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Michael Ellerman (4):
powerpc/mpic: Fix MPIC_BROKEN_REGREAD on non broken MPICs
kmemleak: Allow kmemleak to be built on powerpc
powerpc: Enable GCOV
powerpc/ Move _edata down

Michael Ernst (1):
[S390] cio: failing set online/offline processing.

Michael Hennerich (15):
Input: add Blackfin rotary input driver
netdev: smc91x: drop Blackfin cruft
Blackfin: bf537-stamp: update ADP5588 header name
Blackfin: rename PCF8574 driver config
Blackfin: convert boards to use platform data with smc91x
Blackfin: remove useless duplicated assignment in gpio code
Blackfin: fix spelling in a few comments
Blackfin: bf537-stamp: add adp5588 gpio resources
Input: ad7879 - add support for AD7889
Input: add driver for ADP5588 QWERTY I2C Keypad
USB: serial: ftdi: handle gnICE+ JTAG adaptors
USB: isp1760: allow platform devices to customize devflags
rtc-bfin: do not share RTC IRQ
gpio: gpio support for ADP5520/ADP5501 MFD PMICs
backlight: new driver for ADP5520/ADP5501 MFD PMICs

Michael Holzheu (7):
[S390] vmur: Invalid allocation sequence for vmur class
[S390] xpram: Remove checksum validation for suspend/resume
[S390] hypfs: Use "%u" instead of "%d" for unsigned ints in snprintf
[S390] s390dbf: Add description for usage of "%s" in sprintf events
[S390] tape: Fix device online messages
[S390] tape: Use pr_xxx instead of dev_xxx in shared driver code
[S390] hibernate: Do real CPU swap at resume time

Michael Krufky (20):
V4L/DVB (12360): au0828: fix typo: dvb uses bulk xfer, dont say isoc in debug
V4L/DVB (12576): tda18271: simplify debug printk macros
V4L/DVB (12577): tda18271: remove excess whitespace from tda_foo printk macros
V4L/DVB (12578): tda18271: allow drivers to request RF tracking filter calibration during attach
V4L/DVB (12861): tda18271: add support for additional low-power standby modes
V4L/DVB (12862): tda18271: add debug to show which standby mode is in use
V4L/DVB (12863): tda18271: add new standby mode: slave tuner output / loop thru on
V4L/DVB (12864): tda18271: change output feature configuration to a bitmask
V4L/DVB (12865): tda18271: move tda18271_sleep directly below tda18271_init
V4L/DVB (12866): tda18271: move small_i2c assignment to the state config block
V4L/DVB (12867): tda18271: ensure that configuration options are set for multiple instances
V4L/DVB (12868): tda18271: improve error log in function tda18271_write_regs
V4L/DVB (12869): tda18271: fix comments and make tda18271_agc debug less verbose
V4L/DVB (12873): saa7134: disable tda18271 slave tuner output / loop thru in standby mode
V4L/DVB (12874): pvrusb2: disable tda18271 slave tuner output / loop thru in standby mode
V4L/DVB (12875): cx23885: disable tda18271 slave tuner output / loop thru in standby mode
V4L/DVB (12964): tuner-core: add support for NXP TDA18271 without TDA829X demod
V4L/DVB (12967): saa7164: fix Kconfig: rename DVB_FE_CUSTOMIZE to MEDIA_TUNER_CUSTOMISE
V4L/DVB (12968): saa7164: fix Kconfig: remove HOTPLUG dependency
V4L/DVB (12970): saa7164: fix 64bit build warning

Michael Opdenacker (1):
Minor code cleanup in drivers/net/r6040.c

Michael Prokop (1):
drivers/regulator/Kconfig: fix typo (s/Usersapce/Userspace/) in REGULATOR_USERSPACE_CONSUMER description

Michael Reed (1):
[SCSI] reservation conflict after timeout causes device to be taken offline

Michael Riepe (1):
drivers/hwmon/coretemp.c: enable the Intel Atom

Michael S. Tsirkin (14):
tun: reuse struct sock fields
PCI: expose function reset capability in sysfs
KVM: document locking for kvm_io_device_ops
KVM: switch coalesced mmio changes to slots_lock
KVM: switch pit creation to slots_lock
KVM: convert bus to slots_lock
KVM: remove in_range from io devices
KVM: document lock nesting rule
KVM: ignore msi request if !level
KVM: export kvm_para.h
uio: add generic driver for PCI 2.3 devices
mm: move use_mm/unuse_mm from aio.c to mm/
mm: reduce atomic use on use_mm fast path
USB: audio: guard kernel-only code with KERNEL

Michael Tokarev (1):
trivial: fix missing printk space in amd_k7_smp_check

Michael Trimarchi (1):
sh: Better description of SH-4 PTEA register update.

Michael Wolf (1):
powerpc: Adjust base and index registers in Altivec macros

Michal Hocko (1):
x86: Increase MIN_GAP to include randomized stack

Michal Schmidt (3):
bsdacct: switch credentials for writing to the accounting file
x86: Detect stack protector for i386 builds on x86_64
[SCSI] sg: fix oops in the error path in sg_build_indirect()

Michal Simek (17):
microblaze: include EXIT_TEXT to _stext
leds: gpio-leds: fix typographics fault
gcov: Fix DEBUG_FS symbol
microblaze: Enable GCOV_PROFILE_ALL
microblaze: Add checking mechanism for MSR instruction
microblaze: Improve checking mechanism for MSR instruction
microblaze: Implement include/asm/syscall.h.
microblaze: Save and restore msr in hw exception
microblaze: Remove ipc.h file which points to non-existing asm-generic file
microblaze: Don't be noisy when userspace causes hardware exceptions
microblaze: Generate correct signal and siginfo for integer div-by-zero
microblaze: Support ptrace syscall tracing.
microblaze: Use LOAD_OFFSET macro to get correct LMA for all sections
microblaze: Fix _start symbol to physical address
net: xilinx_emaclite: Fix problem with first incoming packet
microblaze: Support simpleImage.dts make target
microblaze: Disable heartbeat/enable emaclite in defconfigs

Michal Sojka (1):
trivial: fix typo in tracing documentation

Michel Dänzer (9):
agp/uninorth: Allow larger aperture sizes on pre-U3 bridges.
agp/uninorth: Simplify cache flushing.
drm/radeon/kms: Only add common modes which fit in both panel dimensions.
drm/radeon/kms: Move radeon_clocks_init() call back after getting VRAM info.
drm/radeon/kms: Don't kzalloc memory which is immediately overwritten.
drm/radeon/kms: Free CS parser state tracking memory.
drm/radeon/kms: Get LVDS native mode details from EDID if necessary.
drm/radeon/kms: Use surfaces for scanout / cursor byte swapping on big endian.
drm/radeon/kms: Move radeon_get_clock_info() call out of radeon_clocks_init().

Mika Korhonen (1):
mtd: OneNAND: spelling fixes

Mikael Pettersson (7):
ARM: 5677/1: ARM support for TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK/pselect6/ppoll/epoll_pwait
mv643xx_eth.c: remove unused txq_set_wrr()
sata_promise: disable hotplug on 1st gen chips
sata_promise: update reset code
i2c-mv64xxx: correct mv64xxx_i2c_intr() return type
ixp4xx: timer and clocks cleanups
ixp4xx: arch_idle() documentation fixup

Mike Christie (9):
[SCSI] ALUA: send STPG if explicit and implicit is supported
[SCSI] libiscsi: don't increment cmdsn if cmd is not sent
[SCSI] libiscsi: handle immediate command rejections
[SCSI] qla4xxx: Removed residual from overrun debug print
[SCSI] iscsi class: Add logging to scsi_transport_iscsi.c
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: add new conn error to indicate tcp conn closed
[SCSI] libiscsi, iscsi_tcp: check suspend bit before each call to xmit_task
[SCSI] libiscsi: add completion function for drivers that do not need pdu processing
[SCSI] libiscsi, bnx2i: make bound ep check common

Mike Frysinger (39):
connector: make callback argument type explicit
connector: clean up grammar/style in documentation
connector: get test code working by default
Input: bf54x-keys - convert printk() to dev_*()
ftrace: document function and function graph implementation
Blackfin: cleanup traps decode_address() a bit
Blackfin: convert ptrace to new memory functions
Blackfin: cleanup printk() usage in module code
Blackfin: convert malloc()/memset() to zalloc() in module code
Blackfin: cleanup module section checking
Blackfin: fix module reloc handling for all memory regions
Blackfin: push SRAM locks down into related ifdefs
Blackfin: add support for common FDPIC ptrace requests
Blackfin: drop unused MMR defines that only cause bad code to be written
Blackfin: fix BF522/BF523 max VCO mixup
Blackfin: drop board resources for dead devices (pbx/ad9960)
Blackfin: punt dead cache locking code
Blackfin: optimize fixed code handling for the most common case
Blackfin: add some isram-driver self tests
Blackfin: update ftrace_push_return_trace() breakage
Blackfin: unify cache init functions
Blackfin: fix elf_fpregset_t definition
ASoC: bf5xx-sport: the irq save/restore funcs take an unsigned long
mtd/maps: uclinux: depend on MTD_RAM being built into the kernel
mtd/maps: gpio-addr-flash: new driver for GPIO assisted flash addressing
mtd: fix order of TEST/PARTITIONS kconfig options
phram: cleanup error handling and associated messages
serial: bfin_5xx: fix building as module when early printk is enabled
pcmcia: yenta: add missing __devexit marking
checkpatch: add some common Blackfin checks
mtd: jedec_probe: add PSD4256G6V id
asm/sections: add text/data checking functions for arches to override
kallsyms: use new arch_is_kernel_text()
lockdep: use new arch_is_kernel_data()
Blackfin: override text/data checking functions
rtc: update documentation wrt RTC_PIE/irq_set_state
flat: use IS_ERR_VALUE() helper macro
bfin-otp: add writing support
linux/futex.h: place kernel types behind KERNEL

Mike Galbraith (14):
sched: Clean up SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK
sched: Add SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK functionality for nice < 0 tasks
sched: Ensure that a child can't gain time over it's parent after fork()
sched: Turn off child_runs_first
sched: Re-tune the scheduler latency defaults to decrease worst-case latencies
sched: Keep kthreads at default priority
sched: Complete buddy switches
sched: Improve latencies and throughput
Staging: rt2870sta interface names
perf sched: Add --input=file option to builtin-sched.c
sched: Remove unneeded indentation in sched_fair.c::place_entity()
sched: Re-add lost cpu_allowed check to sched_fair.c::select_task_rq_fair()
perf tools: Fix module symbol loading bug
perf tools: Handle relative paths while loading module symbols

Mike Mason (3):
PCI: support for PCI Express fundamental reset
PCI: document PCIe fundamental reset interfaces
PCI/powerpc: support PCIe fundamental reset

Mike McCormack (7):
sky2: remove unnecessary assignment
sky2: Avoid rewinding sky2->tx_prod
sky2: Move tx reset functionality to sky2_tx_reset()
sky2: Reset tx train after interrupts disabled.
sky2: Create buffer alloc and free helpers
sky2: Use 32bit read to read Y2_VAUX_AVAIL
sky2: Set SKY2_HW_RAM_BUFFER in sky2_init

Mike Rapoport (15):
dm9000: switch to dev_pm_ops
Input: gpio_keys - swtich to dev_pm_ops
[ARM] pxa/em-x270: remove debug leftovers
[ARM] pxa/em-x270: add vcc_core regulator
[ARM] pxa/cm-x270: add libertas device registration
[ARM] pxa: update da903x_bl.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pxa serial driver to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update ohci-pxa27x.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pxa2xx-spi.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pxafb.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pxa2xx-ac97.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pxamci.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
[ARM] pxa: update pcmcia/pxa2xx_base.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'
backlight: switch to da903x driver to dev_pm_ops
regulator: da903x: consolidate DA903[045]_DVC macros

Mikhail Ershov (2):
KVM: Align cr8 threshold when userspace changes cr8
KVM: Use kvm_{read,write}_guest_virt() to read and write segment descriptors

Miklos Szeredi (4):
fuse: document protocol version negotiation
splice: update mtime and atime on files
net: unix: fix sending fds in multiple buffers
vfs: seq_file: add helpers for data filling

Mimi Zohar (1):
IMA: open new file for read

Minchan Kim (3):
block: trace bio queueing trial only when it occurs
vmscan: don't attempt to reclaim anon page in lumpy reclaim when no swap space is available
mm: fix NUMA accounting in numastat.txt

Ming Lei (15):
lockdep: Print the shortest dependency chain if finding a circle
lockdep: Improve implementation of BFS
lockdep: Introduce match function to BFS
lockdep: Implement check_noncircular() by BFS
lockdep: Implement find_usage_*wards by BFS
lockdep: Introduce print_shortest_lock_dependencies
lockdep: Implement lockdep_count_*ward_deps by BFS
lockdep: Update memory usage introduced by BFS
lockdep: Add statistics info for max bfs queue depth
lockdep: Reintroduce generation count to make BFS faster
lockdep: Fix memory usage info of BFS
lockdep: Remove recursion stattistics
OMAP3: PM: fix lockdep warning caused by omap3_pm_init
driver-core: move dma-coherent.c from kernel to driver/base
USB: otg: twl4030-usb.c: mark .init as subsys_initcall_sync

Mingming (2):
ext4: Compile warning fix when EXT_DEBUG enabled
ext4: Show unwritten extent flag in ext4_ext_show_leaf()

Mingquan Pan (1):
Blackfin: use KERN_ALERT in all kgdb_test output

Mithlesh Thukral (2):
staging: wlan-ng: scripts/ error fixes.
Staging: Comedi: Lindent changes to comdi driver in staging tree

Moger, Babu (3):
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: move the init code from rdac_activate to rdac_bus_attach
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: changes to collect the rdac debug information during the initialization
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: changes for rdac debug logging

Mohamed Abbas (1):
iwlwifi: Check HW ready before prepare card.

Mohammed Gamal (1):
KVM: x86 emulator: Add adc and sbb missing decoder flags

Mohanlal Jangir (1):
mtd: inftl: fix fold chain block number

Moni Shoua (2):
bonding: remap muticast addresses without using dev_close() and dev_open()
IPoIB: Don't turn on carrier for a non-active port

Moritz Muehlenhoff (5):
Staging: wlan-ng: Remove some superflous comments
Staging: wlan-ng: Use kzfree() to securely zero-out the WEP key when freeing it
Staging: wlan-ng: Drop the special case handling of older wireless extensions, WIRELESS_EXT is at 22 for the current kernel.
Staging: wlan-ng: Remove more superflous comments
Staging: hv: Remove compatibility ifdefry

Moussa A. Ba (1):
pagemap clear_refs: modify to specify anon or mapped vma clearing

Muralidharan Karicheri (16):
davinci: DM644x platform changes for vpfe capture
davinci: DM355 - platform changes for vpfe capture
DaVinci: DM646x - platform changes for vpif capture and display drivers
V4L/DVB (12246): tvp514x: Migration to sub-device framework
V4L/DVB (12247): tvp514x: formatting comments as per kernel documentation
V4L/DVB (12248): v4l: vpfe capture bridge driver for DM355 and DM6446
V4L/DVB (12249): v4l: ccdc hw device header file for vpfe capture
V4L/DVB (12250): v4l: dm355 ccdc module for vpfe capture driver
V4L/DVB (12251): v4l: dm644x ccdc module for vpfe capture driver
V4L/DVB (12252): v4l: ccdc types used across ccdc modules for vpfe capture driver
V4L/DVB (12253): v4l: common vpss module for video drivers
V4L/DVB (12254): v4l: Makefile and config files for vpfe capture driver
V4L/DVB (12906a): V4L : vpif display updates to support vpif capture
V4L/DVB (12906b): V4L : vpif capture - Kconfig and Makefile changes
V4L/DVB (12906c): V4L : vpif capture driver for DM6467
V4L/DVB (12906d): V4L : vpif updates for DM6467 vpif capture driver

Naga Chumbalkar (1):
[CPUFREQ] update Doc for cpuinfo_cur_freq and scaling_cur_freq

Nam Phạm Thành (1):
V4L/DVB (12475): Add support for Humax/Coex DVB-T USB Stick 2.0 High Speed

Narender Kumar (2):
netxen: ethtool statistics and control for LRO
netxen: bridged mode optimizations

Nathan Williams (2):
solos: support new FPGA RAM layout
solos: Check for rogue received packets

Neil Brown (1):
NFS/RPC: fix problems with reestablish_timeout and related code.

Neil Horman (13):
random: Add optional continuous repetition test to entropy store based rngs
crypto: fips - Select CPRNG
xfrm: export xfrm garbage collector thresholds via sysctl
xfrm: select sane defaults for xfrm[4|6] gc_thresh
net: skb ftracer - add tracepoint to skb_copy_datagram_iovec (v3)
net: skb ftracer - Add config option to enable new ftracer (v3)
net: skb ftracer - Add actual ftrace code to kernel (v3)
crypto: fips - Depend on ansi_cprng
net: drop_monitor: make last_rx timestamp private
kmod: fix race in usermodehelper code
exec: make do_coredump() more resilient to recursive crashes
exec: let do_coredump() limit the number of concurrent dumps to pipes
exec: allow do_coredump() to wait for user space pipe readers to complete

NeilBrown (14):
sunrpc/cache: rename queue_loose to cache_dequeue
sunrpc/cache: make sure deferred requests eventually get revisited.
sunrpc/cache: recheck cache validity after cache_defer_req
sunrpc: fix memory leak in unix_gid cache.
sunrpc/cache: change cache_defer_req to return -ve error, not boolean.
sunrpc/cache: simplify cache_fresh_locked and cache_fresh_unlocked.
sunrpc/cache: use list_del_init for the list_head entries in cache_deferred_req
sunrpc/cache: avoid variable over-loading in cache_defer_req
md: remove sparse waring "symbol xxx shadows an earlier one"
md: remove sparse warnings about lock context.
md: Improve name of threads created by md_register_thread
md: report device as congested when suspended
md: remove unnecessary memset from multipath.
Merge branch 'next' of git:// into for-linus

Nelson Elhage (8):
[S390] clean up linker script using new linker script macros.
[IA64] Use standard macros for page-aligned data.
[IA64] Clean up linker script using standard macros.
MIPS: make page.h constants available to assembly.
MIPS: Use PAGE_SIZE in assembly instead of _PAGE_SIZE.
MIPS: Clean up linker script using new linker script macros.
frv: remove unused .altinstructions code
frv: clean up linker script using new linker script macros.

Nelson, Shannon (2):
ixgbe: Allow tx itr specific settings
ixgbe: move rx queue RSC configuration to a separate function

Nick Black (1):
Move magic numbers into magic.h

Nick Kossifidis (5):
ath5k: Check EEPROM before tweaking SERDES
ath5k: Linear PCDAC code fixes
ath5k: Wakeup fixes
ath5k: Preserve pcicfg bits during attach
ath5k: Use SWI to trigger calibration

Nick Piggin (6):
HWPOISON: Refactor truncate to allow direct truncating of page v2
writeback: remove smp_mb(), it's not needed with list_add_tail_rcu()
writeback: improve scalability of bdi writeback work queues
writeback: Fix bdi use after free in wb_work_complete()
writeback: fix possible bdi writeback refcounting problem
fs: turn iprune_mutex into rwsem

Nicolas Ferre (17):
[ARM] 5564/1: at91: add gpio button and leds support for at91sam9rlek
[ARM] 5569/1: at91: Support for at91sam9g45: clocks management
[ARM] 5571/1: at91: Basic support for at91sam9g45 series: header files.
[ARM] 5572/1: at91: Support for at91sam9g45 series: core chip & board support
[ARM] 5567/1: at91: Support for at91sam9g10: clocks management
[ARM] 5568/1: at91: Basic support for at91sam9g10: header files
[ARM] 5570/1: at91: Support for at91sam9g10: core chip & board support
[ARM] 5614/1: at91: atmel_lcdfb: add at91sam9g10 support to atmel LCD driver
ARM: 5622/1: at91: at91sam9g45 headers: DMA peripheral identifiers
ARM: 5686/1: at91: Correct AC97 reset line in at91sam9263ek board
ARM: 5620/1: at91/dmaengine: integration of at_hdmac driver in at91sam9rl
ARM: 5621/1: at91/dmaengine: integration of at_hdmac driver in at91sam9g45 series
ARM: 5709/1: at91: add AC97 support to at91sam9g45 series and at91sam9m10g45ek board
ARM: 5710/1: at91: add AC97 support to at91sam9rl and at91sam9rlek board
USB: at91: Add USB EHCI driver for at91sam9g45 series
USB: at91: Add USB gadget driver selection for at91sam9g45 series
USB: at91: modify OHCI driver to allow shared interrupts

Nicolas Palix (6):
Staging: hv: Transform some kzalloc calls to kcalloc
Staging: hv: Transform PDEVICE_OBJECT and DEVICE_OBJECT typedefs into their corresponding structs
Staging: hv: Remove typedef DRIVER_OBJECT and PDRIVER_OBJECT
Staging: hv: Remove typedef NETVSC_PACKET and PNETVSC_PACKET
Staging: hv: Remove typedef STORVSC_REQUEST and PSTORVSC_REQUEST
Staging: hv: Replace typedef SG_BUFFER_LIST by struct scatterlist

Nicolas Pitre (8):
[ARM] add MAINTAINERS entry for Orion/Kirkwood/etc.
ARM: 5687/1: fix an oops with highmem
ARM: 5691/1: fix cache aliasing issues between kmap() and kmap_atomic() with highmem
Nicolas Pitre has a new email address
mmc: core SDIO suspend/resume support
mmc: propagate error codes back from bus drivers' suspend/resume methods
mmc: make SDIO device/driver struct accessors public
make Linux bootable on ARM again

Nicolas de Pesloüan (1):
bonding: Fix useless test: int > INT_MAX

Nikanth Karthikesan (2):
Seperate read and write statistics of in_flight requests
/dev/zero: avoid repeated access_ok() checks

Nils Carlson (1):
hpet: hpet driver periodic timer setup bug fixes

Nitin A Kamble (1):
KVM: VMX: Support Unrestricted Guest feature

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (4):
dmaengine: sh: Add Support SuperH DMA Engine driver
cpumask: Remove mask field from comments
sh: Add support DMA Engine to SH7722
sh: Add support DMA Engine to SH7780

Octavian Purdila (1):
tcp: fix premature termination of FIN_WAIT2 time-wait sockets

Ohad Ben-Cohen (3):
sdio: do not ignore MMC_VDD_165_195
sdio: add CD disable support

Olaf Hering (1):
leds: Fix LED names

Oldřich Jedlička (2):
V4L/DVB (12490): Report only 32kHz for ALSA
V4L/DVB (12586): Update ALSA capture controls according to selected source.

