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Sci-Fi; User Rating - 6,4 / 10 Stars; Creator - Jeff Chan, Chris Pare; rating - 23118 votes; country - Canada; Runtime - 1hours, 38 Minutes

Just finished watching this movie, I would give it 7/10 (mostly 6.5. I love the Toronto scenes, since Im from here. It's almost like a live action lego movie ?. So nobody in the comments section has actually seen this movie. They're all just trying to say something witty to get a like.
Somebody tell me when this movie comes out, cuz I cant wait to see it. It would be more thrilling watching Stephen amel playing the electro guy. Yes! i'm so happy to see this film finally get made. Bad actor. He kinda looks like a young Tom Cruise. There's a wealth of stories to tell based on how the movie finishes. Can't wait to see the next part in the characters' journeys.
Fantastic movie. The ending confused me with the prison. Do u remember anything? Vin Diesel:I remember Letty. This geniuinely looks like a good action film.

The main actor looked like the younger version of Tom Cruise

Once they introduced William as a main character the show started going down hill. Code 8 2019. Hes like terminator but vin diesel. I thought this was gonna be about the robot cops. Instead it's about a weird guy with electricity powers. This actually turned out a lot better than I expected. Its another mutant type of movie but played out slightly different. The drones flying around I can see them becoming a real thing. Honestly wouldn't mind this to have had a chance of part 2 or even a TV series to it. Then again the way it ended there just might be a part 2. Acting as a whole really wasnt that bad at all honestly even with it seeming to be a low budget. Robbie Amell seems like he deserves more & really "to me" made this movie worth that much more. Would I recommend it? Sure y not.
Simply put, this is a really bad movie. It's as lazy and cookie cutter as it gets. It's a blatant rip off of X-Men, and not just because it's a movie about "enhanced" mutant) people with special abilities, but also with their portrayal of them as being hated and feared by society and the presence of a special robot police force - the Guardians - used against them. That's an obvious Sentinel rip off.
Aside from all that, the story is tired and lame. A boy turns to crime to help his sick mom. But this is no ordinary boy. He can produce and control electricity. He's not very good at it though because his mom raised him without teaching him to really use his powers. So another mutan... I mean. enhanced person teaches him to master his abilities in a rigorous 3 day training program where he has to shut off a car alarm and provide power to a half dozen floating light bulbs. There might have been an online certification class as well, but I can't be certain. This movie is full of plot holes, cliches, unnecessary moments, and abandoned arcs. It's also extremely predictable. It's like 3 different people each wrote their own story and then someone shuffled all the pages together, removed half of them and said "Here's our movie." Do yourself a favor and skip this one.
To me the movie would have been better if they switched the roles because it just seems as the people who have powers are weak but in reality there are not they just didn't have people standing up and realizing the humans are way weaker. The way I see things there was only one human in this movie who didn't criticize the people with powers. This movie was surprisingly really good. PLEASE WATCH IT! Highly recommend if you like sci fi.

???? I laughed, I joke! 1:19 ? ? ? ? ??

Imo he didn't heal his mom cause he was seeing how painful the process was for the healer and he remembered that his mom said You need to let me go. I really love Stephen. I hope the best for him and hope he has made the right decision. Good luck man. I'll probably watch all of these, except Charlie's angels. You have NOT failed. Us. Family business. Jodie comer's accent is absolute class. Arrow is an amazing TV show with amazing and perfect characters. I love watching it. Specifically dialogue part. After five years on island I am back to save my city. And. Miss/ mr you failed this city.?. Amazing one.
I thought it was sequel to district a budget Tom Cruise.

The Ready Player One, of Disney

The set looks a little bit like the movie set of inception. The streets. These SW films are incapable of topping the lower budget Rogue Squadron.









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