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Oliver Neukum:
USB: Sane memory allocation in option driver
USB: fix pm counter leak in usblp
USB: fix usb open suspend race in cdc-acm
USB: fix error handling in trancevibrator
USB: quirks for known quirky audio devices

Oliver Pinter:
fix vmsas.c file permissions

Olof Johansson:
[POWERPC] pasemi: Register i2c devices at boot
[POWERPC] pasemi: Remove warning in mpic_pasemi_msi.c

Paolo Ciarrocchi:
x86: coding style fixes in arch/x86/lib/io_64.c
x86: coding style fixes in arch/x86/lib/csum-wrappers_64.c

Patrick McHardy:
[HIFN]: Fix invalid config ifdefs for RNG support
[NETFILTER]: {ip,ip6,nfnetlink}_queue: fix SKB_LINEAR_ASSERT when mangling packet data
[NETFILTER]: Use __u32 in struct nf_inet_addr

Paul Clements:
NBD: make nbd default to deadline I/O scheduler

Paul Mackerras:
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../jk/spufs into merge

Paul Mundt:
V4L/DVB (7205): tuner-xc2028 depends on FW_LOADER

Pavel Emelyanov:
[NETLABEL]: Shrink the genl-ops registration code.
[NETLABEL]: Move some initialization code into __init section.
[IPV6]: Use BUG_ON instead of if + BUG in fib6_del_route.
[MIPS] Use find_task_by_vpid in system calls
[NETFILTER]: xt_u32: drop the actually unused variable from u32_match_it
[SCTP]: Pick up an orphaned sctp_sockets_allocated counter.
Wrap buffers used for rpc debug printks into RPC_IFDEBUG
[NEIGH]: Fix race between neighbor lookup and table's hash_rnd update.
[IP_TUNNEL]: Don't limit the number of tunnels with generic name explicitly.

Pavel Machek:
timer_list: print relative expiry time signed
ACPI: TSC breaks atkbd suspend
power_state: get rid of write-only variable in SATA

Peer Chen:
PCI: quirks: set 'En' bit of MSI Mapping for devices onHT-based nvidia platform

Peter Korsgaard:
USB: ehci-fsl: mpc834x config symbol is PPC_MPC834x, not MPC834x

Peter Oberparleiter:
[S390] sclp: clean up send/receive naming scheme

Pradeep Satyanarayana:
IPoIB/cm: Fix ipoib_cm_dev_stop() cleanup when drain times out

Rafael J. Wysocki:
Hibernation: Handle DEBUG_PAGEALLOC on x86
PCI ACPI: Fix comment describing acpi_pci_choose_state
PM: Remove unbalanced mutex_unlock() from dpm_resume()
PM: Introduce PM_EVENT_HIBERNATE callback state

Ralf Baechle:
[MIPS] IP27: Add missing ~ in DMA code.
[MIPS] Handle I-cache coherency in flush_cache_range()
[MIPS] Fix buggy invocations of kmap_coherent()
[MIPS] BCM1480: Remove stray function call resulting in infinite recursion
[MIPS] PCI: Port i386 PCI fixes.
[MIPS] PCI: Coding style fixes for pcibios_enable_resources.

Randy Dunlap:
kernel-doc: fix pci-acpi warning
net: fix kernel-doc warnings in header files
libata: fix kernel-doc parameter warning
driver-core: fix kernel-doc function parameters
PCI: kernel-doc: fix pci-acpi warning
libata-core: fix kernel-doc warning

Reinette Chatre:
iwlwifi: do not clear GEO_CONFIGURED bit when calling _down
iwlwifi: only check for association id when associating with AP

Ricardo Cerqueira:
V4L/DVB (7193): tveeprom: Add proper tuner mapping for hauppauge eeprom id 133
V4L/DVB (7201): cx88-mpeg: Fix race condition in variable access

Richard Kennedy:
kernel-doc: fix function-pointer-parameter parsing

Riki Oktarianto:
hwmon: (applesmc) sensors set for MacBook2

Robert Fitzsimons:
V4L/DVB (7197): bttv: Fix overlay divide error

Robert P. J. Day:
[SPARC]: Use shorter form of "get_zeroed_page".
[SPARC64]: Use shorter "get_zeroed_page" call.
[NETFILTER]: Make sure xt_policy.h is unifdef'ed.

