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countries: USA
Directors: Francis Ford Coppola
Rating: 1556682 Votes
Cast: Diane Keaton
User Rating: 9,2 / 10 stars
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The godfather 3 ending. Srsly wtf, LOTR is way better. Why is this so high again. The godfather 1972 full movie. The godfather: part ii. The godfather dvd. &ref(
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The godfather birthplace. The movie gets better in every time you watch it. You realise of little details that you probably missed the first time. And you understand better the plot, characters and why things happens to certain characters.
10/10. The godfather best scene.
The godfather ending. The godfather song. The godfather: part iii. The godfather piano. The godfather violin. The godfather music. The godfather theme guitar. The godfather horse head scene. I liked it a lot. It's truly a masterpiece. I thought he cast was well priced and he director did a phenomenal job at directing this film. I also think the sequel is as good as the first, if not better. If I could give this film more than 10 stars right now, I honestly would. I remember going with my boyfriend to see it, for it is his favorite film. He laughed and cried and wanted to see it again and again. I am the same exact way. I not only likes this movie, but I loved it, and I still do. Even now when I see a grandfather clock I always think of this movie. Actually, writing this review right now is giving me so many amazing and beautiful memories of the movie that I want to go and see it again. I would truly recommend see this movie as soon as possible. I'm sure you wouldn't regret it. It made me the person I am today.
The godfather carlo killed. The godfather full movie in hindi dubbed. The Godfather is one of the few films in which I personally did not find any significant weakness even after many viewings. From the direction, to the acting, to the storyline, to the score, The Godfather has the word classic written all over, and it really is not much of a surprise that it is now considered by many one of the top five movies of all time. Perhaps when it comes to cinematic techniques The Godfather has not been as revolutionary as Citizen Kane, but its influence on motion pictures is comparable. Rarely a movie has defined or re-defined a genre as much as this one did for "gangster movies" but its influence goes well beyond that.
Rather than concentrating on everything that is great about The Godfather, a much easier way for me to judge its quality is on what is bad about it. Almost every film has something that I don't like about it, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't change anything about The Godfather. There is nothing weak about it and nothing that stands out as bad. That's why it gets ten out of ten. The film is pretty shocking in the way every death occurs almost instantaneously, and as it spans ten years so many different things happen and every minute of it is great entertainment. It's a well-made and entertaining film that is only the first part of a trilogy, but it stands on its own as a wonderful film in its own right. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? This was one acclaimed film that didn't disappoint. The Godfather's influence has been so big through the years that elements of it can be found in virtually every "organized crime film" nowadays; almost every comedy featuring a gangster in the last few years has spoofed something in The Godfather. The Italian-American old mobster a-la Don Vito Corleone has become one of the most established figures in the public's imagination.
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