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Runtime - 1Hour, 54 m / Rosabell Laurenti Sellers / Drama / writed by - Douglas Day Stewart / release date - 2020.
Listening in 2019. OMG my new favorite song????????. Who hurt this beautiful man.
Love Actually With a slow rhythm, eight love stories turn intersect without disturbance. Besides, each affair which carries a different color: romantic, humorous and insightful... shows a sweet song about love. Duration: 135 min Quality: HD Release: 2003 IMDb: 7. 7. Beyond impressed! Cant believe after 33 years from the original recording, Ann can interpret this beautiful song as great as when it was released! Ive got me tickets for their 2019 Houston visit coming up! No voices like Ann or Nancys anymore. Not even close. Sister: why are you listening to this? Me: because I just got out a unhealthy relationship! Sister: oh well, are you ok? Me: listen to this song! What do you think? Sister: omg your really hurt. Me: duh. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it so so so so so mush ????????????.
I still haven't found my soulmate to pour my heart out to. ? I wanna. I wanna. I WANNA KNOW WHAT LO?E IS.

2k19 everyone. I cant wait. The following is a list of episodes of the television show What I Like About You. The series aired on The WB from September 20, 2002 to March 24, 2006, with 86 episodes produced spanning 4 seasons. No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code 1 1 "The Pilot" Gary Halvorson Dan Schneider & Wil Calhoun September?20,?2002 #475-352 When Holly's father gets a new job that involves moving to Japan, she makes an effort to stay in New York with her older sister Valerie by transforming herself into the perfect roommate. Unfortunately, nearly all of Holly's attempts go awry and it begins to look like she might have to resign herself to moving to Japan. 2 2 "Spa Day" Gary Halvorson Dan Schneider September?27,?2002 #175-602 When Holly's plans to spend a day at a spa with Val clash with her appointment to get her picture taken with JC Chasez from N*Sync, she sets out to do both at the same time. Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary compete to see who is in better physical shape. 3 3 "Roommates" Gary Halvorson Wil Calhoun October?4,?2002 #175-601 Val has trouble adjusting to Holly's carefree attitude, so she makes the teen follow a strict set of rules spelled out on paper called GRC (Good Roommate Chart). However, Holly breaks the rules when she and Gary go into Val's room to retrieve a DVD and are caught by Val when she comes home early. 4 4 "The Teddy Bear" Shelley Jensen Hayes Jackson October?11,?2002 #175-605 Val and Holly fight over ownership of a teddy bear from their childhood until they agree to give the toy to a child who leaves downstairs named Josie ( Abigail Breslin) who winds up messing around with it. Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary try to fix Val's armoire, but end up upsetting Val with what they do. 5 5 "Cool Older Sister" Shelley Jensen Stacy Traub October?18,?2002 #175-604 Val decides to stop nagging like a mom to Holly and give the teen more freedom, but her new strategy backfires when Holly tries to stay out all night without telling Val where she's going. 6 6 "The Parrot Trap" Shelley Jensen Lesley Wake Webster & Sarah McLaughlin November?1,?2002 #175-606 Holly tries to impress a cute guy who's leading a protest against the alleged abuse of a parrot at a zoo with her passion for animal rights, but her fake zeal for the cause leads to an abduction of the bird. Meanwhile, Val attempts to play matchmaker for a woman who always eats alone at Jeff's restaurant, and the woman ends up kissing Jeff. 7 7 "Tankini" Gary Halvorson Rich Kaplan November?8,?2002 #175-608 Gary feels left out when an old female friend Samantha (Chelsea Brummet) comes to visit Holly, but Holly gets a surprise when she catches the pair making out. Meanwhile, Jeff is bummed when he discovers that Val still sleeps in a sweater from an ex-boyfriend, a high school football player named Steve. The episode is a possible a reference to Ian Ziering and Jennie Garth 's relationship in the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210. 8 8 "Copy That" Shelley Jensen Steven Molaro November?15,?2002 #175-609 Holly gets a job at a photocopy store and embarrasses herself when she tries to tell a co-worker ( Penn Badgley) that she's not interested in him. Meanwhile, Val gets to work closely with her boss on a big project, but she soon discovers that the woman has an unpleasant hygiene problem. 9 9 "Thanksgiving" Mark Cendrowski Kirker Butler November?22,?2002 #175-607 Val and Holly plan a quiet Thanksgiving at home, but first they must find a way to ditch the annual gathering at their aunt's house. Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary set out to find the perfect turkey to share with Val and Holly. 10 10 "The Party" Shelley Jensen Sung Min Suh & Ethan Banville January?10,?2003 #175-610 Gary accompanies Holly to a college party after Holly swipes a cute guy's cell phone and calls him at his dorm to return it. At the party Gary finds out that the guy is a two-timer and tries to save Holly from getting involved with him. Meanwhile, Jeff and Val square off over a game of Scrabble. 11 11 "The Other Woman" Sheldon Epps TBA January?17,?2003 #175-611 Holly becomes pals with Jeff's ex-girlfriend Dana ( Rebecca Gayheart), despite Jeff's warnings that such a relationship could be troublesome. Meanwhile, Gary saves the life of a real-estate magnate at a concert and receives an unusual reward. 12 12 "Girls Night Out" Shelley Jensen Stacy Traub January?24,?2003 #175-612 Holly joins Val for a night on the town, but their evening turns when a guy who Holly likes ends up kissing Val. 13 13 "The Cheerleading Incident" Steve Zuckerman Kirker Butler January?31,?2003 #175-613 Val's attempt to be more spontaneous lands her in an embarrassing costume and an awkward situation with Jeff's mom ( Nancy Lenehan). To get on Jeff's mom's good side Val takes her and Holly to a restaurant. Jeff's mom is inspired by Val's spontaneity and decides to leave her husband. Holly and Gary each claim ownership of a free digital-music player called the "iBop". Holly gives it to Gary when she thinks it is broken only to find out that it isn't broken after all. 14 14 "The Game" Steve Zuckerman Steven Molaro February?7,?2003 #175-614 Holly advises Val to use dirty tactics against another employee, Lauren, who is competing with Val for a coveted promotion. Gary freaks out after attending a sideshow in the city. 15 15 "Valentine's Day" Shelley Jensen Lesley Wake Webster & Sarah McLaughlin February?14,?2003 #175-615 Holly thinks that Jeff will propose to Val on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, a nervous Gary begs Holly to double date with him after he asks out a beautiful girl. Holly gives in and goes on a 'not date', as she calls it, with Henry. 16 16 "Holly's First Job" Gerry Cohen Phil Baker & Drew Vaupen February?21,?2003 #175-603 Jeff hires Holly to work at his restaurant, but the teen's clumsiness aggravates her co-workers and tests the owner's patience. Meanwhile, a bored Gary tries to spend time with Val but ends up getting on her nerves. 17 17 "The Breakup" Shelley Jensen Hayes Jackson February?28,?2003 #175-616 Val breaks up with Jeff after he says he doesn't want to get married, and she tries to bury her pain under a veneer of optimism. Exhausted with Val's enthusiasm, Holly tries to get her sister to drop the act and face up to her pain. 18 18 "Dude, Where's Val's Car? " Shelley Jensen TBA March?7,?2003 #175-617 Holly ditches school with Henry ( Michael McMillian) and borrows Val's car, but the vehicle soon disappears. Meanwhile, Gary helps Jeff's restaurant career and expects free food from his pal in return. 19 19 "Loose Lips" Sheldon Epps Kirler Butler & Steven Molaro April?4,?2003 #175-618 Holly encourages Val to socialize with her co-workers, but a night out with them puts Val in a compromising position with her boss, Vic. Meanwhile, Jeff meets an attractive woman ( Anne-Marie Johnson), only to learn that she is Gary's mother. 20 20 "The Fix Up" Shelley Jensen TBA April?25,?2003 #175-619 Frustrated by Val's withering social life, Holly disregards Henry's vague warning and sets her sister up with his handsome doctor brother, Noah ( Cameron Mathison). Meanwhile, Gary competes with his girlfriend Jill when she is hired as a waitress at Jeff's restaurant. 21 21 "Tyler v. World" Shelley Jensen Alexandra Rushfield & Jennifer Konner May?2,?2003 #175-621 A neighbor discovers that Val violated a lease agreement and the infraction might cost Holly her residency in the building. Meanwhile, Gary feels slighted by an inexpensive birthday present from Holly. Absent: Simon Rex as Jeff 22 22 "The Talk" Shelley Jensen Caryn Lucas May?9,?2003 #175-620 Val lectures Holly about sex, but a chance encounter with Jeff makes her look like a hypocrite. Meanwhile, Gary keeps ditching Holly to spend time with his girlfriend. Last appearance of Simon Rex as Jeff No. code 23 1 "I Love " Shelley Jensen Caryn Lucas & Wil Calhoun September?11,?2003 #177-401 Holly tries to help Henry overcome his jealousy of Vince, an eccentric older guy who works as a bike messenger for Harper and Diggs, but she makes matters worse when she accidentally tells Henry that she loves him. Meanwhile, back at the office, Val finds herself attracted to Peter, her handsome and charming new boss. 24 2 "Boys' Club" Shelly Jensen Kirker Butler September?18,?2003 #177-402 Holly begins to feel stressed with all the things she has to keep up with and ends up accidentally abandoning Henry when he gets his wisdom teeth removed. Meanwhile, Val gets upset with her boss's business antics and the new boys' club atmosphere that the business has taken on. Eventually Val takes matters into her own hands and quits. Absent: Nick Zano as Vince 25 3 "When Holly Met Tina" Shelley Jensen Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg September?25,?2003 #177-403 In order to help Val get her first client since starting her own public relations firm, Holly becomes friends with the client's troubled teenage daughter, Tina, who believes that she is pregnant. When she was caught with the unopened test by her mom, Holly takes the blame for the test by saying it's hers. Meanwhile, Lauren distracts Peter when she and Val find themselves in competition with this former boss of theirs for the new account. First Appearance of Allison Munn as Tina 26 4 "The Loft" Shelley Jensen Rosalind Moore October?2,?2003 #177-404 When Holly gets annoyed with Val and her work space, Val looks at other places for her office. Holly finds another place in the same building that Tina lives in but the owner ( Terry Rhoads) won't let them have it. After they reunite him with his daughter (which doesn't go too well), he still refuses to let Val and Holly have his loft, but he offers them another loft in the same building. 27 5 "Like a Virgin (Kinda)" Gary Halvorson Steven Molaro October?9,?2003 #177-405 When Holly learns that Henry has already lost his virginity she is shocked. She and Tina go and search the city frantically for the girl ( Megan Fox)
Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Moderator of r/politics President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday over the coronavirus outbreak. This will allow the federal government to quickly free up billions in federal aid for local municipalities and states to use to combat the illness. Trump is facing mounting pressure from mayors and governors ? as well as congressional Democrats ??to respond quickly as the virus spreads. Submissions that may interest you SUBMISSION DOMAIN Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus Trump declares national emergency. Coronavirus updates live: Trump declares a national emergency Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus Coronavirus: Trump officially declares national emergency and invokes Stafford Act Like the flu? Trump's coronavirus messaging confuses public, pandemic researchers say For the Love of God, Why Is the Trump Administration Blocking Medicaid Access to Fight Coronavirus? In past emergencies, the federal government loosened restrictions so that state governments could use Medicaid funds to help with testing?the White House today isn't doing that for COVID-19. Ivanka Trump works from home after interacting with official who tested for coronavirus House Republicans are reportedly 'skittish' about supporting coronavirus response package without Trump's support Trump ‘not concerned’ over coronavirus exposure, but Mar-a-Lago touts virus precautions House Will Vote on Coronavirus Relief Bill, But Trump Has Yet to Sign On Trump will reportedly declare a national emergency over the coronavirus after weeks of downplaying the threat of the pandemic Trump's inability to communicate causing coronavirus pandemic chaos 'Testing, testing, testing': Pelosi introduces 'evidence based' coronavirus response just before Trump speech The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the worst of Donald Trump Ivanka Trump stayed home from White House after exposure to person with coronavirus Trump set to declare national emergency, lawmakers plan sweeping COVID-19 aid package Trump Lied to Us in His Last Coronavirus Address. This Time, We’ll Wait for the Truth Report: Fox Producer Admits Networks’ Pro-Trump Coronavirus Coverage Is ‘Really Irresponsible’ Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis Can Trump Cancel Or Postpone The Election Over The Coronavirus? Trump to declare an emergency in latest bid to combat coronavirus Here's what Trump's coronavirus emergency declaration does Trump declares national emergency to combat coronavirus, authorizes waiving of laws and regulations Dow tumbles, soars, closes with a gain of 1, 900 points after Trump declares national emergency 'Two very big words': Trump officially declares coronavirus national emergency Trump Declared A National State Of Emergency Over The Coronavirus Outbreak Trump Declares National Emergency President Trump declares a national emergency due to coronavirus President Donald Trump announces declaration of national emergency due