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Staging: comedi: add addi-data drivers

Aaro Koskinen (1):
[SCSI] sym53c8xx: Keep transfer negotiations valid

Abbas, Mohamed (3):
iwlwifi: allow user to set max rate
iwlagn: fix agn rate scaling
iwl3945: fix deep sleep when removing the driver.

Abhijeet Kolekar (27):
iwl3945: use iwl_rx_mem_buffer
iwl3945: use iwl_rx_queue in iwl3945
iwl3945: use iwl_hw_params in iwl3945_priv
iwl3945: rename iwl3945_priv variables
iwl3945: replaces iwl3945_priv with iwl_priv
iwl3945: use iwl-io.h and delete iwl-3945-io.h
iwl3945: use iwl_rx_scan handlers
iwl3945: use iwl_mac_hw_scan callback
iwl3945: use iwl rx handlers
iwl3945: use iwl_rx_reply_error notification
iwl3945: remove duplicate interrupt code
iwl3945: use iwl_isr
iwl3945: use SW rfkill from iwlwifi
iwl3945: synchronize timestamp with uCode
iwl3945: unify set key flow with iwlwifi
iwl3945: add iwl3945_setup_mac
iwl3945 : use iwl_activate_qos
iwl3945: add test for new association
iwl3945: fix sparse error
iwl3945: use iwl_led structure
iwl3945 : fix rate scaling
iwl3945: use iwl_tx_cmd_complete
iwl3945: set TFD_QUEUE_MAX to correct value
iwl3945: use iwl_cmd_queue_free
iwl3945: fix checkpatch.pl errors
iwl3945: control rate decrease
iwl3945: replace stations with stations_39

Abhijith Das (2):
GFS2: Bring back lvb-related stuff to lock_nolock to support quotas
GFS2: change gfs2_quota_scan into a shrinker

Abylay Ospan (5):
V4L/DVB (10796): Add init code for NetUP Dual DVB-S2 CI card
V4L/DVB (10797): Add EEPROM code for NetUP Dual DVB-S2 CI card.
V4L/DVB (10798): Add CIMax(R) SP2 Common Interface code for NetUP Dual DVB-S2 CI card
V4L/DVB (11056): Bug fix in NetUP: restore high address lines in CI
V4L/DVB (11057): Fix CiMax stability in Netup Dual DVB-S2 CI

Adam Baker (3):
V4L/DVB (10639): gspca - sq905: New subdriver.
V4L/DVB (10829): Support alternate resolutions for sq905
V4L/DVB (11387): Sensor orientation reporting

Adam Buchbinder (1):
trivial: Fix misspelling of "Celsius".

Adam McDaniel (1):
Staging: rt2860: Ported v1.7.1.1 changes into v1.8.0.0, becoming v1.8.1.1

Adam Nielsen (2):
netfilter: x_tables: add LED trigger target
leds: Prevent multiple LED triggers with the same name

Adam Radford (1):
[SCSI] 3w-9xxx: add power management support

Adrian Bunk (6):
[SCSI] ses: #if 0 the unused ses_match_host()
[SCSI] a3000: make 2 functions static
[SCSI] a2091: make 2 functions static
FRV: Fix compile breakage
net/802/fddi.c: add MODULE_LICENSE
tty: Correct inline types for tty_driver_kref_get()

Adrian Hunter (16):
UBIFS: fix dbg_chk_lpt_sz()
UBIFS: fix bug where page is marked uptodate when out of space
[MTD] mtdoops: allow MTD selection by name
[MTD] mtdoops: fix a bit of spin lock usage
[MTD] [OneNAND] omap2: panic_write may be in an interrupt context
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 fix name buffer length, v2
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 add cover switch
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 allow arbitrary slot names, v3
mmc: Add Extended CSD register to debugfs
omap_hsmmc: do not re-power when powering off MMC
omap_hsmmc: Fix response type for busy after response
omap_hsmmc: Allow cover switch to cause rescan
omap_hsmmc: Do not prefix slot name
omap_hsmmc: Wait for SDBP
regulator: twl4030 VAUX3 supports 3.0V
UBIFS: fix recovery bug

Adrian McMenamin (2):
sh: maple: Support block reads and writes.
mtd: flash mapping support for Dreamcast VMU.

Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger (1):
crypto: Fix dead links

Ajay Kumar Gupta (3):
USB: otg: adding nop usb transceiver
USB: musb: NAK timeout scheme on bulk RX endpoint
USB: musb: only turn off vbus in OTG hosts

Akinobu Mita (11):
x86: unify kmap_atomic_pfn() and iomap_atomic_prot_pfn()
x86: debug check for kmap_atomic_pfn and iomap_atomic_prot_pfn()
x86, mm: remove unnecessary include file from iomap_32.c
slub: use get_track()
generic debug pagealloc
mm: introduce debug_kmap_atomic
mm: use debug_kmap_atomic
x86, mm: fix misuse of debug_kmap_atomic
generic debug pagealloc: build fix
mm: fix misuse of debug_kmap_atomic
ALSA: hda - add missing comma in ad1884_slave_vols

Al Viro (28):
constify dentry_operations: NFS
constify dentry_operations: misc filesystems
constify dentry_operations: 9p
constify dentry_operations: autofs, autofs4
constify dentry_operations: AFS
constify dentry_operations: CIFS
constify dentry_operations: ecryptfs
constify dentry_operations: procfs
constify dentry_operations: FUSE
constify dentry_operations: FAT
constify dentry_operations: GFS2
constify dentry_operations: OCFS2
constify dentry_operations: JFS
constify dentry_operations: sysfs
constify dentry_operations: configfs
constify dentry_operations: rest
Kill unsharing fs_struct in __set_personality()
Get rid of bumping fs_struct refcount in pivot_root(2)
Take fs_struct handling to new file (fs/fs_struct.c)
New locking/refcounting for fs_struct
check_unsafe_exec() doesn't care about signal handlers sharing
New helper - current_umask()
Get rid of indirect include of fs_struct.h
Don't mess with descriptor table in load_elf_binary()
Trim includes in binfmt_elf
Don't crap into descriptor table in binfmt_som
Trim includes of fdtable.h
Cleanup after commit 585d3bc06f4ca57f975a5a1f698f65a45ea66225

Alain Knaff (8):
bzip2/lzma: library support for gzip, bzip2 and lzma decompression
bzip2/lzma: config and initramfs support for bzip2/lzma decompression
bzip2/lzma: x86 kernel compression support
bzip2/lzma: fix built-in initramfs vs CONFIG_RD_GZIP
bzip2/lzma: fix decompress_inflate.c vs multi-block-with-embedded-filename
bzip2/lzma: don't stop search at first unconfigured compression
bzip2/lzma: don't leave empty files around on failure
bzip2/lzma: make internal initramfs compression configurable

Alan Carvalho de Assis (1):
i.MX31: Fixing cs89x0 network building to i.MX31ADS

Alan Cox (28):
[ARM] cumana: Fix a long standing bogon
[ARM] fix leak in iop13xx/pci
[ARM] twl4030 - leak fix
pata_artop: Serializing support
pata_sc1200: Activate secondary channel
[libata] Drain data on errors
[libata] Improve timeout handling
[WATCHDOG] wdt.c: remove #ifdef CONFIG_WDT_501
dontdiff: Fix asm exclude
appletalk: this warning can go I think
af_rose/x25: Sanity check the maximum user frame size
sony-laptop: Eliminate BKL in ioctls
V4L/DVB (11243): cx88: Missing failure checks
V4L/DVB (11244): pluto2: silence spew of card hung up messages
[SCSI] config: Make need for SCSI_CDROM clearer
[SCSI] mptsas: remove unneeded check
LANANA: Change of management and resync
ucc: Fix leaky error path
isicom: isicom kref leak fix
cdc-acm: zydas 1602 identifier needed
tty: pl2303 needs identifiers for Siemens S81 as well as EF81
symbol: Remove various bits of left over junk
8250: Fix warning
LANANA: Fix dates
pata_artop: typo
serqt: initial clean up pass for tty side
lanana: assign a device name and numbering for MAX3100
parport: Use the PCI IRQ if offered

Alan McIvor (1):
V4L/DVB (11124): Add support for ProVideo PV-183 to bttv

Alan Stern (21):
[SCSI] sd: tell the user when a disk's capacity is adjusted
[SCSI] fix /proc memory leak in the SCSI core
USB: add quirk to avoid config and interface strings
USB: usb-storage: increase max_sectors for tape drives
USB: EHCI: Make timer_action out-of-line
USB: EHCI: add software retry for transaction errors
usb-storage: prepare for subdriver separation
usb-storage: make sddr09 a separate module
usb-storage: make isd200 a separate module
usb-storage: make sddr55 a separate module
usb-storage: make cypress_atacb a separate module
usb-storage: make shuttle_usbat a separate module
usb-storage: make freecom a separate module
usb-storage: make datafab a separate module
usb-storage: make jumpshot a separate module
usb-storage: make alauda a separate module
usb-storage: make karma a separate module
usb-storage: make onetouch a separate module
USB: uhci: don't use pseudo negative values
USB: don't send Set-Interface after reset
USB: usbfs: remove unneeded "inline" annotations

Alasdair G Kergon (1):
dm table: fix upgrade mode race

Alberto Bertogli (1):
trivial: Fix typo in bio_split()'s documentation

Alessio Igor Bogani (3):
sony-laptop: Kill the BKL
nvidiafb: remove open_lock mutex
sony-laptop: Fix some typos in log messages (Unabe/Unable)

Alex Chiang (19):
e1000e: normalize usage of serdes_has_link
PCI: enhance physical slot debug information
PCI: PCIe portdrv: eliminate double kfree in remove path
PCIe: portdrv: call pci_disable_device during remove
PCI: always scan child buses
PCI: do not initialize bridges more than once
PCI: do not enable bridges more than once
PCI: Introduce pci_rescan_bus()
PCI: Introduce /sys/bus/pci/rescan
PCI: Introduce /sys/bus/pci/devices/.../remove
PCI: Introduce /sys/bus/pci/devices/.../rescan
PCI Hotplug: rename legacy_fakephp to fakephp
PCI Hotplug: schedule fakephp for feature removal
sysfs: sysfs_add_one WARNs with full path to duplicate filename
sysfs: only allow one scheduled removal callback per kobj
PCI: annotate pci_rescan_bus as ref, not devinit
PCI: allow PCI core hotplug to remove PCI root bus
PCI Hotplug: acpiphp: grab refcount on p2p subordinate bus
PCI: pci_slot: grab refcount on slot's bus

Alex Deucher (12):
drm/radeon: prep for r6xx/r7xx support
drm/radeon: add r6xx/r7xx microcode
drm/radeon: add initial support for R6xx/R7xx GPUs
radeon: add R6xx/R7xx pci ids
radeon: fix r600 AGP support
radeon: add support for rs600 GPUs
radeon: add RS600 pci ids
drm/radeon: RS600: fix interrupt handling
drm/radeon: r6xx/r7xx: fix possible oops in r600_page_table_cleanup()
drm/radeon: fix logic in r600_page_table_init() to match ati_gart
radeon: add some new pci ids
drm/radeon: load the right microcode on rs780

Alex Stephens (1):
USB: CP2101 New Device ID

Alex Williamson (6):
virtio_net: Add a virtqueue for outbound control commands
virtio_net: Add a set_rx_mode interface
virtio_net: Add a MAC filter table
virtio_net: Add support for VLAN filtering in the hypervisor
virtio_net: Allow setting the MAC address of the NIC
virtio_net: Set the mac config only when VIRITO_NET_F_MAC

Alexander Beregalov (25):
MMC: tmio_mmc.h: fix build problem
ni5010: convert to net_device_ops
dmascc: fix incomplete conversion to network_device_ops
wireless: remove duplicated .ndo_set_mac_address
reiserfs: fix build breakage
parisc: iosapic: fix build breakage
parisc: led: remove proc_dir_entry::owner
parisc: asm/pdc.h should include asm/page.h
parisc: drivers: fix warnings
sony-laptop should depend on RFKILL
Staging: meilhaus: remove dependence on kernel version
Staging: meilhaus: some checkpatch.pl cleanup
Staging: otus: remove old irqreturn_t definition
Staging: pohmelfs: fix build breakage
Staging: pohmelfs: net.c: include vmalloc.h
Staging: pohmelfs: fix printk format warnings v2
Staging: pohmelfs should depend on CRYPTO
Staging: pohmelfs: should include fs_struct.h
Staging: echo cleanup
vxge: should include tcp.h
drivers/pci/intr_remapping.c: include acpi.h
mux: fix build problem
md/raid1: fix build breakage
V4L/DVB (11438): au0828: fix Kconfig dependance
loop: mutex already unlocked in loop_clr_fd()

Alexander Clouter (15):
[ARM] orion5x: add rtc-m48t86 to orion5x_defconfig
[ARM] orion5x: remove TS-78xx NOR support as it does not exist
[ARM] orion5x: TS-78xx comment shifting
[ARM] orion5x: TS-78xx support for 'hotplug' of FPGA devices
hwrng: timeriomem - New driver
[CPUFREQ] conservative: amend author's email address
[CPUFREQ] conservative: fix dbs_cpufreq_notifier so freq is not locked
[CPUFREQ] conservative: fixup governor to function more like ondemand logic
[CPUFREQ] conservative: remove 10x from def_sampling_rate
[ARM] orion5x: ts78xx make more bulletproof the RTC load/unload code
[ARM] orion5x: ts78xx amend RTC registering to not depend on ifdef's
[ARM] orion5x: ts78xx add NAND support via plat_nand
[ARM] orion5x: added a new FPGA ID set for the TS-78xx
[ARM] orion5x: update of FPGA ID's for the TS-78xx
hwrng: timeriomem - Use phys address rather than virt

Alexander Duyck (63):
igb: igb should not flag lltx
igb: make certain to power on optics for 82576 fiber nics
e1000: drop lltx, remove unnecessary lock
igb: optimize/refactor receive path
igb: move setting of buffsz out of repeated path in alloc_rx_buffers
igb: move initialization of number of queues into set_interrupt_capability
igb: remove check for needing an io port
igb: add link check function
igb: make dev_spec a union and remove dynamic allocation
igb: read address from RAH/RAL instead of from EEPROM
igb: rename phy ops
igb: rename nvm ops
igb: remove unused rx_hdr_split statistic
igb: update feature flags supported in ethtool
igb: update testing done by ethtool
igb: add counter for dma out of sync errors
igb: cleanup igb_netpoll to be more friendly with napi & GRO
igb: remove redundant timer updates and cleanup watchdog_task
igb: rename igb_update_mc_addr_list_82575 to not include the 82575
igb: remove unnecessary adapter->hw calls when just hw-> will do.
igb: don't read eicr when responding to legacy interrupts
igb: move get_hw_control within igb_resume.
igb: change pba size determination from if to switch statement
igb: remove disable_av variable from mac_info struct
igb: remove redundant count set and err_hw_init
igb: update stats before doing reset in igb_down
igb: fix two minor items found during code review
igb: update version number and copyright dates
igb: misc whitespace/formatting cleanups
igb: reduce size required to trigger low latency
igb: cleanup incorrect comment and set IP Checksum Enable
igb: misc cleanup to combine one if statement
igb: remove unused defines
igb: transition driver to only using advanced descriptors
igb: update napi polling to consolidate function and return correct values
igb: add vfs_allocated_count as placeholder for number of vfs
igb: add pf side of VMDq support
igb: Add support for enabling VFs to PF driver.
igb: this patch addes the sr-iov enablement option via num_vfs parameter
igb: remove skb_orphan calls
igb: remove netif running call from igb_poll
igb: resolve warning of unused adapter struct
igb: support wol on second port
igb: add PF to pool
igb: correct typo that was setting vfta mask to 1
igb: add support for another dual port 82576 non-security nic
igb: add support for 82576 quad copper adapter
e1000e: add support for 82583 device id
e1000e: fix dma error handling issues
ixgb: refactor tx path to use skb_dma_map/unmap
igb: remove IGB_DESC_UNUSED since it is better handled by a function call
igb: update driver to use setup_timer function
igb: rework igb_set_multi so that vfs are properly updated
igb: cleanup tx dma so map & unmap use matching calls
e1000: fix tx hang detect logic and address dma mapping issues
e1000: cleanup clean_tx_irq routine so that it completely cleans ring
e1000e: commonize tx cleanup routine to match e1000 & igb
igb: add support for x2 link width configurations
igb: set num_rx/tx_queues to 0 when queues are freed
igb: increase delay for copper link setup
igb: cleanup igb loopback path
ixgbe: fix build when DEBUG is defined
ixgbe: refactor tx buffer processing to use skb_dma_map/unmap

Alexander Graf (13):
KVM: SVM: Clean up VINTR setting
KVM: SVM: Move EFER and MSR constants to generic x86 code
KVM: SVM: Add helper functions for nested SVM
KVM: SVM: Implement GIF, clgi and stgi
KVM: SVM: Implement hsave
KVM: SVM: Add VMLOAD and VMSAVE handlers
KVM: SVM: Add VMRUN handler
KVM: SVM: Add VMEXIT handler and intercepts
KVM: SVM: Allow setting the SVME bit
KVM: SVM: Only allow setting of EFER_SVME when CPUID SVM is set
KVM: SVM: Add microcode patch level dummy
x86: Add EFER descriptions for FFXSR
KVM: Add FFXSR support

Alexander Schulz (1):
[ARM] 5363/1: Shark cleanup and new defconfig

Alexander Shumakovitch (1):
USB: qcserial: add device id for HP devices

Alexandros Batsakis (1):
nfsd: lock state around put client and delegation in nfsd4_cb_recall

Alexey Dobriyan (25):
pppol2tp: stop using proc internals
ppp: section fixes re netns
proc 1/2: do PDE usecounting even for ->read_proc, ->write_proc
proc 2/2: remove struct proc_dir_entry::owner
Revert "proc: revert /proc/uptime to ->read_proc hook"
proc tty: add struct tty_operations::proc_fops
proc tty: switch cyclades to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch ip2 to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch istallion to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch synclink_cs to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch stallion to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch synclink to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch synclink_gt to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch synclinkmp to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch sdio_uart to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch serial_core to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch usb-serial to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch ircomm to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch amiserial to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch ia64 simserial to ->proc_fops
proc tty: switch xtensa iss console to ->proc_fops
proc tty: remove struct tty_operations::read_proc
mm: fix proc_dointvec_userhz_jiffies "breakage"
serial: fixup /proc/tty/driver/serial after proc_fops conversion
Simplify copy_thread()

Alexey Klimov (22):
V4L/DVB (10316): v4l/dvb: use usb_make_path in usb-radio drivers
V4L/DVB (10324): em28xx: Correct mailing list
V4L/DVB (10335): gspca - all subdrivers: Fix CodingStyle in sd_mod_init function.
V4L/DVB (10336): gspca - all subdrivers: Return ret instead of -1 in sd_mod_init.
V4L/DVB (10455): radio-mr800: codingstyle cleanups
V4L/DVB (10456): radio-mr800: place dev_err instead of dev_warn
V4L/DVB (10457): radio-mr800: add more dev_err messages in probe
V4L/DVB (10458): radio-mr800: move radio start and stop in one function
V4L/DVB (10459): radio-mr800: fix amradio_set_freq
V4L/DVB (10460): radio-mr800: add stereo support
V4L/DVB (10461): radio-mr800: add few lost mutex locks
V4L/DVB (10462): radio-mr800: increase version and add comments
V4L/DVB (10463): radio-mr800: fix checking of retval after usb_bulk_msg
V4L/DVB (10464): radio-si470x: use usb_make_path in usb-radio drivers
V4L/DVB (10465): dsbr100: Add few lost mutex locks.
V4L/DVB (10522): em28xx-audio: replace printk with em28xx_errdev
V4L/DVB (10946): radio-rtrack2: fix double mutex_unlock
V4L/DVB (10961): radio-terratec: remove linux/delay.h which hadn't been used.
V4L/DVB (11391): pci-isa radios: remove open and release functions
V4L/DVB (11393): radio-si470x: fix possible bug with freeing memory order
V4L/DVB (11435): dsbr100 radio: convert to to v4l2_device
V4L/DVB (11436): radio-mr800: convert to to v4l2_device

Alexey Starikovskiy (3):
ACPI: battery: add power_{now,avg} properties to power_class
ACPI: EC: Separate delays for MSI hardware
ACPI: EC: Always parse EC device

Alexey Zaytsev (3):
trivial: Fix dubious bitwise 'or' usage spotted by sparse.
trivial: Fix dubious bitwise 'or' usage spotted by sparse.
trivial: Fix dubious bitwise 'and' usage spotted by sparse.

