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  1. year - 1984
  2. David Lynch
  3. Liked It - 117707 votes
  4. Cast - Francesca Annis
  5. 137 m
  6. Sci-Fi
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What about your own novel? Will we get any glimpse of it? I'm amused by your knowledge. 'Dune' is kind of film that it is easy to understand people who doesn't like it, or people who adore it. I belong into the group of people who have learned to love it. It might be little wrong to say - you learn to love it. The film kind of grows into you when you are kind enough to give it another look. And 'Dune' definitely deserves another chance. The film is visually striking, some of the special effects look outdated, but that doesn't reduce the visual poetry for one bit. There are many layers and nuances hidden that it is easy to oversee after first or even second time, and when you discover them, then the film starts to makes much more sense. And I here don't want to say that I understand everything what this film is about.
Be more kinder towards this (pseudo)philosophical Star Wars and you will be pleasantly surprised. Plus there are enough cool characters played by cool cast.
0:14 South Park referenced this. I am strongly recommended to read the book! in the book explained many thing about Dune universe, why there no AI and many more. Thanks for the upload. Dude its Doon not Joon. I miss this book. I have to re-read it soon. Piano/keyboard backing souns like a daytime soap theme. The movie was mind blowing during the original screening. Lots of criticism that is not really fair. You can tell the actors worked very hard delivering performances that are still valid today. Still considered a masterpiece and a very e entertaining film. The book is hard to translate to just one film. Great book, but oh god what a terribly bad movie. This movie was lightyears ahead of its time.
Never thought Riddick was a copy. Will the remake come close to this.

Dune 2 was the best rts i ever played so much for a kids imagination

A teenager of the 90s, I first was aware of this song which then led me to the original. The lyrics are deepest poetry. I just finished the book and absolutely loved it. This film was a commendable effort, as the most interesting parts of the book deal with inner thoughts and powers of the mind, which are notoriously difficult to portray on screen. Here's hoping Denis Villeneuve learns from the successes and mistakes of this classic as he films his remake. So this is where the Thu'um came from, never occurred to me.
What an amazing job. Thank you. What do they smoke. Just imagine what the new two part Dune by Villenueve will be like. You say introduction but then you dont introduce but just spoil all the books? thats not an introduction and a very missleading title. Grand. Now I can't stop whispering: the Spice.
Good sequence but unless i miissed it, the weirding module exclamation: MUAD'DIB! needs to be in here. Always liked the movie. A lot of work and art went into it. Good cast. I read the books and was not upset when the movie came out. The Baron is the the most superb baddie in movie history. and Lynch's realization of the book (in collaboration with Herbert) is a masterpiece. God, I read the book and from what I see, this looks like it would be an amazing movie. Leto's actor is casting done to perfection. Missing the death of Duncan... Sean Young is such an underrated actress she was amazing in Dune, Blade Runner, No Way Out, Love Crimes, Threat of Exposure, Wall Street, Stripes, and A Kiss Before Dying.
Tried to finish this book. It was crazy! Too much for me to concentrate on the different worlds and languages.











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