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Christoph Lameter:
[IA64] Untangle sync_icache_dcache() page size determination
slub: Reduce #ifdef ZONE_DMA by moving kmalloc_caches_dma near dma logic
slub: Deal with config variable dependencies
slub: Fixes to per cpu stat output in sysfs
slub: Move map/flag clearing to __free_slab
slub: No need for per node slab counters if !SLUB_DEBUG
slab_err: Pass parameters correctly to slab_bug
slub: free_list() cleanup
slub: Dump list of objects not freed on kmem_cache_close()
slub: Store max number of objects in the page struct.
slub: for_each_object must be passed the number of objects in a slab
slub: Add kmem_cache_order_objects struct
slub: Update statistics handling for variable order slabs
slub: Fallback to minimal order during slab page allocation
slub: Drop fallback to page allocator method
slub: Make the order configurable for each slab cache
slub: Simplify any_slab_object checks
slub: Calculate min_objects based on number of processors.
slub: pack objects denser
Remove set_migrateflags()
vmalloc: show vmalloced areas via /proc/vmallocinfo
vmallocinfo: add caller information
sparsemem: vmemmap does not need section bits
kbuild: create a way to create preprocessor constants from C expressions
pageflags: standardize comment inclusion in asm-offsets.h and fix MIPS
pageflags: use an enum for the flags
pageflags: get rid of FLAGS_RESERVED
pageflags: introduce macros to generate page flag functions
pageflags: convert to the use of new macros
pageflags: use proper page flag functions in Xen
pageflags: eliminate PG_xxx aliases
page flags: handle PG_uncached like all other flags
page flags: add PAGEFLAGS_FALSE for flags that are always false
mm: Get rid of __ZONE_COUNT
PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED and separate page flags for Head and Tail
Add kbuild.h that contains common definitions for kbuild users
x86: use kbuild.h
mips: use kbuild.h instead of macros in asm-offsets.c
alpha: use kbuild.h instead of macros in asm-offsets.c
ia64: use kbuild.h macros instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
arm: use kbuild.h instead of macros in asm-offsets.c
xtensa: use kbuild.h macros instead of defining them in asm-offsets.c
sparc: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
avr32: use kbuild.h macros instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
blackfin: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-macros.c
frv: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
h8300: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
m68k/m68kmmu: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
mn10300: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
parisc: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
ppc/powerpc: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
s390: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
s390: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
sh: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
v850: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm-offsets.c
slub: Whitespace cleanup and use of strict_strtoul
slabinfo: Support printout of the number of fallbacks
slub: #ifdef simplification

Christoph Pfister:
V4L/DVB (7530): budget-av: Fix support for certain cams
V4L/DVB (7531): budget-av: Fix CI interface on (some) KNC1 DVBS cards

Chuck Lever:
NFS: numeric mount parameters are unsigned
NFS: Fix up data types of fields in nfs_parsed_mount_options
NFS: Save the value of the "port=" mount option
NFS: Save the values of the "mount*=" mount options
NFS: Show most mount options via nfs_show_options()
NFS: Always enable NFS direct I/O
SUNRPC: Update help Kconfig text
SUNRPC: Add a default setting for CONFIG_SUNRPC_BIND34
NLM: LOCKD fails to load if CONFIG_SYSCTL is not set
NLM: NLM protocol version numbers are u32
lockd: bring a few function declarations up to date
lockd: Ensure NSM strings aren't longer than protocol allows
lockd: refactor SM_MON mon_name argument encoder
lockd: refactor SM_MON my_id argument encoder
lockd: document use of mon_id argument in SM_MON requests
lockd: Fix up incorrect RPC buffer size calculations.
lockd: introduce new function to encode private argument in SM_MON requests
NFSD: Remove NFSD_TCP kernel build option
NFSD: Update help text for CONFIG_NFSD
NFSD: Move "select FS_POSIX_ACL if NFSD_V4"
NFSD: Move "select NFSD_V2_ACL if NFSD_V3_ACL"
NFSD: Remove redundant "select" clauses in fs/Kconfig
NFSD: Use "depends on" for PROC_FS dependency
SUNRPC: Remove PROC_FS dependency
NFSD: Remove NFSv4 dependency on NFSv3
SUNRPC: RPC server still uses 2.4 method for disabling TCP Nagle
SUNRPC: Update RPC server's TCP record marker decoder
SUNRPC: Use unsigned index when looping over arrays
SUNRPC: Use unsigned loop and array index in svc_init_buffer()

