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Directed by=Ashutosh Gowariker. actors=Kriti Sanon. &ref(,0,128,190_AL_.jpg). creator=Chandrashekhar Dhavalikar. 165 Minute. country=India. Panipat 2019 movie online. Panipat full movie. Panipat reaction. Afghans weren't the only ones on the battle fields. It was a Muslim alliance against Marathas which included local Nawabs and Emires like Nawab Shuja ud Daula, Nawab Najib ud Daulah, Sardar Nasir Khan Baluch, Ahmad Khan Bangash, Amir Beg, Zain Khan Sirhindi etc. Durranis had the overall command. BTW, We have a whole province of Pashtuns/Afghans. So we are both. Don't think along nation state lines in an era where nation states did not exist.
Hello guys My name is Abrar and I am From AFG. I believe that every nations Have their Hero's and Proud of him/her. But it doesn't mean that other nations accept them us their Hero's too. So we should not expect that our Indian brother and sisters accept Ahmad Sha Abdali us their hero too. AFG/IND Brotherhood stay for ever. Proper marathi marriage scene???.
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Long live the great Afghanistan ????????????. Shreya Ghoshal ??. Panipat. Panipat movie release date. Panipat movie download. Panipat movie near me. Excellent Hindi brother. Panipat trailer 2019. Panipat trailer reaction. All about Bollywood movies, hindi movies, reviews, celebrity, Non-Regional Web Series and music. Note: The west mistakes Tollywood and South Indian films for Bollywood. Bollywood is the Mainstream Hindi/English Film industry based out of Mumbai. All other regional industries like Tollywood and Kollywood go to /r/IndianCinema. Who's here after seen BHOOT Trailor. ?. Panipat cast. Ajay atul music best. Falling prey to a bout of trolling after the release of the trailer of Panipat, Arjun Kapoor was dragged into many memes. While the actor always takes jokes in his stride, he wasnt happy with the turn of events this time around. Talking about the memes and comparisons going around with regards to his looks and the premise of the film, Arjun reacted, “I dont mind if people make fun of me, but if you are making fun of the film, then you are making fun of people, who have sacrificed themselves for India I have done a roast and made fun of myself. I am used to people making fun of me. But it is unfair to crack jokes on historical characters, on martyrs. We should not forget the sacrifice these men made. ” PS - People arent making fun of historical people, they are making fun of you Arjun. First Kangana and now Arjun - they want us to “respect” a movie and not criticize it because it involves martyred people. You have done disservice to those martyrs if youve made a joke out of character in the movie. People are blaming you, not characters.
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Panipat war 2. Marathao ne bangal tak kitni loot paat machai y to koi batao sab jazbaat me bahe ja rhe h. Panipat near me. Panipat public review. Panipat Story: In 18th century India, Shadashivrao Bhau, commander-in-chief of the Maratha army, leads his force in the Third Battle of Panipat against Ahmad Shah Abdali, the king of Afghanistan. Panipat Review: Ashutosh Gowarikers magnum opus ‘Panipat is based on historical facts, taking some creative liberties along the way. Shadashivrao Bhau (Arjun Kapoor) is an able commander in his cousin Nanasaheb Peshwas (Mohnish Bahl) army. After a victorious battle against the Nizam of Udgir, Shadashivrao Bhau is chosen by the Maratha Peshwa to lead their army to Delhi. Ahmad Shah Abdali (Sanjay Dutt) the king of Afghanistan, has set his inroads into India after forming an alliance with Najib-Ud-Daula (Mantra) with the intention to defeat the Marathas and curb their expanding power. Joining Shadashivrao Bhau and his army on this arduous thousand kilometer journey from Pune to Delhi are also his wife, Parvati Bai (Kriti Sanon) his nephew and the Peshwa heir - Vishwasrao (Abhishek Nigam) his cousin, Shamsher Bahadur (Sahil Salathia) and his trusted aide, Ibrahim Khan Gardi (Nawab Khan. As they traverse through the expanse, they form alliances with other kings to form a robust army to counter Ahmad Shah Abdali's one lakh soldiers. And almost mid-way they come face to face with Ahmad Shah Abdalis army, with only the raging waters of the Yamuna separating the armies. ‘Panipat packs in a layered narrative that delves into the complex politics of the period, the intricate workings of war strategies versus might, negotiation dynamics and the importance of forming alliances. And it also weaves in the love story between Shadashivrao Bhau and Parvati Bai. In fact, the chemistry between Kriti Sanon and Arjun Kapoor as their love story develops, is one of the high points of the film. But with a run-time of close to three hours and the many characters and plot points the film touches upon it becomes a lengthy and at times, tedious watch. Kriti Sanon pulls in a