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genre=Drama, Romance
Faleena Hopkins
brief=Just One More Kiss is a movie starring Patrick Zeller, Faleena Hopkins, and Frances Mitchell. "Til death do us part" wasn't nearly long enough for Max and Abby as his ghost returns to help her get over him. But with a second chance
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Casts=Erik Parillo
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I really like the unexpected desert-like sound. Finding all this out really came as a shock to me. We have been together for 14 years, married for 10, and have 2 children 6 and 4. The last thing I ever expected was to find out she was having an affair or would cheat on me. Strap in for a long one... It started about a year ago. We became friends with a couple who had similar age children as us, lived close and we all got along really well. We started hanging out, watching each other’s kids, going out as a group quite a bit. Over the coming months my wife and the husband, as they are the primary caregivers to the children while I and the other wife work more hours, started to become closer. They clearly had similar personalities and could just talk and get along. I didn’t see a lot of this since it all happened when I was away and they were doing mutual kid stuff together. I wasn’t too worried about it though. I trusted my wife. I never had any reason to doubt her. She always had guy friends throughout our whole relationship. Through the early spring there were ups and downs for us. She was becoming aware she was somewhat depressed, and started going to counseling. She started working out and eventually losing weight. Shortly after starting counseling she asked me to go to couples counseling. I thought things were fine and I kind of said “I think we are OK? Let’s see how it goes” and left it at that. She never brought up couples counseling again. And she kept acting like things were good with us. We were still sexually active. Our sex lives throughout our marriage has never been a sore spot, but probably not as active as one would like. We never went more than a month without sex, and rarely more than a week, but I always knew she wanted sex more than me. I had insight into this, and found myself asking myself “why don’t I have any sex drive? Will this ever get better? ” In and around this time I found 2 vibrators she bought without telling me. She was clearly hiding them, but they went off overnight one night. She woke up too that night, the next day we talked, and my point was just to say - why didn’t you just talk to me about it? Turns out I was probably depressed too with work and stuff. We moved 5 years ago to her hometown where she had some friends, but not close friends anymore, and I had no friends. I have a good job, am a physician and make good money. But we also spend a lot of money so I was constantly worried about money too, and that’s on me. Throughout her counseling and working out the 4 us of started hanging out more. Felt great - ‘oh we finally have friends! ’ I was happy about it. We started having sex more often, and everything felt pretty good in June. We went on a family trip in July, and during the trip my wife told me the other wife discovered her and his text thread on his phone and it greatly upset her. She told me it was a large quantity, but nothing inappropriate. “There was one time I said ‘I love youuuu’ like a joke but it’s all just friendly” i was told. She kind of offered to show me the texts, but in a “you don’t want to see the texts do you? ” Kind of way. I had no reason not to trust her at this point and was like ‘nah it’s cool, you have guy friends no big. ’ When we got back, I started getting anxious. I dunno why. I just started to feel insecure. I noticed the sex toy pouch was moving around. The 2 of them were spending more time together (he had a week off work for the holiday) with the kids on summer vacation and I was working all the time to make up for the trip. As I got more anxious the texts kept coming up, and it turned into “you can’t look at the texts, that’s an invasion of my privacy. ” She bought him a present a week before my birthday, one she had to put together with iron on patches and that arrived when I was home (i could feel it through the package) and she gave him the next day while I was at work but then I saw it the day after. My point again - why didn’t you just tell me about it? I felt like I was going crazy. Why was I so insecure? Why can’t I trust her? Why am I constantly checking find your friends and the nest cams in the house now? I felt like I was being replaced sexually before with the vibrators, then now I felt I was being replaced as a partner too, and I told her as much. I was a mess. She reassured me they are just friends, nothing is going on, it’s just like “me and ”. But my PHQ-9 was at the upper limit of moderate. I wasn’t sleeping or eating. So I made an appt with a psychologist and a PCP and got started on meds. I have now been going to the therapist every week since August. Before my next guy trip in July, I talked to the wife (who i work