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Because I decided to host this image on a SSD 4 bay OWC Thunderbolt 1 drive So I formatted the drives, and then created my own Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP1 folder, and used this folder as the save to directory.. I dont think our end customers would want the Server app So this machine has restarted in Target Disk Mode.. Essentially, this machine is the machine Im capturing my image from It doesnt have Apples Server application installed on it, unlike the other machine, admin.. My job is to take usb thumb drives with the OS X install > wipe the current HD, and write a fresh OS X to the laptop, and then set it in the ready to be sold pile.. Versus what I need it to do, which is to INSTALL the Blueprints Image So I can unplug it from the network, and there won't be any previous personal data on there, and it will be a fresh install of the os x, ala the 'Blueprint' machine.. Do Not Disturbzzz Use Roundrect X Russia For MacSo I downloaded and installed the latest version of Apples Server application.. Also went out and bought myself a 24 port switch I have 2 Macbook Pros acting as the blueprint and admin machines.. I then ran System Image Utility, created a Netrestore Image The source was the mounted drive which was the Blueprint machine, I chose to customize the creation, added user account (so all would be default username and password).. Therefore each domain computer requires an associated Windows User account in Active Directory to authenticate.. Process completed fine, had 23 machines ported into the switch, using the option at startup method to boot from hosted netrestore image(s).. Needless to say, this method worked fine But as I needed to reformat/fresh install OS Xs at a larger volume per week, I looked into better methods.. Do Not Disturb Zzz Use Roundrect X Russia For Mac>>>>Plug in a thunderbolt cable into the blueprint machine, into admin machine>>>> I ran the Disk Utility to Repair Permissions on the mounted drive which is the blueprint machine.. Do Not Disturbzzz Use Roundrect X Russia For MacDo Not Disturb Zzz Use Roundrect X Russia For MacWith MAC based authentication, domain member computers use the MAC address of their wireless interface as the username and password.. Ideally, I want to have the 'Admin' machine plugged into Port #1, and Ports 2-24 will get a new machines as fast as I can clean wipe/os x install/ People had been recommending Deploy Studio, so I installed it, set up a DeployStudio Server, even Created a DeployStudio NetBoot set.. I saved the creation to a different location than the default (library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0).. The blueprint machine is a fresh 10 10 5 mac OS X So I went into the System Preferences > Startup Disk > Target Disk Mode.. New classical flowers laptop skin sticker decal for mac Install works fine on about 3-5 machines, but any more than say 5 machines, the install processes ALL FREEZE.. Which I set up, and it worked Then I realized this is a boot method to RUN the Blueprints image it captured through the network.. I need a method that wont freeze up the 23 machines I want to plug in a fleet of 23, power them on holding Option, select the NetRestore Image to install on the 23s internal harddrives, go through just the necessary prompts, which should be 1.. So long story short, I work for a company that purchases hundreds of Macbook Pros at a time. 773a7aa168 b r chopramahabharat純若hd1080p,fallout4dlcfilesdownload









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