Alina Friedrichsen (22):
mac80211: Disallow to set multicast BSSID
mac80211: Don't scan if BSSID and channel are set manually
mac80211: Don't merge if BSSID is set manually
mac80211: Allow to set channel in adhoc properly
mac80211: Read the TSF via debugfs
ath5k: Read and write the TSF via debugfs
ath9k: Read and write the TSF via debugfs
mac80211: Fixed BSSID handling revisited
mac80211: Generic TSF debugging
b43: Accessing the TSF via mac80211
mac80211: Creating new IBSS with fixed BSSID
mac80211: IBSS join rework
mac80211: Remove TSF atomic requirement from the documentation
ath9k: Don't reset TSF after scanning automatically
mac80211: Introduce a generic commit() to apply changes
mac80211: Don't merge with the same BSSID
mac80211: Give it some time to do the TSF sync
zd1211rw: Implement get_tsf()
ath9k: Fix FIF_BCN_PRBRESP_PROMISC handling
ath9k: Set TSF fix
ath5k: Set TSF fix
mac80211: ieee80211_ibss_commit() cleanup

Allan Willcox (1):
Staging: comedi: add amplc_pci230 driver

Alok Kataria (2):
x86, apic: fix initialization of wakeup_cpu
x86, vmi: TSC going backwards check in vmi clocksource, cleanup

Amit Gud (1):
Btrfs: fix race in worker_loop

Amit Shah (3):
KVM: x86: Fix typos and whitespace errors
KVM: VMX: Update necessary state when guest enters long mode
KVM: is_long_mode() should check for EFER.LMA

Américo Wang (5):
slob: clean up the code
sched: use TASK_NICE for task_struct
ptrace: remove a useless goto
x86: ptrace, bts: fix an unreachable statement
kernel/module.c: fix an unused goto label

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli (1):
kprobes: Fix locking imbalance in kretprobes

Anders Blomdell (5):
Staging: comedi: add jr3_pci driver
Staging: comedi: add serial2002 driver
Staging: comedi: add rti802 driver
Staging: comedi: add multiq3 driver
Staging: comedi: add daqboard2000 driver

Anders Gnistrup (1):
Staging: comedi: add fl212 driver

Anders Kaseorg (1):
Ksplice: Add functions for walking kallsyms symbols

Andi Kleen (21):
x86: hpet: allow force enable on ICH10 HPET
x86, mce: disable machine checks on suspend
x86, mce: don't disable machine checks during code patching
x86, mce: always use separate work queue to run trigger
x86, mce: switch machine check polling to per CPU timer
x86, mce: don't set up mce sysdev devices with mce=off
x86, mce: disable machine checks on offlined CPUs
x86, mce: enable machine checks in 64-bit defconfig
x86, mce: implement dynamic machine check banks support
x86, mce: factor out duplicated struct mce setup into one function
x86, mce: separate correct machine check poller and fatal exception handler
x86, mce, cmci: export MAX_NR_BANKS
x86, mce, cmci: factor out threshold interrupt handler
x86, mce, cmci: avoid potential reentry of threshold interrupt
x86, mce: replace machine check events logged interval with ratelimit
x86, mce, cmci: use polled banks bitmap in machine check poller
x86, mce, cmci: define MSR names and fields for new CMCI registers
x86, mce, cmci: add CMCI support
x86, mce, cmci: disable CMCI on rebooting
x86, mce, cmci: recheck CMCI banks after APIC has been enabled on CPU #0
x86, mce: enable machine checks in 64-bit defconfig

Andre Haupt (15):
Bluetooth: Eliminate a sparse warning in bt3c driver
Staging: asus_oled: fix sparse warnings about using plain integer as NULL pointer
Staging: asus_oled: do not initialise statics to 0 or NULL
Staging: asus_oled: trailing statements should be on next line
Staging: asus_oled: fix various checkpatch.pl issues regarding missing or obsolete spaces
Staging: asus_oled: do not use assignment in if condition
Staging: me4000: use linux/uaccess.h and linux/io.h
Staging: me4000: return is not a function, no parentheses required
Staging: me4000: inline keyword should sit between storage class and type
Staging: me4000: replace some C99 comments
Staging: me4000: kfree(NULL) is safe, so no extra checks needed.
Staging: me4000: fix various checkpatch.pl warnings about bracing
Staging: me4000: do not use C99 style comments.
Staging: me4000: use tabs for code indentation
Staging: me4000: make file_operations const

Andre Noll (3):
md: Make mddev->size sector-based.
md: Represent raid device size in sectors.
md: raid5 run(): Fix max_degraded for raid level 4.

Andre Przywara (1):
KVM: SVM: set accessed bit for VMCB segment selectors

Andrea Arcangeli (1):
KVM: Fix missing smp tlb flush in invlpg

Andrea Borgia (2):
ALSA: preliminary support for Toshiba SB-0500
ALSA: rename "Device" to "Toshiba SB-0500" via quirks

Andrea Righi (1):
fbmem: fix fb_info->lock and mm->mmap_sem circular locking dependency

Andreas Bergmeier (2):
ALSA: usb-audio - Quirk for Serato phono
ALSA: usbaudio - use printf format instead of hardcoding it

Andreas Herrmann (11):
x86: hpet: print HPET registers during setup (if hpet=verbose is used)
x86: hpet: provide separate functions to stop and start the counter
x86: hpet: stop HPET_COUNTER when programming periodic mode
x86: memtest: reuse test patterns when memtest parameter exceeds number of available patterns
x86: memtest: introduce array to select memtest patterns
x86: memtest: cleanup memtest function
x86: memtest: adapt log messages
x86: memtest: wipe out test pattern from memory
x86: update description for memtest boot parameter
x86: memtest: add additional (regular) test patterns
x86: mtrr: don't modify RdDram/WrDram bits of fixed MTRRs

Andreas Krebbel (1):
[S390] Add hwcap flag for the etf3 enhancement facility

Andreas Mohr (1):
ALSA: ALS4000, slight mixer improvements

Andreas Schwab (1):
x86 setup: fix asm constraints in vesa_store_edid

Andres Salomon (15):
drivers/video/sgivwfb.c: fix memory leaks in removal path
tdfxfb: fix memory leaks in removal path
tridentfb: fix memory leaks in removal path
vfb: fix memory leaks in removal path
skeletonfb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
sm501fb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
sstfb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
stifb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
valkyriefb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
sunxvr500: fix cmap memory leaks
tgafb: fix cmap memory leak
68328fb: fix cmap memory leaks
amba-clcd: fix cmap memory leaks
amifb: check fb_alloc_cmap return value and handle failure properly
asiliantfb: fix cmap memory leaks

Andrew H. Richter (1):
claw: fix minor findings from code analysis tool

Andrew Klossner (1):
powerpc/udbg: Fix lost byte during console handover; change LFCR to CRLF

Andrew Morton (11):
kernel/trace/ring_buffer.c: reduce inlining
kernel/trace/ring_buffer.c: use DIV_ROUND_UP
fix "sparseirq: use kstat_irqs_cpu on non-x86 architectures too"
x86: use smp_call_function_single() in arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mcheck/mce_amd_64.c
PCI: constify pci_bus_assign_resources()
regulator: minor cleanup of virtual consumer
rtc: convert LEAP_YEAR into an inline
drivers/video/uvesafb.c: don't use gfp_any()
fbdev: uninline lock_fb_info()
__tty_open(): use the correct type for saved_flags
x86: fix is_io_mapping_possible() build warning on i386 allnoconfig

Andrew Price (1):
rt2400,rt2500: init led_qual for LED_MODE_DEFAULT

Andrew Vasquez (12):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Refactor request/response-queue register handling.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Always (re)read firmware version/capabilities information.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Pass in optional extended-initialization control block.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Preserve an fcport's loop-id after terminate_rport_io().
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update MPI/PHY version retrieval codes.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct abort-semantics in qla2x00_abort_all_cmds().
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Ensure the timer and DPC routines complete prior to midlayer tear-down.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Always use an FLT's NVRAM/VPD region information.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Reduce request queue-size overhead with recent ISPs.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Explicitly set the execution-throttle with recent ISPs.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Don't cache VPD data for newer ISPs.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to 8.03.01-k1.

Andrey Borzenkov (5):
Move orinoco Kconfig entries into drivers/net/wireless/orinoco/Kconfig
orinoco: convert to struct net_device_ops
orinoco: trivial cleanup in alloc_orinocodev
orinoco: checkpatch cleanup
orinoco: firmware: consistently compile out fw cache support if not requested

Andrey Yurovsky (1):
rt2x00: Add mesh support

Andy Adamson (21):
nfsd: embed nfsd4_current_state in nfsd4_compoundres
nfsd: don't use the deferral service, return NFS4ERR_DELAY
nfsd41: sessions basic data types
nfsd41: xdr infrastructure
nfsd41: proc stubs
nfsd41: exchange_id operation
nfsd41: match clientid establishment method
nfsd41: enforce NFS4ERR_SEQUENCE_POS operation order rules for minorversion != 0 only.
nfsd41: DRC save, restore, and clear functions
nfsd41: hard page limit for DRC
nfsd41: nfsd DRC logic
nfsd41: clear DRC cache on free_session
nfsd41: create_session operation
nfsd41: Add a create session replay cache
nfsd41: non-page DRC for solo sequence responses
nfsd41: stateid handling
nfsd41: check encode size for sessions maxresponse cached
nfsd41: clientid handling
nfsd41: access_valid
nfsd41: add OPEN4_SHARE_ACCESS_WANT nfs4_stateid bmap
nfsd41: support for 3-word long attribute bitmask

Andy Fleming (5):
netdev: Merge UCC and gianfar MDIO bus drivers
gianfar: Add support for skb recycling
gianfar: Fix stashing support
gianfar: remove gianfar_mii.c
gianfar: Convert to use netdev_ops

Andy Green (1):
[ARM] S3C24XX: Fix bug in IRQ_EINT_BIT() calculation

Andy Grover (29):
RDS: Socket interface
RDS: Main header file
RDS: Congestion-handling code
RDS: Transport code
RDS: Info and stats
RDS: Connection handling
RDS: loopback
RDS: sysctls
RDS: Message parsing
RDS: send.c
RDS: recv.c
RDS: RDMA support
RDS/IB: Infiniband transport
RDS/IB: Ring-handling code.
RDS/IB: Implement RDMA ops using FMRs
RDS/IB: Implement IB-specific datagram send.
RDS/IB: Receive datagrams via IB
RDS/IB: Stats and sysctls
RDS: Add iWARP support
RDS: Common RDMA transport code
RDS: Documentation
RDS: Add AF and PF #defines for RDS sockets
RDS: Add userspace header
RDS: Add RDS to AF key strings
RDS: Kconfig and Makefile
RDS: Fix m_rs_lock deadlock
RDS: Rewrite connection cleanup, fixing oops on rmmod
RDS: Use spinlock to protect 64b value update on 32b archs

Andy Richter (1):
kmsg: convert claw printk messages

Andy Walls (44):
V4L/DVB (10274): cx18: Fix a PLL divisor update for the I2S master clock
V4L/DVB (10275): cx18: Additional debug to display outgoing mailbox parameters
V4L/DVB (10276): cx18, cx2341x, ivtv: Add AC-3 audio encoding control to cx18
V4L/DVB (10277): cx18, cx2341x: Fix bugs in cx18 AC3 control and comply with V4L2 spec
V4L/DVB (10278): cx18: Fix bad audio in first analog capture.
V4L/DVB (10279): cx18: Print driver version number when logging status
V4L/DVB (10280): cx18: Rename structure members: dev to pci_dev and v4l2dev to video_dev
V4L/DVB (10281): cx18: Conversion to new V4L2 framework: use v4l2_device object
V4L/DVB (10283): cx18: Call request_module() with proper argument types.
V4L/DVB (10284): cx18: Add initial entry for a Leadtek DVR3100 H hybrid card
V4L/DVB (10433): cx18: Defer A/V core initialization until a valid cx18_av_cmd arrives
V4L/DVB (10434): cx18: Smarter verification of CX18_AUDIO_ENABLE register writes
V4L/DVB (10435): cx18: Normalize APU after second APU firmware load
V4L/DVB (10436): cx18: Fix coding style of a switch statement per checkpatch.pl
V4L/DVB (10437): cx18: Remove an unused spinlock
V4L/DVB (10439): cx18: Clean-up and enable sliced VBI handling
V4L/DVB (10440): cx18: Fix presentation timestamp (PTS) for VBI buffers
V4L/DVB (10441): cx18: Fix VBI ioctl() handling and Raw/Sliced VBI state management
V4L/DVB (10442): cx18: Fixes for enforcing when Encoder Raw VBI params can be set
V4L/DVB (10443): cx18: Use correct line counts per field in firmware API call
V4L/DVB (10444): cx18: Fix sliced VBI PTS and fix artifacts in last raw line of field
V4L/DVB (10445): cx18: Process Raw VBI on a whole frame basis; fix VBI buffer size
V4L/DVB (10446): cx18: Finally get sliced VBI working - for 525 line 60 Hz systems at least
V4L/DVB (10755): cx18: Convert the integrated A/V decoder core interface to a v4l2_subdev
V4L/DVB (10756): cx18: Slim down instance handling, build names from v4l2_device.name
V4L/DVB (10757): cx18, v4l2-chip-ident: Finish conversion of AV decoder core to v4l2_subdev
V4L/DVB (10758): cx18: Convert I2C devices to v4l2_subdevices
V4L/DVB (10759): cx18: Convert GPIO connected functions to act as v4l2_subdevices
V4L/DVB (10760): cx18: Fix a memory leak of buffers used for sliced VBI insertion
V4L/DVB (10761): cx18: Change log lines for internal subdevs and fix tveeprom reads
V4L/DVB (10762): cx18: Get rid of unused variables related to video output
V4L/DVB (10763): cx18: Increment version number due to significant changes for v4l2_subdevs
V4L/DVB (10764): cx18: Disable AC3 controls as the firmware doesn't support AC3
V4L/DVB (10850): cx18: Use strlcpy() instead of strncpy() for temp eeprom i2c_client setup
V4L/DVB (10851): cx18: Fix a video scaling check problem introduced by sliced VBI changes
V4L/DVB (10852): cx18: Include cx18-audio.h in cx18-audio.c to eliminate s-parse warning
V4L/DVB (10853): cx18: Fix s-parse warnings and a logic error about extracting the VBI PTS
V4L/DVB (10854): cx18: Correct comments about vertical and horizontal blanking timings
V4L/DVB (10855): cx18: Fix VPS service register codes
V4L/DVB (10856): cx18: Add interlock so sliced VBI insertion only happens for an MPEG PS
V4L/DVB (11042): v4l2-api: Add definitions for V4L2_MPEG_STREAM_VBI_FMT_IVTV payloads
V4L/DVB (11091): cx18, ivtv: Ensure endianess for linemasks in VBI embedded in MPEG stream
V4L/DVB (11092): cx18: Optimize processing of VBI buffers from the capture unit
V4L/DVB (11233): mxl5005s: Switch in mxl5005s_set_params should operate on correct values

Andy Whitcroft (2):
mmc: add MODALIAS linkage for MMC/SD devices
acer-wmi: Cleanup the failure cleanup handling

Aneesh Kumar K.V (4):
ext4: Add checks to validate extent entries.
ext4: Validate extent details only when read from the disk
ext4: Fix discard of inode prealloc space with delayed allocation.
ext4: Rename pa_linear to pa_type

Anssi Hannula (1):
HID: add support for another version of 0e8f:0003 device in hid-pl

Antoine Jacquet (1):
V4L/DVB (10263): zr364xx: add support for Aiptek DV T300

Anton Blanchard (20):
powerpc/mm: Move 64-bit unmapped_area to top of address space
powerpc/mm: Reduce hashtable size when using 64kB pages
powerpc: Move is_32bit_task
powerpc: Rearrange mmap.c
powerpc: Randomise mmap start address
powerpc: More stack randomisation for 64bit binaries
powerpc: Randomise lower bits of stack address
powerpc: Randomise the brk region
powerpc: Ensure random space between stack and mmaps
powerpc: Increase stack gap on 64bit binaries
powerpc: Randomise PIEs
mm: enable hashdist by default on 64bit NUMA
mm: align vmstat_work's timer
random: align rekey_work's timer
powerpc: Print progress of ibm,client-architecture method
powerpc: Clean up some prom printouts
powerpc/pseries: Add dispatch dispersion statistics
powerpc/pseries: Scan for all events in rtasd
powerpc/pseries: Fix ibm,client-architecture comment
powerpc/pseries: Enable relay in pseries_defconfig

Anton Veretenenko (1):
sony-laptop: Add FW specific hotkey events

Anton Vorontsov (41):
powerpc/fsl_pci: Add MPC83xx PCI-E controller RC mode support
powerpc/83xx: Add PCI-E support for all MPC83xx boards with PCI-E
gianfar: Implement proper, per netdevice wakeup management
phylib: Rework suspend/resume code to check netdev wakeup capability
gianfar: Fix sparse warnings
powerpc: Document FSL eSDHC bindings
powerpc/83xx: Convert existing sdhc nodes to new bindings
powerpc/83xx: Add FSL eSDHC support for MPC837x-RDB boards
powerpc/83xx: Do not configure or probe disabled FSL DR USB controllers
gianfar: Fix build with CONFIG_PM enabled
fsl_pq_mdio: Revive Gianfar TBI PHY support
tracing: Fix TRACING_SUPPORT dependency for PPC32
fsl_pq_mdio: Use proper address translation
powerpc/83xx: Add power management support for MPC837x boards
powerpc/83xx: Move gianfar mdio nodes under the ethernet nodes
powerpc/85xx: Move gianfar mdio nodes under the ethernet nodes
powerpc/86xx: Move gianfar mdio nodes under the ethernet nodes
ucc_geth: Fix build breakage caused by a merge
sdhci: Add support for bus-specific IO memory accessors
sdhci: Split card-detection IRQs management from sdhci_init()
sdhci: Enable only relevant (DMA/PIO) interrupts during transfers
sdhci: Add support for card-detection polling
sdhci: Add support for hosts reporting inverted write-protect state
sdhci: Add set_clock callback and a quirk for nonstandard clocks
sdhci: Add quirk for controllers that need small delays for PIO
sdhci: Add quirk for controllers that need IRQ re-init after reset
sdhci: Add quirk for forcing maximum block size to 2048 bytes
mmc: Add OpenFirmware bindings for SDHCI driver
ucc_geth: Fix three oopses in PHY {de,}initialization code
spi_mpc83xx: fix sparse warnings
spi_mpc83xx: rework chip selects handling
spi_mpc83xx: add OF platform driver bindings
powerpc: add mmc-spi-slot bindings
powerpc/83xx: add mmc-spi support via the device tree for MPC8323E-RDB
powerpc/fsl_soc: isolate legacy fsl_spi support to mpc832x_rdb boards
ucc_geth: Pass proper device to DMA routines, otherwise oops happens
fsl_pq_mdio: Revive UCC MDIO support
fsl-diu-fb: Pass the proper device for dma mapping routines
PCI: Fix oops in pci_vpd_truncate
ASoC: fsl_dma: Pass the proper device for dma mapping routines
PCI: Fix oops in pci_vpd_truncate

Antonio Ospite (2):
V4L/DVB (10344): gspca - ov534: Disable the Hercules webcams.
V4L/DVB (10676): mt9m111: Call icl->reset() on mt9m111_reset().

Antti Palosaari (8):
V4L/DVB (10286): af9015: add new USB ID for KWorld DVB-T 395U
V4L/DVB (10329): af9015: remove dual_mode module param
V4L/DVB (11215): zl10353: add support for Intel CE6230 and Intel CE6231
V4L/DVB (11216): Add driver for Intel CE6230 DVB-T USB2.0
V4L/DVB (11336): af9015: remove experimental
V4L/DVB (11337): af9015: add new USB ID for KWorld USB DVB-T TV Stick II (VS-DVB-T 395U)
V4L/DVB (11339): af9015: remove wrong definitions
V4L/DVB (11340): af9015: add support for AverMedia AVerTV Volar Black HD (A850)

Aravind Srinivasan (1):
relay: fix for possible loss/corruption of produced subbufs

Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho (1):
ALSA: hda: add quirk for Lenovo X200 laptop dock

Arjan van de Ven (14):
x86: setup stack canary for the idle threads
stackprotector: turn not having the right gcc into a #warning
stackprotector: better self-test
x86: simplify stackprotector self-check
x86: don't pretend that non-framepointer stack traces are reliable
sched, latencytop: incorporate review feedback from Andrew Morton
genirq: add support for threaded interrupts to devres
kobject: don't block for each kobject_uevent
async: remove the temporary (2.6.29) "async is off by default" code
ide/net: flip the order of SATA and network init
module: create a request_module_nowait()
drm/i915: clean up udelay usage
ACPI: battery: asynchronous init

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (20):
ftrace: add ftrace_vprintk
blktrace: add ftrace plugin
tracing/blktrace: fix up checkpatch reported problems in ftrace plugin patch
blktrace: the ftrace interface needs CONFIG_TRACING
blktrace: Use tracing_reset_online_cpus
trace: Use tracing_reset_online_cpus in more places
trace_sched_wakeup: Remove unused variable
trace: Change struct trace_event callbacks parameter list
blkftrace: binary tracing, synthesizing old format
blktrace: fix coding style in recent patches
trace: judicious error checking of trace_seq results
trace: make the trace_event callbacks return enum print_line_t
trace: assign defaults at register_ftrace_event
trace_branch: Remove unused function
trace: Remove unused trace_array_cpu parameter
ring_buffer: remove unused flags parameter
tracing: Introduce trace_buffer_{lock_reserve,unlock_commit}
trace: Call tracing_reset_online_cpus before tracer->init()
tracing: handle unregistering the current tracer
ring_buffer: pahole struct ring_buffer

Arnd Bergmann (9):
powerpc/cell: Fix dependency in cpufreq
powerpc/spufs: Initialize ctx->stats.tstamp correctly
make exported headers use strict posix types
make most exported headers use strict integer types
make MTD headers use strict integer types
make drm headers use strict integer types
make netfilter use strict integer types
emu101k1.h: fix duplicate include of <linux/types.h>

Arne Luehrs (1):
V4L/DVB (10319): dib0700: enable IR receiver in Nova TD usb stick (52009)

Artem Bityutskiy (9):
UBIFS: improve find function interface
UBIFS: amend key_hash return value
UBIFS: fix bogus assertion
UBIFS: fix lprops committing bug
UBIFS: introduce a helpful variable
UBIFS: fix commentaries
UBIFS: fully sort GCed nodes
UBIFS: add R/O compatibility

Artem Makhutov (1):
V4L/DVB (11248): Remove debug output from stb6100_cfg.h

Arthur Jones (3):
e1000e: allow tx of pre-formatted vlan tagged packets
e1000e: fixup merge error
igb: allow tx of pre-formatted vlan tagged packets

Ashwin Ganti (1):
Staging: add p9auth driver

Atsushi Nemoto (8):
ASoC: Only deregister AC97 dev if it's name was not "AC97"
[MTD] [NAND] TXx9: add NDFMC support
[MTD] RBTX4939: add MTD support
[MTD] TXx9 SoC NAND Flash Memory Controller driver
[MTD] RBTX4939 map driver
[MTD] mtdpart: Make all partition parsers return allocated array
dmaengine: Add privatecnt to revert DMA_PRIVATE property
tc35815: Fix build error if NAPI enabled

