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Genre - Thriller writed by - Jonathan Nolan Directed by - Christopher Nolan Liked It - 1406288 Votes star - Jessica Chastain USA. Watch online t c3 a4htedevaheline installation manual. Interstellar No SinG Up. I went out of the movie theater with mixed feelings.
I love Sci-fi, I would have like to travel to other planets (not anymore. I wanted to like the movie so much that my brain forgot most of the bad side of it. First I said to people that interstellar was only for Sci-Fi freaks, that it was not a feel good movie (pretty damn dark and depressing) but it was overall a good movie, but my "love" of Sci-fi had block all judgment. After talking to other people who saw it, my view of the film change radically. Here are why : 1. Have you seen stupidest robots than in interstellar. 2. The pilot farmer daughter saw GPS coordinates in "dust" yeah right) and they goes to those coordinates and "find" NASA bunker. They are abducted by the NASA and the NASA chiefs tells the farmer : you are the one we were waiting to pilot the spaceship that will save humanity. even tough the NASA didn't sent the dusty coordinates) WTF 3. The extra being/god/or human of the future had placed for humans a wormhole. near Saturn. why so far? 4. They went to a sea planet to rescue/see those sent before. That is a sea planet with no ground to plant food/animals. Not a good choice. And, they couldn't see the giant waves from space? 5. They went to a ice planet to rescue/see those sent before(Ice planet without animals/ s the point) so close to a black hole that a few hours on the planet = 23 years to the spaceship in orbit. Is that a good choice to try to establish a colony on a ice planet near a black hole? 6. The spaceship is relatively small (we could see the 2 shuttles and the ring that create the gravity. Inside the ship, there is the machine to create babies (100-10000 ? fertilized human eggs)without ? the incubators. If you find a planet, yes to the babies, but the spaceship so small that the food/baby milk would be out quite soon. 7. Have you seen so bad cryogenic bed? A kind of trash bag that wrap you up. 8. Nobody's really knows what's inside a black hole, but Nolan's view is ridiculous. Add that the the farmer go out of it and survive, to find is old wrecked house inside a giant spaceship.

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