to coronavirus U. S. markets surge on Trump’s emergency coronavirus declaration after wild day of trading Trump declares national emergency Trump announces a national emergency, 'two very big words, ' over the coronavirus Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency. What does that mean? Dow pops 1985 points as Trump's national emergency enlist google, walmart in coronavirus fight Stocks post monster gains; Dow surges 9% adding nearly 2000 points as Trump declares coronavirus emergency Trump shook hands, patted backs and touched the microphone 31 times while declaring the coronavirus national emergency During the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, the Obama administration declared a national emergency after only 20 cases, and within a month had performed 1 million tests for the flu bug. How did our government become so impotent? South Florida ICE detention centers ban visitors after Trump declares national emergency ‘Two Very Big Words’: Trump Announces National Emergency for Coronavirus Dow Rallies 1, 985 Points As Stocks Surge After Trump Declares National Emergency Trump sends signed chart showing stock market gains to supporters after he declared coronavirus a national emergency With the National Emergency declared today, does this “H. R. 2979 - Natural Disaster Emergency Mortgage Relief Act of 2011” is activated? Trump declares coronavirus a national emergency House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus emergency Trump Brags of Stock Market Surge After his Declaration of a National Emergency House passes aid package for coronavirus emergency; Buck is Colorado’s lone no vote House passes coronavirus relief bill to provide free COVID-19 testing for everyone, paid emergency leave Kemp declares unprecedented public health emergency in Georgia The House just passed a bill guaranteeing free coronavirus testing and emergency paid sick leave Oklahoma implements anti-price gouging law after coronavirus national emergency declaration Trump signs chart showing stock market rally after he declared national emergency over coronavirus /r/Politics is for news and discussion about U. politics. Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More.
WHAT ABOUT LOVE. The song that created the MMM Yeah meme.
You wouldn’t think grown adults bickering about their professional capabilities and tearing each other’s accomplishments down would make for great entertainment, but 15 seasons of Love It or List It proves otherwise. Like most design shows, Love It or List It starts with a family facing a dilemma: their current home does not meet their unique needs.?Interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin compete with a sibling-like rivalry to convince the family to renovate their current space or sell it and find a house that’s move-in ready elsewhere. It’s kind of like if your standard makeover design show and House Hunters had a baby. Since 2008, the show has run a whopping 130 episodes. While design trends have changed in the past 11 years, there’s still something entertaining about the competitive nature, which makes it a timeless binge-watch. Here’s how to watch Love It or List It online for free. What channel is Love It or List It on? Love It or List It airs on HGTV in the U. S. It also appears on Canadian channels W Network and OWN Canada. How to watch Love It or List It for free Love It or List It is available on several of the major TV streaming services, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you? We recommend comparing the price, the included channels, and the compatible devices for streaming. If you just want to watch Love It or List It for free, you’re in luck because every service includes a complimentary one-week trial. That’s cheaper than any renovation budget Hillary Farr’s ever seen. 1) Sling TV Cost: $25-$40 per month (after a 7-day free trial) Devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android Fire Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Oculus Go, and iOS and Android devices Local channels: NBC, Fox (check your local availability here) Sling TV is well known for its live TV streaming services, but it offers thousands of titles on-demand, including all 78 episodes of Love It or List It as well as other HGTV shows. There are two cable packages based on your particular needs ( Sling Orange and Sling Blue), each costing $25 per month. Either individual package includes HGTV, but you’re getting significantly more TV with Sling Blue (42 channels) than Sling Orange (28 channels). If you want the best bang for your buck, we recommend the upgrade to Sling Orange + Blue for just $15 more at $40 monthly. It’s an especially good choice if you or someone else in the house is a sports fan since you get all the top channels like three ESPN networks, FS1 and FS2, NBCSN, NFL Network, and more. (Here’s the complete guide to Sling TV channels. ) TRY SLING TV 2) Hulu Cost: $7. 