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Country USA year 2020 cast Judah Lewis, Jenna Ortega 1 h 41 m &ref(,0,128,190_AL_.jpg) resume The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a movie starring Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, and Jenna Ortega. Two years after Cole survived a satanic blood cult, he's living another nightmare: high school. And the demons from his past? Still
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Its crazy the Jesus BOTS are taking over. Max is the best caracter in this movie, i love how teach cole and he is so proud of him.
But this looks good and everyone saying it looks bad. I love when it when sonya burned the boy and said 'silence rapist. Yes its back I loved the first one.


I had no idea there was a sequel:o. Its said to see this and then realized she just turned on him. Im In this movie in the hallway scene a extra played a rebel it was dope watching it all come together some day Ill be next an become a regular or co star ? #Thebabysitter2. The dude without a shirt was my favourite character at the end whe he dies hes not even mad hes just pumped because cole lost his virginity.
The Babysitter: Killer Queen is such a great movie, one of my favourite movies if I'm being honest! Oh, and Max is a literal god. ?. I only watched this to see Jenna Ortega. 1: the babysitter 2: the babysitter 2 killer queen 3: the babysitter 3 love of my life 4: the babysitter 4 another one bites the dust 5: the babysitter 5 I want it all 6: the babysitter 6 the show must go on 7: the babysitter 7 keep yourself alive.

Trixie: She's never heard a joke it's her first one??

The first movie I thought was clever and I enjoyed it. It wasn't great, but I enjoyed it. This movie is just the pits. The story was written horribly and many parts didn't make sense. It was like a bunch of ideas thrown into a hat and pieced together to try to make it work. Too many implausible and cringeworthy situations, too many forced jokes. Phoebe's introduction in class for instance, just silly. Or her taking off on a jet ski in the middle of the day and then she just so happens to show up on the boat in the middle of the night looking for gas? I had to check the run time a couple times because I was looking forward for it to just end. The whole thing is just so poorly done.

Leurs états de santé. Is it mess up that I was sad when Max died. You f!cking STUD Cole. I'm not even mad Bro. He was so much fun to watch. Ngl I didnt expect Melanie to be with the cult Who wouldve thought that bee did have a heart? when I saw the first the movie i thought bee was evil and trust me she is But when i saw what she did to save phoebe and cole And when we see her flashback. That made realize that she wasnt evil or didnt wanted to do this. She only made a deal with devil to save phoebe life and she in return she would always protect her. The fact she organstrate this from the start, that either genius or really evil, but I knew she didnt to end the devil cycle. for now until we we possibly get a third movie I love bee the look she gave to Melanie. It the look that said: “dont mess the queen bee bitch”.
He is so cute and handsome. Why does this feel so different from the first? It's like they did a "Scary Movie" version. It's just full on nonsense. I love how ding dong got fully incorporated into their vocabulary. 1:00 there's John. The first movie was so much better. Dynamite with a laser beam. That betrayal made me despise this whole movie. Max is the funniest: 1 and 2. There's 2 Killer Queens in this video: 1. The Song 2. Bee. Honestly I thought this movie was pretty good I still liked the first one more but this one is still good however they definitely shouldve did better with Melanies character but I do like how cole got wit the other girl in the end.
Katya: i wanna be the girl throwing the bucket of blood me: living Katya's dream throwing fake blood on sets at peolpe for hours. What I saw from the movie was really good comedy, a original plot. with really good plot twists.
I think this movie has a good comedy but the plot can be slightly worse than the original one, it depends of who saw it. i recommend this movie for everyone that watched the original one. The 2 actors have aged a lot between the 2 films. Especially Emily Alyn Lind, so she was only 16-18 when the second movie was shot. I want a whole movie just about bees life. We need more behind the scenes. I'm betting now that, that blond at the beginning is in fact the girl from the first film just with a different face trying to draw him back in to everything.

The 5 older ones can stay but I am kinda glad that melanie is dead

Ive been waiting 2 years for this and it looks like worth the wait.









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