Oleg Nesterov (17):
mm_for_maps: simplify, use ptrace_may_access()
kernel: fix is_single_threaded
kernel: rename is_single_threaded(task) to current_is_single_threaded(void)
kernel: is_current_single_threaded: don't use ->mmap_sem
mm_for_maps: shift down_read(mmap_sem) to the caller
mm_for_maps: take ->cred_guard_mutex to fix the race with exec
proc_flush_task: flush /proc/tid/task/pid when a sub-thread exits
ptrace: __ptrace_detach: do __wake_up_parent() if we reap the tracee
do_wait() wakeup optimization: shift security_task_wait() from eligible_child() to wait_consider_task()
do_wait() wakeup optimization: change __wake_up_parent() to use filtered wakeup
do_wait() wakeup optimization: child_wait_callback: check __WNOTHREAD case
do_wait-wakeup-optimization: fix child_wait_callback()->eligible_child() usage
do_wait-wakeup-optimization: simplify task_pid_type()
wait_consider_task: kill "parent" argument
exec: fix set_binfmt() vs sys_delete_module() race
signals: introduce do_send_sig_info() helper
signals: send_sigio: use do_send_sig_info() to avoid check_kill_permission()

Oliver Hartkopp (3):
can: Use WARN_ONCE() instead of BUG_ON() for sanity check in receive path
can: use correct NET_RX_ return values
can: fix NOHZ local_softirq_pending 08 warning

Oliver Neukum (20):
Bluetooth: Add USB autosuspend support to btusb driver
V4L/DVB (12369): stv680: kfree called before usb_kill_urb
V4L/DVB (12491): remove unnecessary power management primitive in stk-webcam
USB: storage: fix a resume path GFP_NOIO must be used
USB: CDC WDM driver doesn't support non-blocking reads
USB: fix cdc-acm regression in open
USB: serial: full autosuspend support for the option driver
USB: usbtmc can do IO to device after disconnect
USB: suspend/resume support for usbtmc
USB: legousbtower: make poll notice disconnect
USB: ldusb should signal an error in poll if the device is disconnected
USB: full power management support for the idmouse driver
USB: full autosuspend and power management support for usbsevseg
USB: fix wrong order of events in usb serial suspension
USB: remove unneeded printks from microtek driver
USB: support for autosuspend in sierra while online
USB: fix missing error check in probing
USB: skel_read really sucks royally
USB: make usb-skeleton honor O_NONBLOCK in write path
USB: O_NONBLOCK in read path of skeleton

Olivier Bornet (5):
USB: iuu_phoenix: Don't reset the device at close
USB: iuu_phoenix: clean-up parameter's descriptions
USB: iuu_phoenix: add support for changing VCC
USB: iuu_phoenix: increment version number
USB: iuu_phoenix: add a way to select the default VCC

Olivier Grenie (3):
V4L/DVB (12886): Added new Pinnacle USB devices
V4L/DVB (12887): DIB7000P: SNR calcuation forr DiB7000P
V4L/DVB (12888): STK7770P: Add support for STK7770P

Olivier Lorin (1):
V4L/DVB (12954): gspca - gl860: Addition of GL860 based webcams

Ondrej Zary (5):
ALSA: cmi8330: revert comments about AD1848 back
cmi8330: Add basic CMI8329 support
ALSA: cmi8330: find OPL3 port automatically
ALSA: cmi8330: Allow MPU-401-less operation
USB: ark3116: add IrDA support for Gembird UIR-22

Ori Avtalion (1):
trivial: fix typo in namei.h comment

Otavio Salvador (1):
pata_cs5535: add pci id for AMD based CS5535 controllers

Ozan Çaglayan (1):
markup_oops: use modinfo to avoid confusion with underscored module names

Pan, Jacob jun (1):
x86: Add hardware_subarch ID for Moorestown

Paolo Bonzini (1):
dlm: use kernel_sendpage

Pat Erley (1):
mac80211: remove max_bandwidth

Patrick Boettcher (8):
V4L/DVB (12889): DIB0700: added USB IDs for a Terratec DVB-T XXS
V4L/DVB (12892): DVB-API: add support for ISDB-T and ISDB-Tsb (version 5.1)
V4L/DVB (12896): ISDB-T: add mapping of LAYER_ENABLED to frontend-cache
V4L/DVB (12898): DiB0070: Update to latest internal release
V4L/DVB (12899): DiB0070: Indenting driver with indent -linux
V4L/DVB (12900): DiB8000: added support for DiBcom ISDB-T/ISDB-Tsb demodulator DiB8000
V4L/DVB (12901): DiB0700: add support for STK807XP and STK807XPVR
V4L/DVB (12903): DiB8000: fix channel search parameter initialization

Patrick McHardy (15):
net: use NETDEV_TX_OK instead of 0 in ndo_start_xmit() functions
net: convert remaining non-symbolic return values in ndo_start_xmit() functions
Merge branch 'master' of git://
netfilter: nf_conntrack: log packets dropped by helpers
netlink: constify nlmsghdr arguments
netfilter: nfnetlink: constify message attributes and headers
netfilter: ip6t_eui: fix read outside array bounds
netfilter: ebt_ulog: fix checkentry return value
net_sched: fix class grafting errno codes
net_sched: make cls_ops->tcf_chain() optional
net_sched: make cls_ops->change and cls_ops->delete optional
net_sched: remove some unnecessary checks in classful schedulers
net_sched: reintroduce dev->qdisc for use by sch_api
net_sched: move dev_graft_qdisc() to sch_generic.c
net_sched: fix estimator lock selection for mq child qdiscs

Paul Brook (1):
nommu: ptrace support

Paul E. McKenney (37):
rcu: Remove Classic RCU
rcu: Add synchronize_sched_expedited() primitive
rcu: Add synchronize_sched_expedited() torture tests
rcu: Add synchronize_sched_expedited() rcutorture doc + updates
rcu: Split hierarchical RCU initialization into boot-time and CPU-online pieces
cpu hotplug: Introduce cpu_notifier() to handle !HOTPLUG_CPU case
rcu: Simplify RCU CPU-hotplug notification
rcu: Make preemptable RCU scan all CPUs when summing RCU counters
rcu: Make rcupreempt_trace.c look at offline CPUs
rcu: Delay rcu_barrier() wait until beginning of next CPU-hotunplug operation.
rcu: Expunge lingering references to CONFIG_CLASSIC_RCU, optimize on !SMP
rcu: Move private definitions from include/linux/rcutree.h to kernel/rcutree.h
rcu: Renamings to increase RCU clarity
rcu: Consolidate sparse and lockdep declarations in include/linux/rcupdate.h
rcu: Fix online/offline indication for rcudata.csv trace file
rcu: Merge per-RCU-flavor initialization into pre-existing macro
rcu: Use debugfs_remove_recursive() simplify code.
rcu: Simplify rcu_pending()/rcu_check_callbacks() API
rcu: Merge preemptable-RCU functionality into hierarchical RCU
rcu: Add "notrace" to RCU function headers used by ftrace
rcu: Add CPU-offline processing for single-node configurations
rcu: Add #ifdef to suppress __rcu_offline_cpu() warning in !HOTPLUG_CPU builds
rcu: Remove lockdep annotations from RCU's _notrace() API members
rcu: Create rcutree plugins to handle hotplug CPU for multi-level trees
rcu: Changes from reviews: avoid casts, fix/add warnings, improve comments
rcu: Move end of special early-boot RCU operation earlier
rcu: Need to update rnp->gpnum if preemptable RCU is to be reliable
rcu: Initialize multi-level RCU grace periods holding locks
rcu: Kconfig help needs to say that TREE_PREEMPT_RCU scales down
rcu: Add debug checks to TREE_PREEMPT_RCU for premature grace periods
rcu: Simplify rcu_read_unlock_special() quiescent-state accounting
rcu: Fix synchronize_rcu() for TREE_PREEMPT_RCU
rcu: Add WARN_ON_ONCE() consistency checks covering state transitions
rcu: Apply results of code inspection of kernel/rcutree_plugin.h
rcu: Fix thinko, actually initialize full tree
rcu: Fix whitespace inconsistencies

Paul Fertser (3):
mfd: use a dedicated workqueue for pcf50633 irq processing
mfd: revise locking for pcf50633 ADC
mfd: fix wrong define for 10bit pcf50633 ADC mode

Paul Fox (1):
Input: hgpk - forced recalibration for the OLPC touchpad

Paul Gortmaker (4):
powerpc/83xx: sbc8349 - update defconfig, enable MTD, USB storage
powerpc/85xx: issue fsl_soc reboot warning only when applicable
powerpc/85xx: sbc8560 - remove "has-rstcr" from global utilities block
powerpc: derive COMMAND_LINE_SIZE from asm-generic

Paul Mackerras (8):
powerpc/32: Always order writes to halves of 64-bit PTEs
powerpc: Allow perf_counters to access user memory at interrupt time
perf_counter: powerpc: Add callchain support
perf_counter: Start counting time enabled when group leader gets enabled
powerpc: Fix bug where perf_counters breaks oprofile
powerpc/perf_counters: Reduce stack usage of power_check_constraints
perf_counter, powerpc, sparc: Fix compilation after perf_counter_overflow() change
perf_event, powerpc: Fix compilation after big perf_counter rename

Paul Menage (6):
include/linux/cred.h: work around gcc-4.2.4 warning in get_cred()
cgroups: support named cgroups hierarchies
cgroups: move the cgroup debug subsys into cgroup.c to access internal state
cgroups: add a back-pointer from struct cg_cgroup_link to struct cgroup
cgroups: allow cgroup hierarchies to be created with no bound subsystems
cgroups: revert "cgroups: fix pid namespace bug"

Paul Moore (4):
tun: Remove a dead line of code
lsm: Add hooks to the TUN driver
selinux: Support for the new TUN LSM hooks
lsm: Use a compressed IPv6 string format in audit events

Paul Mundt (144):
Merge branches 'sh/hwblk', 'sh/cpuidle' and 'sh/stable-updates'
sh: use kprobes_built_in() for notify_page_fault().
sh: Tidy up vmalloc fault handling.
Merge branches 'sh/ftrace' and 'sh/cachetlb'
video: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: depends on HAVE_CLK.
Merge branches 'sh/ftrace' and 'sh/stable-updates'
sh: Decouple mcount from ftrace.
sh: Use DECLARE_EXPORT() for mcount symbol export.
sh: Fix up ftrace build error when STACK_DEBUG=n.
sh: Fix up stack overflow check with ftrace disabled.
sh: Tidy up gzip-based zImage decompression.
sh: bzip2/lzma zImage support.
sh: Consolidate the sh64 changes in arch/sh/boot/compressed/misc_32.c
sh: rename arch/sh/boot/compressed/misc_32.c -> misc.c
sh64: Don't use PHYSADDR() for output_addr calculation.
Merge branches 'sh/compressors' and 'sh/ftrace'
sh: Kill off zero-sized
Merge branches 'sh/hwblk' and 'sh/platform-updates'
Merge git:// into sh/kbuild-fixes
sh: bzip2/lzma uImage support.
Merge branches 'sh/compressors' and 'sh/stable-updates'
sh: Provide _PAGE_SPECIAL for 32-bit.
sh: Migrate from PG_mapped to PG_dcache_dirty.
Merge branch 'sh/kfr2r09'
sh: wire up clear_user_highpage() for sh4, convert sh7705.
sh: Rename arch/sh/lib/clear_page.S -> __clear_user.S.
sh: Use the now generic SH-4 clear/copy page ops for all MMU platforms.
sh: update_mmu_cache() consolidation.
sh: Handle a NULL vma in __update_tlb() for the fast-path.
Revert "sh: Bump the earlytimer bits back to time_init()."
sh: Add romImage target to archhelp.
Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// into sh/hwblk
sh: Fix up early printk build error.
sh: Add a PG_dcache_dirty sanity check in kmap_coherent().
sh: Bring kmap_coherent() out-of-line.
sh: Drop unused arguments for kunmap_coherent().
sh: Provide __flush_anon_page().
sh: Tidy up NEFF-based sign extension for SH-5.
sh64: Kill off special clear_page() implementation.
sh: Split out SH-4 __flush_xxx_region() ops.
sh: Partially unroll the SH-4 __flush_xxx_region() flushers.
Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates'
sh: unwinder: Fix up usage of unaligned accessors.
sh: unwinder: Restore put_unaligned() for an unaligned destination.
sh: oprofile: Kill off dead valid_kernel_stack().
Merge branch 'sh/dwarf-unwinder'
sh: unwinder: Convert frame allocations to GFP_ATOMIC.
sh: stacktrace: Add reliability checks in address saving ops.
sh: flag the default unwinder as reliable.
sh: stacktrace: Properly terminate the trace entry buffer.
sh: Add register alignment helpers for shared flushers.
sh64: Wire up the shared __flush_xxx_region() flushers.
sh: NO_CONTEXT ASID optimizations for SH-4 cache flush.
sh: TLB protection violation exception optimizations.
sh: TLB fast path optimizations for load/store exceptions.
Merge branch 'master' into sh/cachetlb
sh: Make sure rte delay slots are nopped out on all parts.
sh: delay slot future proofing via EXPMASK on SH-4A parts.
sh: Bail from kmap_coherent_init() if we have no dcache aliases.
sh: Provide the kmap_coherent() interface generically.
sh: rename pg-mmu.c -> cache.c, enable generically.
sh: rework nommu for generic cache.c use.
sh: consolidate nommu stubs in arch/sh/mm/nommu.c.
sh: Track the CPU family in sh_cpuinfo.
sh: Centralize the CPU cache initialization routines.
sh: Move alias computation to shared cache init.
sh: Don't export flush_dcache_all().
sh: consolidate flush_dcache_mmap_lock/unlock() definitions.
sh: Kill off unused flush_icache_user_range().
sh: Migrate SH-4 cacheflush ops to function pointers.
sh: Convert SH-2 to new cacheflush interface.
sh: Convert SH-2A to new cacheflush interface.
sh: Convert SH-3 to new cacheflush interface.
sh: Convert SH7705 extended mode to new cacheflush interface.
Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates'
Merge branch 'master' into sh/hwblk
sh: Kill off the unhandled pvr case in SH-4 CPU probing.
sh: Convert cache disabled SH-5 over to new cache interface.
sh64: Build in support for generic stacktrace ops.
sh: Fix up the SH-5 build with caches enabled.
sh64: Kill off dead i/d-cache disabled bits.
sh: Wire up sh5_cache_init().
sh: Merge the _32/_64 variants of arch/sh/kernel/Makefile.
sh: Merge the _32/_64 variants of arch/sh/mm/Makefile.
sh: unwinder: Move initialization to early_initcall() and tidy up locking.
Merge branch 'master' into sh/cachetlb
sh: Build fix for disabled caches.
sh: Fix up clockevents broadcasting.
sh: Add mach-types entry for EcoVec board.
Merge branch 'sh/r8a66597-udc'
sh: Fix up the CONFIG_FTRACE_SYSCALLS=n build.
sh: DSP save/restore ordering and a0 sign extension fixups.
rtc: rtc-ds1302: Kill off unused variables.
sh: enable rtc-ds1302 in snapgear_defconfig.
sh: Fix up cache-sh4 build on SMP.
sh: Use local TLB flush for get_mmu_context() ASID exhaustion.
sh: Kill off unused cpu/cacheflush.h.
sh: Make cache flushers SMP-aware.
sh: Kill off now redundant local irq disabling.
sh: Export unwind_stack() to satisfy modular oprofile.
Merge branch 'sh/dwarf-unwinder' of git:// into sh/dwarf-unwinder
sh: unwinder: Use a special bug flag for unwinder traps.
sh64: dummy unwinder BUG wrappers.
Merge branch 'sh/dwarf-unwinder'
sh: unwinder: cacheline align slab cache objects.
Merge branch 'sh/hwblk' into sh/pm-runtime
sh: Fix section mismatch in platform bus notifier.
Merge branches 'sh/hwblk' and 'sh/pm-runtime'
usb: gadget: m66592-udc needs linux/err.h.
sh: Move the FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX definition in to asm/ftrace.h.
Merge branch 'sh/st-integration'
timekeeping: Fix up read_persistent_clock() breakage on sh
sh: Fix an off-by-1 in FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX.
sh: Fix up sh4_flush_dcache_page() build on UP.
sh: Tidy up watchdog build for SH-2.
sh: unwinder: Fix up uninitialized variable warnings on sh2a build.
sh: Fix up simplified multi-evt handling under sparseirq.
Merge branch 'master' into sh/smp
sh: nmi_debug support.
sh: Kill off kgdb's magical NMI debouncing.
Revert "sh: Kill off now redundant local irq disabling."
sh: Fix up UP deadlock with SMP-aware cache ops.
sh: disable trapped I/O on SH7785LCR.
sh: Fix up build warning for SH7785LCR proto board.
sh: Fix up and optimize the kmap_coherent() interface.
mtd: onenand: select MTD_PARTITIONS
sh: Use more aggressive dcache purging in kmap teardown.
sh: Kill off dcache writeback from copy_page().
Merge branches 'sh/smp' and 'sh/stable-updates'
rtc: rtc-sh: Fix up oops in early periodic freq assignment.
sh: Cleanup whitespace damage in sh4_flush_icache_range().
sh: multi-evt support for SH-X3 proto CPU.
sh: cpufreq: Include CPU id in info messages.
sh: Fix up sh7705 flush_dcache_page() build.
Merge branch 'master' of git://
sh: Kill off unused se_skipped in alignment trap notification code.
kallsyms: fix segfault in prefix_underscores_count()
sh: Handle unaligned 16-bit instructions on SH-2A.
sh: Fix up uninitialized variable use caught by gcc 4.4.
sh: update defconfigs.
sh: enable onenand support in kfr2r09 defconfig.
Merge branch 'master' of git://

Paul Walmsley (10):
OMAP3: update OMAP3 Beagle defconfig
OMAP: powerdomain: Fix overflow when doing powerdomain deps lookups.
OMAP clock: associate MPU clocks with the mpu_clkdm
OMAP3 clock: remove superfluous calls to omap2_init_clk_clkdm
OMAP2/3 PM: create the OMAP PM interface and add a default OMAP PM no-op layer
OMAP2/3/4 PRCM: add module IDLEST wait code
OMAP2/3 board-*.c files: read bootloader configuration earlier
OMAP2/3/4: create omap_hwmod layer
OMAP: omap_hwmod: call omap_hwmod init at boot; create interconnects
OMAP2/3/4 core: create omap_device layer

Pavel Machek (11):
iwlwifi: fix LED config option
[ARM] pxa/sharpsl_pm: zaurus c3000 aka spitz: fix resume
Staging: HTC Dream: Makefile glue
Staging: htc: Dream: limit Kconfig for only MSM platforms
Staging: HTC Dream: Cleanup Dream touchscreen driver
Staging: HTC Dream: touchscreen: more cleanups
Staging: dream: synaptics touchscreen for dream: documentation
Staging: Dream: separate Kconfig/Makefile into subdirectory
Staging: dream: Synaptics touchscreen: check that smbus is available
ARM: spitz: fix touchscreen max presure
fbdev: framebuffer support for HTC Dream

Pavel Roskin (8):
ath5k: fix values for bus error bits in ISR2
rt61pci: fix module reloading
rt2x00: cancel all work on disconnect
cfg80211: fix disassociation warning due to misuse of wdev->current_bss
ath5k: fix uninitialized value use in ath5k_eeprom_read_turbo_modes()
ath5k: don't use PCI ID to find the chip revision
rc80211_minstrel: fix contention window calculation
rc80211_minstrel: fix contention window calculation

Pavel Vasilyev (1):
x86/gart: Do not select AGP for GART_IOMMU

Pawel Ludwikow (2):
USB: serial: ftdi_sio: new hardware support - hameg power supply
USB: serial: pl2303: new hardware support - sanwa multimeter

Pawel Moll (2):
sh: Allow for kernel command line concatenation.
sh: Simplify "multi-evt" interrupt handling.

