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Abbas, Mohamed (3):
iwl3945: add debugfs support
iwl3945: Fix iwl3945 rate scaling.
iwl3945: Fix rate scale for B-mode connection

Abhijeet Kolekar (3):
iwlwifi : fix checkpatch.pl errors
iwl3945 : Fix ad-hoc mode for 3945
iwl3945 : Fix a-band association for passive channels

Adam Jackson (1):
PCI quirks: piix3: warn softer about enabling passive release

Adam Lackorzynski (1):
vmalloc.c: fix flushing in vmap_page_range()

Adrian Bunk (3):
The overdue eepro100 removal.
parisc: lib/: make code static
parisc: drivers/parisc/: make code static

Adrian Hunter (5):
MTD: nandsim: suppress unnecessary warning
MTD: nandsim: add option to use a file to cache pages
[MTD] update internal API to support 64-bit device size
mmc_block: print better error messages
mmc_block: ensure all sectors that do not have errors are read

Adrian McMenamin (1):
Input: add support for Maple controller as a joystick

Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger (10):
libcrc32c: Fix "crc32c undefined" compilation error
crypto: sha1 - Switch to shash
crypto: md4 - Switch to shash
crypto: md5 - Switch to shash
crypto: sha256 - Switch to shash
crypto: tgr192 - Switch to shash
crypto: wp512 - Switch to shash
crypto: michael_mic - Switch to shash
crypto: sha512 - Move message schedule W[80] to static percpu area
crypto: sha512 - Switch to shash

Akinobu Mita (4):
SLUB: failslab support
backlight: hp680_bl - Use platform_device_register_simple()
backlight: progear_bl - Use platform_device_register_simple()
backlight: crbllcd_bl - Use platform_device_register_simple()

Al Viro (42):
ixgbe: section fixes
sparc32: pdev_to_pnode() is used from __devinit
Audit: Log TIOCSTI
[S390] audit: get s390 ret_from_fork in sync with other architectures
fix switch_names() breakage in short-to-short case
take init_fs to saner place
kill ->dir_notify()
nfsd/create race fixes, infrastructure
nfsd race fixes: ext2
nfsd race fixes: ext3
nfsd race fixes: ext4
nfsd race fixes: reiserfs
remove the rudiment of a.out for sparc
sanitize ifdefs in binfmt_aout
get rid of special-casing the /sbin/loader on alpha
don't reallocate buffer in every audit_sockaddr()
sanitize audit_socketcall
sanitize audit_ipc_obj()
sanitize audit_ipc_set_perm()
sanitize audit_mq_getsetattr()
sanitize audit_mq_notify()
sanitize audit_mq_open()
sanitize audit_fd_pair()
sanitize audit_log_capset()
audit_update_lsm_rules() misses the audit_inode_hash[] ones
fixing audit rule ordering mess, part 1
audit rules ordering, part 2
make sure that filterkey of task,always rules is reported
clean up audit_rule_{add,del} a bit
audit: validate comparison operations, store them in sane form
affs: do not zero ->i_op
isofs check for NULL ->i_op in root directory is dead code
ntfs: don't NULL i_op
inode->i_op is never NULL
zero i_uid/i_gid on inode allocation
fix the treatment of jfs special inodes
fix breakage in reiserfs_new_inode()
get rid of the last symlink in uml build
uml got broken by commit 30742d5c2277c325fb0e9d2d817d55a19995fe8f
X86_DEBUGCTLMSR won't work on uml
[SCSI] cxgb3i: add missing include

Alain Kalker (1):
V4L/DVB (9665): af9015: Add support for the Digittrade DVB-T USB Stick remote

Alain Knaff (1):
vfs: lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR) race condition

Alan Cox (50):
tty: Flags should be accessed via the foo_bit interfaces
tty: driverdata and discdata are void *
[SCSI] Clean up my email address and use a single standard address for everything
V4L/DVB (9491): rationalise addresses to one common one
n_tty: clean up coding style
devpts: Coding style clean up
sierra: Fix formatting
pty: simplify resize
tty: Fix close races in USB serial
tty: Fix PPP hang under load
tty_port: Add a port level carrier detect operation
rio: Kill off ckmalloc
tty: Pull the dtr raise into tty port
isicom: redo locking to use tty port locks
tty: relock generic_serial
tty: rocketport uses different port flags to everyone else
tty: relock riscom8 using port locks
tty: relock the mxser driver
tty: Introduce a tty_port generic block_til_ready
tty: Rework istallion to use the tty port changes
tty: rework stallion to use the tty_port bits
tty: ESP has been broken for locking etc forver
tty: tty port zero baud open
tty: Introduce some close helpers for ports
tty: USB tty devices can block in tcdrain when unplugged
tty: PTYs set TTY_DO_WRITE_WAKEUP when they don't need to
tty: Remove some pointless casts
tty: kref nozomi
hso: net driver using tty without locking
tty: Fix the HSO termios handling a bit
tty: relock epca
tty: refcount the epca driver
tty: Make epca use the port helpers
tty: Redo the rocket driver locking
tty: make rocketport use standard port->flags
tty: kref the rocket driver
tty: use port methods for the rocket driver
synclink_cs: Convert to tty_port
tty: Drop the lock_kernel in the private ioctl hook
tty: We want the port object to be persistent
tty: Fix an ircomm warning and note another bug
x86: update Alan Cox's email addresses
mm: update my address
i2o: Update my address
touchscreen: Fix build of da9034
pata_hpt3x3: Workarounds for chipset
pata_ali: force initialise a few bits
pata_ali: Fix and workaround for FIFO DMA bug
libata: Add 32bit PIO support
libata: clean up the SFF code for coding style

Alan Horstmann (1):
ALSA: ice1724 - Fix a typo in IEC958 PCM name

Alan McIvor (2):
V4L/DVB (9522): Increase number of SAA7134 devices supported in a system
V4L/DVB (9523): Increase number of BT8XX devices supported in a system

Alan Nisota (1):
V4L/DVB (9928): Convert GP8PSK module to use S2API

Alan Stern (28):
[SCSI] simplify scsi_io_completion()
[SCSI] Fix uninitialized variable error in scsi_io_completion
HID: automatically call usbhid_set_leds in usbhid driver
Fix misspellings in pm.h macros
Driver core: move the bus notifier call points
USB: straighten out inline code in sysfs.c
USB: change interface to usb_lock_device_for_reset()
USB: usb-storage: add "quirks=" module parameter
USB: add asynchronous autosuspend/autoresume support
USB: announce new devices earlier
usb-storage: clean up unusual_devs.h
USB: usb-storage: remove us->sensebuf
USB: g_file_storage: add CD-ROM emulation
USB: usb-storage: merge CB and CBI transport routines
USB: usb-storage: merge ATAPI and QIC-157 protocol routines
USB: storage: set bounce limit for non-DMA-capable host controllers
USB: utilize round_jiffies_up_relative()
USB: Enhance usage of pm_message_t
USB: usb-storage: merge DPCM support into SDDR09
USB: utilize the bus notifiers
USB: storage: add last-sector hacks
USB: storage: make the "quirks=" module parameter writable
USB: storage: set CAPACITY_HEURISTICS flag for bad vendors
USB: fix up suspend and resume for PCI host controllers
USB: automatically enable wakeup for PCI host controllers
USB: cancel pending Set-Config requests if userspace gets there first
USB: re-enable interface after driver unbinds
PCI: fix incorrect error return in pci_enable_wake

Alasdair G Kergon (2):
dm mpath: move trigger_event to system workqueue
dm snapshot: split out exception store implementations

Aleksey Senin (2):
RDMA/addr: Add support for translating IPv6 addresses
RDMA/cma: Add IPv6 support

Ales Jurik (1):
V4L/DVB (9470): Disable PLL Loop while tuning

Alessandro Zummo (8):
rtc: add alarm/update irq interfaces
rtc: pxa27x/pxa3xx driver fixes, revised
rtc: rtc-ds1390 probe sequence and misc fixes
rtc: kconfig cleanup
rtc: rtc-max6902 fixes
rtc: rtc-ds3234 fixes
rtc: use set_mmss when set_time is not available
rtc: rtc-ds1216 fixes

Alex Chiang (2):
btrfs-progs: Stop stomping on 'name' input parameter
PCI hotplug: acpiphp whitespace cleanup

Alex Raimondi (2):
avr32: Allow reserving multiple pins at once
avr32: Hammerhead board support

Alex Zeffertt (1):
xen: add xenfs to allow usermode <-> Xen interaction

Alexander Beregalov (6):
ext4: fix printk format warning
ASoC: switch davinci DPRINTK to pr_debug()
fix for tty-serial-move-port
Staging: otus: remove dependence on kernel version
Staging: me4000: switch to list_for_each*()
Staging: usbip: switch to list_for_each_entry()

Alexander Duyck (20):
e1000e: enable ECC correction on 82571 silicon
igb: update name to reflect new hardware
igb: simplify swap in clean_rx_irq if using packet split
igb: Fix tx/rx_ring_count parameters for igb on suspend/resume/ring resize
ixgbe: this patch adds support for DCB to the kernel and ixgbe driver
DCB: Add interface to query for the DCB capabilities of an device.
DCB: Add interface to query # of TCs supported by device
DCB: Add interface to query the state of PFC feature.
DCB: Add support for DCB BCN
e1000e: disable correctable errors for quad ports while going to D3
igb: do not use phy ops in ethtool test cleanup for non-copper parts
igb: remove unneeded bit refrence when enabling jumbo frames
igb: loopback bits not correctly cleared from RCTL register
igb: link up/down messages must follow a specific format
igb: Add support for pci-e Advanced Error Reporting
igb/e1000e: Naming interrupt vectors
igb: update handling of RCTL for smaller buffer sizes
igb: Correctly determine pci-e function number in virtual environment
igb: defeature tx head writeback
igb: re-order queues to support cleaner use of ivar on 82576

Alexander van Heukelum (19):
i386, dumpstack: move crash_kexec before bust_spinlocks(0) in oops_end
x86, dumpstack: let signr=0 signal no do_exit
x86_64, dumpstack: move kexec_crash from __die to oops_end
x86, dumpstack: always call oops_exit from oops_end
i386, dumpstack: use x86_64's method to account die_nest_count
i386, dumpstack: use oops_begin/oops_end in die_nmi
i386, dumpstack: unify die()
x86: irq: fix apicinterrupts on 64 bits
x86: entry_64.S: remove whitespace at end of lines
x86: move entry_64.S register saving out of the macros
x86: clean up after: move entry_64.S register saving out of the macros
x86: introduce save_rest and restructure the PTREGSCALL macro in entry_64.S
x86: entry_64.S: factor out save_paranoid and paranoid_exit
x86: entry_64.S: split out some macro's and move common code to paranoid_exit
x86: split out some macro's and move common code to paranoid_exit, fix
x86: include ENTRY/END in entry handlers in entry_64.S
x86: KPROBE_ENTRY should be paired wth KPROBE_END
x86_64: get rid of the use of KPROBE_ENTRY / KPROBE_END
i386: get rid of the use of KPROBE_ENTRY / KPROBE_END

Alexey Dobriyan (92):
net: reduce structures when XFRM=n
net: don't use INIT_RCU_HEAD
xfrm: C99 for xfrm_dev_notifier
xfrm: remove unused struct xfrm_policy::next
net: '&' redux
netfilter: netns-aware ipt_addrtype
netfilter: arptable_filter: merge forward hook
netfilter: netns ebtables: part 1
netfilter: netns ebtables: part 2
netfilter: netns ebtables: more cleanup during ebt_unregister_table()
netfilter: netns ebtables: ebtable_broute in netns
netfilter: netns ebtables: ebtable_filter in netns
netfilter: netns ebtables: ebtable_nat in netns
netfilter: netns ebtables: br_nf_pre_routing_finish() fixup
net: #ifdef ->sk_security
net: mark flow_cache_cpu_prepare() as __init
net: remove struct neigh_table::pde
net: remove struct dst_entry::entry_size
net: ifdef struct sock::sk_async_wait_queue
net: use %pF for /proc/net/ptype
ematch: simpler tcf_em_unregister()
netfilter: xt_recent: don't save proc dirs
netfilter: ip6table_filter: merge LOCAL_IN and FORWARD hooks
netfilter: nf_conntrack_proto_gre: spread __exit
net: fix tunnels in netns after ndo_ changes
ah4/ah6: remove useless NULL assignments
xfrm: remove useless forward declarations
xfrm: initialise xfrm_policy_gc_work statically
netns xfrm: add netns boilerplate
netns xfrm: add struct xfrm_state::xs_net
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state_all list
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state_bydst hash
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state_bysrc hash
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state_byspi hash
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state_hmask
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_state counts
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_hash_work
netns xfrm: per-netns state GC list
netns xfrm: per-netns state GC work
netns xfrm: per-netns km_waitq
netns xfrm: add struct xfrm_policy::xp_net
netns xfrm: per-netns policy list
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_policy_byidx hash
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_policy_byidx hashmask
netns xfrm: per-netns inexact policies
netns xfrm: per-netns xfrm_policy_bydst hash
netns xfrm: per-netns policy counts
netns xfrm: per-netns policy hash resizing work
netns xfrm: propagate netns into bydst/bysrc/byspi hash functions
netns xfrm: trivial netns propagations
netns xfrm: state flush in netns
netns xfrm: state lookup in netns
netns xfrm: fixup xfrm_alloc_spi()
netns xfrm: finding states in netns
netns xfrm: state walking in netns
netns xfrm: propagate netns into policy byidx hash
netns xfrm: policy insertion in netns
netns xfrm: policy flushing in netns
netns xfrm: finding policy in netns
netns xfrm: policy walking in netns
netns xfrm: lookup in netns
netns xfrm: xfrm_policy_check in netns
netns xfrm: xfrm_route_forward() in netns
netns xfrm: flushing/pruning bundles in netns
netns xfrm: dst garbage-collecting in netns
netns xfrm: xfrm_input() fixup
netns xfrm: per-netns NETLINK_XFRM socket
netns xfrm: xfrm_user module in netns
netns xfrm: pass netns with KM notifications
netns xfrm: KM reporting in netns
netns xfrm: ->dst_lookup in netns
netns xfrm: ->get_saddr in netns
netns xfrm: flush SA/SPDs on netns stop
netns PF_KEY: part 1
netns PF_KEY: part 2
netns PF_KEY: per-netns /proc/pfkey
netns xfrm: AH/ESP in netns!
netns xfrm: per-netns MIBs
netns xfrm: /proc/net/xfrm_stat in netns
netns xfrm: per-netns sysctls
sched: move double_unlock_balance() higher
netdev: remove pathetic compile-command lines
UBIFS: fix section mismatch
hydra: fix compilation
simeth: convert to net_device_ops
netns: igmp: allow IPPROTO_IGMP sockets in netns
netns: igmp: make /proc/net/{igmp,mcfilter} per netns
smsc911x: compile fix re netif_rx signature changes
proc: stop using BKL
proc: remove useless WARN_ONs
proc: remove '##' usage
Remove remaining unwinder code

Alexey Fisher (1):
ipw2200: make association only if SSID is known.

Alexey Klimov (14):
V4L/DVB (9518): radio-mr800: remove warn, info and err messages
V4L/DVB (9539): dsbr100: add suspend and resume
V4L/DVB (9540): dsbr100: add disabled controls and fix version
V4L/DVB (9655): radio-mr800: fix unplug
V4L/DVB (10052): radio-mr800: correct unplug, fix to previous patch
V4L/DVB (10053): radio-mr800: disable autosuspend support
V4L/DVB (10054): dsbr100: fix unplug oops
V4L/DVB (10057): dsbr100: place dev_warn instead of printk
V4L/DVB (10058): dsbr100: fix codingstyle, add dev_err messages
V4L/DVB (10059): dsbr100: dev_err instead of dev_warn
V4L/DVB (10060): dsbr100: fix and add right comments
V4L/DVB (10061): dsbr100: increase driver version
V4L/DVB (10062): dsbr100: change return values in 3 functions
HID: don't allow DealExtreme usb-radio be handled by usb hid driver

Alexey Korolev (8):
MTD: nandsim: use less RAM
[MTD] LPDDR qinfo probing.
[MTD] LPDDR QINFO records definitions
[MTD] LPDDR PFOW definition
[MTD] LPDDR Command set driver
[MTD] LPDDR added new pfow_base parameter
[MTD] LPDDR extended physmap driver to support LPDDR flash
[MTD] LPDDR Makefile and KConfig

Alexey Starikovskiy (2):
ACPI: EC: Add some basic check for ECDT data
Newly inserted battery might differ from one just removed, so

Alok Kataria (7):
x86: add a synthetic TSC_RELIABLE feature bit
x86: add X86_FEATURE_HYPERVISOR feature bit
x86: Hypervisor detection and get tsc_freq from hypervisor
x86: Add a synthetic TSC_RELIABLE feature bit.
x86: Skip verification by the watchdog for TSC clocksource.
x86: VMware: Fix vmware_get_tsc code
x86: vmware: look for DMI string in the product serial key

Amit Shah (4):
KVM: x86: Fix typo in function name
KVM: SVM: Set the 'g' bit of the cs selector for cross-vendor migration
KVM: SVM: Set the 'busy' flag of the TR selector
KVM: x86 emulator: Fix handling of VMMCALL instruction

Anders Blomdell (1):
Staging: comedi: add usb dt9812 driver

Anders Larsen (1):
qnx: include <linux/types.h> for definitions of __[us]{8,16,32,64} types

Andi Kleen (6):
x86: remove simnow earlyprintk support
dm: support barriers on simple devices
kconfig: add script to manipulate .config files on the command line
kbuild: add a symlink to the source for separate objdirs
x86: only scan the root bus in early PCI quirks
compiler-gcc.h: add more comments to RELOC_HIDE

Andre Noll (9):
md: raid0_make_request(): Replace chunksize_bits by chunksect_bits.
md: raid0_make_request(): Remove local variable chunk_size.
md: raid0_make_request(): Replace local variable block by sector.
md: raid0: Represent device offset in sectors.
md: raid0: Represent zone->zone_offset in sectors.
md: raid0 create_strip_zones(): Make two local variables sector-based.
md: raid0 create_strip_zones(): Add KERN_INFO/KERN_ERR to printk's.
md: raid0: Represent the size of strip zones in sectors.
md: raid0: make hash_spacing and preshift sector-based.

Andreas Eversberg (14):
mISDN: Add feature via MISDN_CTRL_FILL_EMPTY to fill fifo if empty
mISDN: Add some debug option for clock problems
mISDN: Fix queue limit counting problem
mISDN: Fixed more indexing bugs
mISDN: Add ISDN sample clock API to mISDN core
mISDN: Fix irq detection
mISDN: Fix deactivation, if peer IP is removed from l1oip instance.
mISDN: Correct busy device detection
mISDN: Minor fixes
mISDN: Add different different timer settings for hfc-pci
mISDN: Add missing release functions
mISDN: Minor cleanups
mISDN: Added missing create_l1() call
mISDN: Fix kernel crash when doing hardware conference with more than two members

Andreas Gruenbacher (2):
genksyms: track symbol checksum changes
genksyms: allow to ignore symbol checksum changes

Andreas Herrmann (10):
x86: microcode_amd: fix wrong handling of equivalent CPU id
x86: microcode_amd: fix typos and trailing whitespaces in log messages
x86: microcode_amd: fix checkpatch warnings/errors
x86: microcode_amd: fix compile warning
x86: microcode_amd: don't pass superfluous function pointer for get_ucode_data
x86: microcode_amd: replace inline asm by common rdmsr/wrmsr functions
x86: microcode_amd: consolidate macro definitions
x86: microcode_amd: remove (wrong) chipset deivce ID checks
x86: microcode_amd: use 'packed' attribute for structs
x86: microcode_amd: modify log messages

Andreas Oberritter (1):
V4L/DVB (9361): Dynamic DVB minor allocation

Andres Salomon (13):
ALSA: cs5535audio: stick AD1888 bitshift values into a header file
ALSA: cs5535audio: suspend/resume callbacks are only defined with CONFIG_PM
ALSA: cs5535audio: invert EAPD for OLPC (newer than B3)
ALSA: cs5535audio: drop ec_analog_input flag for OLPC stuff
ALSA: cs5535audio: decouple HPF from V_REFOUT in OLPC code
ALSA: cs5535audio: create function for setting OLPC's Analog Input mode
ALSA: cs5535audio: rename OLPC's analog input control && drop AD1888's HPF
ALSA: cs5535audio: check OLPC's Analog Input status vis GPIO
ALSA: cs5535audio: rename V_REFOUT control to MIC Bias
ALSA: cs5535audio: for OLPC, default to Analog Input being off
ALSA: cs5535audio: turn off mic bias on OLPCs by default
ALSA: cs5535audio: clean up OLPC code
ALSA: cs5535audio: ensure MIC Bias/Analog Input bail if not on an OLPC machine

Andrew Morton (11):
lock debug: sit tight when we are already in a panic
profiling: clean up profile_nop()
drivers/net/smc911x.c: smc911x_drv_probe() cleanup
dlm: fs/dlm/ast.c: fix warning
devpts: fix unused function warning
drivers/char/cyclades.c: cy_pci_probe: fix error path
mm: write_cache_pages more terminate quickly
vmscan: shrink_active_list(): reduce lru_lock hold time
dma_alloc_from_coherent(): fix fallback to generic memory
dma_alloc_coherent: clean it up
PCI: uninline pci_ioremap_bar()

Andrew Patterson (8):
ACPI/PCI: include missing acpi.h file in pci-acpi.h.
ACPI/PCI: call _OSC support during root bridge discovery
ACPI/PCI: PCI extended config _OSC support called when root bridge added
ACPI/PCI: PCIe ASPM _OSC support capabilities called when root bridge added
ACPI/PCI: PCIe AER _OSC support capabilities called when root bridge added
ACPI/PCI: PCI MSI _OSC support capabilities called when root bridge added
ACPI/PCI: remove obsolete _OSC capability support functions
PCI: Use msleep instead of cpu_relax during ASPM link retraining

Andrew Vasquez (8):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Remove support for reading/writing HW-event-log.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Don't fallback to interrupt-polling during re-initialization with MSI-X enabled.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Don't pollute kernel logs with ZIO/RIO status messages.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Collapse EFT/FCE copy procedures during a firmware dump.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct MQ-chain information retrieval during a firmware dump.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Use proper request/response queues with MQ instantiations.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Add ISP81XX support.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to 8.03.00-k1.