solid, effortless performance with a well-etched out character graph. Arjun Kapoor is sincere and shines in the final war sequence and the romantic scenes. Sanjay Dutt channelizes a menacing act effectively. The film has been mounted on a lavish scale and it comes through in almost every scene. The costume design (Neeta Lulla) and the sets and production design (Nitin Chandrakant Desai) are spectacular and stand out. The songs (Ajay ?Atul) add to the mood and are well choreographed. However, it is in the final battle set in 1761, where the mammoth effort that has gone into making the film comes to the fore, as we witness a compelling war sequence. One that almost induces goosebumps. The cinematography (C. K. Muraleedharan) sound design (Stephen Gomes) and the visual effects also blend in seamlessly to give an authentic setting to this period film. The ensemble cast of Mohnish Bahl, Padmini Kohlapure, Zeenat Aman (special appearance) add to the milieu. ‘Panipat delves into a significant chapter in history and is a war drama that lauds the unshakeable bravery, courage and the strong principles of the Marathas.
Image copyright Panipat film Image caption Sanjay Dutt (R) plays Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Abdali The argument over a war that took place in the 18th Century began in a modern way: with a tweet. "Death strikes where his shadow falls. wrote Sanjay Dutt, the veteran Bollywood actor who plays the Afghan leader, Ahmad Shah Abdali, in the film Panipat, which opened in cinemas on Friday. It was supposed to stir up excitement for the film, which was released on Friday. Instead, it came close to instigating an international incident, angering an entire country of once-loyal Bollywood fans. But what exactly has got Afghans so riled up? Panipat tells the story of a 1761 battle between an Indian empire and an Afghan army, led by Abdali, with the trailer leaving viewers in no doubt that this will be a high-octane ride from start to finish. But it was certain to cause some controversy: after all, to Afghans Abdali is their founding father and hero, but to Indians he's an invader who killed thousands of Maratha warriors in the historic battle of Panipat, north of Delhi. AFP Arjun Kapoor (L) and Kriti Sanon also appear in the film Concerns were initially raised when the film was first announced. In 2017 the Afghan consulate in Mumbai reached out directly to the Indian Information and Broadcasting Ministry. "Ahmad Shah Abdali holds great regard in the hearts and minds of Afghan people. said Naseem Sharifi, Afghanistan's consul general in the city. "When the film was being made we requested to watch it without exposing the plot. Despite our constant efforts, we didn't get any response from the filmmakers. But then came Sanjay Dutt's tweet, complete with a picture of his character, the man Afghans refer to as Ahmad Shah Baba (father. The uproar was immediate. "He's vicious. He wears kohl. Abdali wasn't like that. From the way he dresses to the way he speaks; it's not even Afghan, he's portrayed as an Arab. Elaha Walizadeh, an Afghan blogger, told the BBC. For generations, Afghans have grown up with Bollywood films such as Khuda Gawah, starring Amitabh Bachchan as a brave and patriotic Afghan protagonist. They were a source of joy and hope for many refugees during the dark Taliban era. They played the songs at their weddings, danced to the tunes, memorised famous dialogue and even learned Hindi from it. But then came films such as the 2018 epic Padmaavat, which saw superstar Ranveer Singh playing Alauddin Khilji, a Turko-Afghan ruler who invaded and ruled Delhi in the 12th Century. Though the film garnered positive reviews, the portrayal of Khaliji as a cruel and vicious ruler offended many Afghans - although they were far from the only group to take issue. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Deepika Padukone received death threats for her role in Bollywood epic Padmaavat Similarly Kesari, a 2019 period drama about an epic battle between 21 Sikh soldiers from the British Indian Army and more than 10, 000 Afghans, was criticised for stereotyping and vilifying Afghans as invaders who forcibly took land. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook mean those offended can easily find others who share their disillusionment. "People are seeing the issue of misrepresentation because of social media. More young Afghans are noticing a trend and having conversations about it. Walizadeh said. "Whereas before they were elated at the slightest mention of Afghans in Hindi movies, they now watch it with scrutiny. Though misrepresentation is a global problem, given Afghans' relationship with Bollywood they expect better. " More on Bollywood Some film critics say however that the changing portrayal of Afghan characters could be down to more than just rising awareness on the part of Afghan filmgoers. Instead they link the rising number of films with negative Muslim