Pekka Enberg (10):
kmemleak: Don't scan uninitialized memory when kmemcheck is enabled
Merge branches 'slab/cleanups' and 'slab/fixes' into for-linus
Staging: w35und: Convert MDS typedef to struct w35_mds
Staging: w35und: Remove unused struct _RXBUFFER
Staging: w35und: Cleanup the mlmetxrx_f.h header file
Staging: w35und: Convert typedef DESCRIPTOR to struct wb35_descriptor
Staging: w35und: Remove unused struct _STATISTICS_INFO
Staging: w35und: Convert typedef MTO_PARAMETERS to struct wb35_mto_param
Staging: w35und: Remove some write-only struct members
shmem: initialize struct shmem_sb_info to zero

Pekka Paalanen (4):
drm/kms: no need to return void value (encoder)
drm/ttm: optimize bo_kmap_type values
drm: GEM handles are u32, not int
drm: fix _DRM_GEM addmap error message

Peng Tao (3):
ext4: fix build warning when EXT4FS_DEBUG is on
ext4: fix journal ref count in move_extent_par_page
doc/filesystems: more mount cleanups

Pete Eberlein (8):
V4L/DVB (13020): go7007: Updates to Kconfig and Makefile
V4L/DVB (13021): go7007: Fix whitespace and line lengths
V4L/DVB (13022): go7007: Fix mpeg controls
V4L/DVB (13023): go7007: Merge struct gofh and go declarations
V4L/DVB (13024): go7007: Implement vidioc_g_std and vidioc_querystd
V4L/DVB (13025): s2250-board: Fix memory leaks
V4L/DVB (13026): s2250-board: Implement brightness and contrast controls
V4L/DVB (13027): go7007: convert printks to v4l2_info

Pete Hildebrandt (1):
V4L/DVB (12396): [patch] Added Support for STK7700D (DVB)

Pete Zaitcev (6):
USB: sisusbvga: drop usb_buffer_alloc
USB: usbmon: drop Kconfig defaults
USB: usbmon: touch up the documentation
USB: usbmon: end ugly tricks with DMA peeking
USB: Let usb_sg_init to set transfer_buffer more often
USB: unusual_devs.h: drop some unneeded floppy entries

Peter 'p2' De Schrijver (5):
OMAP: PM counter infrastructure.
OMAP: PM: Hook into PM counters
OMAP: PM: Add closures to clkdm_for_each and pwrdm_for_each.
OMAP: PM: Add pm-debug counters
OMAP: PM debug: make powerdomains use PM-debug counters

Peter Feuerer (2):
acerhdf: fix fan control for AOA150 model
acerhdf: additional BIOS versions

Peter Huewe (8):
HID: adding init/exit macros to module init/exit functions
hvc_console: Add init and exit to hvc_vio
trivial: add init/exit macros to DAC960.c
trivial: mtd: add init/exit macros to init/exitfunctions
trivial: media/omap: adding init/exit macros to lcd_drivers
trivial: media/video/cx88: add init/exit macros to cx88 drivers
trivial: add init macro/ fix of exit macro location in ipmi_poweroff.c
trivial: add init/exit macros in drivers/gpio/bt8xxgpio.c

Peter Korsgaard (5):
ARM: S3C6410: airgoo hmt board support
ARM: S3C: move s3c_device_nand from plat-s3c24xx to plat-s3c
ARM: S3C: move timer/pwm handling from plat-s3c24xx to plat-s3c
uartlite: support shared interrupt lines
video: s3c_fb.c: fix build with CONFIG_HOTPLUG=n

Peter Meerwald (1):
ASoC: fixes multiple typos in comments, no functional change

Peter Oberparleiter (3):
[S390] cio: fix ineffective verify event
[S390] cio: consolidate subchannel intparm reset
param: allow whitespace as kernel parameter separator

Peter P Waskiewicz Jr (8):
ixgbe: Remove legacy descriptor support
ixgbe: Make sure boolean assignments from bitwise operations done correctly
ixgbe: Add device support for a new copper 82598 device
ixgbe: Bump version number
ixgbe: Properly disable DCB arbiters prior to applying changes
ixgbe: Properly disable packet split per-ring when globally disabled
ixgbe: Add support for 82599-based CX4 adapters
ixgbe: Create separate media type for CX4 adapters

Peter Staubach (1):
NFS: read-modify-write page updating

Peter Ujfalusi (4):
ASoC: TWL4030: Introduce PGAs for outputs
ASoC: TWL4030: Fix for capture mixer strings
OMAP3: McBSP: Lower the maximum buffersize for McBSP1, 3, 4, 5
OMAP: McBSP: Add link DMA mode selection

Peter Williams (1):
sched: Simplify sys_sched_rr_get_interval() system call

Peter Zijlstra (73):
hrtimer: Remove cb_entry from struct hrtimer
lockdep: BFS cleanup
sched: Fix cgroup smp fairness
sched: Optimize unused cgroup configuration
sched: Add debug check to task_of()
sched: Ensure the migration task doesn't go away during use
lockdep: Fix backtraces
lockdep: Fix style nits
lockdep: Introduce lockdep_assert_held()
lockdep: Deal with many similar locks
perf tools: Add some comments to the event definitions
sched: Avoid division by zero
perf_counter: Allow sharing of output channels
sched: Fix division by zero - really
sched: Add wait, sleep and iowait accounting tracepoints
sched: Restore __cpu_power to a straight sum of power
sched: Update the cpu_power sum during load-balance
sched: Add smt_gain
sched: Implement dynamic cpu_power
sched: Scale down cpu_power due to RT tasks
sched: Try to deal with low capacity
sched: Remove reciprocal for cpu_power
perf stat: Change noise calculation to use stddev
perf stat: Remove the limit on repeat
perf stat: Use stddev_mean in stead of stddev
perf stat: More advanced variance computation
perf stat: Clean up statistics calculations a bit more
sched: Remove short cut from select_task_rq_fair()
sched: Deal with low-load in wake_affine()
sched: enable SD_WAKE_IDLE
sched: Fix double_rq_lock() compile warning
sched: Add come comments to the sched features
sched: Move code around
sched: Move sched_balance_self() into sched_fair.c
sched: Hook sched_balance_self() into sched_class::select_task_rq()
sched: Add TASK_WAKING
sched: Merge select_task_rq_fair() and sched_balance_self()
sched: for_each_domain() vs RCU
sched: Fix task affinity for select_task_rq_fair
sched: Tweak wake_idx
sched: Fix some domain tunings
sched: Reduce forkexec_idx
sched: Provide arch_scale_freq_power
x86: Move APERF/MPERF into a X86_FEATURE
x86: Add generic aperf/mperf code
x86: sched: Provide arch implementations using aperf/mperf
sched: Feature to disable APERF/MPERF cpu_power
sched: Rename select_task_rq() argument
sched: Rename sync arguments
sched: Add WF_FORK
sched: Fix sync wakeups again
sched: Add a few SYNC hint knobs to play with
sched: x86: Name old_perf in a unique way
sched: Optimize cgroup vs wakeup a bit
sched: Clean up the load_idx selection in select_task_rq_fair
sched: Rename flags to wake_flags
sched: Disable wakeup balancing
sched: Add new wakeup preemption mode: WAKEUP_RUNNING
sched: Stop buddies from hogging the system
perf_counter: Do not throttle single swcounter events
perf_counter: Allow for a wakeup watermark
perf record: Disable profiling before draining the buffer
perf_counter: Fix up swcounter throttling
sched_clock: Make it NMI safe
tracing: Export trace_profile_buf symbols
perf_counter: x86: Fix PMU resource leak
perf_event, x86: Fix 'perf sched record' crashing the machine
fcntl: add F_[SG]ETOWN_EX

Petri Gynther (1):
bonding: Have bond_check_dev_link examine netif_running

Phil Carmody (2):
crypto: aes - Undefined behaviour in crypto_aes_expand_key
UBI: eliminate possible undefined behaviour

Phil Edworthy (2):
video: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: implement display panning
video: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: use both register sets for display panning

Phil Sutter (2):
korina: fix printk formatting, add final info line
korina: add error-handling to korina_alloc_ring

Phil Vandry (1):
ASoC: wm8753: fix mapping when MONOMIX is set to Stereo

Philipp Zabel (5):
ASoC: UDA1380: refactor device registration
[ARM] pxa: remove left-over struct clk *other field from struct clk
[ARM] pxa/hx4700: use platform_lcd driver
pcmcia: dtl1_cs: fix pcmcia_loop_config logic
USB: gadget: pxa25x: basic transceiver support

Philippe De Muyter (1):
m68knommu: fix ColdFire definition of CLOCK_TICK_RATE

Philippe Gerum (10):
Blackfin: checkpatch --file arch/blackfin/kernel/ipipe.c
Blackfin: fix misnomer of some I-pipe helpers
Blackfin: export show_stack() to modules
Blackfin: allow high priority domains to preempt schedule_tail()
Blackfin: use generic name for EVT14 handler
Blackfin: reuse evt_evt14 handler to perform irqtail epilogue
Blackfin: allow EVT5 to preempt irqtail prologue (CONFIG_DEBUG_HWERR)
Blackfin: document __ipipe_call_irqtail
Blackfin: sanitize manual control of IPEND[4]
Blackfin: inline I-pipe bypass code in ret_from_exception

Phillip Lougher (1):
lzma/gzip: fix potential oops when input data is truncated

Pierre Habouzit (1):
perf tools: do not complain if root is owning

Pierre Ossman (1):
sdhci: orphan driver and list

Poonam Aggrwal (1):
powerpc/85xx: Add support for P2020RDB board

Pranith Kumar (1):
Staging: otus: Fix warnings in staging/otus/ioctl.c

Prarit Bhargava (1):
[CPUFREQ] Create a blacklist for processors that should not load the acpi-cpufreq module.

Rafael Ignacio Zurita (2):
sh: Add early printk support for SH770x CPUs.
sh: clkfwk: remove bogus set_bus_parent() from SH7709.

Rafael J. Wysocki (26):
genirq: Fix comment describing suspend_device_irqs()
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
PM: Introduce core framework for run-time PM of I/O devices (rev. 17)
x86: Decrease the level of some NUMA messages to KERN_DEBUG
PCI PM: Simplify PCI wake-up code
PCI / ACPI PM: Rework some debug messages
PCI PM: Introduce device flag wakeup_prepared
ACPI PM: Replace wakeup.prepared with reference counter
PCI / ACPI PM: Propagate wake-up enable for devices w/o ACPI support
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
PM/Hibernate: Rework shrinking of memory
PM/Hibernate: Do not release preallocated memory unnecessarily (rev. 2)
PM/Hibernate: Do not try to allocate too much memory too hard (rev. 2)
PM: Update kerneldoc comments in drivers/base/power/main.c
PCI / PCIe portdrv: Fix pcie_portdrv_slot_reset()
PCI PM: Return error codes from pci_pm_resume()
PCI: Clear saved_state after the state has been restored

Rafael Laufer (1):
netfilter: nf_conntrack: add SCTP support for SO_ORIGINAL_DST

Rafi Rubin (1):
HID: ntrig tool separation and pen usages

Rahul Iyer (1):
nfsd41: sunrpc: Added rpc server-side backchannel handling

Rajashekhara, Sudhakar (3):
davinci: dm644x: Support for dm644x silicon revision 2.1
davinci: Move the da830/omap-l137 #defines to header file
TI DaVinci EMAC: delay DaVinci EMAC initialization

Ralf Baechle (13):
NET: Fix possible corruption in bpqether driver
MIPS: Fix potencial build error in <asm/delay.h>
MIPS: Get rid of duplicate cpu_idle() prototype.
MIPS: Malta: Convert reset initialization to initcall.
MIPS: Fulong: Convert reset initialization to initcall.
MIPS: FW: Build with -Werror
MIPS: IP22, IP28: Build with -Werror
MIPS: Consolidate all CONFIG_CPU_HAS_LLSC use in a single C file.
MIPS: Rewrite sysmips(MIPS_ATOMIC_SET, ...) in C with inline assembler
MIPS: Rewrite clearing of ll_bit on context switch in C
MIPS: Malta: Remove pointless use use of CONFIG_CPU_HAS_LLSC
MIPS: Remove useless zero initializations.

Rami Rosen (2):
cleanup: remove unused member in scm_cookie.
sctp: remove unused union (sctp_cmsg_data_t) definition

Randy Dunlap (33):
xfrm4: fix build when SYSCTLs are disabled
ASoC: fix I2C build errors
trace_skb: fix build when CONFIG_NET is not enabled
phonet: fix build when PROC_FS is disabled
[SCSI] scsi_transport_fc: fix kernel-doc param name
Bluetooth: Add missing selection of CONFIG_CRC16 for L2CAP layer
timer.c: Fix S/390 comments
timers: Drop a function prototype
ipw2200: fix kconfig dependencies
net: fix hydra printk format warning
netxen: build fix for INET=n
[IA64] mbcs: fix printk format warnings
[IA64] ioc4_serial: fix printk format warnings
[IA64] sgi-xp: fix printk format warnings
Staging: android: lowmemorykiller: fix module param errors
Staging: hv: blk dev depends on SCSI
Staging: udlfb: fix printk format warning
Staging: iio: fix duplicate dev_attr_name
ssb/sdio: fix printk format warnings
[WATCHDOG] wdt_pci: fix printk and variable type
kernel hacking: move STRIP_ASM_SYMS from General
page_alloc: fix kernel-doc warning
USB: usbtmc: fix printk format warnings
USB: otg: fix twl4030-usb build
USB: gadget: ether needs to select CRC32
spi.h: add missing kernel-doc for struct spi_master
ssb/sdio: fix printk format warnings
wl12xx: fix kconfig/link errors
creds_are_invalid() needs to be exported for use by modules:
serial core: fix new kernel-doc warnings
sunrpc/rpc_pipe: fix kernel-doc notation
doc/filesystems: remove smount program
docs: fix various Documentation/ paths in header files

Raphael Derosso Pereira (1):
Input: add driver for Atmel AT42QT2160 Sensor Chip

Ravi Anand (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Pass the command's data residual to upper-layer callers.

Reddy, Teerth (1):
OMAP3: PM: add T2 interrupt line mux setting, and enable on 3430SDP

Reinette Chatre (26):
iwlagn: re-enable PS support for iwlagn
iwlwifi: add utility to print buffer when error occurs
iwlwifi: always print buffer when error condition occurs
iwlwifi: fix permissions on debugfs files
iwl3945: cleanup number of queues settings
iwlagn: fix minimum number of queues setting
iwlagn: do not send key clear commands when rfkill enabled
iwlwifi: make debug level more user friendly
iwlwifi: clarify hardware error message
iwlwifi: inform user about rfkill state changes
iwlwifi: print packet contents in error case
iwlagn: fix null pointer access during ucode load on 1000
iwlagn: fix sparse warning when compiling without debug
iwlwifi: re-introduce per device debugging
iwlwifi: revert uCode Alive notification with timeout
iwlwifi: fix missing EXPORT_SYMBOL
iwlwifi: prevent read outside array bounds
ipw2x00: fix sparse warnings
ipw2x00: update contact information
MAINTAINERS: Update ipw2x00 and iwlwifi entries
iwlwifi: fix situation in which debug message is printed
iwl3945: reduce debug noise when default debug flags used
iwlwifi: fix potential rx buffer loss
iwlwifi: fix potential rx buffer loss
iwlwifi: do not send sync command while holding spinlock
iwlwifi: reduce noise when skb allocation fails

Renzo Davoli (1):
fs/char_dev.c: remove useless loop

Rex Feany (1):
powerpc/8xx: Fix regression introduced by cache coherency rewrite

Ricardo Labiaga (5):
nfsd41: Backchannel: Add sequence arguments to callback RPC arguments
nfsd41: Backchannel: Server backchannel RPC wait queue
nfsd41: Backchannel: Setup sequence information
nfsd41: Backchannel: Implement cb_recall over NFSv4.1
nfsd41: Refactor create_client()

Richard Ash (10):
Staging: add Support for Quatech ESU2-100 USB 2.0 8-port serial adaptor
Staging: quatech_usb2: implement open functionality
Staging: quatech_usb2: close, read, and some ioctl support
Staging: quatech_usb2: write_room rewrite
Staging: quatech_usb2: TIOCMGET and TIOCMSET removal
Staging: quatech_usb2: chars_in_buffer() fix
Staging: quatech_usb2: vendor implementation of set_termios method
Staging: quatech_usb2: vendor implementation of break_ctl
Staging: quatech_usb2: Improve debug output and fix write_room
Staging: quatech_usb2: Improvements to set_termios method

Richard Purdie (1):
leds: Fix leds-pca9532 whitespace issues

Richard Röjfors (7):
Input: tsc2007 - remove HR timer
Input: tsc2007 - make init/exit platform hw callbacks optional
Input: tsc2007 - do not read coordinates during probe
Input: tsc2007 - check if I2C communication works during probe
V4L/DVB (13019): video: initial support for ADV7180
sdhci: support for ADMA only hosts
gpio: add MC33880 driver

Rik van Riel (1):
vmscan: throttle direct reclaim when too many pages are isolated already

Rob Emanuele (2):
atmel-mci: unified Atmel MCI drivers (AVR32 & AT91)
AT91: atmel-mci: Platform configuration to the the atmel-mci driver

Robert Hancock (3):
libata: add command name parsing for error output
sata_sil24: always set protocol override for non-ATAPI data commands
pata_amd: do not filter out valid modes in nv_mode_filter

Robert Jarzmik (6):
[ARM] pxa/dma: cosmetic move of EXPORT_SYMBOL under their functions
[ARM] pxa/dma: optimize irq handler loop
[ARM] pxa/dma: add debugfs entries
[ARM] pxamci: add simple gpio controls
[ARM] pxa: factor pxamci gpio handling
[ARM] pxa: update rtc-pxa.c to use 'struct dev_pm_ops'

Robert Love (5):
[SCSI] libfc: Remove the FC_EM_DBG macro
[SCSI] fcoe: Add format spacing to FCOE_NETDEV_DBG debug macro
[SCSI] libfc: Fix misleading debug statement
[SCSI] libfc: Initialize fc_rport_identifiers inside fc_rport_create
[SCSI] libfc: Always reset remote port roles when receiving PRLI

Robert P. J. Day (6):
mtd: correct typo "MTD_DATAFLASH_VERIFY_WRITE"
Staging: comedi: Remove references to dead EXPORT_SYMTAB
Staging: vt6655: Remove Makefile refs to EXPORT_SYMTAB
kbuild: correct initramfs compression comment
trivial: Correct print_tainted routine name in comment
trivial: Remove commented out usage of dead MODULE_PARM() in swarm_cs4297a

Robert Richter (56):
Merge commit 'v2.6.30' into oprofile/master
Revert "oprofile: discover counters for op ppro too"
x86/oprofile: moving arch_perfmon counter setup to op_x86_model_spec.init
x86/oprofile: minor style changes in struct op_x86_model_spec
oprofile: remove irq_flags in struct op_entry
oprofile: remove obselete include headers
x86/oprofile: remove #ifdefs in ibs functions
x86/oprofile: simplify AMD cpu init code
x86/oprofile: move common macros to op_x86_model.h
x86/oprofile: remove MSR macros for AMD cpus
x86/oprofile: remove MSR macros for ppro cpus
x86/oprofile: remove MSR macros for p4 cpus
x86/oprofile: fix and cleanup CTRL_SET_* macros
x86/oprofile: remove unused macros for AMD virtualization profiling
x86/oprofile: pass the model to setup_ctrs() functions
x86/oprofile: replace macros to calculate control register
x86/oprofile: replace CTR_OVERFLOWED macros
x86/oprofile: replace CTRL_SET_*ACTIVE macros
x86/oprofile: replace CTR*_IS_RESERVED macros
x86/oprofile: use 64 bit wrmsr functions
x86/oprofile: use 64 bit values to save MSR states
x86/oprofile: remove some local variables in MSR save/restore functions
x86/oprofile: use 64 bit values in IBS functions
x86/oprofile: introduce oprofile_add_data64()
Merge commit 'tip/perfcounters-for-linus' into oprofile/master
x86/oprofile: fix initialization of arch_perfmon for core_i7
Merge branches 'oprofile/fixes', 'oprofile/next' and 'oprofile/master' into oprofile/auto
Merge commit 'v2.6.31-rc3'; commit 'tip/oprofile' into oprofile/core
x86/oprofile: Fix cast of counter value
x86/oprofile: Rework and simplify nmi_cpu_setup()
x86/oprofile: Whitespaces changes only
x86/oprofile: Fix usage of NUM_CONTROLS/NUM_COUNTERS macros
x86/oprofile: Use per_cpu() instead of __get_cpu_var()
x86/oprofile: Fix initialization of switch_index
oprofile: oprofile_set_timeout(), return with error for invalid args
oprofile: Rename variable timeout_jiffies and move to oprofile_files.c
oprofile: Remove oprofile_multiplexing_init()
oprofile: Grouping multiplexing code in oprof.c
oprofile: Introduce op_x86_phys_to_virt()
oprofile: Grouping multiplexing code in op_model_amd.c
x86/oprofile: Implement multiplexing setup/shutdown functions
x86/oprofile: Moving nmi_setup_cpu_mux() in nmi_int.c
x86/oprofile: Moving nmi_cpu_save/restore_mpx_registers() in nmi_int.c
x86/oprofile: Moving nmi_cpu_switch() in nmi_int.c
x86/oprofile: Remove const qualifier from struct op_x86_model_spec
x86/oprofile: Remove unused num_virt_controls from struct op_x86_model_spec
x86/oprofile: Modify initialization of num_virt_counters
x86/oprofile: Add function has_mux() to check multiplexing support
x86/oprofile: Enable multiplexing only if the model supports it
x86/oprofile: Implement mux_clone()
oprofile: Adding switch counter to oprofile statistic variables
x86/oprofile: Implement op_x86_virt_to_phys()
x86/oprofile: Add counter reservation check for virtual counters
x86/oprofile: Small coding style fixes
Revert "x86: oprofile/op_model_amd.c set return values for op_amd_handle_ibs()"
ring-buffer: consolidate interface of rb_buffer_peek()

Robert Schedel (1):
HID: Support new variants of Samsung USB IR receiver (0419:0001)

Robert Schwebel (1):
ASoC: fix pxa2xx-ac97.c breakage

Robert Varga (1):

Robin Callender (1):
USB: gadget: audio driver seg-fault fix

Robin Getz (9):
printk: Enable the use of more than one CON_BOOT (early console)
printk: Ensure that "console enabled" messages are printed on the console
Blackfin: make EVT3->EVT5 lowering more robust wrt IPEND[4]
Blackfin: reject outdated/unused/wrong relocation types
Blackfin: clean up early memory setup code
Blackfin: add an early shadow console
Blackfin: catch hardware errors earlier during booting
Blackfin: workaround anomaly 05000283
Blackfin: fix typo in isram_write()