with but she’s not a doctor) about the texts. I started to learn more of the details. There was not just 1 “I love you” but many. Good night, good morning almost every day. Pet names. Etc. I was pretty crushed. A week earlier my wife made out with me in her sleep and said “I love you ‘pet name’” and then fell back asleep. I was confused, I asked her, and she said I was ‘pet name’ but after I learned the truth I clearly wasn’t. I talked to my wife about these details the next day. She said she was so depressed, so sad, and so upset with how I had been treating her the last few years she almost left me, and he talked her out of it. I talked to him for a while too. I told them I’m ok with them communicating but the “I love yous” and pet names need to stop. They agreed, apologized, and he said he was going to back off too. A few weeks go by. We are all hanging out and I arrive first and she doesn’t really give me a hug or anything, then they arrive and I just know she is going to hug him asap. And she does. And I lose my mind. Bad on me. I overreacted for sure. I knew I was doing it and just tried to separate myself to cool off, but she comes and is like “wtf is wrong” and we have a fight about it. I knew I was in the wrong, but she still came to get it out of me. The next day, the other couple decide amongst themselves the best thing for their family is to set a boundary that the male and female from our 2 families no longer communicate privately. I didn’t love this because I was starting to be good friends with the female, but I agree, and my wife said it’s BS but she will respect their wishes. Couple more weeks and we are on a family trip just us. I oversee that she has been texting him privately. And texting a million other people the whole trip. It’s really every time she goes to the bathroom or I go she’s on her phone. Eventually I call her out and I was really furious. “So much for boundaries” I say. Was not a good day to have this fight, but it happened and I meant what I said. I was assured they were no longer communicating privately. 3 weeks later, I get a call. She needs to tell me something. The other wife looked at the phone logs and the 2 of them, no longer texting, have now been talking for hours a day. 40 mins at 4am on his way to work, 1. 5 hours at night, 20-40 mins during lunch. Every day. Always when I’m at work. I leave for overnight at 9? 1. 5 hour call. If I’m home at night, no call, but call at 4am. Literally every day. I was crushed. Betrayed. She lied. Like directly lied. We started going to couples therapy finally. She assured me and the therapist they had no more communication. It was over and she was working to rebuild trust so we as families could be friends again and the kids could have their friends back. Well a month goes by and one morning on the nest cam I saw my wife taking a workout selfie but with a sexual kind of pose. Later that night I am able to get on her computer and find her photo stream and find they have been nearly sexting. No true nudity, but sensual pictures, sexy poses, underwear pics, sensual smiles I have never seen before, going back until August. Also there are a ton of ‘inspirational quotes’ about finding your second love, not being able to be with the one you love due to outside circumstances, being with someone who loves you for who you are and not what they want you to be. This is crushing to me. I am devastated. I am so betrayed. She told the counselor they weren’t talking. I told the other wife. Me and my wife talked. They were using a secret messaging app since before our trip with the big fight. But there was nothing physical I was assured. “How will this time be different” I ask over the next few days. “I can’t hurt you again, I can’t keep lying to you”. I find out that she had told him she wanted to run away with him, in 5 years when kids are older or 20 years if she has to. I’m told it was just an escape, a fantasy. But nothing physical. 2 days later he spills the beans to his wife. They have been kissing since August, since before my hug overreaction. They had sex numerous times, at least 2-3. It all made sense now. She would go “run errands” during nights she knew the wife would be at work and either I would be home or she would hire a sitter and she would go over there. The first night she went over, I had a bad feeling bc she turned find your friends off and hired a sitter before I got home from work. I asked her the next day and she said ‘no I went to my friends’ house, see here’s this picture I took with her’. But this was definitely the first night she went to his house to sleep with him. SHE MADE SURE TO TAKE A PICTURE AS AN ALIBI! My wife still didn’t tell me about this. We went to couples therapy, she explained the pictures and made a point that nothing physical happened. And then I came out with what I knew. I couldn’t hold it anymore. We cried, I was devastated, she was ashamed. However, the next day she went to his work to try and talk to him “to get closure and tell him sorry”. He sped away and she followed for a bit, then turned around and called me. But how can I be sure that’s what she wanted? How do I know she didn’t go to see if there was some

