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Ishizaki Kou (6):
[POWERPC] cell: Fix undefined reference to mmio_nvram_init
[POWERPC] celleb: Add support for native CBE
[POWERPC] Update celleb_defconfig to add support for native CBE
[POWERPC] cell: add missing '\n'
[POWERPC] Cleanup calling mmio_nvram_init
[POWERPC] celleb: Split machine definition

Ivan Kokshaysky (2):
PCI: fix for quirk_e100_interrupt()
PCI x86: always use conf1 to access config space below 256 bytes

Ivan Kuten (1):
[ALSA] soc - ln2440sbc ac97 support

Ivo van Doorn (40):
mac80211: Add radio led trigger
rt2x00: Move quality statistics into seperate structure
rt2x00: Use enum defines
rt2x00: Correctly translate mac80211 antenna setup to rt2x00
rt2x00: SW diversity should default to antenna B
rt2x00: Remove rt2x00_clear_link
rt2x00: Implement SW diversity
rt2x00: Cleanup if-statements
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.0.11
rt2x00: Disable RX when switching antenna
rt2x00: Split rt61/rt73 antenna selection into RX and TX antenna
rt2x00: Input-polldev requires input device
rt2x00: Detect initial rfkill state on register
rt2x00: Remove unused variables
rt2x00: Remove data_desc structure
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.0.12
rt2x00: Move duplicate code into rt2x00pci_txdone()
rt2x00: Replace DRV_NAME with KBUILD_MODNAME
rt2x00: Extend PLCP descriptor definition for rt2400pci
rt2x00: Move register value/offset files into new folder
rt2x00: Add chipset version to chipset debugfs entry
rt2x00: Add skb descriptor
rt2x00: Add TX/RX frame dumping facility
rt2x00: Use IEEE80211_IF_TYPE_INVALID directly
rt2x00: Cleanup rfkill
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.0.13
rt2x00: Fix chipset debugfs file
rt2x00: Always call ieee80211_stop_queue() when return NETDEV_TX_BUSY
rt2x00: Only set the TBCN flag when the interface is configured to send beacons.
rt2x00: Store queue idx and entry idx in data_ring and data_entry
rt2x00: Move start() and stop() handlers into rt2x00lib.c
rt2x00: Move packet filter flags
rt2x00: Cleanup write_tx_desc() arguments
rt2x00: Determine MY_BSS from descriptor
rt2x00: Move init_txring and init_rxring into rt2x00lib
rt2x00: Correctly initialize data and desc pointer
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.0.14
rt2x00: Data and desc pointer initialization
rt2x00: Fix queue_idx initialization
mac80211: Initialize vif pointer

Izik Eidus (23):
KVM: Remove the usage of page->private field by rmap
KVM: Add general accessors to read and write guest memory
KVM: Allow dynamic allocation of the mmu shadow cache size
KVM: Support assigning userspace memory to the guest
KVM: MMU: Add rmap_next(), a helper for walking kvm rmaps
KVM: MMU: Keep a reverse mapping of non-writable translations
KVM: MMU: Make gfn_to_page() always safe
KVM: MMU: Partial swapping of guest memory
KVM: Unmap kernel-allocated memory on slot destruction
KVM: Export memory slot allocation mechanism
KVM: Add kernel-internal memory slots
KVM: Add ioctl to tss address from userspace,
KVM: x86 emulator: remove 8 bytes operands emulator for call near instruction
KVM: add kvm_is_error_hva()
KVM: introduce gfn_to_hva()
KVM: Change kvm_{read,write}_guest() to use copy_{from,to}_user()
KVM: MMU: Change guest pte access to kvm_{read,write}_guest()
KVM: Simplify kvm_clear_guest_page()
KVM: MMU: Fix potential memory leak with smp real-mode
KVM: MMU: Selectively set PageDirty when releasing guest memory
KVM: MMU: Code cleanup
KVM: MMU: mark pages that were inserted to the shadow pages table as accessed
KVM: MMU: Fix dirty page setting for pages removed from rmap

