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Runtime: 1 h, 40Minute / Genre: Drama, Romance / actors: Josh O'Connor / Country: UK / Tomatometers: 7,3 of 10 Stars / audience score: 114 Vote. Description: The intimate, intense and loving story of HOPE GAP charts the life of Grace (Annette Bening) shocked to learn her husband (Bill Nighy) is leaving her for another after 29 years of marriage, and the ensuing emotional fallout the dissolution has on their only grown son (Josh OConnor. Unraveled and feeling displaced in her small seaside town, Grace ultimately regains her footing and discovers a new, powerful voice. Release Date: 3/6/2020 Genre: Drama Studio: Screen Media Offical Website: Rating: Release Dates: Country Release Type Date United States Theatrical Wide Release 3/6/2020. Hope Gap - Trailer - video dailymotion.
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“I cant bear to think youre unhappy, Jamie, ” the mother tells her son. “Im fine, ” he replies. “Fine isnt the same as happy, ” she reminds, adding to her husband, “ Were happy, arent we, Edward? ” He looks away as he says, “Yes, were fine. ” Annette Bening in ‘Hope Gap Roadside Attractions/Screen Media Here is the first trailer for? Hope Gap,? starring Bil Nighy as a man who ups and leaves his wife (Annette Bening) for another woman after 29 years. the ensuing emotional fallout the dissolution has on their only grown son (Josh OConnor. Unraveled and feeling displaced in her small seaside town, Grace ultimately regains her footing and discovers a new, powerful voice. ‘Gladiator & ‘Shadowlands scribe William Nicholson wrote and directed the film, which he calls his “most intense and loving” movie yet. Roadside Attractions and Screen Media teamed to acquire? Hope Gap? in November 2018 and will release it in theaters on March 6. Have a look at the trailer above and the key art below, and tell us what you think. Roadside Attractions/Screen Media.
15 total views Info Playlist Poll views Chapters Highlights Thank you for taking our poll! Sorry, the poll has ended 0 videos ( 0) Videos Playlists About Privacy Search for videos Cancel of Featured videos ??【HOPE GAP】??????M???Є 720?`??~2019 OFF AIR ??????. Hope Gap] 《FullHD?Movie ~ 2019 2 months ago 8 views 『'720?. ǗĤĎ'【HOPE GAP】 FULLMOVIE?2019 7 views All videos 2 videos Hope Gap (2019) Full HD Version Playlist ( 15642. 000) ??HOPE GAP. 2019] ? [ Full. M. O. V. I. E] ?Online. PLAY HERE. ? A couple's visit with their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother... ? No privacy policy was made available to date... &ref(
From the and-things-keep-getting-better dept Announcing The Sky Is Rising 2019: a new report offering a detailed look at the entertainment industry. A funny thing happened on the way to the internet supposedly destroying the entertainment industry. It saved the entertainment industry instead. A little over seven years ago, we released our first Sky is Rising report for CCIA. At the time, the key point we found in looking at the state of the modern entertainment industry was that the parts that were whining the loudest about how awful the internet was for content were only representing a very small part of the actual content industries. Recorded music may have been struggling as a business, but every other aspect of the music business was thriving. More music was being produced than ever before. More music was being consumed than ever before. More people were spending more money on music than ever before. just not in the traditional ways. Ditto for video. And books. As we noted back in that original report, if you focused on the supposed true purpose of copyright. to "promote the progress" of content production. it was clear that the internet had made that possible a lot more than "copyright" law ever did. Today, again in partnership with CCIA, we're releasing our brand new Sky is Rising report for 2019, again looking at the state of the global entertainment industry. And, once again, it's thriving. But something big has changed in the past decade or so: even the legacy parts that were struggling when we put together the last report, the parts that were most impacted by the transformative nature of the internet, are now thriving as well. And in basically every case it's because of the internet that the legacy companies have shunned and complained about (not to mention demanded a continuous, never-ending, new set of laws to "tame" the very internet that is saving them. A few tidbits from the report, though I recommend reading the whole thing. Despite the doom and gloom statements from the industry about how consumers were just "getting stuff for free" and no longer interested in paying for content, the data shows that consumers continue to increase their spending. There was a temporary drop off. but it coincided not with the rise of the internet, but with the 2008 financial crisis: The recorded music business is often the poster child for an industry "wrecked" by the internet. And you could potentially have made that argument a few years ago if you totally ignored the fact that more people were making and releasing music than ever before. But certainly, recorded" music revenue had dropped. until, starting around 2014, that turned around. And it's entirely due to streaming music, which last year accounted for nearly half of all recorded music revenue, and continues to grow at an astounding clip. Anyone who says that the internet has destroyed the recorded music business is lying to you: But, that's not all. 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This too is an old playbook for the RIAA labels, who have spent decades trying to squeeze every penny out of any successful online service, continually insisting that if anyone else makes a dime off of music, it should instead go to the labels. The video world is another fascinating realm. Netflix and other streaming video providers have helped created the golden age of TV-style programming these days. We detail in the report just how much Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming video services have been spending on content, leading to massive growth in original scripted TV programming. But, it's not just the online streaming services. The number of original scripted TV programs on broadcast, basic cable and premium cable has also risen over the past decade. And this is all happening despite so much competition from other things people can do with their free time: On the movie side of the coin, box office revenue continues to increase, both in the US and abroad. 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The home video market is growing fast. and it's almost all because of the internet. Note how much of the market is now subscription based, rather than transactional. That's Netflix's innovation, not the movie studios. And then there's books. Once again, rather than destroying the market, the internet has saved it. More and more books are being published. Interestingly, in the book market, the story was a bit different than elsewhere. While ebooks and audiobooks are now a significant portion of the book market, physical books seem to be making a bit of a comeback. and a lot of that has to do with the ability to buy them online. Indeed, what we found in our research is that a tremendous uptick in new books is coming from authors self-publishing (in 2017, over a million self-published books were released for the first time. a massive increase over the past decade. Believe it or not, most of those self-published books are available as paper books, rather than ebooks, thanks to internet services like Amazon CreateSpace, Lulu and Blurb. Indeed, as we saw back in the 2012 report, a huge part of the story of today's entertainment industry is how much is now being driven not by the old gatekeepers, but by the fact that anyone can make use of the internet to create: whether it's video, movies, music, books, or video games, lots of people are using the internet to create, to build an audience, to distribute globally. and to make some money. So many of the new "stars" are coming up via the internet, rather than waiting for some legacy gatekeeper to discover them. That hasn't made those gatekeepers obsolete, but it's certainly taken away some of their leverage. Back in 2011, we noted that so many people kept referring to their being some sort of "war" between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, but it struck us as odd that Silicon Valley kept coming up with the "weapons" that seemed likely to help Hollywood thrive. Eight years later, the evidence is in: the entertainment industry is thriving. The sky is rising. And Hollywood should be thanking the internet, rather than continuing to attack it at every single turn. Go check out the full Sky Is Rising 2019 Report for a detailed look at the state of the entertainment industry today. Filed Under: books, hollywood, movies, music, sky is rising, tv, video, video games.

