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Jason Orley runtime: 91 minutes Jason Orley A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout 7,2 of 10 country: USA. Growing up in Michigan with two older brothers,? Big Time Adolescence? director Jason Orley “was always surrounded by older guys, their friends that were always giving me bad advice. ” As off-base as many of their suggestions were, these young men stuck with Orley, who used his experiences with them as the basis for his feature debut. An all-too-real coming-of-age story, the film centers on sixteen-year-old Mo (Griffin Gluck), a bright kid with a good family, who makes questionable choices in the company he keeps. His best friend is Zeke (Pete Davidson), a college dropout who is just out for a good time, teaching Mo about the finer things in life?dealing, partying, ghosting and more. In casting the part of Zeke, Orley immediately gravitated to? SNL ‘s Davidson. “I was shockingly available, ” the comedian and actor deadpanned, sitting down at Deadline’s Sundance Studio with Orley and his co-stars. Auditioning for the role of Mo, Gluck saw a lot of himself in the character, as a young man growing up with an older sister, who was often swept up into her world. “I was sort of in the same scenario as [Orley] growing up, where I’m constantly surrounded by my sister’s college friends while I’m a sophomore in high school, ” he said. At age 18, Gluck was the only real teenager amongst the film’s principal cast, and it was important for Orley to capture the truth of what growing up is like today. The director had seem plenty of coming-of-age films over the years that “talked down to” their audience, and he didn’t want to be “some old man in a sweater” painting a picture that didn’t connect. “As the oldest man [in studio], who is actually wearing a sweater, ” Jon Cryer attested that the film does resonate?high praise, from the actor who brought us Duckie in John Hughes and Howard Deutch’s seminal?youth portrait,? Pretty in Pink. “ Guys have a thing where they’re fascinated by somebody who breaks the rules a bit, ” Cryer noted. “I had a guy like that, except it was in the world of musical theater camp, so it was a little different. ” Known in the music world as Machine Gun Kelly, Colson Baker was also pleased to find a script that was authentic, in relation to the “corny movies” in the coming-of-age canon he saw growing up. “After watching the movie, it’s crazy to me that nobody could play the characters except for the people who were already playing the characters, ” he said. “I couldn’t imagine a realer onscreen relationship and off-screen relationship, to produce such an authentic movie. ” To watch our conversation with the? Big Time Adolescence? team?including Orley, Davidson, Gluck, Baker, Cryer and Emily Arlook?click above. The Deadline Studio is presented by? Hyundai. Thanks to our sponsor? Inkbox ?and partners? West Elm ?&? Calii Love.

The tats are so cool. cept for all the lame ones! hahaha

Every romance movie director: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN. 1:06 He had bunny ears tatto when he dated Ariana Grande, now its a heart instead of bunny ears :DD. He is growing up and he is getting his s. together and is realizing that a woman cannot make him happy he has to make himself happy he will be fine. I love you pete ? stay strong. Respect homie.
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Poor Pete. I feel like whenever he gets into a relationship he pours his whole heart into it. THIS PERFORMANCE DESERVES AN OSCAR THOUGH. ??. HES WEARING THE JACKET THAT TAN FRANCE BOUGHT HIM. Its like my third time watching this and I just realized. They ordered a SOY coffee with latte MILK. Good hidden line. MGK. brings cold coffee* GQ: o. This was just one huge, immature joke, and I loved it. Machine gun kelly is morphing to a 49-year-old female Manhattan socialite. If you look on Andy Garcia's Wikipedia page, it says In the 2000s, he was rude to comedian?John Mulaney?at a?Los Angeles Lakers?game and additionally starred in?Ocean's Eleven?and its?sequels: ?Ocean's Twelve?and?Ocean's Thirteen, and in?The Lost City. God bless whoever put that on there.
Omg Pete. I dont care what people say about you. Youre the cutest.

I like that Mulaney isnt letting Jimmy Fallon talk over him

Bro someone tell mgk to add me on the switch I wanna vs him in smash lmO. Aidy giving Pete the side eye like calm down buddy. These two are friendship goal, I love it.
Do you laugh at your lines? Do you break character in a sketch? hired. Pete Davidson is a gem and I love him in all his controversial glory. Dont ever get rid of him SNL.
I love that John now continues his train of thought even when Jimmy tries to interrupt and talks over him. Ive never found a song with my name until this John Mulaney interview. Watch The Dirt he did amazing in that movie probably his best one yet. This guy seems like that cool friend your dad always has.










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