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synopsis: After the events in the previous movies , secret service agent Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the US president Alan Turnbull , using all his strength , and skill. Mike Banning must locate the real threat that lurking and uncovering the deep political connections and ties to the whitehouse
Average ratings: 7 of 10
Duration: 121 m
countries: USA
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28:32 Gerard sounds like the guy from this is sparta. Omg he's the guy from scary movie as a minister in exorcist scene. That is incredibly fast to reach 45,000 ft. I watch this it was so good actually like the storms my favorite storm was in Russia where hot lasers was coming out I didn't like India because there were 3 deadly tornadoes and in Los Angeles there was a tsunami. Who's there after watching the Angel Has Fallen like me. This is a must see movie! I don't see how this franchise and Gerard Butler has hasn't earned more money than this. Yes I new who did it in the first 15 mins, but it doesn't change the great acting, action, and characters. By the way, there were only 2 instances of noticeably questionable CGI, but it shouldn't matter since it had less than 15 seconds of screen time.
Great movie. I am resignation of this group. That's the guy from the good docter in the first part. A whole city is being destroyed and once again only the 'American' president matters. Oh man this is hilarious. What do people expect when they criticise a third film in this franchise, do they expect Morgan freeman to deliver a shawshank performance, is it going to be groundbreaking. Base it on a film in this series and no other, like you would with Rambo saga or Jason bourne films.
Enjoy it for what it is, enjoyable action and get a life if you want to critique its filming style, oh no the lighting and angles were off. oh do FO.
Expected MORE. Gerard Butler looks uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. Freeman does a decent job.

I say, my turd has fallen and they recycled it to make this film. What an absolute shower! Toodle-oo. Better than white house down.

1:40:48 I feel bad for the people in utah

Starts off well enough but then becomes ridiculously unbelievable, even within the parameters of a popcorn action movie. Spoiler. Near the end the President is put into a vehicle to leave the hospital. The car ends up not even being bulletproof! In reality the car is virtually a tank with its own environmental system. Just one of many annoying elements that show the villains as omnipotent and everyone else as incredibly incompetent. ADAMS FAMILY ANIMATION NOW THAT DIFFERENT. R.I.P. For the leaders that died. 6:10 that guy got yeeeeeted the most.

Download Torrent ã??ã??à la page. Shoulder your damn rifle marine! ?. 7:08 aiming at his feet or abdomen Headshot Smart pistol confirmed. Download Torrent ç?¬ç?¬e.a.c.h.









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