do not register i8254 PIO regions until we are initialized
KVM: make io_bus interface more robust
KVM: add ioeventfd support

Guennadi Liakhovetski (39):
[ARM] pxa/pcm990: convert pcm990 to soc-camera as platform-device
[ARM] pxa/mioa701: convert mioa701 to the new platform-device soc-camera interface
[ARM] pxa/em-x270: convert em-x270 to soc-camera as platform-device
V4L/DVB (12158): v4l: add cropping prototypes to struct v4l2_subdev_video_ops
V4L/DVB (12504): soc-camera: prepare soc_camera_platform.c and its users for conversion
V4L/DVB (12505): soc_camera_platform: pass device pointer from soc-camera core on .add_device()
V4L/DVB (12506): soc-camera: convert to platform device
V4L/DVB (12507): sh: soc-camera updates
V4L/DVB (12508): soc-camera: remove unused .iface from struct soc_camera_platform_info
V4L/DVB (12509): sh: prepare board-ap325rxa.c for v4l2-subdev conversion
V4L/DVB (12510): soc-camera: (partially) convert to v4l2-(sub)dev API
V4L/DVB (12511): V4L2: add a new V4L2_CID_BAND_STOP_FILTER integer control
V4L/DVB (12512): ov772x: implement a band-stop filter support
V4L/DVB (12513): soc-camera: add support for camera-host controls
V4L/DVB (12514): sh_mobile_ceu_camera: add a control for the camera low-pass filter
V4L/DVB (12515): soc-camera: use struct v4l2_rect in struct soc_camera_device
V4L/DVB (12516): ov772x: successful S_FMT and S_CROP must update user-provided rectangle
V4L/DVB (12517): mt9t031: improve rectangle placement in invalid S_CROP
V4L/DVB (12518): ov772x: S_CROP must return actually configured geometry
V4L/DVB (12519): soc-camera: put pixel format initialisation back in probe, add .put_formats()
V4L/DVB (12520): sh-mobile-ceu-camera: do not wait for interrupt when releasing buffers
V4L/DVB (12521): soc-camera: use .s_std() from struct v4l2_subdev_core_ops
V4L/DVB (12522): sh-mobile-ceu-camera: implement host-side cropping
V4L/DVB (12523): tw9910: return updated geometry on successful S_FMT and S_CROP
V4L/DVB (12524): soc-camera: S_CROP V4L2 API compliance fix
V4L/DVB (12525): soc-camera: prohibit geometry change with initialised buffers
V4L/DVB (12526): ov772x: do not use scaling for cropping
V4L/DVB (12527): tw9910: do not lie about cropping abilities
V4L/DVB (12528): sh_mobile_ceu_camera: implement host-side image scaling
V4L/DVB (12529): soc-camera: switch to s_crop v4l2-subdev video operation
V4L/DVB (12530): soc-camera: switch to using v4l2_subdev_call()
V4L/DVB (12531): soc-camera: Use I2C device for dev_{dbg,info,...} output in all clients
V4L/DVB (12532): soc-camera: Use camera device object for core output
V4L/DVB (12533): soc-camera: Use video device object for output in host drivers
V4L/DVB (12534): soc-camera: V4L2 API compliant scaling (S_FMT) and cropping (S_CROP)
V4L/DVB (12535): soc-camera: remove .init() and .release() methods from struct soc_camera_ops
V4L/DVB (12536): soc-camera: remove .gain and .exposure struct soc_camera_device members
V4L/DVB (12580): soc-camera: remove now unneeded subdevice group ID assignments
sh_mobile_ceu_camera: fix compile breakage, caused by a bad merge

Guillaume Knispel (1):
poll/select: avoid arithmetic overflow in __estimate_accuracy()

Guo-Fu Tseng (7):
jme: Some minor coding style consistency modifications
jme: Fix unmatched tasklet_{enable|disable} pair
jme: Fix typo
jme: Change bufinf memory location
jme: Remove shadow register support
jme: Tuning rxsum function
jme: Advance driver version number

Gustavo F. Padovan (15):
Bluetooth: Add configuration support for ERTM and Streaming mode
Bluetooth: Create separate l2cap_send_disconn_req() function
Bluetooth: Add initial support for ERTM packets transfers
Bluetooth: Add support for Segmentation and Reassembly of SDUs
Bluetooth: Initial support for retransmission of packets with REJ frames
Bluetooth: Add support for Retransmission and Monitor Timers
Bluetooth: Enable Streaming Mode for L2CAP
Bluetooth: Add support for FCS option to L2CAP
Bluetooth: Add support for L2CAP SREJ exception
Bluetooth: Full support for receiving L2CAP SREJ frames
Bluetooth: Add locking scheme to L2CAP timeout callbacks
Bluetooth: Use proper *_unaligned_le{16,32} helpers for L2CAP
Bluetooth: Acknowledge L2CAP packets when receiving RR-frames (F-bit=1)
Bluetooth: Handle L2CAP case when the remote receiver is busy
Bluetooth: Add support for L2CAP 'Send RRorRNR' action

Guus Sliepen (1):
USB: usbtmc: sanity checks for DEV_DEP_MSG_IN urbs

Gábor Stefanik (47):
cfg80211: fix disabling WPA via wext (SIOCSIWAUTH)
b43: implement baseband init for LP-PHY <= rev1
b43: Add LP 2063 radio init
b43: Typo fixes & minor cleanup
b43: Fix fallout from the IEEE80211_IF_TYPE to NL80211_IFTYPE change.
b43: LP-PHY: Implement STX synchronization
b43: Implement LP-PHY baseband table initialization
b43: Update LP-PHY rev2+ baseband init to match the specs
ssb: Implement the remaining rev.8 SPROM vars needed for LP-PHY
b43: Fix a typo in the sync_stx routine
b43: LP-PHY: Implement reading band SPROM
b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.2+ LP PHYs
b43: LP-PHY: Refactor TX gain table I/O
b43: Implement RC calibration for rev.0/1 LP-PHYs
b43: Update dummy transmission to match V4 specs
b43: LP-PHY: Initialize TX power control
b43: LP-PHY: Implement channel switching for rev2+/B2063 radio
b43: LP-PHY: Implement channel switching for rev0/1/B2062 radio
ssb: Fix typo in the rev8 SPROM extraction routine
b43: Add LP-PHY firmware loading support
b43: Make LP-PHY testable
b43: LP-PHY: Don't adjust gain table for rev2+ when setting channel
b43: LP-PHY: Update TX gain override for a spec typo fix
b43: LP-PHY: Fix another TX power control abuse
b43: Handle B43_PHYTYPE_LP in RX path
b43: LP-PHY: Update baseband init for recent spec changes
b43: LP-PHY: Fix a spec error in the B2062 channel switch routine
b43: LP-PHY: Update code for spec fixes, and fix a few typos
b43: LP-PHY: Fix a bug in the B2062 channel tune path
b43: LP-PHY: Update B2062 radio init with recent spec changes
b43: LP-PHY: Remove BROKEN from B43_PHY_LP
b43: LP-PHY: Fix reading old mode in the set TX power control routine
b43: LP-PHY: Fix setting TX power control mode during RC calibration
b43: LP-PHY: Two small spec updates
b43: LP-PHY: Implement spec updates and remove resolved FIXMEs
iwlwifi: Make injection of non-broadcast frames work again
b43: LP-PHY: Fix a few typos in the RC calibration code
b43: LP-PHY: Fix and simplify Qdiv roundup
b43: Fix and update LP-PHY code
ssb: Implement PMU LDO control and use it in b43
b43: LP-PHY: Revert to the original PHY register write routine
b43: Enable LP-PHY support by default and remove Kconfig warning
b43: Implement antenna diversity support for LP-PHY
b43: Refactor and update antenna diversity for A/G-PHY
b43: Add myself to module authors & to LP-PHY file copyright notices
b43: Fix typo in modparam_btcoex description
b43: LP-PHY: Fix TX gain tables

H Hartley Sweeten (10):
jbd2: bitfields should be unsigned
HID: local function should be static
mtd: ep93xx: cleanup includes in ts7250 nand driver
mtd: make few symbols static
hwmon: Include <linux/io.h> instead of <asm/io.h>
USB: ohci-ep93xx.c: remove unused variable
fs/buffer.c: clean up EXPORT* macros
aio.c: move EXPORT* macros to line after function
gpio: include <linux/gpio.h> not <asm/gpio.h>
jbd.h: bitfields should be unsigned

H. Peter Anvin (18):
x86, setup: remove obsolete pre-Kconfig CONFIG_VIDEO_ variables
x86, intel_txt: tboot.c needs <asm/fixmap.h>
x86, intel_txt: Factor out the code for S3 setup
x86, intel_txt: Handle ACPI_SLEEP without X86_TRAMPOLINE
x86, mtrr: make mtrr_aps_delayed_init static bool
Merge commit 'origin/x86/urgent' into x86/asm
x86: allow "=rm" in native_save_fl()
Merge branch 'x86/urgent' into x86/pat
mm: remove !NUMA condition from PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED condition set
x86, asm: Add 32-bit versions of the combined CFI macros
x86, asm: Make _ASM_EXTABLE() usable from assembly code
x86, msr: CFI annotations, cleanups for msr-reg.S
x86, msr: Have the _safe MSR functions return -EIO, not -EFAULT
x86, msr: Create _on_cpu helpers for {rw,wr}msr_safe_regs()
x86, msr: Export the register-setting MSR functions via /dev/*/msr
x86, msr: fix msr-reg.S compilation with gas 2.16.1
x86, msr: change msr-reg.o to obj-y, and export its symbols
Merge branch 'x86/pat' into x86/urgent

H.J. Thomassen (1):
Staging: add cowloop driver

HIRANO Takahito (1):
V4L/DVB (12997): Add the DTV_ISDB_TS_ID property for ISDB_S

Haiyang Zhang (1):
Staging: hv: Add Haiyang's email to the TODO file

Hal Rosenstock (1):
IB/mad: Allow tuning of QP0 and QP1 sizes

Hank Janssen (6):
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V api header files
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V driver header files
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V virtual bus
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V virtual block driver
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V virtual network driver
Staging: hv: add the Hyper-V virtual storage driver

Hannes Eder (4):
IPVS: use pr_fmt
IPVS: use pr_err and friends instead of IP_VS_ERR and friends
MAINTAINERS: add IPVS include files
checkpatch: make -f alias --file, add --help, more verbose help message

Hannes Reinecke (2):
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: Evaluate socket state in data_ready()
Send uevents for write_protect changes

Hans J. Koch (1):
Input: ucb1400_ts - fix a misleading function name

Hans Verkuil (21):
V4L/DVB (12212): v4l2: add RDS API to videodev2.h
V4L/DVB (12214): bttv: set RDS capability if applicable.
V4L/DVB (12215): saa6588: conform to the final RDS spec.
V4L/DVB (12216): saa7134: set RDS capability if applicable.
V4L/DVB (12217): radio-cadet: conform to the RDS spec.
V4L/DVB (12218): radio-si470x: conform to the RDS spec.
V4L/DVB (12316): v4l: add V4L2_CAP_RDS_OUTPUT and V4L2_CAP_MODULATOR caps
V4L/DVB (12426): pvrusb2: fix compile warning
V4L/DVB (12427): cx24113: fix mips compiler warning
V4L/DVB (12455): radio-typhoon: remove obsolete RADIO_TYPHOON_PROC_FS config option
V4L/DVB (12543): v4l: introduce string control support.
V4L/DVB (12553): FM TX: si4713: Add Kconfig and Makefile entries
V4L/DVB (12612): si4713: simplify the code to remove a compiler warning.
V4L/DVB (12613): cx25840: fix determining the firmware name
V4L/DVB (12948): v4l1-compat: fix VIDIOC_G_STD handling
V4L/DVB (12540): v4l: simplify v4l2_i2c_new_subdev and friends
V4L/DVB (12541): v4l: remove video_register_device_index
V4L/DVB (12722): v4l2-dev: replace 'kernel number' by 'device node number'.
V4L/DVB (12723): ivtv/cx18: replace 'kernel number' with 'device node number'.
V4L/DVB (12724): v4l2-dev: add simple wrapper functions around the devnode numbers
V4L/DVB (12725): v4l: warn when desired devnodenr is in use & add _no_warn function

Hans de Goede (12):
V4L/DVB (12357): gspca - tv8532: Bad ISOC packet scan
V4L/DVB (12616): gspca_pac207: remove a number of unneeded (repeated) register writes
V4L/DVB (12617): gspca_pac207: enable higher framerates / lower exposure settings
V4L/DVB (12619): gspca: mr97310a fix detection of sensortype for vivicam with id byte of 0x53
V4L/DVB (12620): gspca_mr97310a: cleanup/fixup control handling
V4L/DVB (12621): gspca_mr97310a: Move detection of CIF sensor type to probe() function
V4L/DVB (12622): gspca_mr97310a: make the probing a bit less chatty
V4L/DVB (12623): gspca_mr97310a: Add controls for CIF type 0 sensor cams
V4L/DVB (12624): gspca_mr97310a: Use correct register for CIF type 1 sensor gain settings
V4L/DVB (12625): Add new V4L2_FMT_FLAG_EMULATED flag to videodev2.h
V4L/DVB (12626): gspca_mr97310a: Allow overriding of detected sensor type
V4L/DVB (12627): gspca_mr97310a: Add one more vivitar mini cam to the list of CIF cams

Hans-Joachim Picht (1):
[S390] add call home support

Haojian Zhuang (15):
[ARM] pxa: remove duplicate mfp definition in mach
[ARM] pxa: support mfp of pxa935
[ARM] pxa: expand irq support for PXA93x and PXA950
[ARM] pxa: update cpu_is_xsc3() to include Marvell CPUID
[ARM] pxa: add cpu_is_pxa950() and Kconfig options
[ARM] pxa: add more registers in interrupt controller
[ARM] pxa: initialize default interrupt priority and use ICHP for IRQ handling
[ARM] pxa: update dependancy of pxa i2c module
[ARM] pxa: merge {zylonite,littleton}_defconfig into pxa3xx_defconfig
[ARM] pxa: update rtc-sa1100.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
regulator: add buck3 in da903x driver
regulator: support da9030 BUCK in da903x driver
regulator: replace ADTV1 register by ADTV2 in da903x
regulator: support list voltage in da903x
regulator: fix voltage range in da9034 ldo12

Harald Krapfenbauer (2):
Blackfin: cm-bf537u: split board from cm-bf537e
Blackfin: update cm board resources

Harald Welte (5):
viafb: make module parameters visible in sysfs
viafb: remove unused structure member
viafb: add support for the VX855 chipset
viafb: make viafb a first-class citizen using pci_driver
viafb: pass reference to pci device when calling framebuffer_alloc()

Harshula Jayasuriya (1):
NFS: out of date comment regarding O_EXCL above nfs3_proc_create()

Hartley Sweeten (14):
[ARM] 5573/1: ep93xx: ensure typesafe io
[ARM] 5574/1: ep93xx: gpio.c: fix header includes and iomem pointers
[ARM] 5575/1: ep93xx: Show gpio interrupt type in debugfs output.
[ARM] 5577/2: ep93xx: syscon locked register functions
[ARM] 5578/1: ep93xx: add ep93xx-keypad clock
[ARM] 5592/1: ep93xx: cleanup platform header includes
[ARM] 5593/1: ep93xx: clock.c
iomem pointer
[ARM] 5598/1: ep93xx: core.c typesafe vic_init
[ARM] 5599/1: MAINTAINERS: update for EP93XX ARM
[ARM] 5600/1: ep93xx: core.c remove cast when copying dev_addr
[ARM] 5609/1: ep93xx: add register defines for keypad support
[ARM] 5612/1: ep93xx: add platform LEDs
ARM: 5628/1: ep93xx: Introduce Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) driver
ARM: 5711/1: locomo.c: CodingStyle cleanups

Hector Martin (1):
ACPI battery: work around negative s16 battery current on Acer

Heiko Carstens (38):
locking, powerpc: Rename __spin_try_lock() and friends
locking, sparc: Rename __spin_try_lock() and friends
locking, m68k/asm-offsets: Rename pt_regs offset defines
locking, m68k: Calculate thread_info offset with asm offset
locking: Move spinlock function bodies to header file
locking: Allow arch-inlined spinlocks
locking: Simplify spinlock inlining
locking: Inline spinlock code for all locking variants on s390
locking, m68k/asm-offsets: Rename signal defines
[SCSI] zfcp: optimize zfcp_qdio_account
KVM: fix compile warnings on s390
[S390] cio: move scsw helper functions to header file
[S390] introduce get_clock_monotonic
[S390] convert/optimize csum_fold() to C
[S390] atomic ops: add effecient atomic64 support for 31 bit
[S390] atomic ops: small cleanups
[S390] hibernation: remove dead file
[S390] hibernation: merge files and move to kernel/
[S390] kernel: always keep machine flags in lowcore
[S390] Initialize __LC_THREAD_INFO early.
[S390] use generic scatterlist.h
[S390] Enable guest page hinting by default.
[S390] Limit cpu detection to 256 physical cpus.
[S390] Get rid of cpuid.h header file.
[S390] Remove smp_cpu_not_running.
[S390] Wire up page fault events for software perf counters.
nilfs2: fix format string compile warning (ino_t)
[S390] Convert sys_clone to function with parameters.
[S390] Convert sys_execve to function with parameters.
[S390] Get rid of init_module/delete_module compat functions.
[S390] hibernation: fix guest page hinting related crash
[S390] hibernation: reset system after resume
[S390] Change kernel_page_present coding style.
[S390] fix disabled_wait inline assembly clobber list
[S390] smp: introduce LC_ORDER and simplify lowcore handling
[S390] hibernate: make sure pfn_is_nosave handles lowcore pages
ext2: fix format string compile warning (ino_t)
fs: change sys_truncate length parameter type

Heiko Schocher (2):
powerpc/82xx: mgcoge - updates for 2.6.32
powerpc/82xx: mgcoge - updated defconfig

Helmut Schaa (10):
mac80211: shorten the passive dwell time for sw scans
cfg80211: update misleading comment
mac80211: refactor the scan code
mac80211: advance the state machine immediately if no delay is needed
mac80211: introduce a new scan state "decision"
mac80211: Replace {sw, hw}_scanning variables with a bitfield
mac80211: implement basic background scanning
mac80211: rename scan_state to next_scan_state
cfg80211: increase scan result expire time
mac80211: fix an oops in ieee80211_scan_state_set_channel

Hemant Pedanekar (4):
davinci: dm646x: Add clock info and update mux setup for ATA
davinci: Move IO device mapping macros from io.h to hardware.h
davinci: dm646x: Add IDE setup
davinci: dm646x-evm: Add support for IDE

Hemanth V (1):
spi: McSPI off-mode support

Hendrik Brueckner (15):
tracing: Add syscall tracepoints - s390 arch update
tracing: Check invalid syscall nr while tracing syscalls
tracing: Don't trace kernel thread syscalls
[S390] kernel: Append scpdata to kernel boot command line
[S390] kernel: Convert upper case scpdata to lower case
[S390] move (io|sysc)_restore_trace_psw into .data section
[S390] kernel: Print an error message if kernel NSS cannot be defined
[S390] kvm: use console_initcall() to initialize s390 virtio console
iucv: fix iucv_buffer_cpumask check when calling IUCV functions
iucv: use correct output register in iucv_query_maxconn()
af_iucv: fix race in __iucv_sock_wait()
af_iucv: handle non-accepted sockets after resuming from suspend
af_iucv: do not call iucv_sock_kill() twice
af_iucv: fix race when queueing skbs on the backlog queue
hvc_console: Provide (un)locked version for hvc_resize()

Henk Vergonet (3):
V4L/DVB (12870): tda18271: update temperature compensation calculatation formula
V4L/DVB (12871): tda18271: fix bad data in tda18271_cid_target table
V4L/DVB (13002): Adds support for Zolid Hybrid PCI card:

Hennerich, Michael (1):
USB: sl811-hcd: Fix device disconnect:

Henning Glawe (1):
HID: ignore Philips IEEE802.15.4 RF Dongle

Henrik Kurelid (2):
V4L/DVB (12482): firedtv: add PID filtering for SW zigzag retune
V4L/DVB (12582): The current AVC debugging can clog the log down a lot since many

Henrik Rydberg (3):
backlight: mbp_nvidia_bl: add support for MacBookAir 1,1
Input: bcm5974 - silence uninitialized variables warnings
hwmon: applesmc: restore accelerometer and keyboard backlight on resume

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (16):
thinkpad-acpi: don't ask about brightness_mode for fw. 1V and 1R
thinkpad-acpi: firmware version checks
thinkpad-acpi: be more strict when detecting a ThinkPad
thinkpad-acpi: hotkey poll fixes
thinkpad-acpi: deprecate hotkey_bios_mask
thinkpad-acpi: Fix procfs hotkey reset command
thinkpad-acpi: don't poll by default any of the reserved hotkeys
thinkpad-acpi: report brightness events when required
thinkpad-acpi: don't leave ERR_PTR() pointers around
thinkpad-acpi: remove uneeded tp_features.hotkey tests in hotkey_exit
thinkpad-acpi: drop HKEY event 0x5010
thinkpad-acpi: hotkey event driver update
thinkpad-acpi: add internal hotkey event API
thinkpad-acpi: name event constants
backlight: extend event support to also support poll()
thinkpad-acpi: fix CONFIG_THINKPAD_ACPI_HOTKEY_POLL build problem

