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99 m
rating 5,2 of 10
country Canada
year 2019
1690 vote
Download playmobil elokuvan. This film start with a sister "Marla" singing and playing with her brother "Charlie" a policeman tell them their parents die in a car accident, and four years later, Marla and Charlie suck into an animated universe at the toy museum scene! As turnout, this film is about Marla need to saving Charlie from the capture of Emperor Maximus in the animated universe! Entire film full of overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the tripping scene, overuse of the opinionated scene, overuse of the singing scene, especially the song introducing "Rex Dasher" super annoying and bored! The action in the film also quite messy and not intense! Such as, first one, Charlie fighting with the Viking scene! This scene have some punching and cannonball scene, but too messy! Second one, Charlie fighting with a T-Rex scene! The T-Rex easily tamed by the magic hay! Not intense at all! Barely laughable scene is, a pirate singing, accidentally hit by a stairs launch from a ship! At the end, Emperor Maximus been captured, the flying T-Rex carrying Charlie and Marla back to the lighthouse! Charlie and Marla eventually back to the real world! Still have one post credit scene! The toy museum's guard found Emperor Maximus escape from the cage, he put Emperor Maximus back to the mountain! That's it! Another disappointed film.
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I find it ridiculous how many critics trashed this movie. I went into this film with very very low expectations, like Chicken Little levels. But its accually a cute film. It is no Finding Nemo, but a quick paced little story of adventure. It moves quickly and kept my kids attention. There were more moments where I thought this was really good. Jim Gaffigan did a great job. It is a musical with a lot of action. As a Dad who is a classic film buff I would watch this again and yet again the critics are aweful. Its not Lego movie, but it is harmless fun. On top of that the movie is 5 per ticket due to an experimental pricing experiment. Please do yourself a favor at this price, go see this with the family. And ignore the critics who can this but throw high numbers at whatever Disney throws up.
About as bland and boring as getting Playmobil toys when you really wanted Legos.









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