Atsushi SAKAI (1):
md: fix typo in FSF address

Avi Kivity (27):
KVM: MMU: Inherit a shadow page's guest level count from vcpu setup
KVM: MMU: Segregate mmu pages created with different cr4.pge settings
KVM: MMU: Initialize a shadow page's global attribute from cr4.pge
KVM: Fix vmload and friends misinterpreted as lidt
KVM: MMU: Add for_each_shadow_entry(), a simpler alternative to walk_shadow()
KVM: MMU: Use for_each_shadow_entry() in __direct_map()
KVM: MMU: Replace walk_shadow() by for_each_shadow_entry() in fetch()
KVM: MMU: Replace walk_shadow() by for_each_shadow_entry() in invlpg()
KVM: MMU: Drop walk_shadow()
KVM: Fallback support for MSR_VM_HSAVE_PA
KVM: Move struct kvm_pio_request into x86 kvm_host.h
KVM: VMX: Fix guest state validity checks
KVM: VMX: don't clobber segment AR if emulating invalid state
KVM: VMX: Prevent exit handler from running if emulating due to invalid state
KVM: x86 emulator: Make emulate_pop() a little more generic
KVM: VMX: When emulating on invalid vmx state, don't return to userspace unnecessarily
KVM: x86 emulator: implement 'ret far' instruction (opcode 0xcb)
KVM: Properly lock PIT creation
KVM: MMU: Optimize page unshadowing
KVM: Interrupt mask notifiers for ioapic
KVM: Reset PIT irq injection logic when the PIT IRQ is unmasked
KVM: MMU: Rename "metaphysical" attribute to "direct"
KVM: MMU: Only enable cr4_pge role in shadow mode
KVM: Userspace controlled irq routing
KVM: Avoid using CONFIG_ in userspace visible headers
KVM: VMX: Don't allow uninhibited access to EFER on i386

Avishay Traeger (1):
block: Repeated lines in switching-sched.txt

Ayaz Abdulla (18):
forcedeth: mgmt unit interface
forcedeth: msi interrupt fix
forcedeth: ethtool tx csum fix
forcedeth: recover error support
forcedeth: bump version to 63
forcedeth: fix stats version feature
forcedeth: fix missing napi enable/disable calls
forcedeth: remove msix + napi
forcedeth: save irq events for napi processing
forcedeth: remove overhead
forcedeth: add/modify tx done with limit
forcedeth: napi - handle all processing
forcedeth: add new optimization mode
forcedeth: remove isr processing loop
forcedeth: add interrupt moderation logic
forcedeth: performance changes
forcedeth: fix irq clearing and napi spin lock changes
forcedeth: version bump to 64

Balaji Rao (1):
mmc: During unsafe resume, select the right volatge for the card

Balbir Singh (1):
memcg: show memcg information during OOM

Baodong Chen (1):
Documentation/x86/boot.txt: modify fieldname

Bart Joris (1):
Staging: comedi: add ni_670x driver

Bart Van Assche (1):
branch tracer: Fix for enabling branch profiling makes sparse unusable

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (171):
x86: fix IO APIC resource allocation error message
ide: fix IDE_DFLAG_NO_IO_32BIT handling
ide: move ide_pktcmd_tf_load() to ide-atapi.c
ide: no need to touch local IRQs in ide_probe_port()
ide: move ->lock and ->timer init from init_irq() to ide_init_port_data()
ide: init_irq() doesn't need to hold ide_cfg_mtx
ide: remove superfluous check from ide_proc_port_register_devices()
ide-acpi: no need to zero ->acpidata for devices
ide-acpi: init ACPI handles early for devices
ide: add ide_for_each_present_dev() iterator
ide: sanitize ACPI initialization
ide-acpi: cleanup do_drive_get_GTF()
ide-acpi: cleanup do_drive_set_taskfiles()
ide-acpi: remove taskfile_load_raw()
ide: remove stale comments from drive_is_ready()
ide: unexport ide_devset_execute()
ide: move drive_is_ready() to ide-io.c
ide: move ide_dma_timeout_retry() to ide-dma.c
ide: remove ide_do_drive_cmd()
ide: factor out processing of special commands from ide_special_rq()
ide: move ide_do_park_unpark() to ide-park.c
ide: move device settings code to ide-devsets.c
ide: move xfer mode tuning code to ide-xfer-mode.c
ide: move ide_read_bcount_and_ireason() to ide-atapi.c
ide: move standard I/O code to ide-io-std.c
ide: fix printk() levels in [atapi_]reset_pollfunc()
ide: fix comments in ide_config_drive_speed()
ide: checkpatch.pl fixes for ide-iops.c
ide: move error handling code to ide-eh.c (v2)
mn10300: add pci_get_legacy_ide_irq() to <asm/pci.h>
amd74xx: use ide_pci_is_in_compatibility_mode()
ns87415: use pci_get_legacy_ide_irq()
ns87415: small ->init_hwif cleanup
trm290: small ->init_hwif cleanup
ide: handle IDE_HFLAG[_FORCE]_LEGACY_IRQS in ide_pci_init_{one,two}()
ide: use pci_get_legacy_ide_irq() in ide_pci_init_{one,two}()
ide: use ide_pci_is_in_compatibility_mode() in ide_pci_init_{one,two}()
ide: remove no longer needed IDE_HFLAG[_FORCE]_LEGACY_IRQS
amd74xx: remove no longer needed ->init_hwif method
ide: remove no longer needed IRQ fallback code from hwif_init()
ide: remove no longer needed IRQ auto-probing from try_to_identify() (v2)
ide: remove try_to_identify() wrapper
ide: fix ->init_chipset method to return 'int' value
ide: remove pciirq argument from ide_pci_setup_ports()
frv: remove <asm/ide.h>
mn10300: remove <asm/ide.h>
ide: fix kmalloc() failure handling in ide_driveid_update()
ide: propagate AltStatus workarounds to ide_driveid_update()
ide: shorten timeout value in ide_driveid_update()
ide: remove broken EXABYTENEST support
ide: classify device type in do_probe()
ide: sanitize SELECT_MASK() usage in ide_driveid_update()
ide: clear drive IRQ after re-enabling local IRQs in ide_driveid_update()
ide: use try_to_identify() in ide_driveid_update()
icside: use struct ide_port_info also for PCB version 5 (v2)
ide_arm: use struct ide_port_info
ide-generic: use struct ide_port_info
ide-pnp: use struct ide_port_info
buddha: use struct ide_port_info
macide: use struct ide_port_info
ide: move ->rqsize init from init_irq() to ide_init_port()
ide: remove IDE_ARCH_INTR (v2)
ide: remove IDE_ARCH_LOCK (v2)
ide: make m68k host drivers use IDE_HFLAG_MMIO
ide: cleanup <asm-m68k/ide.h>
at91_ide: use readsw()/writesw() directly
ide: include <asm/ide.h> only when needed
scc_pata: remove DECLARE_SCC_DEV() macro (v2)
ide: fix memleak on failure in probe_for_drive()
ide: fix error message in pre_task_out_intr()
ide: allow host drivers to specify IRQ flags
ide: remove now superfluous check from ide_host_register()
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_DTC2278 host flag
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_4DRIVES host flag
ide: add "flagged" taskfile flags to struct ide_taskfile (v2)
ide: complete power step in ide_complete_pm_request()
ide: factor out completion of taskfile from ide_end_drive_cmd()
ide: move request type specific code from ide_end_drive_cmd() to callers (v3)
ide: no need to read Status and Error registers for "empty" taskfile requests
ide: remove ->data_phase field from ide_hwif_t
ide: move smart_enable() call out from get_smart_data()
icside: icside_dma_setup() fixes
trm290: trm290_dma_setup() fix
au1xxx-ide: auide_dma_end() cleanup
ide: remove no longer needed PC_FLAG_TIMEDOUT packet command flag
ide-floppy: remove superfluous check from ide_floppy_end_request()
ide-tape: remove superfluous tape->lock
ide: move ->failed_pc to ide_drive_t
ide: use ->end_request only for private device driver requests
ide-{floppy,tape}: cleanup ide*_end_request()
ide: remove ->end_request method
ide: return request status from ->pc_callback method
ide: use blk_fs_request() check in ide-taskfile.c
ide: call ide_build_sglist() prior to ->dma_setup (v2)
ide: remove ide_task_t typedef
ide: pass command instead of request to ide_pio_datablock()
ide: move command related fields from ide_hwif_t to struct ide_cmd
ide: set IDE_TFLAG_WRITE basing on data phase used in ide_taskfile_ioctl()
ide: use ata_tf_protocols enums
ide: merge task_{in,out}_intr()
ide: inline task_in_unexpected() into task_pio_intr()
ide: unify exit paths in task_pio_intr()
ide: task_error() -> task_error_cmd()
ide: use ide_complete_cmd() for head unload commands
ide: use ide_complete_cmd() for REQ_UNPARK_HEADS
ide: sanitize ide_finish_cmd()
ide: make ide_special_rq() BUG() on unknown requests
ide: add ide_end_rq() (v2)
ide: sanitize ide_end_rq()
ide: pass error value to ide_complete_rq()
ide: move rq->errors quirk out from ide_end_request()
ide: remove BUG() from ide_complete_rq()
ide: pass number of bytes to complete to ide_complete_rq()
ide: use ide_end_rq() in ide_complete_rq()
ide: remove ide_end_request()
ide: pass command to ide_map_sg()
ide: use do_rw_taskfile() for ATA_CMD_PACKET commands
ide: set hwif->expiry prior to calling [__]ide_set_handler()
ide: add ->dma_timer_expiry method and remove ->dma_exec_cmd one (v2)
ide: remove ide_execute_pkt_cmd() (v2)
ide: keep track of number of bytes instead of sectors in struct ide_cmd
at91_ide: fix ->ftf_flags handling
ide: add support for arbitrary transfer lengths to ide_pio_bytes()
ide: use PageHighMem() instead of ifdefs in ide_pio_bytes()
ide-cd: remove dead URLs
ide-cd: use ide_end_rq() also for failed non-fs requests
ide-cd: remove dead code from cdrom_decode_status()
ide-cd: remove needless ide_dump_status_no_sense() wrapper
ide-cd: remove no longer needed 'ignore' module parameter
ide-cd: factor out failed request completion from cdrom_end_request()
ide-cd: unify ide_cd_do_request() exit paths
ide-cd: move setting REQ_FAILED flag out from 'end_request' exit path
ide-cd: unify cdrom_newpc_intr() exit paths
ide-cd: remove cdrom_end_request()
ide-cd: kill whole failed request in ide_cd_do_request()
ide-cd: cleanup ide_cd_do_request()
ide-cd: use scatterlists for PIO transfers (fs requests)
ide-cd: fix non-SECTOR_SIZE-multiples PIO transfers for fs requests
ide-cd: merge ide_cd_prepare_rw_request() into cdrom_start_rw()
ide-cd: use scatterlists for PIO transfers (non-fs requests) (v2)
ide-cd: use common completion path for DMA requests in cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: unify transfer padding in cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: minor ide_cdrom_setup() cleanup
ide: add ->dma_clear method and remove ->dma_timeout one
ide: inline ide_dma_timeout() into ide_dma_timeout_retry()
ide: destroy DMA mappings after ending DMA (v2)
ide: add ide_dma_prepare() helper
ns87415: use custom ->dma_{start,end} to handle ns87415_prepare_drive()
trm290: use custom ->dma_{start,end} to handle trm290_prepare_drive()
ide: add ->dma_check method
ide: move ide_map_sg() call out of ->dma_setup method (take 2)
ide: set/clear drive->waiting_for_dma flag in the core code
ide: sanitize ide_build_sglist() and ide_destroy_dmatable()
ide-generic: remove no longer needed sysfs interface
ide: merge ide_arm and ide_generic host drivers
ide: fix locking in drive_release_dev()
ide: decrease size of ->pc_buf field in struct ide_atapi_pc
ide: remove CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDOUBLER config option
ide-{floppy,tape}: fix padding for PIO transfers
ide-floppy: use ide_pio_bytes()
MAINTAINERS: move old ide-{floppy,tape} entries to CREDITS (take 2)
isd200: make it 'struct hd_driveid'-free
ubd_kern: make it 'struct hd_driveid'-free
xsysace: make it 'struct hd_driveid'-free
include/linux/hdreg.h: cover struct hd_driveid with #ifndef/#endif KERNEL
isd200: WIN_* -> ATA_CMD_*
aoe: WIN_* -> ATA_CMD_*
include/linux/hdreg.h: cover WIN_* and friends with #ifndef/#endif KERNEL
isd200: use ATA_* defines instead of *_STAT and *_ERR ones
include/linux/hdreg.h: remove unused defines
remove <linux/ata.h> include from <linux/hdreg.h>

Beat Michel Liechti (1):
DVB: firedtv: FireDTV S2 problems with tuning solved

Ben Dooks (37):
ASoC: Fix copyright statements on Simtec files
S3C24XX: Move and update IIS headers
S3C: Move <mach/audio.h> to <plat/audio.h>
ASoC: Add JIVE audio support
ASoC: Split s3c2412-i2s.c into core and SoC specific parts
ASoC: Add s3c64xx-i2s support
ASoC: Select DMA if I2S is configured
[ARM] S3C: Nove <plat/pm.h> from plat-s3c24xx to plat-s3fc
[ARM] S3C: Move PM support functions to common location
[ARM] S3C: Split the resume memory check code from pm.c
[ARM] S3C: Move plat-s3c24xx pm.c support into plat-s3c
[ARM] S3C: Fix warnings in the PM memory CRC code
[ARM] S3C24XX: Split PM code from arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx/irq.c
[ARM] S3C24XX: Remove changelog from arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx/irq.c
[ARM] S3C: Make IRQ_EINT sleep control common
[ARM] S3C: Rename s3c2410_pm_init to s3c_pm_init.
[ARM] S3C: Rename sleep.S functions to be non-cpu specific
[ARM] S3C: Update UART save over PM suspend/resume
[ARM] S3C24XX: Add S3C_GPIO_END definition
[ARM] S3C: Avoid checking the task stackpage in pm-check
[ARM] S3C: Do not kmalloc/kfree during inner suspend code.
ASoC: Fix Samsung S3C2412_IISMOD_SDF_{MSB,LSB} definitions
[ARM] S3C: Tidy sleep code path to fix call flow
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add modem registers and a virtual map
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add EINT group regs and move IRQ_EINT to regs-gpio.h
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add GPIO SPCONSLP and SLPEN register definitions
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add S3C64XX_SPCON register bit definitions
[ARM] S3C64XX: SYSCON power and sleep control register defines
[ARM] S3C64XX: Add definitions for the GPIO memory port configurations
[ARM] S3C64XX: add AHB_CON and SPCON register address definitions
sdhci: Add get_{max,timeout}_clock callbacks
USB: ohci-s3c2410: remove <mach/hardware.h> include
USB: ohci-s3c2410: fix name of bus clock
USB: ohci-hcd: Add ARCH_S3C24XX to the ohci-s3c2410.c glue
USB: S3C: Move usb-control.h to platform include
fb: add s3c-fb driver for newer Samsung SoC framebuffer devices
i2c-s3c2410: sda_delay should be in ns, not clock ticks

Ben Gamari (5):
drm: Convert proc files to seq_file and introduce debugfs
drm/i915: Consolidate gem object list dumping
drm: Convert proc files to seq_file and introduce debugfs
drm/i915: Convert i915 proc files to seq_file and move to debugfs.
drm/i915: Consolidate gem object list dumping

Ben Hutchings (25):
net: Remove redundant NAPI functions
tehuti: Use request_firmware()
typhoon: Use request_firmware()
sfc: SFT9001: Include non-breaking cable diagnostics in online self-tests
sfc: Fix test for MDIO read failure
sfc: SFT9001/SFN4111T: Check PHY boot status during board initialisation
sfc: Remove "XFP" from log messages that are not specific to XFP
sfc: Fix reporting of PHY id
sfc: Add support for QT2025C PHY
sfc: Delete unused efx_blinker::led_num field
sfc: Clean up LED control
sfc: Add support for SFN4112F SFP+ reference design
sfc: Fix efx_ethtool_nway_result() to use clause 45 MDIO registers
sfc: Reject packets from the kernel TX queue during a loopback self-test
sfc: Clean up properly on reset failure paths
sfc: Clear I2C adapter structure in falcon_remove_nic()
sfc: Don't wake TX queues while they're being flushed
sfc: Fix search for flush completion events
sfc: Improve NIC internal error recovery
sfc: Pad packets to 33 bytes to prevent TX packet parser lockup
sfc: Work around unreliable legacy interrupt status
sfc: Remove unused private PCI register definitions
sfc: Optimise falcon_writel_page_locked() for page > 0
sfc: Implement adaptive IRQ moderation
sfc: Call netif_napi_add() before registering our interrupt handler

Ben Nizette (1):
avr32: Fix out-of-range rcalls in large kernels

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (34):
Merge commit 'kumar/next' into next
Merge commit 'gcl/next' into next
powerpc/mm: Rework I$/D$ coherency (v3)
powerpc/4xx: Add missing USB and i2c devices to Canyonlands
powerpc/4xx: Enable PCI domains on 4xx
Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
Merge commit 'kumar/next' into next
Merge commit 'ftrace/function-graph' into next
Merge commit 'jwb/next' into next
Merge commit 'gcl/next' into next
Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
powerpc: Wire up /proc/vmallocinfo to our ioremap()
powerpc/mm: Properly wire up get_user_pages_fast() on 32-bit
powerpc/kconfig: Kill PPC_MULTIPLATFORM
drm: Use resource_size_t for drm_get_resource_{start, len}
drm: Split drm_map and drm_local_map
drm: Make drm_local_map use a resource_size_t offset
drm/radeon: Print PCI ID of cards when probing
powerpc/mm: Split the various pgtable-* headers based on MMU type
powerpc/mm: Unify PTE_RPN_SHIFT and _PAGE_CHG_MASK definitions
Merge commit 'kumar/next' into next
Merge commit 'gcl/next' into next
Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
powerpc: Fix prom_init on 32-bit OF machines
powerpc/mm: Tweak PTE bit combination definitions
powerpc/mm: Merge various PTE bits and accessors definitions
powerpc/mm: Rename arch/powerpc/kernel/mmap.c to mmap_64.c
powerpc/mm: Fix printk type warning in mmu_context_nohash
powerpc/mm: Add option for non-atomic PTE updates to ppc64
powerpc/mm: Introduce early_init_mmu() on 64-bit
powerpc: Fix bugs introduced by sysfs changes
Merge commit 'kumar/next' into next
Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
powerpc/pmac: Fix internal modem IRQ on Wallstreet PowerBook

Benjamin Krill (2):
powerpc/cell: Add rtas rtc calls for the QPACE platform
[MTD] ofpart: Check name property to determine partition nodes.