Herbert Xu (76):
crypto: ansi_cprng - Do not select FIPS
crypto: tcrypt - Fix module return code when testing by name
crypto: testmgr - Remove hash size check
crypto: skcipher - Fix request for sync algorithms
crypto: skcipher - Change default sync geniv on SMP to eseqiv
crypto: testmgr - Allow implementation-specific tests
crypto: api - Add new template create function
crypto: api - Add crypto_alloc_instance2
crypto: shash - Add shash_instance
crypto: api - Add new style spawn support
crypto: shash - Add spawn support
crypto: api - Add crypto_attr_alg2 helper
crypto: shash - Add shash_attr_alg2 helper
crypto: shash - Add shash_register_instance
crypto: shash - Add crypto_shash_ctx_aligned
crypto: shash - Add __crypto_shash_cast
crypto: shash - Use finup in default digest
crypto: shash - Propagate reinit return value
crypto: shash - Add shash_instance_ctx
crypto: api - Fix crypto_drop_spawn crash on blank spawns
crypto: shash - Export/import hash state only
crypto: shash - Move finup/digest null checks to registration time
crypto: sha1_generic - Add export/import support
crypto: sha256_generic - Use 64-bit counter like sha1
crypto: sha256_generic - Add export/import support
crypto: sha1-s390 - Add export/import support
crypto: sha256-s390 - Add export/import support
crypto: padlock - Use shash fallback for sha
crypto: shash - Move null setkey check to registration time
crypto: async - Use kzfree for requests
crypto: shash - Make descsize a run-time attribute
crypto: padlock - Switch sha to shash
crypto: hmac - Switch to shash
crypto: xcbc - Switch to shash
crypto: authenc - Remove reference to crypto_hash
crypto: hash - Remove legacy hash/digest implementaion
crypto: shash - Export async functions
crypto: cryptd - Use shash algorithms
crypto: ahash - Add crypto_ahash_set_reqsize
crypto: cryptd - Use crypto_ahash_set_reqsize
crypto: crypto4xx - Use crypto_ahash_set_reqsize
crypto: api - Remove frontend argument from extsize/init_tfm
crypto: ahash - Convert to new style algorithms
crypto: ahash - Add instance/spawn support
crypto: tcrypt - Add mask parameter
crypto: hash - Add helpers to free spawns
crypto: cryptd - Switch to template create API
crypto: cryptd - Switch to new style ahash
crypto: crypto4xx - Switch to new style ahash
crypto: ahash - Remove old_ahash_alg
crypto: hash - Zap unaligned buffers
crypto: shash - Fix alignment in unaligned operations
crypto: ahash - Use GFP_KERNEL in unaligned setkey
crypto: ahash - Add unaligned handling and default operations
crypto: crypto4xx - Disable SHA implementation
crypto: hmac - Fix incorrect error value when creating instance
crypto: xcbc - Fix incorrect error value when creating instance
crypto: padlock - Fix compile error on i386
crypto: ahash - Fix setkey crash
crypto: shash - Fix digest size offset
crypto: shash - Fix async finup handling of null digest
crypto: padlock - Fix hashing of partial blocks
vlan: Propagate physical MTU changes
crypto: cryptd - Add finup/export/import for hash
crypto: xcbc - Use crypto_xor
crypto: xcbc - Fix shash conversion
crypto: sha512 - Export struct sha512_state
crypto: sha512_generic - Use 64-bit counters
crypto: sha512-s390 - Add export/import support
crypto: shash - Require all algorithms to support export/import
crypto: hmac - Prehash ipad/opad
crypto: api - Fix aligned ctx helper
Revert crypto: fips - Select CPRNG
crypto: ctr - Use chainiv on raw counter mode
crypto: blkcipher - Do not use eseqiv on stream ciphers
crypto: api - Do not displace newly registered algorithms

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (4):
ALSA: hda - fix noise issue when recording from digital mic with alc268
rtl8187: fix circular locking (rtl8187_stop/rtl8187_work)
rtl8187: Implement rfkill support
topstar-laptop: add new driver for hotkeys support on Topstar N01

Hidetoshi Seto (28):
x86, mce: CE in last bank prevents panic by unknown MCE
PCI MSI: Remove attribute check from pci_disable_msi()
PCI MSI: Use list_first_entry()
PCI MSI: Unify msi_free_irqs() and msix_free_all_irqs()
PCI MSI: Relocate error path in init_msix_capability()
PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_map_region()
PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_program_entries()
PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_setup_entries()
PCI MSI: Style cleanups
PCI: pcie, aer: checkpatch style cleanup in pcie/aer/*
PCI: pcie, aer: AER_PR for printing in aerdrv_errprint.c
PCI: pcie, aer: rework MASK macros in aerdrv_errprint.c
PCI: pcie, aer: init struct aer_err_info for reuse
PCI: pcie, aer: fix report of multiple errors
PCI: pcie, aer: remove spinlock in aerdrv_errprint.c
PCI: pcie, aer: refer mask state in mask register properly
PCI: pcie, aer: report multiple/first error on a device
PCI: pcie, aer: remove unused macros
PCI: pcie, aer: flags to bits
PCI: pcie, aer: change error print format
PCI: pcie, aer: report all error before recovery
[IA64] kdump: Mask MCA/INIT on frozen cpus
[IA64] kexec: Make INIT safe while transition to
[IA64] kexec: Unregister MCA handler before kexec
[IA64] kdump: Don't return APs to SAL from kdump
[IA64] kdump: Mask INIT first in panic-kdump path
[IA64] kdump: Try INIT regardless of
[IA64] kdump: Short path to freeze CPUs

Hin-Tak Leung (3):
zd1211rw: sort vid/pid pairs by numerical value
zd1211rw: adding Accton Technology Corp (083a:e501) as a ZD1211B device
rtl8187: updating Kconfig with info of branded devices

Hiroshi DOYU (3):
OMAP: iommu: fix wrong argument in flush_cache_vmap()
OMAP: iommu: add initial debugfs support
OMAP clock: use debugfs_remove_recursive() for rewinding

Hiroshi Ito (1):
mtd: jedec_probe: fix NEC uPD29F064115 detection

Hiroshi Shimamoto (4):
sched, task_struct: stack_canary is not needed without CC_STACKPROTECTOR
sched: Use for_each_class macro in move_one_task()
timekeeping: Fix invalid getboottime() value
task_struct cleanup: move binfmt field to mm_struct

Hitoshi Mitake (1):
sched: Hide runqueues from direct reference at source code level for __raw_get_cpu_var()

Holger Schurig (6):
orinoco: enable cfg80211 "set_channel" operation
cfg80211: allow scanning on specified frequencies when using wext-compatibility
cfg80211: use cfg80211_wext_freq() for freq conversion
cfg80211: minimal error handling for wext-compat freq scanning
cfg80211: use cfg80211_wext_freq() for freq conversion
cfg80211: minimal error handling for wext-compat freq scanning

Horst Schirmeier (1):
trivial: doc: document missing value 2 for randomize-va-space

Huang Shijie (2):
mmap: remove unnecessary code
mmap: save some cycles for the shared anonymous mapping

Huang Weiyi (13):
kmemcheck: remove duplicated #include
x86: Remove duplicated #include
[ARM] remove duplicated #include
[ARM] remove duplicated #include
dropmon: remove duplicated #include
Security/SELinux: remove duplicated #include
Staging: cpc-usb: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
ASoC: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
V4L/DVB (12201): adv7343: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
V4L/DVB (13029): radio-si4713: remove #include <linux/version.h>
x86/i386: Remove duplicated #include
powerpc/book3e-64: Remove duplicated #include
powerpc/mm: Remove duplicated #include

Huang Ying (10):
crypto: ghash - Add GHASH digest algorithm for GCM
crypto: gcm - Use GHASH digest algorithm
crypto: cryptd - Add support to access underlaying shash
x86, mce: Support specifying context for software mce injection
x86, mce: Support specifying raise mode for software MCE injection
x86, mce: Move debugfs mce dir creating to mce.c
x86, mce: Fake panic support for MCE testing
x86: Move kernel_fpu_using to irq_fpu_usable in asm/i387.h
KVM: Add MCE support
x86: mce, inject: Use real inject-msg in raise_local

Huaxu Wan (1):
hwmon: (coretemp) Add Lynnfield CPU

Hugh Dickins (37):
ACPI: fix NULL bug for HID/UID string
fix undefined reference to user_shm_unlock
ksm: first tidy up madvise_vma()
ksm: the mm interface to ksm
ksm: no debug in page_dup_rmap()
ksm: identify PageKsm pages
ksm: prevent mremap move poisoning
ksm: rename kernel_pages_allocated
ksm: move pages_sharing updates
ksm: pages_unshared and pages_volatile
ksm: break cow once unshared
ksm: keep quiet while list empty
ksm: five little cleanups
ksm: fix endless loop on oom
ksm: distribute remove_mm_from_lists
ksm: fix oom deadlock
ksm: sysfs and defaults
ksm: add some documentation
ksm: clean up obsolete references
ksm: unmerge is an origin of OOMs
ksm: mremap use err from ksm_madvise
mm: munlock use follow_page
mm: remove unused GUP flags
mm: add get_dump_page
mm: follow_hugetlb_page flags
mm: fix anonymous dirtying
mm: reinstate ZERO_PAGE
mm: FOLL flags for GUP flags
mm: m(un)lock avoid ZERO_PAGE
mm: hugetlbfs_pagecache_present
mm: move highest_memmap_pfn
tmpfs: depend on shmem
nommu: fix two build breakages

Hunyue Yau (1):
omapfb: add support for the 2430SDP LCD

Huzaifa Sidhpurwala (1):
USB: option.c Add support for ZTE AC2726 EVDO modem

Hyok S. Choi (1):
nommu: Enables to select noMMU mode

Ian Armstrong (1):
fbcon: only unbind from console if successfully registered

Ian Schram (1):
perf_counter: Fix perf_copy_attr() pointer arithmetic

Igor Chernyshev (1):
ALSA: ice1724 - Patch for suspend/resume for Audiotrak Prodigy HD2

Igor M. Liplianin (9):
V4L/DVB (12309): Add output clock configuration for stv6110 tuner.
V4L/DVB (12310): stv6110 tuner: remove unused iq_wiring configuration parameter.
V4L/DVB (12313): stv6110: Read registers through one time i2c_transfer calling
V4L/DVB (12314): cx23885: add CAM presence checkout
V4L/DVB (12332): Create card parameters array in SDMC DM1105 driver
V4L/DVB (12461): Add ce5039(zl10039) tuner support.
V4L/DVB (12462): Add TeVii S630 USB DVB-S card support.
V4L/DVB (12463): Add support for Compro VideoMate S350 DVB-S PCI card.
V4L/DVB (12486): cx88: fix TBS 8920 card support

Igor Perminov (4):
mac80211: FIF_PSPOLL filter flag
rt2x00: Fix for race condition while update beacon
rt2x00: FIF_PSPOLL filter flag support
rt2x00: Fix beacon de-synchronization while update beacon

Iliyan Malchev (1):
Staging: HTC Dream: add qdsp support

Ilpo Järvinen (1):
tcp: fix ssthresh u16 leftover

Imre Deak (5):
omapfb: add support for MIPI-DCS compatible LCDs
N770: enable LCD MIPI-DCS in Kconfig
omapfb: dispc: various typo fixes
omapfb: add FB manual update option to Kconfig
omapfb: HWA742: fix pointer to be const

Ingo Molnar (110):
Merge branch 'auto' of git:// into oprofile
security: rename ptrace_may_access => ptrace_access_check
Merge branch 'linus' into sched/core
Merge branch 'linus' into x86/cleanups
x86: Further clean up of mtrr/generic.c
Merge branch 'tip/tracing/ring-buffer-3' of git:// into tracing/core
Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/core
Merge branch 'linus' into sched/core
debug lockups: Improve lockup detection
Merge branch 'sched/urgent' into sched/core
lockdep: Fix BFS build
sched: Fix cpupri build on !CONFIG_SMP
debug lockups: Improve lockup detection, fix generic arch fallback
x86: Introduce GDT_ENTRY_INIT(), fix APM
Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/core
tracing: Fix syscall tracing on !HAVE_FTRACE_SYSCALLS architectures
Merge branch 'perfcounters/urgent' into perfcounters/core
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc6' into core/rcu
perf: Enable more compiler warnings
perf: Build with stack-protector and with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
Merge branch 'master' of git:// into perfcounters/core
perf tools: Remove obsolete defines
[S390] ftrace: update system call tracer support
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc7' into x86/cpu
Merge branch 'perfcounters/urgent' into perfcounters/core
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc7' into x86/cleanups
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc7' into irq/core
Merge branch 'tracing/core' of git:// into tracing/core
Merge branch 'tracing/core' of git:// into tracing/core
Merge branch 'for-ingo' of git:// into x86/apic
Merge branch 'tip/tracing/core' of git:// into tracing/core
Merge branch 'perfcounters/tracing' into perfcounters/core
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc8' into core/locking
CRIS: fix defconfig build failure
Merge branch 'x86/paravirt' into x86/cpu
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc8' into x86/txt
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc8' into sched/core
perf tools: Clean up warnings list in the Makefile
perf tools: Work around strict aliasing related warnings
perf trace: Sample the CPU too
Merge branch 'perfcounters/urgent' into perfcounters/core
perf_counter: Introduce new (non-)paranoia level to allow raw tracepoint access
perf trace: Sample timestamps as well
perf trace: Fix parsing of
perf tools: Seek to the end of the header area
perf trace: Print out in nanoseconds
perf trace: Fix read_string()
perf_counter: Fix output-sharing error path
x86, msr: Fix msr-reg.S compilation with gas 2.16.1, on 32-bit too
Merge branch 'linus' into core/rcu
Merge branches 'sched/domains' and 'sched/clock' into sched/core
sched: Fix dynamic power-balancing crash
sched: Clean up topology.h
Merge branch 'amd-iommu/2.6.32' of git:// into core/iommu
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc9' into tracing/core
Merge branch 'tracing/core' of git:// into tracing/core
sched: Disable NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS for now
sched: Fix sched::sched_stat_wait tracepoint field
perf: Add 'perf sched' tool
perf sched: Import schedbench.c
perf sched: Implement the scheduling workload replay engine
perf sched: Tighten up the code
perf sched: Clean up latency and replay sub-commands
perf sched: Display time in milliseconds, reorganize output
perf sched: Add runtime stats
perf sched: Output runtime and context switch totals
perf sched: Add 'perf sched latency' and 'perf sched replay'
perf sched: Finish latency => atom rename and misc cleanups
perf sched: Clean up PID sorting logic
perf sched: Implement the 'perf sched record' subcommand
perf_counter: Allow mmap if paranoid checks are turned off
perf sched: Add 'perf sched trace', improve documentation
perf_counter, sched: Add sched_stat_runtime tracepoint
perf tools: Implement counter output multiplexing
perf sched: Fix 'perf sched latency' output on 32-bit systems
MAINTAINERS: Update tracing tree details
slub: Fix build error in kmem_cache_open() with !CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG
sched: Implement a gentler fair-sleepers feature
amd64_edac: build driver only on AMD hardware
perf sched: Account for lost events, increase default buffering
perf sched: Sanity check context switch events
perf sched: Make idle thread and comm/pid names more consistent
perf sched: Add 'perf sched map' scheduling event map printout
Merge branch 'tip/tracing/core4' of git:// into tracing/core
Blackfin: Fix link errors with binutils 2.19 and GCC 4.3
sched: Fix TASK_WAKING & loadaverage breakage
Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/core
perf sched: Determine the number of CPUs automatically
Merge branch 'linus' into perfcounters/core
Merge branch 'tracing/core-v3' of git:// into tracing/urgent
Merge branch 'tip/tracing/core' of git:// into tracing/urgent
Merge branch 'linus' into x86/urgent
Merge branch 'linus' into perfcounters/rename
perf_counter: Rename list_entry -> group_entry, counter_list -> group_list
perf_counter: Rename 'event' to event_id/hw_event
perf: Do the big rename: Performance Counters -> Performance Events
perf: Tidy up after the big rename
Driver-Core: fix devnode callbacks for dabusb and industrialio
perf stat: Fix zero total printouts
x86: mce: Clean up thermal throttling state tracking code
x86: mce: Fix thermal throttling message storm
media: video: Fix build in saa7164
vgaarb: make client interface config invariant.
modules, tracing: Remove stale struct marker signature from module_layout()
Merge branch 'bugfix' of git:// into x86/urgent
x86: mce: Use safer ways to access MCE registers
Merge branch 'linus' into x86/urgent
input: fix build failures caused by Kconfig Winbond WPCD376I Consumer IR hardware driver Kconfig entry
Merge branch 'x86/asm' into x86/urgent

Ira Snyder (3):
fsldma: split apart external pause and request count features
fsldma: Add DMA_SLAVE support
hwmon: (adm1031) Add sysfs files for temperature offsets

Ira W. Snyder (3):
hwmon: (ltc4215) Clear faults at startup
hwmon: (ltc4245) Clear faults at startup
edac: mpc85xx add mpc83xx support

Ivan Kokshaysky (1):
alpha: AGP update (fixes compile failure)

Ivo van Doorn (18):
rt2x00: use wiphy rfkill interface
rt2x00: Fix build error when crypto support is disabled
rt2x00: Remove usage of deprecated radio_enabled & IEEE80211_CONF_CHANGE_RADIO_ENABLED
rt2x00: Use IEEE80211_TX_CTL_MORE_FRAMES flag
rt2x00: Align ieee80211 header to 4-byte boundary for PCI devices
rt2x00: Fix RFKILL polling
rt2x00: Fix for rt2800usb for SHARED_KEY_TABLE initializations
rt2x00: Add new RF chip defines
rt2x00: Set SKBDESC_L2_PADDED in RX path
rt2x00: wireless CLI ID and packet ID must not be 0
rt2x00: Fix MCS register intialization
rt2x00: configure_filter() callback is allowed to sleep
rt2x00: bss_info_changed() callback is allowed to sleep
rt2x00: Cleanup rt2x00mac_bss_info_changed()
rt2x00: Fix TX status reporting
rt2x00: Reorganize padding & L2 padding
rt2x00: Hardcode TX ack timeout and consume time

Izik Eidus (6):
KVM: MMU: make __kvm_mmu_free_some_pages handle empty list
ksm: add mmu_notifier set_pte_at_notify()
ksm: Kernel SamePage Merging
ksm: change copyright message
ksm: change ksm nice level to be 5
ksm: change default values to better fit into mainline kernel

J. Bruce Fields (12):
nfsd: minor write_pool_threads exit cleanup
nfs: fix compile error in rpc_pipefs.h
Merge branch 'nfs-for-2.6.32' of git:// into for-2.6.32-incoming
nfsd: move some of fh_compose into helper functions
nfsd: move fsid_type choice out of fh_compose
nfsd4: filehandle leak or error exit from fh_compose()
nfsd: clean up readdirplus encoding
nfsd: fix leak on error in nfsv3 readdir
nfsd4: fix null dereference creating nfsv4 callback client
nfsd4: allow nfs4 state startup to fail
nfsd4: use common rpc_cred for all callbacks
nfsd: revise 4.1 status documentation

Jack Morgenstein (4):
IB/uverbs: Return ENOSYS for unimplemented commands (not EINVAL)
IB/mlx4: Don't allow userspace open while recovering from catastrophic error
IB/mthca: Don't allow userspace open while recovering from catastrophic error
IB/mthca: Fix access to freed memory in catastrophic event handling

Jack Steiner (4):
x86, pat: Fix cacheflush address in change_page_attr_set_clr()
x86: SGI UV: Fix IPI macros
x86: SGI UV: Add volatile semantics to macros that access chipset registers
x86: SGI UV: Map MMIO-High memory range

James A Webb (1):
V4L/DVB (12584): Support for Kaiser Baas ExpressCard Dual HD Tuner

James Blanford (2):
V4L/DVB (13008): gspca - stv06xx-hdcs: Fixup exposure
V4L/DVB (13009): gspca - stv06xx-hdcs: Reduce exposure range

James Bottomley (7):
[SCSI] scsi_transport_sas: fix incorrect duplicate setup of max_phys
[SCSI] ses: fix hotplug with multiple devices and expanders
[SCSI] ses: add support for enclosure component hot removal
[SCSI] ses: update enclosure data on hot add
[SCSI] fix bugs in scsi_vpd_inquiry()
[SCSI] update MAINTAINERS with new email
[SCSI] fix oops during scsi scanning

James Morris (11):
Merge branch 'master' into next
keys: annotate seqfile ops with releases and acquires
Merge branch 'master' into next
Revert "SELinux: Convert avc_audit to use lsm_audit.h"
Merge branch 'master' into next
Merge branch 'master' into next
Merge branch 'master' into next
security: update documentation for security_request_module
Merge branch 'master' into next
Merge branch 'next' into for-linus
seq_file: constify seq_operations

James Smart (9):
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Various SLI4 fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Consistently Implement persistent port disable
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Various SLI3 fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Fix a pair of FCoE issues
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: NPIV vport fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Add bsg (SGIOv4) support for ELS/CT support
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Remove spaces before newlines in several log messages
[SCSI] lpfc 8.3.4: Update driver version to 8.3.4
[SCSI] fc_transport: Correct max fc_host attribute count

Jan Beulich (14):
x86: properly annotate alternatives.c
x86: Fix earlyprintk=dbgp for machines without NX
Staging: hv: adjust Hyper-V Kconfig
thermal: add missing Kconfig dependency
x86: Increase timeout for EHCI debug port reset completion in early printk
x86: cpuinit-annotate SMP boot trampolines properly
x86: Correct segment permission flags in 64-bit linker script
memory hotplug: fix updating of num_physpages for hot plugged memory
mm: replace various uses of num_physpages by totalram_pages
mm: don't use alloc_bootmem_low() where not strictly needed
mm: also use alloc_large_system_hash() for the PID hash table
BUILD_BUG_ON(): fix it and a couple of bogus uses of it
module: reduce symbol table for loaded modules (v2)
module: reduce string table for loaded modules (v2)

Jan Engelhardt (22):
net: mark read-only arrays as const
net: implement a SO_PROTOCOL getsockoption
net: implement a SO_DOMAIN getsockoption
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_TOS v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_CONNMARK v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_MARK v0, v1
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_connmark v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_conntrack v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_iprange v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_mark v0
netfilter: xtables: remove xt_owner v0
netfilter: xtables: remove redirecting header files
netfilter: conntrack: switch hook PFs to nfproto
netfilter: xtables: switch hook PFs to nfproto
netfilter: xtables: switch table AFs to nfproto
netfilter: xtables: realign struct xt_target_param
netfilter: iptables: remove unused datalen variable
netfilter: xtables: use memcmp in unconditional check
netfilter: xtables: ignore unassigned hooks in check_entry_size_and_hooks
netfilter: xtables: check for unconditionality of policies
netfilter: xtables: check for standard verdicts in policies
netfilter: xtables: mark initial tables constant