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
omapfb: add support for rotation on the Blizzard LCD ctrl

Roel Kluin (70):
wireless: remove redundant tests on unsigned
ASoC: Keep index within stac9766_reg[]
arlan: inverted logic?
HID: fix overrun in quirks initialization
nfs: Keep index within mnt_errtbl[]
ext4: remove redundant test on unsigned
powerpc/fsl-booke: read buffer overflow
powerpc/hvsi: Avoid calculating possibly-invalid address
ASoC: free socdev if init_card() fails in wm9705_soc_probe()
GFS2: jumping to wrong label?
x86: Fix x86_model test in es7000_apic_is_cluster()
sound: vwsnd: Fix setting of cfgval and ctlval in li_setup_dma()
Input: tosakbd - fix cleaning up KEY_STROBEs after error
libertas: Read buffer overflow
nl80211: jump to out_err upon unsupported iftype
ath9k: Fix read buffer overflow
drm: dereference of tmp in drm_proc_create_files()
ALSA: allocation may fail in snd_pcm_oss_change_params()
slram: Read buffer overflow
mtd: tests: fix read buffer overflows
mtd: pmcmsp-flash: fix error paths in init_msp_flash
IB/ipath: strncpy() doesn't always NUL-terminate
RDMA/amso1100: Check kmalloc() result in c2_register_device()
KVM: fix EFER read buffer overflow
[S390] tape: reversed order of labels
V4L/DVB (12199): remove redundant tests on unsigned
V4L/DVB (12435): strlcpy() will always null terminate the string.
V4L/DVB (12575): Fix test of bandwidth range in cx22700_set_tps()
pcmcia: drivers/pcmcia: Make static
Staging: comedi: s626: Possible read buffer overflow fix
Staging: vt6655: fix possible Read buffer overflow
Staging: rt2860: Fix test in rt_ioctl_siwfrag()
Staging: rspiusb: Check usb_buffer_map_sg() retval
Staging: comedi: apci3200: fix test of ui_DelayTime range in i_APCI3200_CommandTestAnalogInput()
Staging: rt2860: fix possible NULL dereferences
Staging: comedi: addi-data: NULL dereference of amcc in v_pci_card_list_init()
Blackfin: fix read buffer overflow
MIPS: Octeon: False positive timeout
kref: double kref_put() in my_data_handler()
V4L/DVB (13015): kmalloc failure ignored in m920x_firmware_download()
V4L/DVB (13016): kmalloc failure ignored in lgdt3304_attach() and s921_attach()
V4L/DVB (13017): gspca: kmalloc failure ignored in sd_start()
V4L/DVB (13018): kzalloc failure ignored in au8522_probe()
ARM: STMP3xxx: deallocation with negative index of descriptors[]
ARM: s3c: fix check of index into s3c_gpios[]
mtd: lart: Prevent a read from mtd->eraseregions[-1]
mtd: mtdconcat: prevent a read from eraseregions[-1]
mtd: mtdpart: prevent a read from regions[-1]
tty: icom: bit and/or confusion?
regulator: add check index of wm8350->pmic.pdev[]
regulator: fix calculation of voltage range in da9034_set_ldo12_voltage()
pcmcia: fix read buffer overflow
arch/alpha/boot/tools/objstrip.c: wrong variable tested after open()
m32r: remove redundant tests on unsigned
uml: fix order of pud and pmd_free()
hwmon: fix freeing of gpio_data and irq
USB: gadget: s3c-hsotg: missing parentheses
USB: gadget: Read buffer overflow
USB: double put_tty_driver(gs_tty_driver) in gserial_setup()
USB: gadget: double free_irq() in at91udc_probe()
smbfs: read buffer overflow
dme1737: Keep index within pwm_config[]
sdio: fix read buffer overflow
ncpfs: read buffer overflow
platinumfb: fix misplaced parenthesis
sisfb: read buffer overflow
drivers/video/console/newport_con.c: fix read outside array bounds
mwave: fix read buffer overflow
adfs: remove redundant test on unsigned
gru: allocation may fail in quicktest1()

Roger Quadros (2):
OMAP: Remove omap boot parsing code
regulator: Add GPIO enable control to fixed voltage regulator driver

Rogério Brito (1):
USB: fix paths in usbmon documentation

Roland Dreier (26):
crypto: aes-ni - Don't print message with KERN_ERR on old system
IPoIB: Remove unused <rdma/ib_cache.h> includes
IPoIB: Drop priv->lock before calling ipoib_send()
IB/mad: Check hop count field in directed route MAD to avoid array overflow
IB: Use DEFINE_SPINLOCK() for static spinlocks
mlx4_core: Use pci_request_regions()
mlx4_core: Remove unnecessary includes of <linux/init.h>
IB/mlx4: Annotate CQ locking
mlx4_core: Allocate and map sufficient ICM memory for EQ context
IB/mthca: Remove unnecessary include of <asm/page.h>
IB/mthca: Remove unnecessary include of <linux/init.h>
IB/mthca: Annotate CQ locking
IB/mad: Fix possible lock-lock-timer deadlock
MAINTAINERS: InfiniBand/RDMA mailing list transition to vger
Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() so ioatdma module is autoloaded
I/OAT: Convert to PCI_VDEVICE()
Merge branches 'cxgb3', 'ehca', 'ipath', 'ipoib', 'misc', 'mlx4', 'mthca' and 'nes' into for-linus
Merge branch 'mad' into for-linus
ecryptfs: Remove unneeded locking that triggers lockdep false positives
eCryptfs: Fix lockdep-reported AB-BA mutex issue
printk_once(): use bool for boolean flag
IB/mad: Fix lock-lock-timer deadlock in RMPP code
x86: Reduce verbosity of "TSC is reliable" message
x86: Reduce verbosity of "PAT enabled" kernel message
Merge branches 'ipoib', 'mad', 'mlx4', 'mthca' and 'nes' into for-linus
ACPI: Kill overly verbose "power state" log messages

Roland McGrath (9):
binfmt_elf: fix PT_INTERP bss handling
binfmt_elf: fix PT_INTERP bss handling
asm-generic: syscall_get_nr returns int
x86: syscall_get_nr returns int
x86: ptrace: sysret path should reach syscall_trace_leave
x86: ptrace: do not sign-extend orig_ax on write
x86: ptrace: set TS_COMPAT when 32-bit ptrace sets orig_eax>=0
signals: tracehook_notify_jctl change
signals: inline __fatal_signal_pending

Rolf Eike Beer (1):
Make sure the value in abs() does not get truncated if it is greater than 2^32

Ron Lee (1):
[ARM] Kirkwood: Initialise SATA for OpenRD-Base

Ron Mercer (3):
qlge: Get rid of 'default' rx_ring type.
qlge: Allow running MSIx with fewer vectors.
qlge: Move TX completions from workqueue to NAPI.

Rongrong Cao (1):
ASoC: fix checking for external widgets bug

Ruben Aos Garralda (1):
HID: add rumble support for Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1

Rudolf Marek (2):
hwmon: (coretemp) Fix Atom CPUs support
hwmon: (coretemp) Add support for Penryn mobile CPUs

Russell King (39):
[ARM] versatile: add PL061 gpiolib support
[ARM] realview: add PL061 gpiolib support
MMC: MMCI: use AMBA bus accessors
MMC: MMCI: allow GPIOs to be passed
MMC: MMCI: use gpiolib for card detect/write protect
[ARM] Update mach-types
[ARM] pgtable: rearrange file PTE bit allocation
[ARM] Update mach-types
Merge branch 'omap4_upstream' of git:// into devel-stable
Merge branch 'pm-upstream/fixes' of git:// into devel-stable
Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git:// into devel-stable
Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git:// into devel-stable
Merge branch 'for-rmk-2.6.32' of git:// into devel-stable
Merge branch 'next-s3c' of git:// into devel-stable
ARM: implement highpte
MMC: MMCI: convert realview MMC to use gpiolib
mtd: afs: fix build warning
Merge branch 'fix' of git://
Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git:// into devel-stable
ARM: Fix pfn_valid() for sparse memory
Merge branch 'nomadik' into devel-stable
[ARM] Update mach-types
Merge branches 'arm', 'at91', 'bcmring', 'ep93xx', 'mach-types', 'misc' and 'w90x900' into devel
Merge branch 'devel-stable' into devel
Merge branch 'master' into devel
Merge branch 'next-s3c-fixes' of git://
ARM: Update mailing list addresses
[ARM] Update mach-types
Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git://
ARM: Provide definitions and helpers for decoding the FSR register
ARM: Update page fault handling for new OOM techniques
ARM: Ensure correct might_sleep() check in pagefault path
ARM: Separate out access error checking
ARM: Add support for checking access permissions on prefetch aborts
Merge branch 'devel' of git:// into devel
Merge branch 'u300' into devel
Merge branch 'master' into for-linus
Merge branch 'origin' into for-linus

Rusty Russell (51):
virtio_pci: minor MSI-X cleanups
virtio: make add_buf return capacity remaining
lguest: move panic notifier registration to its expected place.
lguest: use set_pte/set_pmd uniformly for real page table entries
lguest: use PGDIR_SHIFT for PAE code to allow different PAGE_OFFSET
lguest: don't force VIRTIO_F_NOTIFY_ON_EMPTY
misc: remove redundant start_kernel prototypes
cpumask: remove the now-obsoleted pcibus_to_cpumask(): alpha
cpumask: remove the now-obsoleted pcibus_to_cpumask(): mips
cpumask: remove the now-obsoleted pcibus_to_cpumask(): powerpc
cpumask: remove obsolete node_to_cpumask now everyone uses cpumask_of_node
cpumask: remove dangerous CPU_MASK_ALL_PTR
cpumask: remove dangerous CPU_MASK_ALL_PTR, &CPU_MASK_ALL.: mips
cpumask: remove unused cpu_mask_all
cpumask: remove last assignment to mask field of struct irqaction.
cpumask: remove unused mask field from struct irqaction.
cpumask: don't define set_cpus_allowed() if CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK=y
ia64: convert last user of smp_call_function_mask
cpumask: remove the deprecated smp_call_function_mask()
cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and topology_thread_siblings: core
cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and topology_thread_siblings: sparc
cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and topology_thread_siblings: s390
cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and topology_thread_siblings: powerpc
cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and topology_thread_siblings: ia64
cpumask: arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask: alpha
cpumask: arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask: m32r
cpumask: arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask: mips
cpumask: arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask: powerpc
cpumask: arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask: s390
cpumask: remove arch_send_call_function_ipi
cpumask: Use accessors for cpu_*_mask: m32r
cpumask: Use accessors for cpu_*_mask: mips
cpumask: Use accessors for cpu_*_mask: powerpc
cpumask: Use accessors for cpu_*_mask: um
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: arm
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: m32r
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: mn10300
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: mips
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: um
cpumask: use mm_cpumask() wrapper: x86
cpumask: use new-style cpumask ops in mm/quicklist.
cpumask: remove unused deprecated functions, avoid accusations of insanity
cpumask: Move deprecated functions to end of header.
virtio_net: skb_orphan() and nf_reset() in xmit path.
virtio_net: return NETDEV_TX_BUSY instead of queueing an extra skb.
virtio_net: don't free buffers in xmit ring
virtio_net: formalize skb_vnet_hdr
virtio_net: avoid (most) NETDEV_TX_BUSY by stopping queue early.
x86: Remove redundant non-NUMA topology functions
module: fix memory leak when load fails after srcversion/version allocated
module: don't call percpu_modfree on NULL pointer.

Ryan Mallon (6):
[ARM] 5566/1: Remove at91_gpiolib_request
[ARM] 5605/1: Fix ep93xx gpio.c headers
[ARM] 5607/1: ep93xx: Use __iomem pointer on syscon write function
mtd: SST25L (non JEDEC) SPI Flash driver
ep93xx video driver platform support
ep93xx video driver

Ryusei Yamaguchi (1):
knfsd: Replace lock_kernel with a mutex in nfsd pool stats.

Ryusuke Konishi (12):
nilfs2: fix ignored error code in __nilfs_read_inode()
nilfs2: use semaphore to protect pointer to a writable FS-instance
nilfs2: always lookup disk block address before reading metadata block
nilfs2: use GFP_NOIO for bio_alloc instead of GFP_NOWAIT
nilfs2: remove nilfs_dat_abort_start and nilfs_dat_abort_free
nilfs2: remove unused btree argument from btree functions
nilfs2: stop zero-fill of btree path just before free it
nilfs2: remove individual gfp constants for each metadata file
nilfs2: add update functions of virtual block address to dat
nilfs2: allow btree code to directly call dat operations
nilfs2: convert nilfs_bmap_lookup to an inline function
fs/Kconfig: move nilfs2 outside misc filesystems

Rémi Denis-Courmont (13):
Phonet: sockets list through proc_fs
Phonet: account for dropped RX packets
Phonet: dropped datagrams accounting
f_phonet: lock-less MTU change
f_phonet: use page-sized rather than MTU-sized RX buffers
Phonet: fix /proc/net/phonet with network namespaces
Phonet: fix netlink address dump error handling
Phonet: back-end for autoconfigured addresses
cdc-phonet: autoconfigure Phonet address
Phonet: Netlink event for autoconfigured addresses
cdc-phonet: remove noisy debug statement
Phonet: fix race for port number in concurrent bind()
Phonet: error on broadcast sending (unimplemented)

Sachin Sant (2):
crypto: s390 - Fix sha build failure
net: Fix a build break because of a typo in drivers/net/3c503.c

Sage Weil (4):
[SCSI] ibmvscsi: avoid unnecessary use of kzalloc_pool
Btrfs: fix arithmetic error in clone ioctl
md: avoid use of broken kzalloc mempool
mm: remove broken 'kzalloc' mempool

Sam Ravnborg (6):
kbuild: use INSTALLKERNEL to select customized installkernel script
kbuild: save ARCH & CROSS_COMPILE when building a kernel
kbuild: rename ld-option to cc-ldoption
kbuild: introduce ld-option
arm, cris, mips, sparc, powerpc, um, xtensa: fix build with bash 4.0
alpha: fix build after cleanup

Samuel Ortiz (16):
iwmc3200wifi: invalidate keys when changing the BSSID
iwmc3200wifi: handling wifi_if_ntfy responses
iwmc3200wifi: cfg80211 key hooks implemetation
iwmc3200wifi: cache keys when interface is down
cfg80211: connect/disconnect API
cfg80211: check for current_bss from giwrate
iwmc3200wifi: cfg80211 managed mode port
cfg80211: Set WEP ciphers
iwmc3200wifi: Set WEP key from connect
iwmc3200wifi: Fix sparse warning
iwmc3200wifi: New initial LMAC calibration
iwmc3200wifi: Handle UMAC stalls and UMAC assert properly
iwmc3200wifi: Add a last_fw_err debugfs entry
mfd: fix ab3100 warning on x86_64
mfd: Fix ab3100-otp build failure
mfd: Fix twl4030-power warnings

Samuel R. C. Vale (1):
trivial: fix typos in comments s/DGBU/DBGU/

San Mehat (1):
mmc: msm_sdccc: driver for HTC Dream

Sandeep Paulraj (17):
davinci: Adding DM365 SOC Support
davinci: Adding DM365 EVM board support
davinci: Adding DM365 entries to Makefile/Kconfig/defconfig
davinci: dm365: add mux entries for EDMA, RTC, EMAC, keypad.
davinci: dm365: EMAC support for SoC and dm365 EVM
davinci: dm365: add EDMA support
davinci: dm365: add MMC/SD support
davinci: MMC/SD Support for dm365 EVM
davinci: dm365: add NAND support to EVM board
davinci: DM365 Updating PINMUX Entries
DaVinci: EDMA: Add queue 2 and 3 for DM365 and DM6467
DaVinci: EDMA: Updating default queue handling
DaVinci: DM365: Fix Compilation issue due to PINMUX entry
DaVinci: DM365: Add Support for new Revision of silicon
DaVinci: DM355: Adding PINMUX entries for DM355 Display
DaVinci: DM365: Adding entries for DM365 IRQ's
DaVinci: EDMA: Adding 2 new APIs for allocating/freeing PARAMs

Sanjeev Premi (1):
OMAP3 clock: Fixed processing of bootarg 'mpurate'

Santosh Shilimkar (3):
OMAP4: sDMA: Update the request lines and new registers.
ARM: OMAP4: Fix NULL pointer dereference crash.
ARM: OMAP4: Bypass the clock check.

Santosh Vernekar (4):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Skip RSCN processing on vha if event is global.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Mark all devices lost on loss of fc port.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Handle RSCN's per master/slave vn-port basis.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correctly set FCF_TAPE_PRESENT flag based on scsi-device.

Sarah Sharp (23):
USB: xhci: Work around for chain bit in link TRBs.
USB: xhci: Fix slot and endpoint context debugging.
USB: xhci: Configure endpoint code refactoring.
USB: xhci: Set correct max packet size for HS/FS control endpoints.
USB: xhci: Support full speed devices.
USB: xhci: Handle stalled control endpoints.
USB: xhci: Add quirk for Fresco Logic xHCI hardware.
USB: xhci: Make TRB completion code comparison readable.
USB: xhci: Handle babbling endpoints correctly.
USB: xhci: Don't touch xhci_td after it's freed.
USB: xhci: Check URB's actual transfer buffer size.
USB: xhci: Check URB_SHORT_NOT_OK before setting short packet status.
USB: xhci: Set -EREMOTEIO when xHC gives bad transfer length.
USB: xhci: Support interrupt transfers.
USB: Fix SS endpoint companion descriptor parsing.
USB: xhci: Endpoint representation refactoring.
USB: xhci: Refactor input device context setup.
USB: xhci: Change how xHCI commands are handled.
USB: xhci: Fix command wait list handling.
USB: xhci: Set route string for all devices.
USB: xhci: Set multi-TT field for LS/FS devices under hubs.
USB: xhci: Support USB hubs.
USB: Add hub descriptor update hook for xHCI

Sarveshwar Bandi (1):
be2net:Creating/destroying queues regardless of netif_running() in suspend/resume path

Sascha Hauer (44):
MXC: pass base/irq to mxc_timer_init
system.c: runtime base address
mxc: remove ARCH_NR_GPIOS
MXC uncompress macros: determine uart base by machine type
MXC: remove board specific setup of MXC_LL_UART_[PV]ADDR
i.MX serial: do not use #ifdef CONFIG_ARCH_*
mxc: remove do not include directly
mxc: turn to soc specific init_irq functions
MXC iomux-v3: Fix defines for PAD_CTL registers
mx2: remove mxc_irda platform device
mx2: Codingstyle: Let the compiler count arrays
mx3: Codingstyle: Let the compiler count arrays
mx1: Codingstyle: Let the compiler count arrays
imxfb: calculate bpix value from bits_per_pixel
imxfb: use resource_size() macro
imxfb: Add support for multiple displays
pcm037: Add support for SJA1000 on baseboard
pcm038: Add support for SJA1000 on baseboard
mxc gpio: CONFIG_ARCH_* -> cpu_is_*()
MXC gpio interrupt support: move register definitions to .c file
MXC: pwm driver fixes
MXC PLL decoding: calculate mfn value with less magic
[ARM] MXC: Switch MX1 to clkdev support
[ARM] MXC: remove the now unused #ifndef CONFIG_COMMON_CLKDEV
ehci mxc: Fix clocks
ARM: mxc: Fix i2c_board_info definitions
MXC: use variable for irq controller base in entry-macro.S
MXC: i.MX25 timer support
iomux-v3: Allow for a runtime base address
mxc pwm: add mx25 support
Add i.MX25 support
Freescale i.MX25 PDK (3ds) board support
fix mx35 wrong clock
MX2: Add SPI devices/resources
MX31: add spi controller devices/resources
i.MX35 clock support: Add USB clocks
mx3x: Fixup USB base addresses
MX31 Fix spi clock names
MX21: Compilation fix for devices.c
mx21ads: Fix framebuffer platform data
mfd: Add Freescale MC13783 driver
regulator: Add Freescale MC13783 driver
spi: remove i.MX SPI driver
spi: add SPI driver for most known i.MX SoCs

Sascha Hlusiak (1):
sit: allow ip fragmentation when using nopmtudisc to fix package loss

Sathya Perla (12):
be2net: get rid of be_ctrl_info struct/abstraction
be2net: remove pci_func field from be_adapter struct
be2net: replace some printks with dev_err()/dev_warn()
be2net: some name changes for consistency
be2net: delete unnecessary code from be_cmd_POST()
be2net: Clear pending tx completions before destroying tx queue
be2net: fix bad queue traversal in be_rx_q_clean()
be2net: clear & notify residual events before destroying event queues
be2net: Set mac addr in hw regardless of netif_running()
be2net: refactor be_msix_(un)register() code.
be2net: destroy mcc queue before tx queues
be2net: fix some cmds to use mccq instead of mbox

Scott Feldman (11):
enic: add support for multiple BARs
enic: workaround A0 erratum
enic: bug fix: split TSO fragments larger than 16K into multiple descs
enic: use netdev_alloc_skb
enic: bug fix: protect fw call i/f with spinlock
enic: bug fix: included MAC drops in rx_dropped netstat
enic: provision for multiple Rx/Tx queues; prepare for RSS support
enic: bug fix: enable VLAN filtering
enic: changes to driver/firmware interface
enic: bug fix: check for zero port MTU before posting warning
enic: organize device initialization/deinit into separate functions

Scott James Remnant (1):
proc connector: add event for process becoming session leader

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (6):
kmemcheck: depend on HAVE_ARCH_KMEMCHECK
crypto: ansi_prng - Use just a BH lock
crypto: ansi_prng - alloc cipher just in init
crypto: mv_cesa - Add support for Orion5X crypto engine
powerpc/ipic: unmask all interrupt sources
Revert "kmod: fix race in usermodehelper code"