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So many comments in Japanese! O.O Hello. Artist: The Weeknd Album: Beauty Behind the Madness Release Date: August 28, 2015 Listen: Spotify | Apple --- Who is The Weeknd? Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian artist who has been making music since 2010 and is one of the biggest artists from this past decade ( Number 14 according to Billboard to be exact). His career started off through him dropping a few songs on Youtube under his now known stage name, that gained attention from various music outlets (including popheads favourite Pitchfork) which lead to the release of his first mixtape House of Balloons that was critically acclaimed. He eventually gained the attention of Drake (who got him to contribute to his album Take Care in 2011) and many major record labels (finally signing with Republic Records) and since then his popularity has only skyrocketed all over the world. Initially known for his brooding alternative R&B style and his emotional drug and sex fuelled lyrics, the Weeknd has since then expanded his horizons to incorporate a more pop and electronic style in his music as well by collaborating with producers such as Max Martin and Daft Punk, but still never shying away from his roots in some songs. --- The Journey to Beauty Behind the Madness Prior to 2015, The Weeknd was still a relatively unknown artist to the general public but had significant following in the music hemisphere due to the critical success of his Trilogy mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence) and his debut studio album Kiss Land. At this point in time, I still did not know who The Weeknd was since all I listened to was top 40 music and whatever music videos were trending on Youtube, like the basic teenage I was. After dropping Kiss Land which debuted number 2 on the Billboard Top 200, The Weeknd went on to contribute to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack on two tracks; The Devil May Cry ( which I am totally not listening to for the first time while writing this) and the original version of Elastic Heart with Sia. He dropped a few other songs/covers around this time including his fantastic cover of Drunk in Love as well as King of the Fall (released prior to the King of the Fall Tour). Finally on July 31 2014, he dropped the lead single of BBTM which was Often. Shortly after that single dropped he collaborated with one of my other favourite artists on the song Love Me Harder with Ariana Grande (honestly a top 5 favourite song for me). This ended up being his first top 10 song on the charts and was his first big break into the mainstream. Not too long after at the end of 2014, The Weeknd released Earned It which was the lead single from the infamous 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack (Earned It also ended up being part of BBTM). This was the song that made him more of a household name as it peaked at number 3 on the charts, was nominated for an Oscar and won him his first Grammy (alongside him winning a Grammy for BBTM in the Urban Contemporary catergory). At this point I had heard of him because of this song but I did not care for it particularly at the time. Following Earned It, The Weeknd released The Hills which ended up being his first number one single. This ended up being arguably his biggest hit and his only song to go Diamond (it went 10x Platinum in 2019). Following The Hills, he released Can't Feel My Face and this one-two punch of singles catapulted him into being one of the most popular male artists of this decade. --- Track by Track Real Life Kicking off the album we have Real Life, a dramatic mid tempo song about The Weeknd's hesitancy to commit to a relationship and how he would rather be alone. "Mama called me destructive, said it'd ruin me one day", "Cause every woman that loved me, I seemed to push them away" he laments about his lack of desire to fall in love or even accept love from another woman. This song definitely plays into the same themes his has talked about in the past and I think it's a solid opening to the album that sets the tone properly, although it is personally not one of my standouts. The production I throughly enjoy though and it the ying to Earned It's yang (similar yet polar opposites). Losers (feat. Labrinth) Losers I have felt has always been an underrated track in The Weeknd's discography. In this song he makes allusions about dropping out of high school to pursue his dreams of making music and talks about he managed to make it in the world by relying on himself rather than on others. It's a nice change of pace from his other songs and having Labrinth's fingerprints throughout the song (he helped write and produce it on top of his feature) makes it unique. I love the jazzy elements that he brings into the song and I think the bridge is one of the strongest on the album. Tell Your Friends The third track on the album (also known as the one that Kanye West helped produced) is a braggadocios song about how The Weeknd is now living a life