99 per month (after a 7-day free trial) Hulu devices: Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices Local channels: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, the CW (check your local availability here) Hulu offers all the episodes for three random seasons (6, 11, 12) on-demand, totaling 26 episodes. There are 22 other HGTV shows on-demand for you to binge. Hulu’s VOD service has the cheapest monthly fee for Love It or List It fans, but Hulu with Live TV gives you the best of both worlds: access to on-demand content and live TV streaming, including local networks. That way you can tune in when HGTV runs its popular Love It or List It marathons and watch your favorite Chip and Jo moments anytime you want. There are 60 channels to choose from, including The CW, ABC, ESPN, and more. You’ll also get tons of great movies and original programs exclusively available on Hulu. (Here’s the complete list of Hulu Live TV channels. ) TRY HULU 3) Philo Cost: $16 per month ( after a 7-day free trial) Philo devices: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, iOS and Android devices Philo is the most budget-friendly live TV streaming service at $16 monthly. Though it only offers 40 channels, you get plenty of bang for your buck in cable entertainment. It has HGTV for your Love It or List It fix, plus all the other Scripps Network (now owned by Discovery) channels, including DIY Network, Food Network, Travel Channel, and more. You get a sizable amount of other entertainment options, like AMC, Comedy Central, and two Lifetime channels, just to name a few. It is notably lacking in sports or news channels though. (Here’s a complete guide to Philo channels. ) TRY PHILO 4) FuboTV Cost: $44. 99 for your first month and $54. 99 per month thereafter (after a 7-day free trial) FuboTV devices: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, iOS and Android devices Local channels: ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, the CW (in some markets) (check local availability here) FuboTV is one of the better options for households with sports fanatics. It is also one of the most generous streaming services, with 85 channels included its most basic package. In addition to HGTV, you gain access to a slew of great networks, including Food Network, Lifetime, two Hallmark channels, Bravo, MTV, and more. The CW may be available in your market, so be sure to check before subscribing. There are also packages that cater to fans of basketball, international soccer, cycling, fishing, and more. (Here’s the complete FuboTV channels list. ) TRY FUBOTV 5) PlayStation Vue Cost: $44. 99-$79. 99 per month (after a 7-day free trial) PlayStation Vue devices: PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Kodi, iOS and Android devices Local channels: NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS ( enter your ZIP code here to check your availability) Despite the name, you don’t actually need a PlayStation console to use Sony’s streaming service. It works just fine with Roku, Amazon Fire devices, and Kodi. The basic package will give you popular channels, like AMC, HGTV, ESPN, FX, and more. There will be some variation in local channels depending on your zip code though, so be sure to check. Stream on up to five devices under one account, with unlimited cloud DVR storage. (Here are all of PlayStation Vue channels. ) TRY PLAYSTATION VUE Other ways to watch Love It or List It online Amazon Video Cost: $2. 99/episode, $23. 99/season Devices: Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Fire phone; Roku, Google TV, TiVo, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii You can watch past episodes of Love It or List It with a Firestick or on your TV, tablet, phone, or computer with Amazon Video. It costs $2. 99 per episode, or you can buy an entire season starting at $23. 99. This is definitely the costliest way to access the shows, though it does allow you to own the titles permanently since it’s not guaranteed to stay on other services. BUY ON AMAZON The Daily Dot may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article. Click here to learn more. Last updated Jul 10, 2019, 1:26 pm Christine Burkson Christine Burkson is the Senior Ecommerce Manager of the Daily Dot. Her work focuses on product reviews, Amazon deals, and online shopping. She previously served as an editor at Mashable, where she helped build the site's viral news section, and Yahoo, where she focused on DIY culture. Her work has also appeared on Bustle.









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