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Genre Romance &ref(,0,629,1000_AL_.jpg) director Amy Heckerling 1 hours, 37 minutes 160874 vote Countries USA

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Clueless song. Clueless reunion. Clueless anniversary. Ignorant. Clueless is a romantic comedy about a group of extremely wealthy teens in Beverly Hills. Cher's (Alicia Silverstone) life revolves around clothes, boys and basically just getting whatever she wants. She can talk her way into or out of anything. Cher and her best friend Dionne (Stacey Dash) decide to make the new girl, Tai (Brittany Murphy) their project and make her as popular as they are. Soon Cher realizes she is the one who actually needs a makeover; only she needs to makeover her soul. She emerges a more caring less clueless individual and finally has found herself that Baldwin she was looking for too.
This movie is a great coming of age film about a girl finally realizing that there are more things to life than shopping. Throughout the movie we get to watch and laugh as Cher develops into a far less clueless being than she was, although still pretty clueless. She matures as a character just as the kids of The Breakfast Club do. She actually reminds me of a modern Claire. The story line of the movies while different definitely has some similarities as well. The characters all realize that who you hang out with and where you come from are not as important as the person inside. Cher as well as The Breakfast Club all come out of their experience more mature and with some new great friends. There is a scene where the camera zooms in on Cher as she is thinking of what everyone else does to contribute to the world. It gets in close so that you can her expression and that she truly wants to better herself. Then she says that she wants to help. She decides to head up the disaster relief campaign. I also think it shows a great enlightening moment for her when she is walking and she figures out that she loves Josh (Paul Rudd. All the lights from the fountain that light up behind her and then the music plays with the trumpets right before she looks into the camera. It really pulls you into the scene and makes you feel like it is a magical discovery that has hit her to her core. It changes her entire demeanor around him after this moment too. She gets fidgety and nervous. I think this scene is one of the turning points in Cher maturing as a character. I think this film was a great way to combine a coming of age film with a comedy instead of just a regular drama. You got to watch Cher grow as an individual and get some laughs on the way. I think this movie is an overall good viewing experience.
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