Do you think Yuna Kim's performance deserves high score?See with your own eyes, and judge it.Be Fair for all figure skaters!

We are fans of figure skating, disappointed at unfair judging.
For many years, judges clearly favored Yuna Kim over other skaters and kept treating her differently.
At Vancouver season, she won the Olympic Games thanks to odd scoring.

If we do not say "NO", we will be counted as "Yes".
No, Yuna Kim is not the Queen.

So, we collect data, movies & pictures that prove skating skills of Yuna Kim are not good and her mistakes were overlooked deliberately.

Do you think her performance deserves high score?
See with your own eyes, and judge it.
Each and every skater has the right to be judged in an impartial, equal, and fair manner.

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2010 Torino World Championship, the performance of the silver medalist