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Duration - 1 hour, 34 Minute / &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg) / release date - 2020 / Directed by - Jeff Orlowski / Tomatometers - 8,2 / 10 / Story - The Social Dilemma is a movie starring Tristan Harris, Jeff Seibert, and Bailey Richardson. Explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations
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My first attempt to watch a documentary came with something which is very disturbing yet very very important.
Social media has become part of everyone's life and we are using it everyday but we are not the one using the social media but somehow social media is using us. That is what the documentary is about. it's about making decision, do you really need all of these social medias and even if you need it, shouldn't you be the one to lead it and not some algorithms written by data scientists at their silicon valley's offices. documentary hits hard but makes you realize what the social dilemma today we have. totally watchable and must must watch. This is what I have disscussing with my family &friends. How social media is creating a gap among us, in recent times it had started impacting every one even if they not using it... I just got feedup of bombardment of so many wrong and incorrect this will start a movement untill it's too late.
You must watch this documentary! With all the manufactured division in our world, and the focus on greed and power, this film is so refreshing and alarming at the same time.
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