Sebastian Haas (4):
can: sja1000: Add support for the new 4 channel EMS CPC-PCI cards
cpc-usb: Removed driver from staging tree
ems_usb: Added support for EMS CPC-USB/ARM7 CAN/USB interface
ems_pci: fix size of CAN controllers BAR mapping for CPC-PCI v2

Sebastian Ott (16):
[SCSI] zfcp: proper use of device register
[S390] cio: fix not oper handling after failed [on|off]line processing
[S390] cio: increase trace level
[S390] cio: ensure to hold a reference for deferred deregistration
[S390] cio: fix use after free in s390 debug feature
[S390] cio: fix memleak in subchannel validation
[S390] cio: remove subchannel init_name
[S390] cio: move final put_device to ccw_device_unregister
[S390] cio: remove ccw_device init_name
[S390] proper use of device register
[S390] cio: merge init calls
[S390] cio: introduce css_eval_scheduled
[S390] cio: introduce css_settle
[S390] cio: dont kfree vmalloced memory
[S390] cio: idset use actual number of ssids
[S390] cio: introduce consistent subchannel scanning

Sekhar Nori (1):
davinci: make arch_idle and arch_reset as inline functions

Senthil Balasubramanian (9):
ath9k: remove unnecessary STATION mode check.
ath9k: stop ani when the STA gets disconnected.
ath9k: race condition in SCANNING state check during ANI calibration
ath9k: Handle different TX and RX streams properly.
ath9k: Manipulate and report the correct RSSI
ath9k: RX stucks during heavy traffic in HT40 mode.
ath9k: Fix TX hang issue with Atheros chipsets
ath9k: Adjust the chainmasks properly
ath9k: Fix bug in chain handling

Serge E. Hallyn (1):
KEYS: Make /proc/keys use keyid not numread as file position [try #6]

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
davinci: DM646x: pass correct MUSB IRQs

Sergey Matyukevich (3):
ARM: 5631/1: Platform data for CF/IDE support in AT91SAM9260
ARM: 5632/1: Board-specific data for IDE support on afeb9260
at91_ide: remove headers specific for at91sam9263

Sergey Senozhatsky (3):
HID: Avoid double spin_lock_init on usbhid->lock
kmemleak: Printing of the objects hex dump
x86: Fix uaccess_32.h typo

Sergio Aguirre (1):
OMAP3: 3430SDP: Fix defconfig

Shan Wei (3):
cfq: fix the log message after dispatched a request
Staging: usb-ip: vhci_hdc:Fix the returned error value
ipv4: check optlen for IP_MULTICAST_IF option

Shane Huang (3):
libata: add SATA PMP revision information for spec 1.2
ahci: Add AMD SB900 SATA/IDE controller device IDs
ahci: kill @force_restart and refine CLO for ahci_kick_engine()

Shane Wang (2):
x86, intel_txt: clean up the impact on generic code, unbreak non-x86
crypto: vmac - New hash algorithm for intel_txt support

Shaohua Li (8):
[libata] add DMA setup FIS auto-activate feature
drm/i915: Support IGD EOS
memory hotplug: update zone pcp at memory online
memory hotplug: exclude isolated page from pco page alloc
memory hotplug: make pages from movable zone always isolatable
memory hotplug: alloc page from other node in memory online
memory hotplug: migrate swap cache page
writeback: move inodes from one super_block together

Sheng Yang (6):
KVM: Downsize max support MSI-X entry to 256
KVM: No disable_irq for MSI/MSI-X interrupt on device assignment
KVM: Fix apic_mmio_write return for unaligned write
KVM: Discard unnecessary kvm_mmu_flush_tlb() in kvm_mmu_load()
KVM: VMX: Fix EPT with WP bit change during paging

Shine Liu (3):
ASoC: UDA134X: Fix mistaken mute/unmute code
ASoC: S3C24XX : Align the peroid size to the buffer size
ASoC: S3C platform: Fix s3c2410_dma_started() called at improper time

Shyam Sundar (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Pad IOCB structure for size requirements.

Siddarth Gore (2):
[ARM] Kirkwood: Add support for 6281-A1
mtd: m25p80: add support for 3 Macronix flash chips

Simon Farnsworth (1):
solos: Show Interleaving details for ADSL2 and 2+

Simon Guinot (2):
[ARM] orion5x: Add LaCie NAS d2Network support
[ARM] orion5x: Add LaCie NAS 2Big Network support

Simon Horman (1):
ipvs: Use atomic operations atomicly

Singh, Vimal (1):
mtd: nand_base: allow drivers to choose ECC block size

Sneha Narnakaje (3):
mtd: nand: add "page" parameter to all read_page/read_page_raw APIs
mtd: nand: add new ECC mode - ECC_HW_OOB_FIRST
mtd: nand: DaVinci: Add 4-bit ECC support for large page NAND chips

Solomon Peachy (1):
powerpc/40x: Add support for the ESTeem 195E (PPC405EP) SBC

Sonic Zhang (4):
printk: Fix "printk: Enable the use of more than one CON_BOOT (early console)"
Blackfin: unify duplicated SMP checks in L2 cache kconfig
Blackfin: do not try displaying the end of the stack
Blackfin: increase default async timings for parallel flashes

Sophie Hamilton (1):
ALSA: cs46xx - Fix minimum period size

Sreenivasa Honnur (9):
vxge: Removed ioremap of unused bar addresses and their references
vxge: Fixed memory leak by freeing memory allocated for device_config
vxge: check for card status before continuing in device close
vxge: Corrected Register map entry for xmac_link registers
vxge: Removed the code to bounds check the mss value
vxge: Fixes in isr routine
vxge: Disable fcs stripping.
vxge: Printing the function's configured mode of operation
vxge: Version update

Sridhar Samudrala (8):
udpv4: Handle large incoming UDP/IPv4 packets and support software UFO.
udpv6: Fix HW checksum support for outgoing UFO packets
udpv6: Fix gso_size setting in ip6_ufo_append_data
udpv6: Remove unused skb argument of ipv6_select_ident()
udpv6: Handle large incoming UDP/IPv6 packets and support software UFO
virtio-net: Allow UFO feature to be set and advertised.
tun: Allow tap device to send/receive UFO packets.
ethtool: device independent rx_csum and get_flags routines

Sriram (1):
TI Davinci EMAC: Fix in vector definition for EMAC_VERSION_2

Stanislaw Gruszka (5):
itimers: Merge ITIMER_VIRT and ITIMER_PROF
itimers: Fix periodic tics precision
itimers: Simplify arm_timer() code a bit
cputime: Optimize jiffies_to_cputime(1)
iwlagn: fix panic in iwl{5000,4965}_rx_reply_tx

Stanley.Miao (1):
omapfb: add support for the ZOOM MDK LCD

Stefan Haberland (2):
[S390] dasd: optimize cpu usage in goodcase
[S390] dasd: fix message naming

Stefan Pledl (2):
Blackfin: fix BF548 UART0 DMA IRQ translation
Blackfin: bf548-ezkit: fix incorrect LCD size parameters

Stefan Richter (8):
firewire: ohci: fix Self ID Count register mask (safeguard against buffer overflow)
firewire: core: header file cleanup
firewire: core: fix race with parallel PCI device probe
firewire: core: fix topology map response handler
firewire: sbp2: fix status reception
firewire: sbp2: remove a workaround for Momobay FX-3A
ieee1394: sbp2: remove a workaround for Momobay FX-3A
V4L/DVB (12583): firedtv: combine some debug logging code

Stefan Roese (8):
powerpc: Add AMCC 460EX/460GT Rev. B support to cputable.c
powerpc/44x: Add NAND support to Canyonlands dts
powerpc/40x: Update Kilauea dts to support NAND, RTC and HWMON
powerpc/44x: Update Canyonlands defconfig to support NOR, NAND and RTC
powerpc/40x: Update kilauea defconfig to support NAND, RTC and HWMON
powerpc/44x: Update Arches dts
powerpc/44x: Update Arches defconfig
mtd: jedec: fix compilation problem with I28F640C3B definition

Stefan Steuerwald (1):
rt2x00: Implement set_tim callback for all drivers

Stefan Weil (1):
wl12xx: fix spelling

Stefan Weinhuber (2):
[S390] dasd: fail requests when device state is less then ready
[S390] dasd: tolerate devices that have no feature codes

Stefani Seibold (2):
ctags: usability fix
procfs: provide stack information for threads

Steffen Klassert (7):
crypto: tcrypt - Test algorithms by name
crypto: cryptd - Fix uninitialized return value
crypto: ahash - Use GFP_KERNEL on allocation if the request can sleep
crypto: shash - Test for the algorithms import function before exporting it
crypto: authenc - Convert to ahash
crypto: xcbc - Fix alignment calculation of xcbc_tfm_ctx
crypto: ansi_cprng - Fix module initialization

Stelian Pop (1):
ALSA: hda - Enable HP output with Macbook Pro 5, 5

Sten Spans (1):
security: fix security_file_lock cmd argument

Stephane Marguet (Stemp) (1):
V4L/DVB (12690): gspca - pac7311: Webcam 06f8:3009 added.

Stephen Gildea (1):
fujitsu-laptop: support led-class as module

Stephen Hemminger (65):
vlan: allow creating vlan when real device is not up
sky2: hold spinlock around phy_power_down
sky2: hold RTNL when doing suspend/shutdown operations
sky2: cleanup restart operations
sky2: lock less transmit completion
sky2: fix pause negotiation
sky2: version 1.24
sky2: remove restarting workaround flag
sky2: use upper/lower 32 bits
sky2: transmit ring 64 bit conservation
sky2: simplify list element error
sky2: dynamic size transmit ring
sky2: optimize transmit completion
sky2: no recycling
sky2: version 1.25
bonding: use compare_ether_addr
pktgen: minor cleanup
pktgen: change inlining
pktgen: mark read-only/mostly variables
pktgen: stop_device cleanup
pktgen: xmit logic reorganization
pktgen: cleanup clone count test
pktgen: use netdev_alloc_skb
pktgen: reorganize transmit loop
pktgen: avoid calling gettimeofday
pktgen: convert to use ktime_t
pktgen: spin using hrtimer
pktgen: use common idle routine
pktgen: cleanup checkpatch warnings
pktgen: increase version
netdev: change transmit to limited range type
netdev: convert pseudo-devices to netdev_tx_t
convert ATM drivers to netdev_tx_t
convert hamradio drivers to netdev_txreturnt_t
isdn: convert to netdev_tx_t
usbnet: convert to netdev_tx_t
tokenring: convert to netdev_tx_t
wan: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
hdlc: convert to netdev_tx_t
netdev: convert pcmcia drivers to netdev_tx_t
irda: convert to netdev_tx_t
netdev: convert pseudo drivers to netdev_tx_t
uwb: convert to netdev_tx_t
tulip: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
3com: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
intel: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
appletalk: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
wireless: convert drivers to netdev_tx_t
netdev: convert bulk of drivers to netdev_tx_t
sky2: fix management of driver LED
net: make neigh_ops constant
netdev: drivers should make ethtool_ops const
net: seq_operations should be const
tcp: MD5 operations should be const
inet: inet_connection_sock_af_ops const
net: file_operations should be const
sky2: only enable Vaux if capable of wakeup
wan: dlci/sdla transmit return dehacking
net: force bridge module(s) to be GPL
dca: module load should not be an error message
sky2: transmit ring accounting
sky2: Make sure both ports initialize correctly
trivial: typo in kernel-parameters.txt
pktgen: T_TERMINATE flag is unused
pktgen: better scheduler friendliness

Stephen Kitt (1):
Input: joydev - validate axis/button maps before clobbering current ones

Stephen Rothwell (5):
net: fix multiple definitions of setup_w6692
powerpc: use consistent types in mktree
intel-iommu: include linux/dmi.h to use dmi_ routines
KVM: powerpc: fix some init/exit annotations
nfsd: return success for non-NFS4 nfs4_state_start

Stephen Smalley (1):
selinux: restore optimization to selinux_file_permission

Steve Dickson (1):
nfsd4: nfsv4 clients should cross mountpoints

Steve French (4):
[CIFS] potential NULL dereference in parse_DFS_referrals()
[CIFS] Fix checkpatch warnings
[CIFS] Fix build break when keys support turned off
[CIFS] Remove build warning

Steve Glendinning (3):
smsc95xx: remove EEPROM loaded check
smsc95xx: add additional USB product IDs
smsc95xx: fix transmission where ZLP is expected

Steve Holland (3):
USB: usbtmc: Fix short reads in usbtmc_read()
USB: usbtmc: inhibit corruption
USB: usbtmc: correct termination condition for reads.

Steve Sakoman (2):
omapfb: add support for the OMAP3 EVM LCD
omapfb: add support for the Gumstix Overo LCD

Steve Wise (8):
RDMA/cxgb3: iwch_unregister_device leaks memory
RDMA/cxgb3: Set the appropriate IO channel in rdma_init work requests
RDMA/cxgb3: Handle port events properly
RDMA/cxgb3: Don't free endpoints early
RDMA/cxgb3: Wake up any waiters on peer close/abort
RDMA/cxgb3: Don't ignore insert_handle() failures
RDMA/cxgb3: Clean up properly on FW mismatch failures
RDMA/iwcm: Reject the connection when the cm_id is destroyed

Steven A. Falco (2):
pcmcia: Use phys_addr_t for physical addresses
spi: add spi_ppc4xx driver

Steven Rostedt (67):
ring-buffer: make the buffer a true circular link list
ring-buffer: make lockless
ring-buffer: add design document
sched: Check for pushing rt tasks after all scheduling
sched: Add new prio to cpupri before removing old prio
perf tools: Add trace event debugfs IO handler
perf tools: Add trace event debugfs stream reader
perf tools: Add trace event information parser
kconfig: add to scripts
kconfig: make localmodconfig to run
kconfig: add make localyesconfig option
kconfig: do not stop with no depends
kconfig: do not warn about modules built in
kconfig: enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG from
kconfig: add check if end exists in extract-ikconfig
kconfig: have extract-ikconfig read ELF files
kconfig: keep config.gz around even if CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is not set
kconfig: search for a config to base the local(mod|yes)config on
kconfig: unset IKCONFIG_PROC and clean up nesting
kconfig: test for /boot/config-uname after /proc/config.gz in localconfig
kconfig: make local .config default for streamline_config
kconfig: test if a .config already exists
kconfig: add missing dependency of conf to localyesconfig
tracing/sched: show CPU task wakes up on in trace event
tracing: add comments to explain TRACE_EVENT out of protection
tracing: remove legacy select of MARKERS by context switch tracing
tracing: only show tracing_max_latency when latency tracer configured
ring-buffer: do not reset while in a commit
ring-buffer: do not swap buffers during a commit
ring-buffer: remove unnecessary cpu_relax
ring-buffer: fix ring_buffer_read crossing pages
ring-buffer: remove ring_buffer_event_discard
ring-buffer: do not count discarded events
ring-buffer: disable all cpu buffers when one finds a problem
tracing: print out start and stop in latency traces
tracing: disable update max tracer while reading trace
tracing: disable buffers and synchronize_sched before resetting
tracing: remove users of tracing_reset
tracing: use timestamp to determine start of latency traces
tracing: make tracing_reset safe for external use
tracing: pass around ring buffer instead of tracer
tracing: add trace_array_printk for internal tracers to use
tracing: report error in trace if we fail to swap latency buffer
ring-buffer: check for swapped buffers in start of committing
ring-buffer: only enable ring_buffer_swap_cpu when needed
tracing: do not grab lock in wakeup latency function tracing
x86/tracing: comment need for atomic nop
tracing: add latency format to function_graph tracer
tracing: move tgid out of generic entry and into userstack
tracing: add lock depth to entries
tracing: consolidate code between trace_output.c and trace_function_graph.c
tracing: allow filter predicates to handle ksym symbols
tracing: use macros to create internal ftrace entry ring buffer structures
tracing: show details of structures within the ftrace structures
tracing: use the new trace_entries.h to create format files
tracing: remove trace_event_types.h
tracing: add filter event logic to special, mmiotrace and boot tracers
ring-buffer: typecast cmpxchg to fix PowerPC warning
tracing: add static to generated TRACE_EVENT functions
tracing: have TRACE_EVENT macro use __flags to not shadow parameter
tracing: make testing syscall events a separate configuration
tracing: optimize global_trace_clock cachelines
tracing: remove notrace from __kprobes annotation
vsprintf: add %ps that is the same as %pS but is like %pf
tracing: switch function prints from %pf to %ps
vsnprintf: remove duplicate comment of vsnprintf
libfs: make simple_read_from_buffer conventional

Steven Toth (33):
V4L/DVB (12304): cx23885: Remove hardcoded gpio bits from the encoder driver
V4L/DVB (12305): cx23885: Convert existing HVR1800 GPIO calls into new format
V4L/DVB (12306): cx23885: Add support for ATSC/QAM on Hauppauge HVR-1850
V4L/DVB (12307): cx23885: Modify hardware revision detection for newer silicon
V4L/DVB (12347): cx25840: Bugfix for no DVB-T on the Hauppauge HVR-1700
V4L/DVB (12922): Add the SAA7164 I2C bus identifier
V4L/DVB (12923): SAA7164: Add support for the NXP SAA7164 silicon
V4L/DVB (12924): SAA7164: Fix some 32/64bit compile time warnings
V4L/DVB (12925): SAA7164: Adjust I/F's to the TDA10048 enabling DVB-T lock
V4L/DVB (12926): SAA7164: Email address change
V4L/DVB (12927): SAA7164: Remove volatiles for PCI writes (coding style violation)
V4L/DVB (12928): SAA7164: Increase firmware load tolerance
V4L/DVB (12929): SAA7164: OOPS avoidance during interrupt handling
V4L/DVB (12930): SAA7164: Removed spurious I2C errors during driver load with DVB-T boards.
V4L/DVB (12931): SAA7164: Fix the 88021 definition to work with production boards.
V4L/DVB (12932): SAA7164: Fixed the missing eeprom parse on a specific board.
V4L/DVB (12933): SAA7164: Fix IRQ related system hang when firmware is not found.
V4L/DVB (12934): SAA7164: Fix i2c eeprom read errors during load (some boards).
V4L/DVB (12935): SAA7164: Ensure we specify I/F's for all bandwidths
V4L/DVB (12936): SAA7164: Added waitsecs module parameter
V4L/DVB (12937): SAA7164: Cleanup a printk
V4L/DVB (12938): SAA7164: Increase the firmware command timeout to avoid firmware errors.
V4L/DVB (12939): SAA7164: Removed a duplicate call to address any PCI quirks.
V4L/DVB (12940): SAA7164: IRQ / message timeout related change
V4L/DVB (12941): SAA7164: Removed spurious debug
V4L/DVB (12942): SAA7164: HVR2250 changes related to attach time tuner configuration
V4L/DVB (12943): SAA7164: Add a warning about addr usage
V4L/DVB (12944): SAA7164: Minor i2c assignment cleanup
V4L/DVB (12945): SAA7164: Ensure the HVR-2200 second tuner is configured in slave mode.
V4L/DVB (12946): SAA7164: Add support for a new HVR-2250 hardware revision
V4L/DVB (12974): SAA7164: Remove the SAA7164 bus id, no longer required.
V4L/DVB (12975): SAA7164: Remove the i2c client_attach/detach support, no longer required.
V4L/DVB (12976): SAA7164: Removed bus registration messages from driver startup

Steven Whitehouse (13):
GFS2: Add online uevent to GFS2
GFS2: Add some more info to uevents
GFS2: Improve error handling in inode allocation
GFS2: Replace assertion with proper error handling
GFS2: Add sysfs link to device
GFS2: Add a document explaining GFS2's uevents
GFS2: Add explanation of extended attr on-disk format
GFS2: Clean up of extended attribute support
GFS2: Rename eattr.[ch] as xattr.[ch]
GFS2: Remove no_formal_ino generating code
GFS2: Be extra careful about deallocating inodes
GFS2: Remove unused sysfs file
GFS2: Whitespace fixes

Stoyan Gaydarov (3):
powerpc: ARRAY_SIZE changes in pasemi and powermac code
ARRAY_SIZE changes
Staging: ARRAY_SIZE changes

Stuart Menefy (11):
sh: Rework irqflags tracing to fix up CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING.
sh: Remove implicit sign extension from assembler immediates
sh: Read from CCN_PVR instead of ROM for delay.
sh: generic_in/outs{bwl} optimizations.
sh: Optimise memcpy_to/fromio for SH4
sh: Improve comments int SH4 cache flushing code
sh: Add sys_cacheflush() call for SH CPUs.
sh: Fix underflow in SH udelay() code.
sh: Fixes some write posting issues in the interrupt handling for SH
sh: Fix overzealous checking in __ioremap()
sh: Fix problems with cache flushing when cache is in write-through mode

Subrata Modak (2):
UBIFS: suppress compilation warning
UBIFS: remove unused functions

Sudhakar Rajashekhara (19):
davinci: EDMA: multiple CCs, channel mapping and API changes
davinci: EDMA: add support for dm646x
davinci: Pass proper EDMA CC interrupt number for DA830/OMAP-L137
davinci: Rearrange the da830/omap-l137 macros and functions
davinci: Add base DA850/OMAP-L138 SoC support
davinci: Add support for DA850/OMAP-L138 EVM board
davinci: Add EMAC support for da850/omap-l138
davinci: Configure MDIO pins for EMAC
davinci: Correct the number of GPIO pins for da850/omap-l138
davinci: Macro to convert GPIO signal to GPIO pin number
davinci: Add platform support for da850/omap-l138 GLCD
davinci: Add MMC/SD support for da850/omap-l138
davinci: Add NAND flash support for DA850/OMAP-L138
davinci: Add NOR flash support for da850/omap-l138
davinci: Handle pinmux conflict between mmc/sd and nor flash
Staging: panel: Add support for TI CLCD interface
driver/Makefile: Initialize "mtd" and "spi" before "net"
davinci: fb: Frame Buffer driver for TI DA8xx/OMAP-L1xx