characters as an attempt by Bollywood executives to align the industry with India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP. a Hindu nationalist party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "We have a Hindu majority party which is quite conscious of exploiting the soft power of Bollywood. said Ankur Pathak, entertainment editor of Huffington Post India. "Whether that is the prime minister clicking selfies with the top stars, organising meet-and-greet events or the ruling party encouraging Bollywood to show films about nation-building, there's an invisible incentive to make films to depict India in a positive light - and by India that means it's Modi's idea of India or the BJP's idea of India, which is pro-Hindu. It is a dangerous path, Pathak adds. "Misrepresentation of any community does immense damage. Given the current climate it's something we need to steer clear from. he said. Film director Ashutosh Gowariker has dismissed the claims. He told online channel Film Companion: This film is not about a Hindu-Muslim battle. It's about stopping an invader. It's about protecting your borders, your land, that's the patriotic theme of the film. In the wake of that we have to show that Abdali did invade but we have kept the dignity of the character. " But Mr Sharifi, the Afghan consul-general, remains worried about the possible fallout from Panipat - despite assurances from Sanjay Dutt that he would not have taken the role if the portrayal was negative. The consul-general, who also acts as an advisor to the Afghan president, says he wants a panel of experts from both countries to review the film before its release. The BBC asked Sanjay Dutt for a response to the criticism but did not receive a response. For some of Bollywood's most loyal Afghan fans, the film is likely to disappoint. "Historically Indian cinema has been instrumental in strengthening Indo-Afghan ties. Dr Shaida Abdali, the former Afghan ambassador to India, tweeted. "I very much hope that the film 'Panipat' has kept that fact in mind while dealing with this important episode of our shared history!.
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Panipat Movie Stream. h6>…. I grew up watching my dad Beating my mom with sticks, slapping in front of people, insulting everyday & even Beating me anytime. I see there is lot of talks going on against women violence but nobody talks about violence against children, is it parents right to beat up children? If yes then my dad is going to end up handicap once I get a job & save my mom. Panipat ki ladai. Panipat review. Panipat wars. Panipat songs.

Watched Panipat yesterday despite reading the negative reviews of our so called "critics. man was I glad that I didn't believe them in totality. br> The film is based on the 3rd Battle of Panipat which was fought between the Marathas lead by Sadshivrao Bhau Peshwa and Ahmed Shah Abdali's Afghans on 14th Jan 1761. Even though the Marathas were defeated by the marauding Afghans in the face off, this film is about glorifying the valor and bravery of the Marathas and their patriotic zeal and fervor.
Cast: Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon play Sadashivrao Bhau & Parvati ( Bhau's wife) respectively. Awesome performances by both; though I am not a great fan of Arjun Kapoor of late, he has given a restrained performance without any undue histrionics and over the top hamming. Sanon is awesome with her role and her voiceover as the narrator of this great battle saga is also noteworthy. Looks very pretty too in traditional Maharashtrian attire. Sanjay Dutt as Abdali does a decent job, looking like a fierce Afghan warrior in the true sense. Performance wise, he is ok, yet not something to go gaga about either. Others like Mohnish Behl, Padmini Kolhapure, Nawab Shah etc do a decent job with their small roles. Length of the film : A tad bit long at 2 hrs 51 mins, especially the first half which focuses on the build up to the war. The film however pics up pace in the second half and that's where the real action happens. Length of the film could have been cut down by at least 20 mins. Too detailed at times which slows down the narrative. Direction, Cinematography, VFX, Music etc: Direction by Gowarikar is decent. He has done a lot of research for the film and it shows on screen. Costumes & jewellery are awesome. Sets give a larger than life feel, but do not capture every angle and detail, not bad though. VFX is okay, though not in the same league as Bahubali Music by Ajay Atul is a big letdown. No foot thumping songs like "Malhari" from Bajirao Mastani here. Sad. My verdict: By no means is Panipat a bad film. Watch it as a standalone film without comparing it to Bajirao Mastani. A great one time watch. Don't go by what the critics say ( as I have said many times before. br> Watch it on the big screen with your family and celebrate the valor of the vanquished. br> 7/10 from me for this period drama.