full of fame and he does not shy away about what it's like. It's sort of the precursor to Starboy, however I would say this track is a little darker. In an interview that Abel did with Pitchfork, he talks about how Kanye used Devil in a New Dress from MBDTF as a reference and inspiration while working on this song which makes a lot of sense as they both have a similar style and lyrical content. This song has a very chill vibe to it and showcases a different side to the Weeknd musically compared to other songs on this album; with more rapping and less vocal acrobatics. Often Often is the Weeknd at his usual self; getting with girls and having sex. However, this song in my opinion is one of the biggest bangers that he has done (along with following track on this album). One of my favourite parts of this song is the sample of the song "Ben Sana Vurgunum" sung by Turkish singer Nükhet Duru, which plays in the background of the entire song but most prominently at the beginning and end of the song. I think it's one of the most effective samples I've heard in recent memory and allows the song to stand out greatly. The Hills The Hills is one of the biggest bangers of this decade in my opinion and it also happens to be The Weeknd's most popular song of all time so far (number 31 on the decade end list from Billboard). This song I think is the perfect blend of trap and pop and is one of the few songs in his discography that is loved equally by casual listeners, critics and long time fans. It's definitely one of my favourite songs by him that I will never get sick of, and the fact that this song is rumoured to be about one of my other favourite artists, Ariana Grande, is a juicy tidbit that makes the lyrics in the song even more fascinating to listen to. Acquainted Acquainted originally started off as a leaked song called Girls Born in the 90's, but was reworked a lot before being included on the album (I personally haven't heard the original leak but a lot of fans prefer the original leak to the actual song). This song is probably one of my favourite non-singles from the album as it is low key slaps and has fantastic production (one of the best on the album imo). The production is quite unique and I think this song is a good representation of how Abel combines his old style with a newer sound. Can't Feel My Face Although Earned It and The Hills were the songs that made him blow up, this is the song that made him a household name. This is song your mom, dad and grandparents will bop to when they hear, even though they have no clue what it is actually about (hint: it rhymes with propane). This is also song that made me a fan of the Weeknd so no matter what it will always hold a special place in my heart. As a person who is usually drawn to songs with catchy production before lyrical content, this caught my ear straight away the first time I heard it. The second thing that caught my attention was how much this guy sounded like Michael Jackson, who I was a fan of at the time. This song convinced me to check out the rest of his work and eventually even purchase this album through iTunes. Shameless Shameless I think is another one of the more underrated tracks on the album. A mid tempo song with a plucky acoustic guitar sound (that turns into electric guitar towards the end), this isn't your typical Max Martin produced song (yes it is produced by him). The first time I heard this song, it definitely stood out since it wasn't really like anything else on the album and I think it has grown to be one of my other favourite non-singles from the album. I would definitely love to see The Weeknd do more stripped down and simplistic songs like this in the future. Earned It This is the song that allowed the Weeknd to blow up, so I guess we can thank 50 Shades of Grey for something after all these years. Originally featured on the soundtrack for that movie, this song was added because why not boost your albums sales. This has never been a favourite of mine, but I absolutely love the orchestral strings and his voice on the song. It's mesmerizing for sure. In the Night The sister song to Can't Feel My Face, this song was also produced by Max Martin and it is also one of my favourite songs by him of all time. Just like Can't Feel My Face, the Weeknd sings about a dark subject (an abused girl who uses stripping/dancing as a form of escape from the pain she has received) over an upbeat catchy beat that is classic Max Martin produced stuff from around this time. This song I think is the perfect pop song, with a great build up, bombastic chorus and some of his best MJ-esque vocals. Songs like this are what sold me as a fan, and this song is probably the best starting point for those pop music fans who want to get into his music (if one of this subs favourite main pop girls did this song, they would be raving about it for years and years). As You Are This is in point in the album where the songs go from mostly bops to more mid tempo music. As You A
The stirrings of angels. Watch Stream Just One More. こんな曲あったの初めて知った. Watch stream just one more kiss song. The italian version is so much better.