Jan Glauber (5):
crypto: sha-s390 - Fix warnings in import function
[S390] qdio: continue polling if the queue is not finished
[S390] qdio: remove limited number of debugfs entries
[S390] qdio: reduce per device debug messages
[S390] qdio: change state of all primed input buffers

Jan Kara (33):
jbd2: Fail to load a journal if it is too short
jbd2: Annotate transaction start also for jbd2_journal_restart()
ext4: Fix possible deadlock between ext4_truncate() and ext4_get_blocks()
nfs: Remove reference to generic_osync_inode from a comment
vfs: Introduce filemap_fdatawait_range
vfs: Export __generic_file_aio_write() and add some comments
vfs: Remove syncing from generic_file_direct_write() and generic_file_buffered_write()
pohmelfs: Use __generic_file_aio_write instead of generic_file_aio_write_nolock
ocfs2: Use __generic_file_aio_write instead of generic_file_aio_write_nolock
vfs: Introduce new helpers for syncing after writing to O_SYNC file or IS_SYNC inode
ext2: Update comment about generic_osync_inode
ext3: Remove syncing logic from ext3_file_write
ext4: Remove syncing logic from ext4_file_write
ntfs: Use new syncing helpers and update comments
ocfs2: Update syncing after splicing to match generic version
xfs: Convert sync_page_range() to simple filemap_write_and_wait_range()
pohmelfs: Use new syncing helper
fat: Opencode sync_page_range_nolock()
vfs: Remove generic_osync_inode() and sync_page_range{_nolock}()
udf: Remove dead code
udf: Remove wrong assignment in udf_symlink
udf: Perform preallocation only for regular files
udf: Fix possible corruption when close races with write
ext3: Update MAINTAINERS for ext3 and JBD
jbd: Journal block numbers can ever be only 32-bit use unsigned int for them
jbd: Annotate transaction start also for journal_restart()
ext3: Fix possible deadlock between ext3_truncate() and ext3_get_blocks()
ext3: Flush disk caches on fsync when needed
ext4: Update documentation about quota mount options
fs: make sure data stored into inode is properly seen before unlocking new inode
vm: document that setting vfs_cache_pressure to 0 isn't a good idea
vfs: split generic_forget_inode() so that hugetlbfs does not have to copy it
fs: Fix busyloop in wb_writeback()

Jan Kiszka (8):
KVM: Allow PIT emulation without speaker port
KVM: Cleanup LAPIC interface
KVM: Fix racy event propagation in timer
KVM: Drop useless atomic test from timer function
Revert "KVM: x86: check for cr3 validity in ioctl_set_sregs"
KVM: Drop obsolete cpu_get/put in make_all_cpus_request
KVM: VMX: Avoid to return ENOTSUPP to userland
KVM: x86: Disallow hypercalls for guest callers in rings > 0

Jan Nikitenko (1):
V4L/DVB (12342): af9015: avoid magically sized temporary buffer in eeprom_dump

Jan Scholz (1):
HID: completely remove apple mightymouse from blacklist

Jani Nikula (1):
gpiolib: allow exported GPIO nodes to be named using sysfs links

Janne Grunau (3):
V4L/DVB (12684): DVB: make DVB_MAX_ADAPTERS configurable
V4L/DVB (12685): dvb-core: check fe->ops.set_frontend return value
V4L/DVB (12686): dvb-core: check supported QAM modulations

Janusz Krzysztofik (13):
ASoC: Add support for Conexant CX20442-11 voice modem codec
ASoC: Jack handling enhancements as suggested by subsystem maintainer
ASoC: CX20442: fix issues pointed out by subsystem maintainer
TTY: Add definition of a new line discipline required by Amstrad E3 (Delta) ASoC driver
ASoC: CX20442: push down machine independent line discipline bits
ASoC: add support for Amstrad E3 (Delta) machine
ASoC: CX20442: add some debugging
ASoC: CX20442: simplify codec controller usage
TTY/ASoC: Rename N_AMSDELTA line discipline to N_V253
ASoC: OMAP: Make use of DMA channel self linking on OMAP1510
ASoC: OMAP: Enhance OMAP1510 DMA progress software counter
ARM: OMAP: DMA: Add support for DMA channel self linking on OMAP1510
OMAP1: AMS_DELTA: add modem support

Jarek Poplawski (8):
ipv4: Use synchronize_rcu() during trie_rebalance()
ipv4: Fix inflate_threshold_root automatically
ipv4: fib_trie: Use tnode_get_child_rcu() and node_parent_rcu() in lookups
pkt_sched: Fix qdisc_graft WRT ingress qdisc
pkt_sched: Fix tx queue selection in tc_modify_qdisc
pkt_sched: Fix qdisc_create on stab error handling
pkt_sched: Fix qstats.qlen updating in dump_stats
ax25: Fix ax25_cb refcounting in ax25_ctl_ioctl

Jarkko Lavinen (4):
mmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
omap_hsmmc: fix scatter-gather list sanity checking
omap_hsmmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
omap_hsmmc: fix NULL pointer dereference

Jarkko Nikula (5):
ARM: OMAP: McBSP: Fix ASoC on OMAP1510 by fixing API of omap_mcbsp_start/stop
OMAP: McBSP: Use textual values in DMA operating mode sysfs files
ASoC: OMAP: Fix setup of XCCR and RCCR registers in McBSP DAI
ARM: OMAP: McBSP: Merge two functions into omap_mcbsp_start/_stop
ASoC: OMAP: Add functionality to set CLKR and FSR sources in McBSP DAI

Jarod Wilson (2):
crypto: des_s390 - Permit weak keys unless REQ_WEAK_KEY set
HID: ignore all recent SoundGraph iMON devices

Jaroslav Kysela (5):
ALSA: hda_generic: do not read connections for widged with an unknown type
ALSA: hda_generic: use AC_WCAP_CONN_LIST check for widget connections
ALSA: hda-intel: Cleanups for widget connection list handling
ALSA: hda - Add better Intel IbexPeak platform support
ALSA: Release v1.0.21

Jason Baron (16):
tracing: Map syscall name to number
tracing: Call arch_init_ftrace_syscalls at boot
tracing: Add syscall tracepoints
tracing: Update FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX
tracing: Raw_init() bailout in trace event register fail case
tracing: Add ftrace_event_call void * 'data' field
tracing: Add trace events for each syscall entry/exit
tracing: Add individual syscalls tracepoint id support
tracing: Add perf counter support for syscalls tracing
tracing: Add more namespace area to 'perf list' output
tracing: Convert x86_64 mmap and uname to use DEFINE_SYSCALL
tracing: Define NR_syscalls for x86 (32)
tracing: Define NR_syscalls for x86_64
tracing: Convert event tracing code to use NR_syscalls
tracing: Remove FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX definitions

Jason Gunthorpe (3):
IPoIB: Check multicast address format
TPM: Fixup boot probe timeout for tpm_tis driver

Jason Uhlenkott (1):
edac: i3200 memory controller driver

Jason Wessel (12):
USB: ehci,dbgp,early_printk: split ehci debug driver from early_printk.c
USB: dbgp: insert cr prior to nl as needed
USB: ehci-dbgp: Execute early BIOS hand off
USB: dbgp: EHCI debug controller initialization delays
early_printk: Allow more than one early console
USB: ehci-dbgp: stability improvements and external re-init
USB: ehci-dbgp,ehci: Allow early or late use of the dbgp device
USB: ehci-dbgp: errata for EHCI debug controller initialization
USB: ehci-dbgp: errata for EHCI debug/host controller synchronization
USB: ehci-dbgp,documentation: Documentation updates for ehci-dbgp
USB: ehci-dbgp,ehci: Allow dbpg to work with suspend/resume
x86: early_printk: Protect against using the same device twice

Jason Yeh (1):
oprofile: Implement performance counter multiplexing

Jassi (4):
ASoC: S3C lrsync function made to work with IRQs disabled.
ARM: S3C64XX: DMA: struct s3c64xx_dma_buff lli fix.
ARM: S3C64XX: DMA: 'size' argument of dma_pool_create
ARM: S3C64XX: DMA: Debugged alloc's with GFP_KERNEL flag in Intr context.

Jaswinder Singh Rajput (51):
x86, cpu: cpu/proc.c display cache alignment and address sizes for 32 bit
x86: oprofile/op_model_amd.c set return values for op_amd_handle_ibs()
x86: ds.c fix invalid assignment
x86: Clean up mtrr/amd.c:
x86: Clean up mtrr/centaur.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/cleanup.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/cyrix.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/generic.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/if.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/mtrr.h
x86: Clean up mtrr/state.c
x86: Clean up mtrr/main.c
ide: ide-taskfile.c fix style problems
net: cs89x0: includecheck fix for cs89x0.c
net: pcmcia/axnet_cs: includecheck fix axnet_cs.c
net: include/linux/icmpv6: includecheck fix for icmpv6.h
net: smc911x: includecheck fix for smc911x.h
SPARC: fix duplicate declaration
PRISM54: fix compilation warning
Security/SELinux: includecheck fix kernel/sysctl.c
KVM: Replace MSR_IA32_TIME_STAMP_COUNTER with MSR_IA32_TSC of msr-index.h
KVM: Use MSR names in place of address
xfs: includecheck fix for fs/xfs/xfs_iops.c
Staging: otus: includecheck fix: drivers/staging/otus/usbdrv.h
Staging: rt2860: includecheck fix: rt_linux.h
drm/i915: intel_display.c handle latency variable efficiently
tty: includecheck fix: drivers/char, vt.c
includecheck fix: s390, sys_s390.c
gitignore usr/initramfs_data.cpio.bz2 and usr/initramfs_data.cpio.lzma
includecheck fix: um, helper.c
includecheck fix: x86, traps.c
includecheck fix: x86, shadow.c
includecheck fix: drivers/scsi, libfcoe.c
includecheck fix: drivers/scsi, ibmvscsi.c
includecheck fix: drivers/video, vgacon.c
includecheck fix: drivers/xen, evtchn.c
includecheck fix: include/acpi, acpi_bus.h
includecheck fix: include/drm, drm_memory.h
includecheck fix: include/linux, aio.h
includecheck fix: include/linux, page_cgroup.h
includecheck fix: include/linux, ftrace.h
includecheck fix: kernel/trace, ring_buffer.c
includecheck fix: x86, cpu/common.c
mm: includecheck fix for mm/shmem.c
mm: includecheck fix for mm/nommu.c
pcmcia: pcnet_cs.c removing useless condition
vlynq: includecheck fix: drivers/vlynq/vlynq.c
sh: includecheck fix: dwarf.c
includecheck fix: Documentation, cfag12864b-example.c
net: fix htmldocs sunrpc, clnt.c
net: fix htmldocs sunrpc, clnt.c

Javier Cardona (12):
mac80211: Assign next hop address to pending mesh frames
mac80211: Fix regression in mesh forwarding path.
mac80211: Improve dequeing from mpath frame queue.
mac80211: Use 3-address format for mesh broadcast frames.
mac80211: Update the station failed frames average when minstrel is used.
mac80211: Early detection of broken mesh paths when using minstrel.
mac80211: Assign a default mesh beaconing interval.
mac80211: Move mpath and mpp growth to mesh workqueue.
mac80211: Fix unresolved mesh frames queued without valid control.vif
mac80211: Decouple fail_avg stats used by mesh from rate control algorithm.
mac80211: Update mesh config IE to 11s draft 3.02
ath9k: Add support FIF_OTHER_BSS filtering mode.

Javier Herrero (1):
Input: add driver for OpenCores Keyboard Controller

Jay Sternberg (3):
iwlwifi: Handle new firmware file with ucode build number in header
iwlwifi: update 1000 series API version to match firmware
iwlwifi: remove duplicated version info from sysfs

Jay Vosburgh (1):
bonding: propogate vlan_features to bonding master

Jean Delvare (25):
IDE: Save a call to PageHighMem()
PCI: Unhide the SMBus on the Compaq Evo D510 USDT
V4L/DVB (12343): Stop defining I2C adapter IDs nobody uses
V4L/DVB (12365): ir-kbd-i2c: Remove superfulous inlines
hwmon-vid: Ignore 6th VID pin of AMD family 0Fh processors
hwmon: Clearly mark ACPI drivers as such
hwmon: (pcf8591) Documentation clean-ups
hwmon: (lm85) Don't bind to Winbond/Nuvoton WPCD377I
Driver core: Add support for compatibility classes
Blackfin: clean up duplicate I2C device type definitions
i2c: Drop unused field
i2c-taos-evm: Switch echo off to improve performance
i2c/tsl2550: Use combined SMBus transactions
i2c: Convert i2c clients to a device type
i2c: Convert i2c adapters to bus devices
i2c: Provide compatibility links for i2c adapters
i2c: Clearly mark ACPI drivers as such
USB: Fix sysfs paths in documentation
matroxfb: make CONFIG_FB_MATROX_MULTIHEAD=y mandatory
matroxfb: get rid of unneeded macros ACCESS_FBINFO and MINFO
matroxfb: get rid of unneeded macros WPMINFO and friends
matroxfb: get rid of unneeded macro MINFO_FROM
matroxfb: get rid of CONFIG_FB_MATROX_32MB
hwmon: Delete deprecated FSC drivers
ACPI: Clarify resource conflict message

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD (1):
wl12xx: switch to %pM to print the mac address

Jean-Francois Moine (20):
V4L/DVB (12226): gspca - spca508: Extend the write_vector routine.
V4L/DVB (12227): gspca - pac7311: Webcam 093a:2629 added.
V4L/DVB (12228): gspca - vc032x: Webcam 0ac8:c301 added.
V4L/DVB (12229): gspca - main: Change the ISOC initialization mechanism.
V4L/DVB (12230): gspca - t613: Change tas5130a init sequences.
V4L/DVB (12231): gspca - main: Version change.
V4L/DVB (12280): gspca - sonixj: Remove auto gain/wb/expo for the ov7660 sensor.
V4L/DVB (12353): gspca - vc032x: Add the 1280x960 resolution for sensor mi1310_soc
V4L/DVB (12354): gspca - vc032x: H and V flip controls added for mi13x0_soc sensors
V4L/DVB (12355): gspca - vc032x: Cleanup source
V4L/DVB (12358): gspca - main: Memorize the current alt before setting it
V4L/DVB (12383): gspca - vc032x: Bad h/v flip controls when inverted by default.
V4L/DVB (12501): gspca - sonixj: Do the ov7660 sensor work again.
V4L/DVB (12691): gspca - sonixj: Don't use mdelay().
V4L/DVB (12692): gspca - sunplus: Optimize code.
V4L/DVB (12693): gspca - sunplus: The brightness is signed.
V4L/DVB (12694): gspca - vc032x: Change the start exchanges of the sensor hv7131r.
V4L/DVB (12695): gspca - vc032x: Do the LED work with the sensor hv7131r.
V4L/DVB (12696): gspca - sonixj / sn9c102: Two drivers for 0c45:60fc and 0c45:613e.
V4L/DVB (12953): gspca - vc032x: Bad GPIO of the Samsung Q1 on start/stop streaming.

Jeff Garzik (2):
[libata] EH: freeze port before aborting commands
[libata] sata_sil: disable DMA engine in sil_freeze()

Jeff Layton (21):
sunrpc: add routine for comparing addresses
sunrpc: add common routine for copying address portion of a sockaddr
nfsd: make nfs4_client->cl_addr a struct sockaddr_storage
nfsd: convert nfs4_cb_conn struct to hold address in sockaddr_storage
nfsd: add support for NFSv4 callbacks over IPv6
nfsd: populate sin6_scope_id on callback address with scopeid from rq_addr on SETCLIENTID call
cifs: send IPv6 addr in upcall with colon delimiters
cifs: use tcon pointer in cifs_show_options
cifs: protect GlobalOplock_Q with its own spinlock
cifs: consolidate reconnect logic in smb_init routines
cifs: fix oplock request handling in posix codepath
cifs: remove cifsInodeInfo.oplockPending flag
cifs: take read lock on GlobalSMBSes_lock in is_valid_oplock_break
cifs: have cifsFileInfo hold an extra inode reference
vfs: explicitly cast s_maxbytes in fiemap_check_ranges
vfs: change sb->s_maxbytes to a loff_t
vfs: remove redundant position check in do_sendfile
cifs: convert oplock breaks to use slow_work facility (try #4)
cifs: eliminate cifs_init_private
cifs: fix problems with last two commits
cifs: fix locking and list handling code in cifs_open and its helper

Jeff Mahoney (6):
Staging: rtl8192su: compile fixes
Staging: rtl8192su: fix up printk warnings
Staging: rtl8192su: fixup size comparison warning
Staging: rtl8192su: stop using skb->tail
Staging: rtl8192su: add linux/vmalloc.h
Staging: rtl8192e: compile fixes

Jeff Moyer (1):
cfq: choose a new next_req when a request is dispatched

Jens Axboe (43):
sparc: add basic support for 'perf'
writeback: get rid of generic_sync_sb_inodes() export
writeback: move dirty inodes from super_block to backing_dev_info
writeback: switch to per-bdi threads for flushing data
writeback: get rid of pdflush completely
writeback: add some debug inode list counters to bdi stats
writeback: add name to backing_dev_info
writeback: check for registered bdi in flusher add and inode dirty
cfq-iosched: drain device queue before switching to a sync queue
block: make bio_rw_flagged() return a bool
bio: first step in sanitizing the bio->bi_rw flag testing
block: improve queue_should_plug() by looking at IO depths
block: add blk-iopoll, a NAPI like approach for block devices
block: fix long lines in block/blk-iopoll.c
block: adjust default budget for blk-iopoll
block: fix comment in blk-iopoll.c
block: use interrupts disabled version of raise_softirq_irqoff()
cfq-iosched: get rid of must_alloc flag
block: make blk_iopoll_prep_sched() follow normal 0/1 return convention
block: enable rq CPU completion affinity by default
block: don't assume device has a request list backing in nr_requests store
block: fix linkage problem with blk_iopoll and !CONFIG_BLOCK
fs: remove bdev->bd_inode_backing_dev_info
writeback: get rid of wbc->for_writepages
writeback: make wb_writeback() take an argument structure
fs: Assign bdi in super_block
writeback: only use bdi_writeback_all() for WB_SYNC_NONE writeout
writeback: use RCU to protect bdi_list
writeback: inline allocation failure handling in bdi_alloc_queue_work()
writeback: separate starting of sync vs opportunistic writeback
writeback: splice dirty inode entries to default bdi on bdi_destroy()
writeback: add comments to bdi_work structure
writeback: use schedule_timeout_interruptible()
nfs: nfs_kill_super() should call bdi_unregister() after killing super
writeback: don't use schedule_timeout() without setting runstate
writeback: make balance_dirty_pages() gradually back more off
nfs: initialize the backing_dev_info when creating the server
writeback: improve readability of the wb_writeback() continue/break logic
writeback: get rid to incorrect references to pdflush in comments
writeback: don't resort for a single super_block in move_expired_inodes()
writeback: make the super_block pinning more efficient
writeback: writeback_inodes_sb() should use bdi_start_writeback()
writeback: pass in super_block to bdi_start_writeback()

Jens Låås (1):
fib_trie: resize rework

Jens Rosenboom (3):
ipv6: Log the explicit address that triggered DAD failure
ipv6: Ignore route option with ROUTER_PREF_INVALID
ipv6: Log the affected address when DAD failure occurs

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (24):
x86/paravirt: split paravirt definitions into paravirt_types.h
x86: split out core __math_state_restore
x86-32: make sure clts is batched during context switch
x86-64: move unlazy_fpu() into lazy cpu state part of context switch
x86-64: move clts into batch cpu state updates when preloading fpu
x86/acpi: acpi_parse_madt_ioapic_entries: remove redundant braces
x86/ioapic.c: ioapic_modify_irq is too large to inline
x86/ioapic.c: unify __mask_IO_APIC_irq()
x86/ioapic.c: remove #ifdef for 82093AA workaround
x86/ioapic.c: remove redundant declaration of irq_pin_list
x86/ioapic.c: move lost comment to what seems like appropriate place
x86/ioapic.c: convert io_apic_level_ack_pending loop to normal for() loop
x86/ioapic.c: simplify add_pin_to_irq_node()
x86/ioapic.c: convert replace_pin_at_irq_node to conventional for() loop
x86/ioapic.c: clean up replace_pin_at_irq_node logic and comments
x86/ioapic.c: convert __target_IO_APIC_irq to conventional for() loop
x86/ioapic.c: unify ioapic_retrigger_irq()
x86/i386: Make sure stack-protector segment base is cache aligned
x86/i386: Put aligned stack-canary in percpu shared_aligned section
xen: make -fstack-protector work under Xen
xen: only enable interrupts while actually blocking for spinlock
x86: split __phys_addr out into separate file
xen: check EFER for NX before setting up GDT mapping
x86: split NX setup into separate file to limit unstack-protected code

Jerome Glisse (12):
drm/radeon/kms: add r600 KMS support
drm/radeon/kms: wait for cp idle before stopping it.
drm/radeon/kms: call r100_cp_disable rather than duplicating code.
drm/radeon/kms: add R4XX mc register access helper.
drm/radeon/kms: Don't try to process irq when we are unloading
drm/radeon/kms: R3XX/R4XX AGP asic use PCI GART not PCIE GART
drm/radeon/kms: move modeset init outside of GPU init
drm/radeon/kms: convert r4xx to new init path
drm/radeon/kms: move mtrr range add and memory information
drm/radeon/kms: cleanup - remove radeon_share.h
drm/radeon/kms: clear confusion in GART init/deinit path
drm/radeon/kms: don't fail if we fail to init GPU acceleration

Jes Sorensen (1):
KVM: ia64: Correct itc_offset calculations

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (2):
Doc: seq_file.txt fix wrong dd command example.
edac: core: remove completion-wait for complete with rcu_barrier

Jesper Nilsson (3):
CRIS: Change DEFINE_PER_CPU of current_pgd to be non volatile.
CRISv10: Don't autonegotiate if autonegotiation is off
CRIS: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.

