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Samuel Ortiz (1):
ASIC3 driver

Samuel Tardieu (1):
[MTD] [DOC200x] eccbuf is statically defined and always evaluate to true

Samuel Thibault (1):
Alpha doesn't use socketcall

Sarah Sharp (6):
USB: Prepare serial core for autosuspend.
USB: pl2303: Cleanup FISH and SOUP macros in pl2303 driver.
USB: pl2303: Move pl2303 vendor specific init to probe function.
USB: pl2303: Add autosuspend support to pl2303 usb serial converter.
USB: Export suspend statistics
USB: Add documentation for USB suspend statistics.

Sascha Hauer (1):

Sascha Sommer (3):
V4L/DVB (6538): em28xx: fix locking to allow accesses from 2 different threads at the same time
V4L/DVB (6539): em28xx: add support for vgear pockettv
V4L/DVB (6545): em28xx: autodetect Cinergy 200 USB and VGear PocketTV

Scott Wood (19):
[POWERPC] 8xx: Convert mpc866ads to the new device binding.
[POWERPC] 83xx: mpc834x_mds: Fix whitespace and call of_platform_bus_probe().
[POWERPC] 83xx: mpc8313erdb: Fix whitespace.
[POWERPC] wrapper: Rename offset in offset_devp()
[POWERPC] wrapper: Treat NULL as root node in devp_offset; add devp_offset_find()
[POWERPC] Implement arch disable/enable irq hooks.
[MTD] [NAND] Don't panic if a controller driver does ecc its own way.
[POWERPC] fsl_soc: Fix get_immrbase() to use ranges, rather than reg.
[POWERPC] 8xx: Analogue & Micro Adder875 board support.
[POWERPC] 82xx: Embedded Planet EP8248E support
[POWERPC] 83xx: MPC8313e RBD add NAND to device tree
[POWERPC] 83xx: MPC8313e RDB - Add NOR flash to the device tree.
[POWERPC] 83xx: Update MPC8313e RDB defconfig for MTD, NAND, JFFS2.
[POWERPC] 8xx: adder875 - Fix flash bus-width and remove duplicate __initdata
[MTD] Factor out OF partition support from the NOR driver.
[MTD] [NAND] Fix misparenthesization introduced by commit 78b65179...
[POWERPC] 8xx: adder875, ep88xc: fix to match recent 8xx cleanups.
[POWERPC] update_mmu_cache: Don't cache-flush non-readable pages
[MTD] [NAND] Freescale enhanced Local Bus Controller FCM NAND support.

Sean Hefty (7):
IB/multicast: Report errors on multicast groups if P_key changes
IB/mad: Report number of times a mad was retried
IB/cm: Add basic performance counters
IB/mad: Fix incorrect access to items on local_list
RDMA/cma: add support for rdma_migrate_id()
RDMA/cma: Override default responder_resources with user value
IB/cm: Add interim support for routed paths

Sean MacLennan (6):
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add PowerPC 440EP Rev C
[POWERPC] 4xx: PIKA Warp base platform
[POWERPC] 4xx: PIKA Warp bootwrapper
[POWERPC] 4xx: PIKA Warp defconfig
[POWERPC] 4xx: Fix offset value on Warp board

Sebastian Ott (3):
[S390] Cleanup in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.
[S390] cio: Dump ccw device information in case of timeout.
[S390] qdio: Remove double checked value.

Sebastian Siewior (19):
[CRYPTO] geode: remove alias
[CRYPTO] aes: Move common defines into a header file
[CRYPTO] geode: use consistent IV copy
[CRYPTO] geode: relax in busy loop and care about return value
[CRYPTO] geode: move defines into a headerfile
[CRYPTO] aes-generic: Coding style cleanup
[CRYPTO] aes-generic: Make key generation exportable
[CRYPTO] aes-x86-64: Remove setkey
[CRYPTO] ctr: Remove default M
[CRYPTO] aes-i586: Remove setkey
[CRYPTO] geode: Add fallback for unsupported modes
[CRYPTO] aes-asm: Merge common glue code
[CRYPTO] geode: do not copy the IV too often
[CRYPTO] aes_s390: Add fallback driver
[CRYPTO] geode: Use correct encrypt/decrypt function in fallback
[CRYPTO] s390-aes: Use correct encrypt/decrypt function in fallback
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add select of AEAD
[CRYPTO] twofish: Merge common glue code
[XFRM]: Remove ifdef crypto.