Hey guys. My name is Ava. When I was 14, I met this kid in my first period science class named Leo. I smiled at him, he grinned at me, and as they say - the rest is history. At first we did the harmless middle school stuff like pass cute notes in class, but that soon turned into three serious, happy years together. We knew each other better than anyone knew us, we had endless fun, and we truly were best friends. When we both turned 17, I decided that we’d been together long enough to start having sex. Luckily for us, his parents went away for the weekend of the Fourth of July that year, so we fully took advantage of the big empty house. My first time (and his) was sweet, it was romantic, and I had never been more in love with him. By the time we turned 18 and graduated high school, the two of us packed our bags and headed to the only college that had accepted the both of us. My parents rented out this cute little studio apartment for us that was about a five minute walk from the campus, and we felt at home the second we stepped through the door. I was just as happy as could be to start this exciting new adventure with the love of my life. About five months into the semester, however, things began to change rapidly. He wanted to spend less time with me, he no longer wanted to touch me, and he was now always gone. I would get the usual excuses ? he was studying, he’s too tired, classes were getting stressful ? but it never made the lack of affection any easier for me. Well, I will spare you the details and just break it to you clean; he’d met a new girl from class. I’d of course suspected it, but it took me a while to accept that the man I’d loved unconditionally for the past four and a half years could leave me for some random girl he just met. There was a weird limbo period for a couple months where we were broken up but still living together, and I cried every night knowing that when he wasn’t home with me, he was with her. Even still, it didn’t fully hit me until he brought his new girlfriend to our apartment one day (without warning) to help him get all of his stuff. I remember her staring at me with amused green eyes as I ran out the door, silently laughing at my pain and obviously pleased with herself for stealing Leo away from me. After that day, I never saw Leo or his new girlfriend Amber ever again. Our mutual friends would reluctantly give me updates on them whenever I asked, which is how I found out that they had transferred to a new school a few states over, but over time they eventually stopped. They told me I needed to get over it and move on ? and they were right. So even though I was still very much in love with Leo, I knew I needed to start trying my best to forget him. Almost a year and a half later, just as I was beginning to feel like myself again, I received a strange call from an unknown number. “Hi Ava, ” said a woman’s voice from the other end of the receiver. “I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from, but we need to talk. ” “Who’s this? ” I asked. “Oh… it’s Amber, ” she replied timidly. “Sorry. ” “Oh. ” “Look, ” she began after a few moments of awkward silence, her voice beginning to break. “I don’t really know how to say this, but Leo passed away in his sleep three nights ago. They don't know what happened, but the autopsy results should be coming in soon. ” The phone slipped out of my hand as I stood there in pure and utter shock. The memories of Leo and I came in a flash of color; our first kiss, the first time we said I love you, the first time we made love, all our summer trips together, all our stupid fights, cheering each other on at graduation. I dropped to the floor and began sobbing uncontrollably. He’d left me, he’d broken all of our promises and threw a wrench in all of our plans, but I’d given him all of my firsts. I loved him then, and I still loved him now. He was gone, and we’d never even gotten the chance to have closure. The pain I felt in that moment was unbearable. A few minutes later, my sobbing was interrupted by the same unknown number calling my cell phone again. “What do you want? ” I screamed into the receiver. “I want to talk, ” Amber said gently. “What is there to talk about? ” “His funeral, ” she replied. “His family wants you there, and… and I know he would have wanted you there too. ” In that instance, all of my pain and sadness immediately turned to anger. Who does this bitch think she is? “He wouldn’t have wanted me there because he clearly didn’t give a fuck about me, ” I said coldly. “If he cared, he never would have done what he did, he never would have-” “He did care, ” Amber interrupted. “Look, the only reason he never reached out to you was because I wouldn’t let him. I was jealous and he just… he talked about you all the time. ” “So not only are you a homewrecker, but you’re a liar too, ” I said with a laugh. “Believe me or don’t, ” she said. “I just want you to know that his family and I want you at the funeral. No matter the relationship you and I have, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he gave you many years of his life. He