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/ ** 2.6.26-rc2で活躍の日本人!(4名) [[OGAWA Hirofumi]] ~ [[Satoru SATOH]] ~ [[Takashi Iwai]] ~ [[Tetsuo Handa]] ~ [[2.6.26-rc2_shortlog01]] ~ ** 2.6.26-rc2のメール Subject: Linux 2.6.26-rc2 … - 2008年09月22日更新


't directly include linux/byteorder/generic.h~~ Heiko Carstens: memory hotplug: memmap_init_zone called twice~~ memory_hotplug: always initialize pageblock bitmap~~ [S390] sparsemem vmemmap: initialize memmap.~~ [S390] smp: __smp_… - 2008年10月12日更新


r' of /.../torvalds/linux-2.6~~ [CIFS] Fixed build warning in is_ip~~ Ilpo Jarvinen: tcp FRTO: SACK variant is errorneously used with NewReno~~ Ingo Molnar: uml: fix gcc problem~~ x86: es7000 build fix~~ sysfs: build fix~~ … - 2008年10月12日更新


/ ** 2.6.26-rc1で活躍の日本人!(29名) [[Akinobu Mita]] ~ [[Akira Iguchi]] ~ [[Atsushi Nemoto]] ~ [[Dai Haruki]] ~ [[FUJITA Tomonori]] ~ [[Hidetoshi Seto]] ~ [[Hirofumi Nakagawa]] ~ [[Hiroshi Shi… - 2008年10月12日更新


booting u-boot and linux on uart 1~~ Blackfin Serial Driver: fix bug - use mod_timer to replace only add_timer.~~ Fix bug - Implement bfin ata interrupt handler to avoid "irq 68 nobody cared" (v2)~~ Sreenivasa Honnur: S2io: Multiqueue … - 2008年10月12日更新


e now located under linux/usb/.~~ [MTD] cmdlinepart: Missing partition info is not an error~~ USB: add Cypress c67x00 low level interface code~~ USB: add Cypress c67x00 OTG controller core driver~~ USB: add Cypress c67x00 OTG contr… - 2008年10月12日更新


RPC] Add include of linux/of.h to numa.c~~ [POWERPC] Add include of linux/of.h to os-area.c~~ [POWERPC] Discourage people from fiddling with kernel data from prom_init~~ [POWERPC] Use of_get_next_parent() in platforms/cell/axon_msi.c~~ … - 2008年10月12日更新


hutemov: Make linux/wireless.h be able to compile~~ Klaus D. Wacker: lcs: CCL-sequ. numbers required for protocol 802.2 only.~~ Konrad Rzeszutek: Firmware: add iSCSI iBFT Support~~ Konstantin Baydarov: ipmi: don't grab locks in … - 2008年10月12日更新


ex.h should include linux/uaccess.h~~ Jeff Garzik: [SCSI] gdth: PCI probe cleanups, prep for PCI hotplug API conversion~~ [SCSI] gdth: convert to PCI hotplug API~~ [netdrvr] tulip/winbond-840: don't let tulip.h symbol stomp ours~~ … - 2008年10月12日更新


headers and include/linux/serial_reg.~~ [Blackfin] arch: add Blackfin on-chip SIR IrDA driver support~~ [Blackfin] arch: fix bug - before assign new channel to the map register, need clear the bits first.~~ Blackfin Serial Driver: Enable… - 2008年10月12日更新

2.6.26-rc1_shortlog06 [JFFS2] Fix sparse warning in nodemgmt.c~~ [JFFS2] fix sparse warnings in gc.c~~ [MTD] [JEDEC] Fix whitespace noise in chip table~~ [JFFS2] semaphore->mutex conversion~~ [MTD] [NAND] Fix che… - 2008年10月12日更新


ta.idt section in script~~ thinkpad_acpi: fix possible NULL pointer dereference if kstrdup failed~~ ELF: Use EI_NIDENT instead of numeric value~~ BINFMT: fill_elf_header cleanup - use straight memset first~~ Cedric Augonnet:… - 2008年10月12日更新


IOS: remove include/linux/pnpbios.h~~ Simplify initcall_debug output~~ parport_pc: wrap PNP probe code in #ifdef CONFIG_PNP~~ tpm: change Kconfig dependencies from PNPACPI to PNP~~ Bjorn Steinbrink: x86, pci: fix off-by-one errors… - 2008年10月12日更新


[[FrontPage]] > [[kernel]] > [[2.6.26-rc1]] > [[2.6.26-rc1_shortlog03]] Andy Fleming: gianfar: Only process completed frames~~ gianfar: Fix Rx/Tx HW interrupt coalescing counter reset procedure.~~ phy: Change mii_bus id field t… - 2008年10月12日更新


[[FrontPage]] > [[kernel]] > [[2.6.26-rc1]] > [[2.6.26-rc1_shortlog02]] Alasdair G Kergon: dm io: rename error to error_bits~~ dm log: move register functions~~ dm: expose macros~~ dm kcopyd: rename~~ dm: move inclu… - 2008年10月12日更新


[ISDN] include/linux/isdn.h: remove dead code~~ [SCSI] st: rename flush_write_buffer()~~ [SCSI] sun3_scsi_vme: add MODULE_LICENSE~~ [POWERPC] Add MODULE_LICENSE to powerpc/sysdev/rtc_cmos_setup.c~~ make netxen_workq static~~ … - 2008年10月12日更新

2.6.25_shortlog01 ~~ Merge git:// ~~ Fix locking bug in "acquire_console_semaphore_for_printk()" ~~ Merge git:// ~~ Merge git://git.kernel.o… - 2008年09月12日更新

Hiroshi Miura

//;a=commitdiff;h=f8033827d8e92db6159d34ed45c608522674ecd8]]| |Hiroshi Miura|2006/10/18 12:59:33|[[ [CPUFREQ] Fix speedstep-smi CPU detection to not run on Pentium 4.>… - 2008年09月30日更新

Takashi Yamamoto

//;a=commitdiff;h=23afcb4e0061c591776a3350db89512d085397c2]]| |Takashi Yamamoto|2008/ 2/ 9 09:52:41|[[ [POWERPC] PS3: Fix reading pm interval in logical performance monitor>… - 2008年09月22日更新

Isaku Yamahata

an株式会社 yamahata @ **ブログ/ホームページ等 * 関連patch |~commiter|~投稿日|~patch| |Isaku Yamahata|2008/ 7/ 8 15:06:32|[[ xen: add xen_arch_resume()/xen_timer_resume hook for ia64 support>… - 2008年09月22日更新

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