Afghans are concerned over 'misrepresentation' of Ahmad Shah Abdali, the founder of modern Afghanistan, in the new film. 'Panipat' is based on a 1761 battle north of Delhi between an the Indian Maratha empire and an Afghan army led by Ahmad Shah Abdali [Getty Images] Afghans have expressed disappointment over the portrayal of the country's founding father in the latest Bollywood period drama, Panipat, set in the 18th century. The film depicts the 1761 Battle of Panipat fought between the forces of Afghan ruler Ahmad Shah Abdali and?the army of Marathas, a Hindu community mainly based in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Modern Panipat is a district in the northern state of Haryana, about 85km (53 miles) from capital New Delhi. Abdali, a hero to many Afghans, was the founder of the Durrani Empire and? leader of the Pashtun tribe ?who defeated the Maratha army. To most Indians, he is a fierce invader?who killed thousands of Maratha soldiers. Panipat is the latest Bollywood film to attract criticism for its misrepresentation of historical characters, especially Muslim rulers from the medieval period. Another Bollywood film Padmaavat?(2018)?portrayed Alauddin Khilji, a Muslim king of Afghan origin who ruled Delhi in the 12th century, as a "savage" who "gnaws meat off the bone. following the most prevalent stereotypes about Muslims, according to critics. "Abdali fits the Alauddin Khilji mould of 'otherness. tall, imposing, and dismissive of Hindu martial prowess. The two manifest the stock Muslim 'invader' tropes that dominate the 21st-century Hindu psyche. wrote film critic and columnist Kaveree Bamzai on The Print website. "As one of the Panipat posters on Abdali says: Death strikes where his shadow falls. Similarly, Kesari - released earlier this year and based on the Battle of Saragarhi in 1897 between Sikh soldiers and Afghans - was also criticised?for?portraying the Afghans as violent invaders. 'Insensitive/distorted depiction' These films have offended many Afghans, such as Hassan Amin Shoob, a Kabul-based filmmaker. He said Panipat is yet another film that "failed?to capture the true essence of Afghan history and values. "India's Panipat is undoubtedly of a lucrative nature, focused mainly on the Hindu aspect of the events. The director's take on history is a failed attempt, but a make-me-happy entertainment for the Hindus. Shoob told Al Jazeera. "Ahmad Shah Durrani is universally acknowledged by historians as a man of wisdom. " On Sunday, a statement released by the Afghan foreign ministry said Idrees Zaman, the acting foreign minister, met with Indian envoy to Kabul Vinay Kumar to discuss the "issue of Afghan sensitivities" surrounding the film. Even before the film's release, the Afghan embassy in New Delhi had written a letter to the Indian government to raise its concerns over misrepresentation of the Afghan ruler. "Since the film is related to former Afghan emperor Ahmad Shah Abdali, any insensitive/distorted depiction of his character might provoke emotions of Afghans which could be unfairly exploited by others to adversely affect the trust and harmony that exists so well among the people of two countries. the letter stated. India has had friendly ties with Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, with New Delhi being a major financial backer of the Western-backed government in Kabul. India has also earned the goodwill of the Afghans by carrying out major infrastructure projects in the war-torn country, including building the new parliament in Kabul. Bollywood films and Hindi-language soap operas are very popular in Afghanistan, which is among the biggest markets for the Hindi film industry. Afghans demand review of film Nafees