Jesse Barnes (24):
drm: remove root requirement from DRM_IOCTL_SET_VERSION (+ DRM_IOCTL_AUTH_MAGIC)
drm: clarify scaling property names
drm/i915: add dynamic clock frequency control
PCI: export pci_claim_resource for driver use
x86/PCI: initialize PCI bus node numbers early
ACPI button: provide lid status functions
drm/i915: force mode set at lid open time
drm/i915: use ACPI LID status for LVDS ->detect hook
drm/i915: generate a KMS uevent at lid open/close time
drm/i915: framebuffer compression for pre-GM45
PCI: pcie portdrv: remove unused variable
PCI: fix VGA arbiter header file
MAINTAINTERS: remove hotplug driver entries
drm/i915: fix typo in compressed buffer setup
drm/i915: fix suspend/resume breakage in lid notifier
drm/i915: fix startup hang on some non-mobile platforms
drm/i915: prevent FIFO calculation overflows on 32 bits with high dotclocks
ACPI: make ACPI button funcs no-ops if not built in
drm/i915: blacklist Acer AspireOne lid status
drm/i915: correct FBC update when pipe base update occurs
drm: fix drm_fb_helper handling of kernel crtcs
x86/PCI: make 32 bit NUMA node array int, not unsigned char
drm/i915: split display functions by chip type
drm/i915: framebuffer compression for GM45+

Jesse Brandeburg (3):
e1000: allow ethtool coalesece to adjust interrupts per second
e1000: implement jumbo receive with partial descriptors
e1000: fix flow control thresholds

Jianjun Kong (1):
mm: Fix problem of parameter in note

Jie Yang (1):
atl1e: fix 2.6.31-git4 -- ATL1E 0000:03:00.0: DMA-API: device driver frees DMA

Jim Lieb (16):
Staging: vt665x: 64bit compile fixes Part 1
Staging: vt665x: 64bit compile fixes Part 2
Staging: vt6655 textual cleanup in prep for driver merge
Staging: vt665x: Text janitor in prep for driver merge
Staging: vt665x: Text janitor in prep for driver merge, part 2
Staging: vt665x: Typedef and macro cleanup Part 1
Staging: vt665x: Typedef and macro cleanup Part 2
Staging: vt665x: Clean up include files, Part 1
Staging: vt665x: Clean up include files, Part 2
Staging: vt665x: Remove umem.h Part 1
Staging: vt665x: Remove umem.h Part 2
Staging: vt665x: remove tpci.h file
Staging: vt665x: remove tpci.h file in vt6656
Staging: vt665x: cleanup USB definitions
Staging: vt665x: remove tbit.h
Staging: vt665x: remove tbit.h part 2

Jim Persson (1):
Input: usbtouchscreen - support for JASTEC/DigiTech DTR-02U USB touch controllers

Jin Dongming (1):
mem_class: fix bug

Jiri Kosina (9):
HID: use debugfs for report dumping descriptor
HID: use debugfs for events/reports dumping
HID: fix debugfs build with !CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
HID: fix memory leak on error path in debug code
HID: add force feedback support for Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP
HID: support larger reports than 64 bytes in hiddev
Merge branches 'upstream', 'upstream-fixes' and 'debugfs' into for-linus
HID: fix non-atomic allocation in hid_input_report
HID: consolidate connect and disconnect into core code

Jiri Olsa (1):
tracing/function-graph: x86_64 stack allocation cleanup

Jiri Pirko (3):
bonding: wipe out printk's
bonding: make ab_arp select active slaves as other modes
getrusage: fill ru_maxrss value

Jiri Slaby (36):
ath5k: remove permissions from debugfs files
ath9k: remove permissions from debugfs files
wireless: wl12xx, fix lock imbalance
irq: Clean up by removing irqfixup MODULE_PARM_DESC()
[SCSI] lpfc: don't dereference NULL
[SCSI] nsp_cs: fix buf overflow
x86/PCI: pci quirks, fix pci refcounting
KVM: fix lock imbalance
V4L/DVB (12372): saa7134: fix lock imbalance
V4L/DVB (12373): hdpvr: fix lock imbalances
[IA64] pci_br, fix infinite loop in find_free_ate()
Staging: dream, fix buf overflow
mtd: sst25l, fix lock imbalance
cyclades: add tty refcounting
cyclades: remove block_til_ready
cyclades: avoid addresses recomputation
cyclades: switch to tty_port_hangup
cyclades: close cleanup
cyclades: overall cleanup
cyclades: sleep instead busy-wait
cyclades: use dtr_rts helpers
cyclades: merge cy_startup tails
cyclades: ioctls cleanup
cyclades: tiocm cleanup
cyclades: introduce cyy_readb/writeb
cyclades: remove more duplicated code
tty: Power: fix suspend vt regression
tty: riscom8, fix shutdown declaration
tty: riscom8, fix tty refcnt
tty: USB: serial/mct_u232, fix tty refcnt
tty: Char: mxser, add support for CP112UL
tty: Char: mxser, use THRE for ASPP_OQUEUE ioctl
USB: usb-serial, remove unused variables
USB: make usb_buffer_map_sg consistent with doc
video: console, use DIV_ROUND_UP
memstick: move dev_dbg

Jiro SEKIBA (6):
nilfs2: implement nilfs_show_options to display mount options in /proc/mounts
nilfs2: remove redundant super block commit
nilfs2: fix disorder of nilfs_write_super in nilfs_sync_fs
nilfs2: clean up nilfs_write_super
nilfs2: stop using periodic write_super callback
nilfs2: shorten freeze period due to GC in write operation v3

Joachim Fenkes (2):
IB/ehca: Construct MAD redirect replies from request MAD
IB/ehca: Fix CQE flags reporting

Joe Eykholt (51):
[SCSI] libfc: remove extra semicolons from debug macros
[SCSI] libfc: change debug messages to give host number.
[SCSI] fcoe: stop delivery of received frames before doing lport_destroy()
[SCSI] libfc: rename lport NONE state to DISABLED
[SCSI] libfc: stop login after fabric logoff
[SCSI] libfc: in fc_lport_destroy, flush rports after turning off link
[SCSI] libfc: fix WARNING from fc_seq_start_next on closed exchanges
[SCSI] libfc: rename rport state "NONE" to "DELETE".
[SCSI] libfc: fc_rport_logoff should not drop the lock
[SCSI] libfc: fix: cancel rport retry timer
[SCSI] fcoe: libfcoe: extra semicolon in CHECK_LOGGING macros causes compile error
[SCSI] fcoe: remove unnecessary list and lock initializations.
[SCSI] libfc: prepare to split off struct fc_rport_priv from fc_rport_libfc_priv
[SCSI] libfc: change interface for rport_create
[SCSI] libfc: fix RPORT_TO_PRIV and PRIV_TO_RPORT() macros.
[SCSI] libfc: make fc_rport_priv the primary rport interface.
[SCSI] libfc: change elsct to use FC_ID instead of rdata
[SCSI] libfc: make rport structure optional
[SCSI] libfc: rearrange code in fc_rport_work
[SCSI] libfc: rename rport event CREATED to READY
[SCSI] libfc: don't create dummy (rogue) remote ports
[SCSI] libfc: fix rport event race between READY and LOGO
[SCSI] libfc: eliminate disc->event
[SCSI] libfc: remove unused disc->delay element
[SCSI] libfc: rport debug messages were printing pointer values
[SCSI] libfc: simplify fc_lport_rport_callback
[SCSI] libfc: make rport module maintain the rport list
[SCSI] libfc: have rport_create do a lookup for pre-existing rports first
[SCSI] libfc: change to make remote port callback optional
[SCSI] libfc: move rport_lookup into fc_rport.c
[SCSI] libfc: do not log off rports before or after discovery
[SCSI] libfc: discovery restart sequence error fix
[SCSI] libfc: rearrange code in fc_disc_gpn_ft_resp()
[SCSI] libfc: handle discovery failure more correctly.
[SCSI] libfc: fix: empty zone causes endless discovery retries.
[SCSI] libfc: discovery retry should clear pending first.
[SCSI] libfc: discovery gpn_ft parse bug
[SCSI] libfc: clean up point-to-point discovery code.
[SCSI] libfc: don't do discovery before callback is set
[SCSI] libfc: move remote port lookup for ELS requests into fc_rport.c.
[SCSI] libfc: fix: rport_recv_req needs disc_mutex when calling rport_lookup
[SCSI] libfc: improve debug messages for ELS response handlers
[SCSI] libfc: correctly handle incoming PLOGI request.
[SCSI] libfc: fix rport error handling for login-required and invalid ops
[SCSI] libfc: re-login to remote ports that send us LOGO
[SCSI] libfc: LOGO response code had extraeous enter_rtv
[SCSI] libfc: use ADISC to verify rport login state
[SCSI] libfc: fix handling of incoming Discover Address (ADISC) requests
[SCSI] libfc: send GPN_ID in reaction to single-port RSCNs.
[SCSI] libfc: don't swap OX_ID and RX_ID when sending BA_RJT
[SCSI] fcoe: flush per-cpu thread work when destroying interface

Joe Perches (47):
hwrng: Use PCI_VDEVICE
ext4: Remove unnecessary semicolons in mballoc.c
drivers/net/wireless: Use PCI_VDEVICE
drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k: Remove unnecessary semicolons
MAINTAINERS: Update rtl8180 patterns
MAINTAINERS: update information for sfc network driver
lib/vsprintf.c: Add "%pI6c" - print pointer as compressed ipv6 address
s2io.c: Use const for strings
s2io.c: Shorten code line length by using intermediate pointers
s2io.c: Use calculated size in kmallocs
s2io.c: use kzalloc
s2io.c: Make more conforming to normal kernel style
s2io.c: convert printks to pr_<level>
s2io.c: fix spelling explaination
s2io.c: Standardize statistics accessors
s2io.c: Convert skipped nic->config.tx_cfg[i]. to tx_cfg->
s2io: Generate complete messages using single line DBG_PRINTs
drivers/ata: Remove unnecessary semicolons
MAINTAINERS: Add Atheros Linux wireless drivers home page
V4L/DVB (12196): cx18-fileops.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
V4L/DVB (12197): Remove unnecessary semicolons
V4L/DVB (12198): ivtv-driver.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
V4L/DVB (12204): bttv and meye: Use PCI_VDEVICE
V4L/DVB (12703): gspca - sn9c20x: Reduces size of object
pcmcia: drivers/pcmcia/pcmcia_resource.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
arch/m68knommu/kernel/time.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
mfd: remove unnecessary semicolons from twl4030
x86, mtrr: Convert loop to a while based construct, avoid naked semicolon
Use new __init_task_data macro in arch init_task.c files.
trivial: remove unnecessary semicolons
drivers/regulator/pcf50633-regulator.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
scripts/ add --git-blame
scripts/ add sections in pattern match depth order
scripts/ add --pattern-depth
scripts/ better email routines, use perl not shell where possible
scripts/ add .mailmap use, shell and email cleanups
scripts/ using --separator implies --nomultiline
scripts/ add --remove-duplicates
scripts/ add maintainers in order listed in matched section
MAINTAINERS: integrate P:/M: lines
MAINTAINERS: move ARM lists to infradead
lib/vsprintf.c: Avoid possible unaligned accesses in %pI6c
msm_sdcc.c: convert printk(KERN_<level> to pr_<level>(
msm_sdcc.c: stylistic cleaning
msm_sdcc.c: move overly indented code to separate function

Joe Peterson (2):
n_tty: honor opost flag for echoes
n_tty: move echoctl check and clean up logic

Joel Becker (40):
ocfs2: Make the ocfs2_caching_info structure self-contained.
ocfs2: Change metadata caching locks to an operations structure.
ocfs2: Take the inode out of the metadata read/write paths.
ocfs2: move ip_last_trans to struct ocfs2_caching_info
ocfs2: move ip_created_trans to struct ocfs2_caching_info
ocfs2: Pass struct ocfs2_caching_info to the journal functions.
ocfs2: Store the ocfs2_caching_info on ocfs2_extent_tree.
ocfs2: Pass ocfs2_caching_info to ocfs2_read_extent_block().
ocfs2: ocfs2_find_path() only needs the caching info
ocfs2: ocfs2_create_new_meta_bhs() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: Pass ocfs2_extent_tree to ocfs2_unlink_path()
ocfs2: ocfs2_complete_edge_insert() doesn't need struct inode at all.
ocfs2: Get inode out of ocfs2_rotate_subtree_root_right().
ocfs2: Pass ocfs2_extent_tree to ocfs2_get_subtree_root()
ocfs2: Drop struct inode from ocfs2_extent_tree_operations.
ocfs2: ocfs2_rotate_tree_right() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_update_edge_lengths() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_rotate_subtree_left() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: __ocfs2_rotate_tree_left() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_rotate_tree_left() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_merge_rec_left/right() no longer need struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_try_to_merge_extent() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_grow_branch() and ocfs2_append_rec_to_path() lose struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_truncate_rec() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: Make truncating the extent map an extent_tree_operation.
ocfs2: ocfs2_insert_at_leaf() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: Give ocfs2_split_record() an extent_tree instead of an inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_do_insert_extent() and ocfs2_insert_path() no longer need an inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_extent_contig() only requires the superblock.
ocfs2: Swap inode for extent_tree in ocfs2_figure_merge_contig_type().
ocfs2: Remove inode from ocfs2_figure_extent_contig().
ocfs2: ocfs2_figure_insert_type() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: Make extent map insertion an extent_tree_operation.
ocfs2: ocfs2_insert_extent() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_add_clusters_in_btree() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_remove_extent() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: ocfs2_split_and_insert() no longer needs struct inode.
ocfs2: Teach ocfs2_replace_extent_rec() to use an extent_tree.
ocfs2: __ocfs2_mark_extent_written() doesn't need struct inode.
ocfs2: Pass ocfs2_caching_info into ocfs_init_*_extent_tree().

Joerg Albert (6):
ath5k: fix missing output in monitor mode after ifconfig up
ar9170: cleanup of bss_info_changed and beacon config
ar9170: remove unnecessary call to ar9170_set_beacon_timers
ar9170: added phy register initialisation from eeprom values
ath,ar9170: move CTL_ defines into regd.h
ath,ar9170: implemented conformance test limit calc. for tx power

Joerg Roedel (68):
x86/amd-iommu: Dump fault entry on DTE error
x86/amd-iommu: Dump illegal command on ILLEGAL_COMMAND_ERROR
x86/amd-iommu: Introduce function for iommu-local domain flush
x86/amd-iommu: Remove some merge helper code
x86/amd-iommu: replace "AMD IOMMU" by "AMD-Vi"
x86/amd-iommu: Remove redundant 'IOMMU' string
x86/amd-iommu: fix broken check in amd_iommu_flush_all_devices
x86/amd-iommu: Add function to flush all DTEs on one IOMMU
x86/amd-iommu: Add reset function for command buffers
x86/amd-iommu: Reset command buffer on ILLEGAL_COMMAND_ERROR
x86/amd-iommu: Panic if IOMMU command buffer reset fails
x86/amd-iommu: Reset command buffer if wait loop fails
x86/amd-iommu: Make fetch_pte aware of dynamic mapping levels
x86/amd-iommu: Use fetch_pte in iommu_unmap_page
x86/amd-iommu: Use fetch_pte in amd_iommu_iova_to_phys
x86/amd-iommu: Add a gneric version of amd_iommu_flush_all_devices
x86/amd-iommu: Introduce set_dte_entry function
x86/amd-iommu: Flush domains if address space size was increased
x86/amd-iommu: Introduce increase_address_space function
x86/amd-iommu: Change alloc_pte to support 64 bit address space
x86/amd-iommu: Remove last usages of IOMMU_PTE_L0_INDEX
x86/amd-iommu: Remove bus_addr check in iommu_map_page
x86/amd-iommu: Use 2-level page tables for dma_ops domains
x86/amd-iommu: Remove old page table handling macros
x86/amd-iommu: Support higher level PTEs in iommu_page_unmap
x86/amd-iommu: Change iommu_map_page to support multiple page sizes
x86/dma: Mark iommu_pass_through as __read_mostly
x86/amd-iommu: Add core functions for pd allocation/freeing
x86/amd-iommu: Add passthrough mode initialization functions
x86/amd-iommu: Fix device table write order
x86/amd-iommu: Align locking between attach_device and detach_device
x86/amd-iommu: Make sure a device is assigned in passthrough mode
x86/amd-iommu: Don't detach device from pt domain on driver unbind
x86/amd-iommu: Initialize passthrough mode when requested
Merge branches 'gart/fixes', 'amd-iommu/fixes+cleanups' and 'amd-iommu/fault-handling' into amd-iommu/2.6.32
Merge branch 'amd-iommu/passthrough' into amd-iommu/2.6.32
Merge branch 'amd-iommu/pagetable' into amd-iommu/2.6.32
hugetlbfs: export vma_kernel_pagsize to modules
KVM: Prepare memslot data structures for multiple hugepage sizes
KVM: MMU: Fix MMU_DEBUG compile breakage
KVM: MMU: make rmap code aware of mapping levels
KVM: MMU: rename is_largepage_backed to mapping_level
KVM: MMU: make direct mapping paths aware of mapping levels
KVM: MMU: make page walker aware of mapping levels
KVM: MMU: shadow support for 1gb pages
KVM: MMU: enable gbpages by increasing nr of pagesizes
KVM: report 1GB page support to userspace
KVM: SVM: add helper functions for global interrupt flag
KVM: SVM: optimize nested #vmexit
KVM: SVM: optimize nested vmrun
KVM: SVM: copy only necessary parts of the control area on vmrun/vmexit
KVM: SVM: complete interrupts after handling nested exits
KVM: SVM: move nested svm state into seperate struct
KVM: SVM: cache nested intercepts
KVM: SVM: consolidate nested_svm_exit_handled
KVM: SVM: do nested vmexit in nested_svm_exit_handled
KVM: SVM: simplify nested_svm_check_exception
KVM: SVM: get rid of nested_svm_vmexit_real
KVM: SVM: clean up nested_svm_exit_handled_msr
KVM: SVM: clean up nestec vmload/vmsave paths
KVM: SVM: clean up nested vmrun path
KVM: SVM: remove nested_svm_do and helper functions
KVM: SVM: handle errors in vmrun emulation path appropriatly
KVM: SVM: move special nested exit handling to separate function
KVM: SVM: remove unnecessary is_nested check from svm_cpu_run
KVM: SVM: move nested_svm_intr main logic out of if-clause
KVM: SVM: check for nested VINTR flag in svm_interrupt_allowed
KVM: SVM: enable nested svm by default

Johannes Berg (162):
cfg80211: pass netdev to change_virtual_intf
cfg80211: issue netlink notification when scan starts
rt2x00: remove skb->do_not_encrypt usage
mac80211: push rx status into skb->cb
mac80211: improve per-sta debugfs
cfg80211: prohibit scanning the same channel more than once
mac80211_hwsim: clean up the skb before passing it back
cfg80211: send wext MLME-MICHAELMICFAILURE.indication
wext: allow returning NULL stats
mac80211: fix todo lock
wext: default to y
cfg80211: move break statement to correct place
nl80211: clean up function definitions
cfg80211: use proper allocation flags
cfg80211: remove wireless_dev->bssid
mac80211: tell SME about real auth state
wext: constify extra argument to wireless_send_event
cfg80211: introduce nl80211 testmode command
mac80211: remove an unused function declaration
wireless: define AKM suites
cfg80211: emulate connect with auth/assoc
cfg80211: managed mode wext compatibility
cfg80211: implement iwpower
cfg80211: implement IWAP for WDS
cfg80211: implement IWRATE
cfg80211: implement get_wireless_stats
mac80211: re-add HT disabling
mac80211: remove auth algorithm retry
mac80211: remove dead code, clean up
cfg80211: send events for userspace SME
cfg80211: reset auth algorithm
cfg80211: assimilate and export ieee80211_bss_get_ie
cfg80211: keep track of BSSes
cfg80211: refuse authenticating to same BSSID twice
nl80211: limit to one pairwise cipher for associate()
cfg80211: fix giwrange
iwlwifi: make software queue assignment more efficient
iwlwifi: scan requested channels only
iwlwifi: fix aggregation limit
rfkill: prep for rfkill API changes
cfg80211: let SME control reassociation vs. association
mac80211: remove dead code from mlme
mac80211: rework MLME for multiple authentications
mac80211: refactor the WEP code to be directly usable
cfg80211: fix netdev down problem
cfg80211: dont use union for wext
cfg80211: mlme API must be able to sleep
cfg80211: warn again on spurious deauth
cfg80211: properly name driver locking
cfg80211: fix MFP bug, sparse warnings
cfg80211: fix locking
cfg80211: clean up naming once and for all
cfg80211: disallow configuring unsupported interfaces
hwsim: make testmode_cmd static
netlink: remove unused exports
netlink: use call_rcu for netlink_change_ngroups
net: make namespace iteration possible under RCU
genetlink: make netns aware
net: move and export get_net_ns_by_pid
wireless extensions: make netns aware
wext: optimise, comment and fix event sending
net/compat/wext: send different messages to compat tasks
gianfar: remove unused DECLARE_MAC_BUF
net: explain netns notifiers a little better
mac80211: fix sparse warning
mac80211: driver operation debugging
cfg80211: fix race in giwrate
cfg80211: fix two buglets
nl80211: introduce new key attributes
cfg80211: rework key operation
mac80211: fix multi-use timer
mac80211: monitor the connection
cfg80211: fix a locking bug
mac80211: mesh: fix two small problems
cfg80211: fix wext stats
mac80211_hwsim: report fixed signal strength
cfg80211: don't look at wdev->ssid for giwessid
cfg80211: fix wext setting SSID
nl80211: report BSS status
cfg80211: fix more bugs in mlme handling
mac80211: cancel the connection monitor timers/work
cfg80211: fix unregistration
iwlwifi: make some logging functions static/unexport
wireless: remove print_mac uses
cfg80211: don't optimise wext calls too much
net: export __dev_addr_sync/__dev_addr_unsync
mac80211: remove master netdev
net: remove unused skb->do_not_encrypt
mac80211: fix ieee80211_xmit call context
net: deprecate print_mac
mac80211: cooperate more with network namespaces
cfg80211: make aware of net namespaces
mac80211: allow using network namespaces
mac80211: fix mlme timeouts
mac80211: fix PS-poll response, race
iwlwifi: fix up command sending
iwlwifi: remove command callback return value
cfg80211: fix circular lock dependency (1)
mac80211: fix receiving deauth
nl80211: add missing parameter clearing
cfg80211: fix disassoc while not associated
mac80211: verify info->control.vif is not NULL
cfg80211: combine iwfreq implementations
cfg80211: combine IWAP handlers
cfg80211: combine IWESSID handlers
cfg80211: self-contained wext handling where possible
mac80211: disable software retry for now
cfg80211: keep track of current_bss for userspace SME
mac80211: fix sparse warnings/errors
iwlwifi: don't export symbols not needed in other modules
cfg80211: fix NETDEV_UNREGISTER notifier
mac80211: fix powersave
cfg80211: lower dynamic PS timeout to 100ms
cfg80211: clear SSID on disconnect/no connection
mac80211: stay authenticated after disassoc
cfg80211: fix nl80211 disconnected events
cfg80211: fix SME association after disassociation
cfg80211: validate channel settings across interfaces
cfg80211: use reassociation when possible
nl80211: add generation number to all dumps
mac80211: explain TX retry and status
mac80211: document TX powersave filter requirements
mac80211: allow DMA optimisation
cfg80211: fix alignment problem in scan request
iwlwifi: refactor some thermal throttle code
iwlwifi: automatically adjust sleep level
cfg80211: fix locking for SIWFREQ
cfg80211: add missing device list locking
mac80211: take statistics before encryption
mac80211: sequence number micro-optimisation
mac80211: small tx code cleanup
cfg80211: check for and abort dangling scan requests
cfg80211: allow driver to override PS default
iwlwifi: remove unused members of iwl_ht_info
iwlwifi: disable PS by default
cfg80211: fix deadlock
cfg80211: report userspace SME connected event properly
mac80211: allow configure_filter callback to sleep
mac80211: remove deprecated API
cfg80211: fix dangling scan request checking
mac80211: fix register_hw error path
[SCSI] fcoe: convert to %pM
mac80211: fix configure_filter invocation after stop
cfg80211: check lost scans later, fix bug
cfg80211: make spurious warnings less likely, configurable
cfg80211: clean up properly on interface type change
mac80211: remove tasklet enable/disable
mac80211: fix RX skb leaks
mac80211: fix scan cancel on ifdown
iwlwifi: fix ICT irq table endianness
iwlwifi: use sleep interval succession
rfkill: relicense header file
iwlwifi: disable powersave for 4965
genetlink: fix netns vs. netlink table locking
cfg80211: fix SME connect
kmemcheck: add missing braces to do-while in kmemcheck_annotate_bitfield
iwlwifi: disable powersave for 4965
cfg80211: fix SME connect
mac80211: fix DTIM setting
cfg80211: don't overwrite privacy setting
module: preferred way to use MODULE_AUTHOR
genetlink: fix netns vs. netlink table locking (2)

Johannes Goerner (1):
V4L/DVB (12281): gspca - sunplus: Webcam 052b:1803 added.