Iñaky Pérez-González (1):
rfkill: add the WiMAX radio type

J. Bruce Fields (41):
sunrpc: document the rpc_pipefs kernel api
nfs4: allow nfsv4 acls on non-regular-files
nfsd4: probe callback channel only once
nfsd: move callback rpc_client creation into separate thread
knfsd: fix broken length check in nfs4idmap.c
knfsd: fix cache.c comment
nfsd: Fix handling of negative lengths in read_buf()
knfsd: cleanup nfsd4 properly on module init failure
nfsd: cleanup nfsd module initialization cleanup
nfsd: fail module init on reply cache init failure
knfsd: cache unregistration needn't return error
nfsd: select CONFIG_PROC_FS in nfsv4 and gss server cases
nfsd: fail init on /proc/fs/nfs/exports creation failure
nfsd: move cache proc (un)registration to separate function
knfsd: allow cache_register to return error on failure
nfsd: move nfsd/auth.h into fs/nfsd
nfsd: minor fs/nfsd/auth.h cleanup
nfsd4: kill some unneeded setclientid comments
nfsd: eliminate final bogus case from setclientid logic
nfsd: uniquify cl_confirm values
nfsd4: kill unnecessary same_name() in setclientid_confirm
nfsd4: remove unnecessary cl_verifier check from setclientid_confirm
nfsd4: kill unneeded cl_confirm check
nfsd: fix encode_entryplus_baggage() indentation
nfsd4: make current_clientid local
nfsd4: miscellaneous nfs4state.c style fixes
nfsd4: recognize callback channel failure earlier
nfsd4: fix bad seqid on lock request incompatible with open mode
nfsd: allow root to set uid and gid on create
nfsd: fix rsi_cache reference count leak
sunrpc: gss: simplify rsi_parse logic
nfsd4: clean up access_valid, deny_valid checks.
svcrpc: ensure gss DESTROY tokens free contexts from cache
knfsd: don't bother mapping putrootfh enoent to eperm
lockd: minor log message fix
nfsd: more careful input validation in nfsctl write methods
locks: clarify posix_locks_deadlock
Documentation: move dnotify.txt to filesystems/
Documentation: move sharedsubtrees.txt to filesystems/
Documentation: create new scheduler/ subdirectory
REPORTING-BUGS: cc the mailing list too

Jack Morgenstein (5):
mlx4_core: Fix max_eqs masking in QUERY_DEV_CAP
IB/mthca: Don't read reserved fields in mthca_QUERY_ADAPTER()
mlx4_core: Don't read reserved fields in mlx4_QUERY_ADAPTER()
mlx4_core: For 64-bit systems, vmap() kernel queue buffers
IB/mlx4: Use multiple WQ blocks to post smaller send WQEs

Jack Stone (1):
Remove unnecessary kmalloc casts in the jfs filesystem

Jaime Velasco Juan (1):
V4L/DVB (7019): V4L: add support for Syntek DC1125 webcams

James Bottomley (36):
[SCSI] DocBook scsi_midlayer.tmpl->scsi.tmpl
[SCSI] sd,sr: add early detection of medium not present
[SCSI] libsas: add host SMP processing
[SCSI] libsas: don't treat underrun as an error on SMP tasks
[SCSI] libsas, bsg: pass errors through correctly
[SCSI] libsas: don't use made up error codes
[SCSI] sr: update to follow tray status correctly
[SCSI] block: Introduce new blk_queue_update_dma_alignment interface
[SCSI] relax scsi dma alignment
[libata] Prefer SCSI_SENSE_BUFFERSIZE to sizeof()
[SCSI] libata: fix corruption induced by relaxed DMA alignment in SCSI
[SCSI] sysfs: fix the sysfs_add_file_to_group interfaces
[SCSI] attribute_container: update to use the group interface
[SCSI] add missing transport configure points for target and host
[SCSI] sysfs: add filter function to groups
[SCSI] scsi_transport_spi: convert to attribute groups
[SCSI] fix pcmcia compile problem
[SCSI] scsi.h: add macro for enclosure bit of inquiry data
[SCSI] don't use __GFP_DMA for sense buffers if not required
[SCSI] libsas: abstract STP task status into a function
block: implement drain buffers
SG: work with the SCSI fixed maximum allocations.
[SCSI] remove use_sg_chaining
[SCSI] bsg: copy the cmd_type field to the subordinate request for bidi
[SCSI] Revert "[SCSI] aacraid: fib context lock for management ioctls"
libata: kill now unused n_iter and fix sata_fsl
[SCSI] mca_53c9x: remove driver
[SCSI] sd: handle bad lba in sense information
[SCSI] add protocol definitions
[SCSI] update my email address
[SCSI] dec_esp: Remove driver
[SCSI] remove m68k NCR53C9x based drivers
[SCSI] NCR53C9x: remove driver
[SCSI] sr: fix test unit ready responses
[SCSI] enclosure: add support for enclosure services
[SCSI] ses: add new Enclosure ULD

James Courtier-Dutton (4):
[ALSA] emu10k1: Add mixer controls parameter checking.
[ALSA] emu10k1: Add comments regarding E-Mu ins and outs.
[ALSA] snd:emu10k1: E-Mu updates. Fixes to firmware loading and support for 0404.
[ALSA] emu10k1: General cleanup, add new locks, fix alsa bug#3501, kernel bug#9304.