Ur Rehman, a Pashtun researcher from neighbouring Pakistan whose work partially focuses on the vilification of Pashtuns and Afghans in colonial literature, said he decided not to watch Panipat. "It is fine to take some liberties while making historical films but these liberties should be consistent with the historical accounts and shouldn't challenge them. he told Al Jazeera. "If I have to learn history, I can look up various authentic books, and I would prefer to watch a comedy for entertainment. But not Panipat movie. " In 2007, Afghanistan banned the Bollywood film, Kabul Express - a story about three journalists in post-Taliban Afghanistan - because parts of it were deemed offensive to the?Shia Muslim Hazara ethnic minority. "Bollywood films most of the time vilify and stereotype Muslims. It was easier for them to find proxy in Pakistanis to portray Muslims that suited their agenda; but with the Afghans, they have found a new villain. said Rehman. "I think this is a result of widespread religious nationalism. And as of now, such kind of nationalism demands to find 'heroes' among 'yourselves' and 'villains' in 'others. The recent trend shows Bollywood is playing to such an audience. he said. Afghans also took to Twitter to express their disappointment in the film, including?Naseem Sharifi, Consul General of Afghanistan in Mumbai. " PrimeMinisterModi it's honor to know & have met you on various occasions. Our request is to put da [sic] new movie #panipat under review to make sure that because of a few that the filmmakers are earning? we don't lose our decade worth of hard work & efforts as friendly nations. Sharifi said in a tweet. Indian film industry is tarnishing the history of Afghans. #Panipat ? Mizrab Fatima ( MizrabF) December 8, 2019 India has shown Ahmed Shah in a negative role, which has disappointed many Afghans and Pashtuns around the world. #Panipat ? Sehar Naz ( Patriot_SN1) December 8, 2019 In an interview on December 2, Panipat director Ashutosh Gowariker said that even though he respects the feelings of Afghans, Abdali did "invade us a few times. "For me, this film is not about the Hindu-Muslim battle, it's not. It's about stopping an invader, protecting your land, it is what the patriotic theme of the film is. he told?The Film Companion, a web channel that promotes Indian cinema. Gowariker, whose 2001 epic Lagaan was nominated for the Oscars, claimed he retained the dignity of Abdali's character in his film. Jawad, a photojournalist based in Kabul, echoed the concerns raised by Rehman, saying he was disturbed by how "Islam was portrayed the religion of violence and fear" in the film. "In one scene of the movie, it shows Abdali praying and immediately after he finishes the prayer, he is shown killing people. he said. "Nowadays, people do not have time to read history, they believe what they see. I wish the Indian filmmaker focused on real history, instead of being biased towards Afghans and Muslims. "Abdali is described as a thief and a looter, which is not true. I can understand, for Indians Abdali is an invader but the incidents need to be shown according to the facts, not less not more. " 101 East The Stuntmen of Bollywood SOURCE: Al Jazeera News.
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Panipat movie review. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts log in sign up 1 1 Posted by 5 days ago comment 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by View discussions in 1 other community no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! u/shiwanidhiman00 Karma 1 Cake day January 27, 2020 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved. I will watch just for the character of sanjey dhatt. Panipat movie wiki.
