Hack For Mu 97D
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Hack For Mu 97D

No more skills learning at level one, using the shadow bug - Hot Added advanced messages system.. Hot Game Masters can move using move Added a check if the player will exceed the maximum amount of zen (2000000000) when selling, being rewarded in event or when picking up zen).. Versao Antigua Remastered 97D 99i Compatibilidade Windows XP 32Bits X Windows 7 Mirror TeamGameHacks - Metrominimalist - Powered by Blogger - Designed by Johanes Djogan - TeamGameHacks.. 2 Changelog tracemarry tweaked to work with MoveSystem dat Beta 34 1 Changelog Fixed tracemarry cooldown Quest system credits reward option added.. Fixed the expiration date automated the demotion process without the need of re-logging Added ability to make the vip system to work per account as well as per character - Hot Added advanced anti-afk system with ability to create safe zones per mapcoords - Hot Fixed map system file reading structure Added additional security checks to the npc talk protocol Added setlevel setzen commands Attempt to finally fix the crash on some server machines when checksum is enabled Beta 32 Changelog Brand new VIP System - Hot Advanced npc buffers configuration file (ability to add them on different maps, change npcs ids, ability to limit them to vips only, minmax level, resets, grand resets) - Hot Added ability to enabledisable questinfo command Added ability to change how blood castle award players (all party players or just the player who completes the quest) All player commands now works with the brand new vip system.. Characters that are chatting but not moving will no longer be considered as afk Implemented a brand new vault dupe protection - Hot Added tracemarry blocked maps option Added tracemarry cooldown option Added ability to control with how many excellent options the excellent items drops - Hot Replaced bor teams connectserver with webzens one patched it to work correctly on new operation systems.. No more false antivirus alerts due to connectserver being packed (base package only) Added starting level up points and zen options for newly created characters - Hot Fixed quest system first quest being ignored Fixed a bug where Sky event, Reset Grand Reset commands would not add credits if the account is missing from MEMBCREDITS table Implemented a new, experimental trade dupe protection - Hot Beta 33.. You can finally translate all custom commandeventsystem messages - Hot Brand new, never seen before event - Lucky Jewels - Hot Added advanced exp system with ability to set different bonus exp on every map.. You can now make some warps available only for vips - Hot Added a charinfo command that will show players current resets, grand resets, marriage info vip status expiration time Added a level up effect to buyvip command Quest id variable removed from the quest system.. Youll have to update your Quests file by adding an extra 0 at the end of each quest, or use the one provided with the package Beta 34 Changelog NPC buffers should no longer start moving after some time Fixed anti afk punishment type (0 warp, 1 disconnect) Added the missing ZenFormula option to the pkclear command Blocked all invalidbad skins pets by default Added database for sql 2005 and up to the main package odbc for win x64 (base package only) Improved anti afk system.. Hack For Mu 97D Update Your ResetHack For Mu 97D Update Your ResetYoull have to update your Reset GrandResetSystem.. ini which were forgotten in the previous beta Beta 33 Changelog - Gold edition Fixed disabling trade not working Completely reworked move system.. Who knew that i am working the inside Just make sure i dont hurt those that i find hold some place in my cold cold heart.. 1 Changelog Fixed news system sending the default messages in some cases Fixed npc system minmax level usage Applied some fixes to the reset system Upgraded the grand reset command to advanced grand reset system Removed the unused options from Commands.. Advanced map system with safe zones Yes, you can finally create non pvp, pk free zones.. 3 Changelog Fixed reset command check for empty inventory Attempt to fix monster attribute error on start up when npc buffers are enabled Beta 34.. You can finally control monsters zen drop - Exclusive Experimental syn flood protection - Hot Fixed buy sell commands color 3 Added advanced reset system with ability to set different requirements per classvipresets, different rewards per classvipresets - Hot Fixed a bug where Sky event wasnt randomizing the excellent options when rewarding players Some additional corrections to the gm system.. dat files by adding an extra 0 at the end of each line, or use the ones provided with the package Beta 34.. In addition, you can make zones with extra exp - Hot VIP system improved with performance in mind Added advanced zen drop system.. New, experimental party zen bug fix, including in devil square Improved shadow bug detection. 773a7aa168 帥潟若帥帥ゃ若若純с,Anurag I21 CrackZip鴻若









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