Sebastien Dugue (1):
PCI: quirk: enable MSI Mapping on HT1000

Seokmann Ju (4):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add a filter to compare port_name against the physical on vport creation.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Issue correct MBC_INITIALIZE_FIRMWARE command.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct issue where vport-state was not updated during an ISP_ABORT_NEEDED requst.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Access the proper 'physical' port in FC-transport callbacks.

Serge E. Hallyn (2):
capabilities: introduce per-process capability bounding set
oom_kill: remove uid==0 checks

Sergei Shtylyov (5):
hpt366: change timing register masks
hpt366: kill set_dma_mode() method wrapper
hpt366: merge set_dma_mode() methods
trm290: cannot call ide_setup_dma()
ide: ide_setup_dma() assumes 8 ports

Sergey Vlasov (1):
hwmon: (abituguru3) Add AUX4 fan input for Abit IP35 Pro

Shan Wei (1):
[TCP]: Fix a bug in strategy_allowed_congestion_control

Shane Huang (1):
PCI: modify SB700 SATA MSI quirk

Shaohua Li (10):
pnp: Failed to activate device 00:0a - Samsung P35 XVM 1600 III
libata-acpi: add ACPI _PSx method
pcie port driver: correctly detect native PME feature
pcie: utilize pcie transaction pending bit
PCI: fix typo in pci_save_pcix_state
PCI: correctly initialize a structure for pcie_save_pcix_state()
PCI: avoid save the same type of cap multiple times
PCI: PCIE ASPM support
ACPI: clear GPE earily in resume to avoid warning
page migraton: handle orphaned pages

Shaun Zinck (1):
JFS: use DIV_ROUND_UP where appropriate

Sheng Yang (5):
KVM: VMX: Enable memory mapped TPR shadow (FlexPriority)
KVM: x86 emulator: modify 'lods', and 'stos' not to depend on CR2
KVM: VMX: Remove the secondary execute control dependency on irqchip
KVM: x86 emulator: Rename 'cr2' to 'memop'
KVM: x86 emulator: Only allow VMCALL/VMMCALL trapped by #UD

Sheng Yongjie (Sam (1):
[MTD] [OneNAND] Use the u_char instead of char in oobbuf

Shin-ya Okada (1):
[ALSA] ice1724 - Add support of Onkyo SE-90PCI and SE-200PCI

Shyam Sundar (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Properly handle Vport state-change-notifications.

Siddha, Suresh B (1):
x86: set strong uncacheable where UC is really desired

Signed-off by Yi Yang (1):
ACPI: detect invalid argument written to /proc/acpi/alarm

Silvester Erdeg (1):
atmel_spi: chain DMA transfers

Soeren Moch (1):
V4L/DVB (7070): Fix some tuning problems

Sonic Zhang (10):
[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug to Enable kernel to build for bf548 with PM.
[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug to Enable bf548 to Re-program Clocks while Kernel boots.
[Blackfin] arch: Restore default DMA priority over core on bf54x.
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - kgdb causing kernel panic
[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug Only RTC interrupt can wake up deeper sleep core.
Blackfin pata-bf54x driver: Remove obsolete PM function
Blackfin pata-bf54x driver: Add debug information
Blackfin pata-bf54x driver: should cover all possible interrupt sources
[Blackfin] arch: Enable UART2 and UART3 for bf548
spi_bfin: wait for tx to complete on write paths

Sreenivasa Honnur (1):
[S2IO]: Support for add/delete/store/restore ethernet addresses

Srivatsa Vaddagiri (6):
sched: group scheduling code cleanup
sched: group scheduling, minor fixes
sched: group scheduling, change how cpu load is calculated
sched: introduce a mutex and corresponding API to serialize access to doms_curarray
sched: group scheduler, fix fairness of cpu bandwidth allocation for task groups
sched: fix high wake up latencies with FAIR_USER_SCHED

Stanislav Brabec (3):
[ALSA] use convenient treble scale on WM8750
mac68k: remove dead MAC_ADBKEYCODES

Stefan Bader (1):
USB: Fix usb_serial_driver structure for Kobil cardreader driver.