Andrew Victor (4):
[ARM] 5287/2: [AT91] Configuration of Static Memory Controller
[ARM] 5288/1: [AT91] Remove SMC configuration from devices.c files
[ARM] 5289/1: [AT91] Convert boards to use sam9_smc_configure()
[ARM] 5290/1: [AT91] Add support for the Adeneo NeoCore 926 board

Andrey Borzenkov (3):
orinoco: reload firmware on resume
orinoco: cache downloadable firmware image in memory for use during resume
orinoco: indicate it is using dBm in wireless_stats and spy

Andrey Yurovsky (4):
ath5k: fix mesh point operation
mac80211: allow all interfaces types to handle RX action frames
mac80211: disable BSSID filtering for mesh interfaces
mac80211_hwsim: enable Mesh Point operation

Andy Adamson (4):
NFS: remove white space from nfs4xdr.c
NFS: fix tabs in nfs4xdr.c
NFS: increment number of operations in each encode routine
NFS: remove unused status from encode routines

Andy Fleming (6):
gianfar: Use gfar_halt to stop DMA in gfar_probe
gianfar: Convert gianfar to an of_platform_driver
gianfar: Add macros for stepping through BDs
phylib: Remove unnecessary "reset" fixups in genphy_setup_forced
gianfar: Fix packet drop when out of memory
gianfar: Continue polling until both tx and rx are empty

Andy Gospodarek (1):
bonding: update docs to correctly reflect arp_ip_target behavior

Andy Spencer (1):
i8k: Enable i8k on Dell Precision Systems

Andy Walls (39):
V4L/DVB (9474): cx18: Remove redundant block scope variable in cx18_probe() for sparse
V4L/DVB (9512): cx18: Fix write retries for registers that always change - part 3.
V4L/DVB (9514): cx18: Fix PLL freq computation for debug display
V4L/DVB (9513): cx18: Reduce number of mmio read retries
V4L/DVB (9592): cx18: Use default kernel work queue; fix streaming flag for work handler
V4L/DVB (9593): cx18: Add outgoing mailbox mutexes and check for ack via waitq vs poll
V4L/DVB (9594): cx18: Roll driver version number due to significant changes
V4L/DVB (9595): cx18: Improve handling of outgoing mailboxes detected to be busy
V4L/DVB (9596): cx18: Further changes to improve mailbox protocol integrity & performnce
V4L/DVB (9597): cx18: Minor fixes to APU firmware load process
V4L/DVB (9598): cx18: Prevent CX23418 from clearing it's outgoing ack interrupts to driver
V4L/DVB (9599): cx18: Fix unitialized variable problem upon APU firmware file read failure
V4L/DVB (9720): cx18: Major rewrite of interrupt handling for incoming mailbox processing
V4L/DVB (9721): cx18: Change to singlethreaded global work queue thread for deferable work
V4L/DVB (9722): cx18: Convert per stream queue spinlocks into mutexes
V4L/DVB (9723): cx18: Propagate staleness of mailbox and mdl ack data to work handler
V4L/DVB (9724): cx18: Streamline cx18-io[ch] wrappers and enforce MMIO retry strategy
V4L/DVB (9725): cx18: Remove unnecessary MMIO accesses in time critical irq handling path
V4L/DVB (9726): cx18: Restore buffers that have fallen out of the transfer rotation
V4L/DVB (9727): cx18: Adjust outgoing mailbox timeouts and remove statistics logging
V4L/DVB (9728): cx18: Copyright attribution update for files modified by awalls
V4L/DVB (9729): cx18: Update version due to significant irq handling changes
V4L/DVB (9730): cx18: Quiet a sometimes common warning that often has benign consequences
V4L/DVB (9776): cx18: Change to per CX23418 device work queues for deferrable work handling
V4L/DVB (9778): cx18: cx18_writel_expect() should not declare success on a PCI read error
V4L/DVB (9800): cx18: Eliminate q_io from stream buffer handling
V4L/DVB (9801): cx18: Allow more than 63 capture buffers in rotation per stream
V4L/DVB (9802): cx18: Add module parameters for finer control over buffer allocations
V4L/DVB (9803): cx18: Increment version number due to siginificant buffering changes
V4L/DVB (9804): cx18: Avoid making firmware API calls with the queue lock held
V4L/DVB (9805): cx18: Port fix for raw/sliced VBI mixup from ivtv and cx25840
V4L/DVB (9806): cx18: Enable raw VBI capture
V4L/DVB (9891): cx18 Replace magic number 63 with CX18_MAX_FW_MDLS_PER_STREAM
V4L/DVB (9892): cx18: VBI comment corrections and comments about VBI issues
V4L/DVB (9893): cx18: Convert some list manipulations to emphasize entries not lists
V4L/DVB (9894): cx18: Use a known open task handle when setting stream CX2341x parameters
V4L/DVB (9895): cx18: Refine the firmware load and firmware startup process
V4L/DVB (9936): cx18: Disable locking of Video and Audio PLL for analog captures
V4L/DVB (9937): cx18: Use a consistent crystal value for computing all PLL parameters

Andy Whitcroft (22):
netfilter: ip{,6}t_policy.h should include xp_policy.h
serial: RS485 ioctl structure uses __u32 include linux/types.h
checkpatch: add checks for in_atomic()
checkpatch: comment detection may miss an implied comment on the last hunk
checkpatch: widen implied comment detection to allow multiple stars
checkpatch: structure member assignments are not complex
checkpatch: __weak is an official attribute
checkpatch: detect multiple bitfield declarations
checkpatch: comment ends inside strings is most likely not an open comment
checkpatch: dissallow spaces between stars in pointer types
checkpatch: version: 0.25
checkpatch: update MAINTAINERS entry
checkpatch: update copyrights
checkpatch: allow parentheses on return for comparisons
checkpatch: loosen spacing on typedef function checks
checkpatch: fix continuation detection when handling spacing on operators
checkpatch: track #ifdef/#else/#endif when tracking blocks
checkpatch: do not report nr_static as a static declaration
checkpatch: ensure we actually detect if assignments split across lines
checkpatch: struct file_operations should normally be const
checkpatch: fix the perlcritic errors
checkpatch: version: 0.26

Aneesh (2):
btrfs: Code cleanup
Btrfs: Some code cleanups

Aneesh Kumar K.V (21):
ext4: Fix the delalloc writepages to allocate blocks at the right offset.
ext4: avoid ext4_error when mounting a fs with a single bg
ext4: Don't overwrite allocation_context ac_status
ext4: sparse fixes
ext4: Add blocks added during resize to bitmap
ext4: Use EXT4_GROUP_INFO_NEED_INIT_BIT during resize
ext4: cleanup mballoc header files
jbd2: Call journal commit callback without holding j_list_lock
tracing: branch tracer, fix writing to trace/trace_options
ext4: don't use blocks freed but not yet committed in buddy cache init
ext4: Fix lockdep recursive locking warning
ext4: fix BUG when calling ext4_error with locked block group
ext4: Fix race between read_block_bitmap() and mark_diskspace_used()
ext4: Use high 16 bits of the block group descriptor's free counts fields
ext4: code cleanup
ext4: Fix the race between read_inode_bitmap() and ext4_new_inode()
ext4: Use new buffer_head flag to check uninit group bitmaps initialization
ext4: mark the blocks/inode bitmap beyond end of group as used
ext4: Don't allow new groups to be added during block allocation
ext4: Init the complete page while building buddy cache
ext4: Fix s_dirty_blocks_counter if block allocation failed with nodelalloc

Anirban Chakraborty (6):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Refactor qla data structures
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Code changes for qla data structure refactoring
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Fix for build warning
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Code changes for vport bus reset
[SCSI] qla2xxx: add support for multi-queue adapter
[SCSI] qla2xxx: changes in multiq code

Anisse Astier (1):
trivial: chack -> check typo fix in main Makefile

Anna Neal (2):
libertas: Fine grained configuration of wake-on-lan.
libertas: Create sysfs entry for changing the mesh probe response limit

Anne Smorthit (1):
Staging: comedi: add icp_multi driver

Anton Vorontsov (41):
powerpc: Remove device_type = "rtc" properties in .dts files
[ARM] pxa: add basic support for HP iPAQ h5000
powerpc and sparc: Introduce dev_archdata node accessors
of/i2c: Fill the archdata for I2C devices
of/gpio: Implement of_get_gpio_flags()
powerpc/qe: Move cmxgcr_lock definition from the ucc.c into the qe.c
powerpc: Remove `have_of' global variable
ucc_geth: Fix endless loop in stop_{tx,rx} routines
ucc_geth: Fix TX watchdog timeout handling
ucc_geth: Fix IRQ freeing code in ucc_geth_open()
ucc_geth: Cleanup repetitive ucc_geth_memclean() calls
ucc_geth: Fix IO memory (un)mapping code
ucc_geth: Remove UGETH_FILTERING dead code
of: Minor simplification for the of_parse_phandles_with_args()
of: of_parse_phandles_with_args() learns to differentiate 'hole' cells
of/gpio: Implement of_gpio_count()
powerpc: Make default kexec/crash_kernel ops implicit
powerpc: Remove default kexec/crash_kernel ops assignments
powerpc: Prepare xmon_save_regs for use with kdump
powerpc/32/kdump: Implement crash_setup_regs() using ppc_save_regs()
powerpc/32: Allow __ioremap on RAM addresses for kdump kernel
ucc_geth: Eliminate the need for forward references
powerpc: Implement get_brgfreq() and get_baudrate() stubs
powerpc/83xx: Fix sparse warnings in board files
powerpc/83xx: Fix sparse warnings in mpc836x_mds.c
powerpc/qe: Implement QE Pin Multiplexing API
powerpc: Add device tree bindings for BCSR GPIO banks
powerpc: Implement GPIO driver for simple memory-mapped banks
powerpc/83xx: Add USB Host/Gadget support for MPC8360E-MDS boards
powerpc/83xx: Add USB Host support for MPC8360E-RDK boards
powerpc/fsl_pci: Fix sparse warnings
powerpc/83xx: Fix few build errors with CONFIG_QUICC_ENGINE=n
powerpc/qe: Fix few build errors with CONFIG_QUICC_ENGINE=n
powerpc/qe: Select QE_USB with USB_GADGET_FSL_QE
mmc: Add mmc_vddrange_to_ocrmask() helper function
mmc_spi: Add support for OpenFirmware bindings
rtc: bunch of drivers: fix 'no irq' case handing
USB: protect hcd.h from multiple inclusions
USB: fsl_qe_udc: Check for muram allocation errors
powerpc/kdump: Use ppc_save_regs() in crash_setup_regs()
powerpc/mm: Make clear_fixmap() actually work

Antonio Ospite (7):
V4L/DVB (9682): gspca: New subdriver parameter 'bulk_nurbs'.
V4L/DVB (9712): gspca:Subdriver ov534 added.
V4L/DVB (9855): gspca: Simplify frame rate setting and debug in ov534.
V4L/DVB (9856): gspca: Use u8 values for USB control messages in ov534.
V4L/DVB (9857): gspca: Use smaller chunks for urb buffer in ov534.
V4L/DVB (9882): gspca - ov534: Fix typo.
V4L/DVB (9883): gspca - ov534: Show sensor ID.

Antti Palosaari (1):
V4L/DVB (9526): af9015: add support for KWorld USB DVB-T TV Stick II (VS-DVBT 395U)

Aoi Shinkai (1):
sh: Delete unnecessary mov in the interrupt exception entry point.

Aristeu Rozanski (3):
x86, NMI watchdog: add support to enable and disable IOAPIC NMI
x86, NMI watchdog: disable NMIs on LVT0 in case NMI watchdog is not working
x86, nmi-watchdog: update procfs nmi_watchdog file documentation v2

Arjan van de Ven (38):
debug: add notifier chain debugging
debug: add notifier chain debugging, v2
x86: corruption-check: fix some style issues
x86: corruption check: move the corruption checks into their own file
x86: corruption check: run the corruption checks from a work queue
x86: corruption-check: some post-move cleanups
mutex: improve header comment to be actually informative about the API
pci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/net
tracing: add "power-tracer": C/P state tracer to help power optimization
debug warnings: consolidate warn_slowpath and warn_on_slowpath
debug warnings: print the DMI board info name in a WARN/WARN_ON
scripts: improve the decodecode script
resources: skip sanity check of busy resources
[SCSI] advansys, arcmsr, ipr, nsp32, qla1280, stex: use pci_ioremap_bar()
pci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/mmc
expand some comments (d_path / seq_path)
UIO: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/uio
pci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/misc
oops: increment the oops UUID every time we oops
scripts: script from kerneloops.org to pretty print oops dumps
pci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/video
pci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/edac
async: Asynchronous function calls to speed up kernel boot
fastboot: make scsi probes asynchronous
fastboot: make the libata port scan asynchronous
fastboot: Make libata initialization even more async
async: make the final inode deletion an asynchronous event
bootchart: improve output based on Dave Jones' feedback
async: don't do the initcall stuff post boot
USB: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/usb
resource: allow MMIO exclusivity for device drivers
bootchart: improve output based on Dave Jones' feedback
async: make async_synchronize_full() more serializing
partial revert of asynchronous inode delete
async: make async a command line option for now
libata: Add a per-host flag to opt-in into parallel port probes
libata: only ports >= 0 need to synchronize
bootgraph: make the bootgraph script show async waiting time

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (3):
markers: add missing stdargs.h include, needed due to va_list usage
blktrace: port to tracepoints
dccp_diag: LISTEN sockets don't have CCIDs

Arnaud Ebalard (1):
net: Remove unused parameter of xfrm_gen_index()

Arnd Bergmann (1):
powerpc/cell: fix build breakage with CONFIG_SPUFS disabled

Artem Bityutskiy (51):
UBIFS: slight compression optimization
UBIFS: use bit-fields to store compression type
UBIFS: introduce compression mount options
UBIFS: separate debugging fields out
UBIFS: add debugfs support
UBIFS: run debugging checks only if they are enabled
UBIFS: dump stack in LPT check functions
UBIFS: introduce LPT dump function
UBI: fix warnings when debugging is enabled
UBI: fix deadlock
UBI: some code re-structuring
UBI: fix error path
UBI: handle write errors in WL worker
MTD: tests: add mtd_oobtest
MTD: tests: add mtd_pagetest
MTD: tests: add mtd_readtest
MTD: tests: add mtd_speedtest
MTD: tests: add mtd_stresstest
MTD: tests: add mtd_subpagetest
UBI: document UBI ioctls
MTD: tests: add mtd_torturetest
MTD: add MTD tests to compilation
[MTD] fix dataflash 64-bit divisions
[MTD] fix m25p80 64-bit divisions
UBIFS: use PAGE_CACHE_MASK correctly
UBIFS: fix tnc dumping
UBIFS: improve budgeting dump
UBIFS: various comment improvements and fixes
UBIFS: fix available blocks count
UBIFS: use nicer 64-bit math
UBIFS: re-calculate min_idx_size after the commit
UBIFS: avoid unnecessary calculations
UBI: fix checkpatch.pl warnings
UBIFS: fix constants initialization
UBIFS: fix file-system synchronization
UBIFS: always commit in sync_fs
UBIFS: use ubi_sync
UBIFS: always commit on unmount
UBIFS: restore budg_uncommitted_idx
UBIFS: do not lie about used blocks
UBIFS: simplify make_free_space
UBIFS: fix sparse warnings
UBIFS: fix checkpatch.pl warnings
UBIFS: fix writing uncompressed files
UBIFS: allow mounting when short of space
UBIFS: fix numerous spelling mistakes
UBIFS: print debugging messages properly
UBIFS: add more useful debugging prints
UBIFS: do not use WB_SYNC_HOLD
[JFFS2] remove junk prototypes
rbtree: add const qualifier to some functions

Arun KS (3):
ASoC: Add support for omap2evm board
ASoC: Fix TWL4030 Kconfig dependency
ARM: OMAP3: Pin multiplexing updates for 24xx and 34xx

Arun R Bharadwaj (1):
sched: add uid information to sched_debug for CONFIG_USER_SCHED

Arve Hjønnevåg (2):
Staging: android: add binder driver
Staging: android: add ram_console driver

Arvo Jarve (7):
V4L/DVB (9345): Add event with changed status only
V4L/DVB (9429): Add support for the Satelco Easywatch DVB-S2 PCI card
V4L/DVB (9430): stb0899: avoid parameter overwriting
V4L/DVB (9432): Increment the AGC1 and AGC2 gain respectively, improves sensitivity slightly
V4L/DVB (9433): Limit bandwidth with a 3dB response fall
V4L/DVB (9438): Bug! RTF is signed
V4L/DVB (9440): Bug in previous commit

Atsushi Nemoto (6):
tc35815: Define more Rx status bits
[MTD] physmap: fix leak of memory returned by parse_mtd_partitions
tc35815: Enable StripCRC feature
tx4939ide: Do not use zero count PRD entry
tx493[89]ide: Fix length for __ide_flush_dcache_range
rtc: add rtc-tx4939 driver

Avi Kivity (13):
KVM: VMX: Conditionally request interrupt window after injecting irq
KVM: x86 emulator: reduce duplication in one operand emulation thunks
KVM: x86 emulator: consolidate emulation of two operand instructions
KVM: x86 emulator: Extract 'pop' sequence into a function
KVM: x86 emulator: allow pop from mmio
KVM: x86 emulator: switch 'pop reg' instruction to emulate_pop()
KVM: x86 emulator: fix ret emulation
KVM: x86 emulator: fix popf emulation
KVM: Remove extraneous semicolon after do/while
KVM: Advertise the bug in memory region destruction as fixed
KVM: Consolidate userspace memory capability reporting into common code
KVM: MMU: Don't treat a global pte as such if cr4.pge is cleared
KVM: Add locking to virtual i8259 interrupt controller

BARRE Sebastien (1):
rtc-ds1307: SMBus compatibility

Babu Moger (1):
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: Add LSI vendor and product ids in rdac device list

Bahadir Balban (1):
RealView: Add support for the Cortex-A8 Platform Baseboard

Balaji Rao (3):
Btrfs: Remove unused variable in fixup_tree_root_location
Introduce btrfs_iget helper
NFS support for btrfs - v3

Balazs Scheidler (1):
TPROXY: implemented IP_RECVORIGDSTADDR socket option

Balbir Singh (4):
memcg: memory cgroup hierarchy documentation
memcg: memory cgroup resource counters for hierarchy
memcg: memory cgroup hierarchical reclaim
memcg: memory cgroup hierarchy feature selector

Baodong Chen (1):
Documentation/x86/boot.txt: payload length was changed to payload_length

Barry Naujok (4):
[XFS] Remove final remnants of dirv1 macros and other stuff
[XFS] Sync up kernel and user-space headers
[XFS] Check agf_btreeblks is valid when reading in the AGF
[XFS] Show buffer address with debug hexdump on corruption

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (72):
ide: fix IDE ACPI regression breaking suspend
ide: unify ide_intr()'s exit points
ide: IDE settings don't need an ide_lock held
ide: __ide_port_unregister_devices() doesn't need an ide_lock held
ide: ide_hwgroup_t.rq doesn't need an ide_lock held
ide: push ide_lock to __ide_end_request()
ide: ide_lock + __blk_end_request() -> blk_end_request()
ide: use queue lock instead of ide_lock when possible
ide: replace the global ide_lock spinlock by per-hwgroup spinlocks (v2)
ide: cleanup ide_do_request()
ide-cd: remove obsolete seek optimization
ali14xx: doesn't use shared IRQs
cmd64x: set IDE_HFLAG_SERIALIZE explictly for CMD646
gayle: set IDE_HFLAG_SERIALIZE explictly
ide: fix ->quirk_list checking in ide_do_request()
ide: always set nIEN on idle devices
rz1000: apply chipset quirks early (v2)
ide: add ->max_sectors field to struct ide_port_info
trm290: add IDE_HFLAG_TRM290 host flag
cy82c693: remove superfluous ide_cy82c693 chipset type
ide: rework handling of serialized ports (v2)
ide: remove redundant code from ide_end_drive_cmd()
ide: remove inline tags from ide-probe.c
ide: checkpatch.pl fixes for ide-lib.c
ide: use ATA_DMA_* defines in ide-dma-sff.c
ide: move Power Management support to ide-pm.c
ide: move legacy ISA/VLB ports handling to ide-legacy.c (v2)
ide: remove superfluous local_irq_{save,restore}() from ide_dump_status()
ide: push local_irq_{save,restore}() to do_identify()
ide-cd: remove dead dsc_overlap setting
tx493x: fix indentation
ide: remove chipset type fixup from ide_host_register()
ide: small ide_register_port() cleanup
ide: factor out device type classifying from do_identify()
ide: move sysfs support to ide-sysfs.c
ide: don't execute the next queued command from the hard-IRQ context (v2)
ide: remove IDE PM hack from do_ide_request()
ide: remove "paranoia" checks for hwgroup->busy
ide: add ide_[un]lock_hwgroup() helpers
ide: use per-device request queue locks (v2)
ide: fix LOCKDEP warning
ide: fix setting nIEN on idle devices
ide: add ->cur_port to struct ide_host and use it for serialized hosts
ide: use per-port IRQ handlers
ide: remove hwgroup->hwif and {drive,hwif}->next
ide: use lock bitops for ports serialization (v2)
ide: merge ide_hwgroup_t with ide_hwif_t (v2)
ide: update ide_unregister() documentation
ide: move ide_init_port_data() and friends to ide-probe.c
ide: remove HWIF() macro
ide: remove local_irq_set() macro
ide: remove ide_pci_enablebit_t typedef
ide: remove 'byte' typedef
ide: remove ide_driver_t typedef
ide: unexport ide_wait_not_busy()
ide: remove ->error method from struct ide_driver
amd74xx: use ide_get_pair_dev() helper
cmd640: use ide_get_pair_dev() helper
cmd64x: use ide_get_pair_dev() helper
it821x: use ide_get_pair_dev() helper
ide: NUMA aware allocation of host and port structures
ide: dynamic allocation of device structures
ide: add port and host iterators
ide: make "paranoia" ->handler check in ide_intr() more strict
ide: use ide_pci_is_in_compatibility_mode() helper in setup-pci.c
ide: remove superfluous hwif variable assignment from ide_timer_expiry()
ide: struct ide_atapi_pc - remove unused fields and update documentation
ide: remove unused ide_hwif_t.sg_mapped field
ide: remove now redundant ->cur_dev checks
ide: fix ide_port_scan() to do ACPI setup after initializing request queues
ide: update warm-plug HOWTO
piix: sync ich_laptop[] with ata_piix.c

Baruch Siach (2):
enc28j60: reduce the number of spi transfers in enc28j60_set_bank()
enc28j60: fix RX buffer overflow

Bastian Blank (1):
sparc: Use 64BIT config entry

Becky Bruce (5):
powerpc: Add sync_*_for_* to dma_ops
powerpc: Fix !CONFIG_PPC_NEED_DMA_SYNC_OPS build warning
swiotlb: store phys address in io_tlb_orig_addr array
swiotlb: add support for systems with highmem
powerpc/86xx: Update 8641hpcn dts file to match latest u-boot