Johannes Weiner (8):
kernel-doc: allow multi-line declaration purpose descriptions
mm: make swap token dummies static inlines
mm: perform non-atomic test-clear of PG_mlocked on free
mm: drop unneeded double negations
mm: introduce page_lru_base_type()
mm: return boolean from page_is_file_cache()
mm: return boolean from page_has_private()
mm: document is_page_cache_freeable()

John Bonesio (2):
ASoC: MPC5200: Increase the delay time between resets
ASoC: MPC5200: Support for buffer wrap around

John Dykstra (1):
tcp: Remove redundant copy of MD5 authentication key

John Linn (1):
net: add Xilinx emac lite device driver

John Reiser (1):
ftrace: __start_mcount_loc should be .init.rodata

John Stultz (5):
timekeeping: Introduce timekeeping_leap_insert
alpha: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()
m32r: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()
m68k: convert to use arch_gettimeoffset()

John W. Linville (7):
mac80211_hwsim: fix-up build damage from removal of skb->dst
ray_cs: remove bogus NULL check at head of ray_get_wireless_stats
rc80211_pid_algo.c: remove unused variable declaration
wl1271: remove print_mac usage
libipw: switch from ieee80211_* to libipw_* naming policy
mac80211: remove ieee80211_rx namespace hack
libipw: initiate cfg80211 API conversion

John Williams (7):
mtd: Enable Open Firmware initialisation of MTD devices and maps for MicroBlaze
microblaze: Use correct kbuild variable KBUILD_CFLAGS
microblaze: Ensure CPU usermode is set on new userspace processes
microblaze: Clear sticky FSR register after generating exception signals
microblaze: Updated CPU version and FPGA family codes in PVR
microblaze: Copy ppc asm-compat.h for clean handling of constants in asm and C
microblaze: Create the LOAD_OFFSET macro used to compute VMA vs LMA offsets

John(Jung-Ik) Lee (1):
libata: Add pata_atp867x driver for Artop/Acard ATP867X controllers

Jon Frosdick (1):
sh: Use internal watchdog timer to perform reset

Jon Hunter (1):
USB: EHCI: ensure all watchdog timer events are deleted when suspending usb

Jonathan Cameron (15):
Staging: IIO: core support for device registration and management
Staging: IIO: max1363 ADC driver
Staging: IIO: tsl2561 digital light sensor core support
Staging: IIO: lis3l02dq accelerometer core support
Staging: IIO: kxsd9 accelerometer minimal support
Staging: IIO: Add generic ring buffer support to the IIO core
Staging: IIO: VTI sca3000 series accelerometer driver (spi)
Staging: IIO: Trigger support added to core.
Staging: IIO: Ring buffer: Initial pass at rarely locked ring buffer
Staging: IIO: lis3l02dq ring buffer and data ready trigger support
Staging: IIO: max1363 add software ring buffer support using ring_sw
Staging: IIO: Periodic timer based trigger
Staging: IIO: Proof of concept gpio trigger
Staging: IIO: Initial documentation
Staging: IIO: Add todo list for staging

Jonathan Corbet (1):
Document the flex_array library.

Jonathan McDowell (2):
[ARM] pxa: balloon3 ( base machine support
omapfb: add support for the Amstrad Delta LCD

Jonathan Woithe (2):
fujitsu-laptop: fix config corner case
fujitsu-laptop: increment driver version

Joonyoung Shim (11):
ASoC: add SOC_DOUBLE_EXT_TLV control type
ASoC: add SOC_DOUBLE_R_EXT_TLV control type
ASoC: MAX9877: add MAX9877 amp driver
ASoC: MAX9877: separate callback functions
ASoC: MAX9877: fix write operation for register
ASoC: Fix data format configuration for S3C64XX IISv2
V4L/DVB (12413): radio-si470x: separate common and usb code
V4L/DVB (12414): radio-si470x: change to dev_* macro from printk
V4L/DVB (12415): radio-si470x: add disconnect check function
V4L/DVB (12416): radio-si470x: add i2c driver for si470x
Input: add touchscreen driver for MELFAS MCS-5000 controller

Jory A. Pratt (1):
kbuild: fix cc1 options check to ensure we do not use -fPIC when compiling

Jose Alberto Reguero (1):
V4L/DVB (12753): af9015: [1/2] fix USB TS configuration

Josef Bacik (6):
Btrfs: make balance code choose more wisely when relocating
Btrfs: don't keep retrying a block group if we fail to allocate a cluster
Btrfs: fix bitmap size tracking
Btrfs: remove dead code
Btrfs: fix extent entry threshold calculation
Btrfs: account for space used by the super mirrors

Joseph Cihula (4):
x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT boot support
x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT reboot/halt shutdown support
x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT Sx shutdown support
intel_txt: Force IOMMU on for Intel TXT launch

Josh Boyer (2):
powerpc: Fix __flush_icache_range on 44x
powerpc/4xx: Fix erroneous xmon warning on PowerPC 4xx

Josh Stone (4):
tracing: Rename FTRACE_SYSCALLS for tracepoints
tracing: Make syscall tracepoints conditional
tracing: Move tracepoint callbacks from declaration to definition
tracing: Create generic syscall TRACE_EVENTs

Josh Triplett (4):
rcu: Fix typo in rcu_irq_exit() comment header
tracing: Add vim script to enable folding for function_graph traces
rcutorture: Occasionally delay readers enough to make RCU force_quiescent_state
Documentation/vm/.gitignore: add page-types

Jouni Hogander (4):
spi: omap2_mcspi use BIT(n)
omapfb: dispc: disable iface clocks along with func clocks
omapfb: dispc: enable wake up capability
omapfb: suspend/resume only if FB device is already initialized

Jouni Malinen (1):
mac80211: Check pending scan request after having processed mgd work

Julia Lawall (65):
drivers/net/cs89x0.c: Avoid using magic number in set_dma_mode
Input: use resource_size when allocating resources
drivers/net/bonding: Adjust constant name
HID: Drop NULL test on list_entry result
drivers/net: Drop unnecessary NULL test
drivers/isdn: Drop unnecessary NULL test
drivers/net: Correct redundant test
net/netlabel: Correct redundant test
drivers/atm: Correct redundant test
fs/xfs: Correct redundant test
drivers/net: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST
drivers/atm: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST
drivers/net/wireless: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST
security/smack: Use AF_INET for sin_family field
net/rds: Use AF_INET for sin_family field
drivers/ide/ide-cd.c: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST
HID: fix memory leak on error patch in debug code
drivres/net: Change constant name
drivers/net/tokenring: Use status field rather than state field
drivers/net: Correct use of request_region/request_mem_region
drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k: Change constant name
powerpc/fsl_rio: Add kmalloc NULL tests
powerpc/ipic: introduce missing kfree
powerpc/qe: introduce missing kfree
hvc_console: Drop unnecessary NULL test
powerpc: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST in time init code
Bluetooth: Add missing kmalloc NULL tests to Marvell driver
fujitsu-laptop: Correct redundant test
Input: w90p910_keypad - move a dereference below a NULL test
fs/xfs: Correct redundant test
KVM: correct error-handling code
drivers/ata: use resource_size
drivers/net/wan: introduce missing kfree
drivers/net/phy: introduce missing kfree
ASoC: Clean up error handling in MPC5200 DMA setup
V4L/DVB (12421): drivers/media/video/gspca: introduce missing kfree
V4L/DVB (12477): Use dst_type field instead of type_flags
hwmon: Use resource_size
Staging: otus: Drop an unnecessary NULL test
Staging: b3dfg: Drop NULL test on list_entry result
Staging: meilhaus: convert nested spin_lock_irqsave to spin_lock
Staging: Correct use of ! and &
Staging: dst: correct error-handling code
staging: Make some structures static
Staging: rtl8192e: Drop unnecessary NULL test
Staging: dream: introduce missing kfree
Staging: iio: introduce missing kfree
MIPS: TXx9: Fix error handling.
i2c-pnx: Correct use of request_region/request_mem_region
V4L/DVB (13012): uvc: introduce missing kfree
drivers/net: remove duplicate structure field initialization
USB: gadget: Drop NULL test on list_entry result
USB: storage: Drop an unneeded a NULL test
USB: isp1362: Correct use of ! and &
drivers/rtc: correct error-handling code
drivers/rtc: introduce missing kfree
drivers/video: add kmalloc NULL tests
drivers/net/wireless: Use usb_endpoint_dir_out
fs/romfs: correct error-handling code
edac: fix resource size calculation
fs/romfs: correct error-handling code
drivers/vlynq/vlynq.c: fix resource size off by 1 error
RDMA/nes: Remove duplicate .ndo_set_mac_address field initialization

Julian Scheel (1):
V4L/DVB (12481): Fix lowband tuning with tda8261

Julie Zhu (1):
microblaze: Add architectural support for USB EHCI host controllers

Julien Tinnes (1):
personality handling: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID for security reasons

Julius Volz (1):
IPVS: Add handling of incoming ICMPV6 messages

Jurij Smakov (1):
sparc64: build compressed image (zImage) by default

Jussi Kivilinna (39):
rndis_wlan: convert get/set frag/rts to cfg80211
usbnet: Add stop function pointer to 'struct rndis_data'.
rndis_wlan: convert set/get txpower to cfg80211
usbnet: allow "minidriver" to prevent urb unlinking on usbnet_stop
rndis_wlan: stop workers on rndis_wlan_stop() and restore on rndis_wlan_reset()
rndis_wlan: clear cfg80211 scan on rndis_wlan_stop()
rndis_wlan: reset device and restore multicast list on rndis_wlan_reset()
rndis_wlan: set current packet filter to zero on stop
rndis_wlan: add rndis_set/query_oid debugging
rndis_host: allow rndis_wlan to see all indications
rndis_wlan: handle 802.11 indications from device
rndis_wlan: add missing padding to struct rndis_80211_remove_key
rndis_wlan: rework key handling
usbnet: add rx queue pausing
cfg80211: export cfg80211_wext_siwfreq
rndis_wlan: fix broken logic in add_wep_key()
rndis_wlan: set cipher suites for cfg80211
rndis_wlan: ignore OID_802_11_ADD_KEY triggered media connect indications
rndis_wlan: get bssid scan list before new scan
rndis_wlan: resize bssid list if too small
rndis_wlan: increase scan timer delay
rndis_wlan: move link up/down work to separate functions
rndis_wlan: use is_zero_ether_addr() and is_broadcast_ether_addr()
rndis_wlan: set ieee80211_ptr->iftype in rndis_change_virtual_intf
rndis_wlan: enable infrastructure before setting random essid
rndis_wlan: add cfg80211 connect, disconnect, join_ibss and leave_ibss
rndis_wlan: add cfg80211 set_channel
rndis_wlan: add cfg80211 key handling
rndis_wlan: add cfg80211 get_station
rndis_wlan: add cfg80211 dump_station
rndis_wlan: rename wireless stats worker to device poller
rndis_wlan: remove unneeded SIOCSIWCOMMIT
rndis_wlan: convert mic failure wireless event to cfg80211
rndis_wlan: disable IWEVPMKIDCAND wireless event
rndis_wlan: use cfg80211_wext_handler
rndis_wlan: use bool for on/off switches
rndis_wlan: cleanup
rndis_wlan: fix sparse endianess warnings
rndis_wlan: remove 'select WIRELESS_EXT' in Kconfig

Juuso Oikarinen (4):
wl12xx: removed chipset interrupt source configuration from fw wakeup
wl12xx: Moved wl1251 TX path implementation into chip specific files
wl12xx: Add support for block reading from a fixed register address
wl12xx: Use chipset specific join commands

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (15):
vmalloc: unmap vmalloc area after hiding it
kcore: fix vread/vwrite to be aware of holes
kcore: /proc/kcore should use vread
kcore: use usual list for kclist
kcore: add kclist types
kcore: register vmalloc area in generic way
kcore: register text area in generic way
walk system ram range
kcore: use registerd physmem information
kcore: register vmemmap range
kcore: register module area in generic way
kcore: more fixes for init
/proc/kcore: fix stat.st_size
/proc/kcore: update stat.st_size after memory hotplug
memcg: add comments explaining memory barriers

KOSAKI Motohiro (17):
mm: clean up page_remove_rmap()
mm: show_free_areas(): display slab pages in two separate fields
mm: oom analysis: add per-zone statistics to show_free_areas()
mm: oom analysis: add buffer cache information to show_free_areas()
mm: oom analysis: Show kernel stack usage in /proc/meminfo and OOM log output
mm: oom analysis: add shmem vmstat
mm: rename pgmoved variable in shrink_active_list()
mm: shrink_inactive_list() nr_scan accounting fix fix
mm: vmstat: add isolate pages
mm: remove __{add,sub}_zone_page_state()
vmscan: move ClearPageActive from move_active_pages() to shrink_active_list()
vmscan: kill unnecessary page flag test
vmscan: kill unnecessary prefetch
oom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to signal_struct
oom: make oom_score to per-process value
oom: oom_kill doesn't kill vfork parent (or child)
oom: fix oom_adjust_write() input sanity check

KaiGai Kohei (2):
cleanup in ss/services.c
Add audit messages on type boundary violations

Kalle Valo (46):
wl12xx: cmd and acx interface rework
wl12xx: reserver buffer for read32()/write32() in struct wl12xx
wl12xx: fix error handling in wl12xx_probe()
wl12xx: reserve buffer for partition command in struct wl12xx
wl12xx: allocate buffer spi read/write command buffer kzalloc()
wl12xx: allocate buffer the spi busy word from struct wl12xx
wl12xx: use wl12xx_mem_read32() to read the rx counter
wl12xx: fix rx descriptor use
wl12xx: protect wl12xx_op_set_rts_threshold()
wl12xx: optimise elp wakeup and sleep calls
wl12xx: check if elp wakeup failed
wl12xx: enable ELP mode
wl12xx: rename wl1251.c wl1251_ops.c
wl12xx: rename driver to wl1251
wl1251: remove wl1271_setup()
wl1251: add wl1251 prefix to all 1251 files
wl1251: rename wl12xx.h to wl1251.h
wl12xx: remove unused wl12xx_hw_init_mem_config()
wl1251: use wl1251 prefix everywhere
wl1251: fix a checkpatch warning
wl1251: remove accidentally added wl1251_netlink.c
wl1251: remove wl1251_plt_start/stop()
MAINTAINERS: add wl1251 wireless driver
wl1251: remove fixed address support from spi commands
wl1251: remove wl1251_ops
wl1251: reorder wl1251_cmd_join() arguments
wl1251: use beacon interval and dtim period provided by mac80211
wl1251: remove wait parameter from wl1251_cmd_join()
wl1251: initialise default channel to zero
wl1251: add channel to wl1251_cmd_join() parameters
wl1251: create wl1251_join()
wl1251: fix channel setting in wl1251_op_config()
wl1251: move wl1251_acx_wake_up_conditions() to wl1251_ps_set_mode()
wl1251: use workqueue provided by mac80211
wl1251: rename reg.h to wl1251_reg.h
wl1251: remove Luciano as maintainer
wl1251: add hw scan completed debug message
wl1251: hack to disable filters for fixing association
iwl3945: fix compilation error in iwl3945_pass_packet_to_mac80211()
wl1251: remove wl1251_ops.c
wl1251: remove unused definitions from wl1251_reg.h
OMAP: UART: drop OMAP_TAG_UART, enable all UARTs, auto-disabled on idle
OMAP2: compile usb-tusb6010.c
OMAP2: add board file for Nokia N800 and N810
OMAP2: n8x0: add n8x0_defconfig

Kamalesh Babulal (1):
Staging: sep: SEP driver build breaks with CONFIG_PCI=n

Karl Hiramoto (1):
atm/br2684: netif_stop_queue() when atm device busy and netif_wake_queue() when we can send packets again.

Karl Relton (1):
Staging: wlan-ng: Convert firmware loading to load binary ihex format

Karsten Keil (13):
ISDN: Make isdnhdlc usable for other ISDN drivers
ISDN: Clean up isdnhdlc code
ISDN: Add support for none reverse bitstreams to isdnhdc
ISDN: Fix isdnhdlc for one byte hdlc packets
mISDN: Make clearing B-channel a common function
mISDN: Add driver for Infineon ISDN chipset family
mISDN: Driver for AVM Fritz!CARD PCI
mISDN: Add support for Speedfax+ cards
mISDN: Add driver for Winbond cards
mISDN: Add support for Traverse Technologies NETJet PCI cards
mISDN: hfcmulti display real PCI ids for not supported cards
mISDN: Fix wrong struct name in macro and clarifications

Kashyap, Desai (20):
[SCSI] mptsas : Change DEFINED value of can queue for FC and SAS devices.
[SCSI] mptsas : Removed mptscsih_timer_expired.
[SCSI] mptsas : Handle INSUFFICIENT resources status as similar to IOC BUSY status
[SCSI] mptsas : Change config request timeout value to 30 seconds.
[SCSI] mptsas : set max_id to infinite value.
[SCSI] mptsas : Code cleanup of host page alloc and diag reset.
[SCSI] mptsas : Bump version to 3.04.11
[SCSI] mpt2sas : Rescan topology from Interrupt context instead of work thread
[SCSI] mpt2sas: Prevent sending command to FW while Host Reset
[SCSI] mpt2sas: Removed wrapper funtions _scsih_link_change.
[SCSI] mpt2sas: setting SDEV into RUNNING state from Interrupt context
[SCSI] mpt2sas: Raid 10 Volume is showing as Raid 1E in dmesg
[SCSI] mpt2sas: cleanup interrupt routine and config_request optimization
[SCSI] mpt2sas: Bump driver version
[SCSI] mptsas : Sanity check for phyinfo is added
[SCSI] mptsas : NULL pointer on big endian systems causing Expander not to tear off
[SCSI] mptsas : PAE Kernel more than 4 GB kernel panic
[SCSI] mptsas : Send DID_NO_CONNECT for pending IOs of removed device
[SCSI] mptsas : FW event thread and scsi mid layer deadlock in SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
[SCSI] mptsas : Bump version to 3.04.12

Kay Sievers (3):
mem_class: use minor as index instead of searching the array
Driver Core: devtmpfs - kernel-maintained tmpfs-based /dev
Driver-Core: extend devnode callbacks to provide permissions

Kees Cook (1):
proc: fix reported unit for RLIMIT_CPU

Kees Schoenmakers (2):
MOS7720 has no tiocmget method
tty: usb_serial_mos7720: Fix get_lsr_info

Keith Packard (1):
drm/I915: Use the CRT DDC to get the EDID for DVI-connector on Mac

Ken Kawasaki (1):
pcnet_cs: add cis of Linksys multifunction pcmcia card

Ken MacLeod (1):
USB: isp1362: fix pulldown register defines and conf logic

Kenji Kaneshige (25):
PCI ASPM: do not clear enabled field by support field
PCI ASPM: remove redundant list check
PCI ASPM: fix possible null pointer dereference
PCI ASPM: introduce disable flag
PCI ASPM: introduce capable flag
PCI ASPM: support partial aspm enablement
PCI ASPM: support per direction l0s management
PCI hotplug: fix typo in pcie link speed info
PCI hotplug: add support for 5.0G link speed
PCI ASPM: support L1 only
PCI: pciehp: remove slot_list field
PCI: pciehp: remove num_slots field
PCI: pciehp: remove slot_num_inc field
PCI: pciehp: remove bus field
PCI: pciehp: remove device field
PCI: pciehp: remove hp_slot field
PCI: pciehp: remove slot_device_offset field
PCI: pciehp: remove first_slot field
PCI: pciehp: remove slot_bus field
PCI: pciehp: remove crit_sect mutex
PCI: pciehp: remove pci_dev field
PCI: pciehp: remove hpc_ops
PCI: pciehp: remove number field
PCI: pciehp: remove error message definitions
PCI: pciehp: remove slot capabilities definitions

Kevin A. Granade (1):
Staging: asus_oled: Cleaned up checkpatch issues.