Sujith (37):
mac80211: Add a few 802.11n defines for AMPDU parameters
ath9k: Trivial fix in Kconfig
ath9k: Fix a sparse warning
ath9k: Remove redundant HT macros
ath9k: Cleanup return values
ath9k: Remove a few redundant variables/macros
ath9k: Add debug counters for TX
ath9k: Remove unneeded assignment of protocol field
ath9k: Cleanup function return types
ath9k: Try to fix whitespace damage
ath9k: Remove a few DEBUG mesages
ath9k: Split eeprom.c into manageable pieces
ath9k: Cleanup ath9k_hw_4k_set_gain() interface
ath9k: Add macros for Antenna Diversity
ath9k: Clean antenna configuration for 4K EEPROM chips
ath9k: Cleanup TX power calculation for 4K chips
ath9k: Remove local chainmask variable
ath9k: Update beacon RSSI
ath9k: Remove has_hw_phycounters
ath9k: Remove duplicate variables
ath9k: Fix bug in PCI resume
ath9k: Set HW state properly
ath9k: Fix TX poll cancelling
ath9k: Fix chainmask selection during scanning
ath9k: Reduce the frequency of PA offset calibration
ath9k: Fix bugs in programming registers during PA CAL
ath9k: Handle PA cal usage properly
ath9k: Update INITVALs for AR9285
ath9k: Wrap DMA dump function with PS wakeup/restore
ath9k: Fix RX Filter handling for BAR
ath9k: Fix channelFlags for 2GHZ
ath9k: Fix bug in ANI channel handling
ath9k: Fix bug in ANI channel handling
ath9k: Restore TSF after RESET
ath9k: Fix chip wakeup issue
ath9k: Fix regression in PA calibration
ath9k: Fix RFKILL bugs

Sukadev Bhattiprolu (2):
fork(): disable CLONE_PARENT for init
pidns: deny CLONE_PARENT|CLONE_NEWPID combination

Sunil Mushran (1):
ocfs2: __ocfs2_abort() should not enable panic for local mounts

Suresh Jayaraman (1):
PATCH] cifs: fix broken mounts when a SSH tunnel is used (try #4)

Suresh Siddha (4):
generic-ipi: Allow cpus not yet online to call smp_call_function with irqs disabled
x86, pat/mtrr: Rendezvous all the cpus for MTRR/PAT init
x86, pat: don't use rb-tree based lookup in reserve_memtype()
x86, apic: Use logical flat on intel with <= 8 logical cpus

Suzuki Poulose (1):
fix compat_sys_utimensat()

Swen Schillig (12):
[SCSI] zfcp: invalid usage after free of port resources
[SCSI] zfcp: fix layering oddities between zfcp_fsf and zfcp_qdio
[SCSI] zfcp: Replace fsf_req wait_queue with completion
[SCSI] zfcp: Improve request allocation through mempools
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove the useless ZFCP_REQ_AUTO_CLEANUP flag
[SCSI] zfcp: Move workqueue to adapter struct
[SCSI] zfcp: Separate qdio attributes from zfcp_fsf_req
[SCSI] zfcp: Move qdio related data out of zfcp_adapter
[SCSI] zfcp: Update dbf calls
[SCSI] zfcp: introduce _setup, _destroy for qdio and FC
[SCSI] zfcp: Apply common naming conventions to zfcp_fc
[SCSI] zfcp: resolve false usage of dd_data in fc_rport

Syed Rafiuddin (4):
ARM: OMAP4: Add McBSP support
ARM: OMAP4: Add UART4 support
ARM: OMAP4: Update the GPIO support
spi: McSPI support for OMAP4

Tai-hwa Liang (1):
Input: add new driver for Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad

Takashi Iwai (160):
ALSA: Add new TLV types for dBwith min/max
ALSA: usb-audio - Use the new TLV_DB_MINMAX type
ALSA: usb-audio - Correct bogus volume dB information
ALSA: hda - Don't call snd_hda_codec_configure in snd_hda_codec_new()
ALSA: hda - Add patch module option
ALSA: hda - Add description about patch loading
ALSA: hda - More description about patch module option
Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git:// into topic/asoc
ALSA: hda - Check "beep" hint
Merge branch 'fix/hda-samsung-p50' into topic/hda
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
Merge branch 'topic/hda-patch' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Merge patch_alc882() and patch_alc883()
ALSA: hda - Fix input pinctl for ALC882 auto mode
ALSA: hda - Allow FLOAT PCM format
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Add Cirrus Logic CS420x support
ALSA: ice1724 - Fix section mismatch
ALSA: hda - Add missing mixer amp initialization for ALC882
ALSA: hda - Manually expand alc882_init_verbs
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Don't override maxbps for FLOAT sharing with linear formats
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Fix cirrus codec parsing
ALSA: hda - Force to initialize input mixer setup for CS420x
ALSA: hda - Add CS420x-specific coef setup
ALSA: info - Use krealloc()
ALSA: hda - Fix double creation of SPDIF input controls
ALSA: hda - Add quirk for MacBook Pro 5,5 with CS4206
ALSA: hda - Add GPIO setup for MacBook pro 5,5 with CS420x
ALSA: hda - Fix the speaker volume control name
ALSA: hda - Fix compile warnings in patch_cirrus.c
ALSA: Fix SG-buffer DMA with non-coherent architectures
ALSA: hda - don't build digital output controls if not exist
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Fix the merge error
ALSA: hda - Check codec errors in snd_hda_get_connections()
ASoC: Kill direct accesses to driver_data
ALSA: hda - Fix the previous sanity check in make_codec_cmd()
ALSA: hda - Fix ALC268 parser for mono speaker
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: ctxfi - Native timer support for emu20k2
Merge branch 'fix/ctxfi' into topic/ctxfi
ALSA: hda - Reduce click noise at power-saving
ALSA: hda - Fix ALC861 auto-mode parser
Merge branch 'fix/ctxfi' into topic/ctxfi
ALSA: ctxfi - Simple code clean up
ALSA: hda - Add description of new models for ALC889/889A
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Introduce get_wcaps_type() macro
ALSA: hda - Add exception for volume-knob in snd_hda_get_connections()
ALSA: hda - Reword information messages for BIOS auto-probing mode
ALSA: hda - Don't create unneeded digital input source for IDT 92HD71x
ALSA: hda - Create Capture controls dynamically
ALSA: hda - Don't create analog mixer for IDT92HD71bxx
ALSA: hda - Avoid overwrite of jack events with STAC/IDT
ALSA: hda - Support auto-mic switching with IDT/STAC codec
ALSA: hda - Remove static connection in IDT 92HD71bxx
ALSA: hda - Add missing DMUX initialization for auto-mic with STAC/IDT
ALSA: hda - No analog mix input source as default for IDT92HD71bxx
ALSA: hda - Fix typos of Capture controls.
ALSA: hda - Integrate Digital Input Source to Input Source
ALSA: hda - Add line-out jack detection on IDT/STAC codecs
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
Merge branch 'topic/hda-cirrus' into topic/hda
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Fix line-out jack detection
ALSA: hda - Fix line-out jack handling with STAC/IDT codec
ALSA: hda - Add quirks for some HP laptops
ALSA: hda - Fix Oops due to STAC/IDT auto-mic changes
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Add auto-mic support for Realtek codecs
ALSA: hda - Use only one capture stream for auto-mic
ALSA: usb-audio - Fix types taken in min()
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Check connectivity for auto-mic of Realtek codecs
ALSA: hda - Add a white-list for MSI option
ALSA: hda - Add setup hook to ALC preset struct
ALSA: hda - Clean up init and setup hooks for Realtek codecs
ALSA: hda - Enable line-out detection only with speakers
Merge branch 'topic/hda-dmic-fix' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Fix / clean up IDT92HD83xxx codec parser
ALSA: hda - Add missing num_adc_nids definition for IDT92HD8xxx
ALSA: hda - Fix invalid capture mixers with some ALC268 models
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: pcm - Fix drain behavior in non-blocking mode
ASoC: add missing inclusion of debugfs.h
ASoC: Remove unneeded inclusion of linux/regulator/consumer.h
ALSA: hda - Reuse ALC268 parser for ALC269
ALSA: hda - Generalize input pin parsing in patch_realtek.c
ALSA: hda - Improve auto-cfg mixer name for ALC880
ALSA: hda - Improve auto-cfg mixer name for ALC260
ALSA: hda - Improve auto-cfg mixer name for ALC262
ALSA: hda - Improve auto-cfg mixer name for ALC861-VD
ALSA: hda - Improve auto-cfg mixer name for ALC662
ALSA: hda - Add / fix model entries for HD-audio driver
ALSA: core - strip too long file names in snd_print*()
ALSA: hda - Add more quirk for HP laptops with AD1984A
ALSA: Add debug module option
ALSA: pcm - Increase protocol version
ALSA: Fixed a typo of printk()
ALSA: hda - Create "Digital Mic Capture Volume" correctly for IDT codecs
ALSA: hda - Fix ALC268/ALC269 headphone pin routing
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
ALSA: hda - Add support of docking auto-mute/mic for AD1984A laptop model
ALSA: hda - Add missing GPIO initialization for AD1984A laptop model
ALSA: hda - Add another entry for Nvidia HDMI device
ALSA: hda - Unmute docking line-out as default with AD1984A codec
ALSA: hda - Fix input source selection of IDT92HD73xx
ALSA: hda - Remove dead codes from patch_sigmatel.c
ALSA: hda - Add support of Alienware M17x laptop
ALSA: dummy - Support high-res timer mode
ALSA: dummy - Better jiffies handling
ALSA: dummy - Add more description
ALSA: dummy - Fix the timer calculation in systimer mode
ALSA: dummy - Fake buffer allocations
ALSA: Remove struct snd_monitor_file from public sound/core.h
ALSA: Remove unneeded ifdef from sound/core.h
ALSA: hda - Use auto model for HP laptops with ALC268 codec
ALSA: Re-export snd_pcm_format_name() function
ALSA: Add const prefix to proc helper functions
ALSA: dummy - Add debug proc file
ALSA: dummy - Increase MAX_PCM_SUBSTREAMS to 128
Merge branch 'topic/ali5451-cleanup' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/asoc' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/azt3328' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/cleanup' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/cmi8330' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/cs46xx' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/ctl-add-remove-fixes' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/ctxfi' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/dma-sgbuf' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/dummy' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/hda' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/hdsp' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/ice1724-pm' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/midi' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/misc' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/oss' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/oxygen' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/pcm-drain-nonblock' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/pcm-estrpipe-in-pm' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/snd-printk' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/soundcore-preclaim' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/tlv-minmax' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/usb-audio' into for-linus
Merge branch 'topic/ymfpci' into for-linus
ALSA: hda - Add missing model=auto entry for ALC269
ALSA: hda - Set default GPIO for STAC/IDT codecs
ALSA: hda - Set default GPIO for IDT92HD71bxx
ALSA: hda - Fix HP/line-out initialization with IDT/STAC codecs
ALSA: hda - Add support for HP dv6
ALSA: hda - Fix IDT92HD83* codec setup
ALSA: hda - Fix Dell S14 pin setup
ALSA: hda - Fix MSI GX620 mixer
Merge branch 'fix/asoc' into for-linus
Merge branch 'fix/hda' into for-linus
ALSA: pcm - Simplify snd_pcm_drain() implementation

Tao Ma (42):
ocfs2: Define refcount tree structure.
ocfs2: Add metaecc for ocfs2_refcount_block.
ocfs2: Add ocfs2_read_refcount_block.
ocfs2: Abstract caching info checkpoint.
ocfs2: Add new refcount tree lock resource in dlmglue.
ocfs2: Add caching info for refcount tree.
ocfs2: Add refcount tree lock mechanism.
ocfs2: Basic tree root operation.
ocfs2: Wrap ocfs2_extent_contig in ocfs2_extent_tree.
ocfs2: Abstract extent split process.
ocfs2: Add refcount b-tree as a new extent tree.
ocfs2: move tree path functions to alloc.h.
ocfs2: Add support for incrementing refcount in the tree.
ocfs2: Add support of decrementing refcount for delete.
ocfs2: Add functions for extents refcounted.
ocfs2: Decrement refcount when truncating refcounted extents.
ocfs2: Add CoW support.
ocfs2: CoW refcount tree improvement.
ocfs2: Integrate CoW in file write.
ocfs2: CoW a reflinked cluster when it is truncated.
ocfs2: Add normal functions for reflink a normal file's extents.
ocfs2: handle file attributes issue for reflink.
ocfs2: Return extent flags for xattr value tree.
ocfs2: Abstract duplicate clusters process in CoW.
ocfs2: Add CoW support for xattr.
ocfs2: Remove inode from ocfs2_xattr_bucket_get_name_value.
ocfs2: Abstract the creation of xattr block.
ocfs2: Abstract ocfs2 xattr tree extend rec iteration process.
ocfs2: Attach xattr clusters to refcount tree.
ocfs2: Call refcount tree remove process properly.
ocfs2: Create an xattr indexed block if needed.
ocfs2: Add reflink support for xattr.
ocfs2: Modify removing xattr process for refcount.
ocfs2: Don't merge in 1st refcount ops of reflink.
ocfs2: Make transaction extend more efficient.
ocfs2: Use proper parameter for some inode operation.
ocfs2: Create reflinked file in orphan dir.
ocfs2: Add preserve to reflink.
ocfs2: Implement ocfs2_reflink.
ocfs2: Enable refcount tree support.
ocfs2: Add ioctl for reflink.
ocfs2: Use buffer IO if we are appending a file.

Tejun Heo (68):
percpu: use dynamic percpu allocator as the default percpu allocator
linker script: throw away .discard section
percpu: cleanup percpu array definitions
percpu: clean up percpu variable definitions
percpu: implement optional weak percpu definitions
alpha: kill unnecessary __used attribute in PER_CPU_ATTRIBUTES
alpha: switch to dynamic percpu allocator
s390: switch to dynamic percpu allocator
sparc64: fix build breakage introduced by percpu-convert-most patchset
percpu: use __weak only in the definition of weak percpu variables
Merge branch 'master' into for-next
x86: make pcpu_chunk_addr_search() matching stricter
percpu: drop @unit_size from embed first chunk allocator
x86,percpu: generalize 4k first chunk allocator
percpu: make 4k first chunk allocator map memory
x86,percpu: generalize lpage first chunk allocator
percpu: simplify pcpu_setup_first_chunk()
percpu: reorder a few functions in mm/percpu.c
percpu: drop pcpu_chunk->page[]
percpu: allow non-linear / sparse cpu -> unit mapping
percpu: teach large page allocator about NUMA
linker script: unify usage of discard definition
percpu: add dummy pcpu_lpage_remapped() for !CONFIG_SMP
x86, percpu: Collect hot percpu variables into one cacheline
chrdev: implement __[un]register_chrdev()
sound: request char-major-* module aliases for missing OSS devices
sound: make OSS device number claiming optional and schedule its removal
Merge branch 'percpu-for-linus' into percpu-for-next
percpu: fix pcpu_reclaim() locking
percpu: improve boot messages
percpu: rename 4k first chunk allocator to page
percpu: build first chunk allocators selectively
percpu: generalize first chunk allocator selection
percpu: drop @static_size from first chunk allocators
percpu: make @dyn_size mandatory for pcpu_setup_first_chunk()
percpu: add @align to pcpu_fc_alloc_fn_t
percpu: move pcpu_lpage_build_unit_map() and pcpul_lpage_dump_cfg() upward
percpu: introduce pcpu_alloc_info and pcpu_group_info
percpu: add pcpu_unit_offsets[]
percpu: add chunk->base_addr
vmalloc: separate out insert_vmalloc_vm()
vmalloc: implement pcpu_get_vm_areas()
percpu: use group information to allocate vmap areas sparsely
percpu: update embedding first chunk allocator to handle sparse units
x86,percpu: use embedding for 64bit NUMA and page for 32bit NUMA
percpu: kill lpage first chunk allocator
sparc64: use embedding percpu first chunk allocator
powerpc64: convert to dynamic percpu allocator
libata: clear eh_info on reset completion
libata: remove spindown skipping and warning
sata_sis: convert to slave_link
libata: unbreak TPM filtering by reorganizing ata_scsi_pass_thru()
dmi: fix date handling in dmi_get_year()
dmi: extend dmi_get_year() to dmi_get_date()
ahci: make ahci_asus_m2a_vm_32bit_only() quirk more generic
ahci: Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 can't do 64bit DMA
libata: fix off-by-one error in ata_tf_read_block()
PCI: apply nv_msi_ht_cap_quirk on resume too
PCI: separate out pci_add_dynid()
PCI: pci-stub: add pci_stub.ids parameter
block: use the same failfast bits for bio and request
block: implement mixed merge of different failfast requests
scsi,block: update SCSI to handle mixed merge failures
Merge branch 'for-next' into for-linus
ahci: restore pci_intx() handling
libata: fix spurious WARN_ON_ONCE() on port freeze

Tero Kristo (4):
OMAP: PM debug: Add PRCM register dump support
OMAP: PM: Added suspend target state control to debugfs for OMAP3
OMAP: SDRC: Add several new register definitions
spi: McSPI saves CHCONFx too

Tetsuo Handa (3):
TOMOYO: Move tomoyo_delete_domain().
TOMOYO: Remove next_domain from tomoyo_find_next_domain().
seq_file: return a negative error code when seq_path_root() fails.

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (5):
trivial: fix typo in ieee802154 documentation and add it to index
trivial: remove duplicate "different" from comment
leds: fix coding style in worker thread code for ledtrig-gpio.
PM: Fix typo in label name s/Platofrm_finish/Platform_finish/
trivial: fix typo s/ketymap/keymap/ in comment

Theodore Kilgore (2):
V4L/DVB (12459): gspca - jeilinj: New subdriver for Jeilin chip.
V4L/DVB (12618): gspca: mr97310a add support for CIF and more VGA camera's

Theodore Ts'o (22):
ext4: Avoid null pointer dereference when decoding EROFS w/o a journal
ext4: Add configurable run-time mballoc debugging
ext4: Display the mballoc flags in mb_history in hex instead of decimal
ext4: Fix bugs in mballoc's stream allocation mode
ext4: Avoid group preallocation for closed files
ext4: fix extent sanity checking code with AGGRESSIVE_TEST
ext4: Limit number of links that can be created by ext4_link()
ext4: Fix spelling typo in the trace format for trace_ext4_da_writepages()
ext4: Restore wbc->range_start in ext4_da_writepages()
ext4: Add new tracepoint: trace_ext4_da_write_pages()
ext4: fix tracepoint format string warnings
ext4: Remove journal_checksum mount option and enable it by default
ext4: print more sysadmin-friendly message in check_block_validity()
ext4: Use bforget() in no journal mode for ext4_journal_{forget,revoke}()
ext4: Assure that metadata blocks are written during fsync in no journal mode
ext4: Don't update superblock write time when filesystem is read-only
ext4: Fix async commit mode to be safe by using a barrier
ext4: Fix initalization of s_flex_groups
ext4: Fix include/trace/events/ext4.h to work with Systemtap
ext4: store EXT4_EXT_MIGRATE in i_state instead of i_flags
ext4: Add a tracepoint for ext4_alloc_da_blocks()
ext4: Fix the alloc on close after a truncate hueristic

Thierry Reding (2):
backlight: Add support for the Avionic Design Xanthos backlight device.
[WATCHDOG] Add support for the Avionic Design Xanthos watchdog timer.

Thomas Abraham (3):
ARM: S3C6410: use correct divider_shift in setrate_clksrc()
ARM: S3C6410: update clk->parent when setting clock source
ARM: S3C64XX: Fix divider value calculation in s3c64xx_roundrate_clksrc

Thomas Gleixner (58):
genirq: Remove obsolete defines and typedefs
timekeeping: Move ktime_get() functions to timekeeping.c
sched: Fix return value of migration_init()
Merge branch 'linus' into timers/core
clocksource: Call clocksource_change_rating() outside of watchdog_lock
genirq: Add oneshot support
genirq: Add buslock support
genirq: Support nested threaded irq handling
clocksource: Protect the watchdog rating changes with clocksource_mutex
x86: Do not unregister PIT clocksource on PIT oneshot setup/shutdown
Bluetooth: Convert hdev->req_lock to a mutex
genirq: Do not mask oneshot edge type interrupts
init: Move sched_clock_init after late_time_init
Merge branch 'x86/paravirt' into x86/cleanups
Merge branch 'sched/clock' into x86/cleanups
x86: Add x86_init infrastructure
x86: Add probe_roms to x86_init
x86: Add request_standard_resources to x86_init
x86: Add reserve_ebda_region to x86_init_ops
x86: Move memory_setup to x86_init_ops
x86: Sanitize smp_record and move it to x86_init_ops
x86: Move ioapic_ids_setup to x86_init_ops
x86: Move mpc_apic_id to x86_init_ops
x86: Move smp_read_mpc_oem to x86_init_ops.
x86: Move mpc_oem_pci_bus to x86_init_ops
x86: Move oem_bus_info to x86_init_ops
clocksource: Resolve cpu hotplug dead lock with TSC unstable
Merge branch 'timers/posixtimers' into timers/tracing
x86: Move get/find_smp_config to x86_init_ops
x86: Move pre_intr_init to x86_init_ops
x86: Move irq_init to x86_init_ops
x86: Move traps_init to x86_init_ops
x86: Replace ARCH_SETUP by a proper x86_init_ops
x86: Move paravirt banner printout to x86_init_ops
x86: Move paravirt pagetable_setup to x86_init_ops
x86: Move xen_post_allocator_init into xen_pagetable_setup_done
x86: Move percpu clockevents setup to x86_init_ops
x86: Add timer_init to x86_init_ops
x86: Remove do_timer hook
x86: Prepare unification of time_32/64.c
x86: Simplify timer_ack magic in time_32.c
x86: Remove mca bus ifdef from timer interrupt
x86: Make timer setup and global variables the same in time_32/64.c
x86: Move calibrate_cpu to tsc.c
x86: time_32/64.c unify profile_pc
x86: Replace the now identical time_32/64.c by time.c
x86: Move tsc_calibration to x86_init_ops
x86: Move tsc_init to late_time_init
x86: Add early platform detection
x86: Add Moorestown early detection
x86: Distangle ioapic and i8259
x86: apic namespace cleanup
clocksource: clocksource_select must be called with mutex locked
clocksource: Delay clocksource down rating to late boot
time: Prevent 32 bit overflow with set_normalized_timespec()
sfi: Remove unused code
x86: platform: Fix section annotations
fs: Make unload_nls() NULL pointer safe

Thomas Hellstrom (6):
drm: Enable drm drivers to add drm sysfs devices.
drm/ttm: Add a virtual ttm sysfs device.
drm/ttm: Memory accounting rework.
ttm: Make parts of a struct ttm_bo_device global.
drm/ttm: Fixes for "Make parts of a struct ttm_bo_device global"
drm/ttm: Fixes for "Memory accounting rework."

