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This website sends out information on Kanemi Yusho, the unsettled oil poisoning incident in Japan.

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NEWS Kanemi food poisoning damages suit rejected again

News & Outline of the judgement

Statement by the plaintiffs and their defense group. Translated by Y&F

Message from Yurick

 Have you ever heard of Kanemi Yusho?

 Kanemi Yusho incident is a food poisoning incident caused by Kanemi Souko Co. A lot of people who consumed rice oil produced by Kanemi Souko began to suffer. Some of you might have heard "Kanemi Yusho" as the biggest food poisoning incident in Japan after the World War 2 in social studies class at school. The victims were spotted in 1968, but the incident has not settled yet. A lot of victims are still suffering the consequences. The effects of the poisoned oil have passed on to their children and grandchildren.

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