Kevin Cernekee (2):
m25p80: Add Spansion S25FL129P serial flashes
kaweth: Fix memory leak in kaweth_control()

Kevin Hilman (14):
ASoC: spdif codec: enable use by modules
ASoC: spdif: set module licence to GPL
ASoC: davinci: don't use clock names
IDE: palm_bk3710: convert clock usage after clkdev conversion
MAINTAINERS: add entry for TI DaVinci machine support
davinci: Kconfig: enable EVMs by default when SoCs are enabled
davinci: remove watchdog from soc_info
davinci: Kconfig: update default config for 2.6.31-rc
davinci: da830: updates for mach-type name change
davinci: Kconfig: update default defconfig
davinci: audio clocks: use struct device instead of clock names
davinci: Kconfig: add dm646x ASoC support
[WATCHDOG] davinci: use clock framework for timer frequency
omapfb: add support for the 3430SDP LCD

Kim Kyuwon (1):
Input: add driver for Maxim MAX7359 key switch controller

Kim Phillips (3):
crypto: talitos - simplify hmac data size calculation
crypto: talitos - align locks on cache lines
crypto: talitos - add support for 36 bit addressing

Kiran Divekar (1):
libertas: add NULL check on return value of get_zeroed_page

Kirill A. Shutemov (2):
ARM: 5700/1: ARM: Introduce ARM_L1_CACHE_SHIFT to define cache line size
ARM: 5701/1: ARM: copy_page.S: take into account the size of the cache line

Kirill Smelkov (1):
perf tools: .gitignore += perf*.html

Klaus-Dieter Wacker (3):
qeth: HiperSockets SIGA retry support on CC=2.
qeth: Cleanup for cast-type determination.
qeth: display service_level info only when valid.

Koen Kooi (1):
omapfb: add support for the OMAP3 Beagle DVI output

Konrad Eisele (5):
sparc,leon: CONFIG_SPARC_LEON option and leon specific files.
sparc,leon: Redefine MMU register access asi if CONFIG_LEON
sparc,leon: Introduce the sparc-leon CPU type.
sparc,leon: Added support for AMBAPP bus.
sparc, leon: sparc-leon specific SRMMU initialization and bootup fixes.

Krishna Kumar (5):
net: Avoid enqueuing skb for default qdiscs
Speed-up pfifo_fast lookup using a private bitmap
netdevice: Consolidate to use existing macros where available.
net: convert remaining non-symbolic return values in dev_queue_xmit
pkt_sched: Fix resource limiting in pfifo_fast

Kristoffer Ericson (2):
ARM: 5689/1: Update default config of HP Jornada 700-series machines
pcmcia: cleanup/fixup patch for sa1100_jornada_pcmcia driver

Krzysztof Halasa (4):
WAN/LMC: Fix type_trans().
WAN: remove deprecated PCI_DEVICE_ID from PCI200SYN driver.
IXP42x HSS support for setting internal clock rate
trivial: fix comment typo in drivers/ata/pata_hpt37x.c

Krzysztof Hałasa (1):
Add MAINTAINERS entry for ARM/INTEL IXP4xx arch support.

Kumar Gala (14):
powerpc/mm: Fix switch_mmu_context to iterate of the proper list of cpus
powerpc/85xx: Move mpc8536ds.dts to address-cells/size-cells = <2>
powerpc/85xx: Added 36-bit physical device tree for mpc8536ds board
powerpc/mm: Fix assert_pte_locked to work properly on uniprocessor
powerpc/booke: Move MMUCSR definition into mmu-book3e.h
powerpc/mm: Add MMU features for TLB reservation & Paired MAS registers
powerpc/book3e-64: Move the default cpu table entry
powerpc/book3e-64: Wait til generic_calibrate_decr to enable decrementer
powerpc/book3e-64: Add helper function to setup IVORs
powerpc/book3e-64: Add support to initial_tlb_book3e for non-HES TLB
powerpc/pci: Pull ppc32 PCI features into common
powerpc/book3e: Add missing page sizes
powerpc/fsl-booke: Use HW PTE format if CONFIG_PTE_64BIT
powerpc/85xx: Fix SMP compile error and allow NULL for smp_ops

Kuninori Morimoto (33):
sh: ms7724se: add 1280x720 lcdc output support
sh: Add SH7724 DMAC support.
sh: mach-kfr2409: add FLLFRQ value for PLL correction.
sh: clkfwk: Support additional IFC divisor on SH7724.
sh: Prevent heartbeat from scribbling over non-LED bits.
sh: USB0 resource area fix for ms7724se
sh: Add SH7724 support to NR_ONCHIP_DMA_CHANNELS
sh: Add EcoVec (SH7724) board support
ASoC: Add SuperH FSI driver support for ALSA
ASoC: Add ak4642/ak4643 codec support
ASoC: Add FSI-AK4642 sound support for SuperH
sh: fix CPU_SH7723/7724 numbering bug
sh: modify to enable boot for EcoVec24
sh: Add SH-ETH support for EcoVec24
sh: Add USB support for EcoVec24
sh: Add support LCDC for EcoVec24
sh: Add CEU support for EcoVec24
sh: Add LCDC Panel support for EcoVec24
sh: Add I2C device support for EcoVec24
sh: add romimage-macros.h
sh: Add romImage support for EcoVec24
sh: EcoVec24: write MAC address in boot
sh: EcoVec24: add HIZA setting for LED
sh: USB disable process is needed if romImage boot for EcoVec24
sh: Add EcoVec24 romImage defconfig
sh: add kycr2_delay for sh_keysc
sh: Add KEYSC support for EcoVec24
sh: mach-ecovec24: deassert usb irq on boot.
sh: mach-ecovec24: need asm/clock.h.
sh: kfr2r09: document the PLL/FLL <-> RF relationship.
sh: mach-ecovec24: Add user debug switch support
sh: mach-ecovec24: Add active low setting for sh_eth
sh: add FSI driver support for ms7724se

Kurt Roeckx (1):
[CPUFREQ] Fix NULL ptr regression in powernow-k8

Kusanagi Kouichi (1):
tun: Return -EINVAL if neither IFF_TUN nor IFF_TAP is set.

Kyle McMartin (1):
drm/i915: i915_modeset is signed

Kyungmin Park (2):
mtd: OneNAND: 4-bit ECC status macros
omapfb: add support for the Apollon LCD

Ladinu Chandrasinghe (1):
Documentation/: fix warnings from -Wmissing-prototypes in HOSTCFLAGS

Lai Jiangshan (5):
tracing/stat: Add stat_release() callback
tracing/workqueues: Add refcnt to struct cpu_workqueue_stats
ring_buffer: Fix warning while ignoring cmpxchg return value
tracing/events: add missing type info of dynamic arrays
tracing: Simplify print_graph_cpu()

Lalit Chandivade (2):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Process DPC requests within valid Fabric topologies.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct qla2x00_eh_wait_on_command() to wait correctly.

Lamarque Vieira Souza (3):
V4L/DVB (12278): zr364xx: implement V4L2_CAP_STREAMING
V4L/DVB (12325): Implement changing resolution on the fly for zr364xx driver
V4L/DVB (12326): zr364xx: error message when buffer is too small and code cleanup

Larry Finger (7):
hostap_cs: Enable shared interrupts
p54: Eliminate unnecessary initialization
b43: Work around mac80211 race condition
b43legacy: Work around mac80211 race condition
ssb: Fix error when V1 SPROM extraction is forced
ssb: Fix error when V1 SPROM extraction is forced
b43: Implement RFKILL status for LP PHY

Lars Ericsson (3):
rt2x00: Don't alter rt2x00dev->default_ant
rt2x00: Fix quality houskeeping for software diversity
rt2x00: Fix rounding errors in RSSI average calculation

Lars Marowsky-Bree (1):
dlm: fix connection close handling

Lars-Peter Clausen (4):
ASoC: neo1973_gta02_wm8753: Replace snd_soc_cnew with snd_soc_add_controls.
ASoC: neo1973_gta02_wm8753: Replace deprecated s3c_gpio calls with gpiolib
ASoC: jack: Fix race in snd_soc_jack_add_gpios
Regulator: Implement list_voltage for pcf50633 regulator driver.

Laurent Pinchart (12):
V4L/DVB (12184): uvcvideo: Use class-specific descriptor types from usb/ch9.h
V4L/DVB (12185): uvcvideo: Prefix all UVC constants with UVC_
V4L/DVB (12186): uvcvideo: Remove unused Logitech-specific constants
V4L/DVB (12187): uvcvideo: Move UVC definitions to linux/usb/video.h
V4L/DVB (12188): uvcvideo: Set PROBE_MINMAX quirk for Aveo Technology webcams
V4L/DVB (12327): uvcvideo: Add PROBE_DEF quirk and enable it for the MT6227 device
V4L/DVB (12378): uvcvideo: Restructure the driver to support multiple simultaneous streams.
V4L/DVB (12379): uvcvideo: Multiple streaming interfaces support
USB: Move endpoint sync type definitions from usb/audio.h to usb/ch9.h
USB: Move vendor subclass definition from usb/audio.h to usb/ch9.h
USB audio gadget: Prefix all macro definitions with UAC_ in linux/usb/audio.h
USB audio gadget: Un-inline generic_[gs]et_cmd

Lee Schermerhorn (5):
hugetlb: balance freeing of huge pages across nodes
hugetlb: use free_pool_huge_page() to return unused surplus pages
hugetlb: clean up and update huge pages documentation
hugetlb: restore interleaving of bootmem huge pages
mmap: avoid unnecessary anon_vma lock acquisition in vma_adjust()

Len Brown (34):
ACPI: fix CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS=n build warning
eeepc-laptop: whitespace for
ACPI: Move definition of PREFIX from acpi_bus.h to internal..h
ACPI, PCI: Change PREFIX to "PCI" from "ACPI" in mmconfig-shared.c
ACPI: check acpi_disabled in acpi_table_parse() and acpi_table_parse_entries()
SFI: Simple Firmware Interface - MAINTAINERS, Kconfig
ACPI: sleep: another HP DMI entry for init_set_sci_en_on_resume
Merge branch 'bugzilla-13745' into release
Revert "ACPI: Attach the ACPI device to the ACPI handle as early as possible"
Merge branch 'bugzilla-13002' into release
Merge branch 'linus' into release
Merge branch 'linus' into sfi-release
Merge branch 'sfi-base' into release
Merge branch 'thinkpad' into release
Merge branch 'topstar-laptop' into release
ACPI: linux/acpi.h should not include linux/dmi.h
ACPI: remove unnecessary #ifdef CONFIG_DMI
Merge branch 'acpica' into release
Merge branch 'acer' into release
Merge branch 'asus' into release
Merge branch 'battery' into release
Merge branch 'bjorn-start-stop-2.6.32' into release
Merge branch 'ec' into release
Merge branch 'bugzilla-13620' into release
Merge branch 'fujitsu' into release
Merge branch 'power-meter' into release
Merge branch 'preempt' into release
Merge branch 'processor-procfs-2.6.32' into release
Merge branch 'thinkpad' into release
Merge branch 'misc-2.6.32' into release
Merge branch 'video' into release
Merge branch 'bjorn-HID' into release
Merge branch 'thinkpad-2.6.32-part2' into release
ACPI: IA64=y ACPI=n build fix

Lennart Poettering (1):
sched: Introduce SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK scheduling policy flag

Lennart Sorensen (1):
microblaze: Actually show KiB rather than pages in "Freeing initrd memory:"

Lennert Buytenhek (34):
¶ARM] Orion5x: fix cpu window mapping for 88f6183
mwl8k: remove various unused struct members and defines
mwl8k: s/IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN/ETH_ALEN/g
mwl8k: sort firmware command list by opcode, and trim unused commands
mwl8k: various coding style cleanups
mwl8k: remove MWL8K_RADIO_* defines
mwl8k: remove MWL8K_RADIO_*_PREAMBLE defines
mwl8k: remove MWL8K_WMM_* defines
mwl8k: remove MWL8K_*_SLOTTIME defines
mwl8k: fix mwl8k_configure_filter() parameter lifetime issue
mwl8k: ->add_interface() is not called for monitor interfaces
mwl8k: dma header manipulations can't fail
mwl8k: don't touch 'command done' interrupt during firmware load
mwl8k: don't hardcode the number of transmit queues
mwl8k: no need to hold ->tx_lock while setting the hardware interrupt mask
mwl8k: implement idle mode
mwl8k: mwl8k_txq_xmit() rework
mwl8k: mwl8k_queue_work() cleanup
mwl8k: fix firmware command serialisation
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_start() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_stop() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_config() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_bss_info_changed() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_set_rts_threshold() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_conf_tx() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_get_stats() workqueue use
mwl8k: get rid of mwl8k_configure_filter() workqueue use
mwl8k: remove mwl8k_queue_work()
mwl8k: update copyright and version number
MAINTAINERS: add information for mwl8k wireless driver
mwl8k: fix inverted error test in mwl8k_bss_info_changed()
mwl8k: fix pci dma mapping leak in mwl8k_post_cmd() error path
mwl8k: missing endian conversion when printing firmware command result
mwl8k: separate driver and device info reporting during probe

Leo Chen (25):
ARM: 5643/1: bcmring: arch.c and header files
ARM: 5644/1: add bcmring core.c, clock.c, clock.h
ARM: 5645/1: bcmring: add bcmring irq.c
ARM: 5646/1: bcmring: add mach-bcmring/mm.c and memory headers
ARM: 5647/1: bcmring: add bcmring dma.h and dma_device.c
ARM: 5648/1: bcmring: add bmcring dma.c
ARM: 5649/1: bcmring: add bcmring timer function
ARM: 5650/1: bcmring: add io.h, uncompress. h, and entry-macro.S
ARM: 5651/1: bcmring: csp capability header files
ARM: 5652/1: bcmring: add misc headers for csp code
ARM: 5654/1: bcmring: add csp chipc hardware register file
ARM: 5655/1: bcmring: add csp chipc hardware definition file
ARM: 5656/1: bcmring: add csp chipc inline functions
ARM: 5657/1: bcmring: add csp chipc block source code
ARM: 5658/1: bcmring: add csp dmac header files
ARM: 5659/1: bcmring: add csp dmac source files
ARM: 5660/1: bcmring: add csp timer block header and source files
ARM: 5661/1: bcmring: add csp security hardware headers
ARM: 5653/1: bcmring: add Makefile of csp code
ARM: 5642/1: bcmring: add Makefile/Kconfig/Makefile.boot in mach-bcmring
ARM: 5641/1: bcmring: add Kconfig and Makefile entries in arch/arm
ARM: 5670/1: bcmring: add default configuration for bcmring arch
ARM: 5671/1: bcmring: add maintainer entry
ARM: 5625/1: fix hard coded 4K resource size in amba bus detection
ARM: 5626/1: add suspend/resume functions to amba-pl011 serial driver

Li Hong (1):
tracing: Fix a comment and a trivial format issue in tracepoint.h

Li Peng (2):
Add G33 series in VGA hotplug support category
drm/i915: fix opregion backlight chip detect and range

Li Yang (1):
USB: gadget: Update Freescale UDC entry in MAINTAINERS

Li Zefan (46):
tracing/events: Add trace_event boot option
kmemtrace: Print binary output only if 'bin' option is set
kmemtrace: Rename some functions
tracing/events: record the size of dynamic arrays
tracing/filters: improve subsystem filter
lockdep: Fix missing entry in /proc/lock_stat
lockdep: Fix missing entries in /proc/lock_chains
lockdep: Simplify lockdep seqfile code
lockdep: Simplify lockdep_chains seqfile code
lockdep: Simplify lock_stat seqfile code
tracing/events: Add module tracepoints
tracing/syscalls: Fix to print parameter types
trace_stat: Fix missing entry in stat file
trace_stack: Simplify seqfile code
ftrace: Simplify seqfile code
tracing/syscalls: Fix fields format for enter events
tracing/syscalls: Add fields format for exit events
tracing/events: Add ftrace_event_call param to define_fields()
tracing/events: Add trace_define_common_fields()
tracing/syscalls: Add filtering support
tracing/syscalls: Fix the output of syscalls with no arguments
tracing/filters: Add filter_type to struct ftrace_event_field
tracing/filters: Add __field_ext() to TRACE_EVENT
tracing/filters: Support filtering for char * strings
tracing/filters: Defer pred allocation
tracing/filters: Defer pred allocation, fix memory leak
tracing: remove dead code
tracing: format clean ups
tracing: remove stats from struct tracer
tracing: move PRED macros to trace_events_filter.c
tracing/profile: fix profile_disable vs module_unload
tracing: fix F_printk() typos
ftrace: add compile-time check on F_printk()
tracing: remove some unused macros
softirq: add BLOCK_IOPOLL to softirq_to_name
perf tools: Fix memory leak in read_ftrace_printk()
perf tools: Increase MAX_EVENT_LENGTH
perf trace: Sample timestamp and cpu when using record flag
function-graph: use ftrace_graph_funcs directly
tracing: remove max_tracer_type_len
tracing/events: use list_for_entry_continue
tracing: Fix off-by-one in trace_get_user()
tracing: Check the return value of trace_get_user()
tracing: Fix failure path in ftrace_graph_write()
tracing: Fix failure path in ftrace_regex_open()
cpumask: use zalloc_cpumask_var() where possible

Liam Girdwood (1):
regulator: tps650xx - build fixes for x86_64

Liang Li (4):
powerpc/83xx: Remove second USB node from SBC834x DTS
powerpc/83xx: Add localbus node and MTD partitions for SBC834x
powerpc/83xx: Fix incorrect PCI interrupt map in SBC834x DTS
powerpc/85xx: sbc8560 - Fix warm reboot with board specific reset function

Lin Ming (5):
ACPICA: ACPI 4.0: iASL/Disassembler - IPMI keyword support.
ACPICA: ACPI 4.0: Interpreter support for IPMI.
ACPICA: fix leak of acpi_os_validate_address
ACPICA: reformat predefined method table, no functional change
ACPICA: Add support for module-level executable AML code

Linus Torvalds (202):
x86, percpu: Add 'percpu_read_stable()' interface for cacheable accesses
Do not call 'ima_path_check()' for each path component
Simplify exec_permission_lite() logic
Simplify exec_permission_lite() further
Simplify exec_permission_lite(), part 3
Make 'check_acl()' a first-class filesystem op
shmfs: use 'check_acl' instead of 'permission'
ext[234]: move over to 'check_acl' permission model
jffs2/jfs/xfs: switch over to 'check_acl' rather than 'permission()'
Merge branch 'lookup-permissions-cleanup'
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'kmemleak' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'writeback' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'core-cleanups-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-debug-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-futexes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-iommu-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-locking-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-printk-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-rcu-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'irq-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'irq-threaded-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'oprofile-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perfcounters-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'sched-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'tracing-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'x86-apic-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-asm-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-asm-generic-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-cleanups-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-cpu-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-debug-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-fpu-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-kbuild-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-mm-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-percpu-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-setup-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-xen-for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'osync_cleanup' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'kvm-updates/2.6.32' of git://
Merge branch 'devel' of
Merge branch 'docs-next' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus3' of git://
Merge branch 'agp-next' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-txt-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-pat-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perfcounters-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'next' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'writeback' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git://
Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'tracing-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'sched-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-mce-for-linus' of git://
pty_write: don't do a tty_wakeup() when the buffers are full
Merge branch 'timers-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'next' of git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'omap-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'davinci-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-next' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'release' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-platform-for-linus' of git://
tty-ldisc: make /proc/tty/ldiscs use ldisc_ops instead of ldiscs
tty-ldisc: get rid of tty_ldisc_try_get() helper function
Merge branch 'perfcounters-core-for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'next-i2c' of git://
loongson: fix cut-and-paste mis-merge
Merge git://
Merge branch 'drm-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://
Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'writeback' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'tracing-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perfcounters-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perfcounters-rename-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'x86/orig_ax' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'release' of git://
Merge branch 'sfi-release' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'timers-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'fix/asoc' of git://
Merge branch 'fix/misc' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'vgaarb-fix' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'x86/ptrace-syscall-exit' of git://
Merge branch 'ixp4xx' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'bugfixes' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'hwpoison' of git://
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'cputime' of git://
Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://
Merge branch 'drm-intel-next' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'bugfixes' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'merge' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'writeback' of git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'writeback' of git://
Merge branch 'release' of git://
Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'tracing-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'timers-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merge git://
Merge branch 'release' of git://
x86: Fix hwpoison code related build failure on 32-bit NUMAQ
Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://
Merge branch 'release' of git://
Merge branch 'timers-for-linus' of git://
ACPI: kill "unused variable ‘i’" warning
alpha: Fix duplicate <asm/thread_info.h> include
Linux 2.6.32-rc1

Linus Walleij (27):
ARM: 5665/1: U300 syscon register updates
ARM: 5666/1: Revamped U300 padmux API
ARM: 5667/3: U300 SSP/SPI board setup and test
ARM: 5668/2: U300 I2C board setup
ARM: 5685/1: Make MMCI driver compile without gpiolib
ARM: 5636/1: Move vendor enum to AMBA include
ARM: 5696/1: Include device.h in VIC driver
ARM: 5580/2: ARM TCM (Tightly-Coupled Memory) support v3
ARM: 5697/1: MMCI Break out clock divider setup
ARM: 5698/1: MMCI pass capabilities in platform data
mfd: AB3100 accessor function cleanups
mfd: AB3100 propagate error
mfd: AB3100 alter default setting
mfd: AB3100 disable irq nosync
mfd: AB3100 OTP readout
rtc: AB3100 RTC support
regulator: AB3100 support
regulator: Voltage count for AB3100
[WATCHDOG] Use DIV_ROUND_UP() macro in the coh901327 WDT
ARM: 5704/1: U300 sched_clock implementation v2
ARM: 5678/1: SSP/SPI PL022 polarity terminology fix
ARM: 5718/1: Sane busids for RealView board components
Fix some regulator documentation
REGULATOR Handle positive returncode from enable
ARM: 5720/1: Move MMCI header to amba include dir
ARM: 5721/1: MMCI enable the use of a regulator
rtc: U300 COH 901 331 RTC driver v3