Robert Reif:
[SPARC]: video/cg14.c and video/sbuslib.c build fixes

Robert Spitzenpfeil:
USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Oracom MP3 player

Roel Kluin:
V4L/DVB (7139): add parentheses
[S390] dcss: Fix Unlikely(x) != y
USB: ftdi_sio.c add missing '|'
[ALSA] soc - duplicate strcasecmp test for "rj-master" in mpc8610_hpcd_probe()
ufs: fix parenthesisation in ufs_set_fs_state()

Roger Lucas:
hwmon: (vt8231) Update maintainer email address

Roland Dreier:
RDMA/nes: Fix possible array overrun
IB/mthca: Free correct MPT on error exit from mthca_fmr_alloc()

Roland McGrath:
x86 ptrace: fix compat PTRACE_SETREGS

Roland Stoll:
V4L/DVB (7194): cx88-mpeg: Allow concurrent access to cx88-mpeg devices

Roman Zippel:
kconfig: fix select in combination with default

Rudolf Marek:
hwmon: (coretemp) Add maximum cooling temperature readout
hwmon: (coretemp) Add TjMax detection for mobile CPUs
hwmon: (coretemp) Add Penryn CPU to coretemp

Russell King:
[ARM] pxa: fix clock lookup to find specific device clocks

Rusty Russell:
x86: fix lguest build failure

S.Caglar Onur:
genirq: spurious.c: use time_* macros

S.Çağlar Onur:
[SPARC64] arch/sparc64/kernel/unaligned.c: Use time_* macros
[BLUETOOTH] net/bluetooth/hci_core.c: Use time_* macros

Saeed Bishara:
sata_mv: use hpriv->base instead of the host->iomap
sata_mv: remove iounmap in mv_platform_remove and use devm_iomap

Sam Ravnborg:
kbuild: allow -fstack-protector to take effect
kbuild: fix building vmlinux.o
hwmon: (coretemp) fix section mismatch warning
x86: fix section mismatch warning in setup_64.c:nearby_node
x86: fix section mismatch in setup_64.c:srat_detect_node
x86: fix section mismatch warning in topology.c:arch_register_cpu
x86: fix section mismatch in srat_64.c:reserve_hotadd
x86: fix section mismatch in head_64.S:initial_code
x86: annotate pci/common.s:pci_scan_bus_with_sysdata with __devinit
x86: fix vdso_install breaks user "make install"
Add missing init section definitions
[SPARC64]: Fix cpu trampoline et al. mismatch warnings.
[ALSA] caiaq - fix section mismatch warning

Serge A. Suchkov:
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix race condition in generic bound volume/swtich controls

Serge E. Hallyn:
file capabilities: simplify signal check

Sergio Luis:
drivers/video/uvesafb.c: fix section mismatch warning in param_set_scroll()

Shane Huang:
[libata] ahci: AMD SB700/SB800 SATA support 64bit DMA

Srinivasa Ds:
kprobes: refuse kprobe insertion on add/sub_preempt_counter()

Stefan Bader:
USB: option: Added vendor id for Dell 5720 broadband modem

Stefan Richter:
stable_kernel_rules: fix must already be in mainline

Stefan Roese:
[POWERPC] net: NEWEMAC: Remove "rgmii-interface" from rgmii matching table
[POWERPC] 4xx: Remove "i2c" and "xxmii-interface" device_types from dts

Stefan Weinhuber:
[S390] dasd: fix locking in __dasd_device_process_final_queue

Stefano Brivio:
b43legacy: fix DMA for 30/32-bit DMA engines
b43legacy: add firmware information to modinfo
b43legacy: fix firmware load message level
b43legacy: Add driver load messages

Stephen Hemminger:
tg3: ethtool phys_id default

Stephen Rothwell:
[POWERPC] Fix warning in pseries/power.c
POWERPC: fix typo in pseries/power.c

