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別綴base line

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  • descenderを除いた文字の底部がその上に接する仮想の水平線。【同】writing line, z-line, zee-line, reading line
  • The imaginary horizontal guideline on which the bottom of a letter without the descender optically ranges.
    [NOTE] IIn most typefaces, the descender on a letter extends down below the baseline while a curved or pointed letter extends ever-so-slightly below the baseline. [REF] overshoot

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Typeface: Adobe Garamond Pro Regular

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The baseline is the imaginary rule where lines of text sit.
Glossary of fonts terminology, typographic terms, typefaces | design : talkboard
The invisible line where letters sit.
Typedia: Learn: Anatomy of a Typeface
A horizontal guideline indicating where the bottoms of characters without descenders appear to align. Often referred to in an imaginary sense. When more than one typeface is set, all characters usually appear to have the same baseline.
Font Glossary -
A line on which letters are said to sit; usual for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, but optional for other scripts; e.g., Hebrew or Devanagari, which instead hang from a headline.
Type Directors Club : Views : Type Dictionary
The imaginary line upon which text rests. Descenders extend below the baseline. Also known as the "reading line." The line along which the bases of all capital letters (and most lowercase letters) are positioned.
Typography Terms - Proxima software
The imaginary line on which the letters of a font sit.
ParaType help & info - Font Terminology Glossary
The line on which letterforms rest. (Round letters like "e" and "o" normally dent it, pointed letters like "v" and "w" normally pierce it, and letters with foot serifs like "h" and "l" usually rest precisely upon it.)
In typography, an invisible horizontal line on which the feet of all the characters on a line of type is set, used for proper alignment of type. See Alignment. Also known as a z-line.
PrintWiki - the Free Encyclopedia of Print
The virtual line on which the text characters are set, not including the ascenders and descenders of the characters.
Glossary of Printing Terms -
In typography, the baseline is the imaginary line upon which a line of text rests. In most typefaces, the descenders on characters such as g or p extend down below the baseline while curved letters such as c or o extend ever-so-slightly below the baseline. The baseline is the point from which other elements of type are measured including x-height and leading. The baseline is also significant in the alignment of drop caps and other page elements.
Typeface Anatomy Basics - Explore Parts of Letters
The imaginary line upon which the letters in a font appear to rest.
Typeface Anatomy and Glossary | FontShop
The Typographer’s Glossary | FontShop【PDF】(図解あり)
The invisible line where letters sit.
Typedia: Learn: Anatomy of a Typeface
The line on which letterforms rest. (Round letters like “e” and “o” often overlap it, as do pointed letters like “v” and “w”, while letters with foot serifs like “h” and “l” rest on it.)
Foam Train fonts
The imaginary horizontal line along which characters appear to sit (or align).
Linotype Support - Font Glossary
The horizontal on which the letters of the alphabet optically range and below which the descenders fall.
Eckersley, Richard. Ellerston, Charles M. Hendel, Richard. Pascal, Naomi B. Scott, Anita Walker. Glossary of Typesetting Terms. The University of Chicago Press, 1995, 184p. (p.9)
Imaginary line on which letters sit.
Baines, Phil. Haslam, Andrew. Type & Typography (second edition). Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005, 224p. (p.206)
The invisible line on which the flat part of characters sit.
Strizver, Ilene. Type Rules!: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,, 2010, 272p. (p.46)
The line on which the x-height rests.
Blackwell, Lewis. 20th Century Type Remix. Gingko Press Inc., 1998, 192p. (p.164)
The writing line on which the main body of the letter sits.
Harris, David. The Art Of Calligraphy. Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2005, 128p. (p.122)
Whether written by hand or set into type, the Latin lowercase alphabet implies an invisible staff consisting of at least four lines: topline, midline, baseline and beardline. The topline is the line reached by ascenders in letters like b, d, h, k, l. The midline marks the top of letters like a, c, e, m, x, and the top of the torso of letters like b, d, h. The baseline is the line on which all these letters rest. The beardline is the line reached by descenders in letters like p and q. The cap line, marking the top of uppercase letters like H, does not necessarily coincide with the topline of the lower case.
Round letters like e and o normally dent the baseline. Pointed letters like v and w normally pierce it, while the foot serifs of letters like h and m usually rest precisely upon it.
Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements Of Typographic Style: Version 3.0. Hartley & Marks, 2004, 384p. (p.322)
Baseline or zee-line is the level of the feet of H and x.
Tracy, Walter. Letters of Credit: A View of Type Design. David R Godine Pub, 2003, 224p. (p.13)
Writing line, real or imagined, on which the body of the letter sits.
Folsom, Rose. The Calligraphers' Dictionary. Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1990, 144p. (p.16)
The imaginary line defining the visual base of letterforms.
Kane, John. A Type Primer. Laurence King Publishing, 2002, 208p. (p.50)
A Type Primer p.50の書影【Google Books】(図解あり)
The horizontal, imaginary line that indicates the ‘resting’ line of the characters in the typeface. The baseline is typically at y = 0.
Stuart, Henrik. Compositional Typeface Specification. 2006【PDF】
imaginary line upon which all characters sit
Type Terminology |図解あり)
An imaginary line where the bottoms of characters without DESCENDERS sit, or align.
Glossary of Terms | Font Factory(図解あり)

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