James Lentini (1):
SUNRPC xptrdma: simplify build configuration

James Morris (2):
Security: remove security.h include from mm.h
security: call security_file_permission from rw_verify_area

James Smart (18):
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Added support for ASICs that report temperature
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : NPIV bug fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Remove flawed MBX_STOP_IOCB logic
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Miscellaneous Small Fixes - part 1
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : FC Discovery Fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Miscellaneous Small Fixes - part 2
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Internal loopback fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Temperature handling fix
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.3 : Change version number to 8.2.3
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Miscellaneous Discovery/ELS Fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Correct abort handler logic
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Add parameters to enable and disable heartbeat and hba resets
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Miscellaneous Fixes
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Add additional sysfs and module parameters
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Fix Unsolicited Data items
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Enhance debugfs use
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Rework misplaced reference taking on node structure
[SCSI] lpfc 8.2.4 : Update lpfc driver version to 8.2.4

Jan Altenberg (1):
[ARM] Remove at91_lcdc.h

Jan Andersson (1):
usb: fix usbtest halt check on big endian systems

Jan Beulich (15):
acpi: make __acpi_map_table() and __init function
kbuild: scripts/mkmakefile: dynamic determination of output directory
kconfig: tristate choices with mixed tristate and boolean values
i386: hard_{en,dis}able_TSC can be static
x86-64: make pda's cpunumber and nodenumber unsigned
x86-64: honor notify_die() returning NOTIFY_STOP
x86: move to .rodata/.init.data
x86: make __{save,restore}_processor_state static
x86: adjust enable_NMI_through_LVT0()
x86: also define AT_VECTOR_SIZE_ARCH
x86-64: clean up linker script
x86: adjust/fix LDT handling for Xen
[IA64] remove dead code: __cpu_{down,die} from !HOTPLUG_CPU
[IA64] honor notify_die() returning NOTIFY_STOP
constify tables in kernel/sysctl_check.c

Jan Engelhardt (76):
security/selinux: constify function pointer tables and fields
UIO: constify function pointer tables
[AVR32] constify function pointer tables
[WATCHDOG] constify function pointer tables
IPoIB: Constify seq_operations function pointer tables
IB/ipath: Remove unnecessary cast
[S390] constify function pointer tables.
sh: constify function pointer tables
kconfig: allow overriding symbols
[NETFILTER]: x_tables: consistent and unique symbol names
[NETFILTER]: merge ipt_owner/ip6t_owner in xt_owner
[NETFILTER]: Use lowercase names for matches in Kconfig
[NET]: Constify include/net/dsfield.h
[NETFILTER]: Merge ipt_tos into xt_dscp
[NETFILTER]: Merge ipt_TOS into xt_DSCP
[NETFILTER]: IPv6 capable xt_tos v1 match
[NETFILTER]: IPv6 capable xt_TOS v1 target
[NETFILTER]: x_tables: use %u format specifiers
[NETFILTER]: Introduce nf_inet_address
[NETFILTER]: Parenthesize macro parameters
[NETFILTER]: xt_connlimit: use the new union nf_inet_addr
[NETFILTER]: remove ipt_TOS.c
[NETFILTER]: xt_TOS: Change semantic of mask value
[NETFILTER]: xt_TOS: Properly set the TOS field
[NETFILTER]: Annotate start of kernel fields in NF headers
[NETFILTER]: xt_CONNMARK target, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: xt_MARK target, revision 2
[NETFILTER]: xt_connmark match, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: Extend nf_inet_addr with in{,6}_addr
[NETFILTER]: xt_conntrack match, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: xt_mark match, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: xt_pkttype: Add explicit check for IPv4
[NETFILTER]: xt_pkttype: IPv6 multicast address recognition
[NETFILTER]: xt_policy: use the new union nf_inet_addr
[NETFILTER]: Update modules' descriptions
[NETFILTER]: Rename ipt_iprange to xt_iprange
[NETFILTER]: xt_iprange match, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: Update feature-removal-schedule.txt
[IPV4]: Enable use of 240/4 address space.
[AF_X25]: constify function pointer tables
[MIPS]: constify function pointer tables
block: constify function pointer tables
x86: remove unneded casts
x86: constify function pointer tables
Input: constify function pointer tables (seq_operations)
[AF_RXRPC]: constify function pointer tables
[NETFILTER]: Use const in struct xt_match, xt_target, xt_table
linux/types.h: Use __u64 for aligned_u64
[NETFILTER]: xt_conntrack: add port and direction matching
[NETFILTER]: ebtables: remove casts, use consts
[NETFILTER]: ebtables: Update modules' descriptions
[NETFILTER]: ebtables: mark matches, targets and watchers __read_mostly
[NETFILTER]: xt_TCPMSS: consider reverse route's MTU in clamp-to-pmtu
[NETFILTER]: xt_owner: allow matching UID/GID ranges
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_h323: clean up code a bit
[NETFILTER]: xt_hashlimit match, revision 1
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_h323: constify and annotate H.323 helper
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_sip: annotate SIP helper with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_tftp: annotate TFTP helper with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_pptp: annotate PPtP helper with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_sane: annotate SANE helper with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_proto_tcp: constify and annotate TCP modules
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_proto_udp{,lite}: annotate with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_proto_gre: annotate with const
[NETFILTER]: nf_{conntrack,nat}_icmp: constify and annotate
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: annotate l3protos with const
USB: constify function pointer tables
PCI: constify function pointer tables
nozomi: constify driver
[IA64] constify function pointer tables
fs/fat/: refine chmod checks
[NETFILTER]: xt_iprange: add missing #include
reiserfs: constify function pointer tables
procfs: constify function pointer tables
OSS: constify function pointer tables
[ARM] constify function pointer tables