Stephen Ware:
USB: add new vernier product id to ldusb.c

Stuart Bennett:
agp/sis: Clear bit 2 from aperture size byte as well
agp/sis: Suspend support for SiS AGP

Takashi Iwai:
[ALSA] opl3 - Fix compilation without sequencer support
[ALSA] race between disconnect and error handling in usbmidi
[ALSA] oxygen - Fix section mismatch
[ALSA] hdsp - Fix section mismatch
[ALSA] HDA - enable snoop on SCH
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix SPDIF output on Conexant 5045 codec
[ALSA] hda-codec - Don't create vmaster if no slaves found
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix wrong capture source selection for ALC883 codec
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix ALC882 capture source selection
[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix amp-in values for pin widgets
[ALSA] hda-intel - Fix Oops with ATI HDMI devices

Tejun Heo:
pata_legacy: don't call ata_host_detach() after initialization failure
libata: update ATAPI overflow draining
block: update bio according to DMA alignment padding
block: add request->raw_data_len
block: implement request_queue->dma_drain_needed
block: clear drain buffer if draining for write command
libata: implement libata.force module parameter
libata: automatically use DMADIR if drive/bridge requires it

Thiemo Seufer:

Thomas Bogendoerfer:
[MIPS] IP28: Add defconfig file

Thomas Gleixner:
x86: CPA, fix alias checks
x86: zap invalid and unused pmds in early boot
x86: CPA no alias checking for _NX
x86: CPA: avoid double checking of alias ranges
genirq: do not leave interupts enabled on free_irq
futex: fix init order
futex: runtime enable pi and robust functionality

Thomas Graf:
[RTNL]: Add missing link netlink attribute policy definitions
[RTNL]: Validate hardware and broadcast address attribute for RTM_NEWLINK

Thomas Koeller:
[MIPS] Fix broken rm7000/rm9000 interrupt handling

Thomas Mingarelli:
[WATCHDOG] HP ProLiant WatchDog driver

Thomas Sujith:
thermal: validate input parameters
thermal: use ERR_PTR for returning error
ACPI fan: extract return values using PTR_ERR
ACPI thermal: extract return values using PTR_ERR
ACPI video: check for error from thermal_cooling_device_register
intel_menlo: extract return values using PTR_ERR

Tobias Klauser:
hwmon: (thmc50) Storage class should be before const qualifier
i2c: Storage class should be before const qualifier

Tobias Lorenz:
V4L/DVB (7091): radio-si470x improvements and seldom problem fixed in tuning functions
V4L/DVB (7108): radio-si470x.c: check-after-use
V4L/DVB (7110): Trivial printf warning fix (radio-si470)
V4L/DVB (7188): radio-si470x version 1.0.6
V4L/DVB (7189): autosuspend support

Tomas Winkler:
iwlwifi: reverting 'misc wireless annotations' patch for iwlwifi

Tony Breeds:
V4L/DVB (7195): xc5000: fix build error when built as module

Tsugikazu Shibata:
Fix broken utf-8 encodings in ja_JP translation of stable_kernel_rules.txt

Ursula Braun:
[S390] qdio: FCP/SCSI write I/O stagnates on LPAR

Uwe Kleine-Koenig:
[IPV4]: fix alignment of IP-Config output

Wang Chen:
[IPV6]: Fix hardcoded removing of old module code

WANG Cong:
arch/um/kernel/mem.c: fix a shadowed variable

Warren Turkal:
USB: Add another Novatel U727 ID to the device table for usbserial

Wolfgang Ocker:
[POWERPC] PPC440EP Interrupt Triggering and Level Settings

Wolfram Sang:
i2c-pxa: Misc fixes

Yinghai Lu:
[SCSI] ses: fix data corruption
x86: reenable support for system without on node0
PCI: don't load acpi_php when acpi is disabled

[XFRM]: Fix ordering issue in xfrm_dst_hash_transfer().

Yoshinori Sato:
h8300: signal.c typo fix
h8300: uaccess.h update
h8300: IRQ handling update
h8300: defconfig update

Zhao Yakui:
ACPI: thermal: Check whether cooling device exists before unregistering

Zhenyu Wang:
i915: wrap chipset types requiring hw status set ioctl