cared about you, his family cared about you, and you should be there. ” Amber hung up the phone before I could even respond, leaving me standing there dumbfounded and still in a state of shock. That following weekend, I found myself back in my hometown, standing in front of my childhood mirror and adjusting the sleeves on my new black dress. Along with Amber asking me to attend Leo’s funeral, my friends also insisted I go, and that’s why I really gave in. Because of how long Leo and I dated, my friends were his friends, and his friends were mine. They never told me when they hung out with him out of fear of hurting my feelings, but I would have understood. Just because Leo and I had broken up, I didn't expect our friends to shun him. My phone began to ring and I rolled my eyes at the sight of Amber’s number on the screen. I decided to ignore the call, but not even two seconds later, the phone began ringing again. I let out a deep sigh and brought the phone to my ear. “What? ” “Hey, ” she said. “How are you? ” “Fine. ” “Great, ” she said before pausing briefly. “Hey… I know this is going to sound weird, but we can we grab a quick coffee before the service? ” “Why? ” I asked harshly. “There are some things I want to get off my chest, ” she replied. “I think it would be good for both of us. I can pick you up. ” “I don’t think that’s a good idea, ” I said bluntly. There was a brief pause. “Please? ” she begged. “We’re going to see each other at the funeral anyway. It's best to just get all the awkwardness out of the air beforehand. ” “Amber, I really don’t-” “Please! ” she yelled with a shaky voice. "Please! Just-” “Fine! " I yelled back, cutting her off. “Okay! My God. " "I'll pick you up in ten. " Sitting in Amber’s car wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it was going to be. She was actually kind of nice, and she was clearly wrecked over Leo’s death. Seeing her with giant bags under her eyes, red puffy skin, and mousy unkempt hair took away all the intimidating factors I remember her once having. She told me how sorry she was about the way things had turned out. She said she used to be a mean, angry person before Leo came into her life, and she truly regretted how the whole thing must have made me feel. She said the thought about me often. She also told me that her and Leo had been together all the way up until the day he died, but things had been rocky for a while. Leo expressed regret whenever he and Amber would argue, telling her he never should have ended things with me. Towards the end she felt he began to resent her, and she had been terrified that she was going to lose him soon. She told me she loved him deeply. If what Amber was saying was true, then I have no idea what could have possibly been going on in Leo's head. If he truly felt he’d made a mistake by quitting our relationship, why had he never reached out? He knew me. He knew he was my person and that I loved him more than anything. As pathetic as it sounds, he knew I would have taken him back in a heartbeat. “Here we are, ” Amber said abruptly, interrupting my train of thought. I looked up and blinked a few times to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing, and a wave of anxiety washed over me when the scene refused to go away. I must have been really interested in what Amber had been saying because I never once paid attention to what route we took, or even when we vanished from civilization. There we were, sat in a parking lot of an abandon building. Weeds were sprawled out everywhere and trash was littered all over the ground, and once Amber turned the car off, the silence was eerie and uncomfortable. “Uhm, ” I said nervously. “Where’s the uh, coffee shop? ” “I need to show you something, ” she said, ignoring my question completely. Curiosity must have gotten the best of me, because I felt my legs carry me out of the car and follow her cautiously into the building, completely ignoring my screaming intuition. New girlfriend brings ex-girlfriend into an abandoned house? Yeah, we all know how this ends. The second I stepped foot into the building, I caught a large mass out of the corner of my eye and the most horrific smell hit my nose, forcing me to cough and spit uncontrollably. I turned to see what the mass was and let out a terrified scream at the sight of Leo’s contorted, pale blue corpse laying lifeless on the rickety wooden floor. “Okay, ” said Amber slowly. “Now I know this must be a shock, but-” I turned and began to run out the front door before she could say any more, but Amber managed to grab a hold of my arm before I could. “Calm down, ” she said in a cool and collected tone. “Let me explain. ” I took a few deep breaths and put my hand over my mouth and nose to try to block out the
やはり櫻井さんの美しさは素晴らしい?何故あなたは綺麗なの?. なんか歌い始めおねえに見えてしまった?. Watch Stream Just One More kiss of life. Watch Stream Just One More kisses.