Stefan Haberland (3):
[S390] dasd: fix return value of dasd_generic_probe()
[S390] dasd: fix loop in request expiration handling
[S390] dasd: add ifcc handling

Stefan Richter (18):
ieee1394: sbp2: prepare for s/g chaining
ieee1394: sbp2: s/g list access cosmetics
ieee1394: small cleanup after "nopage"
ieee1394: remove unused code
ieee1394: sbp2: raise default transfer size limit
ieee1394: ohci1394: don't schedule IT tasklets on IR events
firewire: fw-sbp2: refactor workq and kref handling
firewire: fw-sbp2: prepare for s/g chaining
firewire: fw-sbp2: remove unused misleading macro
firewire: fw-ohci: CycleTooLong interrupt management
firewire vs. ieee1394: clarify MAINTAINERS
firewire: fw-sbp2: skip unnecessary logout
firewire: fw-sbp2: try to increase reconnect_hold (speed up reconnection)
firewire: fw-sbp2: use device generation, not card generation
firewire: fw-cdev: use device generation, not card generation
firewire: enforce access order between generation and node ID, fix "giving up on config rom"
firewire: fw-core: react on bus resets while the config ROM is being fetched
ieee1394: sbp2: fix bogus s/g access change

Stefan Roese (18):
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add 440SPe revA runtime detection to PCIe
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add 405EX CPU type needed for EMAC support on Kilauea
[POWERPC] 4xx: Change Kilauea dts to support new EMAC device tree properties
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add Kilauea PCIe support to dts and Kconfig
[POWERPC] 4xx: Set ibpre for 405EX in 4xx PCIe driver
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add aliases node to 4xx dts files
[POWERPC] 4xx: Change Kilauea PCIe bus ranges in dts file
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add AMCC Makalu board support to platforms/40x
[POWERPC] 4xx: Makalu dts
[POWERPC] 4xx: Makalu defconfig
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add EMAC support to Kilauea defconfig
[POWERPC] 4xx: PCIe: Increase max busses per port to 64
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add 405EXr to cputable
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add AMCC Haleakala (405EXr) dts
i2c-ibm_iic: Whitespace cleanup
net: NEWEMAC: Fix problem with mtu > 4080 on non TAH equipped 4xx PPC's
[MTD] physmap.c: Add support for multiple resources

Stefan Weinhuber (2):
[S390] dasd: add hyper PAV support to DASD device driver, part 1
[S390] dasd: fix panic caused by alias device offline

Stefano Brivio (27):
mac80211: make PID rate control algorithm the default
rc80211-pid: add rate behaviour learning algorithm
rc80211-pid: add sharpening factor
doc: fix typo in feature-removal-schedule
rc80211-pid: export human-readable target_pf value to debugfs
rc80211-pid: add kerneldoc for tunable parameters
rc80211-pid: simplify and fix shift_adjust
rc80211-pid: fix sta_info refcounting
rc80211-pid: pf_target tuning
rc80211-pid: add MAINTAINERS entry
rc80211-pid: fix definition of rate control interval
b43legacy: use the retry limits provided by mac80211
b43legacy: use a consistent naming scheme for the ops
b43legacy: rewrite and fix rfkill initialization
b43: rewrite A PHY initialization
b43/b43legacy: fix my copyright notices
b43legacy: fix kconfig dependecies for rfkill and leds
b43: reinit on too many PHY TX errors
b43legacy: reinit on too many PHY TX errors
b43legacy: fix use-after-free rfkill bug
rc80211-pid: fix last_sample initialization
b43legacy: fix MAC control and microcode init
b43legacy: fix PIO crash
b43legacy: fix suspend/resume
b43legacy: drop packets we are not able to encrypt
b43legacy: fix DMA slot resource leakage
[CPUFREQ] fix configuration help message

