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Directed by: Lilly Wachowski / 136Minute / Country: USA / info: A programmer is brought back to reason and reality when learning he was living in a program created by gigantic machines which make human birth artificial. In order to set humanity free, Neo will have to face many enemies by using technologies and self-trust / liked it: 1601702 votes / Action
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The Matrix is one of the first implementations of CGI that truly wowed movie viewers around the world. Originally released in 1999, this epic science fiction film turned three part trilogy has since been turned into comics, games, and more. The story follows an age old philosophical theme that everyone on earth is living in a simulated version of reality. Machines have since taken over the world and are harvesting energy from humans in pods, while keeping them alive in The Matrix, a type of virtual reality. With a worldwide box office gross of nearly 2 billion dollars, this trilogy is one of the most popular ever made. Like many trilogies, it’s important to watch The Matrix movies in order. Each movie picks up where the last one left off. In addition to that, the original movie does a good job explaining the premise for the rest of the series. It goes into the machine war, the virtual reality, and develops the characters and their relationships with each other. The animated version of the Matrix which came out after the original is the only one that can be watched out of order. This movie seeks to fill in details that are left out in the first flick, but isn’t necessary to watch at all. The most interesting thing about The Matrix is it touches upon an age old philosophical theory. Many philosophers contend that it’s possible that our existence is not real, but we are all living in a computer simulation. This is called simulation hypothesis, and is the prime plot line for this movie. In the movie, humans are gathered in pods and hooked up to a computer which harvests energy from them. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which machines have taken over the world. Because of its popularity, The Matrix has spawned animated films, video games, and comics. Animatrix, a short film released in 2003 is an animated series that attempts to give a little more background on the war with humans and machines. Enter the Matrix, a video game released for Xbox and PS2 was the first in a series of video games that were based on the original movies. In fact, the game’s story line was developed to go side by side with the real movie, even using actual movie footage in the game. Many science fiction fans recognize The Matrix as one of the best trilogies to hit the big screen. Rotten Tomatoes who are often highly critical of movies rated the original film an 87%. The series has received a lot of praise from the community including winning multiple Academy and Golden Trailer awards. In all, this amazing trilogy has won dozens of awards and been nominated for even more than that. No matter if you’re a science fiction fan or not, any movie lover can agree that this is one of the pioneering movies for realistic CGI. Between the three films, and the video games, this franchise provides endless amounts of entertainment. Watching this awesome series in chronological order is sure to leave you wanting even more. Tags: M.
Edit Release Dates USA 24 March 1999 (Westwood, California) (premiere) 31 March 1999 Australia 8 April 1999 New Zealand Singapore 22 April 1999 Malaysia 6 May 1999 Denmark 7 May 1999 Italy South Korea 15 May 1999 Brazil 21 May 1999 Colombia Mexico Thailand Philippines 26 May 1999 Taiwan 4 June 1999 Finland 5 June 1999 (Night Visions Film Festival) Kuwait 9 June 1999 Portugal 9 June 1999 (Oporto) (premiere) Argentina 10 June 1999 UK 11 June 1999 Ireland Germany 17 June 1999 Netherlands Switzerland 18 June 1999 (German speaking region) 23 June 1999 (French speaking region) Spain 23 June 1999 France Israel 24 June 1999 Iceland 25 June 1999 Indonesia 3 July 1999 (Jakarta) Belgium 7 July 1999 Norway 7 July 1999 (Filmquart Film Festival) 9 July 1999 Sweden 14 July 1999 Estonia 16 July 1999 Uruguay 30 July 1999 Czech Republic 5 August 1999 Hungary Slovakia Poland 13 August 1999 Slovenia 19 August 1999 Greece 20 August 1999 Croatia 26 August 1999 Bulgaria 3 September 1999 Turkey Romania 10 September 1999 Japan 11 September 1999 Russia 14 October 1999 5 May 2000 (re-release) 29 May 2003 (re-release) 2 October 2003 (re-release) Canada 11 February 2010 (Digital Film Festival) 5 May 2012 (Barcelona) (re-release) 22 September 2016 (re-release) 3 July 2019 (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival) 29 August 2019 (re-release) 14 October 2019 (re-release) 3 November 2019 (digitally restored version) (Trieste Science+Fiction Festival) Also Known As (AKA) (original title) The Matrix Matrix Austria Belgium (French title) Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Матрицата Canada (French title) La matrice Canada (English title) Estonia (alternative title) Maatriks Mátrix Fylkið India (Hindi title) Japan (English title) Matorikkusu Japan (Japanese title) マトリックス Latvia Matrikss Lithuania Matrica Panama (alternative title) La matriz Peru Матрица Serbia Матрикс 駭客任務 Turkey (Turkish title) Ukraine Матриця Venezuela Vietnam Ma Tr?n.
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