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Reviews: An adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master wayfinder. Together, they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity
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怒海戰艦 full movie online free 2016. Set on the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. 2016's 'Moana' explore the expedition of a young woman, Moana (Voiced by Auli'i Cravalho) who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical life-breathing relic with an island goddess, Te Fiti, when it was stolen by the Demigod Maui (Voiced by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Without spoiling this fictional movie written and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, too much; though the film heavily influenced by Polynesian's history, myths. culture, it is not directly based on any specific native tribe like the 1926's documentary film of the same name. Instead, the film takes specific cultural elements from a variety of native Pacific groups and incorporates them into one generalized portrayal of Polynesian culture, in order to make the audience member to identity the story better. Because of that, certain critics has accuse Disney of cultural misappropriation & exploitation, suitable to spur a profitable capitalist enterprise of music, celebrities and merchandise. While, this is somewhat true. I don't think, Disney had much of a choice. They had to avoid setting off cultural taboos. It was lose-lose catch 22 situation. Somebody was bound to get offended, regardless. However, I don't think, this musical is as degrading as certain people make it out to be. It's pretty harmless, compare to other tropical musicals like 1958's 'South Pacific' whom portray its island people as ugly snake oil-sellers, hags who gives give away their really young daughters to military servicemen to screw. If anything, Moana' gives a more positive light. Still, some of the characters of the film were drawn, very insensitive. Maui did look like an obese "half pig half hippo" man. He did look kinda offensive. Still, much of that blame, come from the Walt Disney Animation Studios animators trying to lighten their load, by replicate the same awkward-looking art style that their 2002's animation film 'Lilo & Stich' was doing, over 14 years ago. Even back then, not a lot of people were fans of the big nose, the huge tights, oddly body structure, and alien-like eyes, type of a drawing for islanders. So, I really don't know, why they try to copy it. I guess, they wanted to focus more on other drawings like the supernatural elements designs. Even with that, those drawings also felt a little too familiar. If anything, the spirits looks like Disney recycling artwork that was previous, used in films like 2000's 'Fantasia 2000. 2014's 'Lava. As for animal sidekicks. As much as I love Hei Hei (Voiced by Alan Tudyk. Pua. They really weren't needed. It did felt, unneeded animation. Despite that, at least, the island CGI background visuals for 'Moana' were breath-taking beautiful. There is no better example of that, then the 'Where you are. We Know the Way' musical sequences. The other visuals like the action sequences, were equally done well. I just wish this Polynesian Prometheus/Odyssey-like fantasy story was told a little better to match the visuals. The action scenes in this film seem a bit force. Plus, it doesn't make much sense. After all, I get that, Moana was chosen by the water spirit; because how much, she cares about aquatic-life, but it doesn't explain, why the supernatural entity couldn't just do the task, itself. Nor does it explain why, the ocean tries to kill Moana with storms, sea-monsters, and lead them into conflicts with sea raiders, in the course of the film. Did the demigod actions make the ocean, bio-polar, as well? Also, what was the point of even having Maui around? He really doesn't do much; besides put Moana in danger. Let's not overlook that Maui also tried to kill Moana by locking her in a cave to die & trying to drown her in the middle of the ocean. Hero! He's more like the villain. Another thing about the story, is that much of the flashbacks, book-reading and dream cave sequences could had been cut down in editing. All of them, felt a little too much like filler. The movie tends to repeat itself, multiply times; explaining, how Moana's people were, once- island voyagers, before Maui, cause the ocean to become too dangerous; despite the fact, the ocean, somewhat helps them. All the exposition dump come across, tiresome and very jarring. Another thing, that hurts the movie is the fact that the story of a young native princess tries to break free from the strict confines of her society by seeking out, a mysterious stranger in order to save her land, sounds a little too familiar. After all, we seen heroine's adventures like this, before, in half a dozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios films like 1995's 'Pocahontas. Even acclaim Pixar films like 2012's 'Brave' had these well-worn elements. Don't get me wrong, it's doesn't make 'Moana' into a bad movie, but its presenting nothing, groundbreaking. In the end, this movie in a couple years, might not stand out, as much, as other films from this generation. Despite that, the movie does offer positive messages for younger viewers, about self-discovery and empowerment. And Moana herself is a great role model, demonstrating perseverance, curiosity, and courage, even when face with danger. Cravalho perform her, very well. She is a great singer and has a passable voice. As for Johnson, not so much. His performance was more mediocre, because how dial down, his personality was. However, Johnson does sings one of the catchiest songs in the movie, You're Welcome" which is a plus. Besides that song, the funniest song is "Shiny, sung by Jemaine Clement; which also really fun to listen to; along with the power ballad, How far I'll go. All great songs, courtesy of creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. All this music, makes 'Moana' soundtrack, worth listening to. Overall: Although. 'Moana' has many big flaws. It still was entertaining. 'Moana' is truly an adventure worth sailing for. So check it out.
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The movie is colorful and it has a somewhat catchy song but everything else about it is sub-par. The majority of the music is bland, the animal sidekick is overly pointless, the "hero" is a very bad Han Solo and this movie will quickly be forgotten. I managed to peg Disney's Frozen movie right on the nose that it was an OK movie but that the song was catchy enough to become a hit, nothing is certain but this movie is trying to hard without taking any risks. Some further problems are that the facial animations are sometimes a little off, there are no real stakes since the undefined power of the ocean is a deus ex machina that has carte blanche to do whatever it wants when it feels like it without any in-universe limitations.
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