Benjamin LaHaise (1):
x86-64: remove locked instruction from switch_to()

Benjamin Marzinski (1):
GFS2: Fix locking bug in failed shared to exclusive conversion

Benjamin Thery (9):
netns: ipmr: allocate mroute_socket per-namespace.
netns: ipmr: dynamically allocate vif_table
netns: ipmr: store netns in struct mfc_cache
netns: ipmr: dynamically allocate mfc_cache_array
netns: ipmr: declare counter cache_resolve_queue_len per-namespace
netns: ipmr: declare mroute_do_assert and mroute_do_pim per-namespace
netns: ipmr: declare reg_vif_num per-namespace
netns: ipmr: declare ipmr /proc/net entries per-namespace
netns: ipmr: enable namespace support in ipv4 multicast routing code

Benny Halevy (14):
NFSD: return nfsv4 error code nfserr_notsupp rather than nfsv[23]'s nfserr_opnotsupp
nfsd: remove nfsd4_ops array size
nfs41: common protocol definitions
nfsd41: sequence operation
nfsd41: destroy_session operation
nfsd: pass nfsd4_compound_state* to nfs4_preprocess_{state,seq}id_op
nfsd41: control nfsv4.1 svc via /proc/fs/nfsd/versions
nfsd41: pass writable attrs mask to nfsd4_decode_fattr
nfsd: dynamically skip encoded fattr bitmap in _nfsd4_verify
nfsd41: SUPPATTR_EXCLCREAT attribute
nfsd41: Documentation/filesystems/nfs41-server.txt
nfsd41: define NFSD_DRC_SIZE_SHIFT in set_max_drc
nfsd41: define nfsd4_set_statp as noop for !CONFIG_NFSD_V4

Bernard Pidoux (3):
ax25: SOCK_DEBUG message simplification
ax25: zero length frame filtering in AX25
netrom: zero length frame filtering in NetRom

Bernd Porr (4):
Staging: comedi: add comedi_num_legacy_minors module parameter
Staging: comedi: add comedi_usb_auto_[un]config functions
Staging: comedi: usbdux[fast] firmware upload changes
Staging: comedi: usbduxfast: fix run-time error

Bernd Schmidt (1):
[MTD] Fix a bad dependency in the Blackfin code

Bill Pemberton (227):
Staging: comedi: Convert C99 style comments to traditional style comments
Staging: comedi: Change "foo * bar" to "foo *bar"
Staging: comedi: Add spaces after commas where suggested by checkpatch.pl
Staging: comedi: Add spaces around colons as needed
Staging: comedi: Add spaces around parens as requested by checkpatch.pl
Staging: comedi: Remove instances of assignments in conditionals
Staging: comedi: Move trailing statements to next line as requested by checkpatch
Staging: comedi: Fix cases of open curly on wrong line
Staging: comedi: Add spaces around colons as requested by checkpatch
Staging: comedi: Misc code cleanups for checkpatch
Staging: comedi: Remove checks for NULL before calling kfree()
Staging: comedi: Remove curly braces where they are not needed
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi32_chaninfo_struct typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove rtdBoard typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove s626_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove V_FP_V typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove lsampl_t and sampl_t typedefs
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_device typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_subdevice typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_async typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_driver typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_lrange typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove device_create_result_type typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_trig typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_cmd typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_insn typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_insnlist typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_chaninfo typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_subdinfo typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_devinfo typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_devconfig typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_rangeinfo typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_krange typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_bufconfig typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comedi_bufinfo typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove DMABUF typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci6208_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci6208_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove adl_pci7296_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove adl_pci7432_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove adl_pci8164_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci9111_board_struct typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci9111_private_data typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci9111_trigger_sources typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci9111_ISC0_sources typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove C99 style comments in adl_pci9111.c
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef in adl_pci9118.c
Staging: comedi: Remove pci9118_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove adq12b_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove adq12b_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef in adv_pci1710.c
Staging: comedi: Remove pci1710_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype and pci1723_private typedefs in adv_pci1723.c
Staging: comedi: Remove hw_cards_id and hw_io_access typedefs in adv_pci_dio.c
Staging: comedi: Remove diosubd_data typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef in adv_pci_dio.c
Staging: comedi: Remove C99 style comments in adv_pci_dio.c
Staging: comedi: Remove pci_dio_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove board_type typedef in aio_aio12_8.c
Staging: comedi: Remove aio12_8_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove counter_mode_register_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove aio_iiro_16_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove aio_iiro_16_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio200_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio200_layout typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio200_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio200_subdev_8254 typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio200_subdev_intr typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pc236_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pc236_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pc263_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pc263_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci224_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci224_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci230_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das16cs_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das16cs_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove local_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cb_pcidas_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cb_pcidas_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cb_pcidda_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cb_pcidda_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcidio_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcidio_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cb_pcimdas_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove timer_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove board_struct typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove typedef private in cb_pcimdda.c
Staging: comedi: Remove contec_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove contec_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove contec_model typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove daqboard2000_hw typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef in daqboard2000.c
Staging: comedi: Remove daqboard2000_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove local_info_t typedef in das08_cs.c
Staging: comedi: Remove das16_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Replace C99 comments in jr3_pci.h
Staging: comedi: Remove u_val_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove s_val_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove raw_channel typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove force_array_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove six_axis_array_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove vect_bits_t, warning_bits_t, and error_bits_t typedefs
Staging: comedi: Remove thresh_struct typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove le_struct_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove jr3_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove link_types typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove intern_transform_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove jr3_channel_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das16m1_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das800_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das1800_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das1800_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das6402_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dmm32at_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dmm32at_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype_t typedef in dt282x.c
Staging: comedi: Remove dt282x_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype_t typedef in dt2801.c
Staging: comedi: Remove boardtype typedef in pcl818.c
Staging: comedi: Remove dt2801_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dt2814_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dt2815_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dt3k_boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove fl512_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove hpdi_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci20xxx_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove jr3_pci_dev_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cnt_board_struct typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove skel_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove mpc8260cpm_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni6527_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_65xx_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove NI_660xRegisterData typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_670x_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove a2150_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove atao_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove atmio16_board_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio700_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio24_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove nidio_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcl818_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmda12_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove s526_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove serial2002_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dnp_private_data typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove comment mentioning typedefs
Staging: comedi: Remove dt3k_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove hpdi_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove poll_delay_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove cnt_device_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcl711_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcl726_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcl812_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dt2811_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmmio_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmuio_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove rti800_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove rti802_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove config_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pci20xxx_subdev_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmmio_subdev_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmuio_subdev_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmda12_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove S526_GPCT_APP_CLASS typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove serial2002_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove skel_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dnp_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove unioxx5_subd_priv typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove jr3_pci_subdev_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmmio_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcmuio_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove s526_gpct_config_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove transform_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove s526_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove six_axis_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove priv_pcm3724 typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcl816_private typedef
Staging: comedi: acl7225b: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: cb_pcimdas: Remove timer_private typedef
Staging: comedi: das800: Remove das800_board typedef
Staging: comedi: dt2811: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl711: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl724: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl726: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl730: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl812: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcl816: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: pcm3724: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: rti800: Remove boardtype typedef
Staging: comedi: skel.c: Remove skel_private typedef
Staging: comedi: serial2002: Remove serial2002_private typedef
Staging: comedi: quatech_daqp_cs: Remove local_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove 2.4 irqreturn_t compatibility in comedi/interrupt.h
Staging: comedi: Remove hw_fifo_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcidas64_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove pcidas64_private typedef
Staging: comedi: comedi: remove C99 comments in skel.c
Staging: comedi: Remove ni6527_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_65xx_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_65xx_subdevice_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove NI_660x_Register typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_660x_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_660x_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove ni_670x_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove a2150_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove atao_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove atmio16d_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove dio700_board typedef
Staging: comedi: ni_daq_700.c: Remove local_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove nidio96_private typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove das08_board typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_ao_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_ai_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_dio_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_cnt_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_board_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_ao_context_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_ai_context_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_dio_context_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_cnt_context_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove me4000_info_t typedef
Staging: comedi: Remove use of VOID typedef in addi-data
Staging: comedi: Remove CHAR, *PCHAR, and *PCSTR typedefs in addi-data

Bing Zhao (1):
libertas: fix power save issue in libertas_sdio module

Bjorn Helgaas (27):
ACPI: pci_link: clean up whitespace
ACPI: pci_link: remove unnecessary casts and initializations
ACPI: pci_link: remove unnecessary null pointer checks
ACPI: pci_link: simplify list of link devices
ACPI: PCI: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()
ACPI: update Kconfig help texts (no functional changes)
ACPI: move private declarations to internal.h
PCI/x86: make early dump handle multi-function devices
PCI/x86: format early dump like other PCI output
PCI/x86: document pci=earlydump argument
x86: use dev_printk in quirk message
ACPI: skip DMI power state check when ACPI disabled
ACPI: call acpi_scan_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_ec_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_power_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_system_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_debug_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call init_acpi_device_notify() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_sleep_proc_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: call acpi_wakeup_device_init() explicitly rather than as initcall
ACPI: tidy up makefile
ACPI: remove unused acpi_device_ops .lock and .scan methods
ACPI: remove unused acpi_device_ops .shutdown method
ACPI: remove unused acpi_bus_ops flags
ACPI: support acpi_device_ops .notify methods
ACPI: button: use .notify method instead of installing handler directly
ACPI: processor: use .notify method instead of installing handler directly

Blaine Lee (1):
Staging: comedi: add pcm3730 driver

Boaz Harrosh (32):
[SCSI] major.h: char-major number for OSD device driver
[SCSI] libosd: OSDv1 Headers
[SCSI] libosd: OSDv1 preliminary implementation
[SCSI] osd_uld: OSD scsi ULD
[SCSI] osd_uld: API for retrieving osd devices from Kernel
[SCSI] libosd: attributes Support
[SCSI] libosd: OSD Security processing stubs
[SCSI] libosd: Add Flush and List-objects support
[SCSI] libosd: Not implemented commands
[SCSI] libosd: OSD version 2 Support
[SCSI] libosd: OSDv2 auto detection
[SCSI] libosd: SCSI/OSD Sense decoding support
[SCSI] osd: Documentation for OSD library
[SCSI] osd: Kconfig file for in-tree builds
[SCSI] scsi: Add osd library to build system
[SCSI] libosd: Fix NULL dereference BUG when target is not OSD conformant
bsg: add support for tail queuing
block: WARN in __blk_put_request() for potential bio leak
bsg: Remove bogus check against request_queue->max_sectors
exofs: Kbuild, Headers and osd utils
exofs: file and file_inode operations
exofs: symlink_inode and fast_symlink_inode operations
exofs: address_space_operations
exofs: dir_inode and directory operations
exofs: super_operations and file_system_type
exofs: export_operations
exofs: Documentation
fs: Add exofs to Kernel build
[SCSI] libosd: fix blk_put_request called from within request_end_io
[SCSI] osd_uld: Remove creation of osd_scsi class symlink

Bob Copeland (29):
ath5k: support LEDs on Acer Aspire One netbook
ath5k: fix off-by-one in gpio checks
mac80211: document return codes from ops callbacks
ath5k: fix bf->skb==NULL panic in ath5k_tasklet_rx
mac80211: add suspend/resume callbacks
ath5k: remove stop/start calls from within suspend/resume
ath5k: remove unused led_off parameter
ath5k: use short preamble when possible
ath5k: honor the RTS/CTS bits
mac80211: change workqueue back to non-freezeable
mac80211: flush workqueue a second time in suspend()
ath9k: remove write-only current_rd_inuse
ath9k: save a few calls to ath9k_regd_get_eepromRD
ath9k: convert isWwrSKU macro into C code
ath9k: remove ath9k_regd_get_rd()
ath9k: remove prototype for ath9k_regd_get_current_country
ath9k: move common regulatory code out of if() branches
ath5k: don't mask off interrupt bits
ath5k: use spin_lock_irqsave for beacon lock
ath5k: move beacon processing to a tasklet
ath5k: compute rts/cts duration after computing full pktlen
ath9k: fix 802.11g conformance test limit typo
ath5k: extract LED code into a separate file
ath5k: use a table for LED parameters
ath5k: update LED table with reported devices
ath5k: disable MIB interrupts
ath5k: remove dummy PCI "retry timeout" fix
ath5k: warn and correct rate for unknown hw rate indexes
ath5k: properly drop packets from ops->tx

Bob Moore (39):
ACPICA: Add error check to debug object dump routine
ACPICA: Allow OS override of all ACPI tables
ACPICA: Remove extraneous parameter in table manager
ACPICA: Add override for dynamic tables
ACPICA: Update FADT flag definitions
ACPICA: Update version to 20090123
ACPICA: Split out PM1 status registers from the FADT
ACPICA: Update comments in module header
ACPICA: Fix writes to optional PM1B registers
ACPICA: Remove extra write for acpi_hw_clear_acpi_status
ACPICA: For PM1B registers, do not shift value read or written
ACPICA: Fix parameter validation for acpi_read/write
ACPICA: Add function to handle PM1 control registers
ACPICA: Conditionally compile acpi_set_firmware_waking_vector64
ACPICA: Debug output: print result of _OSI invocations
ACPICA: Debug output: decrease verbosity of DB_INFO debug level
ACPICA: Formatting update - no functional changes
ACPICA: Optimize ACPI register locking
ACPICA: Rename ACPI bit register access functions
ACPICA: Restructure bit register access functions
ACPICA: Update table header print function
ACPICA: Update version to 20090220
ACPICA: Add manifest constants for bit register values
ACPICA: Formatting update - no functional changes
ACPICA: FADT: Fix extraneous length mismatch warning
ACPICA: Fix AcpiWalkNamespace race condition with table unload
ACPICA: Change handling of PM1 Status register ignored bit
ACPICA: Preserve all PM control reserved and ignored bits
ACPICA: New: I/O port protection
ACPICA: Remove obsolete acpi_os_validate_address interface
ACPICA: Remove unused code, no functional change
ACPICA: Condense some protected ports
ACPICA: Fix PCI configuration space port address range
ACPICA: FADT: Favor 32-bit register addresses for compatibility
ACPICA: FADT: Favor 32-bit FACS and DSDT addresses
ACPICA: Fix index value in package warning message
ACPICA: Update version to 20090320

Borislav Petkov (5):
usb_storage: make Kconfig note visible in the console
ide: improve debugging scheme
ide-cd: use ide_drive_t's rq in cdrom_queue_request_sense
ide-atapi: start DMA after issuing a packet command
ide-floppy: do not complete rq's prematurely

Brandon Philips (1):
uio: add the uio_aec driver

Breno Leitao (6):
s2io: Formatting log message
e1000: Removing the unused macro PAGE_USE_COUNT()
jsm: define init function as __devinit
jsm: Fix the return variable and removing the unused retval.
icom: remove unused variables
tty: jsm cleanups

Breno Leitão (1):
ixgbe: Removing the unused PAGE_USE_COUNT() macro.

Brent Baccala (1):
Staging: comedi: add quatech_daqp_cs driver

Brian Gerst (48):
x86-64: Move irq stats from PDA to per-cpu and consolidate with 32-bit.
x86-64: Move TLB state from PDA to per-cpu and consolidate with 32-bit.
x86-64: Convert irqstacks to per-cpu
x86-64: Convert exception stacks to per-cpu
x86-64: Move cpu number from PDA to per-cpu and consolidate with 32-bit.
x86-64: Move current task from PDA to per-cpu and consolidate with 32-bit.
x86-64: Move kernelstack from PDA to per-cpu.
x86-64: Move oldrsp from PDA to per-cpu.
x86-64: Move irqcount from PDA to per-cpu.
x86-64: Move nodenumber from PDA to per-cpu.
x86-64: Move isidle from PDA to per-cpu.
x86-64: Use absolute displacements for per-cpu accesses.
x86: remove pda_init()
percpu: refactor percpu.h
x86: rework __per_cpu_load adjustments
x86: move stack_canary into irq_stack
x86: remove pda.h
x86: clean up gdt_page definition
x86: fix percpu_write with 64-bit constants
x86: set %fs to __KERNEL_PERCPU unconditionally for x86_32
x86: merge mmu_context.h
x86: merge irq_regs.h
x86: remove idle_timestamp from 32bit irq_cpustat_t
x86: remove include of apic.h from hardirq_64.h
x86: sync hardirq_{32,64}.h
x86: merge hardirq_{32,64}.h into hardirq.h
x86: make irq_cpustat_t fields conditional
generic, x86: fix __per_cpu_load relocation
x86: merge setup_per_cpu_maps() into setup_per_cpu_areas()
x86: move 64-bit NUMA code
x86: move setup_cpu_local_masks()
x86: always page-align per-cpu area start and size
x86: move apic variables to apic.c
x86: only compile setup_percpu.o on SMP
x86: move this_cpu_offset
x86: don't assume boot cpu is #0
x86: make Voyager use x86 per-cpu setup.
x86: initialize per-cpu GDT segment in per-cpu setup
x86: remove extra barriers from load_gs_base()
x86: load new GDT after setting up boot cpu per-cpu area
x86: pass in cpu number to switch_to_new_gdt()
percpu: make PER_CPU_BASE_SECTION overridable by arches
x86: use linker to offset symbols by __per_cpu_load
x86: fix abuse of per_cpu_offset
x86: use pt_regs pointer in do_device_not_available()
x86: pass in pt_regs pointer for syscalls that need it
x86: drop -fno-stack-protector annotations after pt_regs fixes
x86: use regparm(3) for passed-in pt_regs pointer

Brian Haley (1):
ipv6: Fix incorrect disable_ipv6 behavior

Brian King (7):
powerpc/pseries: Fix partition migration hang under load
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Better handle other FC initiators
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fix dropped interrupts
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Fixup module parms attributes
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Show host maxframe_size
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Improve ADISC timeout handling
[SCSI] ibmvfc: Driver version 1.0.5

Brian Maly (1):
efifb: dmi set video type

Brice Goglin (1):
myri10ge: update firmware headers to 1.4.41

Bruce Allan (2):
e100: add support for 82552 10/100 adapter
e1000e: add support for 82574 device ID 0x10F6

Bruno Christo (1):
V4L/DVB (10827): Add support for GeoVision GV-800(S)

Bryan Donlan (2):
ext4: return -EIO not -ESTALE on directory traversal through deleted inode
ext3: return -EIO not -ESTALE on directory traversal through deleted inode

Calin Culianu (3):
Staging: comedi: add pcmda12 driver
Staging: comedi: add pcmmio and pcmuio drivers
Staging: comedi: add cb_pcimdda driver

Carl Henrik Lunde (1):
blktrace: NUL-terminate user space messages

Carl Worth (1):
drm/i915: Add a spinlock to protect the active_list

Carlos Corbacho (2):
acer-wmi: Blacklist Acer Aspire One
acer-wmi: Update copyright notice & documentation

Carsten Emde (1):
tracing: fix command line to pid reverse map

Carsten Otte (2):
[S390] check addressing mode in s390_enable_sie
[S390] tape message cleanup

Catalin Marinas (17):
[ARM] 5387/1: Add ptrace VFP support on ARM
[ARM] 5388/1: Add hwcap bits for VFPv3 and VFPv3D16
[ARM] 5389/1: Make sure the pmd entries are visible by the secondary CPU
[ARM] 5381/1: unwind: Reorganise the traps.c code
[ARM] 5382/1: unwind: Reorganise the stacktrace support
[ARM] 5383/2: unwind: Add core support for ARM stack unwinding
[ARM] 5384/1: unwind: Add stack unwinding support for loadable modules
[ARM] 5385/2: unwind: Add unwinding information to exception entry points
[ARM] 5386/2: unwind: Add Makefile and Kconfig entries for ARM stack unwinding
[ARM] 5394/1: Add static bus numbering support to i2c-versatile
[ARM] 5395/1: RealView: Add support for the DS1338 RTC chip
[ARM] 5396/1: RealView: Use PATA_PLATFORM to access the CompactFlash
[ARM] 5397/1: RealView: Add support for the ISP1761 USB chip
USB: Make the isp1760_register function prototype more generic
USB: Add platform device support for the ISP1760 USB chip
USB: isp1760: Add a delay before reading the SKIPMAP registers in isp1760-hcd.c
[ARM] 5439/1: Do not clear bit 10 of DFSR during abort handling on ARMv6

Cesar Eduardo Barros (5):
sc92031: more useful banner in kernel log
sc92031: remove meaningless version string
sc92031: inline SC92031_DESCRIPTION
sc92031: use device id directly instead of made-up name
sc92031: add a link to the datasheet

Chatre, Reinette (2):
iwl3945: add debugging for wrong command queue
iwlwifi: add test to determine if interface in monitor mode

Chauhan, Vijay (3):
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: Retry for Quiescence in Progress in rdac device handler
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: Retry mode select for NO_SENSE, ABORTED_COMMAND, UNIT_ATTENTION, NOT_READY(02/04/01)
[SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: Retry for NOT_READY check condition

Cheng Renquan (4):
do_pipe cleanup: drop its last user in arch/alpha/
MAINTAINERS: add the missing linux alpha port mailling list
dm target: use module refcount directly
dm target: remove struct tt_internal

Chien Tung (3):
RDMA/nes: Update copyright to new legal entity and year
RDMA/nes: Report correct vendor_id and vendor_part_id
RDMA/nes: Fix tmp_addr compilation warning

Chris Dearman (1):
MIPS: R2: Fix problem with code that incorrectly modifies ebase.

Chris Leech (2):
[SCSI] net: reclaim 8 upper bits of the netdev->features from GSO
[SCSI] net: define feature flags for FCoE offloads

Chris Mason (25):
mutex: adaptive spinnning, performance tweaks
Btrfs: stop spinning on mutex_trylock and let the adaptive code spin for us
Btrfs: don't preallocate metadata blocks during btrfs_search_slot
Btrfs: do extent allocation and reference count updates in the background
Btrfs: reduce stack usage in some crucial tree balancing functions
Btrfs: try to cleanup delayed refs while freeing extents
Btrfs: process the delayed reference queue in clusters
Btrfs: reduce stalls during transaction commit
Btrfs: reduce stack in cow_file_range
Btrfs: Check for a blocking lock before taking the spin
Btrfs: Only let very young transactions grow during commit
Btrfs: leave btree locks spinning more often
Btrfs: readahead checksums during btrfs_finish_ordered_io
Btrfs: limit balancing work while flushing delayed refs
Btrfs: Make sure i_nlink doesn't hit zero too soon during log replay
Btrfs: tree logging unlink/rename fixes
Btrfs: optimize fsyncs on old files
Btrfs: make sure btrfs_update_delayed_ref doesn't increase ref_mod
Btrfs: add extra flushing for renames and truncates
Btrfs: try to free metadata pages when we free btree blocks
Btrfs: keep processing bios for a given bdev if our proc is batching
Btrfs: unplug in the async bio submission threads
Btrfs: break up btrfs_search_slot into smaller pieces
Btrfs: Optimize locking in btrfs_next_leaf()
Btrfs: rework allocation clustering

Chris R. Baugher (1):
Staging: comedi: add ni_at_atmio16d driver

Chris Samuel (1):
trivial: cgroups: documentation typo and spelling corrections

Chris Wilson (3):
drm/i915: Display fence register state in debugfs i915_gem_fence_regs node.
drm/i915: Display fence register state in debugfs i915_gem_fence_regs node.
drm/i915: Check for dev->primary->master before dereference.

Chris Wright (1):
PCI: add remove_id sysfs entry

Chris Zankel (3):
xtensa: only build platform or variant if they contain a Makefile
xtensa: we don't need to include asm/io.h
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into merge

Christian Borntraeger (7):
KVM: s390: Fix printk on SIGP set arch
KVM: s390: Fix problem state check for b2 intercepts
KVM: s390: Fix SIGP set prefix ioctl
[S390] fix dump_stack vs. %p and (null)
[S390] lockdep: trace hardirq off in smp_send_stop
[S390] Fix hypervisor detection for KVM
[S390] Fix comments in lowcore structure

Christian Ehrhardt (1):
[S390] fix dfp elf hwcap/facility bit detection

Christian Hohnstaedt (1):
crypto: ixp4xx - Fix handling of chained sg buffers

Christian Lamparter (33):
p54: label queues with their corresponding names
p54: enable proper frame injection
p54usb: utilize usb_reset_device for 3887
p54: prevent upload of wrong firmwares
p54: regulatory domain hints
p54: enable rx/tx antenna diversity by eeprom bits
p54: implement FIF_OTHER_BSS filter setting
p54: power save management
p54: return NETDEV_TX_OK in p54_tx and fix sparse warnings
p54: refactor p54_alloc_skb
p54: upgrade memrecord to p54_tx_info
p54: prepare the eeprom parser routines for longbow
p54: longbow frontend support
p54spi: stlc45xx eeprom blob
p54spi: p54spi driver
p54usb: fix conflict with recent usb changes
p54spi: remove arch specific dependencies
p54usb: stop USB core interference in exit path
p54: unify ieee80211 device registration
p54pci: convert printk(KERN_* to dev_*
p54: fix iwconfig txpower off
p54: initial SoftLED support
p54: enable power save support
p54: completely ignore rx'd frames with bad FCS
p54: fix SoftLED compile dependencies
ar9170: hardware and eeprom header files
ar9170: ar9170: mac80211 interaction code
ar9170: mac/bbp and phy code
ar9170: ar9170: USB frontend driver
ar9170: update Makefile, Kconfig and MAINTAINERS
ar9170: simplify & deBUG tx_status queueing and reporting
p54: Kconfig maintenance
ar9170: single module build

Christian Pellegrin (1):
Add support for the MAX3100 SPI UART.