Ben Dooks (137):
[ARM] S3C: Move regs-watchdog.h to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat
[ARM] S3C: Move i2c headers to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat.
[ARM] S3C: Move regs-rtc.h to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat
[ARM] S3C: Move nand headers to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat
[ARM] S3C: Move regs-ac97.h to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat.
[ARM] S3C24XX: Movev udc headers to arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx/include/plat
[ARM] S3C: Move plat/regs-spi.h to arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat.
[ARM] S3C24XX: Move mci.h to arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx/include/plat
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into s3c-moves2
[ARM] KS8695: Add GPIO to IRQ mapping function
[ARM] S3C24XX: Default SPI pin configuration for SPI
[ARM] S3C: Add <plat/cpu-freq.h> for initial cpufreq definitions
[ARM] S3C2410: Move base clock code to plat-s3c24xx
[ARM] S3C: Make <mach/timex.h> common
[ARM] S3C24XX: Move vmalloc.h to plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add default <mach/io.h> header
[ARM] S3C24XX: Move initialisation code to arch/arm/plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C24XX: Split DCLK/CLKOUT definitions out of clock.c
[ARM] S3C24XX: Split pll code out of regs-clock.h
[ARM] CPUFREQ: S3C24XX serial CPU frequency scaling support.
[ARM] S3C24XX: Change clock locking to use spinlocks.
[ARM] S3C24XX: Update clock data on resume
[ARM] S3C24XX: Move headers from plat-s3c24xx to plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C: Move S3C2410_EXTINT to common regs-irqtype.h header
[ARM] S3C: Move time.c to arch/arm/plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C: Move core clock support to plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C: Move pwm-clock.c to arch/arm/plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C: BUG_ON() if clock has already been registered
[ARM] S3C24XX: Reduce code lineage of gpiolib.c
[ARM] S3C: Add set_rate/round_rate methods for pwm-scaler clock
[ARM] S3C: Fix scaler1 clock rate information
[ARM] S3C24A0: Debug macro definitions
[ARM] S3C24XX: Split map.h into plat-s3c24xx and mach-s3c2410
[ARM] S3C24A0: Initial architecture support files
[ARM] S3C24XX: Split timer pending code out
[ARM] S3C64XX: Initial arch directory
[ARM] S3C64XX: Initial arch header files
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add <mach/entry-macro.S>
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add <mach/debug-macro.S>
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add <plat/regs-clock.h>
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add system boot-time support
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add UARTdevice definitions
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add IRQ definitions for VIC0 and VIC1
[ARM] S3C64XX: Basic CPU detection and map initialisation
[ARM] S3C6410: Initial CPU support code
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add VIC0 and VIC1 sourced interripts
[ARM] S3C6400: Add <mach/tick.h>
[ARM] S3C: Fix PWM build on S3C6400
[ARM] S3C64XX: Map timer memory and interrupts
[ARM] S3C64XX: Common init code for S3C6400 and S3C6410
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add PLL definitions
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add initial clock framework
[ARM] S3C: Add TICK_MAX for timer code
[ARM] S3C64XX: Clock support for S3C6400/S3C6410
[ARM] S3C6400: serial support for S3C6400 and S3C6410 SoCs
[ARM] S3C: Update serial driver IRQ handling
[ARM] S3C64XX: Demux UART interrupts
[ARM] VIC: Update asm/hardware/vic.h with PL192 information
[ARM] S3C64XX: Map GPIO block
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add IRQ_EINT support
[ARM] SMDK6410: Initial machine support
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add s3c6400_defconfig
[ARM] S3C64XX: Reduce some output from INFO to DEBUG
[ARM] S3C64XX: Fix warnings from map_io initilaisers
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add external interrupt group definitions
[ARM] S3C: Move HSMMC device definition to plat-s3ec
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add HSMMC0 device
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add gpio bank numbering
[ARM] S3C: Move common GPIO code from plat-s3c24xx
[ARM] S3C: Add GPIO chip tracking
[ARM] S3C64XX: GPIO library support
[ARM] S3C: Add new GPIO configuration calls
[ARM] S3C6400: Register clk_fout_epll
[ARM] S3C6XX: Add enable for clk_48
[ARM] S3C: Add Samsung SDHCI register definitions
[ARM] S3C6410: Add helper for setting SDHCI device information
[ARM] S3C: Add SDHCI (HSMMC) channel 1 device definition
[ARM] S3C: Make i2c device definition common to plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C64XX: GPIO definitions for BANKS A,B,C
[ARM] S3C64XX: GPIO definitions for BANKS D,E,F
[ARM] S3C64XX: GPIO definitions for BANKS G,H,I,J
[ARM] S3C64XX: GPIO definitions for BANKS N,O,P,Q
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add i2c device setup for I2C device 0
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add i2c device
[ARM] S3C64XX: Setup functions for i2c bus 1.
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add second I2C channel.
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add I2C device board information
[ARM] S3C: Add header for initial i2c device core setup.
[ARM] S3C64XX: Fix missing definition of s3c64xx_init_io()
[ARM] S3C64XX: Fix MMC0 clock source register mask
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add availability of second hsmmc channel
[ARM] s3c6400_defconfig: Add I2C driver and devices
[ARM] s3c6400_defconfig: Add SDHCI driver
[ARM] S3C6410: Fix gpio configuration for channel 1.
[ARM] S3C: Fix SDHCI setup compilation
[ARM] S3C: Add register defines for new style framebuffer
[ARM] S3C: Add i2c1 device definition
[ARM] S3C: Add new FB device definition
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add standard S3C64XX 24BPP LCD GPIO setup
[ARM] SMDK6410: Add LCD (LCD48WVGA) definitions
[ARM] S3C64XX: Update TCFG for new timer divider settings.
[ARM] S3C: Update time initialisation to fix S3C64XX time problems
[ARM] S3C: Add UART FIFO selection during arch decompression
i2c-s3c2410: Fixup style problems from checkpatch.pl
i2c-s3c2410: Use platform data for gpio configuration
i2c-s3c2410: Remove default platform data.
i2c-s3c2410: Allow more than one i2c-s3c2410 adapter
i2c-s3c2410: Change IRQ to be plain integer.
Merge branch 'i2c-for-ben' of git://git.kernel.org/.../tmlind/linux-omap-2.6 into i2c-next
i2c-omap: fix type of irq handler function
[ARM] S3C24XX: ADC driver core
[ARM] JIVE: fix spi gpio implementation
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add extra GPIOs via Kconfig
[ARM] ANUBIS: Add SM501 GPIO and update I2C setup
[ARM] AT2440EVB: LCD frame buffer support.
Merge branch 'next-s3c24xx' into next-merged
Merge branch 'next-s3c64xx' into next-merged
Merge branch 'next-s3c64xx-device' into next-merged
[ARM] S3C: Update number of serial ports
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add fourth UART definition for S3C2443
[ARM] S3C64XX: Remove __virt_to_bus/__bus_to_virt macros
[ARM] S3C: Remove cpufreq warnings for unset serial information
[ARM] S3C24A0: Remove duplicate <mach/io.h> file
[ARM] S3C: Remove unnecessary <linux/delay.h> includes
[ARM] 5349/1: VFP: Add PM code to save and restore current VFP state
[ARM] S3C64XX: Ensure CPU_V6 is selected
Merge branch 'i2c-next-s3c' into i2c-next
spi: use generic gpio calls in spi_s3c24xx_gpio
USB: gadget: s3c2410_udc uses standard GPIO calls
[ARM] arch/arm/kernel/isa.c: missing definition of register_isa_ports
[ARM] footbridge: add isa_init_irq() to common header
[ARM] footbridge: dc21285.c warning fixes
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add gpio_to_irq() facility
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add gpio_to_irq implementation

Ben Efros (2):
USB: storage devices and SAT
USB: storage: Flag devices known to support SANE_SENSE

Ben Greear (1):
ipv4: Fix ARP behavior with many mac-vlans

Ben Hutchings (43):
sfc: Correct address of gPXE boot configuration in EEPROM
sfc: Clean up non-volatile memory partitioning
sfc: Expose flash region storing boot code as MTD
sfc: Use lm87 and lm90 drivers for board temperature/power monitoring
sfc: Do not reset when hardware monitor detects a fault
sfc: Fix dependency for SFC_MTD
sfc: Board support fixes
sfc: Change SPI lengths to type size_t
sfc: Remove unneeded register write
sfc: Correct interpretation of second param to ethtool phys_id()
sfc: Clean up waits for flash/EEPROM operations
sfc: Work around unreliable strap pins
sfc: Restore phy_flash_cfg module parameter
sfc: Provide hints to irqbalance daemon
sfc: Abbreviate self-test names so they are not truncated
sfc: Don't count RX checksum errors during loopback self-test
sfc: Remove MII extension cruft
sfc: Add support for MMDs numbered >15
sfc: Add phy_type device attribute
sfc: Clean up board identification
sfc: Clean up MDIO flag setting
sfc: Add support for sub-10G speeds
sfc: Implement auto-negotiation
sfc: Rework MAC, PHY and board event handling
sfc: Add support for Solarflare 10Xpress SFT9001
sfc: Add support for SFN4111T
sfc: Remove leading spaces
sfc: Specify a meaningful component for loopback RX-side and PHY tests
sfc: Use mutex_lock_interruptible() for ethtool EEPROM access
sfc: Use model numbers for PHY type names
sfc: Use kzalloc() to ensure struct efx_spi_device is fully initialised
sfc: Fix synchronisation of efx_mtd_{probe,rename,remove}
sfc: Version 2.3
sfc: Generate unique names for per-NIC workqueues
sfc: Fix unreliable link detection in some loopback modes
sfc: Clean up PHY mode management in loopback self-test
sfc: Merge top-level functions for self-tests
sfc: Add support for multiple PHY self-tests
sfc: SFT9001: Add cable diagnostics
sfc: When disabling the NIC, close the device rather than unregistering it
sfc: If AN is enabled, always read speed/duplex from the AN advertising bits
PCI: Add pci_clear_master() as opposite of pci_set_master()
net: sfc: Use pci_clear_master() to disable bus mastering

Ben Nizette (1):
avr32: Remove DMATEST from defconfigs

Ben Stanley (2):
ALSA: ca0106 Add comments to snd_ca0106_details struct
ALSA: ca0106 MSI K8N Diamond MB spi_dac 2->1

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (33):
powerpc: Fix domain numbers in /proc on 64-bit
powerpc: Silence software timebase sync
powerpc/pci: Cleanup debug printk's
powerpc/pci: Use common PHB resource hookup
powerpc/pci: Remove pcibios_do_bus_setup()
powerpc/pci: Split pcibios_fixup_bus() into bus setup and device setup
powerpc/eeh: Make EEH device add/remove more robust
powerpc/pci: Make pcibios_allocate_bus_resources more robust
powerpc/pci: Fix various pseries PCI hotplug issues
powerpc/pci: Cosmetic cleanups of pci-common.c
powerpc: Fix ppc32 mm_struct CPU tracking in SMP
powerpc/4xx: Add support for ISA holes on 4xx PCI/X/E
powerpc: Fix bogus cache flushing on all 40x and BookE processors v2
powerpc: Fix asm EMIT_BUG_ENTRY with !CONFIG_BUG
powerpc/mm: Add local_flush_tlb_mm() to SW loaded TLB implementations
powerpc/mm: Rename tlb_32.c and tlb_64.c to tlb_hash32.c and tlb_hash64.c
powerpc/mm: Remove flush_HPTE()
powerpc/4xx: Extended DCR support v2
powerpc/mm: Split mmu_context handling
powerpc/mm: Rework context management for CPUs with no hash table
powerpc/mm: Introduce MMU features
powerpc/mm: Add SMP support to no-hash TLB handling
powerpc/mm: Split low level tlb invalidate for nohash processors
powerpc/44x: No need to mask MSR:CE, ME or DE in _tlbil_va on 440
powerpc/mm: Runtime allocation of mmu context maps for nohash CPUs
powerpc/mm: Rework usage of _PAGE_COHERENT/NO_CACHE/GUARDED
powerpc/44x: 44x TLB doesn't need "Guarded" set for all pages
powerpc: Fix missing 'blr' in _tlbia()
Merge commit 'kumar/kumar-next' into next
PCI: Add legacy_io/mem to all busses
Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
powerpc/pci: Reserve legacy regions on PCI
powerpc: Fix missing semicolons in mmu_decl.h

Benjamin Krill (2):
powerpc/cell: add QPACE as a separate Cell platform
serial: Add driver for the Cell Network Processor serial port NWP device

Benjamin Marzinski (1):
GFS2: Fix typo in gfs_page_mkwrite()

Benjamin Thery (11):
net: fix /proc/net/ip_mr_cache display - V2
net: /proc/net/ip_mr_cache, display Iif as a signed short
netns: ip6mr: allocate mroute6_socket per-namespace.
netns: ip6mr: dynamically allocates vif6_table
netns: ip6mr: store netns in struct mfc6_cache
netns: ip6mr: dynamically allocate mfc6_cache_array
netns: ip6mr: declare counter cache_resolve_queue_len per-namespace
netns: ip6mr: declare mroute_do_assert and mroute_do_pim per-namespace
netns: ip6mr: declare reg_vif_num per-namespace
netns: ip6mr: declare ip6mr /proc/net entries per-namespace
netns: ip6mr: enable namespace support in ipv6 multicast forwarding code

Benny Halevy (8):
sunrpc: get rid of rpc_rqst.rq_bufsize
nfs: return compound hdr.status when there are no op replies
nfs: remove incorrect usage of nfs4 compound response hdr.status
NFS: fix comment placement in nfs4xdr.c
nfsd: dprint each op status in nfsd4_proc_compound
nfsd: git rid of nfs4_cb_null_ops declaration
nfsd: last_byte_offset
nfsd: get rid of NFSD_VERSION

Benoit PAPILLAULT (2):
ath9k : Display MAC/BB and RF version at startup (v2)
ath5k: fix 802.11 header padding on RX, unpadding on TX

Bernd Porr (2):
Staging: comedi: add usb usbdux driver
Staging: comedi: add usb usbduxfast driver

Bernd Schmidt (5):
Blackfin arch: Remove all traces of the relocation stack
Blackfin arch: fix bugs in linker script when using upstream binutils
Blackfin arch: fix bug - crashes in tcp_v4_send_reset
Blackfin arch: Replace C version of 64 bit multiply with hand optimized assembly
Blackfin arch: Faster C implementation of no-MPU CPLB handler

Bernhard Walle (1):
pci, acpi: reroute PCI interrupt to legacy boot interrupt equivalent, warning fix

Bharata B Rao (3):
sched: include group statistics in /proc/sched_debug
sched: add hierarchical accounting to cpu accounting controller
sched: use RCU variant of list traversal in for_each_leaf_rt_rq()

Bjorn Helgaas (44):
clocksource, acpi_pm.c: put acpi_pm_read_slow() under CONFIG_PCI
ACPI: PCI: use conventional PCI address format
ACPI: PCI: remove unnecessary null pointer checks
ACPI: PCI: simplify buffer management for evaluating _PRT
ACPI: PCI: ignore _PRT function information
ACPI: PCI: fix GSI/IRQ naming confusion
ACPI: PCI: move struct acpi_prt_entry declaration out of public header file
ACPI: PCI: add a helper to convert _PRT INTx pin number to name
ACPI: PCI: always use the PCI INTx pin values, not the _PRT ones
ACPI: PCI: use 1-based encoding for _PRT quirks
ACPI: PCI: lookup _PRT entry by PCI dev and pin, not segment/bus/dev/pin
ACPI: PCI: tweak _PRT lookup debug
ACPI: PCI: remove callback from acpi_pci_irq_lookup & acpi_pci_irq_derive
ACPI: PCI: use positive logic to simplify code
ACPI: PCI: follow typical PCI INTx swizzling pattern
ACPI: PCI: combine lookup and derive
ACPI: PCI: simplify list of _PRT entries
ACPI: PCI: simplify struct acpi_prt_entry
ACPI: PCI: expand acpi_pci_allocate_irq() and acpi_pci_free_irq() inline
ACPI: PCI: whitespace and useless initialization cleanup
ACPI: PCI: add HP copyright
PCI: make PCI bus resource messages more meaningful
x86/PCI: make PCI bus locality messages more meaningful
PCI: pcie port driver: remove extra printks
PCI hotplug: cpqphp: use config space PCI interrupt pin encoding
PCI: use config space encoding in pci_get_interrupt_pin()
x86/PCI: use config space encoding for interrupt pins
x86/PCI: minor logic simplications
PCI: add pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: arm: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: sh: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: powerpc: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: alpha: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: x86: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: mips: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: parisc: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
PCI: add pci_common_swizzle() for INTx swizzling
PCI: alpha: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI core
PCI: arm: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI core
PCI: mips: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI core
PCI: sh: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI core
PCI: x86/visws: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI core
PCI: use dev_printk for PCI bus resource mssages
x86/PCI: use dev_printk for PCI bus locality messages

Bob Copeland (11):
mac80211: fix a few typos in mac80211 kernel doc
ath9k: remove useless conditional
ath5k: fix keytable type buglet in ath5k_hw_reset_key
ath5k: enable hardware encryption for WEP
ath5k: update keycache to support TKIP handling
ath5k: set mac address in add_interface
ath5k: preserve higher order bits when setting mac address
ath5k: clean up ath5k_hw_set_key
ath5k: enable combined michael mic in key cache
ath5k: fix endianness of bitwise ops when installing mic
ath5k: correct packet length in tx descriptors

Bob Moore (25):
ACPICA: Fix several warnings under gcc 4 compiler
ACPICA: Update FACS waking vector interfaces
ACPICA: Optimize execution of AML While loops
ACPICA: Add a mechanism to escape infinite AML While() loops
ACPICA: Update debug output for IndexField I/O
ACPICA: Fix namestring for the SystemCMOS address space
ACPICA: Emit warning if two FACS or DSDT tables found in the FADT
ACPICA: Add global pointer for FACS table to simplify FACS access
ACPICA: Reformat comments, no functional changes
ACPICA: Add support to externally execute _OSI method
ACPICA: Remove references to obsolete ACPI_DUMP_APP
ACPICA: Fix to allow aliases within ASL namepaths
ACPICA: Add Buffer->String conversion for predefined methods
ACPICA: Consolidate method arg count validation code
ACPICA: Update version to 20081031
ACPICA: New: acpi_get_gpe_device interface
ACPICA: New: Public GPE group enable/disable interfaces
ACPICA: New: acpi_read and acpi_write public interfaces
ACPICA: Move all public H/W interfaces to new hwxface
ACPICA: New: acpi_reset interface - write to reset register
ACPICA: Restructure includes into public/private
ACPICA: Fixes for various ACPI data tables
ACPICA: Add ACPI_MUTEX_TYPE configuration option
ACPICA: FADT parsing changes and fixes
ACPICA: FADT: Update error msgs for consistency

Borislav Petkov (23):
ide-cd: move debug defines into header
ide: make IDE_AFLAG_.. numbering continuous again
ide-atapi: add a dev_is_idecd-inline
ide-atapi: combine drive-specific assignments
ide-atapi: setup dma for ide-cd
ide-atapi: accomodate transfer length calculation for ide-cd
ide-atapi: teach ide atapi about drive->waiting_for_dma
ide-cd: move cdrom_timer_expiry to ide-atapi.c
ide-atapi: remove ide-scsi remnants from ide_issue_pc
ide-atapi: remove ide-scsi remnants from ide_transfer_pc()
ide-atapi: remove ide-scsi remnants from ide_pc_intr()
ide: remove the last ide-scsi remnants
ide-atapi: compute cmd_len based on device type in ide_transfer_pc
ide-atapi: assign expiry and timeout based on device type
ide-atapi: split drive-specific functionality in ide_issue_pc
ide-cd: remove xferlen arg to cdrom_start_packet_command
ide-cd: remove handler wrappers
ide-atapi: remove timeout arg to ide_issue_pc
ide-atapi: put the rest of non-ide-cd code into the else-clause of ide_transfer_pc
ide-atapi: start dma in a drive-specific way
ide-cd: wait for DRQ to get set per default
ide-cd: start DMA before sending the actual packet command
ide-cd: convert to ide-atapi facilities

Brent Casavant (1):
ioc4: automatically load sgiioc4 subordinate module

Brian Haley (1):
bonding: send IPv6 neighbor advertisement on failover

Brian King (19):
powerpc: Update page-in counter for CMM
powerpc: Disable Collaborative Memory Manager for kdump
powerpc: Add reboot notifier to Collaborative Memory Manager
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix log level filtering
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix error reporting for some FC errors
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Error handling fixes
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix target initialization failure retry handling
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Quiet gcc warning in ibmvfc_reset_device
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Driver version 1.0.3
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix oops in interrupt handler
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix command timeouts due to cached CRQ access
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Handle port login required response
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Driver version 1.0.4
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Delay NPIV login retry and add retries
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix errors due to inconsistent command data
[SCSI] ibmvscsi: Don't fail EH due to insufficient resources
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Improve async event handling
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fixup command response translation
[SCSI] ibmvscsi: Make max_requests module parameter more accurate

Brice Goglin (10):
myri10ge: fix per-slice rx/tx_dropped counters
myri10ge: remove hardcoded sram_size
myri10ge: update DCA comments
myri10ge: update firmware headers
myri10ge: check fragmentation in LRO get_frag_header()
myri10ge: update firmware headers to 1.4.37
myri10ge: update driver version to 1.4.4-1.395
myri10ge: print MAC and serial number on probe failure
mm: rework do_pages_move() to work on page_sized chunks
mm: move_pages: no need to set pp->page to ZERO_PAGE(0) by default

Bruce Allan (12):
e1000e: commit speed/duplex changes for m88 PHY
e1000e: 82571 check for link fix on 82571 serdes
e1000e: update comments listing supported parts for each MAC family
e1000e: check return of pci_save_state
e1000e: ESB2 config after link up
e1000e: link up/down messages must follow a specific format
e1000e: sync change flow control variables with ixgbe
e1000e: cosmetic newline in debug message
e1000e: store EEPROM version number to prevent unnecessary NVM reads
e1000e: fix incorrect link status when switch module pulled
e1000e: check return code from NVM accesses and fix bank detection
e100: cosmetic cleanup

Bruno Prémont (1):
viafb: fix crashes due to 4k stack overflow

Bryan Wu (13):
Blackfin arch: add support for Blackfin latest processor family BF51x
Blackfin arch: fix bug - gpio_bank() macros messed up bank number caculating with positioning a gpio
Blackfin arch: Use GPIO_BANKSIZE macro to replace const number 16 for GPIO_BANK_NUM macro caculating
ASoC: Blackfin: Simplify the MMAP_SUPPORT macros protected code
Blackfin arch: Fix bug - wrong endpoint number and dma channels of USB
USB: musb: use new platform data interface of musb to replace old one
USB: musb: add Blackfin driver to MUSB framework (v2)
USB: musb: add Blackfin version low level register accessing helper functions
USB: musb: enable low level DMA operation for Blackfin
USB: musb: add Blackfin specific configuration to MUSB
USB: musb: add Blackfin Kconfig options and Makefile
USB: musb: Blackfin provides read/write I/O accessor in header files
USB: musb: Kill some compiling warning in musb Blackfin part

Carl Love (2):
powerpc/oprofile: IBM CELL: cleanup and restructuring
powerpc/oprofile: IBM CELL: add SPU event profiling support

Casey Schaufler (1):
smack: Add support for unlabeled network hosts and networks

Catalin Marinas (20):
Add "thumbee" to the hwcap_str array
Add HWCAP_NEON to the ARM hwcap.h file
ARMv7: Add extra barriers for flush_cache_all compressed/head.S
ARMv7: Branch over conditional undefined instructions in vfphw.S
Do not flush the cache in flush_cache_v(un)map for VIPT caches
ARMv7: Do not set TTBR0 in __v7_setup
RealView: Change the clcd panel controls to use RGB instead of BGR
RealView: Add debug-macro.S support for the PB1176 platform
RealView: Make more vmalloc space by changing IO_ADDRESS
Modern processors may need to drain the WB before WFI
Fix the teehbr_read function prototype
slab: Update the kmem_cache_create documentation regarding the name parameter
RealView: Allow PHYS_OFFSET at 0x70000000
RealView: Use only the shadow mapping of ARM11MPCore local timers
RealView: Clean up the machine_is_*() calls in platsmp.c
RealView: Refactor the Ethernet device registration
RealView: Allow the in-kernel smc911x.c driver on RealView
RealView: Update the realview_defconfig file to a newer kernel
RealView: Update the realview-smp_defconfig file to a newer kernel
RealView: Select CPU_V6 for MACH_REALVIEW_PB11MP

Chaithrika U S (1):
phy: Add LSI ET1011C PHY driver

Chandra Seetharaman (2):
[SCSI] scsi_dh: Make sure the state of a path is set properly when controller is swapped from passive to active
[SCSI] scsi_dh: Retry mode select in rdac device handler

Chandra shekhar (1):
i2c-omap: Add support for omap34xx

Chatre, Reinette (2):
iwlwifi: replace magic constants with define
iwlwifi: store ucode version number

Cheng Renquan (3):
block: use cancel_work_sync() instead of kblockd_flush_work()
md: use list_for_each_entry macro directly
md: need another print_sb for mdp_superblock_1

Chien Tung (2):
RDMA/nes: Add loopback check to make_cm_node()
RDMA/nes: Cleanup warnings

