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[ARM] Orion: use linux/serial_reg.h for Orion uncompress.h~~ [ARM] Orion: nuke orion5x_{read,write}~~ [ARM] add Marvell Loki (88RC8480) SoC support~~ [ARM] Loki: add defconfig~~ [ARM] Feroceon: L2 cache support~~ [ARM] Fer… - 2008年10月14日更新


GI console drivers (linux-next tree)~~ Jaime Velasco Juan (1): V4L/DVB (8491): stkwebcam: Always reuse last queued buffer~~ James Bottomley (3): [SCSI] make use of the residue value~~ [SCSI] fix locking in host use of blk_plug_device()… - 2008年10月14日更新


ude~~ include/linux/aio.h: removed duplicated include~~ drivers/video/fbmem.c: removed duplicated include~~ powerpc: Removed duplicated include in stacktrace.c~~ Huang Ying (2): kexec jump~~ kexec jump: save/restore device s… - 2008年10月14日更新


0612a' of git:// Merge branch 'davem-next' of Merge branch 'master' of Merge branch 'master' of master… - 2008年10月14日更新


iostat.h to include/linux~~ NFS: Allow any value for the "retry" option~~ NFS: Treat "intr" and "nointr" options as deprecated~~ NFS: missing newline in NFS mount debugging message~~ NFS: Use common device name parsing logic for NF… - 2008年10月14日更新


ers~~ include/linux/mmc/mmc.h: remove CVS tags~~ remove BLK_DEV_HD_ONLY~~ ide/legacy/hd.c: use late_initcall()~~ move ide/legacy/hd.c to drivers/block/~~ update the BLK_DEV_HD help text~~ hd.c: remove the #include ~~ … - 2008年10月14日更新


et/ipv4/tcp.c needs linux/scatterlist.h~~ Andrey Vagin: ipv6: fix race between ipv6_del_addr and DAD timer~~ andrey @ libertas: support USB persistence on suspend/resume (resend)~~ Anthony Liguori: x86: KVM guest: Add mem… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26で活躍の日本人!(1名) [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[2.6.26_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.26のメール List: linux-kernel Subject: Linux 2.6.26 From: Linus Torvalds Date: 2008-07-13 22:44:18 So… - 2008年10月13日更新


_RR~~ include/linux/netdevice.h: don't export MAX_HEADER to userspace~~ Akinobu Mita: add kernel-doc for simple_read_from_buffer and memory_read_from_buffer~~ Al Viro: fix cgroup-inflicted breakage in block_dev.c~~ [netdrvr] netx… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc9で活躍の日本人!(6名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[Hiroshi Shimamoto]] ~ [[Komuro]] ~ [[TAKADA Yoshihito]] ~ [[YOSHIFUJI Hideaki]] ~ [[2.6.26-rc9_shortlog01]] ~ *… - 2008年10月13日更新

2.6.26-rc8_shortlog01 Merge git:// Merge branch 'release' of git:// Merge branch 'for_linus' of git:// Fix perform… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc8で活躍の日本人!(3名) [[Isaku Yamahata]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[YOSHIFUJI Hideaki]] ~ [[2.6.26-rc8_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.26-rc8のメール List: linux-kernel Subject: Linux 2… - 2008年10月13日更新


MN10300: Kill linux/a.out.h inclusions~~ David S. Miller: Merge branch 'master' of git:// Merge branch 'net-2.6-misc-20080611a' of git:// Merge b… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc7で活躍の日本人!(6名) [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[kosaki.motohiro>KOSAKI Motohiro]] ~ [[Masami Hiramatsu]] ~ [[OGAWA Hirofumi]] ~ [[Yoichi Yuasa]] ~ [[YOSHIFUJI Hideaki]] ~ [[2.6… - 2008年10月13日更新


xes~~ include/linux/ssb/ssb_driver_gige.h typo fix~~ ide: remove the ide_etrax100 chipset type~~ MAINTAINERS: remove SIS 5513 IDE entry~~ ide: export ide_doubler~~ fix BLK_DEV_HD_ONLY on ARM dependencies~~ add missing l… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc6で活躍の日本人!(7名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Akio Idehara]] ~ [[CHIKAMA masaki]] ~ [[Nobuhiro Iwamatsu]] ~ [[Yoichi Yuasa]] ~ [[Yoshihiro Shimoda]] ~ [[Yusuke.Goda]] ~ [[2.6.26-rc… - 2008年10月13日更新


pi.h should include linux/interrupts.h~~ Antonio Ospite: Input: pxa27x_keypad - miscellaneous fixes~~ Arjan van de Ven: bluetooth: fix locking bug in the rfcomm socket cleanup handling~~ Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo: llc: Fix double accou… - 2008年10月13日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc4で活躍の日本人!(8名) [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[Kazunori MIYAZAWA]] ~ [[Komuro]] ~ [[Masakazu Mokuno]] ~ [[Masatake YAMATO]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[YOSHIFUJI Hideaki]] ~ [[Yoshihiro… - 2008年10月12日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc5で活躍の日本人!(3名) [[Kenji Kaneshige]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[YOSHIFUJI Hideaki]] ~ [[2.6.26-rc5_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.26-rc5のメール List: linux-kernel Subject: Linux … - 2008年10月13日更新


[XFS] Include linux/random.h in all builds, not just debug builds.~~ [XFS] Fix fsync() b0rkage.~~ [XFS] Don't allow memory reclaim to wait on the filesystem in inode~~ [XFS] Fix inode list allocation size in writeback.~~ David Gib… - 2008年10月12日更新

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