solarmovie Movie Jojo Rabbit (2019) With English Subtitles

Rating 204009 votes. Christine Leunens. Genre Comedy, Drama. duration 1 Hour 48Minute. 2019. Czech Republic
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I saw Jojo Rabbit on Zagreb Film Festival yesterday and together with the audience I enjoyed the movie so much, in short every scene of this movie was great! Sadly today this is such a rare thing to see. First I was so happy to see Taika's new movie coming out that I didn't care so much what was it about. And what a beautiful surprise it was. Funny, smart, amazing Wes Anderson style shots, superb acting (expecially children) with a strong anti-war and human message and great/original soundtrack! If anyone has any issues with the way this movie is portraying things or characters, please don't. This movie as funny and original, also carries a deep and truthful message that I didn't expect it will take me back to my childhood in the beginning of the 90' when we had a war here in Croatia and I was a 10 year old boy. The war was so much occupying our childsplay, we even had notebooks with cut out newspaper pictures we would glue in, with our leader on the front page (the father of the nation) and war scenes of solders, commandos and war legends, with stupid (demagogic) sentences we would write below, looking up to our heroes of light fighting the enemy from the dark side. Like in the movie that enemy was the devil to us and normally you learn to hate them. And that was just a part of our everyday play and conversations. Innerly I knew and probably wasn't the only one, that emotions and behaviour of hate that the war brings out in people was wrong and disturbing, far from our pure child's naivety and nature. But what do children know how to act or did our roles like others around us. Today these notebooks look sad to me and that is the point of this movie, with wars everybody loses, children especially. Tough the WW2 was decades ago, the strong humane message this film carries is needed for today's world. It emphesizes what we should never forget and that is a fact that we live in propably the best human era in history and it's is very important to look how beautiful our world is. And it's the richness of culture that undoubtedly every nation has is exactly what naturally brings differences and people together oppose to (ilusionist) ideologies that brainwash, blind and block the true human nature and result with the opposite effect of walls of prejudices that divides us. And that is exactly what we should always remember and teach our children so they can one day teach their children and so on... Another strong point of the movie is that it shows the heros in a subtle way. We all need them, children especially and in the wars where everything gets upside down anyway, the term hero easily becomes controversial depending from which side you see them. Here it starts with the most controversial "hero" for a child to look up to, but ends with the true hero in anybody's life and that is the mother. And she's not the only one. All who suffer and refuse to give up, find the strength to go through and all those who help and support them get to be the hero. I love it. Powerful and needed today. Go and see this movie, you will not regret it.
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