Christine Caulfield (1):
dlm: replace idr with hash table for connections

Christof Schmitt (11):
[SCSI] scsi_transport_fc: Add missing parenthesis to Point-To-Point description
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove some port flags
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove UNIT_REGISTERED status flag
[SCSI] zfcp: Simplify latency lock handling
[SCSI] zfcp: Only increment req_id for successfully issued requests
[SCSI] zfcp: Wait for free SBALs when possible
[SCSI] zfcp: Improve reliability of SCSI eh handlers in zfcp
[SCSI] zfcp: Send ELS ADISC from workqueue
[SCSI] zfcp: Remove PCI flag
[SCSI] zfcp: Block FC transport rports early on errors
[SCSI] zfcp: Report fc_host_port_type as NPIV

Christoph Hellwig (47):
xfs: fix dentry aliasing issues in open_by_handle
xfs: use mnt_want_write in compat_attrmulti ioctl
xfs: add a separate lock class for the per-mount list of dquots
xfs: lockdep annotations for xfs_dqlock2
xfs: add a lock class for group/project dquots
xfs: fix bad_features2 fixups for the root filesystem
xfs: sanity check attr fork size
xfs: cleanup error handling in xfs_mountfs:
xfs: make sure to free the real-time inodes in the mount error path
xfs: tiny cleanup for xfs_link
xfs: factor out attr fork reset handling
xfs: merge xfs_inode_flush into xfs_fs_write_inode
xfs: cleanup xfs_find_handle
xfs: remove the unused XFS_QMOPT_DQLOCK flag
xfs: remove iclog calculation special cases
xfs: remove superflous inobt macros
xfs: remove uchar_t/ushort_t/uint_t/ulong_t types
xfs: merge xfs_mkdir into xfs_create
xfs: use mutex_is_locked in XFS_DQ_IS_LOCKED
xfs: sanitize qh_lock wrappers
xfs: get rid of indirections in the quotaops implementation
xfs: fix error handling in xfs_log_mount
xfs: reject swapext ioctl on swapfiles
xfs: prevent kernel crash due to corrupted inode log format
xfs: prevent lockdep false positive in xfs_iget_cache_miss
xfs: only issues a cache flush on unmount if barriers are enabled
xfs: cleanup log unmount handling
xfs: remove another leftover of the old inode log item format
xfs: cleanup xlog_recover_do_trans
xfs: cleanup xlog_bread
xfs: kill vn_atime_* helpers.
xfs: kill VN_BAD
affs: fix missing unlocks in affs_remove_link
generic compat_sys_ustat
cleanup d_add_ci
cleanup may_open
xfs: kill mutex_t typedef
xfs: kill ino64 mount option
xfs: remove m_litino
xfs: remove m_attroffset
xfs: cleanup uuid handling
md: stop defining MAJOR_NR
cleanup drivers/md/Makefile
md: move headers out of include/linux/raid/
ubd: stop defintining MAJOR_NR

Christoph Lameter (2):
SLUB: Introduce and use SLUB_MAX_SIZE and SLUB_PAGE_SHIFT constants
SLUB: Introduce and use SLUB_MAX_SIZE and SLUB_PAGE_SHIFT constants

Christoph Paasch (2):
netfilter: change generic l4 protocol number
netfilter: remove IPvX specific parts from nf_conntrack_l4proto.h

Christoph Plattner (2):
ALSA: hda - Added HP HDX16/HDX18 notebook support for HDA codecs (82HD71)
ALSA: hda - Rework on patch_sigmatel.c for HP HDX16/HDX18

Christophe Saout (1):
xen: fix too early kmalloc call

Chuck Ebbert (1):
xfrm: spin_lock() should be spin_unlock() in xfrm_state.c

Chuck Lever (24):
SUNRPC: Avoid spurious wake-up during UDP connect processing
SUNRPC: Clean up static inline functions in svc_xprt.h
SUNRPC: Don't flag empty RPCB_GETADDR reply as bogus
SUNRPC: Clean up static inline functions in svc_xprt.h
NFSD: If port value written to /proc/fs/nfsd/portlist is invalid, return EINVAL
SUNRPC: Clean up svc_find_xprt() calling sequence
SUNRPC: Pass a family argument to svc_register()
SUNRPC: svc_setup_socket() gets protocol family from socket
SUNRPC: Change svc_create_xprt() to take a @family argument
SUNRPC: Remove @family argument from svc_create() and svc_create_pooled()
NFS: Revert creation of IPv6 listeners for lockd and NFSv4 callbacks
SUNRPC: Set IPV6ONLY flag on PF_INET6 RPC listener sockets
SUNRPC: Use IPv4 loopback for registering AF_INET6 kernel RPC services
SUNRPC: Don't return EPROTONOSUPPORT in svc_register()'s helpers
SUNRPC: Clean up address type casts in rpcb_v4_register()
SUNRPC: rpcbind actually interprets r_owner string
SUNRPC: Allow callers to pass rpcb_v4_register a NULL address
SUNRPC: Simplify svc_unregister()
SUNRPC: Simplify kernel RPC service registration
SUNRPC: rpcb_register() should handle errors silently
lockd: Start PF_INET6 listener only if IPv6 support is available
NFS: Start PF_INET6 callback listener only if IPv6 support is available
NFS: Simplify logic to compare socket addresses in client.c

Claudio Scordino (1):
tty: Use the generic RS485 ioctl on CRIS

Clemens Ladisch (22):
sound: usb-audio: use normal number of frames for no-data URBs
sound: usb-audio: limit playback queue length
sound: usb-audio: make URB sizes more equal
sound: oxygen: make the owner module a parameter of the probe function
sound: oxygen: allocate model_data dynamically
sound: oxygen: use static driver name
sound: oxygen: handle cards with broken EEPROM
sound: oxygen: automatically restore overwritten EEPROM
sound: oxygen: handle AK5385 ADC on Claro halo cards
sound: virtuoso: increase minimum volume to -60 dB
sound: usb-audio: remove MIN_PACKS_URB
sound: virtuoso: add Xonar Essence STX support
sound: oxygen: zero-initialize model data
sound: usb-audio: fix rules check for 32-channel devices
sound: usb-audio: fix queue length check for high speed devices
sound: oxygen: enable headphone output on Claro cards
udf: fix novrs mount option
udf: use hardware sector size
sound: usb-audio: show sample format width in proc file
sound: usb-audio: remove check_hw_params_convention()
sound: usb-audio: save data packet interval in audioformat structure
sound: usb-audio: allow period sizes less than 1 ms

Cliff Cai (3):
Blackfin arch: add sport-spi related resource stuff to board file
Blackfin arch: sport spi needs 6 gpio pins
Blackfin arch: add RSI's definitions to bf514 and bf516

Cliff Wickman (2):
x86: UV fix uv_flush_send_and_wait()
x86: UV: remove uv_flush_tlb_others() WARN_ON

Colin McCabe (2):
libertas: Update libertas core with GSPI constants
libertas: if_spi, driver for libertas GSPI devices

Colin Watson (1):
parisc: expose 32/64-bit capabilities in cpuinfo

Coly Li (20):
jfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
udf: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/adfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/affs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/befs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/cramfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/efs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/fat: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/hfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/hfsplus: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/hpfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/isofs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/minix: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/omfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/qnx4: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/reiserfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/squashfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/sysv: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/ufs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)
fs/romfs: return f_fsid for statfs(2)

Constantin Baranov (2):
niu: fix PHY template choice for 10G copper
niu: improve ethtool support for gigabit copper cards

Corentin Chary (1):
UBI: add fsync capability

Cornelia Huck (4):
Driver core: Fix device_move() vs. dpm list ordering, v2
[S390] cio: Use unbind/bind instead of unregister/register.
[S390] cio: Try harder to disable subchannel.
[S390] cio: Use ccw_device_set_notoper().

Craig Shelley (2):
USB: CP2101 Support AN205 baud rates
USB: CP2101 Reduce Error Logging

Cyrill Gorcunov (33):
x86: headers cleanup - prctl.h
x86: headers cleanup - sigcontext32.h
x86: headers cleanup - setup.h
x86: headers cleanup - boot.h
net: pppoe - code cleanup and helpers
net: pppoe - introduce net-namespace functionality
net: pppol2tp - introduce net-namespace functionality
net: ppp_generic - introduce net-namespace functionality v2
net: pppoe,pppol2tp - register channels with explicit net
net: pppoe - get rid of DECLARE_MAC_BUF
net: pppoe - stop using proc internals
x86: ftrace - simplify wait_for_nmi
x86: trampoline_64.S - use predefined constants with simplification
x86: asm linkage - introduce GLOBAL macro
x86: linkage - get rid of _X86 macros
x86: copy.S - use GLOBAL,ENDPROC macros
x86: pmjump - use GLOBAL,ENDPROC macros
x86: compressed head_64 - use ENTRY,ENDPROC macros
x86: compressed head_32 - use ENTRY,ENDPROC macros
x86: head_64.S - remove useless balign
x86: head_64.S - use IDT_ENTRIES instead of hardcoded number
x86: invalid_vm86_irq -- use predefined macros
x86: entry_64.S - add missing ENDPROC
x86: head_64.S - use GLOBAL macro
x86: efi_stub_32,64 - add missing ENDPROCs
x86: linkage.h - guard assembler specifics by ASSEMBLY
x86: shrink ALIGN and ALIGN_STR definitions
net: sysctl_net - use net_eq to compare nets
net: netfilter conntrack - add per-net functionality for DCCP protocol
x86: headers cleanup - setup.h
mm: mminit_validate_memmodel_limits(): remove redundant test
oom_kill: don't call for int_sqrt(0)
introduce pr_cont() macro

Cyrus Massoumi (1):
ext3: remove the BKL in ext3/ioctl.c

D.J. Capelis (1):
USB: pedantic: spelling correction in comment for ch9.h

Daisuke Nishimura (2):
memcg: charge swapcache to proper memcg
memcg: cleanup cache_charge

Dan Carpenter (9):
Add a missing unlock_kernel() in raw_open()
ext4: fix typo which causes a memory leak on error path
drm: drm_fops.c unlock missing on error path
fuse: fix fuse_file_lseek returning with lock held
Btrfs: remove dead code
Btrfs: remove dead code
dock: fix dereference after kfree()
Staging: altpciechdma: Null deref in altpciechdma.c remove()
ASoC: Fix null dereference in ak4535_remove()

Dan Smith (1):
[S390] Expose a constant for the number of words representing the CRs

Dan Williams (25):
libertas: fix CF firmware loading for some cards
airo: clean up and clarify interrupt-time task handling
airo: re-arrange WPA capability checks
airo: simplify WEP index and capability checks
airo: clean up WEP key operations
airo: use attribute *1 not #pragma
airo: clean up and clarify micinit()
airo: remove useless #defines
Revert "i.MX31: framebuffer driver"
hostap: convert usage of net/ieee80211.h to linux/ieee80211.h
make net/ieee80211.h private to ipw2x00
cfg80211: age scan results on resume
ipw2x00: age scan results on resume
libertas: use private SDIO workqueue to avoid scheduling latency
dmaengine: fail device registration if channel registration fails
dmaengine: initialize tx_list in dma_async_tx_descriptor_init
dmaengine: kill some unused headers
async_tx: provide __async_inline for HAS_DMA=n archs
dmaengine: allow dma support for async_tx to be toggled
dmatest: add xor test
dmatest: add dma interrupts and callbacks
md: add 'size' as a personality method
md: centralize ->array_sectors modifications
md: 'array_size' sysfs attribute
md/raid6: move raid6 data processing to raid6_pq.ko

Daniel Drake (1):
Staging: add b3dfg driver

Daniel Glockner (1):
rtc: add m41t62 support to rtc-m41t80 driver

Daniel Glöckner (2):
V4L/DVB (11242): allow v4l2 drivers to provide a get_unmapped_area handler
xtensa: make startup code discardable

Daniel Mack (34):
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: support for two more audio devices
ASoC: Add cs4270 support for slave mode configurations
ASoC: fix typo and removed unneeded switch case for cs4270
ASoC: Fix name of register bit in pxa-ssp
ASoC: add two more bitfields for PXA SSP
ASoC: bring cs4270 feature/limitations list in sync
ASoC: Add a driver for AK4104 S/PDIF transmitter
ASoC: don't touch pxa-ssp registers when stream is running
ASoC: switch PXA SSP driver from network mode to PSP
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: only warn once on streaming errors
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: drop bogus iso packets
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: bump version number
[ARM] pxa: add missing pin function for CS2 on GPIO1
[ARM] pxa: add pxa320 missing pin function for CS2 on GPIO3
[ARM] pxa: rename colibri.c to colibri-pxa270.c
[ARM] pxa: add basic support for Colibri PXA300 module
[ARM] pxa: add MMC support for Colibri PXA300
[ARM] pxa: add USB support for Colibri PXA300
[ARM] pxa: rename and update Colibri PXA270 defconfig
[ARM] pxa: add colibri PXA300 defconfig
[ARM] pxa: Fix Colibri AX88796 configuration
[ARM] pxa: Refactor Colibri board support code
[ARM] pxa: Colibri PXA320 module basics
[ARM] pxa: Add Colibri LCD functions
[ARM] pxa: AC97 pin functions for Colibri PXA310/320
USB: allow malformed LANGID descriptors
drivers/net/ax88796.c: take IRQ flags from platform_device
ax88796: Add method to take MAC from platform data
[ARM] pxa: fix Colibri PXA300 and PXA320 LCD backlight pins
drivers/misc/isl29003.c: driver for the ISL29003 ambient light sensor
lis3: reorder functions to make forward decl obsolete
lis3: solve dependency between core and ACPI
lis3: SPI transport layer
w1: coding style cleanups in w1_io.c

Daniel Silverstone (6):
[ARM] 5372/1: ACS5K: Core board support for the ACS-5000
[ARM] 5376/1: S3C24XX: Fix sparse errors in platform uncompress.h
[ARM] 5377/1: S3C2410-Framebuffer: Fix resume path in S3C2410 framebuffer driver.
[ARM] 5428/1: Module relocation update for R_ARM_V4BX
gpiolib: allow GPIOs to be named
i2c-s3c2410: Simplify bus frequency calculation

Daniel Stone (1):
[ARM] OMAP2: Fix definition of SGX clock register bits

Daniel Vecino Castel (1):
Staging: comedi: add ni_daq_dio24 driver

Daniel Vetter (1):
drm/i915: fix up tiling/fence reg setup on i8xx class hw

Daniel Walker (1):
panic.c: fix whitespace additions

Danny Kukawka (6):
iwlwifi: fix led naming
ath9k: fix led naming
b43legacy: fix led naming
rt2x00: fix led naming
iwlwifi: another led naming fix
8250_pnp.c: add another Wacom tablet

Darius Augulis (7):
USB: imx_udc: Fix IMX UDC gadget bugs
USB: imx_udc: Fix IMX UDC gadget code style
USB: imx_udc: Fix IMX UDC gadget ep0 irq handling
USB: imx_udc: Fix IMX UDC gadget general irq handling
[MTD] [NOR] Fixup for Numonyx M29W128 chips
i2c: iMX/MXC support
i2c: imx: Add missing request_mem_region in probe()

Darren Hart (7):
futex: update futex commentary
futex: additional (get|put)_futex_key() fixes
futex: add double_unlock_hb()
futex: use current->time_slack_ns for rt tasks too
futex: unlock before returning -EFAULT
futex: clean up fault logic
futex: remove the pointer math from double_unlock_hb

Dave Airlie (19):
drm/radeon: align ring writes to 16 dwords boundaries.
drm/radeon: split busmaster enable out to a separate function
drm: add DRM_READ/WRITE64 wrappers around readq/writeq.
drm/ati_pcigart: use memset_io to reset the memory
drm/r600: fixup r600 gart table accessor like ati_pcigart.c
drm/r600: fix rptr address along lines of previous fixes to radeon.
radeon: call the correct idle function, logic got inverted.
drm/radeon: fix r600 pci mapping calls.
drm: fix warnings about new mappings in info code.
drm/radeon: fix r600 writeback setup.
drm/radeon: fix r600 writeback across suspend/resume
drm/radeon: don't call irq changes on r600 suspend/resume
drm/radeon: r600 ptes are 64-bit, cleanup cleanup function.
PCI: expose boot VGA device via sysfs.
drm: merge Linux master into HEAD
drm/i915: check the return value from the copy from user
drm: fix missing inline function on 32-bit powerpc.
drm: fix typo in edid vendor parsing.
Merge branch 'drm-intel-next' of ../anholt-2.6 into drm-linus

Dave Chinner (3):
Long btree pointers are still 64 bit on disk
xfs: Check buffer lengths in log recovery
xfs: factor out code to find the longest free extent in the AG

Dave Jones (25):
[CPUFREQ] Stupidly trivial CodingStyle fix
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for cpufreq-nforce2
[CPUFREQ] nforce2: Use driver prefix, not cpufreq prefix.
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for elanfreq
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for e_powersaver
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for gx-suspmod
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for longhaul
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for longrun
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for powernow-k6
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for sc520
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for cpufreq core
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for conservative governor
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for cpufreq_stats
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for userspace governor
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for freq_table
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for speedstep related drivers.
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for powernow-k7
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for ondemand governor.
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for powernow-k8
[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for acpi-cpufreq
[CPUFREQ] Use swap() in longhaul.c
[CPUFREQ] powernow-k8: Use a common exit path.
[CPUFREQ] Prevent p4-clockmod from auto-binding to the ondemand governor.
a2065: skb_padto cleanups
cpqarray: enable bus mastering

Dave Kleikamp (4):
jfs: clean up a dangling comment
jfs: remove xtLookupList()
jfs: Fix error handling in metapage_writepage()
Merge branch 'master' of /home/shaggy/git/linus-clean/

Dave Young (4):
Bluetooth: Remove CONFIG_DEBUG_LOCK_ALLOC ifdefs
Bluetooth: Move hci_conn_del_sysfs() back to avoid device destruct too early
usb-serial: fix usb_serial_register bug when boot with nousb param
driver-core: do not register a driver with bus_type not registered

David A. Schleef (1):
Staging: comedi: add poc driver

David Altobelli (1):
hpilo: reduce frequency of IO operations

David Brownell (29):
ASoC: buildfix for OSK
[MTD] [NAND] fix "raw" reads with ECC syndrome layouts
[MTD] [NAND] davinci_nand driver
[MTD] [NAND] fix broken debug messages
[MTD] we don't need no misc devices
[MTD] partitioning utility predicates
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 voltage cleanup
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 init passes device nodes back, v2
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 fix for vmmc = 0
USB: gadget: fix rndis regression
USB: ftdi_sio: remove pointless syslog spew
USB: musb: partial DaVinci dm355 support
USB: gadget: composite device-level suspend/resume hooks
USB: gadget: gadget zero uses new suspend/resume hooks
regulator: minor cleanup of virtual consumer
regulator: add get_status()
regulator: enumerate voltages (v2)
regulator: get_status() grows kerneldoc
regulator: twl4030 regulators
regulator: twl4030 voltage enumeration (v2)
MMC: regulator utilities
twl4030-regulator: list more VAUX4 voltages
regulator: refcount fixes
twl4030-regulator: expose VPLL2
memory_accessor: implement the new memory_accessor interfaces for SPI EEPROMs
gpio: gpio_{request,free}() now required (feature removal)
[MTD] driver model updates
[MTD] support driver model updates
leds: just ignore invalid GPIOs in leds-gpio

David Daney (2):
MIPS: __raw_spin_lock() may spin forever on ticket wrap.
libata: Remove some redundant casts from pata_octeon_cf.c

David Dillow (1):
typhoon: repair firmware loading

David Howells (50):
NOMMU: Present backing device capabilities for MTD chardevs
NOMMU: Add support for direct mapping through mtdconcat if possible
NOMMU: Make it possible for RomFS to use MTD devices directly
NOMMU: Fix the RomFS Kconfig to ensure at least one backing store is selected
Annotate struct fs_struct's usage count restriction
nommu: there is no mlock() for NOMMU, so don't provide the bits
nommu: make CONFIG_UNEVICTABLE_LRU available when CONFIG_MMU=n
nommu: fix a number of issues with the per-MM VMA patch
Create a dynamically sized pool of threads for doing very slow work items
Make slow-work thread pool actually dynamic
Make the slow work pool configurable
Document the slow work thread pool
FS-Cache: Release page->private after failed readahead
FS-Cache: Recruit a page flags for cache management
FS-Cache: Add the FS-Cache netfs API and documentation
FS-Cache: Add the FS-Cache cache backend API and documentation
FS-Cache: Add main configuration option, module entry points and debugging
FS-Cache: Add use of /proc and presentation of statistics
FS-Cache: Root index definition
FS-Cache: Add cache tag handling
FS-Cache: Add cache management
FS-Cache: Provide a slab for cookie allocation
FS-Cache: Add netfs registration
FS-Cache: Bit waiting helpers
FS-Cache: Object management state machine
FS-Cache: Implement the cookie management part of the netfs API
FS-Cache: Add and document asynchronous operation handling
FS-Cache: Implement data I/O part of netfs API
CacheFiles: Permit the page lock state to be monitored
CacheFiles: Export things for CacheFiles
CacheFiles: A cache that backs onto a mounted filesystem
FS-Cache: Make kAFS use FS-Cache
NFS: Add comment banners to some NFS functions
NFS: Add FS-Cache option bit and debug bit
NFS: Permit local filesystem caching to be enabled for NFS
NFS: Register NFS for caching and retrieve the top-level index
NFS: Define and create server-level objects
NFS: Define and create superblock-level objects
NFS: Define and create inode-level cache objects
NFS: Use local disk inode cache
NFS: Invalidate FsCache page flags when cache removed
NFS: Add some new I/O counters for FS-Cache doing things for NFS
NFS: FS-Cache page management
NFS: Add read context retention for FS-Cache to call back with
NFS: nfs_readpage_async() needs to be accessible as a fallback for local caching
NFS: Read pages from FS-Cache into an NFS inode
NFS: Store pages from an NFS inode into a local cache
NFS: Display local caching state
NFS: Add mount options to enable local caching on NFS
Make CONFIG_SLOW_WORK an automatic rather than manual config option

David Kilroy (20):
wireless: Add channel/frequency conversions to ieee80211.h
orinoco: Remove unused variable rx_data
orinoco: address leading and trailing whitespace
orinoco: spaces in parenthesised expressions
orinoco: remove unnecessary braces
orinoco: keep line length below 80 characters
orinoco: Fix interesting checkpatch errors
orinoco: Rename orinoco.c
orinoco: use orinoco_private instead of net_device in scan helper
orinoco: Move scan helpers to a separate file
orinoco: Move MIC helpers into new file
orinoco: Move firmware handling into a separate file
orinoco: Use accessor functions for bitrate tables
orinoco: Add hardware function to set multicast mode
orinoco: Move hardware functions into separate file
orinoco: Move WEXT handlers into a separate file
orinoco: hermes_dld does not need to be a module
orinoco: hermes doesn't need to be a separate module
orinoco: validate firmware header
orinoco: prevent accessing memory outside the firmware image

David Milburn (2):
[libata] ahci: correct enclosure LED state save
libata: ahci enclosure management bios workaround

David Miller (13):
sparc64: Fix build by including linux/irq.h into time_64.c
sparc64: Fix build by using kstat_irqs_cpu()
drm: ati_pcigart: Do not access I/O MEM space using pointer derefs.
drm: ati_pcigart: Need to use PCI_DMA_BIDIRECTIONAL.
drm: radeon: Fix ring_rptr accesses.
drm: radeon: Fix RADEON_*_EMITED defines.
drm: radeon: Fix calculation of RB_RPTR_ADDR in non-AGP case.
drm: radeon: Use surface for PCI GART table.
drm: ati_pcigart: Fix limit check in drm_ati_pcigart_init().
drm: Preserve SHMLBA bits in hash key for _DRM_SHM mappings.
drm: radeon: Fix unaligned access in r300_scratch().
drm: Only use DRM_IOCTL_UPDATE_DRAW compat wrapper for compat X86.
sparc64: Fix build of timer_interrupt().