Sten Wang (1):
[NET]: Add support for the RDC R6040 Fast Ethernet controller

Stephan Boettcher (1):
parport: fix ieee1284_epp_read_addr

Stephen Hemminger (61):
Input: implement proper timer rounding for polled devices
Input: add driver for Fujitsu application buttons
[NETPOLL]: Use skb_queue_purge().
[NETPOLL]: netpoll_poll() cleanup
[NETPOLL]: no need to store local_mac
[NETPOLL]: Kill NETPOLL_RX_DROP, set but never tested.
[NETPOLL]: Don't need rx_flags.
[IPV4] fib_trie: Get rid of trie_init().
[IPV4] fib_trie: Get rid of unused revision element.
[IPV4] fib_trie: Use %u for unsigned printfs.
[IPV4] fib_trie: fib_insert_node cleanup
[IPV4] FIB: printk related cleanups
[IPV4] fib_trie: Add statistics.
[IPV4] fib_trie: Fix sparse warnings.
[IPV4] fib_trie: size and statistics
[IPV4]: fib hash|trie initialization
sky2: align IP header on Rx if possible
sky2: rx allocation threshold change
sky2: support for Yukon Supreme
sky2: version 1.21
[PKT_SCHED] SFQ: timer is deferrable
[PKT_SCHED] SFQ: use net_random
[PKT_SCHED] SFQ: whitespace cleanup
[IPV6]: addrconf sparse warnings
[PKT_SCHED] dsmark: get rid of wrappers
[PKT_SCHED] dsmark: handle cloned and non-linear skb's
[PKT_SCHED] dsmark: checkpatch warning cleanup
[PKT_SCHED] sch_atm: style cleanup
[PKT_SCHED] net classifier: style cleanup's
[PKT_SCHED] net: add sparse annotation to ptype_seq_start/stop
[VLAN]: sparse warning fix
[IPV4]: igmp sparse warnings
[IPV4]: ipmr sparse warnings
[IPV4] fib_trie: put leaf nodes in a slab cache
[IPV4] fib_trie: style cleanup
[IPV4] fib_trie: compute size when needed
[IPV4] fib_trie: use hash list
[IPV4] fib_trie: dump message multiple part flag
[IPV4] fib_trie: iterator recode
[IPV4] fib_trie: dump table in sorted order
[IPV4] fib_trie: avoid extra search on delete
[IPV4] fib_trie: avoid rescan on dump
[IPV4] fib_trie: More whitespace cleanup.
[IPV4] fib_trie: remove unneeded NULL check
[PPP]: Sparse warning fixes.
[NETFILTER]: nf_nat_snmp: sparse warning
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: sparse warnings
[NETFILTER]: nfnetlink_log: sparse warning fixes
[NETFILTER]: conntrack: get rid of sparse warnings
[NETFILTER]: more sparse fixes
[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_h3223: sparse fixes
[IPV4] fib_trie: rescan if key is lost during dump
sky2: restore multicast addresses after recovery
sky2: fix Wake On Lan interaction with BIOS
[NET]: Add if_addrlabel.h to sanitized headers.
[PKT_SCHED]: vlan tag match
sky2: fix for Yukon FE (regression in 2.6.25)
[TC]: oops in em_meta
[PKT_SCHED] ematch: oops from uninitialized variable (resend)
[PKT_SCHED]: deinline functions in meta match
[PKT_SCHED] ematch: tcf_em_destroy robustness

Stephen Neuendorffer (9):
[POWERPC] Improved documentation of device tree 'ranges'
[POWERPC] Xilinx: update compatible list for interrupt controller
[POWERPC] Xilinx: Add correct compatible list for device tree bus bindings.
[POWERPC] Xilinx: Update booting-without-of.
[POWERPC] Xilinx: updated device tree compatibility to match uboot bsp generator.
[POWERPC] Xilinx uartlite: Section type fixups
[POWERPC] Xilinx: Update compatible to use values generated by BSP generator.
[POWERPC] Xilinx: hwicap driver
[POWERPC] Xilinx: hwicap: update booting-without-of.txt