Chr (1):
p54: initialize all deprecated fields

Chris Bagwell (1):
LSA: hda - Add HP Acacia detection

Chris Ball (1):
ALSA: cs5535audio: enable OLPC's V_REFOUT bias when recording

Chris J Arges (1):
serial/pmac_zilog: Add console polling support

Chris Mason (648):
Btrfs: Initial checkin, basic working tree code
Btrfs: Faster deletes, add Makefile and kerncompat
Btrfs: Add backing store, memory management
Btrfs: Commenting/cleanup
Btrfs: early extent mapping support
Btrfs: add mkfs.c
Btrfs: extent fixes
Btrfs: switch to early splits
Btrfs: Block sized tree extents and extent deletion
Btrfs: Break up ctree.c a little
Btrfs: push_leaf_right
Btrfs: cleanup & comment
Btrfs: Add fsx-style randomized tree tester
Btrfs: fixup dbfile perms
Btrfs: u64 cleanups
Btrfs: 32bit cleanups
Btrfs: more 32 bit cleanups
Btrfs: Take out the merge-during-search-on-delete code, it is buggy.
Btrfs: Add sparse checking to Makefile
Btrfs: return code checking
Btrfs: more return code checking
Btrfs: merge on the way down during deletes
Btrfs: Fixup the code to merge during path walks
Btrfs: pretend page cache & commit code
Btrfs: Fix extent code to use merge during delete
Btrfs: period commit during initial fill in the random tester
Btrfs: early reference counting
Btrfs: Fixup reference counting on cows
Btrfs: get rid of add recursion
Btrfs: Fixup last found extent caching
Btrfs: recursion free-first pass
fix leak in btrfs_drop_snapshot
Btrfs: get/set for struct header fields
Btrfs: Add sparse endian annotations to struct header
Btrfs: struct key endian fixes
Btrfs: struct item endian fixes
Btrfs: node->blockptrs endian fixes
Btrfs: struct extent_item endian
rename funcs and structs to btrfs
Btrfs: make some funcs static
Btrfs: merge leaves before split
Btrfs: Change the super to point to a tree of trees to enable persistent snapshots
Btrfs: properly reset block cache on free
Btrfs: add leaf data casting helper
Btrfs: variable block size support
Btrfs: reorder key offset and flags
Btrfs: Use a chunk of the key flags to record the item type.
Btrfs: add hash.h
Btrfs: directory testing code and dir item fixes
Btrfs: add inode item
Btrfs: add a name_len to dir items, reorder key
Btrfs: pin freed blocks from the FS tree too
Btrfs: transaction handles everywhere
Btrfs: minor comments
Btrfs: add transaction.h to the Makefile
Btrfs: Add inode map, and the start of file extent items
Btrfs: Update TODO
Btrfs: change dir-test to insert inode_items
Btrfs: Better block record keeping, real mkfs
Btrfs: initial move to kernel module land
Mountable btrfs, with readdir
Btrfs: transaction rework
btrfs_create, btrfs_write_super, btrfs_sync_fs
Btrfs: properly set new buffers for new blocks up to date
Add generation number to btrfs_header, readdir fixes, hash collision fixes
Btrfs: very minimal locking
Btrfs: leak fixes, pinning fixes
Btrfs: unlink and delete_inode
Btrfs: very simple readdir readahead
Btrfs: add a radix back bit tree
Btrfs: TODO update
btrfs_get_block, file read/write
Btrfs: reference counts on data extents
Btrfs: split out level field in struct header
Btrfs: add generation field to file extent
Btrfs: byte offsets for file keys
Btrfs: use a btree inode instead of sb_getblk
Btrfs: sha256 csums on metadata
Btrfs: btree address space fixes
btrfs_file_write -- first pass
Btrfs: verify csums on read
Btrfs: hunting slab corruption
Btrfs: corruption hunt continues
Btrfs: still corruption hunting
Btrfs: dynamic allocation of path struct
Btrfs: corruptions fixed
Btrfs: csum_verify_file_block locking fix
Btrfs: don't wait on uptodate buffers on read
Btrfs: early inline file data code
Btrfs: support for items bigger than 1/2 the blocksize
Btrfs: disable inline data code for now
Btrfs: tweak the inode-map and free extent search starts on cold mount
Btrfs: add dir inode index
Btrfs: more inode indexed directory work
Btrfs: finish off inode indexing in dirs, add overflows
Btrfs: dirindex optimizations
Btrfs: uuids
Btrfs: start of support for many FS volumes
Btrfs: groundwork for subvolume and snapshot roots
Btrfs: snapshot progress
Btrfs: drop the inode map tree
Btrfs: drop owner and parentid
Btrfs: cow file extents before writing
Btrfs: only cow in get_block when create==1
Btrfs: when forced to cow for file_write, get the page uptodate first
Btrfs: subvolumes
Btrfs: detect duplicate subvol names
Btrfs: use a dedicated inode num for root root dir
Btrfs: early support for multiple devices
Btrfs: create a logical->phsyical block number mapping scheme
Btrfs: add disk ioctl, mostly working
Btrfs: add a device id to device items
Btrfs: early work to file_write in big extents
Btrfs: progress on file_write
Btrfs: rework csums and extent item ordering
Btrfs: working file_write, reorganized key flags
Btrfs: many file_write fixes, inline data
Btrfs: directory inode index is back
Btrfs: early fsync support
Btrfs: write barriers on commit, balance level before split
Btrfs: node balance optimizations
Btrfs: add owner and type fields to the extents aand block headers
Btrfs: fix extent owner/type setting on extent tree blocks
Btrfs: new subvolume oops fix
Btrfs: add dirty_inode call
Btrfs: get rid of the extent_item type field
Btrfs: fixup dirty_inode related deadlocks
Btrfs: change around extent-tree prealloc
Btrfs: start of block group code
Btrfs: more block allocator work
Btrfs: allocator tweaks
Btrfs: try to drop dead cow pages from ram
Btrfs: smarter transaction writeback
Btrfs: prealloc more blocks for the extent map
Btrfs: allocator improvements, inode block groups
Btrfs: directory readahead
Btrfs: fix page cache memory leak
Btrfs: early metadata/data split
Btrfs: more allocator enhancements
Btrfs: allocator and tuning
Btrfs: many allocator fixes, pretty solid
Btrfs: fix check_node and check_leaf to use less cpu
Btrfs: switch to crc32c instead of sha256
Btrfs: patch queue: fix corruption when splitting large items
Btrfs: allocator optimizations, truncate readahead
Btrfs: 2.6.21-git fixes
Btrfs: rename
Btrfs: symlinks and hard links
Btrfs: sparse files!
Btrfs: fixup various fsx failures
Btrfs: block group switching
Btrfs: use a separate flag for search_start vs a hint in find_free_extent
Btrfs: d_type optimization
Btrfs: add compat ioctl
Btrfs: get forced transaction commits via workqueue
Btrfs: reap dead roots right after commit
Btrfs: remove device tree
Btrfs: fix oops after block group lookup
Btrfs: split up super.c
Btrfs: 64 bit div fixes
Btrfs: printk fixes
Btrfs: no slashes in subvolume names
Btrfs: add GPLv2
Btrfs: i386 fixes from axboe
Btrfs: Added tag v0.2 for changeset 8edac0ff7fb5
Btrfs: patch queue: page_mkwrite
Subject: Rework btrfs_file_write to only allocate while page locks are held
Btrfs: Added tag v0.3 for changeset edfcc0faa35c
Btrfs: cache the extent tree preallocation
Btrfs: reada while dropping snapshots
Btrfs: Switch to libcrc32c to avoid problems with cryptomgr on highmem machines
Btrfs: Audit callers and return codes to make sure -ENOSPC gets up the stack
Btrfs: Add the ability to find and remove dead roots after a crash.
Btrfs: Documentation update
Btrfs: Added tag v0.4 for changeset d4bf0a71f074
Btrfs: Fix mtime and ctime updates on parent dirs
Btrfs: Fix super block updates during transaction commit
Btrfs: Allow find_free_extent callers to pass in an exclusion range
Btrfs: crash recovery fixes
Btrfs: Added tag v0.5 for changeset 080c0640a527
Btrfs: deal with api changes in 2.6.23-rc1
Btrfs: Do snapshot deletion in smaller chunks.
Btrfs: Fold some btree readahead routines into something more generic.
Btrfs: Add run time btree defrag, and an ioctl to force btree defrag
Btrfs: Added tag v0.6 for changeset c13e9a0bf9b4
Btrfs: Let some locks go during defrag and snapshot dropping
Btrfs: Replace extent tree preallocation code with some bit radix magic.
Btrfs: Further reduce the concurrency penalty of defrag and drop_snapshot
Btrfs: Btree defrag on the extent-mapping tree as well
Btrfs: Add BH_Defrag to mark buffers that are in need of defragging
Btrfs: Added tag v0.7 for changeset 6125224d77d0
Btrfs: Do more extensive readahead during tree searches
Btrfs: Make sure to cow the root during a snapshot
Btrfs: Extent based page cache code. This uses an rbtree of extents and tests
Btrfs: Add delayed allocation to the extent based page tree code
Btrfs: Use mount -o subvol to select the subvol directory instead of dev:
Btrfs: Add file data csums back in via hooks in the extent map code
Btrfs: fsx delalloc fixes
Btrfs: remove extra drop_extent_cache call
Add support for defragging files via btrfsctl -d. Avoid OOM on extent tree
Btrfs: Add more synchronization before creating a snapshot
Btrfs: Reorder tests in set_extent_bit to properly find holes
Btrfs: Find and remove dead roots the first time a root is loaded.
Btrfs: Added tag v0.8 for changeset f5ce4cc64def
Btrfs: Fix extra link count dec in rename
Btrfs: add modules_install target
Btrfs: Use balance_dirty_pages_nr on btree blocks
Btrfs: Fix duplicate ENOSPC checks in find_free_extent
btrfs_get_extent should treat inline extents as though they hold a whole block
Btrfs: Create extent_buffer interface for large blocksizes
Btrfs: Optimizations for the extent_buffer code
Btrfs: Avoid memcpy where possible in extent_buffers
Btrfs: Go back to kmaps instead of page_address in extent_buffers
Btrfs: Fix extent_buffer and extent_state leaks
Btrfs: Stop using radix trees for the block group cache
Btrfs: Change the remaining radix trees used by extent-tree.c to extent_map trees
Btrfs: Allow tree blocks larger than the page size
Btrfs: Cache extent buffer mappings
Btrfs: Use an array of pages in the extent buffers to reduce the cost of find_get_page
Btrfs: Add back the online defragging code
Btrfs: Fix allocation routines to avoid intermixing data and metadata allocations
Btrfs: Add an extent buffer LRU to reduce radix tree hits
Btrfs: Allow tails larger than one page
Btrfs: extent_map optimizations to cut down on CPU usage
Breakout BTRFS_SETGET_FUNCS into a separate C file, the inlines were too big.
Btrfs: Add back metadata checksumming
Btrfs: Large block related defrag optimizations
Btrfs: balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited is causing problems, use nr == 1 always
Btrfs: Defrag: only walk into nodes with the defrag bit set
Btrfs: Add back file data checksumming
Btrfs: Defrag only leaves, and only when the parent node has a single objectid
Btrfs: Default to 8k max packed tails
Btrfs: Fix typo: owner is a 64 bit field
Btrfs: Fix read/write_extent_buffer to use KM_USER1 instead of KM_USER0
Btrfs: CPU usage optimizations in push and the extent_map code
Btrfs: Avoid recursive KM_USER1 mappings in copy_extent_buffer
Btrfs: Fix split_leaf to avoid incorrect double splits
Btrfs: Optimize csum insertion to create larger items when possible
Btrfs: Fix split_leaf to detect when it is extending an item
Btrfs: Tune the automatic defrag code
Btrfs: Compile fixes for 2.6.24-rc1
Add O_SYNC support to btrfs_file_write
Btrfs: Fix PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT shifts on 32 bit machines
Btrfs: Fix a number of inline extent problems that Yan Zheng reported.
Btrfs: Add writepages support
Btrfs: Make defrag check nodes against the progress key to prevent repeating work
Btrfs: Optimize allocations as we need to mix data and metadata into one group
Fix recursive KM_USER1 usage in btrfs_realloc_node
Btrfs: Change push_leaf_{leaf,right} to empty the src leave during item deletion
Btrfs: Use writepages for the metadata too
Btrfs: Fix failure cleanups when allocating extent buffers fail
Btrfs: Allow large data extents in a single file to span into metadata block groups
Btrfs: Avoid extent_buffer lru corruption
Btrfs: Add readpages support
Btrfs: Fix extent bit range testing
Btrfs: Avoid fragmentation from parallel delalloc filling
Btrfs: Make sure page mapping dirty tag is properly cleared
Btrfs: Add check for null block group to find_search_start
Btrfs: Handle writeback under high memory pressure better
Btrfs: Limit btree writeback to prevent seeks
Btrfs: Only limit btree writeback for pdflush
Btrfs: Fine tune the btree writeback exclusion some more
Btrfs: Add efficient dirty accounting to the extent_map tree
btrfs_drop_extents: make sure the item is getting smaller before truncate
Btrfs: Add simple stripe size parameter
Btrfs: Fix extent allocation for btree blocks as the disk fills
Btrfs: Implement generation numbers in block pointers
Btrfs: Add back pointers from extents to the btree or file referencing them
Btrfs: Add lowest key information to back refs for extent tree blocks as well.
Btrfs: Add back pointers from the inode to the directory that references it
Btrfs: Extra NULL block group checks in find_free_extent
Btrfs: Add backrefs for symbolic link inodes
Btrfs: Fix typo in .. check (thanks Yan)
Fix btrfs_inc_ref to add backref hints
Btrfs: Reorder extent back refs to differentiate btree blocks from file data
Fixes for loopback files in btrfs
Btrfs: Add mount -o nodatasum to turn of file data checksumming
Btrfs: Add mount option to turn off data cow
Btrfs: Fix extent_map and extent_state leaks by flushing lrus on FS unmount
Btrfs: Add mount option to enforce a max extent size
Btrfs: Back port to 2.6.18-el kernels
kmalloc a few large stack objects in the btrfs_ioctl path
Btrfs: Fix delayed allocation to avoid missing delalloc extents
Btrfs: Fix nodatacow extent lookup
Btrfs: Less aggressive readahead on deletes
Btrfs: Implement basic support for -ENOSPC
Btrfs: Fix an off by one in the extent_map prepare write code
Btrfs: Support for online FS resize (grow and shrink)
Btrfs: Fix NULL block groups on reading the inode
Btrfs: Add readahead to the online shrinker, and a mount -o alloc_start= for testing
Btrfs: Explicitly send a root objectid to count_snapshots_in_path
Btrfs: Reduce stack usage in the resizer, fix 32 bit compiles
Btrfs: 32 bit compile fixes for the resizer and enospc checks
Btrfs: Force inlining off in a few places to save stack usage
count_snapshots: Properly update the leaf pointer after btrfs_next_leaf
Btrfs: Fix lock ordering of the snapshot semaphore against the page lock
Btrfs: Change st_blocksize to 4k
Btrfs: Lower the max inline size to 8k
Properly call btrfs_search_slot while shrinking
Btrfs: resizer: don't hold the fs_mutex for long periods of time
Btrfs: Change tree block csum tagging to avoid false error messages
Btrfs: Add data=ordered support
Btrfs: Move snapshot creation to commit time
Btrfs: Add some simple throttling to wait for data=ordered and snapshot deletion
Btrfs: Disable btree reada during extent backref lookups.
Btrfs: online shrinking fixes
Btrfs: Remove extent_map debugging message
Btrfs: Add flush barriers on commit
Btrfs: Fix extent_buffer usage when nodesize != leafsize
Btrfs: Remove verbose WARN_ON
Btrfs: Change magic string to reflect new format
Btrfs: Only delete roots from sysfs when they were added to sysfs
Btrfs: Delete any remaining extent_maps before freeing the inode
Btrfs: Add drop inode func to avoid data=ordered deadlock
Rework btrfs_drop_inode to avoid scheduling
Btrfs: Disable delalloc accounting for now
Btrfs: Run igrab on data=ordered inodes to prevent deadlocks during writeout
Btrfs: Fix data=ordered vs wait_on_inode deadlock on older kernels
Btrfs: Use blk_congestion_wait on older kernels
Btrfs: Add mount -o ssd, which includes optimizations for seek free storage
Btrfs: Include sched.h in the acl code for current (fixes compile on 2.6.23)
Btrfs: Fix hole insertion corner cases
Btrfs: Split the extent_map code into two parts
Btrfs: Tune readahead during defrag to avoid reading too much at once
Btrfs: Force f_pos to the max when a readdir hits the end of the directory.
Btrfs: Add some extra debugging around file data checksum failures
Btrfs: extent_io and extent_state optimizations
Btrfs: During deletes and truncate, remove many items at once from the tree
Btrfs: Add inode item and backref in one insert, reducing cpu usage
Btrfs: Do delalloc accounting via hooks in the extent_state code
Btrfs: mount -o max_inline=size to control the maximum inline extent size
Btrfs: Leave on the tree defragger in mount -o ssd, it still helps there
Btrfs: Copy correct tree when inserting into slot 0
Properly align the hole size in btrfs_setattr
Fix hole start calculation in btrfs_settar
Btrfs: Enable delalloc accounting
Btrfs: Add data block hints to SSD mode too
Btrfs: Add a lookup cache to the extent state tree
Btrfs: Insert extent record and the first backref in a single balance
Btrfs: Hash in the offset and owner for file extent backref keys
Btrfs: Use last_alloc optimizations for metadata, even without -o ssd
Btrfs: Fix delalloc account on state deletion
Btrfs: Lower stack usage in transaction.c
Btrfs: Add debugging for block group update failure
Btrfs: Update magic
Btrfs: Add checks for last byte in disk to allocator grouping
Btrfs: Use 2MB as the empty_size for clustered allocations
Btrfs: Don't case unsigned long to int in bio submission
Btrfs: Create larger bios for btree blocks
Btrfs: Fix i_blocks accounting
Btrfs: Disable tree defrag in SSD mode
Btrfs: Allocator improvements
Btrfs: Remove extent back refs in batches, and avoid duplicate searches
Btrfs: Properly clear dirty and delalloc extent bits while preparing the file for write
Btrfs: Take the extent lock before dropping the delalloc bits
Btrfs: Properly cast before shifting
Btrfs: checksum file data at bio submission time instead of during writepage
Btrfs: While doing checksums on bios, cache the extent_buffer mapping
Btrfs: Misc 2.6.25 updates
Btrfs: Make sure bio pages are adjacent during bulk csumming
Btrfs: Disable sysfs files on older kernels
Btrfs: Use KM_USERN instead of KM_IRQ during data summing
Match the extent tree code to btrfs-progs for multi-device merging
Btrfs: Add support for multiple devices per filesystem
Btrfs: Dynamic chunk and block group allocation
Btrfs: Bring back find_free_extent CPU usage optimizations
Add /dev/btrfs-control for device scanning ioctls
Btrfs: Make the FS tree the last objectid in the tree of tree roots
Btrfs: Move device information into the super block so it can be scanned
Btrfs: Bring back mount -o ssd optimizations
Btrfs: Add support for device scanning and detection ioctls
Btrfs: Implement raid0 when multiple devices are present
Create a btrfs backing dev info
Btrfs: Use a higher default ra pages
Btrfs: Add leak debugging for extent_buffer and extent_state
Reorder the flags field in struct btrfs_header and record a flag on writeout
Btrfs: Keep fs_mutex during reads done by snapshot deletion
Btrfs: Verify checksums on tree blocks found without read_tree_block
Btrfs: Properly dirty buffers in the split corner cases
Btrfs: Add support for mirroring across drives
Btrfs: Add support for duplicate blocks on a single spindle
Btrfs: Don't allow written blocks from this transaction to be reallocated
Btrfs: Fix allocation profile init
Change btrfs_map_block to return a structure with mappings for all stripes
Btrfs: Add additional debugging for metadata checksum failures
Btrfs: Do metadata checksums for reads via a workqueue
Btrfs: Handle data block end_io through the async work queue
Btrfs: Retry metadata reads in the face of checksum failures
Btrfs: Handle checksumming errors while reading data blocks
Btrfs: Disable extra debugging checks on tree blocks
Btrfs: Add O_DIRECT read and write (writes == buffered + cache flush)
Btrfs: Write out all super blocks on commit, and bring back proper barrier support
Btrfs: Add extra checks to avoid removing extent_state from pages we can't free
Btrfs: Fixup a few u64<->pointer casts for 32 bit
Add a min size parameter to btrfs_alloc_extent
Btrfs: A few updates for 2.6.18 and versions older than 2.6.25
Btrfs: Add chunk uuids and update multi-device back references
Btrfs: Add RAID10 support
Btrfs: Create a work queue for bio writes
Btrfs: Write bio checksumming outside the FS mutex
Btrfs: Don't wait on tree block writeback before freeing them anymore
Btrfs: Only do async bio submission for pdflush
Btrfs: Use the extent map cache to find the logical disk block during data retries
Btrfs: Avoid 64 bit div for RAID10
Btrfs: Remove bogus max_sector warnings from the extent_io code
Btrfs: Check device uuids along with devids
Btrfs: Add support for labels in the super block
Btrfs: Don't drop extent_map cache during releasepage on the btree inode
Btrfs: Calculate appropriate chunk sizes for both small and large filesystems
Btrfs: Fix chunk allocation when some devices don't have enough room for stripes
Btrfs: Set the btree inode i_size to OFFSET_MAX
Force page->private removal in btrfs_invalidatepage
Btrfs: Scale the bdi ra_pages by the number of devices in the FS
Btrfs: Add 1MB to the min_free in alloc_chunk
Btrfs: Remove debugging statements from the invalidatepage calls
Btrfs: Make an unplug function that doesn't unplug every spindle
Btrfs: Simplify device selection for mirrored reads
Btrfs: Add a special device list for chunk allocations
Deal with page == NULL in the btrfs_unplug_io_fn
Btrfs: Set nodatasum on the inode when written by a nodatasum mount
Fix btrfs_get_extent and get_block corner cases, and disable O_DIRECT reads
Btrfs: Fix the unplug_io_fn to grab a consistent copy of page->mapping
Btrfs: Make sure nodes have enough room for a double split
Btrfs: Fix split_node to require more empty slots in the node as well
Btrfs: Don't empty the middle buffer in push_nodes_for_insert
Btrfs: Fix balance_level to free the middle block if there is room in the left one
Btrfs: Throttle file_write when data=ordered is flushing the inode
Btrfs: write_extent_pages came in 2.6.23
Btrfs: Add failure handling for read_sys_array
Btrfs: write_cache_pages came in 2.6.22
Btrfs: Make the resizer work based on shrinking and growing devices
Btrfs: Avoid recursive chunk allocations
Btrfs: Do more optimal file RA during shrinking and defrag
Btrfs: Add new ioctl to add devices
Btrfs: Add balance ioctl to restripe the chunks
Btrfs: Drop some verbose printks
Btrfs: Deal with failed writes in mirrored configurations
Btrfs: Tune stripe selection for raid1 and raid10
Btrfs: Fixes for 2.6.18 enterprise kernels
Btrfs: Compile warning fixup in volume.c
Btrfs: Fix do_sync_file_range ifdefs (2.6.22)
Btrfs: Silence bogus inode.c compiler warnings
Btrfs: Fix clone ioctl to not hold the path over inserts
Btrfs: Add support for online device removal
Btrfs: Properly find the root for snapshotted blocks during chunk relocation
Btrfs: Update nodatacow mode to support cloned single files and resizing
Btrfs: Only open block devices once during mount -o subvol=
Btrfs: A number of nodatacow fixes
Btrfs: Chunk relocation fine tuning, and add a few printks to show progress
Btrfs: Don't do btree balance_dirty_pages on old kernels, it stalls forever
Btrfs: Pass down the expected generation number when reading tree blocks
Btrfs: Handle write errors on raid1 and raid10
Btrfs: Add mount -o degraded to allow mounts to continue with missing devices
Fix btrfs_open_devices to deal with changes since the scan ioctls
Fix corners in writepage and btrfs_truncate_page
Btrfs: Change the congestion functions to meter the number of async submits as well
Btrfs: Enable btree balancing on old kernels again
Btrfs: Handle transid == 0 while opening devices
Btrfs: Use kzalloc on the fs_devices allocation
Btrfs: Allocator fix variety pack
Btrfs: Always use the async submission queue for checksummed writes
Btrfs: Fix race in running_transaction checks
Btrfs: Add async worker threads for pre and post IO checksumming
Btrfs: Fix mount -o max_inline=0
Btrfs: Add backport for the kthread work on kernels older than 2.6.20
Btrfs: Worker thread optimizations
Btrfs: Add a mount option to control worker thread pool size
Btrfs: Add a thread pool just for submit_bio
Btrfs: Start btree concurrency work.
Btrfs: Replace the big fs_mutex with a collection of other locks
Drop locks in btrfs_search_slot when reading a tree block.
Fix btrfs_del_ordered_inode to allow forcing the drop during unlinks
Fix btrfs_next_leaf to check for new items after dropping locks
Btrfs: Add a skip_locking parameter to struct path, and make various funcs honor it
Btrfs: Fix snapshot deletion to release the alloc_mutex much more often.
Add btrfs_end_transaction_throttle to force writers to wait for pending commits
Btrfs: Replace the transaction work queue with kthreads
Btrfs: Add btree locking to the tree defragmentation code
Btrfs: Change find_extent_buffer to use TestSetPageLocked
Btrfs: Add a per-inode csum mutex to avoid races creating csum items
Btrfs: Online btree defragmentation fixes
Btrfs: Reduce contention on the root node
Btrfs: Fix deadlock while searching for dead roots on mount
Btrfs: Add locking around volume management (device add/remove/balance)
Btrfs: Drop some verbose printks
Btrfs: New data=ordered implementation
Btrfs: Use async helpers to deal with pages that have been improperly dirtied
Btrfs: Update on disk i_size only after pending ordered extents are done
btrfs_start_transaction: wait for commits in progress to finish
Btrfs: Don't pin pages in ram until the entire ordered extent is on disk.
Add a per-inode lock around btrfs_drop_extents
btrfs_next_leaf: do readahead when skip_locking is turned on
Btrfs: Force caching of metadata block groups on mount to avoid deadlock
Btrfs: Cleanup and comment ordered-data.c
Btrfs: Handle data checksumming on bios that span multiple ordered extents
Btrfs: Don't allow releasepage to succeed if EXTENT_ORDERED is set
Btrfs: Keep extent mappings in ram until pending ordered extents are done
Fix btrfs_wait_ordered_extent_range to properly wait
Btrfs: Data ordered fixes
Btrfs: Index extent buffers in an rbtree
Btrfs: Use a mutex in the extent buffer for tree block locking
Btrfs: Fix some data=ordered related data corruptions
Btrfs: Use mutex_lock_nested for tree locking
Btrfs: Add some conditional schedules near the alloc_mutex
Btrfs: alloc_mutex latency reduction
Btrfs: Take the csum mutex while reading checksums
Btrfs: Fix 32 bit compiles by using an unsigned long byte count in the ordered extent
Btrfs: Search data ordered extents first for checksums on read
Btrfs: Fix some build problems on 2.6.18 based enterprise kernels
Btrfs: Add version strings on module load
Btrfs: Fix the defragmention code and the block relocation code for data=ordered
Btrfs: Rev the disk format magic
Btrfs: Leaf reference cache update
Btrfs: Fix version.sh when used outside of an hg repo
Btrfs: Throttle operations if the reference cache gets too large
Btrfs: Fix verify_parent_transid
Btrfs: Add missing hunk from Yan Zheng's cache reclaim patch
Btrfs: Throttle tuning
Btrfs: Fix streaming read performance with checksumming on
Btrfs: Drop some debugging around the extent_map pinned flag
Btrfs: Hold a reference on bios during submit_bio, add some extra bio checks
Btrfs: Improve and cleanup locking done by walk_down_tree
Btrfs: Throttle less often waiting for snapshots to delete
btrfs_search_slot: reduce lock contention by cowing in two stages
Btrfs: More throttle tuning
Btrfs: Hold csum mutex while reading in sums during readpages
Btrfs: Add support for HW assisted crc32c
Btrfs: Don't corrupt ram in shrink_extent_tree, leak it instead
Btrfs: Maintain a list of inodes that are delalloc and a way to wait on them
btrfs_lookup_bio_sums seems broken, go back to the readpage_io_hook for now
Btrfs: Fix the multi-bio code to save the original bio for completion
Get rid of BTRFS_I(inode)->index and use local vars instead
Btrfs: Avoid calling into the FS for the final iput on fake root inodes
Btrfs: Update version.sh to v0.16
Btrfs: Init address_space->writeback_index properly
Btrfs: Limit the number of async bio submission kthreads to the number of devices
Btrfs: Count async bios separately from async checksum work items
Btrfs: Transaction commit: don't use filemap_fdatawait
Btrfs: Give all the worker threads descriptive names
Btrfs: Wait for kernel threads to make progress during async submission
Btrfs: Lower contention on the csum mutex
Btrfs: Fix add_extent_mapping to check for duplicates across the whole range
Btrfs: Lookup readpage checksums on bio submission again
Btrfs: Wait for async bio submissions to make some progress at queue time
Btrfs: Rev the disk format
Btrfs: Throttle for async bio submits higher up the chain
Btrfs: Fix variable init during csum creation
Btrfs: Add debugging checks to track down corrupted metadata
Btrfs: Add a write ahead tree log to optimize synchronous operations
Btrfs: Rev the disk format
Btrfs: Tree logging fixes
Btrfs: Update the highest objectid in a root after log replay is done
Btrfs: Fix releasepage to properly keep dirty and writeback pages
Btrfs: Dir fsync optimizations
Btrfs: Optimize btree walking while logging inodes
Btrfs: Optimize tree log block allocations
Btrfs: Copy into the log tree in big batches
Btrfs: Record dirty pages tree-log pages in an extent_io tree
Btrfs: Disable the dir fsync optimization to skip logging the dir sometimes
Btrfs: Fix mismerge in block header checks
Fix leaf overflow check in btrfs_insert_empty_items
Btrfs: Checksum tree blocks in the background
Add check for tree-log roots in btrfs_alloc_reserved_extents
Btrfs: Fix race against disk_i_size updates
Merge Btrfs into fs/btrfs
Update Btrfs files for in-kernel usage
Add Btrfs to fs/Kconfig and fs/Makefile
Btrfs: Fix allocation completions in tree log replay
Remove Btrfs compat code for older kernels
Btrfs: fix sleep with spinlock held during unmount
Btrfs: Raise thresholds for metadata writeback
Btrfs: Wait for IO on the block device inodes of newly added devices
Btrfs: drop WARN_ON from btrfs_add_leaf_ref
Btrfs: add and improve comments
Btrfs: fix multi-device code to use raid policies set by mkfs
Btrfs: don't read leaf blocks containing only checksums during truncate
Btrfs: O_DIRECT writes via buffered writes + invaldiate
Btrfs: remove last_log_alloc allocator optimization
Btrfs: cast bio->bi_sector to a u64 before shifting
Btrfs: Rev the disk format for the new back reference format
Btrfs: Don't call security_inode_mkdir during subvol creation
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mason@master.kernel.org/.../mason/btrfs-unstable
Btrfs: Add zlib compression support
Btrfs: Rev the disk format for compression and root pointer generation fields
Btrfs: prevent looping forever in finish_current_insert and del_pending_extents
Btrfs: walk compressed pages based on the nr_pages count instead of bytes
Btrfs: Fix logic to avoid reading checksums for -o nodatasum,compress
Btrfs: Compression corner fixes
Btrfs: rev the disk format for fallocate
Btrfs: Add ordered async work queues
Btrfs: Optimize compressed writeback and reads
Btrfs: enforce metadata allocation clustering
Btfs: More metadata allocator optimizations
Btrfs: make sure compressed bios don't complete too soon
Btrfs: Fix more false enospc errors and an oops from empty clustering
Btrfs: Avoid unplug storms during commit
Btrfs: Don't substract too much from the allocation target (avoid wrapping)
Btrfs: Make sure pages are dirty before doing delalloc for them
Btrfs: Fix use after free during compressed reads
Btrfs: Try harder while searching for free space
Btrfs: Use invalidatepage when writepage finds a page outside of i_size
Btrfs: Fix usage of struct extent_map->orig_start
Btrfs: Turn off extent state leak debugging
Btrfs: tune btrfs unplug functions for a small number of devices
Btrfs: empty_size allocation fixes again
Btrfs: Fix compile warnings on 32 bit machines
Btrfs: Improve metadata read latencies
Btrfs: Fix handling of space info full during allocations
Btrfs: Allow subvolumes and snapshots anywhere in the directory tree
Btrfs: Give each subvol and snapshot their own anonymous devid
Btrfs: Add backrefs and forward refs for subvols and snapshots
Btrfs: prevent loops in the directory tree when creating snapshots
Btrfs: unplug all devices in the unplug call back
Btrfs: Update the disk format for the seed device and new root code
Btrfs: switch back to wait_on_page_writeback to wait on metadata writes
Btrfs: Avoid writeback stalls
Btrfs: Do fsync log replay when mount -o ro, except when on readonly media
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../mason/btrfs-unstable
Btrfs: Fixes for 2.6.28-rc API changes
Btrfs: Use current_fsuid/gid
Btrfs: compat code fixes
Btrfs: only flush down bios for writeback pages
Btrfs: delete unused function: btrfs_invalidate_dcache_root
Btrfs: rev the disk format for the inode compat and csum selection changes
Btrfs: Fix sparse endian warnings in struct-funcs.c
Btrfs: move data checksumming into a dedicated tree
Btrfs: Use map_private_extent_buffer during generic_bin_search
Btrfs: Add inode sequence number for NFS and reserved space in a few structs
Btrfs: Fix compressed checksum fsync log copies
Btrfs: Delete csum items when freeing extents
Btrfs: Fix compressed writes on truncated pages
Btrfs: Don't use spin*lock_irq for the delalloc lock
Btrfs: delete checksum items before marking blocks free
Btrfs: shift all end_io work to thread pools
Btrfs: Fix compile warning around num_online_cpus() in a min statement
Btrfs: add permission checks to the ioctls
Btrfs: Fix checkpatch.pl warnings
Btrfs: drop EXPORT symbols from extent_io.c
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../mason/btrfs-unstable
Btrfs: drop remaining LINUX_KERNEL_VERSION checks and compat code
Btrfs: Don't use kmap_atomic(..., KM_IRQ0) during checksum verifies
Btrfs: kmap_atomic(KM_USER0) is safe for btrfs_readpage_end_io_hook
Btrfs: Drop the hardware crc32c asm code
Btrfs: explicitly mark the tree log root for writeback