David Moore (1):
firewire: Include iso timestamp in headers when header_size > 4

David O'Shea (1):
PCI: Compaq Evo D510 SMBus quirk using USB instead of VGA

David P. Quigley (3):
SELinux: Condense super block security structure flags and cleanup necessary code.
SELinux: Add new security mount option to indicate security label support.
SELinux: Unify context mount and genfs behavior

David Rientjes (7):
slub: move min_partial to struct kmem_cache
slub: add min_partial sysfs tunable
slub: rename calculate_min_partial() to set_min_partial()
lockdep: remove duplicate CONFIG_DEBUG_LOCKDEP definitions
vmscan: print shrink_slab symbol name on negative shrinker objects
cpusets: replace zone allowed functions with node allowed
cpusets: prevent PF_THREAD_BOUND tasks from attaching to non-root cpusets

David S. Miller (72):
com20020: Fix allyesconfig build failure.
com0020: Add missing symbol export for com20020_netdev_ops.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
net: Allow RX queue selection to seed TX queue hashing.
net: Add skb_record_rx_queue() calls to multiqueue capable drivers.
net: If SKB has attached socket, use socket's hash for TX queue selection.
net: Get rid of by-hand TX queue hashing.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
net: Increase default NET_SKB_PAD to 32.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
net: Kill skbuff macros from the stone ages.
netdev: Use __netdev_alloc_skb() instead of __dev_alloc_skb().
irda: Use __netdev_alloc_skb() instead of __dev_alloc_skb().
net: Move skbuff symbol exports after each symbol's definition.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Revert "etherh: Get working again."
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../holtmann/bluetooth-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
typhoon: Need non-vmalloc memory to DMA firmware to the card.
ixgbe: Fix some compiler warnings.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
rds: Fix build on powerpc.
typhoon: Add missing firmware copy.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next-2.6
sunvnet: Convert to net_device_ops.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.infradead.org/~dwmw2/solos-2.6
spider_net: Fix build.
myri_sbus: Convert to net_device_ops.
sunbmac: Convert to net_device_ops.
sunlance: Convert to net_device_ops.
sunqe: Convert to net_device_ops.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
myri_sbus/sunbmac/sunlance/sunqe: Add missing net_device_ops entries.
spider_net: Add missing .ndo_validate_addr
ucc_geth: Fix merge error.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-2.6
rndis_wlan: Fix build with netdev_ops compat disabled.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
sparc64: Flush TLB before releasing pages.
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-next-2.6
sparc64: Fix MM refcount check in smp_flush_tlb_pending().
gianfar: Fix kfree(skb)
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
Revert "netrom: zero length frame filtering in NetRom"
Revert "ax25: zero length frame filtering in AX25"
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-2.6
sparc64: We need to use compat_sys_ustat() as well.
gianfar: Fix use-after-of_node_put() in gfar_of_init().
ucc_geth: Fix use-after-of_node_put() in ucc_geth_probe().
niu: Add GRO support.
tg3: Add GRO support.
Merge branch 'master' of /home/davem/src/GIT/linux-2.6/
sparc64: Fix reset hangs on Niagara systems.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://master.kernel.org/home/ftp/.../rusty/linux-2.6-cpumask-for-sparc
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../jaswinder/net-next-2.6

David Schleef (28):
Staging: comedi: add 8253.h header
Staging: comedi: add 8255 driver
Staging: comedi: add rti800 driver
Staging: comedi: add plx9052 header file
Staging: comedi: add nt_atmio driver
Staging: comedi: add nt_mio_cs driver
Staging: comedi: add nt_pcimio driver
Staging: comedi: add das08 drivers
Staging: comedi: add comedi_rt_timer virtual driver
Staging: comedi: add skeleton driver
Staging: comedi: add mpc8260 driver
Staging: comedi: add ni_mio_common code
Staging: comedi: add pcmad driver
Staging: comedi: add pcl711 driver
Staging: comedi: add cb_das16_cs driver
Staging: comedi: add pcl725 driver
Staging: comedi: add pcl726 driver
Staging: comedi: add ni_6527 driver
Staging: comedi: add ni_at_ao driver
Staging: comedi: add ni_pcidio driver
Staging: comedi: add das16 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt2601 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt2811 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt2814 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt2815 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt2817 driver
Staging: comedi: add dt282x driver
Staging: comedi: add dt3000 driver

David Shaw (1):
Short write in nfsd becomes a full write to the client

David Teigland (3):
dlm: clear defunct cancel state
dlm: ignore cancel on granted lock
dlm: fix length calculation in compat code

David Täht (6):
Staging: frontier: Make checkpatch.pl considerably happier with tranzport driver.
Staging: frontier: Make checkpatch.pl much happier with alphatrack driver
Staging: frontier: removed now unused frontier_compat.h file
Staging: frontier: Updated documentation
Staging: frontier: Make checkpatch.pl happy with alphatrack.h
Staging: frontier: Remove unused components of the alphatrack/tranzport sysfs interface.

David VomLehn (1):
cramfs: propagate uncompression errors

David Vrabel (1):
USB: allow libusb to talk to unauthenticated WUSB devices

David Wong (1):
V4L/DVB (11398): Support for Legend Silicon LGS8913/LGS8GL5/LGS8GXX China DMB-TH digital demodulator

David Woodhouse (36):
solos: Fix length header in FPGA transfers
solos: Clean up firmware loading code
solos: Kill global 'opens' count.
solos: Handle attribute show/store in kernel more sanely
solos: Add initial list of parameters
solos: Handle new line status change packets, hook up to ATM layer info
solos: Kill existing connections on link down event
solos: Reject non-AAL5 connections.... for now
solos: Add SNR and Attn to status packet, fix oops on load
solos: Fix under-allocation of skb size for get/set parameters
solos: Remove parameter group from sysfs on ATM dev deregister
solos: First attempt at DMA support
solos: Tidy up DMA handling a little. Still untested
solos: Tidy up tx_mask handling for ports which need TX
solos: Remove unused loopback debug stuff
solos: Remove IRQF_DISABLED, don't frob IRQ enable on the FPGA in solos_irq()
solos: Remove superfluous wait_queue_head_t from struct solos_param
solos: Fix various bugs in status packet handling
solos: Clean up handling of card->tx_mask a little
solos: Remove debugging, commented-out test code
solos: Add 'reset' module parameter to reset the DSL chips on load
solos: Tidy up status interrupt handling, cope with 'ERROR' status
solos: Don't clear config registers at startup
solos: Set RX empty flag at startup only for !dma mode
solos: Swap upstream/downstream rates in status packet, clean up some more
dma-debug: add function to dump dma mappings
dma-debug: print stacktrace of mapping path on unmap error
solos: Reset device on unload, free pending skbs
solos: Disable DMA until we have an FPGA update with it actually implemented.
intel-iommu: Enable DMAR on 32-bit kernel.
intel-iommu: Add for_each_iommu() and for_each_active_iommu() macros
intel-iommu: Fix device-to-iommu mapping for PCI-PCI bridges.
intel-iommu: Handle PCI domains appropriately.
[MTD] [NAND] Add parent info for CAFÉ controller
[MTD] [NOR] Add device parent info to physmap_of
intel-iommu: Fix oops in device_to_iommu() when devices not found.

Davide Libenzi (10):
epoll: fix epoll's own poll
epoll: fix epoll's own poll (update)
epoll: remove debugging code
eventfd: improve support for semaphore-like behavior
epoll keyed wakeups: add __wake_up_locked_key() and __wake_up_sync_key()
epoll keyed wakeups: introduce new *_poll() wakeup macros
epoll keyed wakeups: make sockets use keyed wakeups
epoll keyed wakeups: teach epoll about hints coming with the wakeup key
epoll keyed wakeups: make eventfd use keyed wakeups
epoll keyed wakeups: make tty use keyed wakeups

Davide Rizzo (1):
hwmon: LM95241 driver

Dean Anderson (1):
V4L/DVB (11392): patch: s2255drv driver removal problem fixed

Dean Nelson (1):
SGI IA64 UV: fix ia64 build error in the linux-next tree

Deepika Makhija (1):
ALSA: oss - volume control for CSWITCH and CROUTE

Denys Fedoryshchenko (1):
ipv4: arp announce, arp_proxy and windows ip conflict verification

Devin Heitmueller (38):
V4L/DVB (10320): dib0700: fix i2c error message to make data type clear
V4L/DVB (10321): dib0700: Report dib0700_i2c_enumeration failures
V4L/DVB (11059): xc5000: fix bug for hybrid xc5000 devices with IF other than 5380
V4L/DVB (11060): au8522: rename the au8522.c source file
V4L/DVB (11061): au8522: move shared state and common functions into a separate header files
V4L/DVB (11062): au8522: fix register read/write high bits
V4L/DVB (11063): au8522: power down the digital demod when not in use
V4L/DVB (11064): au8522: make use of hybrid framework so analog/digital demod can share state
V4L/DVB (11065): au8522: add support for analog side of demodulator
V4L/DVB (11066): au0828: add support for analog functionality in bridge
V4L/DVB (11067): au0828: workaround a bug in the au0828 i2c handling
V4L/DVB (11068): au0828: add analog profile for the HVR-850
V4L/DVB (11069): au8522: add mutex protecting use of hybrid state
V4L/DVB (11070): au0828: Rework the way the analog video binding occurs
V4L/DVB (11071): tveeprom: add the xc5000 tuner to the tveeprom definition
V4L/DVB (11072): au0828: advertise only NTSC-M (as opposed to all NTSC standards)
V4L/DVB (11073): au0828: disable VBI code since it doesn't yet work
V4L/DVB (11074): au0828: fix i2c enumeration bug
V4L/DVB (11075): au0828: make register debug lines easier to read
V4L/DVB (11076): au0828: make g_chip_ident call work properly
V4L/DVB (11077): au0828: properly handle missing analog USB endpoint
V4L/DVB (11078): au0828: properly handle non-existent analog inputs
V4L/DVB (11079): au0828: fix panic on disconnect if analog initialization failed
V4L/DVB (11080): au0828: Convert to use v4l2_device/subdev framework
V4L/DVB (11081): au0828: make sure v4l2_device name is unique
V4L/DVB (11082): au0828: remove memset calls in v4l2 routines.
V4L/DVB (11083): au0828: remove some unneeded braces
V4L/DVB (11084): au0828: add entry for undefined input type
V4L/DVB (11085): au0828/au8522: Codingstyle fixes
V4L/DVB (11086): au0828: rename macro for currently non-function VBI support
V4L/DVB (11088): au0828: finish videodev/subdev conversion
V4L/DVB (11089): au8522: finish conversion to v4l2_device/subdev
V4L/DVB (11139): em28xx: add remote control definition for HVR-900 (both versions)
V4L/DVB (11140): usbvision: fix oops on ARM platform when allocating transfer buffers
V4L/DVB (11141): em28xx: fix oops on ARM platform when allocating transfer buffers
V4L/DVB (11142): au0828: fix oops on ARM platform when allocating transfer buffers
V4L/DVB (11342): au0828: better document i2c registers
V4L/DVB (11343): au0828: make i2c clock speed per-board configurable

Dhananjay Phadke (22):
netxen: remove superfluous doorbell map
netxen: fix sparse warnings
netxen: ratelimit error prints
netxen: firmware download support
netxen: advertise wake-on-lan support
netxen: cleanup unused code
netxen: refactor pci probe
netxen: update copyright
netxen: support larger dma addressing
netxen: firmware download improvements
netxen: cleanup rx handling
netxen: small xmit optimizations
netxen: refactor netdev open close
netxen: cleanup superfluous multi-context code
netxen: annotate board_config and board_type
netxen: fix endianness in serial number
netxen: add suspend resume support
netxen: sanitize variable names
netxen: remove old lro code
netxen: add receive side scaling (rss) support
netxen: update version to 4.0.30
netxen: fix firmware download warnings

Dimitri Sivanich (5):
x86, UV: set full apicid in uv_hub_send_ipi
x86: UV, SGI RTC: add generic system vector
x86: UV, SGI RTC: loop through installed UV blades
x86: UV, SGI RTC: add UV RTC clocksource/clockevents
x86: UV, SGI RTC: fix uv_time.c for UP

Divy Le Ray (18):
cxgb3: ease msi-x settings conditions
cxgb3: Notify fatal errors
iw_cxgb3: handle chip reset notifications
cxgb3: ring rx door bell less frequently
cxgb3: release page ref on mapping error
cxgb3: fix skb truesize in jumbo mode
cxgb3: prefetch buffer access in GRO mode
cxgb3: separate TX and RX reclaim handlers
cxgb3: disable high freq non-data interrupts
cxgb3: Update Rev3 mac workaround
cxgb3: detect mac link faults.
cxgb3: update FW
cxgb3: update driver version
cxgb3: start qset timers when setup succeeded
cxgb3: sge setup fixes
cxgb3: use resource_size_t for mmio declarations
cxgb3: differentiate portx and Tx channels
cxgb3: map entire Rx page, feed map+offset to Rx ring.

Dmitri Vorobiev (9):
x86: Fix a couple of sparse warnings in arch/x86/kernel/apic/io_apic.c
tracing, Text Edit Lock: Fix one sparse warning in kernel/extable.c
tracing: fix four sparse warnings
net: Add missing include into include/linux/netdevice.h
MIPS: Malta: make a needlessly global integer variable static
MIPS: Fix global namespace pollution in arch/mips/kernel/smp-up.c
MIPS: Make a needlessly global symbol static in arch/mips/kernel/smp.c
Remove two unneeded exports and make two symbols static in fs/mpage.c
kexec: vmcoreinfo_data[] can become static

Dmitry Artamonow (8):
[ARM] 5407/1: SA1100: drop broken for ages iPAQ h3800 support
[ARM] 5408/1: SA1100: update defconfigs after h3800 removal
[ARM] 5423/1: SA1100: remove unused H3600_SLEEVE Kconfig option
[ARM] 5424/1: h3600: clean up mtd partitions table
[ARM] 5425/1: h3600: first stage of ipaq_model_ops cleanup
[ARM] 5426/1: h3600: remove clr_h3600_egpio/set_h3600_egpio helpers
[ARM] 5427/1: h3600: ipaq_model_ops final cleanup
ALSA: drop outdated and broken sa11xx-uda1341 driver

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (7):
[ARM] pxa: add initial support for Cogent CSB726 board
[ARM] pxa: add support for CSB701 baseboard
[ARM] pxa: make second argument of clk_add_alias a name instead of the device
[MTD] [MAPS] Drop now unused sharpsl-flash map
[ARM] 5429/1: collie: start scoop converton to new api
[ARM] 5430/1: collie_pm: use new GPIO API to control charger
[ARM] 5431/1: scoop: completely drop old-style SCOOP GPIO accessors

Don Skidmore (7):
ixgbe: fix slow load times on 82598 nics
ixgbe: add support KX/KX4 device
ixgbe: Add 82598 support for BX mezzanine devices
ixgbe: fix for 82598 Si errata causing buffer overflow
ixgbe: Fix ethtool output with advertised mode.
ixgbe: feature - driver to default with FC on.
ixgbe: fix ethtool -A|a behavior

Don Wood (3):
RDMA/nes: Account for freed PBL after HW operation
RDMA/nes: Inform hardware that asynchronous event has been handled
RDMA/nes: Improve use of PBLs

Doug Thompson (1):
edac: remove EDAC's experimental status

Douglas Gilbert (1):
[SCSI] bsg: add linux/types.h include to bsg.h

Douglas Kosovic (1):
V4L/DVB (10299): bttv: Add support for IVCE-8784 support for V4L2 bttv driver

Douglas Schilling Landgraf (14):
V4L/DVB (10323): em28xx: Add entry for GADMEI TVR200
V4L/DVB (10326): em28xx: Cleanup: fix bad whitespacing
V4L/DVB (10327): em28xx: Add check before call em28xx_isoc_audio_deinit()
V4L/DVB (10517): em28xx: remove bad check (changeset a31c595188af)
V4L/DVB (10520): em28xx-audio: Add spinlock for trigger
V4L/DVB (10521): em28xx-audio: Add lock for users
V4L/DVB (10523): em28xx-audio: Add macros EM28XX_START_AUDIO / EM28XX_STOP_AUDIO
V4L/DVB (10524): em28xx: Add DVC 101 model to Pinnacle Dazzle description
V4L/DVB (10556): em28xx-cards: Add Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Plus DVC107 description
V4L/DVB (10739): em28xx-cards: remove incorrect entry
V4L/DVB (10740): em28xx-cards: Add SIIG AVTuner-PVR board
V4L/DVB (10741): em28xx: Add Kaiser Baas Video to DVD maker support
V4L/DVB (11222): gspca - zc3xx: The webcam DLink DSB - C320 has the sensor pas106.
V4L/DVB (11331): em28xx: convert to v4l2_subdev

Dragoslav Zaric (2):
Staging: otus: ioctl.c: Fix Coding Style
Staging: otus: 80211core/amsdu.c: Fix Coding Style

Drew Csillag (1):
Staging: comedi: add pcm3724 driver

Duane Griffin (7):
ext4: don't inherit inappropriate inode flags from parent
ext4: tighten restrictions on inode flags
ufs: validate maximum fast symlink size from superblock
ufs: don't truncate longer ufs2 fast symlinks
ufs: ensure fast symlinks are NUL-terminated
ufs: copy symlink data into the correct union member
Staging: b3dfg: fixups and improvements

Ed Lin (5):
[SCSI] stex: small code fixes and changes
[SCSI] stex: add MSI support
[SCSI] stex: use config struct for parameters of different controllers
[SCSI] stex: add new 6G controller support
[SCSI] stex: update version to 4.6.0000.3

Ed Lin - PTU (5):
[SCSI] stex: Fix for potential invalid response
[SCSI] stex: Add new device id
[SCSI] stex: Fix for controller type st_yosemite
[SCSI] stex: Small fixes
[SCSI] stex: Version update

Ed Swierk (3):
x86/PCI: Detect mmconfig on nVidia MCP55
rtc-ds1307: true SMBus compatibility
forcedeth: Fix resume from hibernation regression.

Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu (18):
SLUB: Replace __builtin_return_address(0) with _RET_IP_.
kmemtrace: Core implementation.
kmemtrace: Additional documentation.
kmemtrace: SLAB hooks.
kmemtrace: SLOB hooks.
kmemtrace: SLUB hooks.
kmemtrace: Fix typos in documentation.
kmemtrace: Better alternative to "kmemtrace: fix printk format warnings".
kmemtrace: SLUB hooks for caller-tracking functions.
kmemtrace: Remove the relay version of kmemtrace
tracing: splice support for tracing_pipe
tracing: Move pipe waiting code out of tracing_read_pipe().
tracing: provide trace_seq_reserve()
tracing: add missing 'extern' keywords to trace_output.h
kmemtrace, rcu: don't include unnecessary headers, allow kmemtrace w/ tracepoints
kmemtrace: use tracepoints
kmemtrace: kmemtrace_alloc() must fill type_id
kmemtrace: restore original tracing data binary format, improve ABI

Edward Shishkin (1):
vfs: add/use account_page_dirtied()

Eilon Greenstein (60):
bnx2x: New FW
bnx2x: Multi-queue
bnx2x: MSI support
bnx2x: System-page alignment
bnx2x: Disabling interrupts after iSCSI-boot
bnx2x: Removing microcode assertion check
bnx2x: Per queue statistics
bnx2x: Moving skb_record_rx_queue
bnx2x: BW shaper enhancements
bnx2x: Flow control enhancement
bnx2x: Removing the board type
bnx2x: Removing redundant device parameters
bnx2x: GPIO accessories
bnx2x: Supporting BCM8726 PHY
bnx2x: PHY lock list
bnx2x: Supporting BCM8481 PHY
bnx2x: Saving PHY FW version
bnx2x: EMAC reset
bnx2x: Using the HW 5th lane
bnx2x: Removing CL73 code
bnx2x: GMII not SGMII
bnx2x: Pre emphasis configuration
bnx2x: Using registers name
bnx2x: Manual setting for MRRS
bnx2x: Returning EBUSY in debug mode as well
bnx2x: Increasing FW timeout
bnx2x: smp_mb and not just smp_rmb
bnx2x: Using nvram default WoL config
bnx2x: Memory clean up on failure
bnx2x: Optimize chip MPS configuration
bnx2x: Loopback in diag mode
bnx2x: Better struct naming
bnx2x: Removing redundant macros
bnx2x: Sparse endianity annotation
bnx2x: Removing unused struct
bnx2x: Driver dump
bnx2x: Moving includes
bnx2x: Re-arrange module parameters
bnx2x: Comments and prints
bnx2x: Clean-up
bnx2x: Version
bnx2x: Remove redundant smb_mb on unload
bnx2x: Misleading name
bnx2x: Reduce the likelihood of smb_mb
bnx2x: Add rmb to read status block indices on load
bnx2x: Unlimited Tx interrupt work
bnx2x: napi_poll budget check
bnx2x: Missing module parameter description
bnx2x: Using DMA engine
bnx2x: Calling tx disable unconditionally
bnx2x: Supporting new BCM8726 FW
bnx2x: Enable BCM8726 module transmitter
bnx2x: BCM8705 has no microcode
bnx2x: Display BCM8481 FW version
bnx2x: Loopback support at external PHY
bnx2x: Whitespace
bnx2x: Debug prints
bnx2x: Register dump
bnx2x: Version update
bnx2x: Adding licensing to bnx2x_init_values.h

Elias Oltmanns (1):
ide: Fix code dealing with sleeping devices in do_ide_request()

Emmanuel Pacaud (1):
Staging: comedi: add adl_pci9111 driver

Eric Anholt (10):
drm/i915: Add information on pinning and fencing to the i915 list debug.
drm/i915: Change DCC tiling detection case to cover only mobile parts.
drm/i915: Fix lock order reversal in GTT pwrite path.
drm/i915: Make GEM object's page lists refcounted instead of get/free.
drm/i915: Fix lock order reversal in shmem pwrite path.
drm/i915: Fix lock order reversal in shmem pread path.
drm/i915: Fix lock order reversal with cliprects and cmdbuf in non-DRI2 paths.
drm/i915: Fix lock order reversal in GEM relocation entry copying.
drm/i915: Add information on pinning and fencing to the i915 list debug.
drm: Use a little stash on the stack to avoid kmalloc in most DRM ioctls.

Eric Biederman (4):
veth: Allow setting the L3 MTU
neigh: Allow for user space users of the neighbour table
macvlan: Support creating macvlans from macvlans
macvlan: Deterministic ingress packet delivery

Eric Dumazet (18):
net: move bsockets outside of read only beginning of struct inet_hashinfo
netfilter: arp_tables: unfold two critical loops in arp_packet_match()
netfilter: xt_physdev fixes
netfilter: xt_physdev: unfold two loops in physdev_mt()
netfilter: ip6_tables: unfold two loops in ip6_packet_match()
netfilter: ip_tables: unfold two critical loops in ip_packet_match()
netfilter: xt_hashlimit fix
tcp: allow timestamps even if SYN packet has tsval=0
net: reorder fields of struct socket
net: reorder struct Qdisc for better SMP performance
net: remove useless prefetch() call
netfilter: nf_conntrack: Reduce conntrack count in nf_conntrack_free()
arp_tables: ifname_compare() can assume 16bit alignment
netfilter: nf_conntrack: use hlist_add_head_rcu() in nf_conntrack_set_hashsize()
netfilter: factorize ifname_compare()
netfilter: nf_conntrack: use SLAB_DESTROY_BY_RCU and get rid of call_rcu()
netfilter: use rcu_read_bh() in ipt_do_table()
socket: use percpu_add() while updating sockets_in_use

Eric Lammerts (1):
[WATCHDOG] w83697ug: add error checking

Eric Leblond (7):
netfilter: log invalid new icmpv6 packet with nf_log_packet()
netfilter: use a linked list of loggers
netfilter: print the list of register loggers
netfilter: sysctl support of logger choice
netfilter: fix warning about invalid const usage
netfilter: fix warning in ebt_ulog init function.
netfilter: fix nf_logger name in ebt_ulog.

Eric Miao (42):
ASoC: make ops a pointer in 'struct snd_soc_dai'
Merge branch 'fix' of git://git.kernel.org/.../ycmiao/pxa-linux-2.6 into devel
Merge branch 'devel' of ssh://master.kernel.org/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm into devel
[ARM] pxa: introduce pxa{25x,27x,300,320,930}.h for board usage
[ARM] pxa: allow DMA controller IRQ being specified
[ARM] pxa: move DMA registers definitions into <mach/dma.h>
[ARM] pxa: move IRQ handling of GPIO 0 and 1 outside of gpio.c
[ARM] pxa: move pxa_gpio_mode() outside of generic gpio.c
[ARM] pxa: move GPIO register definitions into <mach/gpio.h>
[ARM] pxa: move declaration of 'pxa_last_gpio' into <mach/gpio.h>
[ARM] pxa: access GPIO registers by chip so to make it further generic
[ARM] pxa: remove machine class specific stuffs from serial driver
[ARM] pxa: remove unnecessary #include of pxa-regs.h and hardware.h
[ARM] pxa: move PCMCIA definitions out of pxa-regs.h into pxa2xx_base.c
[ARM] pxa: make lubbock specific debugging stuffs back into lubbock.c
[ARM] pxa: move pxa2xx chip selects definitions out of pxa-regs.h
[ARM] pxa: separate definitions from pxa-regs.h and remove it finally
[ARM] pxa: fix typo in BANK_OFF() macro in gpio.h
[ARM] pxa: fix overlay being un-necessarily initialized on pxa25x
Merge branch 'fix' of git://git.kernel.org/.../ycmiao/pxa-linux-2.6.git into devel
[ARM] pxa: introduce plat-pxa for PXA common code and add DMA support
[ARM] pxa: move common GPIO handling code into plat-pxa
[ARM] pxa: move common MFP handling code into plat-pxa
[ARM] pxa: add base support for Marvell's PXA168 processor line
[ARM] pxa: add iWMMXt support for pxa168
[ARM] pxa: add GPIO support for pxa168
[ARM] pxa: add MFP support for pxa168
[ARM] pxa: allow reuse of serial driver for pxa168
[ARM] pxa/aspenite: add support for console uart
[ARM] pxa/aspenite: add support for debug ethernet
[ARM] pxa: add base support for Marvell PXA910
[ARM] pxa: add base support for pxa910-based TavorEVB
[ARM] pxa: add base support for pxa910-based TTC_DKB
[ARM] pxa: add defconfig for pxa168-based platforms
[ARM] pxa: add defconfig for pxa910-based platforms
MAINTAINERS: update pxa168 maintainers
MAINTAINERS: update pxa910 maintainers
platform: make better use of to_platform_{device,driver}() macros
platform: introduce module id table for platform devices
[ARM] pxa: build arch/arm/plat-pxa/mfp.c only when PXA3xx or ARCH_MMP defined
backlight: fix pwm_bl.c when multiple PWM backlights exist
spi: pxa2xx_spi: introduce chipselect GPIO to simplify the common cases

Eric Moore (3):
[SCSI] mpt2sas: add MPT2SAS_MINOR(221) to miscdevice.h
[SCSI] mpt2sas v00.100.11.15
[SCSI] mpt2sas: make global symbols unique

Eric Paris (16):
SELinux: call capabilities code directory
SELinux: better printk when file with invalid label found
SELinux: NULL terminate al contexts from disk
SELinux: check seqno when updating an avc_node
SELinux: remove the unused ae.used
SELinux: more careful use of avd in avc_has_perm_noaudit
SELinux: remove unused av.decided field
SELinux: code readability with avc_cache
SELinux: convert the avc cache hash list to an hlist
SELinux: open perm for sock files
SELinux: new permission between tty audit and audit socket
SELinux: inode_doinit_with_dentry drop no dentry printk
Btrfs: introduce btrfs_show_options
audit: incorrect ref counting in audit tree tag_chunk
audit: audit_set_auditable defined but not used
Audit: remove spaces from audit_log_d_path

Eric Sandeen (6):
stackprotector: use canary at end of stack to indicate overruns at oops time
[XFS] Remove the rest of the macro-to-function indirections.
[XFS] remove always-true #ifndef HAVE_FORMAT32 tests
don't reallocate sxp variable passed into xfs_swapext
filesystem freeze: allow SysRq emergency thaw to thaw frozen filesystems
add fiemap.h to header-y

Eric Sesterhenn (4):
UBIFS: list usage cleanup
MISDN: list usage cleanup
[S390] list usage cleanup in s390
Staging: et131x: list usage cleanup

Eric W. Biederman (17):
tun: Remove unnecessary tun_get_by_name
tun: Fix races in tun_set_iff
tun: Use POLLERR not EBADF in tun_chr_poll
tun: Introduce tun_file
tun: Grab the netns in open.
tun: Make tun_net_xmit atomic wrt tun_attach && tun_detach
tun: Move read_wait into tun_file
tun: Fix races between tun_net_close and free_netdev.
tun: There is no longer any need to deny changing network namespaces
tun: Implement ip link del tunXXX
netns: Fix icmp shutdown.
tcp: Like icmp use register_pernet_subsys
netns: Remove net_alive
PCI: pcie_portdriver: fix pcie_port_device_remove
sysfs: Take sysfs_mutex when fetching the root inode.
sysfs: reference sysfs_dirent from sysfs inodes
sysfs: don't block indefinitely for unmapped files.

Erik Andr?n (24):
V4L/DVB (11403): gspca - m5602-s5k4aa: No more "default" mode
V4L/DVB (11404): gspca - m5602-s5k4aa: Add start function and VGA resolution init.
V4L/DVB (11405): gspca - m5602: Simplify error handling
V4L/DVB (11406): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Add QCIF resolution support
V4L/DVB (11407): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Clean up ov9650_start() function.
V4L/DVB (11409): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Set the ov9650 sensor in soft sleep when inactive.
V4L/DVB (11410): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Always init the ov9650 before starting a stream
V4L/DVB (11411): gspca - m5602: Rework v4l ctrl handling in all sensors
V4L/DVB (11412): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Checkpatch fixes
V4L/DVB (11413): gspca - m5602-mt9m111: Separate mode vectors per sensor.
V4L/DVB (11414): gspca - m5602-mt9m111: Move v4l2 controls to main sensor file.
V4L/DVB (11415): gspca - m5602: Remove an unused member in the sd struct.
V4L/DVB (11416): gspca - m5602: Constify all sensor structs
V4L/DVB (11417): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Autogain is on by default
V4L/DVB (11418): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Auto white balancing is on by default
V4L/DVB (11419): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Don't read exposure data from COM1.
V4L/DVB (11420): gspca - m5602: Improve error handling in the ov9650 driver
V4L/DVB (11421): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Synthesize modesetting.
V4L/DVB (11422): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Replace a magic constant with a define
V4L/DVB (11423): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Add a disconnect hook, setup a ctrl cache ctrl.
V4L/DVB (11424): gspca - m5602-ov9650: Use the local ctrl cache. Adjust image on vflip.
V4L/DVB (11425): gspca - m5602: Move the vflip quirk to probe stage.
V4L/DVB (11426): gspca - m5602: Don't touch hflip/vflip register on Read/Modify/Write
V4L/DVB (11427): gspca - m5602: Minor cleanups

Erik Andren (3):
V4L/DVB (10334): gspca - stv06xx: Rework control description.
V4L/DVB (10341): gspca - stv06xx: Plug a memory leak in the pb0100 sensor driver.
V4L/DVB (10342): gspca - stv06xx: Add ctrl caching to the vv6410.

Erik Andrén (10):
Staging: agnx: Fixup agnx.h checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup debug.h checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup pci.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup phy.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup rf.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup sta.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup sta.h checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup table.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: agnx: Fixup xmit.c checkpatch warnings
Staging: altpciechdma: checkpatch fixups

Erik Ekman (2):
pnpbios: fix warning if CONFIG_HOTPLUG=n
pnpbios: propagate kthread_run() error

Erik Inge Bolsø (4):
include/linux/ata.h: add some more transfer masks
[libata] convert drivers to use ata.h mode mask defines
pata_radisys: fix mwdma_mask to exclude mwdma0
pata_efar: fix *dma_mask

Erik S. Beiser (1):
V4L/DVB (10826): cx88: Add IR support to pcHDTV HD3000 & HD5500

Etienne Basset (2):
smack: convert smack to standard linux lists
smack: Add a new '-CIPSO' option to the network address label configuration

Evan Ko (1):
Staging: add phison ATA driver to the tree

Everett Wang (1):
Staging: comedi: add s526 driver

Evgeniy Polyakov (24):
inet: Allowing more than 64k connections and heavily optimize bind(0) time.
Staging: dst: core files.
Staging: dst: network state machine.
Staging: dst: export node.
Staging: dst: thread pool.
Staging: dst: transactions.
Staging: dst: crypto processing.
Staging: dst: kconfig and makefile changes.
Staging: dst: kconfig update.
Staging: DST: optimize bio allocation.
Staging: DST: extend thread pool exit conditions.
Staging: DST: Do not allow empty barriers.
Staging: DST: Kconfig text update.
Staging: DST: fix build dependancy
Staging: pohmelfs: documentation.
Staging: pohmelfs: configuration interface.
Staging: pohmelfs: crypto processing.
Staging: pohmelfs: directory operations.
Staging: pohmelfs: inode operations.
Staging: pohmelfs: distributed locking and cache coherency protocol.
Staging: pohmelfs: network operations.
Staging: pohmelfs: transaction layer.
Staging: pohmelfs: kconfig/makefile and vfs changes.
Staging: pohmelfs: select crypto modules from the config.

FUJITA Tomonori (42):
add map/unmap_single_attr and map/unmap_sg_attr to struct dma_mapping_ops
add dma_mapping_ops for SBA IOMMU
add dma_mapping_ops for SWIOTLB and SBA IOMMU
add dma_mapping_ops for intel-iommu
add dma_mapping_ops for SGI Altix
add dma_mapping_ops for SWIOTLB
set up dma_ops appropriately
convert the DMA API to use dma_ops
remove dma operations in struct ia64_machine_vector
make sn DMA mapping functions static
add dma_get_ops to struct ia64_machine_vector
remove hwsw_dma_ops
make sba DMA mapping functions static
x86: add map_page and unmap_page to struct dma_mapping_ops
x86, swiotlb: add map_page and unmap_page
x86, gart: add map_page and unmap_page
x86, calgary: add map_page and unmap_page
x86, AMD IOMMU: add map_page and unmap_page
intel-iommu: add map_page and unmap_page
x86, pci-nommu: add map_page
x86: remove map_single and unmap_single in struct dma_mapping_ops
generic: add common struct for dma map operations
x86, ia64: convert to use generic dma_map_ops struct
x86, ia64: remove duplicated swiotlb code
convert to use generic dma_map_ops struct, cleanup
IA64: fix compile error on IA64_DIG_VTD
IA64: fix swiotlb alloc_coherent for non DMA_64BIT_MASK devices
IA64: fix VT-d dma_mapping_error
intel-iommu: make dma mapping functions static
AMD IOMMU: remove unnecessary ifdef
[SCSI] libfc: fix compile warning
[SCSI] osst: make all the buffer the same size
[SCSI] osst: replace scsi_execute_async with the block layer API
[SCSI] remove scsi_req_map_sg
[SCSI] sg: avoid blk_put_request/blk_rq_unmap_user in interrupt
[SCSI] sg: remove unnecessary function declarations
[SCSI] sg: use ALIGN macro
[SCSI] sg: remove the own list management for struct sg_fd
dma-debug: warn of unmapping an invalid dma address
remove unused include/asm-generic/dma-mapping.h
[SCSI] sg: fix iovec bugs introduced by the block layer conversion
[SCSI] sg: fix q->queue_lock on scsi_error_handler path

Faisal Latif (2):
RDMA/nes: Remove LLTX
RDMA/nes: Handle MPA Reject message properly

Felipe Balbi (5):
ARM: OMAP: get rid of OMAP_TAG_USB, v2
ARM: OMAP3: MUSB initialization for omap hw, v2
USB: composite: avoid inconsistent lock state
leds: Add gpio-led trigger
leds: introduce lp5521 led driver

Felipe Contreras (1):
omapfb: fix argument of blank operation

Felix Beck (1):
[S390] Add zcrypt section in MAINTAINERS

Felix Blyakher (26):
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://oss.sgi.com/oss/git/xfs/xfs
[XFS] Warn on transaction in flight on read-only remount
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
xfs: Update maintainers
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Revert "[XFS] use scalable vmap API"
Revert "[XFS] remove old vmap cache"
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Fix xfs debug build breakage by pushing xfs_error.h after
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
xfs: increase the maximum number of supported ACL entries
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs
Revert "xfs: increase the maximum number of supported ACL entries"
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux-2.6 into for-linus

Felix Fietkau (1):
ath5k: properly free rx dma descriptors

Fenghua Yu (4):
iwlwifi: dma mapping read and write changes
Intel IOMMU Suspend/Resume Support - DMAR
Intel IOMMU Suspend/Resume Support - Queued Invalidation
Intel IOMMU Suspend/Resume Support - Interrupt Remapping

Flavio Leitner (1):
i2c-piix4: Add support for the Broadcom HT1100 chipset

Florian Fainelli (5):
au1000: reorder functions
pata-rb532-cf: platform_get_irq() fix ignored failure
r6040: Fix second PHY address
Bump release date to 25Mar2009 and version to 0.22
MIPS: Au1000: convert to using gpiolib

Florian Westphal (2):
netfilter: ctnetlink: remove remaining module refcounting
netfilter: remove nf_ct_l4proto_find_get/nf_ct_l4proto_put

Francesco VIRLINZI (5):
sh: clkfwk: add clk_set_parent/clk_get_parent
sh: clkfwk: Add resume from hibernation support.
sh: PMB hibernation support
sh: clkfwk: Safer resume from hibernation.
sh: Sanitize asm/mmu.h for assembly use.

Francois Romieu (1):
tg3: remove extra casting

Frank Blaschka (6):
lcs: convert to net_device_ops
ctcm: convert to net_device_ops
netiucv: convert to net_device_ops
claw: convert to net_device_ops
qeth: add statistics for tx csum
qeth: remove EDDP

Frank Mori Hess (13):
Staging: comedi: add National Instruments infrastructure
Staging: comedi: add ni_labpc drivers
Staging: comedi: add gsc_hpdi driver
Staging: comedi: add das16m1 driver
Staging: comedi: add cb_pcidas64 driver
Staging: comedi: add das1800 driver
Staging: comedi: add das800 driver
Staging: comedi: add ni_at_a2150 driver
Staging: comedi: Added reading of board serial number from eeprom for m-series boards
Staging: comedi: usbduxfast bugfix
Staging: comedi: Fixed minor numbers for subdevice files.
Staging: comedi: Added some validation of comedi module parameter values.
Staging: comedi: fix bug with invalid minor number usage.

