How to File type

.vmd : Motion data for all versions of "MikuMikuDance", "RinRinDance".
(When the model is different, only the motion of the same name bone is read.)
MikuMikuDance is started, and "load motion data" from the file menu.
Ver.3 user. After the model such as "Hatune Miku" is read, it does.

.mmd : Motion data for version 1 or 2 of "MikuMikuDance".
MikuMikuDance2.02 is started, and "open" from the file menu.
However, it doesn't open it when not is at the position in which "Accessories used in data" was specified.

.pmm : Motion data for the following ver.3 of "MikuMikuDance".
MikuMikuDance(Multi-Model Edition) is started, and "open" from the file menu.
However, it doesn't open it when not is at the position in which "Accessories used in data" was specified.
The file selection dialog comes out when there are no accessories.

Convert of mmd -> vmd

Please do the following procedures if the file that you have is mmd file.
Convert of mmd

How to use.

1. Please start Blender, and open Miku.blend.
2. It is confirmed that it is such a screen.

3. Armature (bone) is not displayed, please pushing layer 5 while pushing Shift Key.

4. To read the motion from VMD, Armature is selected.
To read the expression, Mesh of the face is selected.
To read Lamp, Lamp is selected.
To read Camera, Camera is selected.
It is also possible to select plurals and to read by one degree.
(The person who doesn't understand Blender well, It is good if becoming a pink color as follows pushing the [A] key several times on the screen.)
Blender is selected by right-clicking in default. Plurals can be selected by Shift + right-clicking.

5. The script window is opened, and Script→Import→VMDImporter is selected . Please read the vmd file.

6. Please wait until the file selection window disappears (Until reading is completed).

7. When everything is read here, and the screen of 3D view collapses greatly,
the possibility that reading the motion of the camera did not go well is high.
Please see the setting of the camera.

8. ButtonWindow is opened, and the number of frames is set when completing it.
"*" part of the image shows a present frame, and the final frame after reading.
After it is input to End of the Anim setting, a present frame in * part is adjusted to 1.

9. Operation by 3D left view. [Alt] key and [a] key is pushed. And, it stops with the [Esc] key.

10. Miku.blender is saved.

The necessary one
・Latest Blender and Nifscripts

The convenient one
・Blender2.41, Nifscripts1.5.7, kfextractor

How to use.
11. The file preserved by Miku.blender of part10 is opened with latest Blender.
The range of the frame is specified.
Scene Root (Skeleton of Oblivion) is selected and Bake Constraints is done.

This will take considerable time by processing.
Half a day passed when 4000 frames were processed.

It is likely to crash when Copy Location and Copy Rotation are done in Bake at the same time.
In this case, Copy Location of Bip01.NonAccum is removed.
And, only Location independently does Bake.
After that, you may make the IPO curve a copy paste.

12. The key frame is thinned out. The motion is corrected. Export

It reverses while the right and left of the movement of the neck is playing a game. The cause is uncertain.
If the motion is made from the tail none Skeleton, the movement of the tail becomes amusing.
Please make it from skeleton with the tail.

English Version MMD User Documents

Dance motions


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i get an error when i try to run the script VMDimport. it say TypeError: the function takes exactly 1 argument (3given). what can i do?

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