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Victor (William Levy) has a deep secret - he is a cold-blooded assassin. Smooth talking and seductive, Victor was raised to do one thing only, which is to kill for money. When he is sent to the home of a brutal drug lord to collect payment for his most recent hit, he encounters the beautiful Sarai (Alicia Sanz), who has been forced to spend the last 9 years of her life with the drug lord. After Victor leaves the compound, Sarai seizes her chance at freedom by hiding out in Victor's car. But things don't go as planned and instead of being transported back to her home, she finds herself free from one dangerous man only to be caught in the clutches of another. While on the run from the vengeful drug lord and his brutal henchmen, Victor's conscience catches up with him as he risks all that he stood for to protect his captive. In the end, the power Sarai unknowingly holds over Victor and their undeniable attraction may be what places her right in the arms of a killer; Duration - 106 Minutes; director - Matías Moltrasio; Rating - 43 vote; 2019; Star - Dalisa Alegria.
Pobre pero engañada lo dudo ella quería esa relación en la farándula todo se sabe es fácil culpar a otros. En brazos de un asesino download full. En brazos de un asesino download windows 7. En brazos de un asesino download movie. En Brazos de un Asesino. Hermosa pareja.

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You simply must see this great Mexican gangster story with an attractive, compelling cast that kept me in my seat throughout this action movie on Friday Dec 6. Leading Lady Alicia "The Body" Sanz is so wonderfully at home in the altogether (both in the shower and while being strip-searched for a tracking device) that her scenes could exist separately and still be a box office hit. 8 out of 10 for the movie. 10 out of 10 for Miss Sanz. Highly Recommended. En brazos de un asesino download free. Muito bem jacqueline. Que hermoso hombre. WOW Dios los bendiga que grande estan sus hijos... Seguro que regrese William Levy. El es un gran actor, guapo, yo tengo sus telenovelas como Triunfo de Amor. Si Señor, que regrese?.
En brazos de un asesino download torrent. In as actually wanted to see the movie because I'm a big William Levy fan and a romance sucker. So I loved the idea of the storyline. It being in Spanish made it that much more awesome. William and Alicia played great chemistry between their characters even not long after they met each other in character you can see the chemistry "Victor" and "Sarai" gave off each other without words. And I felt the action was there in the movie. I'm hoping they continue the book series into movies.
En brazos de un asesino download video. Muito lindo amo muito. William Levy que Deus te abençoe e que isso você possa ter isso e muito mais Você merece você é um guerreiro você é um homem lindo e agradável simpático humilde um bom marido um bom filho um bom pai merece tudo de bom que a sua estrela nunca apague. En brazos de un asesino download youtube. En brazos de un asesino download 1. En brazos de un asesino download pdf.
En brazos de un asesino download english. The script is not very well done. Some of the acting are too cheesy. The best part of the movie is the main casts are gorgeous.
Wuauuuu que hermosa declaracion. Como me estremeció hahahahaha. Que se engañe ella misma. Se hubiera prostituido con un racachon y le iba super bien. En Brazos de un Asesino download download. William levic es muy buen actor aparte d guapo y seria un deleite volverlo a tener en mexico... En Brazos de un Asesino download pdf. En brazos de un asesino download. Sou sua fã eu amo seu filho. En Brazos de un Asesino downloads. En brazos de un asesino descargar. Te amo ?? eres una excelente persona...
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