Ciaran McCreesh:
firmware loader: printk when requesting firmware

Clemens Ladisch:
[ALSA] mpu401: reduce tx loop timeout
[ALSA] usb-audio: sort quirks list
[ALSA] oxygen: move WM8785 symbols to a header file
[ALSA] virtuoso: move PCM1796 symbols to a header file
[ALSA] oxygen: add monitor controls
[ALSA] oxygen: change model-specific PCM device configuration
[ALSA] oxygen: make SPI/2-wire configuration model-specific
[ALSA] oxygen: move MIDI flag to model struct
[ALSA] oxygen: disable clock of unused I2S inputs
[ALSA] oxygen: fix line-in recording selection (now for real)
[ALSA] aw2: remove duplicate MODULE_LICENSE
[ALSA] oxygen: add I2C support
[ALSA] virtuoso: separate D2/D2X init functions
[ALSA] virtuoso: allow both CS5381 and CS5361
[ALSA] virtuoso: move some code to xonar_common_init()
[ALSA] virtuoso: set PCM1796 oversampling rate
[ALSA] virtuoso: change card short name
[ALSA] virtuoso: fix typo
[ALSA] virtuoso: add Xonar DX support
[ALSA] virtuoso: correctly switch input jack on Xonar DX
[ALSA] oxygen: use SPDIF input only if present
[ALSA] virtuoso: add GPIO 1 mixer control
[ALSA] virtuoso: initialize two-wire control register
[ALSA] virtuoso: fix DX front panel I/O
[ALSA] hifier: remove empty hifier_mixer_init()
[ALSA] oxygen: generalize handling of DAC volume limits
[ALSA] oxygen: mute by default
[ALSA] oxygen: generalize DAC volume TLV handling

Corentin Chary:
eeepc-laptop: add backlight
eeepc-laptop: add hwmon fan control

Corey Minyard:
ipmi: hold ATTN until upper layer ready
ipmi: run to completion fixes
ipmi: don't print event queue full on every event
ipmi: update driver version
IPMI: convert message handler defines to an enum
ipmi: convert locked counters to atomics in the system interface
IPMI: Convert system interface defines to an enum
ipmi: style fixes in the base code
IPMI: Style fixes in the system interface code
IPMI: Style fixes in the misc code

Cornelia Huck:
iucv: Delay bus registration until core is ready.
[S390] cio: Fix race for "fast" path gone/path back situations.
[S390] cio: Trigger verification on device/path not operational.
netiucv: Fix missing driver attributes.
[S390] cio: Use strict_strtoul() for attributes.
[S390] cio: Make isc handling more robust.

Craig Kelley:
hwmon: (smsc47b397) add a new chip id (0x8c)

Craig Shelley:
USB: CP2101 Add new device IDs

Craig W. Nadler:
USB: g_printer bugfixes

Cyril Brulebois:
Documentation: Remove last references to BitKeeper.

Cyrill Gorcunov:
[GFS2] possible null pointer dereference fixup
x86: processor.h - use PAGE_SIZE instead of numeric value
x86: relocate_kernel - use predefined PAGE_SIZE instead of own alias
x86: entry_32.S - use flags from processor-flags.h
x86: debug Store - call kfree if only we really need it
NFS - fix potential NULL pointer dereference v2
avr32: cleanup - use _AC macro to define PAGE_SIZE
capifs: fix memory leak on remount
m32r: cleanup: drop .data.idt section in vmlinux.lds script
thinkpad_acpi: fix possible NULL pointer dereference if kstrdup failed
ELF: Use EI_NIDENT instead of numeric value
BINFMT: fill_elf_header cleanup - use straight memset first

