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Coauthor: Larry Fisher
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  • Release Date - 2018
  • Reviews - Ride is a movie starring Shane Graham, Ludacris, and Sasha Alexander. The inspiring story of a BMX champion who overcame an abusive childhood through the love and life lessons of his interracial foster family
  • country - USA
  • 8,9 of 10 Stars
  • Genre - Action
  • Alex Ranarivelo
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Free full the riders. IN THE END (linkin park) 916M ?like RIDE (top) 932 -coment. 2 Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen level 2 Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told Global News that he is aware of the video. He said that as of Wednesday evening, he wasn’t aware whether a complaint had been filed or an investigation had been launched. I'd like to file a complaint. The driver is an idiot. level 2 Thank you.. came to the comments to ask this, area looked familiar.. shenanigans looked familiar too level 2 Makes sense, worst highway on earth. Fuck that road level 2 I recognizer the 401 loosing years to my life watching those sound barriers crawl by. level 2 The “Highway of Death”. Makes sense. level 2 I totally thought Vancouver, Snow makes drivers here freak right out. level 2 That's fuckin hilarious because I even said to myself this looks like Ontario drivers hahahah ??? level 2 I knew this has to be a Canadian... level 1 Maybe they stopped quick and all of the roof snow they didn’t clean off slid on to the windshield. level 2 At the same time though there's nothing stopping them from turning on the hazards and pulling over for 1 minute to clean it real quick. level 2 Yes! Idk why people think it’s cool do drive with roof snow level 2 This video should be shown to all learner drivers as to why to clear their roof! level 2 Probably, but that barely makes it better. Not cleaning your roof is already pretty damn stupid but not moving to the shoulder of the road so you can safely clean it off is even worse.

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