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Adrian Bunk:
[XTENSA] Remove dead code reported by Robert P. J. Day.
[CRYPTO] null: Add missing Kconfig dependency on BLKCIPHER
V4L/DVB (7100): frontends/tda18271-common.c: fix off-by-one
V4L/DVB (7102): make tuner-core.c:tuner_list static
V4L/DVB (7103): make stk_camera_cleanup() static
V4L/DVB (7104): stk-sensor.c: make 2 functions static
V4L/DVB (7106): em28xx/: make 2 functions static
make blk-core.c:request_cachep static again
make blk_ioc_init() static
make blk_settings_init() static
make struct def_blk_aops static
fs/block_dev.c: remove #if 0'ed code
remove mca-pentium
x86: make mxcsr_feature_mask static again
x86: unexport io_delay_type
x86: don't make irq_return global
x86: don't make swapper_pg_fixmap global
[MIPS] Qemu: finish platform removal
[MIPS] RM: fix EISA=n compilation
dm-raid1.c: fix NULL dereferences
net/9p/trans_virtio.c: kmalloc() enough memory
ipv4/fib_hash.c: fix NULL dereference
PM: Make suspend_device() static
USB: g_printer, fix empty if statement
[SCSI] lpfc: make lpfc_disable_node() static
[SCSI] iscsi transport: make 2 functions static
[SCSI] mptbase: fix use-after-free's
[SCSI] qlogicpt: section fixes

Adrian Pardini:
V4L/DVB (7192): Adds support for Genius TVGo A11MCE

Ahmed S. Darwish:
x86: i8259A: remove redundant irq_descinitialization

Akinobu Mita:
V4L/DVB (7076): bt878: include KERN_ facility level

Akira Iguchi:
pata_scc.c: add thaw ops

Al Viro:
gianfar iomem misannotations

Alan Cox:
[SCSI] megaraid: outb_p extermination
pata_atiixp: Use 255 sector limit

Alan Stern:
USB: usb-storage: don't clear-halt when Get-Max-LUN stalls
USB: quirks and unusual_devs entry for Actions flash drive
USB: usb-storage: don't access beyond the end of the sg buffer

Alex Bounine:
Tsi108_eth: add missing linking to driver data
Tsi108_eth: fix detection of 1000Mb mode
Tsi108_eth: remove not needed code
Tsi108_eth: fix link recovery after disconnect
Tsi108_eth: Add ethtool support

Alexander van Heukelum:
Solve section mismatch for free_area_init_core.

Alexey Starikovskiy:
ACPI: EC: Use proper handle for boot EC

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli:
[POWERPC] Kill sparse warnings in kprobes

Andi Kleen:
[XFS] Remove Makefile wrappers in XFS
x86: CPA: remove BUG_ON for LRU/Compound pages
cgroup memory controller: document huge memory/cache overhead in Kconfig

Andre Detsch:
[POWERPC] cell: fix spurious false return from spu_trap_data_{map,seg}

Andrew Morton:
V4L/DVB (7156): em28xx/em28xx-core.c: fix use of potentially uninitialized variable
PCI: drivers/pcmcia/i82092.c: fix up after pci_bus_region changes
PCI: fix up setup-bus.c #ifdef

Andrew Sharp:
[WATCHDOG] Add support for SB1 hardware watchdog

Andrew Smith:
via82cxxx: add new PCI id for cx700

Andy Shevchenko:
USB: usb: yet another Dell wireless CDMA/EVDO modem

Andy Whitcroft:
hugetlb: ensure we do not reference a surplus page after handing it to buddy

Antoine Jacquet:
V4L/DVB (7079): zr364xx: fix typo in documentation
V4L/DVB (7080): zr364xx: add support for Pentax Optio 50
V4L/DVB (7081): zr364xx: add support for Creative DiVi CAM 516

Anton Vorontsov:
USB: POWERPC: ehci: fix ppc build
ehci-fsl: add PPC_MPC837x to default y
sata_fsl: fix build with ATA_VERBOSE_DEBUG

Arjan van de Ven:
x86: fix WARN_ON() message: teach page_is_ram() about the special 4Kb bios data page
x86: fix page_is_ram() thinko

Arjan van dev Ven:
fix historic ioremap() abuse in AGP

Atsushi Nemoto:
atmel_spi: fix clock polarity

Auke Kok:
e1000: warn if this driver is used for e1000e devices
e1000e: Fix logic reversal keeping link active
ixgbe: warn when device is in a x4 or lower width slot
ixgbe: Disallow device reset during ethtool test
ixgbe: remove accidentally added #ifdef
e1000e: Fix CRC stripping in hardware context bug
ixgbe: Correctly obtain protocol information on transmit

Aurelien Jarno:
[MIPS] BCM47xx: Add defconfig file.
[MIPS] WGT634U: Register MTD as platform device.
[MIPS] BCM47XX: Use new SSB SPROM data structure

Balaji Rao:
cpufreq: fix kobject reference count handling

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
falconide: locking bugfix
linux/hdsmart.h: fix goofups (take 2)
ide: mark "ide=reverse" option as obsolete

Becky Bruce:
[POWERPC] Fix dt_mem_next_cell() to read the full address

Bob Wilson:
[XTENSA] Clean up stat structs.
[XTENSA] Fix makefile to work with binutils-2.18.