Chris Wright (2):
PCI: allow pci driver to support only dynids
PCI: pci-stub module to reserve pci device

Chris Zankel (3):
xtensa: move headers files to arch/xtensa/include
xtensa: Add xt2000 support files.
xtensa: Update platform files to reflect new location of the header files.

Christian Borntraeger (9):
[S390] vmcp: remove BKL
[S390] convert vmcp printks to pr_xxx macros.
[S390] convert cpcmd printks to pr_xxx macros.
virtio_console: support console resizing
kvm-s390: implement config_changed for virtio on s390
KVM: s390: Fix refcounting and allow module unload
KVM: s390: Fix memory leak of vcpu->run
anon_inodes: use fops->owner for module refcount
KVM: set owner of cpu and vm file operations

Christian Hesse (1):
Btrfs: section mismatch warnings

Christian Lamparter (30):
p54: honour bss_info_changed's short slot time settings
p54: broken out edcf changes
p54: refactor statistic timer code
p54: p54: refactor p54_rx_frame_sent
p54: fix memory management
p54: borrow some setup code from stlc45xx
p54: introduce new names for device firmwares
p54: more definitions form lmac_longbow.h and pda.h
p54: put broadcast frames into the right queues
p54: AP & Ad-hoc testing
p54: enable Mesh Point support
p54: minor fixes
p54pci: cache firmware for suspend/resume
p54: honour bss_info_changed's basic_rates and other settings
p54: fix wmm queue settings
mac80211: add sta_notify_ps callback
p54: revamp station power save management in access point mode
p54: utilize cryptographic accelerator
p54: include support for USB LM87 Firmwares
p54: refactoring
p54: per-device names
p54usb: rewriting rx/tx routines to make use of usb_anchor's facilities
mac80211: integrate sta_notify_ps cmds into sta_notify
p54: enforce strict tx_queue limits
p54: fix oops on faulty devices
p54: move statistic timer update routine into a workqueue
p54: update ACK failure statistic counter in real-time
p54: more accurate rssi to dBm conversion
p54: remove free_on_tx parameter
p54usb: bring first generation devices back to life

Christian Maaser (1):
[S390] ap: Minor code beautification.

Christian Pellegrin (3):
ASoC: s3c24xx 8 bit sound fix
ASoC: UDA134x codec driver
ASoC: Machine driver for for s3c24xx with uda134x

Christof Schmitt (11):
[S390] zfcp: Report microcode level through service level interface
[S390] convert zfcp printks to pr_xxx macros.
[SCSI] zfcp: Fix message line break
[SCSI] zfcp: Simplify SBAL allocation to fix sparse warnings
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove adapter list
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove initial device data from zfcp_data
[SCSI] zfcp: Simplify mask lookups for incoming RSCNs
[SCSI] zfcp: remove DID_DID flag
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove busid macro
[SCSI] zfcp: Add support for unchained FSF requests
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove unnecessary warning message

Christoph Hellwig (127):
btrfs: fix printk format warning
Btrfs: [PATCH] extent_map: fix locking for bio completion
Btrfs: [PATCH] extent_map: provide generic bmap
Btrfs: [PATCH] extent_map: make the writepage_io hook optional
Btrfs: [PATCH] extent_map: add writepage_end_io hook
Btrfs: use unlocked_ioctl
split up btrfs_ioctl
Btrfs: factor page private preparations into a helper
btrfs: tiny makefile cleanup
btrfs: fix strange indentation in lookup_extent_mapping
btrfs: sanity mount option parsing and early mount code
btrfs: allow scanning multiple devices during mount
Btrfs: kerneldoc comments for extent_map.c
Btrfs: split out ioctl.c
BTRFS_IOC_TRANS_START should be privilegued
btrfs: optmize listxattr
Btrfs: optimize btrget/set/removexattr
Btrfs: cleanup d_obtain_alias useage
Btrfs: missing endianess conversion in insert_new_root
remove unused function btrfs_ilookup
Btrfs: trivial sparse fixes
Btrfs: Fix subvolume creation locking rules
[XFS] kill struct xfs_btree_hdr
[XFS] split up xfs_btree_init_cursor
[XFS] add generic btree types
[XFS] make btree root in inode support generic
[XFS] add a long pointers flag to xfs_btree_cur
[XFS] refactor xfs_btree_readahead
[XFS] refactor btree validation helpers
[XFS] make btree tracing generic
[XFS] add get_maxrecs btree operation
[XFS] add helpers for addressing entities inside a btree block
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_increment
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_decrement
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_lookup
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_updkey
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_update
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_rshift
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_lshift
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_split
[XFS] implement semi-generic xfs_btree_new_root
[XFS] move xfs_bmbt_newroot to common code
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_insert/insrec
[XFS] move xfs_bmbt_killroot to common code
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_delete/delrec
[XFS] implement generic xfs_btree_get_rec
[XFS] kill xfs_bmbt_log_block and xfs_bmbt_log_recs
[XFS] add keys_inorder and recs_inorder btree methods
[XFS] mark various functions in xfs_btree.c static
[XFS] make btree tracing generic
[XFS] Cleanup maxrecs calculation.
[XFS] cleanup btree record / key / ptr addressing macros.
[XFS] Always use struct xfs_btree_block instead of short / longform
[XFS] Move XFS_BMAP_SANITY_CHECK out of line.
[XFS] split out two helpers from xfs_syncsub
[XFS] fix instant oops with tracing enabled
[XFS] kill struct xfs_mount_args
[XFS] fix the noquota mount option
[XFS] fix biosize option
[XFS] Trivial xfs_remove comment fixup
[XFS] stop using xfs_itobp in xfs_bulkstat
Inode: export symbol destroy_inode
[XFS] free partially initialized inodes using destroy_inode
[XFS] kill sys_cred
fat: make sure to set d_ops in fat_get_parent
[XFS] fix NULL pointer dereference in xfs_log_force_umount
[XFS] wire up ->open for directories
[XFS] allow inode64 mount option on 32 bit systems
[XFS] fix spurious gcc warnings
[XFS] remove bhv_statvfs_t typedef
[XFS] remove xfs_vfs.h
[XFS] remove xfs_vfsops.h
[XFS] factor out xfs_read_agi helper
[XFS] factor out xfs_read_agf helper
[XFS] sanitize xlog_in_core_t definition
[XFS] kill xfs_ialloc_log_di
[XFS] kill xfs_dinode_core_t
[XFS] kill XFS_DINODE_VERSION_ defines
[XFS] split up xlog_recover_process_iunlinks
[XFS] stop using xfs_itobp in xfs_iread
[XFS] remove dead code for old inode item recovery
[XFS] merge xfs_imap into xfs_dilocate
[XFS] embededd struct xfs_imap into xfs_inode
[XFS] kill the XFS_IMAP_BULKSTAT flag
[XFS] move inode allocation out xfs_iread
[XFS] fix error handling in xlog_recover_process_one_iunlink
Btrfs: sparse lock verification annotations for wait_on_state
Btrfs: make things static and include the right headers
Btrfs: fix shadowed variable declarations
Btrfs: corret fmode_t annotations
Btrfs: clean up btrfs_ioctl a little bit
Btrfs: btrfs: pass void __user * to btrfs_ioctl_clone_range
[XFS] fix compile on 32 bit systems
remove useless mnt_want_write call in xfs_write
remove unused behvavior cruft in xfs_super.h
remove unused prototypes for xfs_ihash_init / xfs_ihash_free
cleanup the inode reclaim path
kill xfs_buf_iostart
stop using igrab in xfs_vn_link
reduce l_icloglock roundtrips
remove dead code from sv_t implementation
kill dead quota flags
cleanup xfs_sb.h feature flag helpers
kill dead inode flags
remove unused m_inode_quiesce member from struct xfs_mount
remove leftovers of shared read-only support
use xfs_trans_ijoin in xfs_trans_iget
no explicit xfs_iflush for special inodes during unmount
kill xfs_unmount_flush
kill vn_ioerror
move vn_iowait / vn_iowake into xfs_aops.c
move inode tracing out of xfs_vnode.
[XFS] Fix compile with CONFIG_COMPAT enabled
[XFS] replace b_fspriv with b_mount
[XFS] simplify projid check in xfs_rename
[XFS] resync headers with libxfs
[XFS] add a FMODE flag to make XFS invisible I/O less hacky
[XFS] use inode_change_ok for setattr permission checking
[XFS] avoid memory allocations in xfs_fs_vcmn_err
[XFS] handle unaligned data in xfs_bmbt_disk_get_all
remove incorrect comment in inode_permission
kill walk_init_root
pass a struct path * to may_open
kill vfs_permission
[SCSI] remove severly outdated comment in scsi_dispatch_cmd
[SCSI] clean up scsi_times_out
add a vfs_fsync helper

Chuck Lever (55):
NFS: rename nfs_path variable
NFS: Move declaration of nfs_mount() to fs/nfs/internal.h
NFS: introduce nfs_mount_info struct for calling nfs_mount()
NFS: expand flags passed to nfs_create_rpc_client()
NFS: move nfs_server flag initialization
NFS: add "[no]resvport" mount option
NFS: "[no]resvport" mount option changes mountd client too
NLM: allow lockd requests from an unprivileged port
NLM: Use modern style for pointer fields in nlm_host
NLM: Remove address eye-catcher buffers from nlm_host
NLM: Remove AF_UNSPEC arm in nlm_display_address()
NLM: Support IPv6 scope IDs in nlm_display_address()
NLM: Add helper to handle IPv4 addresses
NSM: Use C99 structure initializer to initialize nsm_args
NSM: convert printk(KERN_DEBUG) to a dprintk()
NSM: Use modern style for sm_name field in nsm_handle
NSM: Support IPv6 version of mon_name
NSM: Use sm_name instead of h_name in nsm_monitor() and nsm_unmonitor()
NLM: Remove redundant printk() in nlmclnt_lock()
NSM: Remove BUG_ON() in nsm_monitor()
NSM: Make sure to return an error if the SM_MON call result is not zero
NLM: Move the public declaration of nsm_monitor() to lockd.h
NSM: Release nsmhandle in nlm_destroy_host
NLM: Move the public declaration of nsm_unmonitor() to lockd.h
NSM: Check result of SM_UNMON upcall
NSM: Move NSM-related XDR data structures to lockd's xdr.h
NSM: Move NSM program and procedure numbers to fs/lockd/mon.c
NSM: move to xdr_stream-based XDR encoders and decoders
NSM: Move nsm_find() to fs/lockd/mon.c
NSM: Add dprintk() calls in nsm_find and nsm_release
NSM: Remove NULL pointer check from nsm_find()
NSM: Remove !nsm check from nsm_release()
NSM: Generate NSMPROC_MON's "priv" argument when nsm_handle is created
NSM: Encode the new "priv" cookie for NSMPROC_MON requests
NLM: Change nlm_host_rebooted() to take a single nlm_reboot argument
NLM: Decode "priv" argument of NLMPROC_SM_NOTIFY as an opaque
NSM: Add nsm_lookup() function
NLM: Call nsm_reboot_lookup() instead of nsm_find()
NLM: Remove "create" argument from nsm_find()
NSM: Refactor nsm_handle creation into a helper function
NSM: More clean up of nsm_get_handle()
NSM: Replace IP address as our nlm_reboot lookup key
NSM: Remove include/linux/lockd/sm_inter.h
NSM: Move nsm_addr() to fs/lockd/mon.c
NSM: Move nsm_use_hostnames to mon.c
NSM: Move nsm_create()
NLM: nlm_privileged_requester() doesn't recognize mapped loopback address
NLM: Rewrite IPv4 privileged requester's check
lockd: Enable NLM use of AF_INET6
NFSD: clean up failover sysctl function naming
NFSD: Fix a handful of coding style issues in write_filehandle()
NFSD: Replace open-coded integer with macro
NFSD: Add documenting comments for nfsctl interface
NLM: Refactor make_socks() function
NLM: Clean up flow of control in make_socks() function

Claudio Scordino (1):
Unused variable 'reg' removed.