Cedric Augonnet:
Removing dead code in drivers/net/wan/hdlc_fr.c

Dai Haruki:
gianfar: Fix the data buffer stashing amount
gianfar: Fix frame size calculation when hardware VLAN acceleration is on
gianfar: Support NAPI for TX Frames

Dale Farnsworth:
[POWERPC] Remove dead code at KernelAltiVec
[POWERPC] prpmc2800: Fix frequencies in prpmc2800.dts
[POWERPC] mv64x60: Remove device tree absolute path references
[POWERPC] mv643xx_eth: Prepare to support multiple silicon blocks
[POWERPC] Document the mv64x60 device tree bindings
[POWERPC] prpmc2800 needs a dtbImage

Damian Viano:
ACPICA: always disable GPE when requested

Dan McGee:
ata_piix: add Asus Eee 701 controller to short cable list

Dan Noe:
cxgb3: Fix __must_check warning with dev_dbg.

Dan Williams:
iop: unconditionally initialize the ATU on platforms known to be 'hosts'
async_tx: fix multiple dependency submission
async_tx: kill ->device_dependency_added
iop-adma: remove the workaround for missed interrupts on iop3xx
dmaengine: ack to flags: make use of the unused bits in the 'ack' field
sysfs: refill attribute buffer when reading from offset 0
md: introduce get_priority_stripe() to improve raid456 write performance
md: raid5.c convert simple_strtoul to strict_strtoul
md: fix use after free when removing rdev via sysfs
md: remove a stray command from a copy and paste error in resync_start_store
md: prevent duplicates in bind_rdev_to_array
md: support blocking writes to an array on device failure

Daniel Drake:
ipw2100/ipw2200: note firmware loading caveat in Kconfig help text
forcedeth: Use round_jiffies for stats timer

Daniel Laird:
[MIPS] Move arch/mips/philips to arch/mips/nxp

Daniel Lezcano:
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - dynamically allocate the fib tables
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - make it per network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - fib6_clean_all handle several network namespaces
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - add net to gc timer parameter
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - dynamically allocate gc-timer
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - gc timer per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] fib6 rule - dynamic allocation of the rules struct ops
[NETNS][IPV6] fib6_rules - handle several network namespaces
[NETNS][IPV6] rt6_stats - dynamically allocate the routes statistics
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - create route6 proc files for the namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - Pass the network namespace parameter to rt6_lookup
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - Make proc entry /proc/net/rt6_stats per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - Pass network namespace to rt6_add_route_info and rt6_get_route_info
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - Pass the network namespace parameter to rt6_purge_dflt_routers
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - make route6 per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] rt6_info - make rt6_info accessed as a pointer
[NETNS][IPV6] rt6_info - move rt6_info structure inside the namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - dynamically allocate ip6_dst_ops
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - Make ip6_dst_gc simpler
[NETNS][IPV6] proc - protect snmp6 from non-init_net calls
[NETNS][IPV6] addrconf - Pass the proper network namespace parameters to addrconf
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - add netns parameter to ip6_route_output
[NETNS][IPV6] route6 - pass always a valid socket to ip6_dst_lookup
[NETNS][IPV6] ip6_input - enable ipv6_rcv to handle several network namespace
[IPV6]: Remove commented lines.
[NETNS][IPV6] fix some missing namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] ndisc - make ndisc handle multiple network namespaces
[NETNS][IPV6] ndisc - make socket control per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] tcp6 - make socket control per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] tcp6 - handle several network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] mcast - handle several network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] mcast - fix compilation warning when procfs is not compiled in
[NETNS][IPV6] udp - make proc handle the network namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] tcp - assign the netns for timewait sockets
[NETNS][IPV4] tcp - make proc handle the network namespaces
[NETNS][IPV6] udp6 - make proc per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] tcp6 - make proc per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6] anycast - handle several network namespace
netns: Fix device renaming for sysfs
netns: Fix reassembly timer to use the right namespace

