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writer: Chinonye Chukwu
user ratings: 6,6 of 10
review: Clemency is a movie starring Aldis Hodge, Alfre Woodard, and Wendell Pierce. Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute another inmate, Bernadine must
Casts: Michael O'Neill
release date: 2019
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Man. Lot of people here dont know all the factual details of this case

Dude, when I was 18 and dating/sexual relationship with my ex, who was 16, they wanted to give me 20-25 years and deem me a sexual predator, literally fresh out of high school. I got it to a contribution to the deliquancy of a minor, thank god, but it baffles me how these older, ACTUAL Child molesters get not even 8 months sometimes, and they wanted me to register and spend my life in prison. They even made me take this sexual predator test, from 70s, and made me "rate" every picture on if it hot or not. It was pretty freaking ridiculous, but that's what you get for living in a Commonwealth state.
Goddammit... 3 minutes trailer? what the hell? show us the ending and get it over with. SHE ROBBED AND KILLED AN INNOCENT MAN, LOCK HER BACK UP, SHE TOOK HOS CAR,MONEY,AND GUNS THIS WAS NOT NO SELF DEFENSE. God bless the Military for sure. But, couldn't our President also do something for Roger Stone. I use clemency in a few situations. White mage during a dungeon, you holy spam dude. I'll spam eclipse until im low. You do you. Healer is dead. Not a hard one to figure out. I pulled large in a dungeon and just no longer have tp, might as well give the healer a break since every healer has better aoe than me holy spirit spamming something if there's still like 7 things alive. When I'm in my apartment and want to pretend I'm a white mage. When I'm staring at my Haurchefant painting and am trying to spam cover+hallowed+intervention+clemency+passage+veil+vitality potion+phoenix down When I'm bored and want to see big numbers. When a warrior begins slamming the ground in a main city. When a lalafell walks by and deserves a holy headpat. O10/O10s when people can't comprehend exlpody stuff and think running in the direction of arrows is fun. When my dps and healer are erping. When I try to heal the wounds that can't heal alone in my apartment. Where was I going with this? Tl;Dr clemency is neat.

Just got back from seeing it and my hands are still sweating. Give this man the Oscar already

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Awesome channel MVP for 2019. Gailestingumas watch full length tv. The ultimate “Imma bout to end this mans whole career” movie. Fairly new to FFXIV. Maining PLD job. My question is for the PLDs and healers out there. Am I not supposed to be using clemency? I've noticed I've been getting chastised a lot in PUGs for using it. Mainly coming from the healers. If I notice my health getting dangerous, i'll use it or use it to support another team member who may be on the verge. I try not to utilize it when a healer is already casting to minimize waist of abilities. Edit: Thanks everyone for the replies so far. This has been super helpful from both perspectives!