Clemens Ladisch (1):
ALSA: oxygen: add Claro halo support

Cliff Cai (5):
ASoC: AD1980 codec: add multi-channel function support
ASoC: Blackfin: add multi-channel function support
ASoC: Blackfin: Fix AD1980/1 build with MMAP support disabled
Blackfin arch: add sdh support for bf518f-ezbrd
Blackfin arch: add SDIO host driver platform data

Cliff Wickman (2):
x86, UV: fix redundant creation of sgi_uv
x86, UV: remove erroneous BAU initialization

Colin McCabe (1):
ath9k: Replace ath9k_opmode with nl80211_iftype

Colin Tuckley (2):
RealView: Use the correct oscillator for the CLCD on PB1176
RealView: Allow XVGA (1024x768) CLCD resolution on the RealView boards

Coly Li (1):
fix similar typos to successfull

Constantin Baranov (1):
leds: ALIX.2 LEDs driver

Corentin Chary (1):
eeepc-laptop: use select and not depends on

Cornelia Huck (9):
[S390] dasd: Use accessors instead of using driver_data directly.
[S390] cio: Put referernce on correct device after moving.
[S390] cio: Fix reference counting for online/offline.
[S390] cio: Fix I/O subchannel refcounting.
[S390] cio: Only register ccw_device for registered subchannel.
[S390] cio: Dont fail probe for I/O subchannels.
[S390] cio: Dont call ->release directly.
[S390] cio: Use device_is_registered().
Make DEBUG take precedence over DYNAMIC_PRINTK_DEBUG

Cyrill Gorcunov (20):
x86: nmi - add sensible names to nmi_watchdog boot param
x86: nmi - nmi_watchdog boot param docs cleanup
x86: apic - calibrate_APIC_clock remove redundant irq-enable-disable
x86: apic - use pr_ macros for logging
x86: move dwarf2 related macro to dwarf2.h
x86: introduce ENTRY(KPROBE_ENTRY)_X86 assembly helpers to catch unbalanced declaration v3
SLUB: cleanup - define macros instead of hardcoded numbers
slub - fix get_object_page comment
x86: entry_64.S - use ENTRY to define child_rip
x86: uv bau interrupt -- use proper interrupt number
x86: entry_64.S - trivial: space, comments fixup
x86: entry_64 - introduce FTRACE_ frame macro v2
net: ppp_generic - use idr technique instead of cardmaps
net: ppp_generic - use DEFINE_IDR for static initialization
x86: mach-default setup.c cleanups
x86: early_printk - use sizeof instead of hardcoded number
V4L/DVB (10144): cx24116: build fix
x86: setup_per_cpu_areas() cleanup
mm: hugetlb: remove redundant `if' operation
fs: fix name overwrite in __register_chrdev_region()

Dai Haruki (9):
gianfar: Optimize interrupt coalescing configuration
gianfar: Fix eTSEC configuration procedure
gianfar: Fix VLAN HW feature related frame/buffer size calculation.
gianfar: Enable padding and Optimize the frame prepended bytes handling
gianfar: Remove unused gfar_add_fcb() function parameter
gianfar: Make all BD status writes 32-bit
gianfar: Add Scatter Gather support
gianfar: Use interface name in interrupt name to distinguish the source.
gianfar: Merge Tx and Rx interrupt for scheduling clean up ring

Daisuke Nishimura (6):
memcg: memory swap controller: fix limit check
memcg: hierarchy avoid unnecessary reclaim
memcg: don't trigger oom at page migration
memcg: remove mem_cgroup_try_charge
memcg: avoid deadlock caused by race between oom and cpuset_attach
memcg: change try_to_free_pages to hierarchical_reclaim

Dale Farnsworth (4):
powerpc: Setup OF properties for ppc32 kexec
powerpc/32: Setup OF properties for kdump
powerpc/32: Add the ability for a classic ppc kernel to be loaded at 32M
powerpc/32: Wire up the trampoline code for kdump

Dan Christian (1):
Staging: comedi: add rtd520 driver

Dan McGee (1):
x86: remove dead IRQBALANCE code

Dan Williams (23):
async_tx, dmaengine: document channel allocation and api rework
dmaengine: remove dependency on async_tx
dmaengine: up-level reference counting to the module level
dmaengine: centralize channel allocation, introduce dma_find_channel
dmaengine: provide a common 'issue_pending_all' implementation
net_dma: convert to dma_find_channel
dmaengine: introduce dma_request_channel and private channels
dmatest: convert to dma_request_channel
atmel-mci: convert to dma_request_channel and down-level dma_slave
dmaengine: replace dma_async_client_register with dmaengine_get
dmaengine: kill struct dma_client and supporting infrastructure
dmaengine: remove 'bigref' infrastructure
dmaengine: kill enum dma_state_client
iop-adma: let devm do its job, don't duplicate free
iop-adma: kill debug BUG_ON
iop-adma: enable module removal
ioat: do not perform removal actions at shutdown
dmaengine: add a release for dma class devices and dependent infrastructure
dmaengine: use idr for registering dma device numbers
dmaengine: advertise all channels on a device to dma_filter_fn
dmaengine: bump initcall level to arch_initcall
ioat: fix self test for multi-channel case
USB: unusual dev for Option N.V. ZeroCD modems

Daniel C. Halperin (1):
iwlwifi: convert correctly rate_n_flags to PLCP index for mimo3 packets

Daniel Drake (1):
USB: unusual_devs.h additions for Pentax K10D

Daniel Halperin (1):
iwlwifi: Update reclaim flag

Daniel Krueger (1):
Staging: add epl stack

Daniel Lezcano (3):
veth: Remove useless veth field
veth: remove unused list
netns: filter out uevent not belonging to init_net

Daniel Mack (4):
ASoC: Allow more routing features for tlv320aic3x
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: clean up the control adding code
ASoC: tlv320aic3x: headset/button press support
ASoC: tlv320aic3x: control additions and cleanups

Daniel Silverstone (5):
net: Add support for the KS8695 ethernet devices.
[ARM] KS8695: Fix up device registration.
[ARM] KS8695: Fixup the KS8695 GPIO to be GPIOLIB
[ARM] DSM320: Add support for the DSM320
[ARM] DSM320: Update KS8695 defconfig to include DSM320

Darius Augulis (4):
USB: add imx udc gadget driver

Darren Hart (4):
futex: rename field in futex_q to clarify single waiter semantics
futex: clean up futex_(un)lock_pi fault handling
futex: make futex_(get|put)_key() calls symmetric
futex: catch certain assymetric (get|put)_futex_key calls

Darrick J. Wong (6):
Create a DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST macro to do division with rounding
adt74{62, 70, 73}: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST for rounded division
adt7470: fix pwm at a certain level during temperature sensor scan
adt7470: observe the number of temperature sensors to shorten update time
adt7470: make automatic fan control really work
hwmon: (i5k_amb) Load automatically on all 5000/5400 chipsets

Darron Broad (8):
V4L/DVB (9500): cx88-dvb: MFE attachment fix-up
V4L/DVB (9576): cx88-dvb: MFE attachment clean-up for HVR-3000/4000
V4L/DVB (9577): saa7134-dvb: MFE attachment clean-up for saa-7134 dvb
V4L/DVB (9914): cx24116: bugfix: add missing delsys in FEC lookup
V4L/DVB (9915): cx24116: fix retune regression introduced in 70ee86a7c630
V4L/DVB (9916): dvb-core: don't add an event when in ONE SHOT mode for algo type HW
V4L/DVB (9917): cx24116: change to ALGO_HW
V4L/DVB (9918): cx88: advise/acquire clean-up for HVR-1300/3000/4000

Dave Airlie (15):
drm: cleanup exit path for module unload
drm: move to kref per-master structures.
drm: reorganise start and load.
DRM: add mode setting support
drm: pick an 800x600@60HZ mode by default for unknown CRT.
drm: PAGE_CACHE_WC is x86 only so far
drm: kconfig have drm core select i2c for kms
drm/radeon: fix warning due to PAGE_SIZE max
drm: fix useless gcc unused variable warning
drm/radeon: fix missing hunk from the master changes.
drm/radeon: use locked rmmap to remove sarea mapping.
drm: fix allowing master ioctls on non-master fds.
i915/drm: provide compat defines for userspace for certain struct members.
drm/i915: fix modeset devname allocation + agp init return check.
drm: fix ordering of driver unload vs agp unload.

Dave Chinner (8):
[XFS] handle memory allocation failures during log initialisation
[XFS] fix uninitialised variable bug in dquot release
[XFS] Avoid using inodes that haven't been completely initialised
[XFS] Fix double free of log tickets
[XFS] fix error inversion problems with data flushing
[XFS] fix uninitialised variable bug in dquot release.
[XFS] remove i_gen from incore inode
[XFS] Fix hang after disallowed rename across directory quota domains

Dave Hansen (4):
powerpc/mm: Add better comment on careful_allocation()
powerpc/mm:: Cleanup careful_allocation(): bootmem already panics
powerpc/mm: Make careful_allocation() return virtual addrs
powerpc/mm: Cleanup careful_allocation(): consolidate memset()

Dave Jones (2):
x86: remove init_mm export as planned for 2.6.26
net: Allow dependancies of FDDI & Tokenring to be modular.

Dave Kleikamp (3):
jfs: ensure symlinks are NUL-terminated
nfsd race fixes: jfs
async: Don't call async_synchronize_full_special() while holding sb_lock

Dave Liu (1):
powerpc: Remove the redundant _tlbil_pid at SMP case

Dave Olson (4):
IB/ipath: Don't count IB symbol and link errors unless link is UP
IB/ipath: Only do 1X workaround on rev1 chips
IB/ipath: Fix spi_pioindex value
IB/ipath: Add locking for interrupt use of ipath_pd contexts vs free

Dave Peverley (1):
sh: oprofile: Backtrace support.

David Anders (1):
ASoC: Add new parameter to s3c24xx_pcm_enqueue

David Brownell (42):
rtc-cmos: export second NVRAM bank
pegasus: minor resource shrinkage
genirq: record IRQ_LEVEL in irq_desc[]
genirq: warn when IRQF_DISABLED may be ignored
ARM: OMAP: gpios implement new to_irq()
ARM: OMAP: switch to standard gpio get/set calls
ARM: OMAP: switch to gpio_direction_input
ARM: OMAP: switch to gpio_direction_output
ARM: OMAP: use gpio_to_irq
ARM: OMAP: minor gpio bugfixes
ARM: OMAP1: osk5912: Mistral eeprom support
ARM: OMAP1: osk5912: LED trigger update for CF
ARM: OMAP2: bard-h4: list those eeproms
mmc: warn about voltage mismatches
HID: switch specialized drivers from "default y" to !EMBEDDED
mfd: allow reading entire register banks on twl4030
mfd: twl4030: simplified child creation code
mfd: twl4030: cleanup symbols and OMAP dependency
mfd: twl4030: create some regulator devices
mfd: twl4030 regulator bug fixes
mfd: dm355evm msp430 driver
mfd: move drivers/i2c/chips/tps65010.c to drivers/mfd
mfd: move drivers/i2c/chips/menelaus.c to drivers/mfd
ASoC: fix davinci-sffsdr buglet
ASoC: Clocking fixes for davinci-evm.c
documentation: when to BUG(), and when to not BUG()
spi_gpio driver
twl4030-gpio: cleanup debounce
gpio: pca953x handles more chips, i2c fault codes
USB: musb: sysfs mode updates
USB: musb: minor locking fix
USB: musb: host side diagnostics tweaks
USB: gadget: pxa25x_udc vbus sense initialization
USB: move isp1301_omap to drivers/usb/otg
USB: otg: twl4030 transceiver driver
regulator: enable/disable refcounting
regulator: improved mode error checks
regulator: code shrink (v2)
regulator: sysfs attribute reduction (v2)
regulator: init/link earlier
regulator: catch some registration errors

David Chinner (44):
[XFS] Make use of the init-once slab optimisation.
[XFS] add new btree statistics
[XFS] move sync code to its own file
[XFS] move xfssyncd code to xfs_sync.c
[XFS] Remove xfs_iflush_all and clean up xfs_finish_reclaim_all()
[XFS] don't block in xfs_qm_dqflush() during async writeback.
[XFS] Use the inode tree for finding dirty inodes
[XFS] Traverse inode trees when releasing dquots
[XFS] remove the mount inode list
[XFS] Use struct inodes instead of vnodes to kill vn_grab
[XFS] use xfs_sync_inodes rather than xfs_syncsub
[XFS] kill xfs_syncsub
[XFS] xfssyncd: don't call xfs_sync
[XFS] make SYNC_ATTR no longer use xfs_sync
[XFS] make SYNC_DELWRI no longer use xfs_sync
[XFS] Kill xfs_sync()
[XFS] Move remaining quiesce code.
[XFS] factor xfs_iget_core() into hit and miss cases
[XFS] Never call mark_inode_dirty_sync() directly
Inode: Allow external initialisers
Inode: Allow external list initialisation
[XFS] Combine the XFS and Linux inodes
[XFS] Prevent use-after-free caused by synchronous inode reclaim
[XFS] move inode reclaim functions to xfs_sync.c
[XFS] rename inode reclaim functions
[XFS] mark inodes for reclaim via a tag in the inode radix tree
[XFS] use the inode radix tree for reclaiming inodes
[XFS] kill deleted inodes list
[XFS] Prevent looping in xfs_sync_inodes_ag
[XFS] Account for allocated blocks when expanding directories
[XFS] Allocate the struct xfs_ail
[XFS] Use a cursor for AIL traversal.
[XFS] move the AIl traversal over to a consistent interface
[XFS] Allow 64 bit machines to avoid the AIL lock during flushes
[XFS] Move the AIL lock into the struct xfs_ail
[XFS] Given the log a pointer to the AIL
[XFS] Add ail pointer into log items
[XFS] Finish removing the mount pointer from the AIL API
[XFS] XFS: Check for valid transaction headers in recovery
[XFS] Can't lock inodes in radix tree preload region
[XFS] avoid all reclaimable inodes in xfs_sync_inodes_ag
[XFS] correctly select first log item to push
[XFS] Fix race when looking up reclaimable inodes

David Daney (5):
8250: Don't clobber spinlocks.
8250: Serial driver changes to support future Cavium OCTEON serial patches.
Serial: Allow port type to be specified when calling serial8250_register_port.
Serial: UART driver changes for Cavium OCTEON.
libata: Add special ata_pio_need_iordy() handling for Compact Flash.

David Disseldorp (1):
IB/iser: Avoid recv buffer exhaustion caused by unexpected PDUs

David Gibson (1):
powerpc: udbg-based backend for hvc_console

David Howells (95):
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the XFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the IA64 arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the MIPS arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the PA-RISC arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the PowerPC arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the S390 arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the x86 arch
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the block loopback driver
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the tty driver
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the ISDN drivers
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the network device drivers
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the USB driver
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in 9P2000 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the AFFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the autofs filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the autofs4 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the BFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the CIFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the Coda filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the devpts filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the eCryptFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the Ext2 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the Ext3 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the Ext4 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the FAT filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the FUSE filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the GFS2 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the HFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the HFSplus filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the HPFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the hugetlbfs filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the JFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the Minix filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the NCPFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the NFS daemon
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the OCFS2 filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the OMFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the RAMFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the ReiserFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the SMBFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the SYSV filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the UBIFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the UDF filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the UFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the XFS filesystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the filesystem subsystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the SYSV IPC subsystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the AX25 protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the IPv6 protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the netrom protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the ROSE protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the SunRPC protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the UNIX socket protocol
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the networking subsystem
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the key management code
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the capabilities code
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the core kernel
KEYS: Disperse linux/key_ui.h
KEYS: Alter use of key instantiation link-to-keyring argument
CRED: Neuter sys_capset()
CRED: Constify the kernel_cap_t arguments to the capset LSM hooks
CRED: Separate task security context from task_struct
CRED: Detach the credentials from task_struct
CRED: Wrap current->cred and a few other accessors
CRED: Use RCU to access another task's creds and to release a task's own creds
CRED: Wrap access to SELinux's task SID
CRED: Separate per-task-group keyrings from signal_struct
CRED: Rename is_single_threaded() to is_wq_single_threaded()
CRED: Make inode_has_perm() and file_has_perm() take a cred pointer
CRED: Pass credentials through dentry_open()
CRED: Inaugurate COW credentials
CRED: Make execve() take advantage of copy-on-write credentials
CRED: Prettify commoncap.c
CRED: Use creds in file structs
CRED: Documentation
CRED: Differentiate objective and effective subjective credentials on a task
CRED: Add a kernel_service object class to SELinux
CRED: Allow kernel services to override LSM settings for task actions
powerpc: Rename struct vm_region to avoid conflict with NOMMU
KEYS: Fix variable uninitialisation warnings
CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the devpts filesystem
CRED: Fix regression in cap_capable() as shown up by sys_faccessat() [ver #2]
CRED: Fix regression in cap_capable() as shown up by sys_faccessat() [ver #3]
CRED: Fix NFSD regression
NOMMU: Fix cleanup handling in ramfs_nommu_get_umapped_area()
NOMMU: Rename ARM's struct vm_region
NOMMU: Delete askedalloc and realalloc variables
NOMMU: Make VMAs per MM as for MMU-mode linux
NOMMU: Improve procfs output using per-MM VMAs
FDPIC: Don't attempt to expand the userspace stack to fill the space allocated
FLAT: Don't attempt to expand the userspace stack to fill the space allocated
NOMMU: Support XIP on initramfs
CRED: Fix commit_creds() on a process that has no mm
CRED: Missing put_cred() in prepare_kernel_cred()
CRED: Must initialise the new creds in prepare_kernel_cred()

David John (1):
RTC: Remove the BKL.

David Kiliani (1):
Staging: Add the Meilhaus ME-IDS driver package

David Kilroy (8):
orinoco: Move sources to a subdirectory
orinoco: Separate fw caching from download
orinoco: Cache Symbol firmware
orinoco: Resume spectrum_cs in the same way as orinoco_cs
orinoco: Provide option to avoid unnecessary fw caching
orinoco: Fix function names used in debug strings
orinoco: Fix inappropriate use of IRQ_BAP
spectrum_cs: Fix function names used in debug strings

David Lopo (1):
USB: gadget: MIPS ci13xxx_udc

David Miller (2):
Btrfs: unaligned access fixes
topology: Fix sparc64 build.

David Rientjes (6):
slub: make early_kmem_cache_node_alloc void
slub: avoid leaking caches or refcounts on sysfs error
oom: fix zone_scan_mutex name
oom: print triggering task's cpuset and mems allowed
mm: change dirty limit type specifiers to unsigned long
mm: add dirty_background_bytes and dirty_bytes sysctls

David S. Miller (98):
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
sunrpc: Fix build warning due to typo in %pI4 format changes.
drivers/net: Kill now superfluous ->last_rx stores.
net/: Kill now superfluous ->last_rx stores.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netdev-2.6
Revert "net: Guaranetee the proper ordering of the loopback device."
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
dm9000: Fix build error.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
inet_diag: Missed conversion after changing inet ehash lockl to spinlocks.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'for-david' of git://git.kernel.org/.../chris/linux-2.6
net: Make sure BHs are disabled in sock_prot_inuse_add()
axnet_cs: Fix build after net device ops ne2k conversion.
Revert "hso: Add TIOCM ioctl handling."
Revert "hso: Fix free of mutexes still in use."
Revert "hso: Fix crashes on close."
smc-mca: Fix build failure due to typo.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-next-2.6
phy: Add file missed in previous commit.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://master.kernel.org/.../rusty/linux-2.6-for-linus
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../holtmann/bluetooth-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/sparc-2.6
sparc64: Rework auxio driver to save some text space.
of: Fix comment, sparc no longer uses of_device objects on special busses.
sparc64: Run the kernel always in the TSO memory model.
sparc64: Stop using memory barriers for atomics and locks.
sparc64: Add tsb-ratio sysctl.
sparc64: Add interface for registering a performance counter IRQ handler.
sparc: Include drivers/pcmcia/Kconfig
sparc64: Make %pil level 15 a pseudo-NMI.
sparc64: Make special trap return path for TRAP_NMI().
sparc64: Block NMIs in critical section of context switch.
sparc64: Add write_pic() helper.
sparc64: Use NMI oprofile profiling on cheetah and derivative cpus.
sparc32: Don't btfixup cache flush ops for viking multiple times.
sparc64: Add save_stack_trace_tsk().
sparc64: Add performance counter hypervisor calls for sun4v.
sparc64: Provide oprofile pseudo-NMI on Niagara.
sparc: Create common header file for prom_{32,64}.c
sparc: Const'ify prom_*prop*() on sparc32.
sparc: Create common area for OF device layer code.
sparc: Mark prom_early_alloc non-static.
sparc: Move irq_trans_init() and support code into seperate file.
sparc: Move 'unique_id' into prom_common.c and rename to 'prom_unique_id'
sparc: Move property building code into prom_common.c
sparc: Commonize get_one_property() implementations.
sparc: Make sparc32's create_node() assign parent pointer.
sparc: Move create_node() and friends into prom_common.c
sparc: Match sparc32's build_tree() up to sparc64's
sparc: Move core of OF device tree building code into prom_common.c
sparc: Move prom_build_devicetree() into prom_common.c
sparc: Move of_console_{device,path,options} info prom_common.c
sparc: Always set AUDIT_ARCH, not just on sparc64.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
sparc: Restore irq_trans_init() call in prom_create_node().
cyber2000fb: Kill the one modular sparc prom_printf call.
sparc: Kill memcmp_32.S code which has been ifdef'd out for centuries.
bluetooth: Fix rfcomm_sock_ioctl() build failure with debugging enabled.
sparc: Add asm/asm.h
bluetooth: Fix unused var warning properly in rfcomm_sock_ioctl().
sparc: Unify strlen assembler.
sparc: Commonize memcmp assembler.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
8390/8390p: Fix compat netdev ops handling.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
bnx2: Don't redefine FLOW_CTRL_{RX,TX}.
bnx2x: Fix namespace collision with FLOW_CTRL_{TX,RX}
Revert "net: release skb->dst in sock_queue_rcv_skb()"
Revert "xfrm: Accept ESP packets regardless of UDP encapsulation mode"
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'for-david' of git://git.kernel.org/.../chris/linux-2.6
net: Fix warning fallout from recent NAPI interface changes.
igb: Fix build warning when DCA is disabled.
net: Fix unused variable warnings in pasemi_mac.c and spider_net.c
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
sparc: Kill bogus comment about IRQF_SHARED in pci_psycho.c
sparc: Update 64-bit defconfig.
ipv6: Fix sporadic sendmsg -EINVAL when sending to multicast groups.
sparc: Kill asm/reg*.h
sparc: Remove reg*.h from Kbuild
tcp: Kill extraneous SPLICE_F_NONBLOCK checks.
Revert "net: Fix for initial link state in 2.6.28"
acenic: Missed delete of acenic_firmware.h
sparc64: Work around branch tracer warning.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../torvalds/linux-2.6

David Schleef (8):
Staging: add comedi core
Staging: comedi: add kcomedilib to the tree
Staging: comedi: add local copy of interrupt.h
Staging: comedi: add pci and usb wrapper header files
Staging: comedi: comedi driver common function module
Staging: comedi: add mite comedi pci driver
Staging: comedi: add comedi_bond driver
Staging: comedi: add comedi_parport driver

David Smith (1):
tpm: clean up tpm_nsc driver for platform_device suspend/resume compliance

David Taht (1):
Staging: add frontier tranzport and alphatrack drivers

David Teigland (5):
dlm: remove extra blocking callback check
dlm: improve how bast mode handling
dlm: change lock time stamping
dlm: add time stamp of blocking callback
dlm: add new debugfs entry

David Vrabel (27):
uwb: target reservations shouldn't get streams
wusb: release mutex in the error path of whci-hcd's whc_do_gencmd()
uwb: reference count reservations
wusb: disable verification of the key generation algorithms
wusb: do a proper channel stop
uwb: order IEs by element ID
wusb: reset WUSB devices with SetAddress(0)
uwb: don't unbind the radio controller driver when resetting
uwb: fix races between events and neh timers
uwb: add pal parameter to new reservation callback
uwb: add basic radio manager
wlp: start/stop radio on network interface up/down
uwb: remove unused beacon group join/leave events
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into for-upstream
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into for-upstream
wusb: whci-hcd shouldn't do ASL/PZL updates while channel is inactive
uwb: clean up whci_wait_for() timeout error message
uwb: fix oops in debug PAL's reservation callback
wusb: add debug files for ASL, PZL and DI to the whci-hcd driver
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into for-upstream
uwb: fix oops when terminating an already terminated reservation
wusb: fix oops when terminating a non-existant reservation
uwb: fix memory leak in uwb_rc_notif()
uwb: use dev_dbg() for debug messages
uwb: use print_hex_dump()
uwb: remove unused include/linux/uwb/debug.h
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into for-upstream