Thomas Ilnseher (1):
b43: Add LP PHY Analog Switch Support

Thomas Liu (6):
selinux: clean up avc node cache when disabling selinux
Move variable function in lsm_audit.h into SMACK private space
security: Make lsm_priv union in lsm_audit.h anonymous
security: Wrap SMACK and SELINUX audit data structs in ifdefs
SELinux: Convert avc_audit to use lsm_audit.h
SELinux: Convert avc_audit to use lsm_audit.h

Thomas Renninger (3):
[CPUFREQ] Bail out of cpufreq_add_dev if the link for a managed CPU got created
[CPUFREQ] Introduce global, not per core: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq
[CPUFREQ] ondemand - Use global sysfs dir for tuning settings

Tiago Vignatti (1):
PCI/VGA: add VGA arbitration documentation

Tiejun Chen (2):
powerpc/405ex: provide necessary fixup function to support cuImage
powerpc/405ex: support cuImage via included dtb

Tilman Schmidt (1):
tty: gigaset: really fix chars_in_buffer

Tim Abbott (33):
sh: Clean up linker script using new linker script macros.
sh: Clean up linker script using new BSS_SECTION macro.
[S390] Use macros for .data.page_aligned.
[IA64] Use .ref.text, not .text.init for start_ap.
m68knommu: Make PAGE_SIZE available to assembly files.
x86: convert compressed loader to use __HEAD and HEAD_TEXT macros.
x86: convert to use __HEAD and HEAD_TEXT macros.
x86: Use section .data.page_aligned for the idt_table.
x86: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
kbuild: Don't define ALIGN and ENTRY when preprocessing linker scripts.
Use macros for .bss.page_aligned section.
Use macros for .data.page_aligned section.
microblaze: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
m32r: make PAGE_SIZE available to assembly.
m32r: Define THREAD_SIZE only once.
m32r: Move GET_THREAD_INFO definition out of asm/thread_info.h.
m32r: Remove unused .altinstructions and .exit.* code from linker script.
m32r: Move the spi_stack_top and spu_stack_top into section.
m32r: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
score: Make PAGE_SIZE available to assembly.
score: Make THREAD_SIZE available to assembly files.
score: Cleanup linker script using new macros.
powerpc: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
Optimize the ordering of sections in RW_DATA_SECTION.
parisc: Clean up linker script using new linker script macros.
parisc: Remove useless altinstructions code copied from x86.
xtensa: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
um: Clean up linker script using standard macros.
h8300: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
mn10300: Clean up linker script using higher-level macros.
blackfin: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
powerpc: Cleanup linker script using new linker script macros.
alpha: use .data.init_task instead of .data.init_thread.

Tim Blechmann (3):
ALSA: hdsp - allow proc reporting with disconnected io box
ALSA: lx6464es - cleanup of rmh message bus function
ALSA: lx6464es - remove unused struct member

Tim Small (1):
USb: Break support for WinChipHead CH341 340 USB->Serial "chip"

Timo Kokkonen (1):
OMAP3: rx51_defconfig: add twl4030 to rx51 default configuration

Timofei Bondarenko (1):
mtd/maps: uclinux: fix building when partition support is disabled

Tobias Doerffel (1):
x86: add specific support for Intel Atom architecture

Tobias Klauser (8):
net: Rename lookup_neigh_params function
netfilter: ebtables: Use %pM conversion specifier
ext4: Declare seq_operations and file_operations structures as const
RDMA/amso1100: Use %pM conversion specifier
x86: Make memtype_seq_ops const
niu: Use resource_size instead of private function
dm9000: Remove unnecessary memset of netdev private data
dm9000: Use resource_size instead of private macro

Tobias Lorenz (4):
V4L/DVB (12142): radio-si470x: Add suport for RDS endpoint interrupt mode
V4L/DVB (12143): radio-si470x: cleanups
V4L/DVB (12144): radio-si470x: removed v4l2_queryctrl in favor of v4l2_ctrl_query_fill
V4L/DVB (12417): I2C cleanups and version checks

Tom Picard (1):
ioat3: ioat3.2 pci ids for Jasper Forest

Tom Zanussi (2):
tracing/filters: Don't use pred on alloc failure
tracing/filters: add filter Documentation

Tomas Kovacik (1):
pcmcia: disable prefetch/burst for OZ6933

Tomas Winkler (4):
iwlwifi: drop sw_crypto from hw_params.
iwlwifi: unify iwl_setup_rxon_timing
imwc3200: move iwmc3200 SDIO ids to sdio_ids.h
rfkill: add the GPS radio type

Tomáš Čech (1):
[ARM] pxa/treo680: move LCD power GPIO to proper place

Tony Breeds (1):
powerpc: Check for unsupported relocs when using CONFIG_RELOCATABLE

Tony Lindgren (5):
OMAP: Remove ifdefs for io.h
Merge branch 'pm-upstream/debug' of git:// into for-next
Merge branch '2_6_32_for_next' of git:// into for-next

Tony Luck (1):
[IA64] implement ticket locks for Itanium

Trent Piepho (7):
V4L/DVB (12287): dvb-pll: Add Samsung TDTC9251DH0 DVB-T NIM
V4L/DVB (12288): dvb-pll: Add support for Samsung TBDU18132 DVB-S NIM
V4L/DVB (12289): dvb-pll: Add support for Samsung TBMU24112 DVB-S NIM
V4L/DVB (12290): dvb-pll: Add support for Alps TDEE4 DVB-C NIM
V4L/DVB (12292): b2c2: Use dvb-pll for AirStar DVB-T's tuner
V4L/DVB (12293): b2c2: Use dvb-pll for Skystar2 rev 2.3 and rev 2.6
V4L/DVB (12294): b2c2: Use dvb-pll for Cablestar2

Trevor Keith (3):
kbuild: add static to prototypes
trivial: kbuild: remove extraneous blank line after declaration of usage()
Fix all -Wmissing-prototypes warnings in x86 defconfig

Trond Myklebust (39):
NFSv4: Don't loop forever on state recovery failure...
NFSv4: Add 'server capability' flags for NFSv4 recommended attributes
NFSv4: Don't do idmapper upcalls for asynchronous RPC calls
SUNRPC: convert some sysctls into module parameters
NFSv4: Clean up the nfs.callback_tcpport option
SUNRPC: Constify rpc_pipe_ops...
SUNRPC: Allow rpc_pipefs_ops to have null values for upcall and downcall
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_pipefs lookup code...
SUNRPC: Clean up file creation code in rpc_pipefs
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_unlink()
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_lookup_create
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_populate/depopulate
SUNRPC: rpc_pipefs cleanup
SUNRPC: Rename rpc_mkdir to rpc_create_client_dir()
SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_create_client_dir()
SUNRPC: Replace rpc_client->cl_dentry and cl_mnt, with a cl_path
SUNRPC: clean up rpc_setup_pipedir()
SUNRPC: One more clean up for rpc_create_client_dir()
NFSD: Clean up the idmapper warning...
SUNRPC: Ensure we initialise the cache_detail before creating procfs files
SUNRPC: Remove the global temporary write buffer in net/sunrpc/cache.c
SUNRPC: Allow the cache_detail to specify alternative upcall mechanisms
SUNRPC: Move procfs-specific stuff out of the generic sunrpc cache code
SUNRPC: Add an rpc_pipefs front end for the sunrpc cache code
NFS: Add a ->migratepage() aop for NFS
Merge branch 'patches_cel-for-2.6.32' into nfs-for-2.6.32
Merge branch 'sunrpc_cache-for-2.6.32' into nfs-for-2.6.32
Merge branch 'nfsv4_xdr_cleanups-for-2.6.32' into nfs-for-2.6.32
SUNRPC: Fix a typo in cache_pipefs_files
NFS: Add a dns resolver for use with NFSv4 referrals and migration
NFS: Use the DNS resolver in the mount code.
SUNRPC: cache must take a reference to the cache detail's module on open()
SUNRPC: Ensure that sunrpc gets initialised before nfs, lockd, etc...
NFSD: Fix a bug in the NFSv4 'supported attrs' mandatory attribute
NFSd: Fix filehandle leak in exp_pseudoroot() and nfsd4_path()
NFSv4: Disallow 'mount -t nfs4 -overs=2' and 'mount -t nfs4 -overs=3'
Merge branch 'nfs-for-2.6.32'
SUNRPC: Defer the auth_gss upcall when the RPC call is asynchronous
NFS: Get rid of the NFS_MOUNT_VER3 and NFS_MOUNT_TCP flags

Troy Heber (1):
pci/dmar: correct off-by-one error in dmar_fault()

Troy Kisky (11):
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s, remove MOD_REG_BIT macro
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s toggle clock to complete reset
ASoc: DaVinci: i2s, minor cleanup
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s cleanup
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s, only start sample generator if needed
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s, minor cleanup of davinci_i2s_startup
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s, fix mcbsp_word_length update
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s, add davinci_i2s_prepare and shutdown
ASoC: DaVinci: pcm, don't play 1st sound period twice
ASoC: DaVinci: i2s: don't bounce through rtd to get dai
ASoC: DaVinci: pcm, constrain buffer size to multiple of period

Tushar Gohad (1):
IPv6/addrconf: Fix minor addrlabel thinko

Tyler Hicks (6):
eCryptfs: Handle unrecognized tag 3 cipher codes
eCryptfs: Check for O_RDONLY lower inodes when opening lower files
eCryptfs: Filename encryption only supports password auth tokens
eCryptfs: Validate global auth tok keys
eCryptfs: Propagate vfs_read and vfs_write return codes
eCryptfs: Prevent lower dentry from going negative during unlink

Ulrich Drepper (1):
perf tools: Avoid unnecessary work in directory lookups

Ursula Braun (2):
qeth: display "undefined" value of sysfs-attribute "layer2"
iucv: suspend/resume error msg for left over pathes

Uwe Bugla (1):
V4L/DVB (12902): Documentation: synchronize documentation for Technisat cards

Uwe Kleine-Koenig (3):
trivial: fix typos "man[ae]g?ment" -> "management"
trivial: Fix duplicated word "options" in comment
trivial: fix typo in aic7xxx comment

Uwe Kleine-König (20):
[ARM] 5613/1: implement CALLER_ADDRESSx
net: move sgiseeq's probe function to .devinit.text
net: move jazzsonic's probe function to .devinit.text
net: move meth's probe function to .devinit.text
net: move sb1250-mac's probe function to .devinit.text
net: move xtsonic's probe function to .devinit.text
net: move macsonic's probe function to .devinit.text
ASoC: s3c2443-ac97: convert semaphore to mutex
netx: Use get_irqnr_preamble to initialize base register
[ARM] support tracing when using newer compilers
Complete irq tracing support for ARM
Use kernel/Kconfig.preempt for ARM
[ARM] let arch/arm/Kconfig source drivers/Kconfig
fec: fix recursive locking of mii_lock
fec: don't enable irqs in hard irq context
backlight: move hp680-bl's probe function to .devinit.text
leds: move leds-clevo-mail's probe function to .devinit.text
Staging: fix typos "man[ae]g?ment" -> "management"
mtd: nand: register orion_nand using platform_driver_probe()
mmc: register mmci-omap-hs using platform_driver_probe

Valentin Longchamp (7):
mx31: added one more pin definition
mx31moboard: added usb xcvr reset for mx31moboard
mx31moboard: move usb otg support back to moboard common file
mx31: define various GPIOs used on mx31moboard
mx31moboard: support for the 4 leds used on mx31moboard
mx31moboard: initialize 4 input gpios for mx31moboard
mx31moboard: two GPIOS are used to reset other microcontrolers on the robot

Vasanthakumar Thiagarajan (36):
ath9k: Nuke unneccesary helper function to see if aggr is active
ath9k: Remove unnecessary count for addba attempt
ath9k: downgrade ASSERT() in ath_clone_txbuf()
ath9k: Make sure we configure a non-zero beacon interval
ath9k: Remove dead code in rate control
ath9k: Remove unused members from rate control structure
ath9k: Use probe interval instead of rssi reduce interval
ath9k: Nuke struct ath_tx_ratectrl_state
ath9k: Remove bogus assert in ath_clone_txbuf()
ath9k: Handle tx desc shortage more appropriately
ath9k: Remove pointless ath9k_ps_restore() in ath_detach()
ath9k: Update rate control for 11NA HT40 mode
ath9k: Maintain monotonicity of PER while going across different phy
ath9k: Remove unused ath9k_hw_intrget()
ath9k: Fix bug in retrieving average beacon rssi
ath9k: Nuke struct ath9k_node_stats
ath9k: Split ath9k_hw_btcoex_enable() into two logical pieces
ath9k: Move btcoex stuff from hw.[ch] to new btcoex.[ch]
ath9k: Configure btcoex register during every reset
ath9k: Move btcoex related data to a separate struct
ath9k: Determine btcoex scheme type based on chip version
ath9k: Remove hw capability bit meant for btcoex
ath9k: Add infrastructure for generic hw timers
ath9k: Add Bluetooth Coexistence 3-wire support
ath9k: Do an AHB reset before doing RTC reset
ath9k: Move generic hw timer intr handler to bottom-half
ath9k: Call spin_lock_bh() on btcoex_lock
ath9k: Disable ASPM when btcoex is active
ath9k: Remove unnecessary casting to u8 in pci_read_config_byte() call
ath9k: Store subsystem id in struct hw_version
ath9k: Enable btcoex based on the subsystem id of the device
ath9k: Get rid of the modparam btcoex_enable
ath9k: Initialize the priority gpio for BT coex 3-wire
ath9k: Fix rx data corruption
ath9k: Don't read NF when chip has gone through full sleep mode
ath9k: Do a full reset for AR9280

Vasiliy Temnikov (1):
V4L/DVB (12574): support AverMedia Studio 505

Vasu Dev (9):
vlan: adds fcoe offload related net_device_ops and updates fcoe_ddp_xid field
ixgbe: updates vlan feature flags to enable FCoE offloads on vlan interface
[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: adds exchange manager(EM) anchor list per lport and related APIs
[SCSI] fcoe, fnic, libfc: modifies current code paths to use EM anchor list
[SCSI] fcoe: modifies fcoe_hostlist_lock uses as prep work to add shared offload EM
[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: adds offload EM per eth device with only single xid range per EM
[SCSI] fcoe: removes phys_dev and renames real_dev to netdev.
[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: adds per cpu exch pool within exchange manager(EM)
[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: fully makes use of per cpu exch pool and then removes em_lock

Vegard Nossum (3):
kmemcheck: remove useless check
kmemcheck: update documentation
fs: fix overflow in sys_mount() for in-kernel calls

Venkatesh Pallipadi (10):
x86, pat: Keep identity maps consistent with mmaps even when pat_disabled
x86, pat: ioremap to follow same PAT restrictions as other PAT users
x86, pat: New i/f for driver to request memtype for IO regions
x86, pat: Add PAT reserve free to io_mapping* APIs
x86, pat: Add rbtree to do quick lookup in memtype tracking
x86, pat: Generalize the use of page flag PG_uncached
x86, pat: Use page flags to track memtypes of RAM pages
x86, pat: Add lookup_memtype to get the current memtype of a paddr
x86, pat: Lookup the protection from memtype list on vm_insert_pfn()
x86, pat: Sanity check remap_pfn_range for RAM region

Vidhya Govindan (1):
wl12xx: Assign value to rx msdu lifetime variable

Vikram Kandukuri (2):
Bluetooth: Fix missing scheduling when VIRTUAL_CABLE_UNPLUG is received
Bluetooth: Improve USB driver throughput by increasing the frame size

Vikram Pandita (7):
OMAP2/3: Pass irqflags to 8250 driver
OMAP3: MMC: Add mux for pins
OMAP3: Zoom2: Add TWL4030 support
OMAP3: Zoom2: Update board defconfig
OMAP: Zoom2: update serial platform_data id for external UART
OMAP: Zoom2: release debug board detect gpio line
serial: 8250: add IRQ trigger support

Ville Syrjala (1):
atyfb: coding style cleanup

Vincent Li (4):
mm/vmscan: rename zone_nr_pages() to zone_nr_lru_pages()
mm/vmscan: remove page_queue_congested() comment
fs/proc/task_mmu.c v1: fix clear_refs_write() input sanity check
fs/proc/base.c: fix proc_fault_inject_write() input sanity check

Vipin Bhandari (1):
mfd: Correct ro and cd implemantion on DM355

Vitaliy Gusev (2):
[S390] hypfs: remove useless variable qname
mlx4: Fix access to freed memory

Vitaly Mayatskikh (2):
do_wait: fix sys_waitid()-specific behaviour
wait_noreap_copyout(): check for ->wo_info != NULL

Vivek Goyal (1):
cfq-iosched: no need to keep track of busy_rt_queues

Vivek Natarajan (14):
ath9k: Add AR9287 based chipsets' register information.
ath9k: Add init values for AR9287 based chipsets.
ath9k: Add support for AR9287 based chipsets.
ath9k: Add open loop power control support for AR9287.
ath9k: Set AR_WA for AR9287 as it improves consistency in throughput.
ath9k: Enable LEDs for AR9287 chipsets.
ath9k: Fix ref power interpolation logic for AR9287 chipsets.
ath9k: Updates for AR9287_12 version of chipset.
ath9k: Reconfigure beacon timers after the scan is completed.
ath9k: Set default noise floor value for AR9287
ath9k: Revamp PCIE workarounds
ath9k: Fix AHB reset for AR9280
ath9k: Disable autosleep feature by default.
ath9k: Initialize txgain and rxgain for newer AR9287 chipsets.

Vlad Yasevich (18):
sctp: release cached route when the transport goes down.
sctp: Disallow new connection on a closing socket
sctp: Fix data segmentation with small frag_size
sctp: Generate SACKs when actually sending outbound DATA
sctp: Try to encourage SACK bundling with DATA.
sctp: Send user messages to the lower layer as one
sctp: Fix error count increments that were results of HEARTBEATS
sctp: Clear fast_recovery on the transport when T3 timer expires.
sctp: drop a_rwnd to 0 when receive buffer overflows.
sctp: Try not to change a_rwnd when faking a SACK from SHUTDOWN.
sctp: Nagle delay should be based on path mtu
sctp: Don't do NAGLE delay on large writes that were fragmented small
sctp: Fix SCTP_MAXSEG socket option to comply to spec.
sctp: Failover transmitted list on transport delete
sctp: Correctly track if AUTH has been bundled.
sctp: Turn flags in 'sctp_packet' into bit fields
sctp: Get rid of an extra routing lookup when adding a transport.
sctp: Catch bogus stream sequence numbers

Vladimir Geroy (1):
V4L/DVB (13014): Add support for Compro VideoMate E800 (DVB-T part only)

Vladimir Serbinenko (1):
ACPI video: ignore buggy _BQC

Vlastimil Labsky (1):
V4L/DVB (12439): cx88: add support for WinFast DTV2000H rev. J

WANG Cong (1):
SLUB: Drop write permission to /proc/slabinfo

Wan Wei (1):
amd64_edac: Rewrite unganged mode code of f10_early_channel_count

Wan ZongShun (7):
Input: w90p910_ts - use clk API
Input: add keypad driver for w90p910
Add support for w90p910 mac driver
Input: w90p910_keypad - rename driver name to match platform
[WATCHDOG] Add watchdog driver for NUC900
mtd: add nand support for w90p910 (v2)
USB: Add nuvoton Ehci driver for w90p910 platform

Wei Yongjun (11):
svcrdma: fix error handling of rdma_alloc_frmr()
sunrpc: reply AUTH_BADCRED to RPCSEC_GSS with unknown service
sunrpc: move the close processing after do recvfrom method
sctp: avoid overwrite the return value of sctp_process_asconf_ack()
sctp: check the unrecognized ASCONF parameter before access it
sctp: update the route for non-active transports after addresses are added
sctp: drop SHUTDOWN chunk if the TSN is less than the CTSN
sctp: fix check the chunk length of received HEARTBEAT-ACK chunk
sctp: fix to reset packet information after packet transmit
sctp: turn flags in 'struct sctp_association' into bit fields
sctp: remove dup code in net/sctp/output.c

Wending Weng (1):
Bluetooth: Fix false errors from bcsp_pkt_cull function

Wengang Wang (2):
GFS2: free disk inode which is deleted by remote node -V2
ocfs2: add spinlock protection when dealing with lockres->purge.