Jan Glauber (3):
[CRYPTO] hifn: Make Kconfig option depend on PCI
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: AES CBC test vectors from NIST SP800-38A
[S390] crypto: move s390 Kconfig options.

Jan Kara (18):
ocfs2: Silence false lockdep warnings
ocfs2: Safer read_inline_data()
ocfs2: Use generic_file_llseek
ocfs2: printf fixes
ext4: Avoid rec_len overflow with 64KB block size
jbd2: Fix assertion failure in fs/jbd2/checkpoint.c
jbd: Remove useless loop when writing commit record
inotify: send IN_ATTRIB events when link count changes
quota: improve inode list scanning in add_dquot_ref()
ext3: fix lock inversion in direct IO
Use pgoff_t instead of unsigned long
udf: cleanup directory offset handling
udf: fix adding entry to a directory
udf: change maintainer
isofs: implement dmode option
buffer_head: fix private_list handling
quota: turn quotas off when remounting read-only
ext4: Fix Direct I/O locking

Jan Kiszka (3):
HID: Map MS Presenter 8000 bottom-side buttons
HID: Refactor MS Presenter 8K key mapping
KVM: VMX: Force seg.base == (seg.sel << 4) in real mode

Jan-Bernd Themann (1):
ehea: fix sysfs link compile problem

Jarek Poplawski (2):
[NET] gen_estimator: gen_replace_estimator() cosmetic changes
[NET_SCHED] sch_htb: htb_requeue fix

Jarkko Nikula (2):
ARM: OMAP: Add helper module for board specific I2C bus registration
ARM: OMAP1: Use I2C bus registration helper for omap1

Jarod Wilson (3):
firewire: replace subtraction with bitwise and
firewire: fw-sbp2: increase login orb reply timeout, fix "failed to login"
firewire: fw-sbp2: Use sbp2 device-provided mgt orb timeout for logins

Jaroslav Barton (1):
V4L/DVB (6588): Leadtek Winfast DTV Dongle remote control

Jaroslav Kysela (7):
[ALSA] Use posix clock monotonic for PCM and timer timestamps
[ALSA] PCM - fixed SNDRV_PCM_FORMAT_U24_BE silence constant
[ALSA] PCM - added back TSTAMP ioctl for PCM (for old alsa-lib binaries)
[ALSA] PCM core - remove SNDRV_PCM_TSTAMP_MMAP condition in snd_pcm_status()
[ALSA] ice1712 - fixed midi input for Hoontech C-Ports
[ALSA] version 1.0.16rc2

Jason Gaston (3):
[ALSA] hda_intel: ALSA HD Audio patch for Intel ICH10 DeviceID's
ahci: RAID mode SATA patch for Intel ICH10 DeviceID's
ata_piix: IDE mode SATA patch for Intel ICH10 DeviceID's

Jason Uhlenkott (4):
drivers-edac: i3000 code tidying
drivers-edac: i3000 replace macros with functions
drivers/edac: i3000: 64bit build
drivers/edac/i3000: document type promotion

Javier Herrero (2):
[Blackfin] arch: Added support for 8250-class UARTs in HV Sistemas H8606 board, modification in 8250.c driver for correct compilation with Blackfin
[Blackfin] arch: Added support for OpenCores Keyboard Controller to H8606 board

Jay Vosburgh (7):
[BONDING]: Documentation update
bonding: fix parameter parsing
bonding: fix set_multicast_list locking
bonding: fix NULL pointer deref in startup processing
bonding: do not acquire rtnl in ARP monitor
bonding: update version
bonding: update MAINTAINERS