Daniel Mack:
[ALSA] snd_usb_caiaq: fix potential lockups locking
[ALSA] snd_usb_caiaq: correct input channel order
[ALSA] snd_usb_caiaq: make high sample rates work with A8DJ

Daniel Walker:
netdev: ehea: semaphore to mutex
netdev: ehea: ehea_fw_handles semaphore to mutex
netdev: ehea: locking order correction
netdev: ehea: bcmc_regs semaphore to mutex
netdev: ehea: port_lock semaphore to mutex
driver core: memory: semaphore to mutex
USB: microtek: remove unused semaphore
USB: libusual: locking cleanup
usb: u132-hcd driver style clean up
usb: u132-hcd driver: semaphore to mutex
atm: ambassador: vcc_sf semaphore to mutex
usb: ldusb: ld_usb semaphore to mutex

Darrick J. Wong:
[SCSI] libsas: Provide a transport-level facility to request SAS addrs
[SCSI] aic94xx: Use sas_request_addr() to provide SAS WWN if the adapter lacks one
[CPUFREQ] expose cpufreq coordination requirements regardless of coordination mechanism
[CPUFREQ] document the currently undocumented parts of the sysfs interface

Darryl Green:
V4L/DVB (7476): New USB ID for Leadtek DVB-T USB

Dave Airlie:
drm: reorganise minor number handling using backported modesetting code.
drm: _end is shadowing real _end, just rename it.

Dave Hansen:
do namei_flags calculation inside open_namei()
r/o bind mounts: stub functions
r/o bind mounts: create helper to drop file write access
r/o bind mounts: drop write during emergency remount
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for rmdir and unlink.
r/o bind mounts: get callers of vfs_mknod/create/mkdir()
r/o bind mounts: write counts for link/symlink
r/o bind mounts: get write access for vfs_rename() callers
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for xattr_permission() callers
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for ncp_ioctl()
r/o bind mounts: write counts for touch_atime()
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for do_utimes()
r/o bind mounts: write count for file_update_time()
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for ioctls()
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for open()s
r/o bind mounts: elevate write count for chmod/chown callers
r/o bind mounts: write counts for truncate()
r/o bind mounts: make access() use new r/o helper
r/o bind mounts: elevate count for xfs timestamp updates
r/o bind mounts: check mnt instead of superblock directly
r/o bind mounts: track numbers of writers to mounts
r/o bind mounts: honor mount writer counts at remount
r/o bind mounts: debugging for missed calls

Dave Jones:
x86: Centaur Isaiah processor to use sysenter in 64-bit compatibility mode rather than syscall
[CPUFREQ] Slightly shorten the error paths of cpufreq_suspend/cpufreq_resume
[CPUFREQ] CodingStyle
[CPUFREQ] more CodingStyle
[CPUFREQ] Refactor locking in cpufreq_add_dev
trivial: fix user-visible typo in hfsplus

Dave Olson:
IB/ipath: Make some constants chip-specific, related cleanup
IB/ipath: Shared context code needs to be sure device is usable
IB/ipath: Enable 4KB MTU
IB/ipath: HW workaround for case where chip can send but not receive
IB/ipath: Make link state transition code ignore (transient) link recovery
IB/ipath: Add support for IBTA 1.2 Heartbeat
IB/ipath: Set LID filtering for HCAs that support it.
IB/ipath: Enable reduced PIO update for HCAs that support it.
IB/ipath: Fix check for no interrupts to reliably fallback to INTx
IB/ipath: add calls to new 7220 code and enable in build

Dave Young:
jiffies: add time_is_after_jiffies and others which compare with jiffies
isolate ratelimit from printk.c for other use

David Anders:
[ARM] 4963/1: S3C2410 - add basic machine support for the TCT Hammer

