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Rating 8,5 / 10 Star / Elem Klimov / country Soviet Union / duration 142 minutes / 47574 votes / Idi i smotri is a movie starring Aleksey Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, and Liubomiras Laucevicius. After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors.

Tule ja kato. Last Sunday I was grumbling about how there are so many great books about war and not that many great war movies. That got a lot of readers lobbing in their suggestions for good war movies. One reminded me that I’d already mentioned a really great movie about 20th-c. war: Tae Guk Gi, The Brotherhood of War, a great, great Korean movie about two brothers who get dragged onto a troop train at the start of the Korean War. One of them makes it through, but you’ll have to watch the movie to see which one. Tae Guk Gi has a dozen great scenes in it, from combat to massacre to just how dull it is to sit in a trench waiting to get attacked. There are bits of it you’ll never get out of your head, like when the Southern troops march north and see that the retreating Northern troops have hung villagers who they thought were class enemies. Not just hung them, but hung’em high, as Clint would say. There’s one woman hanging in that traditional Korean dress that looks like doll clothes, and I swear she’s about fifty feet in the air, revolving slowly. One other thing Tae Guk Gi does better than most movies is show the instant electric switch from boring to terrifying you get in war. The platoon is sitting in the trenches bitching about the army and life in general, it’s hot, the food is lousy, and with no warning at all a volley of North Korean artillery lands right on them. You don’t hear the shells coming in, you don’t get those giveaway closeups of the guys who are about to die. Just one minute bla bla bla, the next kaboom. Totally random who dies that instant and who doesn’t. A lot of the other movies you mentioned I haven’t seen. It’s hard to get Russian war films over here, though I did see one called Blockpost that someone from eXile sent back when they were based in Moscow. It was in Russian so I had to scrabble hard for every clue what was going on, but I think I got some of it. It’s about an outpost in Chechnya, manned by the classic squad of guys: the cool dude, the country bumpkin, the harmless little mascot comedy-relief that everybody babies and likes. They try to get along with the Chechens?in fact I suspect these actors are roughly a billion times nicer than actual scared conscripts would be when civilians fire on them?but eventually this cute Chechen girl who moonlights as a sniper gets one of them, although she sighs after doing it, like it’s a dirty job but somebody has to. Just from what I wrote here describing the squad’s make-up, I bet any good war movie fan can tell me which guy gets it. That’s sort of the trouble with war movies, there’s a simple formula and people stick to it like Predestination. Guess what Caine does with that helmet spike. But there are some really surprising, unexpectedly cool war movies. Somebody mentioned The Last Valley, an old Michael Caine movie about a band of mercenaries in the Thirty Years War who stumble on an untouched, perfect valley in the Alps and decide to wait out the war there. I saw that as a kid and was seriously impressed. You can tell when somebody’s done their homework, even if you’re a kid, and whoever made that movie really had. I found out later James Clavell, the historical-novel guy who did all those books about Asia, wrote the story and directed the movie. That was where I learned a proper respect, more like total horror, for the Thirty Years War. But I don’t want to give you the idea it was some dull textbook of a movie. This had action, serious action. In fact it had one of my favorite kill scenes in all the movies. Michael Caine, the captain of this band of mercenaries, has captured Omar Sharif, a wandering scholar. He’s going to kill Sharif, of course?that’s how you said hello to strangers in the Thirty Years War, slitting their throats?when Sharif blurts out some useful info in a last-ditch try to save his life. He tells Caine, “Wait, wait! Don’t just do the obvious, normal thing of killing me and everybody else in the valley, then moving on! Sure, that’s fun for a little while, but where’s it get you? Winter’s coming on, you don’t want to be down on the plains of Hell scavenging with all the other jackal packs! Stay here, live off the land, take it easy! ” Caine starts thinking it over, which pisses off his second-in-command, a serious Christian who gets sick at the idea of sparing heretics. He starts yelling at Caine?and he’s a huge hairy monster?when Caine, who’s holding his helmet in one hand, casually jams the spike of his helmet into his second-in-command’s gut. Shuts the guy up real quick. As this man-mountain slumps to the ground, Caine turns to Sharif and says, by way of explaining why he just terminated his associate’s career, “Goot ideazzz are rrrrrare. ” I’ve always loved that scene, and that line, “Goot ideazzz are rrrrare. ” Of course there’s the question why a German in the middle of the German lands would speak English with a German accent, never mind one as bad as Caine’s. But listen, if you’re going to watch war movies at all, you’re going to have to accept the fact that Germans speak with a German accent, even when they’re supposed to be speaking German. Logically, you’d either have them talk in actual German and subtitle it in English, or have them talk in normal English and hope the people watching get the fact that this is happening in Germany among Germans and they’re actually speaking German. Instead most of the movies I’ve seen have German officers talking like Sgt. Schultz: English in a heavy accent with a couple of phrases left in German, usually the ones that sound military and obedient: “Jawohl, Mein General” and such. Don’t even get me started on Mel Gibson’s accent in Braveheart, or Julia Roberts’s Irish one in Michael Collins. All the same, though, the actual scenes of medieval battle in Braveheart were good, and showed how crucial morale can be when battle is a matter of fighting with sharpened tire irons. And as for Braveheart being “anti-English”?which some reviewers said with a straight face?Oh my sweet lord Jesus, if those people had any idea, their heads would explode. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Oh, and a quick comment on Michael Collins, the movie: first of all, Mister Producer, you DON’T cast a sad-faced mope like Liam Neeson as a guerrilla leader. Leaders like Collins do it by infecting people with their own confidence.?Neeson has the kind of face that tells you the biopsy doesn’t look promising. He’s the last guy to get men to go up against better-armed regular troops. Casting, damn it, comes down to casting. Leigh in Flesh and Blood: Soooo Medieval! But back to the Thirty Years War. Much later, they made another movie about European mercenaries called Flesh and Blood, starring a very weird cast with Rutger Hauer, the Blade Runner guy, as the leader of a mercenary troop and Jennifer Jason Leigh as the lady of the castle they storm. This movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven, who’s good?did some great fight scenes in Starship Troopers, which I guess was a war movie although it’s hard to take sci-fi seriously?but? Flesh and Blood just doesn’t work, except as a medieval skin/rape flick?they should’ve called it Skin and More Skin to be honest about it. As a movie about the year 1501, it bombs, for a simple reason that every film director and producer needs to know right now: Some faces are pure modern world and can’t be backdated. I’m talking about Jennifer Jason Leigh here. She’s the lady of the castle? Come on, guys. The only way a face like that could get a castle is if she started out as a cocktail waitress at the airport Hilton and charmed, let’s put it that way, charmed her way into the heart of a degenerate jetset prince. There is just no way on earth Jennifer Jason Leigh’s flatline American voice?why is it American women try to iron out any little hint of inflection in their voices? Kansas is the Dolomites compared to a graph of their vocal range, I swear to God?there’s no way that voice could rule a late-medieval castle. Rutger Hauer, OK, he has one of those old faces. But Jennifer…when the mercenary band storms the palace and starts raping everybody, you expect her to yell in a Valley whine, “Whuturyou doin’ here, the lawn was just mowed on Tuesday and you don’t even look Mexican! ” It’s like Verhoeven, a smart guy, figured out Jennifer’s L. A. face wasn’t going to work, no matter how many snoods and damsel-veils he put on her, so he upped the violence level. I mean yes, there’d have been plenty of mass rape in a situation like that, but you’ll notice a lot of times in movies the directors up the graphic violence to make you believe you’re in another time, when anything could happen etc.. What’s much harder to do is make people believe they’re in another time, another world. And the way you do that is make it all look normal, because that’s how the world looks, any world, when you’re in it, when you’ve grown up in it. The screams are background noise if they happen every day. I noticed that when I lived in a building by a busy street, not quite a freeway but almost. A girl was jaywalking and got killed one night. There were a few sirens and lights, everybody went back to the tv, and I walked by the spot where she got hit every day. I was pretty young and I thought there’d be something creepy about that spot. There wasn’t. No ghosts, spookies or voices. And if I’d driven by like about a million cars did every day, I’d never have felt a thing. Got me wondering how many other times I walked or drove over a massacre site (since massacres are much more common than battles) and never knew. It’s like we want to believe there are demons or something that get born from all the bad stuff, because that would be a kind of arithmetic that balances for us: so much death equals so many demons and ghosts. But as far as I know there’s nothing. I remember thinking, what if a kid had been run over every day on that sp
Tule ja kassou. YouTube rewind 2018 should be first. Tule katsomaan kanssani. Tule ja katou. Best Vietnam war movie. The only witless worms were those Wehrmacht soldiers and the SS. You burned around 700 innocent villages in Belarus alone. Anus films. Elem klimov tule ja katso. In Belarus burned out 628 villages With ALL HABITANTS - people were closed in sheds or churches and burned alive. For us ALL of IT is KNOWN on history of own families. 628 villages are 100.000 persons of ALIVE BURNED. Mainly are CHILDREN. For example: on March, 22, 1943 at 2 o'clock of day nazis burned out Khatyn, near Minsk: 149 persons (from them there are 75 CHILDREN. In Belarus EUROPEAN NAZIS after 1941-1944 killed 1,5 million Belaruss and + 700 thousand jewries. In the USSR only after 1941-45 27 million persons perished: from them soldiery with a weapon in hands are 10 millions, and 17 millions are the PEACEFUL habitants. And after all of it our soldiers of peaceful Germans did not TOUCH FINGER. Nobody there raped nobody. For it SHOT. it all is NAZI propaganda. Germans lay down under soldiers. About it front-line soldiers told. We are not Europeans-animals.