Panipat pin code. Level 1 Moderator Moderator of r/BollyBlindsNGossip, speaking officially Score hidden 2 months ago Stickied comment Kapil Sharma jokingly asked Sanjay Dutt about this and to this, Sanju Baba said that he still has to keep a count on his girlfriends as his journey is still going on. He further said that he was so impressed by his co-star Kriti Sanon that he could easily make her his 309th girlfriend. Well, Kriti might be happy to hear this but we wonder what does Sanjay Dutt's wife Maanayata has to say on this. Please follow posting rules and copy the relevant parts on post with source as link. level 1 Somebody cancel the Kapil Sharma show first. I can imagine everybody on set cracking up at this 'joke. level 2 This is my summary of kapil sharma show this season Hahahaha paaji mai heroine se flirt karoonga Bada hi ba-kamal trailer hai paaji bada hi khoobsurat trailer hai film super hit hogi Hahaha paaji admi shadi ke baad barbaad ho jata hai Paaji audience me khubsurat ladkiyan hahaha ab to meri shadi ho gai paaji mai barbaad ho gaya level 2 Krishna with all that horrible get up is annoying af... ? level 1 He's married, has kids, one of whom is as old as older than Kriti, and he's joking about dating her on national television. Wow. level 2 As someone else pointed out, older* level 1 “Make her his gf” lol as if she has no say in it! Garbage ppl! level 1 As expected from a tharki like Sanjay, just check his Instagram and how many models he's following all half his sage level 1 Creep! She's as old as his daughter is. level 2 Correction. Just checked: Trisha is 31ish and Kriti is 29ish. level 1 Who TF wrote the article: “Kriti might be happy to hear this. ” I dunno about that. level 1 did this man really have 308 gfs? level 2 'Hookups' will be the right term. level 2 Thats his Sleep Number TM level 1 There were one blind about his 'raas;leela' on sets of third installment of 'Saheb Biwi aur Gangster' anybody provide the link? level 1 This man speaks the truth. level 1 He is just bragging that he has had 308 gf's Welcome to world of Bollywood Gossips and Blinds. This is a Community to crack Bollywood Blind items published on popular portals. We don't post original Blinds. We simply discuss and dissect them. Discuss Rumors, chinese whispers and everything else related to Bollywood celebs and movies. This Sub is not for people who want to hear only good things about their favourite BW stars. Beware, no one is spared on this Sub. Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.
12:50 Kiske paas zaada jokes ho rhe h. Level 1 Bollywood should be thrown in the dumpster where it belongs. level 2 Our ancestors have been invading their subcontinent for approximately 800 years, they have the self respect to call out our forefathers for warcrimes, unlike the stockholm syndrome many Pak's seem to be experiencing... Imagine if Afghanistan started fetishising the British like Pak's do to us? It would be seen as dishonourable and disrespectful, but apparently Pak studies has brainwashed these people. level 2 Manana wror. The tweet of that Muhammad Taqi went viral and as he had quoted my thread, so my thread also made its way into the article. I was amused by that pumpkin turban on the head of Sanjay Dutt so i made that thread. I do not agree with Muhammad Taqi though. Since Ahmad Shah Abdali is a villain in the movie, it does not matter if he is played by a handsome/young actor or an aged/ugly actor. They are going to butcher history nonetheless. level 1 I honestly don't have a problem with Dutt as Abdali, he has claimed has some Pashtun ancestry on his mother's side (not sure how true this claim is) seriously its just bollywood. As long as they don't faslify his image, i am okay with it. There are better things to cry about about, move on. level 1 A Pakistani belittling an Indian over an Afghan I the only one who finds this hilarious? level 2 A Pakistani belittling an Indian over an Afghan I the only one who finds this hilarious? Yea, you are the only weirdo who is finding it hilarious. Muhammad Taqi is a Hindkowan from Peshawar but he is linked to ANP and he actively supports PTM. He is anti-Pakistan army and you will find him strongly pro-Afghanistan if you read his tweets. He lives in America like you and he is hardly "Pakistani" just like you are hardly an Afghanistani. Like you, he find it very hilarious that Pakistan has named its missiles after "Afghan kings" So if you are really an Afghanistani nationalist, then you should not be taking dig at Muhammad Taqi.