David Brownell:
ACPI: crosslink ACPI and "real" device nodes
atmel_tc library
atmel_tc clocksource/clockevent code
tclib: Fix compile warnings
Input: ads7846 - simplify support of external vREF (and ads7843)
ARM: OMAP: Use gpiolib
ARM: OMAP: 5912 OSK GPIO updates
ARM: OMAP: I2C: tps65010 driver converts to gpiolib
ARM: OMAP: Use gpiolib with tps65010 for OSK 5912
Input: gpio_keys - irq handling cleanup
Input: omap-keypad - fix build warning
avr32: start clocksource cleanup
avr32: Generic clockevents support
[HWRNG] omap: Minor updates
[MTD] [MAPS] omap_nor section fixes
USB: defines for USB "Link Power Management" (LPM) ECN
USB: ehci: minor cleanups
USB: ohci: port reset paranoia timeout
USB: ehci tolerates some buggy devices
USB: ehci minor SOC bus glue fixes
USB: ehci: remove obsolete workaround for bogus IRQs
USB: ehci: paranoia, reject large control transfers
USB: gadget section fixes
USB: at91_udc can prefetch data
USB: ehci: qh/qtd cleanup comments
USB: cdc-acm: signedness fix
USB: ehci: qh_completions cleanup and bugfix
rtc-pcf8583 build fix
rtc: avoid legacy drivers with generic framework
kerneldoc for <linux/clk.h>
spi: pxa2xx_spi "sparse" fixes
atmel_lcdfb: suspend/resume support
[ARM] 5021/1: at91: buildfix for sam9263 + PM
pcmcia: remove pccard_sysfs_interface warnings
Add a new sysfs_streq() string comparison function
USB: usbtest displays diagnostics again
usb serial gadget: CDC ACM fixes
usb: gadget zero style fixups (mostly whitespace)

David C Somayajulu:
[SCSI] qla4xxx: fix scsi command completion, lun reset and target reset code

David Chinner:
[XFS] Factor xfs_itobp() and xfs_inotobp().
[XFS] Don't block pdflush when writing back inodes
[XFS] Remove the xfs_icluster structure
[XFS] Use xfs_inode_clean() in more places
[XFS] Prevent AIL lock contention during transaction completion
[XFS] Use atomics for iclog reference counting
[XFS] Update c/mtime correctly on truncates
[XFS] Use atomic counters for ktrace buffer indexes
[XFS] Use power-of-2 sized buffers to reduce overhead
[XFS] Account for inode cluster alignment in all allocations
[XFS] Ensure a btree insert returns a valid cursor.
[XFS] Per iclog callback chain lock
[XFS] Remove the xlog_ticket allocator
[XFS] Reorganise xlog_t for better cacheline isolation of contention
[XFS] Fix lock inversion in forced shutdown.
[XFS] xfs_quiesce_fs() never returns an error. Mark it void.
[XFS] Remove useless whitespace in function prototypes
[XFS] xfs_icsb_counter_disabled() never returns an error.
[XFS] Report errors from xfs_reserve_blocks().
[XFS] xfs_qm_reset_dqcounts() does not return errors.
[XFS] Propagate xfs_qm_dqflush_all() errors.
[XFS] Check for dquot flush errors
[XFS] Clean up quotamount error handling.
[XFS] Catch errors resetting quota flags.
[XFS] Catch errors when turning off quotas.
[XFS] Propagate quota file truncation errors.
[XFS] Catch errors from xfs_acl_setmode().
[XFS] Catch errors from xfs_acl_vremove().
[XFS] Propagate xfs_trans_reserve() errors.
[XFS] Propagate errors from xfs_trans_commit().
[XFS] Clean up xfs_alloc_search_busy() return values.
[XFS] Make xfs_alloc_compute_aligned() void.
[XFS] xfs_bmap_adjacent() never returns an error.
[XFS] Warn if errors come from block_truncate_page().
[XFS] Check for xfs_free_extent() failing.
[XFS] Catch errors returned from xfs_bmap_last_offset().
[XFS] Ensure errors from xfs_bdstrat() are correctly checked.
[XFS] Ensure xfs_bawrite() errors are checked.
[XFS] xfs_bdwrite() does not return errors.
[XFS] Catch unwritten extent conversion errors.
[XFS] xfs_iflush_fork() never returns an error.
[XFS] xfs_bulkstat_one_dinode() never returns an error.
[XFS] Catch errors from xfs_imap().
[XFS] Don't allow silent errors in xfs_inactive().
[XFS] Check for errors when changing buffer pointers.
[XFS] Sanitise xfs_log_force error checking.
[XFS] Catch log unmount failures.
[XFS] Don't error out on good I/Os.
[XFS] fix logic error in xfs_alloc_ag_vextent_near()
[XFS] Remove periodic logging of in-core superblock counters.
[XFS] Ensure the inode is joined in xfs_itruncate_finish
[XFS] Update XFS Documentation for ikeep and ihashsize
[XFS] Don't double count reserved block changes on UP.
[XFS] Fix check for block zero access in xfs_write_iomap_allocate()
[XFS] Don't initialise new inode generation numbers to zero
[XFS] Include linux/random.h in all builds, not just debug.