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Since no one has really given a list of beginner's tips for PLD, I'll give a couple. Your job as tank is to hold enmity and to not die. Not dying is the most important part, and it's as much on you as it is the healer. Healing got a ton harder in this patch at higher levels, so it's a good idea to learn while healing is easy (pre-50) how to make a healer's life easier. You do this by avoiding AoEs and using defensive cooldowns at good moments. Keep in mind that Paladin gets Clemency (lv 58 healing spell). It is not a good idea to spam Clemency whenever you're at 50% HP, but if your healer is dead or having trouble keeping up, Clemency can be a lifesaver. Try to avoid using Hallowed Ground (lv 50) unless it's 100% necessary due to its long cooldown. On the other hand, Hallowed Ground is an amazing ability. If you see your HP hovering around the 15% mark and your healer is struggling to keep up with damage, I suggest hovering your mouse over the button. If it starts to drop, hit Hallowed and you will be immune to almost all damage for a while, which should allow your healer to top you off and relieve some of the stress. You just have to wait something like 7 minutes to use it again. The other part of your job is to hold enmity. You do this by dealing damage. Every action you make that deals damage will increase enmity on the enemy that is hit. With Iron Will (lvl 10) on, the enmity gain is increased dramatically. For large pulls, use your AoE abilities, and for 1-2 enemies, use your single target abilities. When you approach a group of enemies, it's a good idea to use Shield Lob to garner the enemies' attention. Do this at max range (15 yalms), and the enemies will start to run towards you and bunch up. When your GCD comes off cooldown, use Total Eclipse (AoE ability) to hit all the enemies. When you are confident in both your own tanking abilities and your healer, you will want to pull 2-3 groups of mobs, depending on the dungeon (two groups is usually a safe bet except in odd circumstances, but you'll find out by doing better than me telling you). If you are not confident in either your own abilities or your healer, pull one group at a time. It's slower and your party might be slightly annoyed, but it's better to be safe than constantly wipe. Try to face enemies away from your party as much as possible so that the AoEs and cleave attacks will be pointing away from the squishies. Try to remain still as much as possible (while avoiding AoEs) so that your melee DPS can consistently hit their positionals. You will wipe. When doing so, don't blame anyone else. Look at what you could have done better. Maybe you mistimed a defensive cooldown, or you pulled too many mobs, or you faced the boss into the party during a cleave attack, or you were a split second late on Hallowed Ground. Whatever it is that happened, don't do the same thing again. If you are 100% certain it's the healer's fault, simply pull fewer mobs next time or work harder on your personal mitigation to cover the healer's struggles. The biggest thing to remember is that as tank, you're the "leader" of the group. You control when and who the party engages, so make sure your group is up to the task. It's also a good idea to know the dungeon relatively well. You can, of course, blind-run and tank, but I recommend pulling one group of mobs at a time when doing so. If you're the main tank or solo, keep Iron Will on at all times. If you're in an 8-man and you're the off-tank, turn off Iron Will and don't compete with the main tank for enmity. A good idea is to provoke off the MT and immediately use Shirk on him to give him a major enmity boost, but otherwise, you should not be close to overtaking the MT on enmity. As an Off-Tank, do your best to keep the MT from taking excessive damage. Your best tool for this is Intervention (lvl 62) which acts like Shelltron. You should use this on the MT whenever you would normally use Shelltron. Divine Veil is useful for mitigating your party's damage, but you're less likely to be healed as the off-tank. Sometimes I cast Clemency on myself to force Divine Veil to spread. If your MT is getting low on HP, Cover can be used to direct the damage to yourself. Otherwise, treat off-tanking as a stress-free DPS job. The off-tank will have the duty of grabbing any adds that spawn, so be ready to hit Iron Will quickly. They also have the duty of grabbing the boss if the MT dies, which is why the Provoke - Shirk combo whenever off CD is a decent idea. It should keep you at #2 on the enmity list even if Iron Will is off. If you're finding that you're having trouble staying at #2, turn Iron Will on, but don't pull from the MT. If your MT is dying and your healers are either dead or struggling with MP, tossing a few Clemencies isn't a terrible idea... just don't sacrifice too much DPS on it. Your job is not a healer, but you have that ability in an emergency. Healers are more likely to be upset at you for using Clemency than not, as it makes them feel untrusted. I'll let you figure out the best PLD rotation for you on your own as it's not super hard. Keep in mind that Fight or Flight (FoF) increases physical damage while Requiescat (lvl 68) increases magical damage (above a certain MP threshold). It's a good idea to use Holy Spirit after Requiescat until you're close to running out of MP, then going back to physical. Try to not overlap FoF and Requiescat. Use Divine Veil (lvl 58) when you're low on HP and it's off cooldown. Your healer will likely cast a heal on you soon, and you'll buff the whole party with a defensive shield. It's very useful and not enough Paladins use it frequently. A few smaller things to consider: Tank DPS is pretty decent, so try to maximize your DPS uptime and learn how to get the most of your abilities. You won't be putting out BLM numbers, but you should be dealing fairly decent damage in most content. I've heard some people say that Tanks can deal some of the best AoE damage. Keep an eye out for abilities that can be interrupted. Tanks have an Interrupt role action (Interject) and a stun (Low Blow), and Paladins have Shield Bash that also stuns (although I think that ability is fairly useless since Low Blow has a short CD and is oGCD). Stuns stop working on bosses after a certain point, but Interject will stop any ability that's flashing. If the ability has a super short cast time and has a common spell name like Blizzard, it's not usually worth interrupting. Watch out for Tankbusters. These deal a massive amount of damage in end-game content, but they still deal a sizable chunk of your HP in normal content. There are two ways to tell if something is a tankbuster. The first is by being hit with it as you notice your HP suddenly disappear. The second is by looking at the cast bar for the boss. Most (not all) tankbusters take a decent amount of time to cast, giving you time to put up your defensive cooldowns or Shelltron (lvl 35). If there are no other "tells" (AoE markers, boss raising its fist and facing away from you, etc), it's probably a tankbuster. That's a good time to use Shelltron and maybe pop Sentinel or Rampart. Some hard-hitting abilities from bosses can be avoided by moving away. Coincounter in Aurum Vale is a good example of this: his 100-tonze (etc) abilities can be avoided easily if you're paying attention. Don't waste LB. Tank LB is one of the least used abilities in the game. There are a few places where it's the meta to use it, but otherwise, a healer LB3 or DPS LB is vastly preferred over a tank LB.
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Writer: Christian Mihr
Info: Director Reporters without Borders (RSF) Germany @ReporterOG #Journalist #Activist #LatinAmerica #EasternEurope #FOI #pressfreedom #HumanRights #Digitalfreedom

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