David Woodhouse (27):
Btrfs: Use assert_spin_locked instead of spin_trylock
Btrfs: Change TestSetPageLocked() to trylock_page()
Btrfs: Remove broken optimisations in end_bio functions.
Btrfs: Implement our own copy of the nfsd readdir hack, for older kernels
Btrfs: Discard sector data in __free_extent()
Btrfs: Remove special cases for "." and ".."
Minor cleanup of btrfs_real_readdir()
Btrfs: Optimise NFS readdir hack slightly; don't call readdir() again when done
Fill f_fsid field in btrfs_statfs()
Mask root object ID into f_fsid in btrfs_statfs()
Simplify btrfs_get_parent(), fix use-after-free bug
Btrfs: Reinstate '-osubvol=.' option to mount entire tree
Switch btrfs_name_hash() to crc32c
Btrfs: Fix NFS exporting of subvol roots.
Clean up btrfs_get_parent() a little more, fix a free-after-free bug
atm: 32-bit ioctl compatibility
[MTD] [NAND] Remove strange u_int64_t types from nandsim
[MTD] Remove strange u_int32_t types from FTL
[MTD] Remove more strange u_intxx_t types
[JFFS2] Clean up fs/jffs2/compr_rubin.c
Merge branch 'misc/mtd/sharpsl-nand' of git://git.kernel.org/.../lumag/tosa-2.6
atm: Driver for Solos PCI ADSL2+ card.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.infradead.org/users/dedekind/mtd-tests-2.6
[MTD] [TESTS] Fix some size_t printk format warnings
Btrfs: Add Documentation/filesystem/btrfs.txt, remove old COPYING
[MTD] [MAPS] Fix printk format warning in nettel.c

Dean Hildebrand (1):
nfsd: add etoosmall to nfserrno

Dean Nelson (4):
sgi-xp: define xp_expand_memprotect() and xp_restrict_memprotect()
sgi-xp: create activate and notify gru message queues
sgi-xp: define xp_partition_id and xp_region_size
sgi-xp: support getting the address of a partition's reserved page

Denis ChengRq (1):
fs/block_dev.c: __read_mostly improvement and sb_is_blkdev_sb utilization

Denis Joseph Barrow (9):
hso: Add new usb device id's.
hso: Fix crashes on close.
hso: Fix URB submission -EINVAL.
hso: Fix free of mutexes still in use.
hso: Add TIOCM ioctl handling.
hso: Hook up ->reset_resume
tty: Modem functions for the HSO driver
hso modem detect fix patch against Alan Cox'es tty tree
hso maintainers update patch

Denis V. Lunev (3):
x86: correct link to HPET timer specification
ipc: do not goto to the next line
backlight: Value of ILI9320_RGB_IF2 register should not be hardcoded

Detlef Riekenberg (1):
linux/types.h: Don't depend on GNUC for le64/be64

Devin Heitmueller (30):
V4L/DVB (9580): Add chip id for em2874 to list of known chips
V4L/DVB (9581): Remove unused variable from em28xx-audio.c
V4L/DVB (9582): Add a EM28XX_NODECODER option to the list of available decoders
V4L/DVB (9583): Remember chip id of devices at initialization
V4L/DVB (9584): Support different GPIO/GPO registers for newer devices
V4L/DVB (9585): Skip reading eeprom in newer Empia devices
V4L/DVB (9586): Fix possible null pointer dereference in info message
V4L/DVB (9587): Handle changes to endpoint layout in em2874
V4L/DVB (9588): Don't load em28xx audio module for digital-only devices
V4L/DVB (9589): Properly support capture start on em2874
V4L/DVB (9590): Add registration for Pinnacle 80e ATSC tuner
V4L/DVB (9628): em28xx: refactor IR support
V4L/DVB (9629): Add support for the ATI TV Wonder HD 600 USB Remote Control
V4L/DVB (9633): Put s5h1411 into low power mode at end of attach() call
V4L/DVB (9644): em28xx: add em2750 to the list of known em28xx chip ids
V4L/DVB (9648): em28xx: get audio config from em28xx register
V4L/DVB (9657): em28xx: add a functio to write on a single register
V4L/DVB (9658): em28xx: use em28xx_write_reg() for i2c clock setup
V4L/DVB (9744): em28xx: cleanup XCLK register usage
V4L/DVB (9745): em28xx: Cleanup GPIO/GPO setup code
V4L/DVB (9921): em28xx: add chip id for em2874
V4L/DVB (9922): em28xx: don't assume every eb1a:2820 reference design is a Prolink PlayTV USB2
V4L/DVB (9923): xc5000: remove init_fw option
V4L/DVB (10119): em28xx: fix corrupted XCLK value
V4L/DVB (10120): em28xx: remove redundant Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100 profile
V4L/DVB (10121): em28xx: remove worthless Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini 80e device profile
V4L/DVB (10122): em28xx: don't load em28xx-alsa for em2870 based devices
V4L/DVB (10123): em28xx: fix reversed definitions of I2S audio modes
V4L/DVB (10124): em28xx: expand output formats available
V4L/DVB (10125): em28xx: Don't do AC97 vendor detection for i2s audio devices

Dhaval Giani (1):
sched/rt: removed unneeded defintion

Dimitri Sivanich (1):
sched/rt: small optimization to update_curr_rt()

Dirk Heer (1):
V4L/DVB (9677): bttv: fix some entries on Phytec boards and add missing ones

Divy Le Ray (8):
cxgb3 - enable lro control through ethtool
cxgb3: set hard_xmit in the netdev_ops
cxgb3: avoid potential memory leak.
cxgb3: integrate FW and protocol engines in the kernel
cxgb3: Update FW loading path.
cxgb3: Add multiple Tx queue support.
cxgb3: untie strict FW matching
cxgb3: add control to access embedded images

Dmitri Belimov (3):
V4L/DVB (10151): Fix I2C bridge error in zl10353
V4L/DVB (10152): Change configuration of the Beholder H6 card
V4L/DVB (10153): Add the Beholder H6 card to DVB-T part of sources.

Dmitri Monakhov (2):
kill suid bit only for regular files
fs: truncate blocks outside i_size after O_DIRECT write error

Dmitri Vorobiev (21):
[MTD] Make init_sharpsl symbol static
[MTD] Make init_sbc8240_mtd function static
[MTD] Make lart_flash_init, lart_flash_exit static
[MTD] Make uclinux_mtd_cleanup and uclinux_mtd_init static
[MTD] Make init_tqm_mtd function static
[MTD] Make init_rpxlite function static
[MTD] Make init_sbc82xx_flash function static
[MTD] Make the init_edb7312nor function static
[MTD] Make init_oct5066 function static
[MTD] Make init_flagadm function static
[MTD] Make init_dbox2_flash static
[MTD] Make ipaq_mtd_init function static
[MTD] Make alchemy_mtd_init function static
[MTD] Make init_fortunet function static
[MTD] Make the function init_vmax301 static
[MTD] Make init_mbx function static
[MTD] Make h720x_mtd_init function static
[MTD] Make init_msp_flash function static
[MTD] Make init_redwood_flash function static
[MTD] Make init_impa7 static
[SCSI] sgiwd93: Fix compilation warning

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (16):
[MTD] sharpsl_nand: switch to driver model usage.
[MTD] sharpsl_nand: make drvdata non-static
[MTD] sharpsl_nand: move io addr to struct sharpsl_nand
[MTD] sharpsl-nand: cleanup partitions support
[MTD] sharpsl-nand: use platform_data for model-specific values
[MTD] sharpsl-nand: move registration to board code
ASoC: tosa: move gpio probing to machine callbacks
[ARM] pxa/tosa: support tc6393xb/tmiofb.
[ARM] pxa/tosa: fix building w/o TC6393XB driver
[ARM] pxa/tosa: add physmap mapping for ROM
[ARM] pxa/spitz: add physmap mapping for ROM
[ARM] pxa/corgi: add physmap mapping for ROM
[ARM] pxa/poodle: add physmap mapping for ROM
pxa2xx-ac97: switch AC unit to correct state before probing
Dmitry has been renamed
backlight: Support VGA/QVGA mode switching in tosa_lcd

Dmitry Torokhov (3):
Input: libps2 - handle 0xfc responses from devices
Merge commit 'v2.6.28-rc9' into next
Merge branch 'next' into for-linus

Dominic Curran (1):
Input: gpio-keys - add flag to allow auto repeat

Dominik Brodowski (1):
[CPUFREQ] p4-clockmod: reduce noise

Don Skidmore (4):
net: fix dcbnl_setnumtcs operation check
net: fix DCB setstate to return success/failure
net: add DCNA attribute to the BCN interface for DCB
ixgbe: fix the display of DCB control stats in ethtool

Donald Skidmore (1):
ixgbe: add SFP+ driver support

Douglas Schilling Landgraf (3):
V4L/DVB (9793): em28xx: Add specific entry for WinTV-HVR 850
V4L/DVB (10055): em28xx: Add entry for PixelView PlayTV Box 4
V4L/DVB (10056): em28xx: Add snapshot button on Pixelview Prolink PlayTV USB 2.0

Duane Griffin (13):
eCryptfs: check readlink result was not an error before using it
vfs: introduce helper function to safely NUL-terminate symlinks
vfs: ensure page symlinks are NUL-terminated
ext2: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
ext3: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
ext4: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
sysv: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
freevxfs: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
befs: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
ext2: don't inherit inappropriate inode flags from parent
ext2: tighten restrictions on inode flags
ext3: don't inherit inappropriate inode flags from parent
ext3: tighten restrictions on inode flags

Ed Swierk (1):
forcedeth: power down phy when interface is down

Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu (1):
SLUB: Replace __builtin_return_address(0) with _RET_IP_.

Eduardo Habkost (21):
x86 kdump: extract kdump-specific code from crash_nmi_callback()
x86 kdump: move crashing_cpu assignment to nmi_shootdown_cpus()
x86 kdump: create kdump_nmi_shootdown_cpus()
x86 kdump: make kdump_nmi_callback() a function ptr on crash_nmi_callback()
x86 kdump: make nmi_shootdown_cpus() non-static
x86: move nmi_shootdown_cpus() to reboot.c
x86: make nmi_shootdown_cpus() available on !SMP and !X86_LOCAL_APIC
x86: disable IRQs before doing anything on nmi_shootdown_cpus()
KVM: VMX: move vmx.h to include/asm
KVM: SVM: move svm.h to include/asm
KVM: VMX: move ASM_VMX_* definitions from asm/kvm_host.h to asm/vmx.h
KVM: VMX: move cpu_has_kvm_support() to an inline on asm/virtext.h
x86: asm/virtext.h: add cpu_vmxoff() inline function
KVM: VMX: extract kvm_cpu_vmxoff() from hardware_disable()
x86: cpu_emergency_vmxoff() function
KVM: SVM: move has_svm() code to asm/virtext.h
KVM: SVM: move svm_hardware_disable() code to asm/virtext.h
x86: cpu_emergency_svm_disable() function
kdump: forcibly disable VMX and SVM on machine_crash_shutdown()
x86: disable VMX on all CPUs on reboot
x86: KVM guest: kvm_get_tsc_khz: return khz, not lpj

Eilon Greenstein (1):
bnx2x: Prevent eeprom set when driver is down

Emmanuel Grumbach (2):
iwlwifi: rename generic iwlagn functions that had a HW specific name
iwlwifi: rename double inclusion protection name in iwl-commands.h

Eric Anholt (15):
agp/intel: Fix broken ® symbol in device name.
drm/i915: Add /proc debugging entry for reading out the HWS.
drm/i915: Register module dependencies for the modesetting code.
drm/i915: Fix stolen memory detection on G45 and GM45.
drm/i915: Add missing userland definitions for gem init/execbuffer.
drm/i915: Fix fbcon setup to align display pitch to 64b.
drm/i915: Don't double-unpin buffers if we take a signal in evict_everything().
drm/i915: Delete unused, pointless i915_driver_firstopen.
drm/i915: Don't print to dmesg when taking signal during object_pin.
drm: Avoid use-before-null-test on dev in drm_cleanup().
drm: Add a debug node for vblank state.
drm/i915: Don't allow objects to get bound while VT switched.
drm/i915: Add support for integrated HDMI on G4X hardware.
drm/i915: Non-mobile parts don't have integrated TV-out.
drm/i915: Respect the other stolen memory sizes we know of.

Eric Dumazet (46):
udp: introduce struct udp_table and multiple spinlocks
udp: RCU handling for Unicast packets.
udp: calculate udp_mem based on low memory instead of all memory
udp: udp_get_next() should use spin_unlock_bh()
udp: introduce sk_for_each_rcu_safenext()
udp: Should use spin_lock_bh()/spin_unlock_bh() in udp_lib_unhash()
udp: add a missing smp_wmb() in udp_lib_get_port()
net: sk_free_datagram() should use sk_mem_reclaim_partial()
net: Introduce read_pnet() and write_pnet() helpers
net: ib_net pointer should depends on CONFIG_NET_NS
net: Cleanup of neighbour code
net: speedup dst_release()
rcu: Introduce hlist_nulls variant of hlist
udp: Use hlist_nulls in UDP RCU code
net: Convert TCP & DCCP hash tables to use RCU / hlist_nulls
rcu: documents rculist_nulls
net: make sure struct dst_entry refcount is aligned on 64 bytes
net: Cleanup of af_unix
net: af_unix can make unix_nr_socks visbile in /proc
net: af_unix should update its inuse counter
net: sctp should update its inuse counter
net: af_packet should update its inuse counter
net: make /proc/net/protocols namespace aware
net: inet_diag_handler structs can be const
net: af_unix should use KERN_INFO instead of KERN_DEBUG
net: listening_hash get a spinlock per bucket
net: convert TCP/DCCP ehash rwlocks to spinlocks
net: use net_eq() in INET_MATCH and INET_TW_MATCH
net: some optimizations in af_inet
net: af_netlink should update its inuse counter
net: Convert TCP/DCCP listening hash tables to use RCU
eth: Declare an optimized compare_ether_addr_64bits() function
net: Make sure BHs are disabled in sock_prot_inuse_add()
net: Make sure BHs are disabled in sock_prot_inuse_add()
net: avoid a pair of dst_hold()/dst_release() in ip_append_data()
net: avoid a pair of dst_hold()/dst_release() in ip_push_pending_frames()
net: Make sure BHs are disabled in sock_prot_inuse_add()
net: udp_unhash() can test if sk is hashed
net: Use a percpu_counter for sockets_allocated
net: Use a percpu_counter for orphan_count
net: release skb->dst in sock_queue_rcv_skb()
net: percpu_counter_inc() should not be called in BH-disabled section
vlan: fix convertion to net_device_ops
fix f_count description in Documentation/filesystems/files.txt
filp_cachep can be static in fs/file_table.c
percpu_counter: FBC_BATCH should be a variable

Eric Leblond (4):
netfilter: xt_NFLOG: don't call nf_log_packet in NFLOG module.
netfilter: nfmark routing in OUTPUT, mangle, NFQUEUE
netfilter: nfmark IPV6 routing in OUTPUT, mangle, NFQUEUE
netfilter: xt_NFLOG is dependant of nfnetlink_log

Eric Miao (48):
[ARM] pxa: explicit #include <mach/dma.h> in various drivers
[ARM] pxa: use 'pxa_last_gpio' instead of 'gpio_nr' in mfp-pxa2xx.c
Revert "[ARM] pxa: introduce cpu_is_pxa26x()"
[ARM] pxa: add support for additional GPIOs on PXA26x
[ARM] pxa: use <linux/gpio.h> instead of unnecessary <mach/gpio.h>
[ARM] pxa: removed unused declarations of pxa_gpio_* in hardware.h
[ARM] pxa: move camera (QCI) registers definition out of pxa-regs.h
[ARM] pxa: move FICP register definitions into pxaficp_ir.c
[ARM] pxa: remove unused PWM register definitions, use generic PWM API
[ARM] pxa: remove the now unused IMPMCR/IMPMSR register definitions
[ARM] pxa: move pxa2xx specific PWRMODE definitions into pxa2xx-regs.h
[ARM] pxa: move UART register definitions into dedicated regs-uart.h
[ARM] pxa: move AC97 register definitions into dedicated regs-ac97.h
[ARM] pxa: move GPIOx_BASE and GPIO register offsets to gpio.c
[ARM] pxa: further cleanup of pxa-regs.h
[ARM] pxa: include <mach/hardware.h> in pxa-regs.h
[ARM] pxa: remove unnecessary #include of pxa2xx-gpio.h in clock.c
[ARM] pxa: move power I2C device definitions into devices.c
[ARM] pxa: register Power I2C device only when necessary
[ARM] pxa: move I2C pin configurations out into board specific files
[ARM] pxa: introduced cpu_is_pxa935() and cpu_is_pxa9xx()
[ARM] pxa: add base PXA935 support due to CPUID change
[ARM] pxa: add missing GPIOs definitions
[ARM] locomo: export locomo_frontlight_set()
[ARM] pxafb: make {backlight,lcd}_power() members of struct pxafb_info
[ARM] pxafb: add color TFT 8BPP LCD panel type
[ARM] pxa: convert legacy LCD setup of other boards to new one
[ARM] pxafb: remove now unused pxafb_setup_gpio() and related stuffs
[ARM] pxafb: small cleanup of the smart panel code
[ARM] pxafb: allow better platform configurable smart panel timing
[ARM] pxafb: allow insertion of delay to the smart panel command sequence
[ARM] pxafb: avoid the racing condition in pxafb_smart_thread
[ARM] pxa/saar: add support for the on-board smart panel LCD
[ARM] pxa/littleton: add preliminary I2C board info (da9034 + max7320)
Input: add da9034 touchscreen support
[ARM] pxa/tavorevb: update board support (smartpanel LCD + keypad)
[ARM] rtc-sa1100: don't assume CLOCK_TICK_RATE to be a constant
[ARM] sa1100_wdt: don't assume CLOCK_TICK_RATE to be a constant
[ARM] pxa: add document on the MFP design and how to use it
[ARM] pxafb: allow video memory size to be configurable
[ARM] pxafb: allow pxafb_set_par() to start from arbitrary yoffset
[ARM] pxafb: add support for FBIOPAN_DISPLAY by dma braching
[ARM] pxafb: add palette format support for LCCR4_PAL_FOR_3
[ARM] pxafb: cleanup of the color format manipulation code
[ARM] pxafb: cleanup of the timing checking code
[ARM] pxafb: add support for overlay1 and overlay2 as framebuffer devices
V4L/DVB: pxa-camera: use memory mapped IO access for camera (QCI) registers
V4L/DVB (10176b): pxa-camera: fix redefinition warnings and missing DMA definitions

Eric Paris (16):
SELinux: check open perms in dentry_open not inode_permission
SELinux: hold tasklist_lock and siglock while waking wait_chldexit
SELinux: Use unknown perm handling to handle unknown netlink msg types
Document the order of arguments for cap_issubset. It's not instantly clear
This patch add a generic cpu endian caps structure and externally available
This patch will print cap_permitted and cap_inheritable data in the PATH
Any time fcaps or a setuid app under SECURE_NOROOT is used to result in a
When the capset syscall is used it is not possible for audit to record the
Capabilities: BUG when an invalid capability is requested
Add a new capable interface that will be used by systems that use audit to
The oomkiller calculations make decisions based on capabilities. Since
Currently SELinux jumps through some ugly hoops to not audit a capbility
capabilities: define get_vfs_caps_from_disk when file caps are not enabled
filesystem notification: create fs/notify to contain all fs notification
SELinux: shrink sizeof av_inhert selinux_class_perm and context
sys_execve and sys_uselib do not call into fsnotify

Eric Piel (1):
LIS3LV02D: separate the core from HP ACPI API

Eric Sandeen (4):
Btrfs: fix RHEL test for ClearPageFsMisc
[XFS] convert xfs_getbmap to take formatter functions
[XFS] Add new getbmap flags.
[XFS] Hook up the fiemap ioctl.

Eric Sesterhenn (2):
bfs: add some basic sanity checks
bfs: check that filesystem fits on the blockdevice

Eric W. Biederman (9):
netns: Coexist with the sysfs limitations v2
netns: Delete virtual interfaces during namespace cleanup
net: Guaranetee the proper ordering of the loopback device.
net: Don't leak packets when a netns is going down
net: fib_rules ordering fixes.
net: Guaranetee the proper ordering of the loopback device. v2
netns: foreach_netdev_safe is insufficient in default_device_exit
pid: implement ns_of_pid
pid: generalize task_active_pid_ns

Erik Andren (1):
V4L/DVB (10048): gspca - stv06xx: New subdriver.