David Dillow:
IB/srp: Enforce protocol limit on srp_sg_tablesize

David Engraf:
USB: cdc-acm tell tty layer not to split things up.
USB: increase cdc-acm write throughput

David Gibson:
[POWERPC] Start removing linux,network-index in favour of aliases

David Graham:
e1000e: Fix HW Error on es2lan, ARP capture issue by BMC

David Hilvert:
V4L/DVB (7589): ibmcam: improve support for the IBM PC Camera Pro

David Howells:
RxRPC: Fix a regression in the RXKAD security module
fdpic: check that the size returned by kernel_read() is what we asked for
xattr: add missing consts to function arguments
keys: increase the payload size when instantiating a key
keys: allow the callout data to be passed as a blob rather than a string
keys: add keyctl function to get a security label
keys: don't generate user and user session keyrings unless they're accessed
keys: make the keyring quotas controllable through /proc/sys
keys: make key_serial() a function if CONFIG_KEYS=y
afs: the AFS RPC op CBGetCapabilities is actually CBTellMeAboutYourself
afs: support the CB.ProbeUuid RPC op
Security: Make secctx_to_secid() take const secdata
Security: Typecast CAP_*_SET macros
Security: Make secctx_to_secid() take const secdata
Security: Typecast CAP_*_SET macros
frv: unbreak misalignment handling changes

David L Stevens:
ipv4/ipv6 compat: Fix SSM applications on 64bit kernels.
net: Several cleanups for the setsockopt compat support.
net: Add compat support for getsockopt (MCAST_MSFILTER)

David Lopo:
usb: gadget zero timer init fix
USB GADGET/PERIPHERAL: g_file_storage Bulk-Only Transport compliance
USB GADGET/PERIPHERAL: g_file_storage Bulk-Only Transport compliance, clear-feature ignore

David M. Richter:
leases: fix a return-value mixup
leases: when unlocking, skip locking-related steps
leases: move lock allocation earlier in generic_setlease()
leases: remove unneeded variable from fcntl_setlease().

David Miller:
sched: use alloc_bootmem() instead of alloc_bootmem_low()

David P. Reed:
x86: fix cmos read and write to not use inb_p and outb_p
x86: define outb_pic and inb_pic to stop using outb_p and inb_p

David Rientjes:
sysfs: small header file cleanup for SYSFS=n
mempolicy: convert MPOL constants to enum
mempolicy: support optional mode flags
mempolicy: add MPOL_F_STATIC_NODES flag
mempolicy: add MPOL_F_RELATIVE_NODES flag
mempolicy: update NUMA memory policy documentation
mempolicy: move rebind functions
mempolicy: create mempolicy_operations structure
mempolicy: small header file cleanup
mempolicy: disallow static or relative flags for local preferred mode