Liu Yu (3):
KVM: ppc: e500: Move to Book-3e MMU definitions
KVM: ppc: e500: Directly pass pvr to guest
KVM: ppc: e500: Add MMUCFG and PVR emulation

Lopez Cruz, Misael (7):
ASoC: Zoom2: Add machine driver for Zoom2 board
ASoC: TWL4030: Fix voice interface clock masters
ASoC: TWL4030: Add AVADC Clock Priority
ASoC: TWL4030: Correct bypass event for voice sidetone
ASoC: Remove word "Switch" from Handsfree switch name
ASoC: TWL4030: Add tristate callbacks for HiFi and Voice
ASoC: OMAP: Staticise pcm creation function of omap-pcm

Lothar Wassmann (1):
USB: NXP ISP1362 USB host driver

Lothar Waßmann (1):
i.MX25 iomux definitions (corrected version)

Lubomir Rintel (1):
ALSA: pcm - Tell user that stream to be rewound is suspended

Luca Tettamanti (1):
hwmon: (asus_atk0110) Add maintainer information

Lucian Adrian Grijincu (1):
powerpc: Update boot wrapper script with the new location of dtc

Luciano Coelho (10):
wl12xx: add wl12xx_spi_reg_read() and wl12xx_spi_reg_write() functions
wl12xx: moved firmware version reading routine to chip-specific functions
wl12xx: add support for new WL1271 chip revision
wl12xx: add support for fixed address in wl12xx_spi_read
wl12xx: pass the wake up condition when configuring the wake up event
wl1251: change psm enabled/disabled info to debug
wl1271: add wl1271 driver files
wl1271: add wl1271 to Kconfig and the Makefile
MAINTAINERS: add information for wl1271 wireless driver
wl1271: fix compiler warnings on 64 bit archs

Lucy Liu (1):
ixgbe: allow vlan egress priority mapping in DCB mode

Luis Correia (1):
rt2x00: Comment spellchecking

Luis R. Rodriguez (104):
ath9k: differentiate quality reporting between legacy and HT configurations
mac80211: drop frames for sta with no valid rate
ath9k: downgrade assert in rc.c for invalid rate
iwlwifi: remove rs_get_rate workaround
ath9k: cleanup try count for MRR in rate control
ath9k: remove unused min rate calculation code
ath9k: remove unused stepdown when looking for the next rate
ath9k: remove pointless wrapper ath_rc_rate_getidx()
ath9k: rename ath_rc_get_nextlowervalid_txrate()
ath9k: remove unused ath_rc_isvalid_txmask()
ath9k: remove ATH9K_MODE_11B
ath9k: remap ATH9K_MODE_*
ath9k: rename ath_rc_ratefind_ht() to ath_rc_get_highest_rix()
ath9k: remove unnecessary IEEE80211_TX_CTL_NO_ACK checks
mac80211: make minstrel/pid RC use ieee80211_is_data(fc)
iwlwifi: use ieee80211_is_data(fc)
mac80211: add helper for management / no-ack frame rate decision
ath9k: remove rate control wraper
ath9k: disable radio when all devices are marked idle
cfg80211: treat ieee80211_regdom hints as user hints
ath9k: do not stop the queues in driver stop
adm8211: remove uneeded code during suspend/resume
ath: map TH to FCC3_WORLD
mac80211: fix MLME issuing of probe requests while scanning
mac80211: fix oops due to missing private data
ath9k: remove unused ATH_PCI_VERSION
ath9k: re-order cancelling of work on mac80211 workqueue
ath9k: move cancel_delayed_work_sync() out of ath_deinit_leds()
ath9k: move workqueue cancels to stop callback
ar76c50x-usb: cancel promisc work during mac80211 stop
at76c50x-usb: cancel scan work at stop callback
ar9170: remove unneeded flush_workqueue()
wext: remove extra return on wireless_nlevent_init()
ath: depend on cfg80211
ath: simplify kconfig dependency and add documentation
ath: use menuconfig to put ath stuff in its own page
ath5k: remove EXPERIMENTAL marker
wireless: use menuconfig for WLAN_PRE80211 and WLAN_80211
rt2x00: move experimental on kconfig only to rt2800usb
ar9170: remove EXPERIMENTAL marker
at76c50x-usb: remove unneeded flush_workqueue() at usb disconnect
mac80211: redefine usage of the mac80211 workqueue
cfg80211: use goto out on country IE reg hint failure
cfg80211: do not iterate over rdev list on country IE hint
cfg80211: decouple regulatory variables from cfg80211_mutex
cfg80211: enable country IE support to all cfg80211 drivers
iwlwifi: remove usage of orig_flags
ath9k: remove usage of AR_SREV_*() wrapper to detect supported hw
ath9k: use a switch for revising supported hw mac revisions
ath9k: propagate hw initialization errors
ath9k: move memory allocation of ath_hw to ath_init()
ath9k: move devid cache setting to ath_init()
ath9k: move cache setting of softc ah prior to attach
ath9k: call hw initializer directly
ath9k: pass only one argument to hw attach
ath9k: move hw macrevision checker to helper
ath9k: rename ath9k_hw_newstate() to ath9k_hw_init_defaults()
ath9k: rename ath9k_hw_set_defaults() to ath9k_hw_init_config()
ath9k: remove debug message for no memoery on ath_init()
ath9k: break up hw initialization into a few more helpers
ath9k: describe hw initialization better
ath9k: distinguish between device initialization and ath_softc init
ath9k: remove !NULL check before kfree()
ath9k: use helper macro to kfree and nullify on ath9k_hw_rfdetach()
ath9k: rename ath9k_hw_rfdetach() to ath9k_hw_rf_free()
ath9k: rename ath9k_hw_ani_detach() to ath9k_hw_ani_disable()
ath9k: set ah to null after freeing
ath9k: set sc->sc_ah to NULL after freeing it
ath9k: call ath9k_hw_detach() once upon hw init failure
ath9k: remove dangling error check on keycache reset on hw init
ath9k: remove spurious check for channel on keycache reset
ath9k: Remove _t postfix for ar9287_eeprom structure
ath9k: add ar9271 revision and subrevision ID helpers
ath9k: add initvals and registry definitions for AR9271
ath9k: add initial hardware support for ar9271
ath9k: cancel xmit poll work at stop() callback
ath9k: fix compile warning on ath9k_hw_AR9287_check_eeprom()
ath9k: use new FIF_PSPOLL configure filter
zd1211rw: make it clear we don't use leds.h LED stuff
mac80211: fix compilation of mesh (although its disabled)
ath9k: Fix regression on receiving PS poll frames
ath: add common ath_rxbuf_alloc() and make ath9k use it
ath5k: use common ath.ko ath_rxbuf_alloc()
ath5k: use bit shift operators for cache line size
ath9k: update kconfig to indicate support for AR9002 family
ath: move regulatory info into shared common structure
wireless: update top level wireless driver entry
wireless: update reg debug kconfig entry
wireless: remove mac80211 rate selection extra menu
kmemleak: use bool for true/false questions
kmemleak: add clear command support
kmemleak: move common painting code together
kmemleak: fix sparse warning over overshadowed flags
kmemleak: fix sparse warning for static declarations
ath9k: propagate ieee80211_alloc_hw() failure
ath9k: propagate errors on ath_init_device() and request_irq()
ath9k: claim irq for ath9k, not ath for pci
wireless: update cfg80211 kconfig entry
wireless: mark prism54 as deprecated and mark for removal
wireless: default CONFIG_WLAN to y close file as soon as we're done with it provide usage helper add option to remove duplicates in place
wireless: default CONFIG_WLAN to y

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (1):
Bluetooth: Fix rejected connection not disconnecting ACL link

Luotao Fu (4):
mx27: add support for phytec pca100 (phyCARD-s) board
pcm038: mux configuration for predefined gpio line
pcm043: mux configuration for predefined gpio line
pcm037: mux configuration for predefined gpio line

Lyonel Vincent (1):
powerpc/powermac: Thermal control turns system off too eagerly

M. Mohan Kumar (1):
kprobes: use do_IRQ() in lkdtm

Ma Ling (1):
drm/i915: select TV format according to connector type

Maarten Maathuis (4):
drm/crtc_helper: replace modeset fail path with something simpler
drm/crtc_helper: place drm_helper_encoder_in_use() in the header file
drm/crtc_helper: NULL encoder->crtc when switching encoders
drm/crtc_helper: avoid NULL-pointer dereference when encoder is NULL

Maciej Sosnowski (1):
dca: registering requesters in multiple dca domains

Madhusudhan Chikkature (1):
MAINTAINERS: update for TI OMAP hsmmc driver

Magnus Damm (66):
sh: hwblk base implementation
sh: hwblk for sh7722
sh: cpuidle for SuperH Mobile using hwblk
usb: m66592-udc buffer management update
sh: Add support for multiple hwblk counters
sh: hwblk support for sh7723
usb: convert r8a66597-hcd to dev_pm_ops
usb: r8a66597-hcd platform data on_chip support
Driver Core: Add platform device arch data V3
ARM: Rework omap suspend_late()/resume_early()
DMA: Rework dw_dmac suspend_late()/resume_early()
DMA: Rework txx9dmac suspend_late()/resume_early()
I2C: Rework i2c-pxa suspend_late()/resume_early()
I2C: Rework i2c-s3c2410 suspend_late()/resume() V2
USB: Rework musb suspend()/resume_early()
PM: Remove platform device suspend_late()/resume_early() V2
usb: move r8a66597 register defines
usb: m66592-udc platform data on_chip support
i2c: change i2c-sh_mobile.c module_init() to subsys_initcall()
sh: convert processor device setup functions to arch_initcall()
sh: kfr2r09 board support - SCIF console
sh: kfr2r09 board support - NOR flash
sh: kfr2r09 board support - KEYSC keypad
sh: kfr2r09 board support - mach-type and defconfig
sh: romImage support V2
sh: kfr2r09 romImage support V2
sh: hwblk support for sh7724
sh: clean up MSTPCRn register definitions
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - sh7722
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - Migo-R
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - Solution Engine 7722
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - sh7723
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - AP325RXA
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - sh7724
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - kfr2r09
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - Solution Engine 7724
sh: LCDC SYS bus access wait fix
sh: 18-bit SYS panel fix for SuperH Mobile LCDC
sh: kfr2r09 board support - LCDC panel
sh: kfr2r09 board support - NAND flash
sh: LED9, LED10 and LED11 support for Solution Engine 7724
sh: fix romImage mach dir usage
sh: clean up Migo-R header file
sh: Runtime PM pdev hwblk - kfr2r09 LCDC
sh: rework SuperH Mobile sleep code exception handling
sh: SuperH Mobile Software Standby support for cpuidle
usb: add clock support to r8a66597 gadget driver
usb: r8a66597-udc buffer management update
usb: r8a66597-udc disable interrupts on shutdown fix
sh: add r8a66597 usb0 gadget to the kfr2r09 board
sh: add r8a66597 usb1 gadget to the se7724 board
sh: i2c compile fix for kfr2r09
sh: invalidate icache and tlbs during boot on kfr2r09
sh: jump to p1 during boot on kfr2r09
sh: add kfr2r09 romimage defconfig
sh: update kfr2r09 defconfig
PM: Run-time PM platform device bus support
sh: Runtime PM for SuperH Mobile platform bus devices
i2c: Runtime PM for SuperH Mobile I2C
video: Runtime PM for SuperH Mobile LCDC
v4l2: Runtime PM for SuperH Mobile CEU
uio: Runtime PM for UIO devices
sh: let ARCH_SHMOBILE select PM and PM_RUNTIME
sh: drop static UIO clocks for sh7722, sh7723 and sh7724
mtd: onenand: make onenand/generic.c more generic

Maithili Hinge (1):
libertas: Fix WEP association failure with open source wpa_supplicant 0.5.10

Mallikarjuna R Chilakala (3):
ixgbe: Fix isues while reporting 8259x backplane link capabilities
ixgbe: refactor link setup code
ixgbe: Patch to fix 82599 multispeed fiber link issues when driver is loaded without any cable and reconnecting it to 1G partner

Manish Katiyar (2):
ext4: Fix typo in ext4/Kconfig
fs/inode.c: add dev-id and inode number for debugging in init_special_inode()

Manuel Lauss (7):
ASoC: au1x: PSC-AC97 bugfixes
MIPS: Alchemy: add gpio_request/gpio_free stubs for CONFIG_GPIOLIB=n
MIPS: Alchemy: get rid of allow_au1k_wait
MIPS: Alchemy: override loops_per_jiffy detection
USB: option: TELIT UC864G support
USB: au1xxx: add dev_pm_ops
mips: fix build of

Marc Dionne (1):
KEYS: Unlock tasklist when exiting early from keyctl_session_to_parent

Marc Kleine-Budde (3):
at91sam9263: add at91_can device to generic device definition
at91sam9263ek: activate at91 CAN controller
at91_can: add driver for Atmel's CAN controller on AT91SAM9263

Marcel Holtmann (20):
Bluetooth: Add proper shutdown support to SCO sockets
Bluetooth: Disconnect HIDRAW devices on disconnect
Bluetooth: Add extra device reference counting for connections
Bluetooth: Let HIDP grab the device reference for connections
Bluetooth: Fix Kconfig for Marvell Bluetooth driver
Bluetooth: Fix compilation of Marvell driver without debugfs
Bluetooth: Remove pointless ifdef protection for Marvell header files
Bluetooth: Remove pointless casts from Marvell debugfs support
Bluetooth: Some coding style cleanup for Marvell core driver
Bluetooth: Fix complicated assignment of firmware for Marvell devices
Bluetooth: Fix module description strings for Marvell driver
Bluetooth: Remove private device name of Marvell SDIO driver
Bluetooth: Fix Marvell driver to use skb_put and hci_opcode_pack
Bluetooth: Fix last few compiler warning within Marvell core driver
Bluetooth: Remove Enter/Leave debug statements from Marvell driver
Bluetooth: Coding style cleanup from previous rfcomm_init bug fix
Bluetooth: Add module option to enable L2CAP ERTM support
Bluetooth: Allow setting of L2CAP ERTM via socket option
Bluetooth: Add L2CAP RFC option if ERTM is enabled
net: Add DEVTYPE support for Ethernet based devices

Marcelo Tosatti (26):
KVM: Grab pic lock in kvm_pic_clear_isr_ack
KVM: move coalesced_mmio locking to its own device
KVM: introduce irq_lock, use it to protect ioapic
KVM: switch irq injection/acking data structures to irq_lock
KVM: MMU: introduce is_last_spte helper
KVM: MMU audit: update count_writable_mappings / count_rmaps
KVM: MMU audit: update audit_write_protection
KVM: MMU audit: nontrapping ptes in nonleaf level
KVM: MMU audit: audit_mappings tweaks
KVM: MMU audit: largepage handling
KVM: VMX: more MSR_IA32_VMX_EPT_VPID_CAP capability bits
KVM: MMU: make for_each_shadow_entry aware of largepages
KVM: MMU: add kvm_mmu_get_spte_hierarchy helper
KVM: VMX: EPT misconfiguration handler
KVM: VMX: conditionally disable 2M pages
KVM: convert custom marker based tracing to event traces
KVM: x86: missing locking in PIT/IRQCHIP/SET_BSP_CPU ioctl paths
KVM: powerpc: convert marker probes to event trace
KVM: remove old KVMTRACE support code
KVM: use vcpu_id instead of bsp_vcpu pointer in kvm_vcpu_is_bsp
KVM: MMU: fix missing locking in alloc_mmu_pages
KVM: limit lapic periodic timer frequency
KVM: MMU: fix bogus alloc_mmu_pages assignment
KVM guest: do not batch pte updates from interrupt context
KVM: x86: drop duplicate kvm_flush_remote_tlb calls
MAINTAINERS: update KVM entry

Marcin Slusarz (12):
wireless: fix supported cards for rtl8187
x86: Use printk_once()
sh: use printk_once
IB: Use printk_once() for driver versions
pata_rz1000: use printk_once
block: use printk_once
Staging: rt3070: add support for Linksys WUSB54GC-EU v3
Staging: rt*: fix wait_queue_head_t declaration on stack
Staging: rt*: don't confuse user of rt3070 driver with rt2870 strings
tty: vt: use printk_once
alpha: use printk_once
vsprintf: use WARN_ON_ONCE

Marcos Chaparro (1):
ath5k: add led pin configuration for compaq c700 laptop

Marek Szyprowski (1):
ARM: NCP: make ncp_iodesc static and move it to initdata section

Marek Vasut (22):
Input: wm97xx - add Palm support to Mainstone accelerated touch
Input: wm97xx - add possibility to control the GPIO_STATUS shift
ALSA: Allow passing platform_data to devices attached to AC97 bus
ASoC: Switch palm27x-asoc to jack detection api
ALSA: Allow passing platform_data for pxa2xx-ac97
ASoC: Pass correct platform data from pxa2xx-ac97
libertas: Add support for Marvell Libertas CF8305
wm97xx-core: Pass platform_data to battery
wm97xx_battery: Use platform_data
wm97xx_battery: Use irq to detect charger state
wm97xx_battery: Convert to dev_pm_ops
backlight: spi driver for LMS283GF05 LCD
[ARM] pxa/palm: add detect_delay to mmc for PalmTX,T5,LD
[ARM] pxa/palm: Add NOR flash support for PalmLD
[ARM] pxa/palm: add NAND Flash support for PalmTX
[ARM] pxa/palm: Add NOR Flash support for PalmTX
[ARM] pxa: Palm Tungsten|C initial support
[ARM] pxa: Palm Tungsten|C PCMCIA support
[ARM] pxa/palm: fix possibly uninitialized variable in PalmTC-pcmcia
[ARM] pxa: add gpio_pwdown(_inverted) into pxaficp_ir.c
MAINTAINERS: fix mailing list entries for ARM/Palm devices
mfd/gpio: add a GPIO interface to the UCB1400 MFD chip driver via gpiolib

Mario Schwalbe (1):
backlight: Add support for new Apple machines.

Mark A. Greer (2):
davinci: da8xx: Add base DA830/OMAP-L137 SoC support
davinci: da8xx: Add support for DA830/OMAP-L137 EVM board

Mark Allyn (1):
Staging: sep: Upstream revision 3 of the security processor kernel driver