This is how children in the Middle East feel about America. Their anger is justified. Thx for the upload this film seems really intresting. there is a way to watch it streaming or torrent? cant find anything. THIS MOVIE IS MADED ON REAL TRUTH, THAT BOY EGZISTS, IN LATE 1944 IN ONE BATLE IN SOUTH UKRAINE KILLED. HIS NAME IS BEEN FLYORA, NEVER SEE THE LIBERATION. A stunning amazing movie about the completely insane brutality of war. None of that heroic nonsense that Hollywood loves to pump out.
Just discovered this movie.? It surpasses anything made by Hollywood.? Thank god there are still a few people in the world making real Art. The Mist is so messed up???♀????♀????♀????♀????♀? the ending legit the worst. Tule ja kassovitz.

Op. only ten minutes? Guess Ill continue on my search for the full movie with English subtitles. Tule ja katsu. 2:00:11. Tule ja katso lehti. I really like how they also included the Holodomor. oh wait. Tule ja katso. IT 4PDA. Tule ja katso elokuva. Tule ja kats. You forgot Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of Our Fathers. Oakwood very good observation. Now show a bunch of modern clips of them destroying western civilization. Tule katsomaan elämäsi sää. It is always tragic when a child is forced to mature be their time. This movie had me psychologically arrested, longing for a hero to emerge to save a people from mass annihilation. After witnessing mass murder by the hands of the Germany Army, Florya, is compelled to be a defending solider (first) rather than a preteen, or a man. After watching this movie, i tried to place myself in Florya's position. I could not. It's far too easy to look at someone else situation or circumstance and say what you would have or could have done in retrospect. The truth is, you cannot say how you would responded. Psychologically, Florya was far more advanced then my present thought process in trying to rationalize or justify what i would have done. It is sad that life is indiscriminate to tragic situations and circumstances. 10 stars for reality check-life and freedom is cherished.
Klimov tule ja katso. Work for me. I have watched The Color Purple probably 20 times. One of my all-time favorites. I find it extremely rewatchable. Obviously. One of the greatest combat films ever ! Perfect example of war SUCKS.
Tule katsomaan sadetta kun se putoaa. 12.08.2019 1 ! , . Flags Of Our Father's and it's opposite movie deserve to be on this list as well as Dad Boot. You blew it. Tule ja katowice. One flew over the cuckoos nest still touches me to this day. @fraskita: I wouldnt put my trust in that assumption when it comes to the Marxists, as they are usually so cross that none of their erratic action makes sense, so this flick maybe propaganda still, in spite that the Marxist propagandist didnt allow it to be shown; and furthermore I would not call these so-called historians to be Germans at all and never forget: In Germany today it is still an offence if one doesnt agree with this kind of propaganda stuff and that should give a hint.
This movie has had to restrain itself from showing the true level of German atrocities in Belarus and Russia, in order not to be distracting. But what is shown is enough, and the movie is beautifully done. The director did not make any more movies because he said everything he wanted to say.
This is war movie like no other. If you want to understand what happened, this is a must see. There are so many movies about Holocaust, but the level of suffering on the Eastern front is unfortunately for political reasons severely underplayed in the West. 20 million Russian and Soviet civilians died from the Nazi hand. The decency with which this movie tells the truth about the war is really worthy of greatest respect. There is not a second that is fake in this movie, it is pure, distilled soul of the Soviet people and their struggle against Hitler. If you want substance, look no further. There has been no other movie like this.
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