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語義 definitions

  1. 《筆法》(文字の)一画;(ペン・鉛筆・筆などの)ひと筆、運筆、筆法
  2. 《筆画》(一般的に)文字の基本的な形を決める直線や曲線。
  3. 《筆画》=stem 3, main stroke
  4. 《筆画》stemに該当する筆画の次に主要な斜画。
  5. 《符号》斜線『/』(U+002F)、『/』(U+FF0F)【同】oblique, slash, virgule?(同義語の詳細はslashを参照)
  1. A single mark or motion of the writing implement.
  2. (generally) Any straight or curved line that defines the basic letterform.
  3. =stem 3, main stroke
  4. The main diagonal portion of a letterform that is secondary to the stem(s).
  5. 『/』(U+002F)、『/』(U+FF0F)(for details to slash)

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語義3 definition 3
stem 3

語義4 definition 4

Typeface: Adobe Garamond Pro Regular

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語義1 definition 1
Any single linear element in a character.
Font Glossary -
Any part of a letter that is ordinarily made in a single movement of the pen.
Foam Train fonts
A single mark or motion of the writing implement. When applied to type or built-up lettering, the term is more metaphorical.
Willen, Bruce. Strals, Nolen. Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces. Princeton Architectural Press, 2009, 144p. (p.127)
Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefacesp.30の書影【Google Books】(図解あり)
2) Any component of a letter written between pen lifts.
Folsom, Rose. The Calligraphers' Dictionary. Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1990, 144p. (p.117)
語義2 definition 2
Any line that defines the basic letterform.
Kane, John. A Type Primer. Laurence King Publishing, 2002, 208p. (p.50)
A Type Primer p.50の書影【Google Books】(図解あり)
A straight or curved line.
Anatomy of a Character -図解あり)
Strizver, Ilene. Type Rules!: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,, 2010, 272p. (p.46)(図解あり)
In typography, the primary line or curve making up a letter or othger character.
PrintWiki - the Free Encyclopedia of Print
The line or lines forming a character of a typeface.
Glossary of Printing Terms -
Any large part of a letter. Though serifs are built or written as part of a stroke, they are usually considered to be too small and optional to be considered full strokes.
Type Directors Club : Views : Type Dictionary
Smallest separate element of a character. Stems and arms, for example, could be referred to as strokes. Derived from the term for a mark made by a writing instrument, usually a pen or brush.
Linotype Support - Font Glossary(図解あり)
main portion of a character
Type Terminology |
The principal line within a character.
Blackwell, Lewis. 20th Century Type Remix. Gingko Press Inc., 1998, 192p. (p.165)
The term stroke is applicable to any straight or curved line used to define a major structural portion of a letter. The diagonal line in the middle of the uppercase N is a stroke.
Take Flight Graphics. Line & Curve. Issue No.1, Volume 1, March 17, 1999【PDF】
Any straight or curved line that has been penned or painted.
Harris, David. The Art Of Calligraphy. Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2005, 128p. (p.123)
1) Any written line in any direction, curved or straight.
Folsom, Rose. The Calligraphers' Dictionary. Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1990, 144p. (p.117)
語義3 definition 3
Font Anatomy(フォント用語集)の壁紙。 » Wallpaper : Font Anatomy
Font Anatomy Wallpaper【JPG】(図解あり)
See Main stroke; Stem
Eckersley, Richard. Ellerston, Charles M. Hendel, Richard. Pascal, Naomi B. Scott, Anita Walker. Glossary of Typesetting Terms. The University of Chicago Press, 1995, 184p. (p.99)
語義4 definition 4
The main diagonal portion of a letterform such as in N, M, or Y is the stroke. The stroke is secondary to the main stem(s). Some letterforms with two diagonals, such as A or V have a stem (the primary vertical or near-vertical stroke) and a stroke (the main diagonal).
Other letter parts such as bars, arms, stems, and bowls are collectively referred to as the strokes that make up a letterform.
Typeface Anatomy Basics - Explore Parts of Letters(図解あり)
語義5 definition 5
A punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information.
A line which may be expanded in width; or the width of the linear elements that compose characters.
ParaType help & info - Font Terminology Glossary

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