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kernel 2.6.25-rc1 の考察(20080211更新)



List: linux-kernel
Subject: Linux 2.6.25-rc1
From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds () linux-foundation ! org>
Date: 2008-02-11 0:44:29
Ok, it's a bloody large -rc (as was 24-rc1, for that matter), probably
because the 2.6.24 release cycle dragged out, so people had a lot of
things pending.

The full diff is something like 11MB and 1.4M lines of diffs, with the
bulk of the stuff being in architecture updates and drivers.

Just to have some fun, I did trivial statistics, and of the 1.4M lines of
diffs, about 38% - 530k lines - were in architecture files (400k+ lines of
diffs in arch/, 100k+ lines of diffs in include/asm-*), and another big
chunk is in drivers (including sound) at about 44% - 610k lines - of

The rest comes in much smaller, but still noticeable is networking (8% -
110k lines), with filesystems at 4%, and documentation at about 2%. The
remaining crumbles being spread out mostly over block layer, crypto,
kernel core, and security layer updates (ie SElinux and smack).

[ Just to make it more obvious how driver and architecture-dominated the
kernel changelogs are: just the network driver changes were 200kloc, and
even just infiniband - which came way behind not just networking
drivers, but also DVB, SCSI, char and ide - generated more lines of code
changed than the "core" kernel code under the kernel/ subdirectory.

And that's despite the fact that the "core" code was actually under a
fairly active merge cycle, with a lot of namespace- and scheduling-
related stuff. ]

Now, some of that is files moving about and other reorganizations (SH and
to a lesser degree sparc starting to merge 32-bit and 64-bit
architectures), but most of it really is just the normal flood of changes
and new driver or platform support.

The full shortlog is half a meg in size (and the diffstat is even bigger),
so I won't be including that here, but some things that may be worth
pointing out not because they are big in line sizes, but because they have
potential to be noticed by more people:

- the intel graphics driver is starting to do suspend/resume natively
(ie even without X support), which is a welcome sign of the times and
may help some people. It helped on my laptop.

- Other suspend/resume changes in device access ordering etc, and the
usual ACPI changes means that we really want reports from people about
this all even if you don't have intel graphics.

- Lots of cleanups from the x86 merge (making more and more use of common
files), but also the big page attribute stuff is in and caused a fair
amount of churn, and while most of the issues should have been very
obvious and all got fixed, this is definitely one of those things that
we want a lot of very wide testing of to make sure nothing regressed.

- fair number of changes to things like the legacy IDE drivers too, and a
totally new driver for the very common PCIE version of the Intel e1000
network card etc.

- .. and I've probably totally forgotten about tons of other stuff I
should have mentioned, but the point is that not only do we have lots
of new core, we do have a fair amout of changes to basic stuff that can
actually affect perfectly bog-standard hardware setups.

So give it all a good testing.




(arch/が40万行、include/asm-* が10万行)です。

networking 8%(11万行), filesystems 4%, documentation 2%

ドライバーはもちろん、 dvbやSCSIは、 CHAR型とのIDE -もっと行のコードが生成さ

という事実にもかかわらず、それは、 "コア"の下にあるコードは、実際は
に関連するものです。 ]

現在、いくつかのことについては、ファイルの移動や他のreorganizations ( shと
アーキテクチャ) 、本当にそうなんですが、ほとんどの洪水の中だけで、通常の変更

フルshortlogメグは、半分の大きさ(とは、さらに大きなdiffstat )は、

-インテルグラフィックスドライバは、始動を行うサスペンド/再開ネイティブ (すなわちXのサポートなしでも) 、これは、時代の兆候を歓迎すると いくつかの人々に役立つかもしれない。私のラップトップ上に助けている。
-他の一時停止/再開するデバイスにアクセスする順序の変更等、そして、 いつものACPI我々は本当に必要な変更を意味している人々からの報告書について これさえ持っていない場合はすべてのインテルグラフィックスです。
-より多くのクリーンアップx 86のマージ(こちらを使用すると、より多くの共通の ファイル)は、ページの属性だけでなく、大きなもので、原因は、公正な チャーンの量、および問題の中のほとんどは、非常にしなければならなかった すべてが固定明白とは、これはどうしようもないことが明らかに 我々は多くの非常に広い試験regressed何もないことを確認します。
-番号の変更を公正なもののようなレガシーのI DEドライバすぎると、 全く新しいバージョンのドライバをpcie非常に共通のインテルe1000 ネットワークカードなど
-. .完全に忘れられていると私は、おそらく他のものトンの私 言及はずだが、ポイントは、我々がたくさんあることだけでなく、 ニューコアは、私たちは公正な量の変更を持つことができる基本的なもの 実際に完璧にノーマルなハードウェアのセットアップに影響を与える。