Mark Brown (162):
ASoC: Add Openmoko Neo FreeRunner (GTA02) audio driver
ASoC: Add WM8974 CODEC driver
ASoC: WM8974 checkpatch cleanups
ASoC: Update WM8974 to use standard I2C device probe methods
ASoC: Sort DAPM power sequences while building lists
ASoC: Factor out DAPM sequence execution
ASoC: Coalesce register writes for DAPM sequences
ASoC: Sort specialised mixers and muxes together
ASoC: Coalesce power updates for DAPM widgets with events
ASoC: Coalesce power updates for PGAs
ASoC: Make DAPM power sequence lists local variables
Merge branch 'dapm' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Add WM8961 driver
ASoC: Automatically control WM8903 sloping stopband filter
ASoC: Automatically manage WM8900 sloping stopband filter
ASoC: Automatically manage WM8350 sloping stopband filter
ASoC: Add stub suspend and resume calls for ASoC subdevices
ASoC: Add suspend and resume callbacks to Wolfson CODEC drivers
ASoC: Regulator support for WM8580
ASoC: Fix shadowed variables in twl4030
ASoC: Staticise put_twl4030_opmode_enum_double()
Merge branch 'wm8961' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Add a shutdown callback
ASoC: Add core suspend and resume callbacks to WM8961
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Fix widget powerdown on shutdown
ASoC: Remove unreferenced wm8974_add_controls()
ASoC: Fix WM8961 suspend function type
ASoC: Convert to dev_pm_ops
ASoC: Refresh WM8974 bias configuration
ASoC: Declare 2 channels for WM8974
ASoC: Refresh WM8974 PLL configuration
ASoC: Add WM8974 TLV information
ASoC: Use symmetric rates for WM8974
ASoC: WM8974 cosmetic cleanups
ASoC: WM8974 DAPM cleanups
ASoC: Add WM8523 CODEC driver
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Add CODEC volatile register operation
ASoC: Fix leaks in WM8731 probe error handling
ASoC: Fix WM8960 leaks on probe failure
ASoC: Fix leaks in WM8988 registration error handling
ASoC: Begin to factor out register cache I/O functions
ASoC: Remove unused AK4535 hardware read functionality
ASoC: Remove use of hw_read from TLV320AIC3x driver
ASoC: Factor out WM8580 register cache code
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
Merge branch 'davinci' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Add TLV information for WM8731
ASoC: Correct WM8731 Mic Capture Switch control name
ASoC: DaVinci I2S needs mach/asp.h
ASoC: Add WM8993 CODEC driver
ASoC: Limit WM8731 to symmetric rates
ASoC: Use CODEC as clock master on AT91SAM9G20-EK
ASoC: Disable microphone input for AT91SAM9G20-EK by default
ASoC: Configure WM8731 SYSCLK at startup on AT91SAM9G20-EK
ASoC: Add pop delay debug at end of DAPM sequencing
ASoC: WM8510 has a single frame clock so needs symmetric rates
[ARM] 5596/1: at91sam9g20-ek: Register WM8731 in board file
Merge branch 'tlv320aic3x' into reg-cache
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
wm8350_power: Implement charge type property
ASoC: Fix sample rate lookup in WM8993
ASoC: Error out if we can't determine a suitable WM9081 sysclk
ASoC: Bodge around GCC 4.4.0 flow analysis bug in GCC 4.4.0
ASoC: Fix FLL reference clock division setup in WM8993
ASoC: Fix checkpatch issues in AD1938
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
Merge branch 'gta02-audio' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Allow CODECs to flag invalid registers
ASoC: Add I/O control bus information to factored out cache setup
ASoC: Factor out I2C 8 bit address 16 bit data I/O
ASoC: Factor out I/O for Wolfson 8 bit data 16 bit register CODECs
ASoC: Factor out 7 bit register 9 bit data SPI write
ASoC: Existing S3C24xx AC97 drivers should depend on S3C24xx
ASoC: Add WM8776 CODEC driver
Merge branch 'for-2.6.31' into for-2.6.32
Merge branch 'reg-cache' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Convert WM8776 to use factored out register cache code
ASoC: Define more formats for the AC97 CODECs
ASoC: Drop unneeded declaration of removed wm8731 SPI write function
Merge commit 'a5479e389e989acfeca9c32eeb0083d086202280' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Update WM9081 for tdm_slot() API change
ASoC: Update AD1938 for new TDM slot API
ASoC: Minor cleanups to AD1938 driver
ASoC: Factor out shared code from WM8993
ARM: S3C64XX: Add mapping for IISv4 port
ARM: S3C64XX: Add address mapping for AC97 controller
ARM: S3C: Move S3C64xx audio devices into S3C64xx directory
ARM: S3C24XX: Add platform device for AC97 controller
Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' into mxc
ASoC: Remove unneeded i.MX dependency on SND
ASoC: Staticise unexported variables
ASoC: Hook i.MX into build
Merge branch 'wm8974-upstream' into for-2.6.32
ASoC: Factor out cache I/O from WM8974
ASoC: Fix handling of bias levels for non-DAPM codecs
ASoC: Power speakers and headphones simultaneously
ASoC: Fix WM8993 MCLK configuration for high frequency MCLKs
ASoC: Implement TDM configuration for WM8993
ASoC: Reenable S3C64xx I2S support
ASoC: Remove duplicate ADC/DAC widgets from wm_hubs.c
ASoC: Add input and output AIF widgets
ASoC: WM8993 digital mixing support
ASoC: Provide default set_bias_level() implementation
ALSA: Restore support for DMAless DAIs on PXA
ASoC: Add DAPM widget power decision debugfs files
ASoC: Select core DMA when building for S3C64xx
Merge branch 'topic/digital-mixing' into for-2.6.32
genirq: Add prototype for handle_nested_irq()
ASoC: Add S3C24xx dependencies for Simtec machines
ASoC: Make platform data optional for TLV320AIC3x
ASoC: Fix s3c-i2s-v2 build
ASoC: Don't reconfigure WM8350 FLL if not needed
ASoC: Fully specify DC servo bits to update in wm_hubs
power_supply: Add driver for the PMU on WM831x PMICs
ASoC: Remove unuused hw_read_t
backlight: Add WM831x backlight driver
leds: Add WM831x status LED driver
ASoC: Fix WM835x Out4 capture enumeration
ASoC: Fix display of stream name in DAPM debugfs
Driver core: Add accessor for device platform data
MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Wolfson PMIC drivers
hwmon: Add WM835x PMIC hardware monitoring driver
mfd: Allow multiple MFD cells with the same name
mfd: Initial core support for WM831x series devices
mfd: Add WM831x interrupt support
mfd: Add WM831x AUXADC support
mfd: Conditionally add WM831x backlight subdevice
mfd: Add basic WM831x OTP support
mfd: Export ISEL values from WM831x core
mfd: Hook WM831x into build system
gpio: Add WM831X GPIO driver
hwmon: WM831x PMIC hardware monitoring driver
input: Add support for the WM831x ON pin
regulator: Provide mode to status conversion function
regulator: Add WM831x DC-DC buck convertor support
regulator: Add WM831x LDO support
regulator: Add WM831x EPE support
regulator: Add WM831x DC-DC boost convertor support
regulator: Add WM831x ISINK support
rtc: Add support for RTCs on Wolfson WM831x devices
ARM: S3C64XX: Provide for board-specific IRQs
mfd: Update MAINTAINERS patterns for WM831x
mfd: Convert WM8350 to use request_threaded_irq()
[WATCHDOG] Add support for WM831x watchdog
regulator: Report regulator_get() failure in virtual consumer
regulator: Make virtual consumer use dev_printk
regulator: Make virtual consumer a bit more chatty
regulator: Allow consumer supplies to be set up with dev_name()
regulator: Define full constraints function with REGULATOR disabled
regulator: Add regulator_get_exclusive() API
regulator: Add regulator voltage range check API
regulator: Warn when unregistering an in-use regulator
regulator: Fix support for deviceless supply mappings
regulator: Improve virtual consumer probe error handling
regulator: More explict error reporting for fixed regulator
regulator: Check for constraints before using them for name
regulator: Check for constraints in regulator_init_complete()
regulator: Push locking for regulator_is_enabled() out
regulator: regulator_enable() permission checking
regulator: Add some brief design documentation

Mark Kelly (2):
r6040: remove unused pioaddr variable
r6040: move down second PHY detection to r6040_init_one

Mark Langsdorf (1):
[CPUFREQ] Powernow-k8: Enable more than 2 low P-states

Mark McLoughlin (1):
KVM: fix cpuid E2BIG handling for extended request types

Mark Smith (4):
ipv6: correct return on ipv6_rcv() packet drop
econet: use NET_RX_SUCCESS instead of magic number 0 for econet_rcv successful return
Use correct NET_RX_* returns for atalk_rcv()
Have atalk_route_packet() return NET_RX_SUCCESS not NET_XMIT_SUCCESS

Mark de Wever (1):
ide-tape: fix debug call

Markus Heidelberg (2):
trivial: remove references to non-existent include/linux/config.h
trivial: update the Kernel Janitors' web-page URL

Markus Metzger (2):
x86, perf_counter, bts: Add BTS support to perfcounters
x86, perf_counter, bts: Optimize BTS overflow handling

Markus Rechberger (1):
USB: increase usbdevfs max isoc buffer size

Mart Raudsepp (1):
V4L/DVB: af9015: add new USB ID for KWorld PlusTV Dual DVB-T Stick (DVB-T 399U)

Martin Decky (2):
hostap: Revert a toxic part of the conversion to net_device_ops
hostap: Revert a toxic part of the conversion to net_device_ops

Martin K. Petersen (3):
[SCSI] Print failed commands
libata: Delegate nonrot flag setting to SCSI
block: Optimal I/O limit wrapper

Martin Schwidefsky (23):
timekeeping: optimized ktime_get[_ts] for GENERIC_TIME=y
timers: Cache __next_timer_interrupt result
timekeeping: Remove clocksource inline functions
timekeeping: Move reset of cycle_last for tsc clocksource to tsc
clocksource: Cleanup clocksource selection
clocksource: Delay clocksource watchdog highres enablement
clocksource: Simplify clocksource watchdog resume logic
clocksource: Refactor clocksource watchdog
clocksource: Move watchdog downgrade to a work queue thread
timekeeping: Introduce struct timekeeper
timekeeping: Add xtime_shift and ntp_error_shift to struct timekeeper
timekeeping: Move NTP adjusted clock multiplier to struct timekeeper
timekeeping: Add timekeeper read_clock helper functions
timekeeping: Update clocksource with stop_machine
timekeeping: Increase granularity of read_persistent_clock()
timekeeping: Introduce read_boot_clock
clocksource: Avoid clocksource watchdog circular locking dependency
timekeeping: Increase granularity of read_persistent_clock(), build fix
[S390] improve mcount code
[S390] fix recursive locking on page_table_lock
clocksource: Resolve cpu hotplug dead lock with TSC unstable, fix crash
[S390] Update default configuration.
clocksource: Resume clocksource without taking the clocksource mutex

Marton Nemeth (2):
V4L/DVB (12382): gspca - main: Remove vidioc_s_std().
trivial: fix typo in CONFIG_DEBUG_FS in gcov doc

Martyn Welch (18):
powerpc/86xx: Correct reading of information presented in cpuinfo
powerpc/86xx: Enable XMC site on GE Fanuc SBC310
powerpc/86xx: Update GE Fanuc sbc310 DTS
powerpc/nvram: Allow byte length reads from mmio NVRAM driver
powerpc/nvram: Enable use Generic NVRAM driver for different size chips
Staging: VME Framework for the Linux Kernel
Staging: vme: add VME userspace driver
Staging: vme: add Universe I/II bridge driver
Staging: vme: add Tundra TSI148 VME-PCI Bridge driver
Staging: vme: add TODO file
Staging: vme: Correct tsi-148 VME interrupt free routine
Staging: vme: Extend VME core probing for special matches
Staging: vme: Add syncronize interrupts before removing callback
Staging: Update VME vme_user module
Staging: Use proper mutexes in the tsi-148 VME driver
Staging: vme: add VME Location Monitor management mechanism
Staging: vme: Update support for the Universe II VME driver
Staging: vme: Separate the list of TODOs from the API documentation

Masami Hiramatsu (2):
kprobes: Clean up insn_pages by using list instead of hlist
perf trace: Add OPT_END to option array of perf-trace

Massimo Cirillo (1):
mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: add 0xFF intolerance for M29W128G

Matej Kenda (2):
[ARM] pxa: add support for the IskraTel XCEP board
[ARM] pxa: add defconfig for IskraTel XCEP board

Mathieu Desnoyers (1):
[CPUFREQ] remove rwsem lock from CPUFREQ_GOV_STOP call (second call site)

Matt Carlson (48):
tg3: Fix 57780 asic rev PCIe link receiver errors
tg3: Prevent tx BD corruption
tg3: Fix TSO test against wrong flags var
tg3: Preserve PCIe MPS setting for new devs
tg3: Add 57788, remove 57720
tg3: Tune 5785 clock switching
tg3: Create MII_TG3_FET namespace
tg3: Convert code to use PHY_IS_FET
broadcom: Add BCM50610M support
broadcom: Add AC131 phy support
broadcom: Make the 57780 IEEE compliant
tg3: Update version to 3.100
tg3: Delay mdio bus init until fw finishes
tg3: Add new 5785 10/100 only device ID
tg3: Reformat NVRAM case statements
tg3: Break out mini producer ring handling
tg3: Move the JUMBO_CAPABLE and SUPPORT_MSI flags
tg3: Clarify rx buffer relationships
tg3: Create rx producer ring setup routines
tg3: Create a new prodring_set structure
tg3: Use ext rx bds
tg3: Cleanup interrupt setup / teardown
tg3: Move napi to per-int struct
tg3: Convert ISR parameter to tnapi
tg3: Convert napi handlers to use tnapi
tg3: Move general int members to a per-int struct
tg3: Move per-int rx members to per-int struct
tg3: Move per-int tx members to a per-int struct
tg3: Update version to 3.101
tg3: inline tg3_cond_int()
tg3: Add per-int coalesce now member
tg3: Create tg3_rings_reset()
tg3: Add support code around kernel interrupt API
tg3: Add MSI-X support
tg3: Add mailbox assignments
tg3: Add tx and rx ring resource tracking
tg3: Update intmbox and coal_now for msix
tg3: Add TSS support
tg3: Enable NAPI instances for other int vectors
tg3: Add coalesce parameters for msix vectors
tg3: Add RSS support
tg3: Adjust RSS ring allocation strategies
tg3: Assign rx ret producer indexes by vector
tg3: Add 5717 asic rev
tg3: Add 5717 NVRAM detection routines
tg3: Add MDIO bus address assignments
tg3: Update version to 3.102
tg3: Fix return ring size breakage

Matt Fleming (28):
sh: Use bootmem ontop of lmb
sh: Use bootmem ontop of lmb for NUMA
sh: Fix the value of MCOUNT_INSN_OFFSET
sh: Add ftrace syscall tracing support
sh: Provide diagnostic kernel stack checks
sh: Function graph tracer support
sh: Mark __switch_to() as __notrace_funcgraph
sh: Restore previous behaviour on kernel fault
sh: Use the generalized stacktrace ops
sh: Allow multiple stack unwinders to be setup
sh: Use the new stack unwinder API
sh: dwarf unwinder support.
sh: Setup the frame register in asm code
sh: Add CFI annotations for exception return.
sh: Set the cfa_offset to 0 if we see a DW_CFA_def_cfa_register op
sh: Try again at getting the initial return address for an unwind
sh: Add support for DWARF GNU extensions
sh: Add a few missing irqflags tracing markers.
sh: unwinder: Fix memory leak and create our own kmem cache
sh: unwinder: Set the flags for DW_CFA_val_offset ops as DWARF_VAL_OFFSET
sh: unwinder: Introduce UNWINDER_BUG() and UNWINDER_BUG_ON()
sh: Setup the frame pointer in handle_interrupt
sh: Fix bug calculating the end of the FDE instructions
sh: Handle the DWARF op, DW_CFA_undefined
sh: Only shout about fixing up unexpected unaligned accesses
sh: Fix dcache flushing for N-way write-through caches.

Matt Hsu (1):
ARM: S3C64XX: Add UART2,UART3 support for SMDK6410 (resend)

Matt Kraai (1):
intel-iommu: Mark functions with __init

Matthew Garrett (6):
libata: Export AHCI capabilities
backlight: Allow drivers to update the core, and generate events on changes
backlight/acpi: Update the backlight state when we change brightness
backlight/eeepc-laptop: Update the backlight state when we change brightness
rtc: document the sysfs interface
rtc: add boot_timesource sysfs attribute

Matthew Wilcox (2):
frv/PCI: Use pci_claim_resource
yenta: Use pci_claim_resource

Matthias Kaehlcke (1):
mtd: fix a typo in comment

Matthias Schwarzott (1):
V4L/DVB (12200): mt312: Fix checkpatch warnings

Matti J. Aaltonen (1):
V4L/DVB (13013): FM TX: si4713: Kconfig: Fixed two typos.

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (68):
V4L/DVB (12147): pwc: remove definitions that are already present at videodev2.h
V4L/DVB (12149): videodev2.h: Reorganize fourcc table
V4L/DVB (12124): v4l2-ioctl: better output debug messages for VIDIOC_ENUM_FRAMESIZES
V4L/DVB (12168): v4l2-ioctl: avoid flooding log with unasked debug messages
V4L/DVB (12273): em28xx-video: rename ac97 audio controls to better document it
V4L/DVB (12274): em28xx-video: better implement ac97 control ioctls
V4L/DVB (12345): em28xx: fix audio VIDIOC_S_CTRL adjustments on devices without ac97
V4L/DVB (12376): em28xx: fix V4L2 API compliance: don't expose audio inputs for devices without it
V4L/DVB (12408): em28xx: Implement g/s_register via address match
V4L/DVB (12452): gspca/Kconfig: Fix bad identation for USB_GSPCA_SN9C20X_EVDEV
V4L/DVB (12466): Kconfig files: Fix improper use of whitespaces
V4L/DVB (12468): saa7134: Fix bad whitespacing
V4L/DVB (12470): cx231xx/cx231xx-conf-reg.h: fix bad whitespaces
V4L/DVB (12471): stv06xx: fix bad whitespaces
V4L/DVB (12472): hdpvr-control: fix bad whitespaces
V4L/DVB (12478): ARRAY_SIZE changes
V4L/DVB (12557): Use C99 comment CodingStyle
V4L/DVB (12558): CodingStyle: Use [0x0f] instead of [ 0x0f ]
V4L/DVB (12559): Properly indent comments with tabs
V4L/DVB (12560): Fix a number of EXPORT_SYMBOL warnings
V4L/DVB (12562): ir-keymaps: replace KEY_KP[0-9] to KEY_[0-9]
V4L/DVB (12563): ir-keymaps: add a link to the IR standard layout page
V4L/DVB (12564): ir-keymaps: Replace most KEY_[A-Z] to the proper definitions
V4L/DVB (12565): ir-keymaps: standardize timeshift key
V4L/DVB (12566): ir-keymaps: Fix IR mappings for channel and volume +/- keys
V4L/DVB (12567): ir-keymaps: use KEY_CAMERA for snapshots
V4L/DVB (12585): Add remote support to cph03x bttv card
V4L/DVB (12591): em28xx: Add entry for GADMEI UTV330+ and related IR keymap
V4L/DVB (12469): fix bad whitespaces at cx88_geniatech_x8000_mt
V4L/DVB (12595): common/ir: use a struct for keycode tables
V4L/DVB (12598): dvb-usb: store rc5 custom and data at the same field
V4L/DVB (12599): dvb-usb-remote: Allow dynamically replacing the IR keycodes
V4L/DVB (12600): dvb-usb-remote: return KEY_RESERVED if there's free space for new keys
V4L/DVB (12698): em28xx: ir-kbd-i2c init data needs a persistent object
V4L/DVB (12701): saa7134: ir-kbd-i2c init data needs a persistent object
V4L/DVB (12712): em28xx: properly load ir-kbd-i2c when needed
V4L/DVB (12713): em28xx: Cleanups at ir_i2c handler
V4L/DVB (12730): Add conexant cx25821 driver
V4L/DVB (12731): cx25821: Add missing include
V4L/DVB (12732): cx25821: fix bad whitespacing
V4L/DVB (12733): cx25821: some CodingStyle fixes
V4L/DVB (12734): cx25821: Fix some compilation troubles
cx25821: Add driver to the building system
V4L/DVB (12761): DocBook: add media API specs
V4L/DVB (12847): cx25821: Add README with todo list
V4L/DVB (12851): cx25821/Makefile: Cleanup
V4L/DVB (12858): go7007: whitespacing cleanups
V4L/DVB (12859): go7007: semaphore -> mutex conversion
DocBook/media: renamed xml documents to tmpl
DocBook/media: copy also the pictures to the proper place
DocBook: Don't use graphics callouts
DocBook/media: Some typo fixes
DocBook/media: fix some broken links
DocBook/media: update dvb url's and use ulink tag instead of emphasis
DocBook/media: Remove Satellites from Analog TV Tuners and Modulators
V4L/DVB (12906): dib0700: Add support for Prolink SBTVD
V4L/DVB (12915): DocBook/media: Add isdb-t documentation
V4L/DVB (12917): DocBook/media: add V4L2_PIX_FMT_TM6000
V4L/DVB (12919): DocBook/media: fix some DocBook non-compliances
V4L/DVB (12920): DocBook/media: Some xmlto or DTD's don't accept reference inside appendix
Docbook/media: Fix some issues at the docbooks
V4L/DVB (12993a): saa7164: Fix compilation warning on i386
V4L/DVB(12993b): gl860: Prevent a potential risk of zeroing a floating pointer
V4L/DVB (12999): Add a driver for Earthsoft PT1
V4L/DVB (13033): pt1: Don't use a deprecated DMA_BIT_MASK macro
V4L/DVB (13037): go7007: Revert compatibility code added at the wrong place
V4L/DVB (13038): dvbdev: Remove an anoying/uneeded warning
V4L/DVB (13039): dib0700: not building CONFIG_DVB_TUNER_DIB0070 breaks compilation

Maxim Levitsky (2):
mac80211: Retry probe request few times
mac80211: Increase timeouts for station polling

Maxime Bizon (4):
MIPS: BCM63XX: Add integrated ethernet PHY support for phylib.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add Broadcom 63xx CPU definitions.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add support for the Broadcom BCM63xx family of SOCs.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add integrated ethernet mac support.

Maximilian Engelhardt (1):
netfilter: nf_nat: fix inverted logic for persistent NAT mappings

Maxin John (1):
USB: serial: Spelling correction in Motorola USB Phone driver

Maynard Johnson (1):
oprofile: reset bt_lost_no_mapping with other stats

Mel Gorman (11):
page-allocator: change migratetype for all pageblocks within a high-order page during __rmqueue_fallback
page-allocator: remove dead function free_cold_page()
tracing, page-allocator: add trace events for page allocation and page freeing
tracing, page-allocator: add trace events for anti-fragmentation falling back to other migratetypes
tracing, page-allocator: add trace event for page traffic related to the buddy lists
tracing, page-allocator: add a postprocessing script for page-allocator-related ftrace events
tracing, documentation: add a document describing how to do some performance analysis with tracepoints
tracing, documentation: Add a document on the kmem tracepoints
page-allocator: limit the number of MIGRATE_RESERVE pageblocks per zone
page-allocator: split per-cpu list into one-list-per-migrate-type
page-allocator: maintain rolling count of pages to free from the PCP

Mhayk Whandson (1):
V4L/DVB (12370): v4l doc: fix cqcam source code path

Michael Abbott (3):
drivers/hwmon/adm1021.c: support high precision ADM1023 remote sensor
drivers/hwmon/adm1021.c: add low_power support for adm1021 driver
Fix idle time field in /proc/uptime

Michael Barkowski (1):
powerpc/qe_lib: Set gpio data before changing the direction to output

Michael Brunner (1):
trivial: SubmittingPatches: Fix reference to renumbered step

Michael Buesch (30):
b43: Fix unaligned 32bit SHM-shared access
b43: Fix hardware key index handling
rtl818x: Add some documentation to the TX desc flags
b43: Use a threaded IRQ handler
b43: Remove TX spinlock
b43: Remove DMA/PIO queue locks
b43: Remove PIO RX workqueue
b43: remove SHM spinlock
ssb: Fail ssb modinit, if attach of the buses failed.
b43: PCMCIA is not experimental anymore
b43: Really disable QoS, if requested
b43: Fix sparse warning in hw-tkip code
b44/b43/b43legacy: Fix switch warnings introduced by SSB-SDIO
ieee1394: raw1394: Do not leak memory on failed trylock.
b43: Force-wake queues on init
ssb: Disable verbose SDIO coreswitch
b43: Fix resume failure
Staging: rtl8187se: Fix comment-out-typo
dac960: fix undefined behavior on empty string
b43: Force-wake queues on init
ssb: Disable verbose SDIO coreswitch
b43: Fix resume failure
b43: Rewrite suspend/resume code
b43: Do not use _irqsafe callbacks
b43: Fix SDIO interrupt handler deadlock
b43: Fix IRQ sync for SDIO
b43: Add optional verbose runtime statistics
b43: Disable PMQ mechanism
b43: Don't abuse wl->current_dev in the led work
b43: Remove BROKEN attribute from SDIO

Michael Chan (12):
bnx2: Zero out status block before chip reset.
bnx2: Check if_running() before touching chip registers.
bnx2: Close device if MTU change or ring size change fails.
bnx2: Apply BROKEN_STATS workaround to 5706 and 5708.
bnx2: Report FTQ discard counter.
bnx2: Refine coalescing parameters.
bnx2: Use const on flash_table structure.
bnx2: Update version to 2.0.2.
cnic: Put rx/tx ring allocation in separate function.
cnic: Put uio init in separate function.
bnx2: Update firmware to 5.0.0.j3.
cnic: Shutdown iSCSI ring during uio_close.


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