?Tribeca Shortlist? The Princess Bride Movie Online

Country: USA
Star: Chris Sarandon
average ratings: 8,4 of 10 Star
Directed by: Rob Reiner
Runtime: 98minutes
audience score: 366867 Vote
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? https://svtplay-se.com/watch/1467?utm_source=seesa...
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XD hold it hold it. WHAT IS THIS! LOL i dont know why i crack up at that part and wesley is so damn sexy <3. Lmao that part never gets old ;DD. I love how quick he busted out that “get back witch”. Go through his clothes and look for loose change. ?.

Good god, I remember watching this on VHS and thinking it was good as kid, and now that Im older Im enjoying it even more. These guys are having a conversation while they tussle? God I love this movie. I have this rope up here I could throw down to you, but I don't think you would accept my help since I'm just waiting around to kill you That does put a damper on our relationship. Part of the brilliance of this scene is that neither Westley nor Inigo are REALLY trying to kill each other, they're just having fun with the fight. Anyone else love this movie. Okay I saw this in school, and when Inigo Montoya said I want my father back b* everyone got a smug smile on their face lol.
Cary Elwes and Robin Wright were actually hot for each other. You can imagine how much that helped their on-screen romance. He's only mostly dead. 2:15 BEST PART OF THE MOVIE.











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