David S. Miller:
[LIB]: Make PowerPC LMB code generic so sparc64 can use it too.
[LMB]: Fix bug in __lmb_alloc_base().
[NET]: sk_release_kernel needs to be exported to modules
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6.26
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
[IPV6]: Fix powerpc allmodconfig build warnings.
[UDP]: Revert udplite and code split.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6.26
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'upstream-net26' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
[8390]: Fix build error.
Merge branch 'master' of ../net-2.6/
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-2.6.26
Merge branch 'net-2.6.26-netns-20080326' of git://git.linux-ipv6.org/gitroot/yoshfuji/linux-2.6-dev
Merge branch 'upstream-net26' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-2.6.26
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
[NET]: Protect device namespace inlines with CONFIG_NET
[NET]: Fix dev_alloc_skb() typo.
Merge branch 'upstream-net26' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
[NET]: Fix allnoconfig build on powerpc and avr32
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'net-2.6.26-isatap-20080403' of git://git.linux-ipv6.org/gitroot/yoshfuji/linux-2.6-dev
Merge branch 'net-2.6.26-misc-20080412b' of git://git.linux-ipv6.org/gitroot/yoshfuji/linux-2.6-dev
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-2.6.26
[LMB] Add lmb_alloc_nid()
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6.26
Merge branch 'upstream-net26' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
[IPV6]: Fix dangling references on error in fib6_add().
iwlwifi: Fix unconditional access to station->tidp[].agg.
[SPARC]: Remove SunOS and Solaris binary support.
leds: Do not guard NEW_LEDS with HAS_IOMEM
iwlwifi: Select LEDS_CLASS.
rt2x00: Select LEDS_CLASS.
tun: Fix minor race in TUNSETLINK ioctl handling.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6
[LMB]: Fix lmb allocation regression.
[SPARC64]: Move ramdisk discovery code out to seperate function.
[SPARC64]: Initialize LMB tables.
[SPARC64]: Start using LMB information in bootmem_init().
[SPARC64]: Fully use LMB information in bootmem_init().
[SPARC64]: Call real_setup_per_cpu_areas() earlier and use lmb_alloc().
[SPARC64]: Use lmb_alloc() for PROM device tree.
[SPARC64]: Initialize MDESC earlier and use lmb_alloc()
[SPARC64]: Decrease SECTION_SIZE_BITS to 30.
[SPARC64]: Remove unused asm-sparc64/numnodes.h
[SPARC64]: Once we have the boot cmdline, call parse_early_param()
[SPARC64]: Kill pci_iommu_table_init() declaration.
[SPARC64]: NUMA device infrastructure.
[SPARC64]: Allocate TSB node-local.
[SPARC64]: Add NUMA support.
[SPARC64]: PROM debug console can be CON_ANYTIME.
[SPARC64]: Store magic cookie and trap type in pt_regs.
[SPARC64]: Use trap type stored in pt_regs to handle syscall restart.
[SPARC64]: %l6 trap return handling no longer necessary.
[SPARC64]: Detect trap frames in stack backtraces.
tun: Multicast handling in tun_chr_ioctl() needs proper locking.
Merge branch 'upstream-davem' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
[SPARC64]: Fix args to 64-bit sys_semctl() via sys_ipc().
[SPARC64]: Wrap SMP IPIs with irq_enter()/irq_exit().
sparc64: Fix wedged irq regression.
sparc64: Cleanups and corrections for arch/sparc64/Kconfig
sparc64: Kill ISA_FLOPPY_WORKS code.
sparc64: Do not ignore 'pmu' device ranges.
input: Rewrite sparcspkr device probing.
sparc64: Kill unused local ISA bus layer.
sparc64: Kill bogus RT_ALIGNEDSZ macro from signal.c
sparc: Remove old style signal frame support.
[SCSI] esp_scsi: Make cur_residue and tot_residue signed.
Revert "ipv6: Fix typo in net/ipv6/Kconfig"
sparc64: Clean up handling of pt_regs trap type encoding.
sparc64: Fix accidental syscall restart on child return from clone/fork/vfork.
sparc64: Split entry.S up into seperate files.
sparc64: Kill PIL_RESERVED, unused.
sparc32: Kill smp_message_pass() and related code.
kgdbts: Sparc needs sstep emulation.
sparc: Add kgdb support.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless-2.6
sparc64: Stop creating dummy root PCI host controller devices.
serial: Fix sparc driver name strings.
sparc64: Fix syscall restart, for real...
sparc32: Kill totally unused memory information tables.
sparc32: More memory probing consolidation.
sparc32: Delete prom_stdin and prom_stdout.