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Torrent video hope gap ar. Posted by Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 7:00pm, 10/7/2018 - 7:00pm Whitehouse “boofed” and “ralphed” the Kavanaugh hearings, giving Republican challenger Robert Flanders hope to close the gap in the coming month. Sheldon Whitehouse is being challenged by former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders in the upcoming Senate race. We have been covering the race for months, long before it started to gain national attention. That recent attention is a result of Whitehouses performance during the Kavanaugh hearings, when he earned national mockery for intensive questioning of Kavanaugh about such things as whether the term “boof” in a high school yearbook referred to a sex act or flatulence. Whitehouses quest to prove that “boof” and “Devils Triangle” and other yearbook terms referred to sex acts has been debunked by Kavanaughs classmates in material submitted to the Judiciary Committee. Flanders is making Whitehouses performance during the Kavanaugh hearings an issue in the campaign, issuing the following Statement ?supporting the Kavanaugh confirmation (emphasis added) US Senate candidate Bob Flanders announces his support of the US Senates vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday afternoon. “Despite the desperate attempts by partisan, far-left Senators, including Rhode Islands junior Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, to derail Judge Kavanaughs nomination with false accusations of sexual misconduct, the Senate yesterday confirmed an accomplished jurists appointment to the US Supreme Court. This confirmation battle has highlighted the deep partisan divide that continues to pull our nation apart at the seams. Unfortunately, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse continues his ongoing attempts to exploit this divide to advance his political career and his extremist agenda. Rhode Island deserves a Senator who will respect our most venerable institutions and work with Senators from both parties, rather than re-elect a partisan bomb-thrower like Sheldon Whitehouse, ” Flanders said. flanders4senate is holding a press conference this morning, saying that @SenWhitehouse 's actions during the #BrettKavanaugh nomination process shows disrespect of his senate seat and he "no longer deserves to represent Rhode Islanders" ABC6 ? Amanda Pitts ABC6 ( APittsABC6) October 6, 2018 I have long believed that the RI Senate Race could be the big surprise of 2018, mostly because of the local Rhode Island landscape at to Whitehouses personna. There are some anecdotal indications that? Whitehouse is vulnerable, ?though he remains far ahead the only public poll taken in the race, but that was before the boofing episode. Local radio host John DePetro has reported, and I have separately heard but not confirmed, that Whitehouses internal polling shows a much closer race, in the high single digits. Flanders now is getting a lot of national attention for an ad he just released, called “ Gasbag. ” Fox News reports: The Republican candidate opposing Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in November labeled the Democrat a “gasbag” for his lengthy questioning of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on slang used in his high school yearbook. Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Bob Flanders released an ad calling Whitehouse (D-R. I. “an embarrassment” to the Ocean State. During Kavanaughs hearings, Whitehouse pressed the judge on “boofing” and “the beach week ralph club. ” … Part of Whitehouses interrogation is played in the ad. “Have you boofed? ” Whitehouse asked Kavanaugh, pressing him to define the term further. “That refers to flatulence, we were 16, ” Kavanaugh responded. “You want to talk about flatulence at age 16 on a yearbook page, Im game. ” Whitehouse is then seen scowling at Kavanaugh as a narrator says “lets elect a problem solver, not a gasbag. ” The video is starting to gain traction on social media: This ad could do damage to Whitehouse if run heavily on local TV. Whitehouses performance being an embarrassment to Rhode Island could resonate. The momentum is building across the state! Rhode Island is ready for change. Please help me get across the finish line: ? Bob Flanders for U. S. Senate ( flanders4senate) October 7, 2018 There is a debate between Whitehouse and Flanders at 7pm on Tuesday, October 9th, on WPRI 12 in Rhode Island. Will “Gasbag” be an issue.
Thank you William Nicholson for saving my Dinard Film Festival 2019. After viewing several so un-innovative "real stories" Red Joan, Fisherman's Friends) and "social realism" films (The Last Tree, VS - even though VS's world of rap battles was fascinating) I was getting really disappointed in British cinema.
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So……. tweets from the President about the stock market this morning? Hello from Flatland. Im traveling all day today, so youre not going to get the usual torrent of content. I will say that Im pleased to see ? ? could it be ? ? a second day of weakness in equities. I hope D. C. rides to the rescue. Wont someone think of the children? Ive got 50 short positions, some of which Ive been augmenting quite a lot lately (particularly in energy) and I remain long SDS and ERY in my “etf-only” account.









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