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Watch stream just one more kiss album. My top 5: 5. Mudai (untitled) 4. Kuchizuke 3. Snow white 2. Kagerou 1. Dress. Watch stream just one more kiss one. Watch stream just one more kiss meme. Watch Stream Just One More kissing. Watch stream just one more kiss now. Watch Stream Just One More kiss chris brown. What a Voice. Omg I can’t believe this lady was on The Weakest Link. I LOVED that show. “I made my money the old fashioned way. I inhurited it. ” Louise re: Angela: “She’s not overweight, but she’s a big unit” Angela’s b-roll of her just sitting on the ground and tossing the leaves in the air giving me KKB running in traffic vibes “If you want to be like Oprah, I think you should kind of like talk less” - Gilda to Angela “You still model? What, plus size? ” - Michelle the first time she meets Angela “Sweetie with tits like that you’re not a normal sized model, get over it” - Michelle to Angela Angela going to see her “healing practitioner” who “pulls” the negativity out of her body and gives her rainbow coloured chakra oils to help her deal with the ladies Angela giving every single person she meets her “style guide” and saying there’s “3 years worth of writing” in it Angela confusing the word cathartic with lethargic when talking about how she feels after emptying her wardrobe Angela saying she would go to Michelle’s dinner party “armed in lots of light” I don’t like people wearing shoes in my house either, Michelle “Gilda needs to know what was said about her, and then she can have her five cents worth” - Angela Uhhhh... did Louise just accuse Gilda of being an escort? On camera? In episode TWO? Angela doing the worst acting job ever in her talking head pretending to be shocked about what Louise said “Is THAT what people have said about Gilda?!? Who’s to know? ” “I’d love to tell you girls what I got up to in the week. I had a healing session. ” - Angela Angela asking everyone at the dinner party if they’ve “had their colours done” and whether they know “what seasonal palette they belong to” Angela, unbelievably patronizingly/creepily, immediately after accusing Gilda of being a prostitute: “It’s really hard for you to listen, isn’t it? ” Gilda: “What the FUCK is wrong with you? ” (I cannot capture in writing how disdainfully/perfectly Gilda delivers this line nor the glorious accompanying glare. In general, Gilda is the best cusser I have ever seen. ) Angela: “Gilda, you don’t get it, all these people are talking about you” Gilda: “Do you know what I heard about you? dramatic pause Not a fucking thing. ” BAM Gilda deserves major props for not beating Angela’s ass I know this show was cancelled because of Julia being horribly racist, and I just can’t believe it wasn’t Angela. Watching Julia closely for signs of assholerly. Julia: “Do you think I’M a golddigger? ” Louise: “Yes” “When I was a child, all I ever wanted was a full-length mink coat” - Anne Angela’s “French P. A. ” Léa... omg. Blink twice if you need help girl. “I need you to make a RES-ER-VA-TION. Do you know what that means? ” - Angela Gilda referring to Louise and Angela’s gossiping as “Louise vomiting on the floor and Angela picking it up and flinging it around” Anne playing favourites with which of her cats to cremate as opposed to bury depending on how close she was to them in life Everyone wearing real fur coats to Anne’s pussy (cat welfare) party including Anne who says she doesn’t own any non-fur coats Julia and Angela showing up in the same catsuit... hahahahahahaha Gilda has the best/coolest clothes and style Gilda to Louise: You don’t expect me to kiss you, do you? Louise: Why not? Gilda: C’mon, you’re not stupid. Angela’s grin is absolutely manic Michelle telling Angela to suck in her stomach... oy Angela auctioning off a “styling package” that she made Léa aggressively bid on and Gilda calling it “insider trading” The way Angela dances... lolllllll Léa getting trapped in the elevator while Angela’s house shopping ? “I’ve been looking for houses somewhere in the sevens... seven millions. ” - Angela The way Léa grins WIDELY any time ANYONE says ANYTHING Louise and Julia nearly coming to blows in the acting class after rudely impersonating one another and the improv instructor forcing them to hug Angela telling Anne that Léa got into a car accident, in front of a tearful Léa, and then instantly lamenting that the car Léa crashed would be a write off before even saying whether or not Léa was ok Anne attempting an intervention on Léa when Angela goes to take a call Omg... Léa is an UNPAID intern? This poor, poor girl “I don’t believe in apologies, but I do believe in corrected behaviour” - Gilda ?? Angela crying over the car instead of crying over Léa and then trying to immediately force her to get back behind the wheel Léa is breaking my heart. SOMEONE SAVE HER. Julia saying that she thinks Louise judges her because she’s “new money” and Anne very blandly replying “Right. Well that’s understandable. ” Anne just said money can’t buy you class! Elegance is learned, my friends! “I’m not fake. Holy Moses. This is me. I am not fake, and I am writing a book right now on how to be real. I look forward to giving all you girls a copy of that. ” - Angela to Gilda Gilda: Drop the face. Angela: THIS is the face. It doesn’t