Stephen Rothwell (58):
[POWERPC] Make global_phb_number static
[POWERPC] iSeries: Mark two functions __init
[POWERPC] iSeries: Declare iSeries_pci_final_fixup in pci.h
[POWERPC] iSeries: Fix sparse warnings in setup.c
[POWERPC] Remove redundant declaration of hose_list
[POWERPC] Use of_register_driver to implement of_register_platform_driver
[POWERPC] kernel_execve is identical in 32 and 64 bit
[POWERPC] iommu_free_table doesn't need the device_node
[POWERPC] pSeries: Remove dependency on pci_dn bussubno
[POWERPC] Clean up pci-bridge.h
[POWERPC] Consolidate pci_controller
[POWERPC] iSeries: Move find_Device_Node to avoid a forward declaration
[POWERPC] iSeries: Cleanup PCI retry code a little
[POWERPC] iSeries: DeCamelCase pci.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Remove some dead code from pci.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Unindent and clean iSeries_pci_final_fixup
[POWERPC] iSeries: Consoldiate PCI IO error check
[POWERPC] iSeries: Remove one layer of IO routines
[POWERPC] iSeries: Remove pci_dn dependency from iSeries_Device_Information
[POWERPC] iSeries: iseries_ds_addr is only used in pci.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Reduce dependence on pci_dn bussubno
[POWERPC] iSeries: Make pcibios_final_fixup not depend on pci_dn
[POWERPC] Inline pci_setup_pci_controller as it has become trivial
[POWERPC] iSeries: Call iSeries_pcibios_init from setup_arch
[POWERPC] iSeries: hose->buid is always zero for iSeries
[POWERPC] Remove some iSeries platform checks from the PCI code
[POWERPC] Don't special case pci_domain_nr() for iSeries
[POWERPC] pci_controller->arch_data really is a struct device_node *
[POWERPC] iSeries: DeCamelCase vpdinfo.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Clean up and simplify vdpinfo.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Merge vpdinfo.c into pci.c
[POWERPC] EEH: Avoid a possible NULL pointer dereference
[POWERPC] iSeries: Fix unregistering HV event handlers
[POWERPC] Stop the TOC overflowing for large builds
[POWERPC] Add EHEA and EHCA as modules in the ppc64_defconfig
[POWERPC] The builtin matches for ibmebus.c can be __initdata
[POWERPC] Constify the of_device_id passed to of_platform_bus_probe
[POWERPC] Pointers marked as __iomem do not need to be volatile
[POWERPC] Make non-PCI build work again
[POWERPC] The pci_dn class_code is only used by EEH
[POWERPC] The pci_dn pcidev is only used by EEH
[POWERPC] iSeries: eliminate pci_dn bussubno
[POWERPC] eeh.c: Use for_each_child_of_node
[POWERPC] pci_32.c: Use for_each_child_of_node
[POWERPC] therm_pm72: Suppress some compile warnings
[POWERPC] arch/powerpc/kernel: Use for_each_child_of_node
[POWERPC] therm_windtunnel: Eliminate some build warnings
[POWERPC] therm_adt746x: Eliminate some build warnings
[POWERPC] Check that the syscall table matches the syscall numbers
Driver Core: constify the name passed to platform_device_register_simple
[POWERPC] Make ibmebus use of_(un)register_driver
[POWERPC] Fix a couple of copyright symbols
Driver core: Update some prototypes in platform.txt
iSeries: fix section mismatch in iseries_veth
[POWERPC] Avoid possible extra of_node_put in axon_msi.c
[POWERPC] iSeries: Fix section mismatch in viodsasd
[POWERPC] iSeries: Fix section mismatch in viocd
[SPARC]: Remove of_platform_device_create