Wey-Yi Guy (44):
iwlwifi: modify sensitivity value for 5150
iwlwifi: no need to refer to max_nrg_cck range value
iwlwifi: remove disable_tx_power for device > 4965
iwlwifi: move show_qos to debugfs
iwlagn: modify digital SVR for 1000
iwlwifi: fix rx signal quality reporting in dmesg
iwlwifi: make led functions generic
iwlwifi: add led debugfs function
iwlwifi: Led blinking counting both tx and rx
iwlwifi: checking unknown HW type
iwlwifi: uCode Alive notification with timeout
iwlwifi: change iwl_enable/disable_interrupts to "inline"
iwlwifi: revert to active table when rate is not valid
iwlwifi: critical temperature enter/exit condition
iwlwifi: Thermal Throttling Management - Part 1
iwlwifi: Thermal Throttling Management - part 2
iwlwifi: Thermal Throttling debugfs function
iwlwifi: Name fix for MPDU density for TX aggregation
iwlwifi: debugFs to enable/disable HT40 support
iwlwifi: Distinguish power amplifier for 6000 series
iwlwifi: remove deprecated 6000 series adapters
iwlwifi: name changed from "fat" to "ht40"
iwlwifi: new debugging feature for dumping data traffic
iwlwifi: Traffic type and counter for debugFs
iwlwifi: tx/rx queue pointer information
iwlwifi: uCode statistics notification counter
iwlwifi: Display sensitivity and chain noise information
iwlwifi: fix thermal throttling locking problem
iwlwifi: fix legacy thermal throttling power index
iwlwifi: handle the case when set power fail
iwlwifi: display correct critical temperature infomation
iwlwifi: traverse linklist to find the valid OTP block
iwlwifi: add thermal throttling support to 5150
iwlwifi: set default tx power user limit to minimal
iwlwifi: do not allow set tx power over channel power limit
iwlwifi: name changes from "tx_power_channel_lmt" to "tx_power_device_lmt"
iwlwifi: error checking for setting tx_power in sysfs
iwlwifi: change IWL6000_UCODE_API_MAX to v4
iwlwifi: show current tx power
iwlwifi: remove duplicated define
iwlwifi: read enhanced tx power info from EEPROM image
iwlwifi: fix unloading driver while scanning
iwlwifi: find the correct first antenna
iwlwifi: find the correct first antenna

William Weston (1):
ALSA: hda - Add quirks for RTL888 & RV630/M76 based MSI GX710

Willy Tarreau (1):
i2c/scx200_acb: Provide more information on bus errors

Wim Van Sebroeck (3):
[WATCHDOG] ar7_wdt: Fix error handling during probe.
[WATCHDOG] wdt_pci - use pci_request_region
[WATCHDOG] sizeof cleanup

Wolfgang Denk (1):
fs_enet/mii-fec.c: fix MII speed calculation

Wolfgang Grandegger (3):
can: add can_free_echo_skb() for upcoming drivers
can: sja1000: fix network statistics update
can: sja1000: legacy SJA1000 ISA bus driver

Wolfgang Muees (1):
mmc_spi: fail gracefully if host or card do not support the switch command

Wolfram Sang (19):
mtd: physmap_of: use resource_size
mtd: plat-ram: use resource_size
powerpc/irq: Improve nanodoc
pcmcia: fix incorrect argument order to list_add_tail()
pcmcia: drop non-existant includes
pcmcia: document return value of pcmcia_loop_config
gpio/pcf857x: Copy i2c_device_id from old pcf8574 driver
i2c/chips: Remove deprecated pcf8575 driver
i2c/chips: Remove deprecated pca9539 driver
i2c/chips: Remove deprecated pcf8574 driver
MAINTAINERS: Add maintainer for AT24 and PCA9564/PCA9665
tty: serial/pcmcia: add ID for Advantech card
mtd: maps: add mtd-ram support to physmap_of
i2c-imx: make bus available early
regulator: update a filename in documentation
regulator: fix typos
regulator: drop 'default n'
regulator/lp3971: drop unnecessary initialization
regulator/driver: be more specific in nanodoc for is_enabled

Wu Fei (1):
MIPS: Shrink the size of tlb handler

Wu Fengguang (20):
ALSA: hda - add bounds checking for the codec command fields
ALSA: hda: add 2-channel mode to Intel ALC889/ALC889A models
ALSA: hda: add HP automute support to Intel ALC889/ALC889A models
ALSA: hda: add IbexPeak/Clarkdale HDMI model with static cvt/pin number
slab: remove duplicate kmem_cache_init_late() declarations
ALSA: hda: move open coded tricks into get_wcaps_channels()
tcp: replace hard coded GFP_KERNEL with sk_allocation
PM: Trivial fixes
HWPOISON: check and isolate corrupted free pages v2
HWPOISON: Add invalidate_inode_page
HWPOISON: shmem: call set_page_dirty() with locked page
mm: count only reclaimable lru pages
mm: do batched scans for mem_cgroup
libfs: return error code on failed attr set
page-types: add feature for walking process address space
writeback: balance_dirty_pages() shall write more than dirtied pages
writeback: stop background writeback when below background threshold
writeback: kupdate writeback shall not stop when more io is possible
writeback: cleanup writeback_single_inode()
writeback: don't delay inodes redirtied by a fast dirtier

Wu Zhangjin (17):
ide: fixup for fujitsu disk
MIPS: Loongson: Remove existing early_printk implementation
MIPS: Loongson: Remove out-of-date board-specific kgdb source code
MIPS: Loongson: Add new early_printk implmentation
MIPS: Loongson: pm: Remove redundant source code
MIPS: Loongson: pm: clean up the reboot support
MIPS: Loongson: PCI: use existing mips_io_port_base
MIPS: Loongson: Split the implementation of prom and setup parts
MIPS: Loongson: clean up the coding style
MIPS: Loongson: PCI: Clean up pcimap setup
MIPS: Loongson: RTC: Enable legacy RTC driver on fulong
MIPS: Loongson: Add oprofile support
MIPS: Loongson: Change naming methods
MIPS: Loongson: Split common loongson source code out
MIPS: Loongson: Add a machtype kernel command line argument
MIPS: Loongson: Add GCC 4.4 support for Loongson2E
MIPS: Loongson: Update the default config file for fuloong2e

Xiao Guangrong (16):
tracing/filter: Remove preds from struct event_subsystem
tracing/filter: Remove empty subsystem and its directory
tracing/function: Simplify __ftrace_replace_code()
tracing/trace_stack: Cleanup for trace_lookup_stack()
tracing/function: Cleanup for function tracer
tracing: cleanup for tracing_trace_options_read()
x86: Fix system crash when loading with "reservetop" parameter
tracing/events: fix the include file dependencies
timers: Add tracepoints for timer_list timers
hrtimer: Add tracepoint for hrtimers
itimers: Add tracepoints for itimer
drop_monitor: fix trace_napi_poll_hit()
KVM: fix kvm_init() error handling
perf_counter: Fix buffer overflow in perf_copy_attr()
lguest: cleanup for map_switcher()
generic-ipi: make struct call_function_data lockless

Xiaotian Feng (4):
slub: release kobject if sysfs_create_group failed in sysfs_slab_add
PM: Reset transition_started at dpm_resume_noirq
Documentation: update stale definition of file-nr in fs.txt
cgroups: make unlock sequence in cgroup_get_sb consistent

Yan Zheng (2):
Btrfs: improve async block group caching
Btrfs: hash the btree inode during fill_super

Yan, Zheng (7):
Btrfs: speed up snapshot dropping
Btrfs: do not reuse objectid of deleted snapshot/subvol
Btrfs: change how subvolumes are organized
Btrfs: add snapshot/subvolume destroy ioctl
Btrfs: check size of inode backref before adding hardlink
Btrfs: don't rename file into dummy directory
Btrfs: relocate file extents in clusters

Yang Shi (1):
edac: mpc85xx add P2020DS support

Yang Xiaowei (1):
xen: use stronger barrier after unlocking lock

Yang Zhao (1):
drm/radeon: Save and restore bios scratch regs during S/R (1):
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: add support for next generation of Dell PV array

Yeasah Pell (2):
dm9000: add checksum offload support
mtd: pxa3xx_nand: add single-bit error corrections reporting

Yevgeny Petrilin (4):
mlx4_en: Adaptive moderation policy change
mlx4_en: Using real number of rings as RSS map size
mlx4_en: Not using Shared Receive Queues
mlx4_core: Avoid double free_icms

Yi Li (8):
Blackfin: bf537-stamp: declare SPI IRQ resources
Blackfin: bf533-stamp: add resources for mmc_spi card
Blackfin: update anomaly lists
Blackfin: cleanup sync handling when enabling/disabling cplbs
Blackfin: do not trace the exception handler
Blackfin: use raw_smp_processor_id() in exception code
Blackfin: fix BF54x SPI CS resources
Blackfin: update ftrace for latest toolchain

Yi Zou (20):
net: Add NETIF_F_FCOE_MTU to indicate support for a different MTU for FCoE
ixgbe: Add support for NETIF_F_FCOE_MTU to 82599 devices
[SCSI] fcoe: Fix validation of mac address when checking for spma support
[SCSI] libfcoe: Set fip_flags according to fcf and lport's capability of SPMA support
[SCSI] fcoe: Call dev_ethtool_get_settings() in fcoe_link_ok
[SCSI] fcoe: Remove ifdef for NETIF_F_FCOE_CRC and NETIF_F_FSO
[SCSI] libfc: Remove FC_FRAME_SG_LEN in fc_fcp_send_data
[SCSI] libfc: Remove page flags check for sglist
net: Add ndo_fcoe_enable/ndo_fcoe_disable to net_device_ops
vlan: Add support for net_devices_ops.ndo_fcoe_enable/_disable to VLAN
ixgbe: Add support for the net_device_ops.ndo_fcoe_enable/disable to 82599
dcbnl: Add support for setapp/getapp commands to dcbnl
dcbnl: Add support for setapp/getapp to netdev dcbnl_rtnl_ops
dcbnl: Add netlink attributes for setapp/getapp to dcbnl
dcbnl: Add implementations of dcbnl setapp/getapp commands
ixgbe: Add support for dcbnl_rtnl_ops.setapp/getapp
ixgbe: Add support for multiple Tx queues for FCoE in 82599
ixgbe: Distribute transmission of FCoE traffic in 82599
ixgbe: Add support for using FCoE DDP in 82599 as FCoE targets
[SCSI] fcoe: Add sysfs parameter to fcoe for minimum DDP read I/O size

Yinghai Lu (7):
x86, apic: Move dmar_table_init() out of enable_IR()
irq: Make sure irq_desc for legacy irq get correct node setting
irq: Add irq_node() primitive
pci/intr_remapping: Allocate irq_iommu on node
x86: Use hard_smp_processor_id() to get apic id for AMD K8 cpus
PCI: print out pref if mmio is prefetchable
Revert 'x86: Fix system crash when loading with "reservetop" parameter'

Yong Zhang (1):
sched: Fix potential NULL derference of doms_cur

Yoshihiro Shimoda (6):
usb: fix hibernate in r8a66597-hcd dev_pm_ops conversion.
usb: gadget: R8A66597 peripheral controller support.
usb: r8a66597-udc: implement the set_wedge method
sh: Add initial support for SH7757 CPU subtype
sh: sh7785lcr: fix prototype board on 32bit MMU mode.
net: sh_eth: add value of ether_link pin in platform_data

Yossi Etigin (1):
IB/core: Fix send multicast group leave retry

Youquan Song (2):
intel-iommu: Disallow interrupt remapping if not all ioapics covered
intel-iommu: Fix kernel hang if interrupt remapping disabled in BIOS

Yu Zhiguo (1):
NFSv4: ACL in operations 'open' and 'create' should be used

Yuri Tikhonov (5):
md/raid5,6: common schedule_reconstruction for raid5/6
md/raid6: asynchronous handle_stripe_fill6
md/raid6: asynchronous handle_stripe_dirtying6
md/raid6: asynchronous handle_stripe6
md/raid6: remove synchronous infrastructure

Yusuke Goda (1):
sh: Fix the indication point of the liquid crystal of AP-325RXA(AP3300)

Zhang Qiang (1):
nilfs2: An unassigned variable is assigned to a never used structure member

Zhang Rui (2):
ACPI: video: remove unneeded memsets
ACPI video: work-around BIOS AML bug in _BQC

Zhang, Yanmin (1):
slub: change kmem_cache->align to record the real alignment

Zhao Yakui (18):
ACPI: Make ACPI processor proc I/F depend on the ACPI_PROCFS
drm/mode: add the CVT algorithm in kernel space
drm/mode: add the GTF algorithm in kernel space
drm/mode: get the modeline for standard timing in EDID by using CVT/GTF
drm: Remove the unused prefix in DRM_DEBUG_KMS/DRIVER/MODE
drm: Remove the macro defintion of DRM_DEBUG_MODE
DRM: Add the explanation about DRM debug level
drm: Add the debug info in generic drm mode by using DRM_DEBUG_KMS
drm/kms: Parse the detailed time info in CEA-EDID
drm/i915: Enable PAL and SECAM format and add the propery for SDVO-TV
drm/kms: Add the default mode table
drm/kms: try to find the std mode in DMT table
drm/kms: add a function that can add the mode for the output device without EDID
drm/i915: Add the enhancement property for SDVO-TV
drm/i915: Add the brightness property for SDVO-LVDS
drm/i915: Add the missing clone_mask for SDVO-VGA(RGB1)
drm/i915: Write zero to DPLL_MD Reg for non-SDVO output
ACPI: fix Compaq Evo N800c (Pentium 4m) boot hang regression

Zhaolei (3):
tracing: Rename set_tracer_flags()'s local variable trace_flags
ftrace: Move setting of clock-source out of options
time: add function to convert between calendar time and broken-down time for universal use

Zhenyu Wang (12):
agp: Add generic support for graphics dma remapping
intel_agp: Use PCI DMA API correctly on chipsets new enough to have IOMMU
drm/i915: update debugfs interrupt info on IGDNG
drm/i915: fix tiling on IGDNG
drm/i915: do dynamic clock freq control only in kernel modesetting
V4L/DVB (12190): em28xx: Add support for Gadmei UTV330+
agp/intel: remove restore in resume
drm/i915: Fix typo for wrong LVDS clock setting on IGDNG
drm/i915: Fix SSC frequence for IGDNG
drm/i915: Remove DAC disable in CRT force detect on IGDNG
drm/i915: Fix LVDS panel fitting on Arrandale
drm/i915: remove restore in resume

Zhu Yanhai (1):
nilfs2: add more check routines in mount process

Zhu Yi (30):
iwmc3200wifi: change coexist periodic calibration flag
iwmc3200wifi: rfkill cleanup
iwmc3200wifi: replace netif_rx with netif_rx_ni
iwmc3200wifi: simplify calibration map
iwmc3200wifi: remove B0 hardware support
cfg80211: fix NULL dereference in IBSS SIOCGIWAP
iwmc3200wifi: fix UMAC INIT_COMPLETE notification handling
iwmc3200wifi: hardware does not support IP checksum
iwmc3200wifi: set cipher_suites before registering wiphy
iwmc3200wifi: use correct debug level
iwmc3200wifi: remove setting WEP keys before setting essid support
iwmc3200wifi: make iwm_send_wifi_if_cmd return 0 on success
iwmc3200wifi: remove key caches in driver
cfg80211: remove WARN_ON in __cfg80211_sme_scan_done
cfg80211: set_default_key only for WEP
cfg80211: fix typo of IWEVASSOCRESPIE
iwmc3200wifi: use cfg80211_connect_result to send req/resp IE
iwmc3200wifi: fix cfg80211_connect_result is called in IBSS
iwmc3200wifi: fix a use-after-free bug
cfg80211: avoid setting default_key if add_key fails
iwmc3200wifi: fix set_wpa_version and set_auth_type order
iwmc3200wifi: set WEP key static flag correctly
iwmc3200wifi: avoid setting default key for 802.1X and RSNA
wireless: display wext SSID when connected by cfg80211
iwlwifi: cleanup HT40 extension channels setup
cfg80211: allow cfg80211_connect_result with bssid == NULL
iwmc3200wifi: invalidate profile when necessary before connect
iwmc3200wifi: use cfg80211_roamed to send roam event
iwmc3200wifi: add disconnect work
iwmc3200wifi: fix misuse of le16_to_cpu

arun c (2):
omapfb: add support for the OMAP2EVM LCD
omapfb: fix coding style / remove dead line (1):
ALSA: hda/realtek: Added support for CLEVO M540R subsystem, 6 channel + digital

dmitry pervushin (2):
spi: Freescale STMP driver
rtc: add Freescale stmp37xx/378x driver

fangxiaozhi (1):
USB: usb-storage fails to attach to Huawei Datacard cdrom device (1):
powerpc/44x: Add Eiger AMCC (AppliedMicro) PPC460SX evaluation board support.

françois romieu (6):
r8169: fix r8101 quirk dupe
r8169: differentiate close chipsets in the startup identification message
r8169: phy init for the 8169sce
r8169: phy init for the 8169scd
r8169: phy init for the 8169s
r8169: phy init for the 8102e

gregor kowski (3):
b43: remove wrong probe_resp_plcp write
b43: remove wrong probe_resp_plcp write
b43: add hardware tkip

hermann pitton (2):
V4L/DVB (12420): saa7134: fix the radio on Avermedia GO 007 FM
V4L/DVB (12492): saa7134-input: don't probe for the Pinnacle remotes anymore

jassi brar (1):
ASoC: Debugged improper setting of PLL fields in WM8580 driver

javier Martin (6):
ASoC: Correct a bug with "ADC Inversion Switch" in wm8974 codec.
ASoC: add DMA platform driver for MX1x and MX2x
ASoC: add DAI platform ssi driver for MXC
ASoC: add machine driver for i.mx27_visstrim_m10 board
ASoC: Fix review issues in i.MX2x PCM driver
MX27: Add USB platform devices and resources (1):
atl1c:remove compiling warning (5):
tracing: Remove unused fields/variables
tracing: Remove .globl in the scripts/ doc
tracing: create generic trace parser
tracing: trace parser support for set_event
tracing: trace parser support for function and graph

kishore kadiyala (1):
omap4: mmc driver support on OMAP4 (1):
spi: add default selection of PL022 for ARM reference platforms (1):
USB: add PIDs for FTDI based OpenDCC hardware (3):
x86, perf_counter, bts: Fail if BTS is not available
x86, perf_counter, bts: Correct pointer-to-u64 casts
x86, perf_counter, bts: Do not allow kernel BTS tracing for now

maximilian attems (1):
ramfs: move RAMFS_MAGIC to include/linux/magic.h

miaofng (1):
Staging: vt6656: disable wpa related function due to memory failure of this part of codes

mingo (2):
perf sched: Print PIDs too
perf sched: Add support for sched:sched_stat_runtime events (2):
truncate: new helpers
truncate: use new helpers (1):
tipc: Add socket options to get number of queued messages

roald (1):
regulator: add initialization macro of regulator supply

roel kluin (11):
b44: strncpy does not null terminate string
lmc: Read outside array bounds
powerpc/cell: Replace strncpy by strlcpy
powerpc: Missing tests for NULL after ioremap()
powerpc/macio: Don't the address of an array element before boundchecking
tipc: fix test of bearer_priority range in tipc_register_media()
WAN: bit and/or confusion
au1000_eth: possible NULL dereference of aup->mii_bus->irq in au1000_probe()
WARNING: some request_irq() failures ignored in el2_open()
atm: dereference of he_dev->rbps_virt in he_init_group()
powerpc: kmalloc failure ignored in vio_build_iommu_table()

sarveshwarb (1):
be2net: Patch to perform function reset at initialization

sedji gaouaou (1):
ARM: 5640/1: This patch modifies the support of AC97 on the at91sam9263 ek board (13):
core generic GPIO support for Freescale Coldfire processors.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 5206.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldire 5206e.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 520x.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 523x.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 5249.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 527x.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 5272.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 528x.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 5307.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 532x.
generic GPIO support for the Freescale Coldfire 5407.
generic GPIO support misc files.

vimal singh (5):
mtd: nand: remove repeated comment, fix spelling
mtd: nand_base: use func instead of typing names
mtd: physmap_of: fix incorrect check
mtd: omap: add support for nand prefetch-read and post-write
mtd: omap: adding DMA mode support in nand prefetch/post-write (1):
[ARM] pxa/treo680: pxamci simplify to use GPIO

wanzongshun (17):
[ARM] 5591/1: Add group irq enable/disable for w90p910 platform.
[ARM] 5601/1: Add HAVE_CLK depends on for w90p910 platform
[ARM] 5602/1: Add sub clock api for w90p910 platform
[ARM] 5604/1: Add keypad multi-function pin api for w90p910 platform
[ARM] 5610/1: Add fmi resource define for w90p910 platform
[ARM] 5616/1: Add mac resource define for w90p910 mac driver
[ARM] 5617/1: rename this spi device as w90p910-spi
[ARM] 5618/1: Add spi resource define for w90p910 spi driver
[ARM] 5619/1: Add spi mfp api for w90p910 spi driver
ARM: 5633/1: Add wdt resource for w90p910 platform
ARM: 5634/1: Add static setting cpu frequence for w90p910 platform
ARM: 5674/1: Add clocksource/clockevent support for w90p910 platform
ARM: 5675/1: The semaphore is used as mutex so make it a mutex
ARM: 5676/1: Provide more useful introduction for w90x900
ARM: 5682/1: Add cpu.c and dev.c and modify some files of w90p910 platform
ARM: 5683/1: Add nuc950 platform to w90x900
ARM: 5684/1: Add nuc960 platform to w90x900

ykzhao (1):
drm/kms/i915: Add the default mode for CRT output without EDID


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2.6.32-rc1_shortlog03 - 詳解ファイルシステム - Seesaa Wiki(ウィキ) for スマートフォン

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