Frank Munzert (2):
[S390] Automatic IPL after dump
[S390] Use csum_partial in checksum.h

Frank Seidel (8):
airo: reduce stack memory footprint
iwlwifi: reduce stack size
PCI: add missing KERN_* constants to printks
USB: add missing KERN_* constants to printks
i2c: Add missing KERN_* constants to printks
i2c: Adapt debug macros for KERN_* constants
hwmon: (hdaps) Allow inversion of separate axis
hwmon: (hdaps) Fix Thinkpad X41 axis inversion

Frans Pop (2):
hp-wmi: notify of a potential docking state change on resume
PCI PM: Consistently use variable name "error" for pm call return values

Fred Brooks (1):
Staging: comedi: add ni_daq_700 driver

Frederic Weisbecker (62):
tracing/function-graph-tracer: strip ending newlines on comments
hrtimers: increase clock min delta threshold while interrupt hanging
tracing/ftrace: provide the base infrastructure for histogram tracing
tracing/branch-tracer: adapt to the stat tracing API
tracing/kmemtrace: normalize the raw tracer event to the unified tracing API
tracing/ftrace: fix a memory leak in stat tracing
tracing/ftrace: handle more than one stat file per tracer
tracing/ftrace: separate events tracing and stats tracing engine
tracing: add a new workqueue tracer
tracing/function-graph-tracer: fix a regression while suspend to disk
tracing/function-graph-tracer: various fixes and features
x86: micro-optimize __raw_read_trylock()
connector: create connector workqueue only while needed once
trace: better manage the context info for events
tracing/blktrace: move the tracing file to kernel/trace
tracing/function-graph-tracer: provide a selftest for the function graph tracer
tracing/power: move the power trace headers to a dedicated file
tracing/function-graph-tracer: drop the kernel_text_address check
tracing/function-graph-tracer: handle the leaf functions from trace_pipe
softlockup: ensure the task has been switched out once
tracing/sysprof: add missing tracing_{start,stop}_record_cmdline()
tracing/core: use appropriate waiting on trace_pipe
tracing/core: remove unused parameter in tracing_fill_pipe_page()
tracing/function-graph-tracer: fix traces weirdness while absolute time printing
tracing/function-graph-tracer: provide documentation for the function graph tracer
tracing/function-graph-tracer: make set_graph_function file support ftrace regex
tracing/markers: make markers select tracepoints
tracing/core: introduce per cpu tracing files
tracing/core: make the read callbacks reentrants
tracing/core: make the per cpu trace files in per cpu directories
tracing/function-graph-tracer: use the more lightweight local clock
sched: don't rebalance if attached on NULL domain
vsprintf: unify the format decoding layer for its 3 users
tracing/core: drop the old trace_printk() implementation in favour of trace_bprintk()
vsprintf: fix bug in negative value printing
tracing/core: bring back raw trace_printk for dynamic formats strings
tracing/ftrace: syscall tracing infrastructure, basics
tracing/x86: basic implementation of syscall tracing for x86
tracing/syscalls: support for syscalls tracing on x86
tracing/syscalls: core infrastructure for syscalls tracing, enhancements
tracing/syscalls: fix missing release of tracing
tracing/syscalls: various cleanups
tracing/syscalls: protect thread flag toggling from races
tracing/syscalls: select kallsysms
tracing/core: fix missing mutex unlock on tracing_set_tracer()
tracing/ftrace: fix double calls to tracing_start()
tracing/core: fix early free of cpumasks
tracing/ftrace: fix the check on nopped sites
tracing/ftrace: stop {irqs, preempt}soff tracers when tracing is stopped
tracing/ring-buffer: fix non cpu hotplug case
tracing/ring-buffer: don't annotate rb_cpu_notify with __cpuinit
tracing/function-graph-tracer: prevent hangs during self-tests
tracing: keep the tracing buffer after self-test failure
tracing/events: make the filter files writable
tracing/events: don't use wake up for events
tracing/ftrace: make nop-tracer use polling wait for events on pipe
tracing/events: don't discard an event after commit
debugfs: function to know if debugfs is initialized
tracing/ftrace: check if debugfs is registered before creating files
tracing/function-graph-tracer: fix functions call traces imbalance
tracing/ftrace: fix missing include string.h
tracing/ftrace: alloc the started cpumask for the trace file

Frederik Deweerdt (1):
x86, tlb flush_data: replace per_cpu with an array

Gabor Juhos (20):
ath9k: use signed format to print HAL status
ath9k: convert to struct device
ath9k: convert to use bus-agnostic DMA routines
ath9k: introduce bus specific cache size routine
ath9k: introduce bus specific cleanup routine
ath9k: move PCI code into separate file
ath9k: introduce platform driver for AHB bus support
ath9k: get EEPROM contents from platform data on AHB bus
ath9k: remove (u16) casts from rtc register access
ath9k: fix ar5416Addac_9100 values
ath9k: fix null pointer dereference in ani monitor code
ath9k: enable support for AR9100
ath9k: fix AR_TXCFG_DMASZ_MASK value
ath9k: create a common debugfs_root for all device instances
ath9k: cleanup AR5416 version checking macros
ath9k: move ar9100 version checking macros into a more appropriate place
ath9k: fix AR_SREV_9100_OR_LATER macro
ath9k: fix compile error in ahb.c
ath9k: fix compile error in debug.c
ath9k: always compile ath_radio_{en,dis}able

Gabriel Paubert (1):
powerpc: Disable mv643xx Ethernet port 0 on Pegasos

Gabriele Paoloni (1):
ppp: ppp_mp_explode() redesign

Gautham R Shenoy (11):
sched: Simple helper functions for find_busiest_group()
sched: Fix indentations in find_busiest_group() using gotos
sched: Define structure to store the sched_group statistics for fbg()
sched: Create a helper function to calculate sched_group stats for fbg()
sched: Define structure to store the sched_domain statistics for fbg()
sched: Create a helper function to calculate sched_domain stats for fbg()
sched: Create helper to calculate small_imbalance in fbg()
sched: Create a helper function to calculate imbalance
sched: Optimize the !power_savings_balance during fbg()
sched: Refactor the power savings balance code
sched: Add comments to find_busiest_group() function

Geert Uytterhoeven (23):
netlink: Move netlink attribute parsing support to lib
crypto: compress - Add pcomp interface
crypto: testmgr - Add support for the pcomp interface
crypto: zlib - New zlib crypto module, using pcomp
crypto: testmgr - add zlib test
PCI: Use kzalloc() in pci_create_bus()
m68k: Use dma_addr_t for scatterlist.dma_address
m68k: Restore correct include guards for <asm/unaligned.h>
dnet: drivers/net/dnet.c needs <linux/io.h>
scsi/m68k: Kill NCR_700_detect() warnings
MAINTAINERS: Replace dead link to m68k CVS repository by link to new git repository
m68k: irq_node.handler() should return irqreturn_t
wireless/p54: P54_SPI should depend on GENERIC_HARDIRQS
ide: drivers/ide/ide-atapi.c needs <linux/scatterlist.h>
parisc: rtc: get_rtc_time() returns unsigned int
parisc: rtc: platform_driver_probe() fixups
parisc: rtc: Add missing module alias
parisc: rtc: Rename rtc-parisc to rtc-generic
m68k: Hook up rtc-generic
powerpc: Hook up rtc-generic, and kill rtc-ppc
powerpc/ps3: Add rtc-ps3
V4L/DVB (11392a): Remove reference to obsolete linux-dvb@linuxtv.org
powerpc: Correct dependency of KEXEC

Geoff Levand (2):
powerpc: Add missing DABR flags
powerpc/ps3: Print memory hotplug errors

George G. Davis (1):
[ARM] 5440/1: Fix VFP state corruption due to preemption during VFP exceptions

Gerald Schaefer (1):
[S390] kernel: Disable switch_amode by default

Gerd Hoffmann (5):
KVM: Fix kvmclock on !constant_tsc boxes
preadv/pwritev: create compat_readv()
preadv/pwritev: create compat_writev()
preadv/pwritev: Add preadv and pwritev system calls.
preadv/pwritev: switch compat readv/preadv/writev/pwritev from fget to fget_light

Gerhard Pircher (4):
powerpc/amigaone: Add platform support for AmigaOne
powerpc/amigaone: Generic device tree for all AmigaOne boards
powerpc/amigaone: Bootwrapper and serial console support for AmigaOne
powerpc/amigaone: Default config for AmigaOne boards

Gerrit Renker (6):
dccp: Initialisation framework for feature negotiation
dccp: Implement both feature-local and feature-remote Sequence Window feature
dccp: Initialisation and type-checking of feature sysctls
dccp: Debugging functions for feature negotiation
dccp: Minimise header option overhead in setting the MPS
dccp: Do not let initial option overhead shrink the MPS

Gilles Espinasse (1):
ide: be able to build pmac driver without IDE built-in

Giridhar Malavali (4):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Consolidate queuecommand implementations.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Initialize FCE debugfs codes with the proper vha structure.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct over-allocation of firmware-dump buffer.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Drop use of IRQF_DISABLE.

Giuliano Pochini (4):
powerpc/powermac: Hotplug /sys entries are missing
ALSA: echoaudio: remove line-out volume from vmixer cards
ALSA: echoaudio: remove line-out volume from vmixer cards
ALSA: Echoaudio: add support for Indigo express cards

Giuseppe GORGOGLIONE (1):
USB: musb: fix init oops crash with static FIFO config

Gleb Natapov (2):
KVM: Report IRQ injection status to userspace.
KVM: Report IRQ injection status for MSI delivered interrupts

Gong Jun (2):
hwmon: (w83627ehf) Add support for W83667HG
hwmon: (w83627ehf) Only expose in6 or temp3 on the W83667HG

Graf Yang (2):
net: fix some trailing whitespaces
blackfin: Subtract ANOMALY_05000230 on quot

Graff Yang (1):
[MTD] [CHIPS] cfi_cmdset_0001.c: Fix a bug in inval_cache_and_wait_for_operation().

Grant Erickson (1):
edac: new ppc4xx driver module

Grant Likely (15):
powerpc/5200: Stop using device_type and port-number properties
powerpc/5200: Trim cruft from device trees
powerpc/5200: Don't specify IRQF_SHARED in PSC UART driver
powerpc/5200: Remove pr_debug() from hot paths in irq driver
powerpc/5200: Refactor mpc5200 interrupt controller driver
powerpc/5200: Rework GPT driver to also be an IRQ controller
powerpc/5200: Add support for the Media5200 board from Freescale
powerpc/5200: Add 'simple-bus' to the of_platform probe list.
powerpc/4xx: update ml507 .dts file to release reference design
powerpc/5200: remove sysfs debug file from GPT driver
powerpc/bootwrapper: add fixed-head.o to simpleimage wrappers
powerpc/cpm2: fix building fs_enet driver as a module.
powerpc: Remove unused symbols from fsl_devices.h
net/fec_mpc52xx: fix BUG on missing dma_ops
net/fec_mpc52xx: Don't dereference phy_device if it is NULL

Grazvydas Ignotas (3):
ASoC: Update OMAP3 pandora board file
ARM: OMAP3: mmc-twl4030 add MMC3 support, v2
omap_hsmmc: Fix MMC3 dma

Greg Banks (7):
knfsd: remove the nfsd thread busy histogram
knfsd: avoid overloading the CPU scheduler with enormous load averages
knfsd: add file to export stats about nfsd pools
Dynamic debug: allow simple quoting of words
Dynamic debug: fix pr_fmt() build error
Document /proc/fs/nfsd/pool_stats
Fix a build warning about leaking CONFIG_NFSD to userspace.

Greg Kroah-Hartman (145):
USB: serial: opticon: add write support
USB: serial: opticon: add serial line ioctls
USB: serial: add symbol serial driver
USB: symbolserial: log the ioctl commands
USB: serial: add qualcomm wireless modem driver
USB: make transfer_buffer_lengths in struct urb field u32
USB: make actual_length in struct urb field u32
USB: remove phidget drivers from kernel tree.
USB: serial: rename cp2101 driver to cp210x
PS3: replace bus_id usage
driver core: create a private portion of struct device
driver core: move klist_children into private structure
driver core: move knode_driver into private structure
driver core: move knode_bus into private structure
Staging: slicoss: remove TRUE/FALSE usage
Staging: slicoss: remove jiffies macros
Staging: slicoss: remove DEBUG_REGISTER_TRACE
Staging: slicoss: remove WRITE_REG64 wrapper
Staging: slicoss: remove WRITE_REG wrapper
Staging: slicoss: remove slic_os.h
Staging: slicoss: remove unused #defines
Staging: slicoss: delete slicbuild.h
Staging: slicoss: clean up SLIC_DUMP_ENABLED
Staging: slicoss: remove SLIC_GET_STATS_TIMER_ENABLED
Staging: slicoss: delete slicinc.h
Staging: slicoss: remove SLIC_GET_STATS_ENABLED
Staging: slicoss: add proper KERN_DEBUG to 2 printks
Staging: slicoss: remove SLIC_POWER_MANAGEMENT_ENABLED
Staging: slicoss: remove LINUX_FREES_ADAPTER_RESOURCES
Staging: slicoss: remove SLIC_PING_TIMER_ENABLED
Staging: slicoss: remove VALID_ADDRESS macro
Staging: slicoss: remove DBG_MSG
Staging: slicoss: remove SLIC_ETHTOOL_SUPPORT
Staging: slicoss: remove SLICLEVEL and SLIC_DISPLAY macros
Staging: slicoss: remove DBG_ERROR macro
Staging: slicoss: remove ASSERTMSG macro
Staging: slicoss: delete slicdbg.h
Staging: slicoss: slichw.h cleanup
Staging: sxg: fix build warnings in sxg_ethtool
Staging: sxg: remove firmware files from sgx_ethtool.c
Staging: sxg: fix build warnings in downloadB firmware files
Staging: sxg: fix build warnings in sxg.c
Staging: go7007: fix build error
Staging: rtl8187se: fix \r\n line ends
staging: dst: replace bus_id with dev_set_name
Staging: add aten2011 usb to serial converter driver.
Staging: aten2011: run lindent
Staging: aten2011: move .h files into the driver
Staging: aten2011: remove kernel version dependencies
Staging: aten2011: fix up comments by removing most of them.
Staging: aten2011: remove unneeded defines
Staging: aten2011: remove function prototypes.
Staging: aten2011: fix up sparse warnings
Staging: aten2011: remove unused fields from structures.
Staging: aten2011: clean up init and exit functions
Staging: aten2011: remove paranoia check functions
Staging: aten2011: fix up the set_reg_sync function
Staging: aten2011: fix up the get_reg_sync function
Staging: aten2011: fix up the set_uart_reg function
Staging: aten2011: fix up the get_uart_reg function
Staging: aten2011: delete the Dump_serial_port function
Staging: aten2011: remove wrappers around serial get and put data functions
Staging: aten2011: fix up c++ comments
Staging: aten2011: remove DPRINTK macro
Staging: aten2011: s/FUNCTION/func
Staging: aten2011: fix checkpatch errors and warnings
Staging: phison: fix up checkpatch and other formatting issues
Staging: phison: port code to work properly with latest libata
Staging: phison: add driver to the build system
Staging: comedi: fix bus_id use in jr3_pci driver
Staging: comedi: add c6xdigio driver
Staging: comedi: add new drivers to the kernel build
Staging: comedi: addi-data header file cleanups
Staging: comedi: addi-data: APCI1710_82x54 cleanups
Staging: comedi: fix 64bit build errors
Staging: epl: remove unneeded files
Staging: epl: remove complier macros from global.h
Staging: epl: remove NULL from global.h
Staging: epl: remove PUBLIC definition
Staging: epl: remove _WIN_32_ and _NO_OS_ defines
Staging: epl: remove INLINE mess
Staging: epl: remove KERNEL checks
Staging: epl: unwind rest of _LINUX_ #ifdefs
Staging: epl: remove EplObjDef.h
Staging: epl: remove GENERIC
Staging: epl: remove NEAR
Staging: epl: remove FAR
Staging: epl: remove ROM
Staging: epl: remove MEM
Staging: epl: remove REENTRANT
Staging: epl: remove compiler warning from SharedBuff.c
Staging: epl: remove some unused types
Staging: epl: remove CONST
Staging: epl: delete EdrvFec5282.h
Staging: epl: remove BYTE
Staging: epl: remove QWORD
Staging: epl: remove DWORD
Staging: epl: remove WORD
Staging: epl: fix up some non-ANSI functions
Staging: epl: clean up demo_main.c
Staging: epl: remove kernel version checks
Staging: epl: fix sparse warning in proc_fs.c
Staging: epl: remove EPLDLLEXPORT
Staging: epl: fix up epl/user/*.h files
Staging: epl: fix up epl/kernel/*.h files
Staging: epl: don't check for devfs
Staging: epl: remove pointless highres timer check
Staging: p9auth: fix credential logic
Staging: p9auth: add to the kernel build
Staging: p9auth: remove unneeded header file
Staging: p9auth: fix up codingstyle issues
Staging: p9auth: fix up sparse warnings
Staging: p9auth: use kzalloc
Staging: p9auth: clean up #includes
Staging: heci: remove kcompat.h
Staging: heci: fix checkpatch warnings
Staging: heci: fix some sparse warnings
Staging: heci: add TODO file
Staging: add rt3070 wireless driver
Staging: line6: fix bus_id usage
Staging: line6: add to the build
Staging: line6: remove DEVICE_ATTRIBUTE
Staging: line6: remove PT_REGS
Staging: line6: remove KERNEL_VERSION checks
Staging: line6: static function cleanups
Staging: line6: fix up NULL assignment mistakes
Staging: line6: coding style cleanups for .h files.
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in capture.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in control.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in playback.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in pod.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in audio.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in driver.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in dumprequest.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in midi.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in midibuf.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in pcm.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in toneport.c
Staging: line6: fix checkpatch errors in variax.c
staging: document that the wifi staging drivers a bit better
Staging: add USB serial Quatech driver
Staging: serqt_usb: Lindent the code
Staging: serqt_usb: add TODO file
Staging: serqt_usb: fix checkpatch errors
Staging: serqt_usb: fix build due to proc tty changes

Greg Ungerer (40):
fec: add FEC platform support to ColdFire CPU's setup code
m68knommu: remove ColdFire specific setup code from FEC driver
m68knommu: mark all RAM as ZONE_DMA
m68knommu: add a local dma_sync_single_for_cpu() function
m68k: use the mmu pci.h for m68knommu as well
m68k: swtich non-mmu setups to use the mmu dma-mapping.h
m68k: use the mc146818rtc.h for non-mmu setups as well.
m68k: use mmu kmap_types.h for non-mmu setups as well
m68knommu: remove no longer used mcfpci.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of mmu.h
m68k: use mmu scatterlist.h for non-mmu setups as well
m68k: use mmu fpu.h for non-mmu builds as well
m68k: use mmu timex.h for non-mmu setups as well
m68k: use mmu version of elf.h for non-mmu builds as well
m68k: use non-mmu version of unaligned.h for all m68k
m68k: the one hw_irq.h can be used buy all m68k
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of page_offset.h
m68knommu: mv definition of check_pgt_cache()
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of pgalloc.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of ucontext.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of segment.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of fb.h
m68k: use the mmu version of bootinfo.h for m68knommu as well
m68k: use the mmu version of cache.h for m68knommu as well
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of bug.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of bugs.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of div64.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of current.h
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of mmu_context.h
m68knommu: add missing interrupt line definition for UART 2
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of module.h
m68knommu: introduce basic clk infrastructure
m68k: merge the mmu and non-mmu versions of tlbflush.h
m68knommu: switch to using generic_handle_irq()
m68knommu: fix end of uart table marker
m68knommu: fix 5249 ColdFire UART setup
m68knommu: fix 5249 ColdFire UART vector setup
m68knommu: fix 5307 ColdFire UART vector setup
m68knommu: fix 5407 ColdFire UART vector setup
m68knommu: improve compile arch switch settings

Gregorio Guidi (1):
ALSA: hda - fix headphone settings and master volume (Conexant CX20551)

Gregory Haskins (13):
sched: cleanup inc/dec_rt_tasks
sched: track the next-highest priority on each runqueue
sched: use highest_prio.curr for pull threshold
sched: use highest_prio.next to optimize pull operations
sched: only try to push a task on wakeup if it is migratable
sched: pull only one task during NEWIDLE balancing to limit critical section
sched: make double-lock-balance fair
sched: add sched_class->needs_post_schedule() member
plist: fix PLIST_NODE_INIT to work with debug enabled
sched: create "pushable_tasks" list to limit pushing to one attempt
RT: fix push_rt_task() to handle dequeue_pushable properly
sched: de CPP-ify the scheduler code
sched: fix build error in kernel/sched_rt.c when RT_GROUP_SCHED && !SMP

Grzegorz Bernacki (3):
powerpc/5200: Add support for the digsy MTC board.
powerpc/5200: Add digsy-mtc support to mpc5200_defconfig
powerpc/5200: On the digsy-mtc, configure PSC4 and PSC5 as UARTs

Grzegorz Nosek (1):
cgroups: relax ns_can_attach checks to allow attaching to grandchild cgroups

Guennadi Liakhovetski (23):
i.MX31: framebuffer driver
mxc: first set GPIO level, then switch direction to output
dma: ipu_idmac driver cosmetic clean-up
dma: improve section assignment in i.MX31 IPU DMA driver
dma: i.MX31 IPU DMA robustness improvements
V4L/DVB (10665): soc-camera: add data signal polarity flags to drivers
V4L/DVB (10672): sh_mobile_ceu_camera: include NV* formats into the format list only once.
V4L/DVB (10673): mt9t031: fix gain and hflip controls, register update, and scaling
V4L/DVB (10674): soc-camera: camera host driver for i.MX3x SoCs
V4L/DVB (10675): soc-camera: extend soc_camera_bus_param_compatible with more tests
V4L/DVB (11024): soc-camera: separate S_FMT and S_CROP operations
V4L/DVB (11025): soc-camera: configure drivers with a default format on open
V4L/DVB (11026): sh-mobile-ceu-camera: set field to the value, configured at open()
V4L/DVB (11027): soc-camera: configure drivers with a default format at probe time
dma: Add SoF and EoF debugging to ipu_idmac.c, minor cleanup
leds: allow led-drivers to use a variable range of brightness values
leds: Add dac124s085 driver
V4L/DVB (11323): pxa-camera: simplify the .buf_queue path by merging two loops
V4L/DVB (11325): soc-camera: fix breakage caused by 1fa5ae857bb14f6046205171d98506d8112dd74e
V4L/DVB (11326): mt9m001: fix advertised pixel clock polarity
V4L/DVB (11347): mt9t031: use platform power hook
V4L/DVB (11349): mx3-camera: adapt the clock definition and the driver to the new clock naming
fbdev: i.MX31: fix panning, error handling, clean up

Guillaume Knispel (1):
printk: correct the behavior of printk_timed_ratelimit()

Guo-Fu Tseng (5):
jme: Modifies messages to display correct hardware version
jme: Fix pci sync
jme: Clear all modified GHC register flags
jme: Adding {64,40}bits DMA mask back
jme: Advance version number after previous changes

Gustavo F. Padovan (8):
x86, fixmap: rename __FIXADDR_SIZE and __FIXADDR_BOOT_SIZE
x86, fixmap: define FIXADDR_BOOT_* and redefine FIX_ADDR_SIZE
x86, fixmap: define reserve_top_address for x86_64
x86, fixmap: add CONFIG_X86_{LOCAL,IO}_APIC
x86, fixmap: add CONFIG_EFI
x86, fixmap: prepare fixmap_64.h for unification
x86, fixmap: prepare fixmap_32.h for unification
x86, fixmap: unify fixmap.h