go away. I would never say to you that you’re fawlse. Angela: I am a brand. Gilda: I don’t want to be friends with a brand. “I can’t wait for the girls to see my body in my bikinis. I’ve got a good body, and I can strut my stuff better than they do” Julia, supporting other women Angela’s bringing Léa to Fort Douglas? Oh g-d, this poor girl. And lecturing her about slowing down and taking time for herself while simultaneously having her run Angela’s entire “company” Angela reading Léa her own Instagram feed for “daily inspiration” which is literally just a basic description of how to make tea Angela literally just making up things that never happened when recounting her conversation with Gilda to Léa, like saying that Gilda had pressed her for information about her husband and kids... wut Anne having tea with her nephew Rohan... what a great scene. Him saying the macaron is average and her instructing him on how to sit. Her giving him an etiquette quiz ? Rohan: Have you ever tried to have children? Anne: Absolutely not Julia saying Angela, who called Gilda a prostitute, is being picked on... Gilda not being able to grasp the concept of never have I ever ? Deep shudder when Louise announces she’s chartered the boat... it’s coming Oh Julia... you piece of shit. Poor Michelle. This is hellish. I cannot believe they are trapped on a boat together in this moment. “You’re an ignorant little bitch” YES MICHELLE Did Julia really just correct Michelle re: which horrible slur she used against her in the same breath as trying to apologize? “GET OUT OF MY FACE. I WILL THROW YOU THE FUCK OVERBOARD. throws champagne in Julia’s face YOU STUPID COW. ” Get her, Michelle! Geezus that whole incident was disturbing. Angela’s “laugh yoga” teacher friend... whose name is, of course, Angie: BONJOURNO HO HO HO HO. G’DAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY. Angela: ARE WE HAVING FUN??? Are you having fun? It was pretty cool, eh? (Re: laugh yoga) Anne rightfully pointing out (albeit in her talking head) that Julia needed to stop worrying about herself and crying and instead consider how Michelle might be affected by her actions “It’s nice to be taken seriously, and it’s nice to be popular” - Angela, completely seriously Anne talking about Angela “showing off her plus size model figure” in her white one piece covered with fake tanner... these girls are savage Gilda calling Julia an idiot to Michelle ? this woman does not mince words and she’s always spot on in her assessment My heart is legit pounding leading up to this one on one Julia and Michelle meet up Oh Jesus gawd Julia telling Michelle she would have used that same term regardless of whether the person she were speaking to was black or not... What. The. Fuck. Also claiming that she didn’t know it was an offensive term. The GALL. Now Julia is telling MICHELLE not to lecture HER... this is the worst “apology” I have ever seen. Julia: “The other girls wouldn’t have reacted how you did, that’s for sure. ” I’m speechless. “I’m a proud black woman” you tell her, Michelle. I frankly can’t believe what I just watched. Wait, did Julia actually say the word “sorry” ONCE during this entire apology or did she just say it was a “stupid thing to say”? “Are you going to go home and watch Roots? Twelve Years a Slave? ” I like Gilda and Michelle’s friendship and I’m annoyed we didn’t get more of it Michelle is a big person for even attempting to move on with Julia. Fuck Julia. Louise lamenting that she doesn’t get acting roles because she thinks the casting directors think she looks too good for her age ? Anne saying that wearing fur is TOTALLY unacceptable... while wearing fur ?. “The fox is going to be killed anyways! ” Ok sweetie If anyone has read either Angela’s style guide or her “Being Real” book, please @ me. I have so many questions. Angela completely sincerely speculating that the other girls may be nervous about what they’ll discover about themselves when they read Being Real Angela being sooooo jealous when Gilda mentioned she also wrote two books “I won’t be overshadowed” cool cool cool Gilda wrote a graphic novel about ASTROPHYSICS for kids?!? Love her even more now. Angela unironically saying that the way she knows the photographer for her book cover is a real professional is that he asked her to go nude New Zealand is soooo beautiful. So terrible to see the destruction in Christchurch:( Anne can be a bit stuffy, but overall I like her and her love for animals and disinterest in havi
櫻井敦中身もを越える男は果たして出てくるのかなあ?そして未だ解散する事もなく不動のBUCK-TICK30年の絆信頼を越えるバンドは出てくるのかなあ?. まずないだろうなあ?伝説のバンドですねえ. この頃のパンクっぽいBUCK-TICK最高にかっこよかった. I cried my eyes out from the beginning of the movie... Watch stream just one more kiss video. 年取ったらみんなかなりイケメンになりましたね. ファンになって21年です?. Watch stream just one more kiss full. In Malta, Smokie came and went to enjoy the 70s Festival of Smokie! I love the Songs of Smokie so badly. 7 years ago i was listening that song ???????????. Watch stream just one more kiss music. Makes me think of a rudy valley song from the late? 30's.

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