Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn vudu

102301 Vote. genres: Crime. tomatometer: 6,3 of 10 star. 2020. directed by: Cathy Yan. Stars: Margot Robbie

I'm in my 60's and have always gotten a kick out of super-hero themed movies. I expected nothing less from this.
I'm not saying I expected flying things, and special weapons secretly embedded into a fancy belt. Or supernatural abilities along with a rope that makes you tell the truth. No, I expected to see Harley Quinn, the Joker's ex doing things. Is that too much to ask? Now, had the 'Birds of Prey' idea kicked in about 1/2 way into the movie, had the main characters taken on the worst of the worst to save the day? Then, that would've been epic. But that was not to be. Instead you're subjected to 108 minutes that are slow moving, poorly scripted fight scenes and a story line you'd think would never get produced. But here we are. And to think lists that this movie received 10 nominations for awards... Don't waste your time. This is not worth it, and your time is valuable.
Margot robie single handedly rewrites dc films! Gotham felt real the sets are amazing, the acting by the entire cast is great. Best interpretation of the one and only harley quinn on film. Poorly written feminist garbage pile. I think the only reason It has over even a 4 is bc the cast is all female so automatically gets a boost from liberals. Even Suicide Squad was wayyyyy better.

This movie is very good I like it and I like Harley queen oh my God

Seriously, I was hoping to be more entertained, but this movie falls flat throughout. Was loosely modeled on Tank Girl? Now that movie is much better and worth watching over. Birds? No chance I'll ever watch it again.









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