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/ ** 2.6.27-rc9で活躍の日本人!(0名) [[2.6.27-rc9_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.27-rc9のメール List: linux-kernel Subject: Linux 2.6.27-rc9 From: Linus Torvalds Date: 2008-10-06 23:5… - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc8で活躍の日本人!(4名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Atsuo Igarashi]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[Yasuyuki Kozakai]] ~ [[2.6.27-rc8_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.27-rc8のメール List: linux-kernel Su… - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc7で活躍の日本人!(8名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[FUJITA Tomonori]] ~ [[Hidehiro Kawai]] ~ [[Hirofumi Nakagawa]] ~ [[Hiroshi DOYU]] ~ [[Hiroshi Shimamoto]] ~ [[Taisu… - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc6で活躍の日本人!(7名) [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[FUJITA Tomonori]] ~ [[Hisashi Hifumi]] ~ [[KOSAKI Motohiro]] ~ [[Komuro]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[Yoshihiro Shimoda]] ~ [[2.6.27-rc6_… - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc5で活躍の日本人!(6名) [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[FUJITA Tomonori]] ~ [[Hiroshi Miura]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[Takenori Nagano]] ~ [[Tsugikazu Shibata]] ~ [[2.6.27-rc5_shortlog01]] ~ … - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc4で活躍の日本人!(7名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[Nobuhiro Iwamatsu]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[Takashi YOSHII]] ~ [[Yoshihiro Shimoda]] ~ [[Yoshinori Sato]] ~ [[2.6.2… - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.27-rc3で活躍の日本人!(5名) [[Isaku Yamahata]] ~ [[Junio C Hamano]] ~ [[OGAWA Hirofumi]] ~ [[Yoichi Yuasa]] ~ [[Yoshinori Sato]] ~ [[2.6.27-rc3_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.27-rc3のメール List: … - 2008年11月10日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc3で活躍の日本人!(8名) [[FUJITA Tomonori]] ~ [[Hidetoshi Seto]] ~ [[Hiroshi DOYU]] ~ [[Ishizaki Kou]] ~ [[Kenji Kaneshige]] ~ [[KOSAKI Motohiro]] ~ [[Masakazu Mokuno]] ~ [[Takashi … - 2008年09月22日更新


tream' of git:// Merge branch 'fixes' of git:// Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git:// Don't allow splice() to files open… - 2008年10月14日更新


(2): include/linux/stacktrace.h: declare struct task_struct~~ V4L/DVB (8960): drivers/media/video/cafe_ccic.c needs mm.h~~ Andy Whitcroft (1): mm: handle initialising compound pages at orders greater than MAX_ORDER~~ Arnaud Ebalard (1… - 2008年10月14日更新


_to_63.h to include/linux/~~ MN10300: Make sched_clock() report time since boot~~ ARM: Delete ARM's own cnt32_to_63.h~~ David S. Miller (4): sparc64: Fix disappearing PCI devices on e3500.~~ Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kern… - 2008年10月14日更新


t.~~ [MIPS] handle .text.*~~ Ben Dooks (1): spi_s3c24xx: fix section warning~~ Benjamin Li (1): bnx2: Promote vector field in bnx2_irq structure from u16 to unsigned int~~ Bob Stewart (1): sata_inic162x: enable LE… - 2008年10月14日更新

2.6.27-rc6_shortlog01 into release-2.6.27~~ Merge branch 'wan' into release-2.6.27~~ Don't trigger softlockup detector on network fs blocked tasks~~ ACPI: Make Len Brown the ACPI maintainer again~~ Merge branches 'smbu… - 2008年10月14日更新


[MIPS] Ignore generated files~~ [WATCHDOG] Add support for the built-int RDC R-321x SoC watchdog~~ [WATCHDOG] Add support for the IDT RC32434 watchdog~~ Francois Romieu (1): r8169: balance pci_map / pci_unmap pair~~ Fra… - 2008年10月14日更新

2.6.27-rc4_shortlog01 into for-rmk~~ Merge into for-rmk~~ [ARM] CATS: Do not try and map bad PCI IRQ numbers~~ [ARM] S3C24XX: Fix section mismatch for s3c_loo… - 2008年10月14日更新


: add a new include/linux/swab.h to define byteswapping functions~~ byteorder: add include/linux/byteorder.h to define endian helpers~~ Heiko Carstens (1): cpu hotplug: s390 doesn't support additional_cpus anymore.~~ Huang Weiyi (3): m… - 2008年10月14日更新


kbuild: scripts/ver_linux: don't set PATH~~ sh: fix LIBGCC~~ sh/boards/Makefile typo fix~~ remove unneeded #include 's~~ ide: remove CONFIG_IDE_MAX_HWIFS~~ Adrian McMenamin (3): sh/maple: clean maple bus code~~ maple: … - 2008年10月14日更新


GI console drivers (linux-next tree)~~ Taku Izumi (3): e1000e: make ioport free~~ igb: make ioport free~~ e1000: make ioport free~~ Tan, Li (1): KVM: Support mixed endian machines~~ Tejun Heo (8): printk: clean up recursio… - 2008年10月14日更新


tracehook: add linux/tracehook.h~~ tracehook: exec~~ tracehook: unexport ptrace_notify~~ tracehook: exit~~ tracehook: clone~~ tracehook: vfork-done~~ tracehook: release_task~~ tracehook: tracehook_tracer_task… - 2008年10月14日更新


Merge branch 'linux-2.6' into powerpc-next~~ [POWERPC] Defer processing of interrupts when the CPU wakes from sleep mode~~ Merge branch 'merge' into powerpc-next~~ Merge branch 'merge'~~ powerpc: Remove arch/ppc and include/a… - 2008年10月14日更新

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