Erik Andrén (48):
V4L/DVB (9693): Remove some unused defines
V4L/DVB (9694): Indent the m5602 register definitions
V4L/DVB (9696): Remove accidental typo
V4L/DVB (9698): Add another vflip quirk for the s5k4aa
V4L/DVB (9701): Add a minor comment to the sensor init
V4L/DVB (9702): Move the ov9650 vflip table to avoid compilation warnings on older kernels
V4L/DVB (9703): Move the s5k4aa vflip quirk table to the main sensor file in order to avoid compilation errors on older kernels
V4L/DVB (10000): gspca - m5602: Add lost ampersand
V4L/DVB (10001): gspca - m5602: Minor fixes
V4L/DVB (10002): m5602: Simplify error handling in the mt9m111 sensor code
V4L/DVB (10003): m5602: Simplify the error handling in the ov9650 sensor
V4L/DVB (10004): m5602: Cleanup the po1030 sensor error handling
V4L/DVB (10005): m5602: Cleanup the s5k4aa error handling, cull some comments
V4L/DVB (10006): gspca - m5602: Align some defines
V4L/DVB (10007): gspca - m5602: Refactor the error handling in the s5k83a
V4L/DVB (10008): gspca - m5602: Checkpatch.pl fixes on m5602_ov9650.c
V4L/DVB (10009): gspca - m5602: Convert some functions to be static
V4L/DVB (10010): gspca - m5602: Add vflip quirk for the ASUS A6Ja
V4L/DVB (10011): m5602: Remove the write and read sensor from the main struct
V4L/DVB (10012): m5602: Start to unify read/write sensor functions
V4L/DVB (10013): Convert all sensors to use the unified write sensor function
V4L/DVB (10014): gspca - m5602: Remove all sensor specific write functions.
V4L/DVB (10015): gspca - m5602: Add initial read sensor implementation
V4L/DVB (10018): gspca - m5602 - ov9650: Use generic read_sensor function
V4L/DVB (10019): m5602: Let the ov9650 use the common read sensor function
V4L/DVB (10020): m5602: Remove the ov9650 implementation of the read sensor function
V4L/DVB (10021): m5602: Let the po1030 use the common read_sensor function
V4L/DVB (10022): m5602: Remove the po1030 read_sensor function
V4L/DVB (10023): m5602: Convert the mt9m111 to use the common read_sensor function
V4L/DVB (10024): m5602: Remove the mt9m111 implementation of the read_sensor function.
V4L/DVB (10025): m5602: convert the s5k4aa sensor to use the common function
V4L/DVB (10026): m5602: remove the s5k4aa implementation of the read_sensor
V4L/DVB (10027): m5602: convert the s5k83a sensor to use the common function
V4L/DVB (10028): mt5602: Remove the s5k83a specific read_sensor function
V4L/DVB (10029): m5602: remove uneeded test on po1030
V4L/DVB (10030): m5602: Use read/modify/write when toggling vflip on the po1030
V4L/DVB (10031): m5602: correct the name of the Pascal Stangs library
V4L/DVB (10032): m5602: add vflip quirk for Alienware m9700
V4L/DVB (10033): m5602: add some comments
V4L/DVB (10034): m5602: fixup offset in order to align image
V4L/DVB (10035): m5602: add a start sending hook in the sensor struct
V4L/DVB (10036): m5602 - ov9650: Prepare the sensor to set multiple resolutions
V4L/DVB (10037): m5602: add QVGA mode for the ov9650 sensor
V4L/DVB (10038): m5602: tweak the hsync. Remove redundant init sequence
V4L/DVB (10039): m5602 - ov9650: Add CIF mode
V4L/DVB (10040): m5602 - ov9650: Activate variopixel
V4L/DVB (10041): m5602 - rework parts of the resolution initialization
V4L/DVB (10127): stv06xx: Avoid having y unitialized

Evgeniy Dushistov (1):
minix: fix add link's wrong position calculation

Evgeniy Polyakov (11):
crypto: hifn - Disable driver when physical size exceeds 32 bits
crypto: hifn_795x - Fix queue management
crypto: hifn_795x - Use softirq kernel mapping in bh context
w1: add list masters w1 command
w1: add touch block command
w1: list slaves commands
w1: documentation update
w1: allow master IO commands
w1: move w1 commands from defines to enum
w1: added w1 reset command
w1: send status messages after command processing

F. Duncan M. Haldane (1):
Staging: Kconfig for ARCH=arm,8300, cris

FUJITA Tomonori (42):
x86: fix dma_mapping_error for 32bit x86, cleanup
x86: remove dead BIO_VMERGE_BOUNDARY definition
powerpc: Remove dead BIO_VMERGE_BOUNDARY definition
swiotlb: replace architecture-specific swiotlb.h with linux/swiotlb.h
swiotlb: remove unnecessary declaration
swiotlb: clean up EXPORT_SYMBOL usage
block: use min_not_zero in blk_queue_stack_limits
alpha: remove dead BIO_VMERGE_BOUNDARY
[SCSI] aacraid: check pci_alloc_consistent errors
[SCSI] add residual argument to scsi_execute and scsi_execute_req
[SCSI] retry with missing data for INQUIRY
[SCSI] st: move st_request initialization to st_allocate_request form st_do_scsi
[SCSI] st: add st_scsi_kern_execute helper function
[SCSI] st: convert test_ready to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert set_location to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert do_load_unload to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert cross_eof to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert st_flush to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert check_tape to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert read_mode_page to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert write_mode_page to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert get_location to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] st: convert st_int_ioctl to use st_scsi_kern_execute
[SCSI] scsi_transport_spi: fix the misuse of scsi_execute return value
[SCSI] eata: fix the data buffer accessors conversion regression
V4L/DVB (9472): dm1105: fix the misuse of pci_dma_mapping_error
remove ide-scsi
[SCSI] block: fix bio_add_page misuse with rq_map_data
[SCSI] block: fix the partial mappings with struct rq_map_data
[SCSI] block: make blk_rq_map_user take a NULL user-space buffer for WRITE
[SCSI] st: make all the fragment buffers the same size
[SCSI] st: add struct rq_map_data support
[SCSI] st: add st_scsi_execute helper function
[SCSI] st: convert non-dio path to use st_scsi_execute
[SCSI] st: convert dio path to use st_scsi_execute
[SCSI] st: remove buf_to_sg
[SCSI] st: kill struct st_buff_fragment
[SCSI] st: remove struct scatterlist
[SCSI] st: simplify new_tape_buffer
[SCSI] st: remove unused orig_frp_segs
[SCSI] st: remove unused frp_sg_current
parisc: remove dead BIO_VMERGE_BOUNDARY and BIO_VMERGE_MAX_SIZE definitions

Fabio Belavenuto (1):
V4L/DVB (10155): Add TEA5764 radio driver

Fabio Estevam (2):
Add basic support for MX31PDK board.
Add default configuration for MX31PDK board.

Fabio Rossi (2):
mac80211: accept empty strings for hidden SSIDs
V4L/DVB (9999): gspca - zc3xx: Webcam 046d:089d added.

Fabrice Bellet (1):
iwl3945: iwl3945_mac_get_tsf() should not return zero

Faisal Latif (7):
RDMA/nes: Cleanup cqp_request list usage
RDMA/nes: Lock down connected_nodes list while processing it
RDMA/nes: Avoid race between MPA request and reset event to rdma_cm
RDMA/nes: Forward packets for a new connection with stale APBVT entry
RDMA/nes: Fix TCP compliance test failures
RDMA/nes: Check cqp_avail_reqs is empty after locking the list
RDMA/nes: Remove tx_free_list

Federico Heinz (1):
i8k: Add Dell Vostro systems

Felipe Balbi (3):
USB: musb: Add musb git tree to maintainers entry
USB: musb: check if set_irq_wake succeded and remember it
USB: gadget: don't wait for completion twice

Felix Beck (1):
[S390] zcrypt: Use of Thin Interrupts

Felix Fietkau (4):
minstrel: improve performance for non-MRR drivers
ath5k: ignore the return value of ath5k_hw_noise_floor_calibration
mac80211: fix BUILD_BUG_ON() caused by misalignment on arm
ath5k: Clean up eeprom parsing and add missing calibration data

Fernando Carrijo (1):
remove lots of double-semicolons

Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao (1):
memcg: do not recalculate section unnecessarily in init_section_page_cgroup

Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao (3):
block: add queue flag for paravirt frontend drivers
virtio_blk: set queue paravirt flag
xen-blkfront: set queue paravirt flag

Finn Thain (9):
m68k: Reinstate mac rtc
m68k: Mac via cleanup and commentry
m68k: machw.h cleanup
m68k: mac baboon interrupt enable/disable
macfb annotations and compiler warning fix
m68k: fix trigraph ignored warning in setox.S
fbcon: remove broken mac vbl handler
[SCSI] m68k: mac_esp asm fix
[SCSI] mac_esp: fix for quadras with two esp chips

Flavio Leitner (1):
serial_8250: support for Sealevel Systems Model 7803 COMM+8

Florian Fainelli (5):
r6040: bump release number to 0.19
r6040: make printks consistent with DRV_NAME
r6040: check PHY status when bringing interface up
r6040: warn about MAC address being unset
r6040: bump release number to 0.20

Franck Bui-Huu (2):
do_mpage_readpage(): remove useless clear_buffer_mapped() call
block_write_begin(): remove useless goto

Francois Romieu (1):
r8169: convert to net_device_ops

Frank Blaschka (4):
[S390] convert qeth printks to dev_xxx and pr_xxx macros.
qeth: do not spin for SETIP ip assist command
vlan: add neigh_setup
qeth: convert to net_device_ops

Frank Mayhar (1):
ext4: Allow ext4 to run without a journal

Frank Munzert (1):
[S390] convert vmur printks to pr_xxx macros.

Frans Pop (1):
ieee1394: ohci1394: don't leave interrupts enabled during suspend/resume

Frederic CAND (1):
V4L/DVB (9497): tda9887/cx88: Adds SECAM/BGH standards

Frederic Cand (2):
V4L/DVB (9548): gspca: Properly indent Kconfig
V4L/DVB (9548): gspca: Fix Kconfig CodingStyle

Frederic Weisbecker (47):
ftrace: add a script to produce a hierarchical view of a function trace
tracing/fastboot: Enable boot tracing only during initcalls
tracing/ftrace: fix a race condition in sched_switch tracer
tracing/ftrace: remove unused code in sched_switch tracer
tracing/fastboot: use sched switch tracer from boot tracer
tracing/ftrace: types and naming corrections for sched tracer
tracing/ftrace: fix a bug when switch current tracer to sched tracer
tracing, x86: add low level support for ftrace return tracing
tracing: add a tracer to catch execution time of kernel functions
tracing/fastboot: move boot tracer structs and funcs into their own header.
tracing/fastboot: Use the ring-buffer timestamp for initcall entries
tracing/function-return-tracer: make the function return tracer lockless
tracing/function-return-tracer: call prepare_ftrace_return by registers
tracing/ftrace: fix unexpected -EINVAL when longest tracer name is set
tracing/ftrace: change the type of the init() callback
tracing/branch-tracer: fix a trace recursion on branch tracer
tracing/function-return-tracer: add a barrier to ensure return stack index is incremented in memory
tracing/function-return-tracer: support for dynamic ftrace on function return tracer
tracing/ftrace: implement a set_flag callback for tracers
tracing/ftrace: make nop tracer using tracer flags
tracing/function-return-tracer: add the overrun field
tracing/function-return-tracer: store return stack into task_struct and allocate it dynamically
tracing/function-return-tracer: don't trace kfree while it frees the return stack
tracing/function-return-tracer: free the return stack on free_task()
tracing/function-return-tracer: change the name into function-graph-tracer
tracing/function-return-tracer: set a more human readable output
tracing/function-graph-tracer: enhancements for the trace output
tracing/function-graph-tracer: adjustments of the trace informations
tracing/branch-tracer: include missing irqflags.h
tracing/function-graph-tracer: support for x86-64
tracing/function-graph-tracer: display unified style cmdline and pid
tracing/function-graph-tracer: improve duration output
tracing/function-graph-tracer: handle ftrace_printk entries
tracing/ftrace: don't insert TRACE_PRINT during selftests
tracing/ftrace: fix the check of ftrace_trace_task
tracing/ftrace: provide the macro task_curr_ret_stack()
tracing/function-graph-tracer: implement a print_headers function
tracing/function-graph-tracer: introduce __notrace_funcgraph to filter special functions
tracing/function-graph-tracer: turn tracing_selftest_running into an int
tracing/function-graph-tracer: append the tracing_graph_flag
tracing/fastboot: include missing headers
tracing/function-graph-tracer: add a new .irqentry.text section
tracing/function-graph-tracer: annotate do_IRQ and smp_apic_timer_interrupt
tracing/function-graph-tracer: Output arrows signal on hardirq call/return
tracing/ftrace: use preempt_enable_no_resched_notrace in ring_buffer_time_stamp()
tracing/ftrace: add the printk-msg-only option
tracing/ftrace: don't trace on early stage of a secondary cpu boot, v3

Frederik Schwarzer (3):
trivial: fix singal -> signal typo
trivial: fix then -> than typos in comments and documentation
trivial: fix an -> a typos in documentation and comments

Gary Hade (2):
x86: add memory hotremove config option
mm: show node to memory section relationship with symlinks in sysfs

Gautham R Shenoy (1):
sched: framework for sched_mc/smt_power_savings=N

Geert Uytterhoeven (9):
powerpc/ps3: Replace the flip_ctl logic in ps3av and ps3fb by a mutex
powerpc/ps3: Add sub-match id modalias support
crypto: testmgr - Validate output length in (de)compression tests
crypto: testmgr - Correct comment about deflate parameters
fbcon: Protect free_irq() by MACH_IS_ATARI check
[SCSI] a2091, gvp11: kill warn_unused_result warnings
Remove obsolete CONFIG_RESOURCES_64BIT
fbdev/logo: check compatibility of main and extra logos
mtd/ps3vram: Add modalias support to the ps3vram driver

Geoff Levand (7):
powerpc: Fix typo in pgtable-ppc64.h
powerpc/ps3: Quiet dmesg output
mtd/ps3vram: Remove ps3vram debug routines
mtd/ps3vram: Cleanup ps3vram driver messages
mtd/ps3vram: Use proper kernel types
mtd/ps3vram: Use msleep in waits
mtd/ps3vram: Use _PAGE_NO_CACHE in memory ioremap

Gerald Schaefer (2):
[S390] convert appldata printks to pr_xxx macros.
[S390] convert monreader printks to pr_xxx macros.

Gerd Hoffmann (1):
add missing accounting calls to compat_sys_{readv,writev}

Gerrit Renker (37):
dccp: Basic data structure for feature negotiation
dccp: Implement lookup table for feature-negotiation information
dccp: List management for new feature negotiation
dccp: Per-socket initialisation of feature negotiation
dccp: Cleanup routines for feature negotiation
dccp: Limit feature negotiation to connection setup phase
dccp: Registration routines for changing feature values
dccp: Query supported CCIDs
dccp: Resolve dependencies of features on choice of CCID
dccp: Mechanism to resolve CCID dependencies
dccp: Deprecate old setsockopt framework
dccp: Feature negotiation for minimum-checksum-coverage
dccp: Deprecate Ack Ratio sysctl
dccp: Tidy up setsockopt calls
dccp: Fix bracing in dccp_feat_list_lookup.
dccp: Set per-connection CCIDs via socket options
dccp: API to query the current TX/RX CCID
dccp: Increase the scope of variable-length htonl/ntohl functions
dccp: Support for Mandatory options
dccp: Header option insertion routine for feature-negotiation
dccp: Insert feature-negotiation options into skb
dccp: Integrate feature-negotiation insertion code
dccp: Preference list reconciliation
dccp: Process incoming Change feature-negotiation options
dccp: Processing Confirm options
dccp: Feature activation handlers
dccp: Integration of dynamic feature activation - part 1 (socket setup)
dccp: Integration of dynamic feature activation - part 2 (server side)
dccp: Integration of dynamic feature activation - part 3 (client side)
dccp: Clean up old feature-negotiation infrastructure
dccp: Remove obsolete parts of the old CCID interface
dccp: Remove manual influence on NDP Count feature
dccp ccid-2: Phase out the use of boolean Ack Vector sysctl
tun: Eliminate sparse signedness warning
dccp: Lockless integration of CCID congestion-control plugins
dccp: Clean up ccid.c after integration of CCID plugins
dccp: Integrate the TFRC library with DCCP

Gianluca Palli (1):
Staging: comedi: add s626 driver

Giuseppe Cavallaro (3):
phy: add natsemi PHY driver
phy: power management support
phy: add the ST ste10Xp PHYs

Glauber Costa (4):
x86: KVM guest: sign kvmclock as paravirt
KVM: Really remove a slot when a user ask us so
mm: vmalloc tweak failure printk
mm: vmalloc improve vmallocinfo

Gleb Natapov (1):
KVM: call kvm_arch_vcpu_reset() instead of the kvm_x86_ops callback

Gowrishankar M (1):
cgroups: skip processes from other namespaces when listing a cgroup

Grace Pan (1):
Blackfin arch: Enlarge flash partition for kenel for bf533/bf537 boards

Graf Yang (20):
Blackfin arch: fix bug - kernel with SMP patch can not bootup
Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: BF561 related code
Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: Blackfin header files and machine common code
Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: Blackfin CPLB related code
Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: Blackfin kernel and memory management code
Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: some other misc code
Blackfin arch: Add code to free gpio when shutdown irq
Blackfin arch: Request the gpio resource when making it as an irq pin, avoiding override it.
Blackfin Serial Driver: fix bug - SIR driver stop receiving randomly
Blackfin arch: Allow a gpio pin be requested both as gpio and irq.
Blackfin arch: Add document about bfin-gpio
Blackfin arch: get oprofile work for user space
Blackfin arch: smp patch cleanup from LKML review
Blackfin arch: implement support for /proc/dma
Blackfin arch: update header to match new location
Blackfin arch: Modify bfin_sir device configuration to board file
Blackfin arch: Remove wasted SIR header files
Blackfin arch: Fix bug - IrDA SIR build failed for BF533.
Blackfin arch: remove hardware PM code, oprofile not use it
Blackfin arch: Clean oprofile build path for blackfin

Grant Erickson (1):
powerpc: Const-qualify Device Node Argument to DCR Resource Extent API

Grant Grundler (1):
sata_sil24: remove unused sil24_port_multiplier

Grant Likely (5):
powerpc/mpc5200: Document and tidy irq driver
powerpc/mpc5200: Make internal 5200 PIC the default interrupt controller
powerpc/mpc5200: Bugfix on handling variable sized buffer descriptors
powerpc/mpc5200: Disable bestcomm prefetching when ATA DMA enabled
powerpc: Copy bootable images in the default install script

Grazvydas Ignotas (5):
ALSA: ASoC: TWL4030 codec - fix 256*Fs clock
ASoC: TWL4030: Add input selection and gain controls
ASoC: Add support for OMAP3 Pandora
ARM: OMAP3: Add basic support for Pandora handheld console
ASoC: Mark non-connected TWL4030 pins for pandora

Greg Kroah-Hartman (96):
btrfs: fixes for kobject changes in mainline
driver core: create a private portion of struct device
driver core: move klist_children into private structure
driver core: move knode_driver into private structure
driver core: move knode_bus into private structure
Staging: go7007: fixes due to video_usercopy api change
Staging: go7007: fixes due v4l2_file_operations api change
Staging: w35und: remove usb_submit_urb wrapper function
Staging: w35und: remove usb_alloc_urb wrapper function
Staging: w35und: fix config build warnings
Staging: wlan-ng: fix compiler warnings
Staging: at76_usb: fix build breakage
Staging: at76_usb: remove compiler warnings
Staging: at76_usb: fix up all remaining checkpatch.pl warnings
Staging: go7007: fix minor build warnings
Staging: go7007: add some more v4l2 ioctls
Staging: agnx: fix build errors due to ssid removal
Staging: agnx: fix build errors due to rate control API changes
Staging: agnx: fix build warnings
Staging: otus: fix netdev->priv usage
Staging: otus: fix urb callback function type
Staging: add rt2860 wireless driver
Staging: rt2860: disable root hack for reading files
Staging: rt2860: fix up netdev->priv usage
Staging: rt2860: Fix minor compiler warnings
Staging: rt2860: enable WPA_SUPPLICANT support
Staging: benet: fix netif api breakage
Staging: benet: fix up netdev->priv change
Staging: benet: build is broken unless CONFIG_NETPOLL is enabled
Staging: benet: fix build error.
Staging: comedi: fix up a lot of checkpatch.pl warnings
Staging: comedi: fix checkpatch.pl errors in comedi_fops.c
Staging: comedi: fix build error in comedilib.h
Staging: comedi: set up infrastructure for individual drivers
Staging: comedi: dt9812: fix up a lot of coding style issues
Staging: comedi: dt9812: remove dt9812.h
Staging: comedi: dt9812: remove typedefs
Staging: comedi: dt9812: fix sparse warnings
Staging: comedi: usbdux: remove kernel version checks
Staging: comedi: usbdux: code style cleanups
Staging: comedi: usbdux: remove // comments
Staging: comedi: usbdux: fix up printk calls
Staging: comedi: usbdux: remove checkpatch.pl warnings
Staging: comedi: usbdux: remove typedef
Staging: comedi: usbdux: remove comedi usb wrappers
Staging: comedi: usbduxfast: remove comedi usb wrappers
Staging: comedi: dt9812: remove #ifdef that is not needed
Staging: comedi: remove usb wrappers
Staging: comedi: remove PCI wrappers
Staging: comedi: fix checkpatch.pl issues in comedi_bond.c
Staging: comedi: fix checkpatch.pl issues in comedi_fc.c
Staging: comedi: remove typedefs from comedi_bond.c
Staging: comedi: fix sparse issues in comedi_bond.c
Staging: comedi: fix checkpatch.pl issues in comedi_test.c
Staging: comedi: fix sparse issues in comedi_test.c
Staging: comedi: remove typedefs from comedi_test.c
Staging: comedi: fix comedi_parport.c checkpatch.pl issues.
Staging: comedi: fix comedi_fc.h checkpatch.pl issues.
Staging: comedi: fix comedi_pci.h checkpatch.pl issues.
Staging: comedi: comedi_pci.h: remove unneeded wrapper
Staging: comedi: comedi_pci.h: remove comedi_pci_enable_no_regions
Staging: comedi: comedi_pci.h: remove comedi_pci_disable_no_regions
Staging: comedi: me_daq: fix checkpatch.pl issues
Staging: comedi: me_daq: remove typedefs
Staging: comedi: me_daq: fix sparse issues
Staging: comedi: fix checkpatch.pl warning in interrupt.h
Staging: add rtl8187se driver
Staging: rtl8187se: remove unneeded files
Staging: rtl8187se: make the built module be the proper name
Staging: rtl8187se: remove duplicate pci ids
Staging: add princeton instruments usb camera driver
Staging: add mimio xi driver
Staging: add rt2870 wireless driver
Staging: rt2870: disable root hack for reading files
Staging: rt2870: fix up netdev->priv usage
Staging: frontier: remove unused alphatrack_sysfs.c file
Staging: frontier: fix compiler warnings
Staging: epl: run Lindent on all kernel/*.h files
Staging: epl: run Lindent on all user/*.h files
Staging: epl: run Lindent on *.h files
Staging: epl: run Lindent on *.c files
Staging: epl: hr timers all run in hard irq context now
Staging: epl: fix netdev->priv b0rkage
Staging: add android framework
Staging: android: remove dummy android.c driver
Staging: android: binder: fix build errors
USB: serial: fix up urb->status usage
USB: option: increase outgoing buffer size and number
USB: add new opticon serial driver
USB: add siemens_mpi usb-serial "stub" driver
USB: remove warn() macro from usb.h
USB: remove info() macro from usb.h
Revert "driver core: move knode_bus into private structure"
Revert "driver core: move knode_driver into private structure"
Revert "driver core: move klist_children into private structure"
Revert "driver core: create a private portion of struct device"

Guennadi Liakhovetski (20):
i.MX31: fix mxc_iomux_set_pad()
[ARM] pcm037: add support for the on-board LAN9217 network controller
V4L/DVB (9785): soc-camera: merge .try_bus_param() into .try_fmt_cap()
V4L/DVB (9786): soc-camera: formatting fixes
V4L/DVB (9787): soc-camera: let camera host drivers decide upon pixel format
V4L/DVB (9788): soc-camera: simplify naming
V4L/DVB (9789): soc-camera: add a per-camera device host private data pointer
V4L/DVB (9790): soc-camera: pixel format negotiation - core support
V4L/DVB (10066): mt9m001 mt9v022: fix bus-width switch GPIO availability test
V4L/DVB (10072): soc-camera: Add signal inversion flags to be used by camera drivers
V4L/DVB (10074): soc-camera: add camera sense data
V4L/DVB (10075): pxa-camera: setup the FIFO inactivity time-out register
V4L/DVB (10080): soc-camera: readability improvements, more strict operations checks
V4L/DVB (10081): pxa-camera: call try_fmt() camera device method with correct pixel format
V4L/DVB (10083): soc-camera: unify locking, play nicer with videobuf locking
V4L/DVB (10090): soc-camera: let drivers decide upon supported field values
V4L/DVB (10091): mt9m001 mt9v022: simplify pointer derefernces
V4L/DVB (10093): soc-camera: add new bus width and signal polarity flags
V4L/DVB (10099): soc-camera: add support for MT9T031 CMOS camera sensor from Micron
V4L/DVB (10176a): Switch remaining clear_user_page users over to clear_user_highpage

Guenter Gebhardt (1):
Staging: comedi: add me4000 driver

Guillaume Thouvenin (9):
KVM: x86 emulator: consolidate push reg
KVM: x86 emulator: Add decode entries for 0x04 and 0x05 opcodes (add acc, imm)
KVM: allow emulator to adjust rip for emulated pio instructions
KVM: VMX: Handle mmio emulation when guest state is invalid
KVM: x86 emulator: Extend the opcode descriptor
KVM: x86 emulator: add Src2 decode set
KVM: x86 emulator: add a new "implied 1" Src decode type
KVM: x86 emulator: add the assembler code for three operands
KVM: x86 emulator: add the emulation of shld and shrd instructions

Guo-Fu Tseng (1):
jme: Remove 64 and 40 bit dma_mask