Borislav Petkov:
MAINTAINERS: update ide-cd maintainer's email address

Brandon Philips:
V4L/DVB (7150): [v4l] convert videbuf_vmalloc_memory to videobuf_vmalloc_memory
UIO: fix Greg's stupid changes

Bruno Randolf:
ath5k: correct padding in tx descriptors

Byron Bradley:
[ARM] 4826/1: Orion: Register the RTC interrupt on the TS-209

Carlos Corbacho:
acer-wmi: Add DMI match for mail LED on Acer TravelMate 4200 series

Casey Schaufler:
Smack: unlabeled outgoing ambient packets
Smack: update for file capabilities

Chaoyu Chen:
drm/sis: add pciid for SiS 662/671 chipset
agp: add support for 662/671 to agp driver

Chien Tung:
RDMA/nes: Fix VLAN support

Chris Snook:
make LKDTM depend on BLOCK

Chris Zankel:
[XTENSA] Remove duplicate includes.
[XTENSA] Fix non-existent pte_token_t typedef to pgtable_t
[XTENSA] Add .literal sections for various init sectiont to linker script
[XTENSA] Concentrate platforms into one platforms directory.
[XTENSA] Fix argument list for pgd_ctor constructor.
[XTENSA] Flush the page-address in update-mmu instead of user-address
[XTENSA] Fix clobbered register in asm macro
[XTENSA] Fix icache flush for cache aliasing
[XTENSA] Clean up elf-gregset.
[XTENSA] Remove oldmask from sigcontext and fix register flush
[XTENSA] Add missing a2 register restore in register spill routine
[XTENSA] Fix comments regarding the number of frames to save
[XTENSA] Fix modules for non-exec processor configurations
[XTENSA] Remove unused code
[XTENSA] Add volatile keyword to asm statements accessing counter registers
[XTENSA] Use preprocessor to generate the linker script for the ELF boot image
[XTENSA] Add support for configurable registers and coprocessors
[XTENSA] Add support for the sa_restorer function
[XTENSA] Exclude thread-global registers from the xtregs structures.
[XTENSA] Fix cache flush macro for D$/I$ aliasing/non-aliasing
[XTENSA] Fix register corruption for certain processor configurations
[XTENSA] Allow debugger to modify the WINDOWBASE register.

Christian Krafft:
i2c-pca-isa: Add access check to legacy ioports

Christoph Hellwig:
efs: move headers out of include/linux/

Christoph Lameter:
slabinfo: fall back from /sys/kernel/slab to /sys/slab

Chuck Ebbert:
Fix station address detection in smc

Clemens Ladisch:
[ALSA] oxygen: fix line-in recording selection
[ALSA] bt87X: fix freeing of shared interrupt

Cornelia Huck:
[S390] cio: Remember to initialize recovery_lock.
[S390] cio: Do timed recovery on workqueue.
Driver core: Fix error handling in bus_add_driver().

Crane Cai:
PCI: AMD SATA IDE mode quirk

Cyrill Gorcunov:
V4L/DVB (7086): driver: tcm825x - fix logical typo error
x86 cleanup: suspend_asm_64.S - use X86_CR4_PGE instead of numeric value
x86: lds - Use PAGE_SIZE instead of numeric constant
x86: lds - Use THREAD_SIZE instead of numeric constant

Dan Williams:
ipw2200: fix ucode assertion for RX queue overrun
USB: option: Add Kyocera KPC680 ids

Daniel Drake:
[SCSI] arcmsr: fix message allocation

Daniel Lezcano:
veth: fix dev refcount race

Darrick J. Wong:
hwmon: New driver for Analog Devices ADT7473 sensor chip

Dave Airlie:
drm: add support for passing state into the suspend hooks.
agp: fix missing casts that produced a warning.

Dave Young:
bluetooth: put hci dev after del conn
bluetooth: do not move child device other than rfcomm

David Brownell:
USB: fix previous sparse fix which was incorrect
rtc-cmos: display HPET emulation mode
i2c: Make i2c_register_board_info() a NOP when CONFIG_I2C_BOARDINFO=n

David Graham:
igb: PCIe devices do not need to unset MANC_ARP_ENA
e1000e: PCIe devices do not need to unset MANC_ARP_ENA

David Howells:
MN10300: Call update_process_times() outside of the xtime_lock
MN10300: Introduce barriers to replace removed volatiles in gdbstub
MN10300: Make the kernel jump into gdbstub on a BUG
MN10300: Update asb2303_defconfig
FRV: Drop the .data.idt section for FRV
FRV: Change the timerfd syscalls to be the same as i386
MM: Fix macro argument substitution in PageHead() and PageTail()
MN10300: define HZ as a config option
MN10300: define SO_MARK
NOMMU: is_vmalloc_addr() won't compile if !MMU

David Miller:
ath5k: Fix build warnings on some 64-bit platforms.

