Hitler: A Global Biography
Brendan Simms

ISBN: 9780465022373 | 704 pages | 18 Mb


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Hitler: A Global Biography Brendan Simms
Publisher: Basic Books

From a prize-winning historian, the definitive biography of Adolph Hitler

Hitler offers a deeply learned and radically revisionist biography, arguing that the dictator's main strategic enemy, from the start of his political career in the 1920s, was not communism or the Soviet Union, but capitalism and the United States. Whereas most historians have argued that Hitler underestimated the American threat, Simms shows that Hitler embarked on a preemptive war with the United States precisely because he considered it such a potent adversary. The war against the Jews was driven both by his anxiety about combatting the supposed forces of international plutocracy and by a broader desire to maintain the domestic cohesion he thought necessary for survival on the international scene.
A powerfully argued and utterly definitive account of a murderous tyrant we thought we understood, Hitler is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the origins and outcomes of the Second World War.

Was Hitler driven by a fear of Anglo-American capitalism? | Financial Brendan Simms' provocative new biography says the Führer was more preoccupied Hitler was shaped by a wide variety of global events and  World War II - Wikipedia World War II also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to . Adolf Hitler, after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the German government in 1923, eventually became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Adolf Hitler - Quotes, Birthday & Death - Biography Hitler's defeat marked the end of Germany's dominance in European history and the defeat of fascism. A new ideological global conflict, the  Consequences of Nazism - Wikipedia important surviving official in the Third Reich after Hitler's death. The effect the Nazis had on present-day international law  Gerhard Weinberg - Wikipedia Notable works, A World at Arms : A Global History of World War II and other books. Gerhard Ludwig Weinberg (born 1 January 1928) is a German-born American diplomatic and In 1958, Weinberg made the discovery of Hitler's so- called Zweites Buch (Second Book), an unpublished sequel to Mein Kampf, among captured  How American Racism Influenced Hitler | The New Yorker Scholars are mapping the international precursors of Nazism. The first big postwar biography of Hitler, by the British historian Alan Bullock,  Adolf Hitler - Rise to power | Britannica.com Hitler used the time to dictate the first volume of Mein Kampf, his political autobiography as well as a compendium of his multitudinous ideas. Weimar Republic:  List of neo-Nazi organizations - Wikipedia International[edit]. Blood & Honour · Daily Stormer · Stormfront · World Union of National Socialists.

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