Panipat song. TANHAJI. Panipat war. Panipat official trailer. Hahahahhaha AFGHAN power. Gadhe ko pit pit ke ghoda nahi bana sakte. angryrantman 2019. Panipat showtimes. Level 1 I honestly believe that Arjun Kapoor is the one actor in recent times whose name is a deterrent to a Films BO. People actually dont want to see a Film, based solely on the fact that it stars him. I dont remember another actor, at least in this decade, to have such a bad record with the audiences. Even actors with pathetic BO records can sometimes open well, if their movies have enough buzz. level 2 Youre right about Arjun, I cant understand the reason for it. For this movie, he wasnt convincing in Trailer. Comparisons with Ranveer in Bajirao also must have done harm. Opening is half than PPAW, its a bad news for Panipat. On a different note, I feel audience fatigue for historical movies. level 2 Uday Chopra? Pyaar Impossible PTSD intensifies level 1 Guys, we should be thanking Arjun, he's giving a big boost in credibility to non-nepo stars with his movies. First Namastey England was brutally defeated by Badhaai Ho on Day 1, and now PPAW has scored more than double of Panipat on Day 1. Both times Arjun had the bigger project on paper. So he's playing a good part in taking down nepotism bit by bit. He's a sleeper agent for Kangana. level 2 Ppaw has ananya who was selected because of nepotism and Taapsee was kicked out level 1 Dont know what's it with arjun. Nothing about him is likeable. Neither is his onscreen persona nor offscreen. He is the first celeb to have that effect on me. level 2 He is just not interested in acting! Reminds me of Abhishek's career with 16 something back to back flops and very few hits (solo. He is not interesting offscreen as well (same with Abhishek personal opinion) at least AB jr. makes hell of a cash with his kabbadi team and other such investments, dunno what will happen to Arjun after end of his acting career in his later years. Maybe he will turn producer like Boney or something. level 1 2019 was basically the end of Arjun and Sonam's careers. Hope they fuck off now. Arrogant pricks. level 2 Sadly both of them currently have 2 films in the works each. I guess theyll never learn level 1 It is clear from Reviews that Ashutosh has made a long and tedious movie. Looks like there is too much information and detail in first half, it stretches the point of "great betrayal. Actors haven't let the movie down, it is down to Direction and story telling. Kriti has got raving reviews, she seems to be the most liked actor in this movie. level 2 Sure, but put some half decent actor in same movie and it would have opened much higher. level 2 It's not always necessary that movies should be short. I rewatched Lawrence of Arabia yesterday. It's a 3 and 1/2 hr movie but it's pretty good. level 1 Omgg less than PPAW starring half his age, his sisters best friend a film old ANANYA, he must have felt so bad. level 1 Aur iska budget to bohot high hoga BC... level 1 No idea why Arjun Kapoor was taken, what was Ashutosh smoking while taking him in lead role for such a big project. Even Commando 3 opened better than this and it is a flop on a much smaller budget. level 1 feel bad for ashutosh... back to back big budget flops level 2 I dont feel bad. He chose to sign that shitty actor. level 1 A big budget mythology movie by Ashutosh Gowariker opened less than Commando 3.
Panipat netflix. Panipat wiki. According to the legend, Panipat was one of the five cities (prasthas) founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of the Mahabharata; its historic name being Panduprastha. Panipat was the scene of three pivotal battles in Indian First Battle of Panipat was fought on 21 April 1526 between Ibrahim Lodhi, Sultan of Delhi, and the Timurid warlord Zaheeruddin Babur. Baburs force defeated Ibrahims much larger force of over one lakh (one hundred thousand) First battle of Panipat thus ended the ‘Lodi Rule established by Bahlul Lodhi in India. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on 5 November 1556 between the forces of Akbar and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, a King of North India, who belonged to Rewari in Haryana and had captured the large states of Agra and Delhi defeating Akbars forces. This king, also known as Vikramaditya had won 22 battles against the Afghan rebels from 1553?1556 from Punjab to Bengal, and had his coronation at Purana Quila in Delhi on 7 October 1556 and had established ‘Hindu Raj in North India, before the 2nd battle of Chandra had a large army, and initially his forces were winning, but suddenly Hemu was struck by an arrow in the eye and he lost his senses. On not seeing him in his howdah on the back of an elephant, his army fled. He was later captured and beheaded by the Mughals. His head was sent to Kabul to be hanged outside Delhi Darwaza and torso was hanged outside Purana Quila in Delhi. This Second battle of Panipat thus ended the ‘Hindu Raj established by Hemu in north India, albeit for a short period. The Third Battle of Panipat was fought in 1761 between the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas under Sadashivrao Bhau Peshwa of Pune. Ahmad Shah won but with a very heavy casualty rate on both sides. It resulted in the worst defeat of Marathas in their history. The war led to a power vacuum which later led to the British conquest of India. The famous Urdu shayar Maulana Hali was born in Panipat.
Bollywood Be Like Nepotism Rocks Talent Shocks.

Teacher should be like this, hamesha education dene ke liya bhuka n care like a mother

??????? ????? ??????. Panipat full movie hd. Panipat reviews. Are bc band kro History se chedchad krna ?.









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