David Rientjes:
sparc: fix build

David S. Miller:
Merge branch 'fixes' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6
Merge branch 'upstream-davem' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
Revert "[RTNETLINK]: Send a single notification on device state changes."
Revert "[NDISC]: Fix race in generic address resolution"
[SPARC64]: Remove Makefile code for ancient gcc and binutils.
[SPARC64]: Add -mtune=ultrasparc3 if possible.
[SPARC64]: Update defconfig.
[SPARC64]: Always register a PROM based early console.
[BLUETOOTH] hci_sysfs.c: Kill build warning.
[SPARC64]: Kill unused function 'kernel_enter_debugger'.
[SPARC64]: Delete 'boot_flags'.
[SPARC]: Kill extern decl of 'panic_setup'.
[SPARC64]: Kill 'prom_keyboard'.
[ATYFB]: Kill 'prom_palette' sparc code.
[SPARC]: Kill 'prom_palette'.
[SPARC64]: Kill pcic_present().
[NET]: Elminate spurious print_mac() calls.
[NIU]: Bump driver version and release date.
[SPARC64]: Add regs_return_value().
[SPARC64]: Fix sparse warnings wrt. machine_alt_power_off().
[SPARC64]: Kill show_stackframe{,32}().
[SPARC64]: Fix sparse warnings wrt. __show_regs().
[SPARC64]: Kill show_regs32().
[SPARC64]: Fix sparse warning wrt. fault_in_user_windows.
[SPARC64]: More sparse warning fixes in process.c
[NET]: Restore sanity wrt. print_mac().

David Somayajulu:
[SCSI] qla4xxx: fix up residual handling

David Teigland:
dlm: fix rcom_names message to self
dlm: update git tree in MAINTAINERS

Denis V. Lunev:
[IPV6]: dst_entry leak in ip4ip6_err. (resend)
[NETNS]: Namespace leak in pneigh_lookup.

Dmitri Vorobiev:
[MIPS] Wire up the timerfd_*() o32 system calls

Douglas Schilling Landgraf:
V4L/DVB (7092): radio-sf16fmr2: fix request_region() validation [bugzilla 9699]

Eric Paris:
Audit: use == not = in if statements

Eric Sandeen:
[XFS] Fix up xfs out-of-tree builds. (a.k.a. external modules)

Eugene Teo:
proc: add RLIMIT_RTTIME to /proc/<pid>/limits

Florian Fainelli:
[WATCHDOG] Convert mtx1 wdt to be a platform device and use generic GPIO API

Frederik Deweerdt:
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add missing Kconfig dependency on BLKCIPHER

FUJITA Tomonori:
[SCSI] scsi_debug: disable clustering
[SCSI] qla2xxx: fix compile warning for printk format
[SCSI] ips: fix data buffer accessors conversion bug
[SPARC64]: make IOMMU code respect the segment boundary limits
[SCSI] stex: stex_direct_copy shouldn't call dma_map_sg
[SCSI] stex: stex_internal_copy should be called with sg_count in struct st_ccb

Gary Hade:
PCI: hotplug: acpiphp_ibm: Remove get device information

Gaston, Jason D:
i2c-i801: Add support for the ICH10

Geert Uytterhoeven:
ide: Add missing base addresses for falconide and macide
kbuild: fix reversed symbol name order in modpost
MAINTAINERS: linux-fbdev is moderated

Glauber Costa:
ACPI: remove is_processor_present prototype

Glenn Streiff:
RDMA/nes: Fix MAC interrupt erroneously masked on ifdown

Gregory Greenman:
iwlwifi: Don't send host commands on rfkill

H. Peter Anvin:
x86: add pgd_large() on 64-bit, for consistency

Haavard Skinnemoen:
atmel_serial: fix interrupt handler return value

Hans Rosenfeld:
/proc/pid/pagemap: fix PM_SPECIAL macro

Hartmut Hackmann:
V4L/DVB (7186): tda10086: make the 22kHz tone for DISEQC a config option

Harvey Harrison:
ata: make ata_scsiop_inq_89 static in libata-scsi.c
ata: fix sparse warning in libata-core.c
ata: fix sparse warning in ata_piix.c
ata: fix sparse warning in sata_promise.c
ata: fix sparse warning in sata_via.c
ata: fix sparse warnings in sata_mv.c
ata: sparse fixes for pata_amd.c
ata: fix sparse warning in pata_cs5536.c
ata: fix sparse warning in pata_jmicron.c
ata: fix sparse warning in pata_marvell.c
ata: fix sparse warning in pata_acpi.c
ACPI: sparse fix, replace macro with static function
x86, kprobes: remove sparse warnings from x86
x86: sparse error in efi_32.c
x86: sparse warning in efi.c
ata: fix sparse warnings in pata_legacy.c
ata: fix sparse warning in libata.h
nfs: fix sparse warnings
markers: fix sparse warnings in markers.c